3/8 Season Four Episode Five: It’s in the Water

Back at IFF, and Francine is on the job! She’s talking on the phone hands-free, and acting like she’s the boss! Go Francine!
Francine: I know exactly how many international flights come into Dulles….
[Uh oh seems Francine is getting some mansplaining aimed at her!]4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000686152
(she waves over some random agent..)
[Francine takin’ charge is a sight to behold!]
Well that is your problem, my problem is finding a terrorist. Now I want every passport and every piece of baggage double checked!
(Francine hands a piece of paper over to an agent)
to agent: … Scramble this, Get it to our Mideast operatives…
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000695161
(Agent does so without question!)
Back to the phone call: And if anybody so much as walks funny, I want them detained until we can question them.
(Francine pulls the thing out of her ear and puts it on her desk. she then addresses the agent sitting opposite her ) [Is this Jill?!]
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000702669
Jensen, pull Lannier and Davis out of crypto and get them out to the airport, pronto.
(Davis? Hopefully no relation to Carmine Davis! Cindy – were you working in crypto with Lannier?! come on you can tell us we’ll never tell! )
Jensen: Right away.
Billy: Francine, the White House is barking at me for an update on that terrorist angle.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000708675
Francine: Well, fine, we’ll tell them anybody with teeth is hungry for Carmine.
Billy: I think the president would like something a little bit more specific.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000716182
Francine: All right. Well, here is the latest profile…
(We see a close up on a computer screen)
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000722489
[Anything smk-kooky here people? Do tell!]
…Syria, Germany, Libya, every terrorist organization is making noises.
(The phone rings..) [given Jill er Jensen is off on an errand, Billy answers the call for Francine haaaaa..]
Billy (on the phone):
Melrose….Where?…All right, we’ll handle it.
(to Francine): The Cubans have boats in the water. Let’s send a unit over to help the Coast Guard please.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000736536
Francine: Billy, I am running out of manpower. Now, you can’t expect me to track down every suspicious move in the Northern Hemisphere.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000741341
[I know it’s tough, but come on Billy, listen to your boss – you’ve got to narrow things down here! lol]4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000746146
Billy: Come on. We’ve got to find Carmine Davis. Where are Amanda and Lee?
Francine: They’re blanketing the university. There’s no contact with Carmine yet.
Billy: Do you have anything good I could tell the President?4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000753053
Francine: Do you want an honest answer?
Billy: I don’t think so.
Francine: [SIGHS]
Lol when delivering bad news to the president, Francine is all – you’re the boss Billy! haaaaa….

So ummm this is a political act by Carmine to change environmental protections – why are they looking into terrorists? What does it mean when Francine says ‘anybody with teeth is hungry for Carmine.’ Is this they want to use him? or they think Carmine is working for them? Or.. maybe I just need to hang in there and wait for a possible answer. lol. It’s just all put vaguely here and doesn’t really mean much. Or maybe I’m just missing the point.]

Moving on again…
(We hear lots of friendly university chatter! and find Amanda wandering down a university hallway. We cut to a shot of Lee in a lab packing thing into an evidence box)
Lee : ‘Kay, get this stuff down to the lab. I’ll seal off the room.
(Lee hands the box over to a random agent who does what he’s told. With no handbag no less)
Amanda: Sorry, excuse me. How’s it going?
Lee: Hi! It’s taken us two hours to clean this place up, I hope it pays off. How about you?4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000805672
Amanda: They’re working on Carmine’s dorm room.
Lee: What about his professor?
Amanda: Oh, bad new, it’s still semester break. He’s in the Brazilian Rain Forest. They’ll try to track him down.
Lee: The Brazilian Rain Forest? That a big place and there’s no time.

(A woman appears at the doorway)
Sally: What are you doing?
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000809876
Lee: Ahhh, I’m Lee Stetson, This is Amanda King.
Lee shows her his ID)
Amanda: Hello.
Sally: You’re federal agents?4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000818284
Lee: Yeah, that’s right.
Sally: Sally Boyer, I’m the next door down. What did you do with Carmine’s papers?4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000820453
(We see out in the hallway the Baddie with the English accent approaching.. we can hear what Amanda is saying.. 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000830196
[CINDY: Evil bed-lounging baddy walks by in hallway.]
[Yep, he’s walking funny. arrest him!]
Amanda: Well, we’re trying to figure out how Carmine polluted the water.
Sally: He didn’t pollute the water. He was making a point with some harmless dye.
Lee: We know what he did. Maybe you could tell us how.4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000835135
Sally: Yeah, well, maybe I couldn’t.
Amanda: Look if you know something and you’re not telling us, you’re not doing anybody any good.
Sally: I told you all I know. Okay?
(Sally stonewalls them and walks off in a bit of a huff. All observed by Mr British baddie out in the hallway).

Amanda: Never trust anyone over 30.
Lee: What?
Amanda: Remember we used to say that in college? “Never trust anyone over 30.” [did you say that? I didn’t!]
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000851951
Lee: Yeah, you think she knows more than she’s telling us?4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000857057
(Lee takes a photo off the noticeboard and shows it to Amanda. We see a close up of it)
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000859159
Amanda: Yeah.
Lee: I think we better put a tail on her.
(Lee picks up the phone… We see British baddie hearing this and leaving to tail Sally himself.)
[Man oh man, why do Lee and Amanda have to talk so loudly?!]
Outside we see Sally exit the building and walk to her car – lucky her, she gets to park right out the front of that university building.. I’ve never managed that at a university ever!
(Sally opens her car door, a lump in the back moves, revealing Carmine)
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000879279
Carmine: Sally.
Sally: Carmine?
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000880480
Carmine: Get me out of here.
Sally: Oh, you really did it this time.
Carmine: Not now, Sally. Just get me out of here. [what, no ‘please’?!]
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000881614
(Sally gets in, dumps her coat on him on the back seat and drives off.)
[lol is it just me or are you getting a sense that this Carmine is a dopey boyfriend who keeps needing his girlfriend to get him out of trouble?! Me thinks Carmine has some making up to do to a lot of people!!!]

Of course, the soon to be rich baddie sees her leave..
The scene ends here.

Back at IFF. Billy, Francine and Amanda exit the closet elevator.
Francine: Lee’s coordinating surveillance on Carmine’s apartment, his office, his parents’ house, every place he’s been in the last 3 months.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000933566
Billy: Good.
Amanda: Excuse me, Sir, but if he knows there’s a whole army out there after him, he’s not gonna come out.
Francine: Amanda, this is a 25-year old walking time bomb…
(A random agent hands Billy a piece of paper.)
[LOL that’s happening a lot this episode!)
…What is it, Billy?
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000946780
Billy: We just intercepted this transaction on the international bank wire. Someone in Libya just deposited a million dollars in an individual Swiss Bank Account.
Francine: Oh that fits. The Libyans need to do something really soon to embarrass us, otherwise their generals are gonna lose a lot of face in empty threats.
[Is it just me or is this a lot of detail? I mean do we really care? SMK short hand is Libyans do bad stuff. Nuff said!]
Billy: We’re working with the Swiss to try to get a name on the account, but that could take days.
Amanda: Don’t Swiss accounts mean professionals?4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000962062
[And don’t Swiss accounts mean there is no name attached to it? only a number?  maybe I’m not understanding this but it seems a stretch for the USA to know a Libyan put money into a Swiss account? lol]
Francine: Oh, yes. Unfortunately, the worst kind.4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000966866
Billy: Damn that kid! If we don’t get them before they do, some madman will have a weapon that could kill a city.

[‘that kid’ lol I do get the vibe that 25 year old Carmine behaves like and is seen as a bit of a man child!]
Billy and Francine walk off.. leaving Amanda to let out a big sigh (a lot of big sighs at the end of scenes in this episode lol!)
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_000978511
Cue the intense look.. this is a really really really really really serious situation everybody!!

Soooo what do you all think? and hey, did you notice how serious this situation is getting?!

14 responses to “3/8 Season Four Episode Five: It’s in the Water

  1. HI All, just wanted to say hi and let you know – I will get back here to publish the next post within the next couple of days. I usually get a chance to on the weekend – but this weekend past was a particularly busy one!

    Hope you are all well and bye for now!

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  2. The “never trust anyone over 30” comes out of the Free Speech Movement at Berkeley back in the 60s. It’s funny that Amanda would know that, but Lee wouldn’t. I seemed to hear it a lot back in the 70s. I don’t think that I ever said it though.

    I find it interesting that Francine now is working on Amanda’s supposed tip that she didn’t think was going to pan out. At least she’s let go of the snark for the moment. She seems to be in her element when she’s able to boss people around. Her blouse looks like a stained-glass window.

    I would have to say that Carmine is a man-child. He may be 25, but his parents refer to the area in the basement as his play bench. He goes home every weekend to do laundry and get food out of their refrigerator. And this Sally is showing that she is going to be protective of him. He definitely hasn’t yet matured.

    It is so nice to see such a calm and patient Lee. With all those firewalls down he is just so less frantic and antsy about everything. He’s not in this “let’s just hurry up and get this done” mode. Go Amanda!


    • “… And this Sally is showing that she is going to be protective of him.”

      Perhaps that precisely why our “calm and patient Lee” decided not to, “get up in Sally’s grill,” as BJo wrote, below. His relationship with Amanda has taught Lee to tread carefully with fiery females protecting their loved ones!


    • Hi Valerie! So great to see you stop by! Hope life is treating you well!

      The “never trust anyone over 30” comes out of the Free Speech Movement at Berkeley back in the 60s. It’s funny that Amanda would know that, but Lee wouldn’t. I seemed to hear it a lot back in the 70s. I don’t think that I ever said it though.

      ohhhh yeah this is probably from Amanda’s college days huh.

      I would have to say that Carmine is a man-child. He may be 25, but his parents refer to the area in the basement as his play bench. He goes home every weekend to do laundry and get food out of their refrigerator. And this Sally is showing that she is going to be protective of him. He definitely hasn’t yet matured.

      Soooo with you on this one! Is it just me or are there a lot of smk story lines where the wonderful, good, intelligent lady is with either a bad guy and deserves better, or a dopey guy or man-child guy and deserves better??!!!
      Sally, Agnes, Jean (Vigilante Mothers), Dr Maria Von Clausen (All the World’s a stage), and yeah Sandra (with Dopey King Eddy)..
      The only relationship I can remember where it has been the reverse would be Lord Bromfield the big romantic softie!

      Gosh now I think about it there are not a whole lot of healthy loving romantic relationships seen in the guest cast!
      What do you think – Umm Bart and Colleen in flight to freedom?
      Any others?
      Oh dear I’ve gone off on a tangent!
      Ummm I’ll leave it to you guys to list any others!


  3. Lee with Carmine’s parents and now Lee with Sally…he’s really changed from S1 to S4. I guess we have Amanda to thank for the changes, but analyzing this episode now it almost seems too unbelievable. Lee’s really acting like quite a softy. Why doesn’t he get up in Sally’s grill and flex his masseter? She looks like she’d crumble and tell all she knows if Lee did that.


  4. Thank you so much for creating this blog. I discovered it 6 months ago and now I am spoiled by all the great comments about every episode. I was a young teenager when this show originally aired so I cannot remember the episodes, just the main story line of the show. I am rediscovering it and have fallen in love. I encourage you to keep up the great work as I am sure there are many of us out there who look forward to not only your commentary but the interesting comments made by the readers. Thanks again!

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  5. So much weird here although they did a good job of running all the likely words together.

    Why is there a reference to Bengal under the Syrian computer notes? I would think stuff going on there would have fallen under the purview of the China/Vietnam/Burma problems.

    Can we send someone to help the Coast Guard? Wait…what? The Coast Guard that is its own entire branch of the US armed forces? Just how big is the Agency that it is the CG’s go-to for backup? And if they’re that big, why are they completely reliant on Lee and Amanda for everything?

    Then again, since our dynamic duo can apparently “blanket” an entire campus on their own… if by “blanke”t you mean “You take his office, I’ll take his dorm room”.

    The terrorist connection makes some sense to me though, since all they know is that Carmine has figured out a way to bypass all the security measures of the water system which means he is either a) lying about it being just a protest and is planning something far more deadly or b) now the focus of every terrorist group in the world who will want to get hold of him and find out how he did it for their own nefarious purposes.

    So much nonsensical talky-talk though – I find myself looking forward to Lee getting to beat someone up at the end. If we’re lucky, maybe we’ll get a flying squirrel too.

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  6. “Lee’s coordinating surveillance on Carmine’s apartment, his office, his parents’ house, every place he’s been in the last 3 months.”

    That’s not all Lee’s coordinating. Check out Lee and Amanda’s clothing: white shirt/blouse, lighter color top and darker color bottom. That just screams “we’re a couple” to me!

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  7. I feel like I’m showing my age here that I have long used the phrase “Don’t trust anyone over 30”, although I mean it more as a joke than the originator who was (according to Wikipedia) a student activist, Jack Weinberg,although it is usually wrongly attributed to Abbie Hoffman.

    Between this and my head of grey hair, I guess I need to accept that I am, in fact, old now.

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  8. Francine may be on the Job, but she does not know how to properly store the Data Tapes, the round things stacked on the counter. Data Tapes should be hung in a special tape rack, and never more than 2 or 3 tapes stacked on top of each other. I am showing my age here, I used to work with that stuff. Tapes drives and CRT screens, those were the high tech days. Back to SMK, yes the situation is getting serious, Amanda does indeed have that sigh, Oh Dear this is bad look on her face.

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