5/8 Season Four Episode Five: It’s in the Water

Hello all! time for more smk goodness!
We see an exterior of a hospital..
Have we seen this one before? I don’t really remember it. lol.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001471571
Inside, we find Francine on the phone. 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001473373(CINDY: At least two bouquets of flowers. How long has Francine been in there anyway? in a hospital gown which is a much better outfit than the one she had on before)
Francine: Whatever he hit me with, they neutralized in time. I still feel a little bit dizzy, but ahhh, I can be released in a couple of hours.
[Neutralised it in time? was it going to kill her?! oh whatev.]

Billy: Good. What about the ID? Was it the Australian, Franklin Miller? 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001482382
[I’m sorry wha???
Now here is proof that Iwsod doesn’t remember these episodes at all and doesn’t jump ahead!
Iwsod is Australian.
Iwsod knows what an Australian sounds like.
This? Ain’t it. ROFL!!!
Franklin Miller is an aussie? I’ve even been calling him a brit!!! whahahahaa.. Okay, maybe he was born in Australia and then quickly moved to the UK. yes that must be it. British accent, Australian citizenship rofl. Oh this makes me laugh and laugh. To all the North Americans: this is not an Australian accent we are hearing come out of the baddie’s mouth! ]
Francine: Billy, I only had a half a second to see him before I hit the pavement. But his colouring, his height, his accents, it could have been. [rofl. ‘accents’!]4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001489289

Can you give me a green light on a positive ID?
[Umm Billy, Why don’t you ask Amanda? she saw him leaving the hotel. And she was not unconscious haaaaa. oh and rofl. The accent won’t tell you if this dude is Australian, trust me!] Francine: Not as green as the water.
[Best line of the episode!]
Billy: All right, we’ll just have to go with it. Now listen, just because you’re in the hospital doesn’t mean you’re off the clock (CINDY:OMG Billy! That’s pretty harsh, don’t ya think?) You get back in here pronto. 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001499199
[Cindy you asked if this was the next day?
The last scene we saw Billy in he was listening to Dr Anderson’s report – and wearing a different suit and tie. So I’m guessing this is the next day. Francine stayed one night in hospital. LOL that her hair and make up are fully done anyway! 

Francine is rolling her eyes and hanging up the phone… but I see a little smile sneak in there!
Another scene ends with a big sigh. Me thinks this episode should be called ‘It’s in the sighs’! 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001503703
Rofl. This conversation is an interesting little insight into the Billy/Francine relationship – I love it! They are totally not addressing how she had a near miss and they keep it on business topics lol! I bet Billy sent at least one of those bouquets instead of addressing his worries directly haaaa.
I think Billy knows Francine is more comfortable with – ‘get back to the office we need you here’ rather than – ‘I was so worried! Take off whatever time you need we can do without you’!! rofl!!  Francine doesn’t really want sentiment.. A sneaky ecstasy assortment of chocolates maybe, but don’t get all mushy. I get the sense that this is not the first time and.. it won’t be the last! ]

Back to IFF.. Time for a good old smk slideshow to a room full of agents where only Lee and Amanda really matter and the rest are just window dressing. rofl.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001506406
Billy: The Swiss have confirmed that the account belongs to Franklin Miller (CINDY:Hooray! He has a name!) , alias Jordan Parker, alias Starkill.
[LOL he has a name alright! He has three of them! Please, one name is enough. lol. Oh and so helpful of the Swiss to put a name to one of their anonymous Swiss bank accounts!
Oh.. and.. ‘Starkill’?! What the heck?! ]
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001513913
Is this the Miller that’s been running with the Red Letter gang for last couple of years?

(CINDY: OMG – the dialogue is cracking me up!)
[Ha yeah, I love how they just throw in these random names. And.. Lee knew of him? haaaaa.. of course he did! Smile ]
Billy: The same.
Amanda: What’s the Red Letter gang?
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001517817
Lee: It’s a bunch of punks (CINDY:Bwa ha ha ha ha) who kill for politics and profit. 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001520220
[Is Lee wearing a denim jacket?! it looks good!]
Billy: He did it so well, that he started freelancing last August. Now he’s just motivated by profit. 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001520820[Am I suppose to know who the red letter gang is?]
Amanda: How did he get into the country?
Billy: We have no idea. But we do know he’s been living under our noses for six months.
[As this conversation continues, we can see the photos of Starkill continuing to churn over behind Billy. Rofl. yes we get it.. I really needed to see a photo of him mid getting into a car to ID him. ahem. We don’t need to see a hundred pics of this guy to ID him and for a professional killer there are an awful lot of pictures of him whahaahaaaa.]
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001536436
Yeah, He’s smart and gutsy.
[and photogenic!] Damn it all, we should have had him by now.
Billy: They’ve just pulled out a half dozen bullets from your car, Scarecrow. I’m surprised you’re still in one piece. 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001538838
[Ahh Billy is so sentimental. I bet he sent the vette flowers to say he hopes it’s all better asap!]
Amanda: Sir, how’s Francine?
(CINDY:nice to see someone has noticed and cares Francine is not back)
[Hear hear! awh good on Amanda!!!]
Billy: Just a scratch of zenoprolene. She’s coming out of it fine.
[Is this drug real? anyone want to fill us in?! could it have killed her? Funny that Francine didn’t know what the drug was but Billy does.. maybe he is keeping that from her! ]
Amanda: I talked to Sally Boyer. She’ll be released from the hospital today.
[Phew, I’m glad someone found her… maybe now she can dump Carmine! Whahahahaa!!! Okay okay she’s in love with him and all that.. I guess..]
Billy: Good, Now here’s the bad news. Up till now, we’ve been running on a reserve water supply. 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001555655
Lee: Well, how much time do we have?
Billy: We’ll be running dry in less than 12 hours.
Amanda: So to get Miller, we’re gonna have to turn the water back on.
Billy: That leaves us wide open. It’s too risky.
Lee: No, Billy. Billy, Amanda is right. Now Miller has been hired to do a job. He can play this game of cat and mouse with us forever.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001563763
Yea, Sir, eventually, we’re gonna have to turn the water back on.
Lee: Yeah, and when we do, Miller will be waiting for us.
Billy: So, you want to flush him out now.
[CINDY: Nice one, FLUSH him out!]
[rofl!!! Yeah!! Great pun!!!!]
Lee: And put every agent we have in and around that purification center.
Billy: The bottom line is that we gamble he won’t get anything by us.
Lee: Yeah.
Billy: It’s a big gamble.
Amanda: If we lose it, we call the television channels, the radio stations, we do a media blitz, we warn everybody.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001587921
Lee: Yeah, anyway you look at it, Billy, if we lose, hundreds of thousands of people are gonna die.
Billy: Damn it, Scarecrow, you’re not making this easy for me. 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001605338
Lee: If I draw to an inside straight, I don’t think about losing.
Billy: All right. I want every piece of security equipment and all the manpower we have around that water plant. Amanda, I want you to do a follow up on Sally Boyer. If there is anything, anything that can get us to Carmine, get on the horn to Lee.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001608341
[Just what are these other agents jotting down in their note books? Billy hasn’t given them anything to do- other than surround the plant. Rofl. Maybe they are all super interested to take note of all that Lee and Amanda are getting up to in solving the case. LOL. Maybe they are making a note – tell the spouse to leave town and not drink the water any time soon. LOL!
Ah! And I see the female extra next to Billy is the woman we saw behind Francine two days ago – in the exact same outfit. lol.]
Amanda: Yes, Sir.
Billy: I’ll inform the President and coordinate from here. Let’s move it.
(they all start leaving the room)
Billy: Lee
Lee: Hmm?
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001625759
Billy: How’d you do the last time you drew to an inside straight? 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001626960
[Lee. In jeans. nuff said.]
Lee: How do you think I got my car?
[Oh haaaa that’s funny. err I have no idea what they are even talking about.. something about taking risks and winning I guess.. and to be honest, don’t really care. lol!]
The scene ends here.

[I was thinking Franklin wanted Carmine so he could find out how he had managed to get around the security systems at the plant. He could then sell that ‘technology’- for a lot more than doing an attack himself.. and then whoever buys the secret can attack the plant. Seems that is not the case here! lol.. Rather, it seems the assumption is Franklin is being paid to get Carmine to infiltrate that water system again with an attack. Or have I misunderstood something here?!

If they’d gone with the first option – the agency would have had no chance of catching the baddies and no doubt Carmine would have been dead. so lol good thing Franklin isn’t going down that path!]

Back to Franklin Miller’s hotel…
Carmine is unconscious and there are vials and syringes on the table.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001642375
[uh oh. I guess he tortured him. The guy is a bit of a man child who is self centred and a wimp- but no one deserves this! Poor Carmine!]
Miller (on phone): Let’s just say my friend Carmine was a good sport. I think we’ve come up with something very interesting. It’s tasteless, odorless and very potent. (pause) Pleasure doing business with you, too.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001655588
[Gah! My eyes!!! that shirt!!!!]
(Miller, Mr Starkiller, splashes –non green- water on Carmine’s face)
Miller: Good morning. It’s moving day.
(Miller fills the glass with more water from the tap. Oh the irony.)
Carmine: [GROANS] You can’t poison the water.
[Especially not if you are gonna throw it in my face dude!]
Miller: It’s halfway there anyway, isn’t it?
[CINDY:Good one!]
[Oh more irony! This is why Carmine did the stunt in the first place, because it was on it’s way to becoming poison.. and now – Carmine is going to be forced to finish the job?! this is probably the worst kind of torture for Carmine. Awful! Kind of reminds me of Alan Chamberlain being forced to bring harm to the Declaration of Independence – when his life’s work was protecting and caring for such documents.. he resisted.. what will Carmine do?]
Carmine: People will die.
Miller: And a couple of Libyans will have their revenge, and I’ll have a million dollars… [Is that all?! LOL] …It’s a neat contract, don’t you think? Look at it this way, You’ll get a second chance to test this great concept of yours. 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001682315
[Ohhh so it’s the Libyans. Um. does anyone really care? me no. And LOL Miller already has his million bucks. They put it in his account before he’d done the job – we learned this earlier– so err these Libyans are pretty dumb!]
Carmine: I’m not doing this anymore. I’m done.
4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001696429(Miller breaks his water glass against the table and holds it to Carmine’s face) 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001700934
Miller: You’ll do what I tell you to do, when I tell you or there won’t be anything left of you but one last scream. 4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001707540
(Carmine whimpers)4.05 IT'S IN THE WATER.avi_001712045
The scene ends here.

Okay, so what if Carmine dies..  he saves the lives of Washington DC residents no? His parents? His girlfriend? The water? Amanda has shown much more courage when her life has been at stake! lol. I’m sooo mean aren’t I?! haaaaa..
I would have thought Miller would have hung on to the girlfriend for insurance. But seems like maybe just threatening Carmine is enough.
Okay he is pretty drugged up, maybe he can’t process all this… Poor guy!
Time for a pause – thoughts anyone???

27 responses to “5/8 Season Four Episode Five: It’s in the Water

  1. Ok, can I just say that the addition of Cindy’s comments are taking this over the top, even though the episode itself is terribly lame! It’s so fun getting snark from both of you in the posts! I love it!!


  2. I have to say that Francine looks wonderful lying in her hospital bed…. the soft makeup, the pink roses, the hairstyle…all really suit her much more than red lipstick, bright yellow outfits etc. I actually think Francine would look better in the pastels that Amanda wears, while Amanda actually looks better in stronger colours (but definitely not yellow)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi everyone! I’ll be publishing the next post this weekend. Sorry for they delay, I was away last weekend and I started a new full time job a few weeks ago so things are pretty crazy for me right now. I look forward to getting back to this smk oasis as soon as I can!! Hope you are all well!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Take Your Time, I have started on your posts from Season 1. I am enjoying those now. Happy 4th or however that is said in the USA these days, and Good Luck with the new Job!


      • Thanks Gilby!
        Yeah happy 4th of July to all the Americans! And happy Canada day to the Canadians – I think yours was 1 July wasn’t it?!

        Gilby if you are starting back at Season 1- Do share your thoughts if you like along the way 🙂
        maybe there will be other smk fans out in the world wide web who are also starting back at Season 1? If so give us a shout out and join the fun!!

        Liked by 2 people

    • Congratulations on the new FT job! I hope it’s a step up in pay and benefits for you plus that it’s where you want to be in your preferred field. You deserve the very best!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks Nancy! Yes it is good for my career in the long run. I don’t tend to get into specifics on the WWW, but when I started this blog I was doing a completely different job and didn’t see a computer all day. lol. Things are very different now!!

        Rest assured everyone – I am fully committed to completing this walk. It will just be a much longer ummm… stroll than I had originally intended – rofl!

        Liked by 1 person

    • Fabulous news, Iwsod. Wishing you every success in your new, exciting job 🙂 (I need a new job!)


  4. Every time I’ve watched this I’ve thought that Billy was a bit harsh and inconsiderate about Francine. I guess I can see that maybe Francine would shy away from anything too mushy based on how she would want to be seen as tough as any of her male counterparts.

    Maybe this baddie told Carmine that he had done something or would do something to Sally in order to get him to cooperate. Carmine has no way of knowing what shape Sally is actually in.

    It’s interesting that one of the baddie’s aliases is Starkill. The new Death Star in Star Wars was named Star Killer Base. Maybe George Lucas was an SMK fan.

    So in ALLA we had Red February and now we get the Red Letter gang. I wonder if Red has come up before or will again.

    Liked by 1 person

    • or since Star Wars came out six years before SMK premiered, so maybe one of the writers was a Star Wars fan? LOL

      “Red” was such a short cut back in those days, and not just on TV; in real life there was the Red Army Faction (aka the Baader Meinhof gang), the Red Brigades in Italy, and of course the best selling “Hunt for Red October” that came out in 1984 to massive acclaim, to say nothing of the McCarthy era “Reds under every bed”. But we’re entering a new era of enemies this season – so this maybe the last of our “reds”….

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Hit Post Comment too soon. I googled zenoprolene and xenoprolene and got nothing – except hits to JWWM! hahaha

    While I love that Amanda is growing by leaps and bound professionally, I don’t care for the way this scene is written. It’s making her look like the brains behind the plan or maybe the boss. I have a hard time believing that Billy wouldn’t already have come up with several different plans and back-up plans.

    And no one else has talked with Sally Boyer? Really? Why on earth is no one interrogating her? Is the Agency going too soft? With all the other people in the room, surely there is someone who can talk to Sally Boyer? It doesn’t take special Amanda powers to get a hospital release date out of someone.

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  6. And I thought Lee got his car when his old classic 1963 Porsche went over the cliff in CBAHome in S2? I think I assumed the Agency bought him a new car. Anyone remember that tag? 😀 The way he said, “I picked it up today” made me think he got it from the dealer…not from a winning deal in cards.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Weren’t there two slightly different Vettes that were used in SMK? Maybe it wasn’t a continuity error, the Agency bought him one and he won the other in the card game. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • I have always assumed that it was the original Porsche that he won – since surely a relatively young government employee couldn’t have afforded that classic car?- and then insurance/Agency covered its replacement.

      Because this couldn’t possibly be yet another continuity screwup by the writers…

      Liked by 2 people

      • I assumed the same and, if memory serves, Lee’s Porsche was a 1963 model year. If he won it in a poker game around the time he was hired at The Agency, it was already 10 years old. The poker player, who raised the ante with that car, did so because it needed some work; not because it was in mint condition. By the time the series began, the Porsche was 20 years old with doors that didn’t close and was frequently in the shop!

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  7. For my money the best line of the episode is still ‘Darling…the dude cracked” but all of this dialog is pretty hysterical.
    Drawing an inside straight refers to poker – it means you have most of the cards for a straight but are missing one in the middle (e.g. you have 9, 10, Q, K but you are missing the Jack). In that case you are betting hoping to draw a Jack to complete the straight. It would be pretty ballsy to bet enough to win a car on it, which I guess is the point.

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  8. [Lee. In jeans. nuff said.]

    Not exactly! Did you notice the collar of his denim jacket is flipped up? Hmm … hiding love bites, Lee?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lee hiding love bites? From Amanda? Woof(Watch Young Frankenstein if you do not get the ‘Joke’) More realistic is one again a style quirk of the 1980’s when men flipped up the collars/lapels on their jackets, polo shirts, etc. But forget style, I like the love bite reason…..

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Billy to Francine: You get back in here pronto.
    Francine is rolling her eyes and hanging up the phone …

    Meanwhile, Francine is thinking: Not until I see a big box of my favorite chocolates sitting on this hospital table!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I’ll have a million dollars… [Is that all?! LOL]

    This so reminds me of Dr. Evil in the Austin Powers movies who tried to hold the world ransom for a million dollars and was greeted with sniggers.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. I was thinking Franklin wanted Carmine so he could find out how he had managed to get around the security systems at the plant. He could then sell that ‘technology’- for a lot more than doing an attack himself.. and then whoever buys the secret can attack the plant.

    Well, it is a good thing you are not a baddie, because DC wouldn’t stand a chance against your criminal mind 😉

    Liked by 3 people

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