8/- Season Four Episode Six: Night Crawler-Scarecrow & Mrs King

So everything has fallen apart.. and Francine is left alone to run back to Billy for help!
Billy: All right, Francine, they sifted through the ashes. Relax, there are no signs of human remains…
4.06NC.avi_002155188 …And stand up! 4.06NC.avi_002155622
[LOL Billy is not happy with his children!!!]
Francine: Yes, sir! That’s good news, sir!
Billy: The last of it! The rest of my news is bad. He disobeyed a direct order of mine, and you helped him! I should write you up on charges, but who has time?! I’ve got two agents to find now!4.06NC.avi_002164297
[He doesn’t have time to write up disobeying his orders? yeah nice one Billy! How does he say this with a straight face?! ]
Francine: I’m sorry, sir. Lee did not want to use a big force. He didn’t want a repeat of the Egyptian airline disaster.
[ROFL I love these little random mentions smk throws in!].
Billy: I can’t fault his tactics. My God, Francine, Birol has them both! Now how in the hell did the Libyans, the Habib brothers and Magda Petrak get mixed up in this?
[well. it’s a funny story really… ]
Francine: Magda is one of the few people that Birol might trust in a bind. Now, he has kept Amanda even from his own soldiers. It’s a long shot…
Billy: It’s a sucker’s bet!4.06NC.avi_002191624
Francine: It’s the only option we have!  Okay, we’re setting Birol up so he thinks he’s been stung. We needed a couple of harmless Libyans to make it work. I found the Habib brothers… [a danger only to dates who don’t want to be pressed!] …Face it, Billy, the Libyans are paying top dollar for American hostages. It’ll work!4.06NC.avi_002205505
The scene ends here.. LOL Billy doesn’t look quite as upset.. 4.06NC.avi_002209409
More like he’s having a stroke! tee hee.. 

Back to Birol’s shack.
{Birol holds Lee at gunpoint and shoves him into the room where he was watching the airport footage. Lee regains his balance, his eyes on Amanda. 4.06NC.avi_002216850
He looks back briefly as Birol locks them in the room. Amanda is resting on a cot. When she hears the noise she gasps and jumps to her feet. 4.06NC.avi_002220320
[Amanda still manages to look gorgeous in spite of the sleep deprivation IMHO! .. makeup perfect..hair perfect.. shirt a little untucked- oh my!! she is a mess!! she is barely hanging on!! tee hee]
Lee walks over to her.}
Amanda: Oh, hi.
Lee: Amanda!
Amanda: Yeah?
{He grabs her up in a tight embrace. She smiles and reaches for him as well, but is surprised by the force with which he hugs her.}
Amanda: Oh! Ha ha.
Lee: Oh, Amanda!
(Lee pulls Amanda in closer, tighter)
Amanda: Oh, this is getting pretty good now. Mm.4.06NC.avi_002228862
Lee: Oh, are you all right…
Amanda: Oh, yeah, you know…
Lee: …huh?
Amanda: …I can actually feel you.

I think this is probably the best hallucination I’ve had yet.4.06NC.avi_002235535
[Before she can barely finish her sentence, he pulls her in for a kiss.]4.06NC.avi_002236870
Amanda: Mm! Mmm.
[Hmm funny I don’t mind publishing these kissing photos at all! Much better! Amanda’s MMMMM is flippin hilarious – and hot!] 4.06NC.avi_002239272
…Oh wow! 4.06NC.avi_002242742
[I think Amanda may be finding an upside to her hallucinations!!]4.06NC.avi_002243276
{Lee shakes her head gently.}4.06NC.avi_002245679
Lee: Amanda?
Amanda: Yeah?
Lee: It is me! It is really me!4.06NC.avi_002250483
[She smiles at him in disbelief. She touches her hand to his cheek.]
Amanda: Oh, it’s not–4.06NC.avi_002253420
Lee: Yeah, go on feel it! See, it’s me!
Amanda: It is you?
Lee: Yes!
Amanda: It’s you?! You’re here?!
Lee: Yeah.4.06NC.avi_002259025
Amanda: Hello-o! Oh!4.06NC.avi_002260093

[Awhhhh!!! so adorable!!!! and funny!!! and hot!!!
These reunion scenes are some of the best in the show aren’t they!! The humour is there and the romance.. ahhh you can’t top this for romance in the whole series I think.

That kiss- holy cow! I love how Amanda is making noises like this is the best meal she has had for a year.. ok, maybe her life.. and it’s Lee’s lips she’s tasting!!! hehehee… (how does KJ as an actress manage to convey that she is really enjoying this kiss, but be funny?? she is an amazing actress!)

You know, I was doubting Birol’s ability to value sentimentality, but I stand corrected!!! It was soooo sweet of Addi to let Lee wash off all that black war paint, slime, solvent, salty spray stuff off of Lee’s face so that we could get an eyeful of gorgeous Lee without these ‘obstructions’ .. Not to mention lending Lee some hair gel, a brush and mirror for his big romantic moment Flat, weird beanie hair just wouldn’t do!! Birol is a Lee and Amanda shipper! Hey do Lee and Amanda have a portmanteau? if not.. why not.. and let’s come up with one?!]

(We hear the sound of Birol entering the room again.)
: It’s hello, it’s good bye. I’ve got Night Crawler. Why do I need her?4.06NC.avi_002271571
{He holds up his gun, thrusting it aggressively in their direction, and pulls the trigger.4.06NC.avi_002279045 Twice, in quick succession, the clicking sound of an empty chamber. Lee begins to charge toward Birol. Birol’s shouting quickly stops him.} 4.06NC.avi_002280113
…Now I do have a bullet under the hammer! Want it? I have an offer from the Libyans for her… 4.06NC.avi_002281448
…I like it. It’s up to you what happens. 4.06NC.avi_002282782
…Give me a list of the ATAC team. Your assets here and abroad, your sources, your fronts.
[Who how handy that Edna D’Angelo just put all his figures together for him ha!]
Amanda buries her head in Lee’s back. Birol throws a pen at the floor in their direction and, still aiming the gun at them, walks backward toward the door.}
…I’ll be back in an hour. 4.06NC.avi_002307073
[An hour?! lol if Lee were to really write all that it would take a week!]
(Birol pulls the trigger again before he leaves- another shot that doesn’t happen..) 
Amanda: Oh, I’m sorry I’m shaking so badly.4.06NC.avi_002318284
(they hug, rocking each other back and forth. awh)
Lee: I didn’t notice. We must be shaking together, huh?…  4.06NC.avi_002321755
…Turn around… 4.06NC.avi_002325492
…I’ve got a surprise for you… 4.06NC.avi_002328428
{He  pulls her pendant from a velcroed pocket on his pants. He  fastens it for her.} 4.06NC.avi_002337771
…Now, it may need a new clasp, but I think it’ll hold for now.4.06NC.avi_002343376
Amanda: How are mother and the boys?
Lee: They don’t even know a thing.
Amanda: Mm.
Lee: Billy’s decision was to keep them out of it, unless Birol went public or it dragged on.
Amanda: Good.
(Having finally finished clasping the necklace, lol, Lee turns Amanda back around to face him)
Lee: I went to the house yesterday.4.06NC.avi_002356189
Amanda: You saw Mother?
Lee: Yeah, yeah…
…It made me feel closer to you.4.06NC.avi_002361528
{They are quiet for a few seconds and then Lee leans her forward and kisses her on the forehead.} 4.06NC.avi_002364197 4.06NC.avi_002366332
[You want more pics? Yeah.. I thought so!!]
{He kisses her forehead again and then they rest their heads together.}
Amanda: Is there a way out of this?4.06NC.avi_002370337
Lee: Look, why don’t you just sit down, hm? You just sit there while I make out that list.
{He bends down to pick up the pen that Birol threw on the floor and then sits at the desk to begin writing.}4.06NC.avi_002384484
Amanda: No! You can’t give him the list, you’ll destroy everything you’ve done. He’s not the only one, there are a million Birol’s. You have to draw the line somewhere.
Lee: Hey. Look, I’m buying us some time, Amanda. I’m not gonna let him sell you to the Libyans!
[I guess he can’t tell Amanda it’s not a real offer in case they are being monitored?]
Amanda: I’m not crazy about that part, either.
[LOL this kinda reminds me of saved by the bells..
Amanda: oh sure easy for you to say your not the one they are gonna stuff into a refrigerator and send off to Moscow.
Lee: no I’m the one they are gonna put up against a wall and shoot!
-oh how things have changed since then!!!]
You got here in time, I knew you would.
I had hoped to “get here in time” under different circumstances.
{He kneels in front of her and takes both of her hands in both of his. }
…We might not make it out of this one.
Amanda: Yeah, I know, it really stinks, doesn’t it?
[stinks?! rofl. that’s right up there with.. ‘Oh my gosh’!!! So Amanda!]
Lee: Hey…
…Amanda King, you are the best, 4.06NC.avi_002422188
…the bravest, the smartest, most…
…beautiful woman I have ever known.4.06NC.avi_002428328
[Lee’s in tears! I’m in tears!!! Are you in tears?!]
Amanda: I love you.
Lee: Then will you marry me?4.06NC.avi_002430997
[Oh wow. sob sob… It doesn’t seem to matter how many times I’ve watched this over the years, he gets me- every.single.time]
[Amanda seems temporarily shocked by this question.. in awe maybe?! I’ll give her a break, she is sleep deprived after all.] 4.06NC.avi_002439806
Amanda: Will I marry you? Oh, yeah, I’ll marry you… 4.06NC.avi_002443810
…We’re the luckiest two people on the face of the earth.4.06NC.avi_002446479
(They begin to laugh.
And they pull each other back into each other’s arms.) 4.06NC.avi_002449949
[-this image above is blurry but I just love the sheer joy of it anyway. 4.06NC.avi_002451284
More kissing!!! 4.06NC.avi_002452352
really touching, sweet moments.. 4.06NC.avi_002455555
The scene ends here. And.. I.. can finally give in to.. the swoons!!!!!!!!]

swoon emoticonswoon emoticon[16]swoon emoticon[19]swoon emoticon[23]swoon emoticon[27]swoon emoticon[32]swoon emoticon[37]swoon emoticon[41]swoon emoticon[48]swoon emoticon[13]swoon emoticon[56]

Phew.. I’ve pretty much used up my daily quota of smelling salts, my box of tissues.. and my drool bucket is full to the brim. This proposal was worth the wait wasn’t it?!

I think I know this scene off by heart now.. To me.. this is the big proposal.. who cares about a ring.. when a man says you are the smartest, bravest person in the whole wide world and he wants to spend the rest of his life with you? [ok, at this point, they don’t know how long that will be 😉 ] he can keep the ring for all I care..

Come on Habib brothers – you know you really want that Xerox machine! Come on and get the deal done! haaaaaa…
Soooo gee there isn’t much to talk about in this post for smk fans right? pretty boring, pedestrian.. and predictable right?
Okay! okay!!!! comment away all!!! Feel free to wax lyrical, compose sonnets, sing songs. whatever – tell us what you think! I’ll be back to share the next post in a week or two… enjoy!! Can’t wait to hear from ya!!

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  1. Hi Everyone!!! how are you all going??
    Hey yeah life is busy and err I haven’t written the next post yet. eek!
    I’m sorry!
    I’m so glad to see Bjo and Morley have stopped by and started up the smk party again though regardless!!!! 🙂

    Hey I have a question for you all – smk fan fiction is not discussed on this blog – I found early on it tended to take over the blog and it’s purpose, so in the past, I’ve directed conversation about fan fiction to the Nedlindger’s forum.. but… you can hear crickets chirping over there these days!!!!
    I don’t mind sharing a link for fan fics relevant to a post here but I’d prefer this be brief on this blog.
    So what to do? Anyone got suggestions? Please speak freely.

    I love people’s passion for fan fiction and completely get the desire to recommend or share.. but if I don’t want comments and discussions here about fan fictions [ie. it’s not what this blog is about] – what to do?
    I have always thought some bright spark with a passion for fan fic should totally start an smk blog about fan fics where they can be discussed, shared, and celebrated… but as far as I know no one has taken this up yet. I’d encourage someone to go for it – it could be a companion blog to this blog.. we could really complement each other!! Anyone interested??
    Running a blog is not hard. It’s the time it takes to write the blog posts that is a struggle for me at the moment.. but there’s no reason you would need to write long blog posts.. and who knows maybe it could be a team of contributors to share the load a bit?!
    No pressure.. just thought I’d give the community some encouragement that someone can do this and have fun with this!

    Another option? If someone wants to write a blog post for this forum about their fave fan fics – I’d be happy to publish a one off post and you can discuss fan fics in the comments of that blog post.
    To me this sounds not half as fun as an actual proper blog about smk fan fiction.. but I get that others may view it differently.
    People want to head back to Nedlindger’s to discuss fan fiction recommendations? Anyone?

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    • You’re right, Iwsod. I do think talking about SMK in real time brings about creativity for writers. And we do have some very talented writers following this blog. We also have Neds and I’ll admit I haven’t poked my head in there for a while. It was set up with a great purpose in mind. I think if something comes to mind while discussing the walk and it’s mentioned briefly (i.e., title) then we continue on with the walk, that’s cool. If it requires more detail, easy enough to say “Oh that reminds me.. xyz fic… I’ve got more to say on this, so I’ll continue over at Neds. Then back to my point about this episode….etc.” That works IMO.

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      • I agree. I like it when people mention titles and then hop over to Ned’s if they want to discuss. I actually find it frustrating when they say they are hopping over to Ned’s to discuss one and don’t mention the title.

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  2. Best. Kiss. Ever!!!

    Love how Lee let’s Amanda talk until he just can’t take it anymore and HAS to kiss her! He is looking at her like someone who’s been stuck in the Sahara for two weeks would look at a glass of water.

    My mind has now turned to mush and I really can’t do much thinking beneath the surface 😀

    Definitely the best scene in this episode. Lee/Dotty in the Amanda’s kitchen is second best, IMHO.

    Birol is a Lee and Amanda shipper!

    ROFLMAO!! Only you, iwsod!

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  3. As you can all see, I spent a good portion of today down this rabbit hole trying to figure out where I had left these two. I am not caught up, but I feel more in touch with them. However, I have no idea what has occurred between the end of season 3 and now ( I do, but I haven’t really followed it in my SMK brain, so I don’t know if I my thoughts will really work. But… do you think Amanda was expecting a proposal from Lee? I know its hinted at at the end of Its in the Water. But I guess my thoughts at the moment go like this… I don’t think she is expecting a proposal. I think she knows that Lee has stepped way out of his past ways by entering into a relationship with her. But I don’t think they have planned marriage. I know they have talked about normal. But marriage means her family. Marriage means tweaking this job. And I don’t think Amanda knows how much Lee is really ready and wanting that.
    So Amanda is still loopy, and maybe Amanda thinks he is in the moment and this moment is a desperate one. I do think she knows that he loves her, just not that he loves her THAT much. I think she wants him too
    But I think Lee knows exactly what he is doing! I think he has been working through this since season 2, actually. I don’t think he wanted to propose like this, but considering the circumstances ( and I think you all are right that although Amanda may make it out of this, he knows he may not) he is ready to ask her right now. This isn’t something he will regret, this is his dearest desire.
    And I do think real love wouldn’t care whether or not someone had brushed their teeth. They would kiss each other and never let go. It breaks my heart that Amanda is too loopy to really feel what he is trying to convey.

    But I do love the fact that although they are imprisoned physically, they are no longer imprisoned emotionally. I think that is brilliant timing on the part of TPTB.
    I know I might disagree with myself as I go back and get caught up, but thats what I am seeing today and I am just glad to be back down here with you all. Now back to that paper!

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  4. Nooo… wait! I am coming!!! Lee can’t propose without me!!! I have chocolate covered pretzels… hey Iwsod! How are you? How are you enduring all of the fires??? Hi everybody else! BJo? Are you here???

    Ok… I don’t even know if I have my head in SMK airspace at all… I don’t know if I will have time to sink back down this rabbit hole and soak up all that has happened. But I am here right now!

    What can I say? There are no walls anywhere around that man, around either of them … um emotionally so… they are actually hostages right now. But truly they are so free to love each other, to respect each other, to be open with each other, to commit to each other. AMAZING!!!

    Ok. That’s all I have got for the moment. So sorry that I have missed so much… Sometime real life moves like a torrent and you just have to go along with it… all the way to grad school and becoming a grandmother. But Lee and Amanda are still in my head and I miss you all! I will try to keep popping in and maybe if I can be really good with my books, I can reward myself with some walking with you all…

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    • MORLEY!!!! You are here! I’m so excited to be in real time on the walk with you here! I wondered if you would ever pop back around after I finally got caught up. I’m so excited you’re here! I loved all your insights as I started from the beginning and caught up the last half of 2019. Now I’m reading your Scotch Thoughts and Window Reflections as I have time.

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      • Aw shucks. Thanks. Enjoy Scotch Thoughts… How far are you. I did the unthinkable, unforgivable and left it unfinished half way through season 3. I even have the other half of that season 99% done and in my files. I need to write the last two episodes for Lee. But in order to do that I have to submerge myself into their world and I fear I will never come back up and finish my interpretive practices class!!! But I am so tempted… Keep after me… I will see these two through to the end even if it takes me a decade!!!

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        • I just started. I had to catch up at life a little bit after spending most of Aug-Dec down the rabbit hole reading this entire blog from start to now! I love the few of yours I’ve read though and look forward to more!!

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      • Where can I find said writing? Thanks.

        Mommynificent, you got through the whole blog. Wow. Going to take me years, but so much to look forward to.


        • Oh colorfulangel, you don’t know what you’re asking! The easiest response is Fanfiction.net and search for the author “npieen” and the stories called “Scotch Thoughts and Window Reflections” but there are about 2200 fanfiction stories there so best of luck not falling down an even bigger rabbit hole! 🙂
          P.S. Morley’s stories ae amazing!

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          • As are Janet’s!!!!

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          • Uhm…..well, I’ll first try to read all of this blog and then dream of reading the fan fic. Sounds like SOOOOO much fun.

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            • Well… I don’t know where you are in the blog, but My stories “Scotch Thoughts and Window Reflections” are meant to be read after each episode. There is one -Scotch Thoughts – for Lee and one -Window Reflection- for Amanda for every episode. Well, on the fanfic site, up until Wrong Way Back Home ( or whatever that episode is called when Joe returns). I am almost done writing season 3 now. I have to write Amanda’s thoughts after All the World’s a Stage now- finished Deadmen last night tee hee 😆 feels good to be back at it…
              But Clarinet has an extremely valid point! That site is a rabbit hole that goes way passed wonderland or SMK land… I was lost down there in Avonlea all winter…


              • Ooooohhh, I get it now. Thanks, because scotch and windows sounded a bit crazy. Now it sounds amazing. Good thinking! I’ve only read a handful of episodes and am actually on WWH now. Are you telling me that you DIDN’T do this one? wimper, sniff, sniff. Still, it’s going to take me awhile to get through 29 posts on that ep, so you have time. 😉 I am so glad that you and others are having fun writing fanfic. That is a fun and creative hobby for the brain.

                DD and I finished the series again—3rd time in a row. She wants a break now, so I figure I’ll read the blog. We are watching SMK fan videos on youtube. WOW, so much fun. Thanks to all who made these.


              • Welcome back Morley – I missed you!!!!
                you should totally share a link to your stories in the final blog post for each episode!! but then.. where to discuss your stories?
                See comment I just wrote about fan fiction. People love to have a place to discuss them, and that’s awesome. but this blog is not a place for having discussions about fan fictions – but I’ve been seeing for years a hunger for a place where this discussion can happen.

                Your fanfics, and well, everyone’s lol, deserve to be celebrated – see the comment I just shared and guys – share your thoughts on how this could be done if you like.

                I just really had to say hiya to Morley when I saw you had commented – did you hear my squeeeee??!!

                There are many smk fans who have come and gone here over the years, and I love you all!!! and.. you are all very welcome to come and go as life ebbs and flows – I truly thrilled Morley has returned!!! 🙂


            • sounds like colorangel woudl enjoy a blog to walk through fan fics!!! that does sound like fun!!! [sadly this blog isn’t it though lol]
              Someone interested in a walk through smk fan fics blog? I’m sorry I can’t create one I have my handsfull.. but…. someone can.. and I am here and can give you a hand as much as I can 🙂


        • haaaa yeah Mommynificent was a real champion! But… don’t worry colorfulangel, I’m not likely to finish writing up season 4 for a while so ha! You’ll have time!! 🙂

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    • Hooray! Always wonderful to have a Morley sighting! The rabbit hole, with chocolate, will always be waiting when you can pop by. 🙂

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    • Wow, what a great surprise to read you here again, Morley! Looking forward to your wonderful insights, as you have time, of course. I devoured all the Scotch Thoughts and Window Reflections years ago so I must find time to go back and reread in honor of your appearance! Thanks so much.

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    • Woo hoo! Morley’s here! it’s hard to get out of the rabbit hole once you’ve fallen in!

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    • Morely says: “What can I say? There are no walls anywhere around that man, around either of them … um emotionally so… they are actually hostages right now. But truly they are so free to love each other, to respect each other, to be open with each other, to commit to each other. AMAZING!!!”

      Wow, yes, AMAZING. This gives me a lot to think about. Thanks.


    • Yeah Morley’s here🎉! Love your comment, ”There are no walls anywhere around that man, around either of them.” Such a beautiful place to arrive to after all this time. Love their relationship ♥️.

      Oh, and I have chocolate/peanut butter hearts to share in the SMK rabbit hole.

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  5. The proposal, oh the proposal. I sit on a different side of the fence depending on the day with this one, but here goes.

    Things I love about this scene: the palpable relief and love when they are reunited; the way Amanda still makes jokes even in the middle of what she assumes is a hallucination. or a conversation about what might happen to them; how cute Lee looks in that jumpsuit (he is delicious in blue!); the way he lists all her best qualities; and of course, that Kiss!

    Things I sometimes don’t like about this scene: the feeling that he is humoring her with the proposal, using it as a distraction technique, as if she needs something to live for. (Hello? Her kids?). This is something fanfic writers tend to use a lot – her feeling later that she might have imagined it or that he didn’t mean it and said it under pressure.

    However, I’m going to give Lee some leeway here because he is pretty certain that it’s the Habib brothers who will “buy” her and then she will be rescued by Francine and Billy, but he has no idea if he is going to get out of this, and this may indeed be his last chance to make any kind of declaration. It’s kind of a replay of his “I Love You” over the phone in Stemwinder, and on that basis, it’s pretty thoughtful and adorable.

    The one thought I can never get rid of though is that Lee must really, really, REALLY love Amanda very much to give her that level of open mouthed kiss when she’s been a hostage for heaven knows how long and hasn’t brushed her teeth in even longer… True Love indeed!

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    • he has no idea if he is going to get out of this, and this may indeed be his last chance to make any kind of declaration.

      Excellent point!

      The one thought I can never get rid of though is that Lee must really, really, REALLY love Amanda very much to give her that level of open mouthed kiss when she’s been a hostage for heaven knows how long and hasn’t brushed her teeth in even longer… True Love indeed!

      I found it gross and off-putting, as well until iwsod made the case that Birol must be a Lee and Amanda shipper (or a compulsive-pathological voyeur?) … Exhibit A: Lee got to shower off that goopy goo, style his hair and change into that oh-so-sexy paratrooper’s jumpsuit that’s so smokin’ hot I’m fanning myself furiously! Exhibit B: Amanda’s hair and makeup are not mussed. So it’s not a stretch that she had access to mouthwash, too, but Lee wouldn’t know that so he still gets True Love mega-kudos!


  6. Billy acknowledges Amanda as an agent, a full fledged not-a-trainee-agent, and Francine has neither an objection nor sly remark. I’ll call that a mix of growth and relief!

    Also, Amandlee? Lemanda? Leeanda? Amalee? Leeam? StetsonKing…Sting?

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  7. Am I the only one seriously distracted by the hicky on BB’s neck—during THE MOST critcal love scene between them???? All I can think is that he really had a great night with someone else and now he’s proposing to Amanda! HOW DARE!!!!

    If this is an injury, kind of like the light, but not swollen bruise on his right cheek, please tell me how he got this big bruise on his neck.


  8. I know that it was easy in the early sasons to get annoyed with MooCow Francine,but I do love what they did with her in later seasons, keeping the snark and the stealth insults but also making her the person who would always always help Lee and/or Amanda when it came down to it, Stemwinder wobble aside. It was almost as if the writers realized they didn’t need to make a woman a mean jealoous ex to make her fun.

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    • Well said! I love the relationship btwn Lee and Francine. They are like bro and sis. They torment each other, but they are solid. Rare and beautiful that two people could be working together, ex lovers, and still hold it together. Brilliant writing which pays off in the last four eps when MS has to fill in for KJ. That would have been a disaster if they had not built up a caring relationship btwn her and L&A. BTW, I think Lee and Francine work well together. They have a good chemistry that gets better throught time.

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    • I think this is why Francine is a character I’ve always liked overall. I may not like her at certain times, but overall by S4 I think she becomes more human and more likable. Or maybe we just finally get to see her more human side more than we did before. I know there is a lot of Francine journey talk somewhere on the blog but I haven’t read it in a long while.

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  9. Once again, Francine does a great thing here in covering for Lee and getting Billy on the same page. Having to go back to Billy for help was probably the last thing she wanted, but now it’s about saving Lee and Amanda.

    Next, I’m sorry guys. As much as I enjoy seeing them reunite, the kisses and hugs, etc. and have the opportunity to work together to try and get past Birol (something they do well as a team anyway), I don’t love this proposal. I was happy that it happened. When I was watching this at age 14, I probably woke up the whole neighborhood with my excitement. My thoughts on it changed over time. I still love the sweetness and affection, I just wish they waited. It’s that they both feel like they may not make it out, and Lee’s suddenly going to pop the question. There is another scene that tops this in my mind by magnitudes. I’ll save my thoughts for then.

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    • Interesting reading your thoughts on the proposal scene, Sara. I have very mixed feelings about it. I think that BB does a great job (although I wish he’d his hair cut before 😀 ). I love his acting here – thinking of his ” You are the best, the bravest…”* line still makes me happy. What a wonderful affirmation of Amanda, and also of how Lee has grown as a person – valuing Amanda in these ways.

      My issue is with how Amanda is played (and directed?) here. I just feel that KJ just ‘over-acts’ the reunion scene and the proposal scene. It feels wrong to me, and spoils it. May just be my preference – would be interested if anyone else feels the same.

      Like Sara, the most perfectly romantic moment is another one for me. Mine is still to come, later in S4….

      Liked by 1 person

      • I see your point about Amanda/KJ. I was also thinking that she’s still somewhat loopy by whatever Birol gave her. At times she also seems to be alert in her wording, so it’s conflicting. The half-tucked shirt now makes sense (lol).

        Yes, BB does a great job. Lee’s had time to think over what Amanda means to him, so his words are from the heart.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Curious to know what your “most perfectly romantic moment” is. Looking forward to finding out.

        I agree with the acting here too. I think BB does a fantastic job in this scene. KJ has a harder part to act though, I think. She’s sleep deprived, probably still mentally impacted by drugs Birol has given her, but she has to react being reunited with Lee and his proposal. Just how is one supposed to act that?

        I love Lee’s use of the words best, bravest, smartest, and beautiful. I found a note I had written with these words and the episodes where I think Lee first fully thought of Amanda as the woman who embodied them for him. In my mind it wasn’t until Lee thought of her as the one and only woman who was these four things that he finally opened his heart fully to her and could then begin to want to make a final and true transformation into the type of man Amanda would/could want to marry and be a step-father to her children.


    • IMHO Lee was already planning a very thoughtful proposal, but under the circumstances, wanted it said in case they didn’t make it out, thus he couldn’t wait.

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  10. Am I the only one who thinks that even if Lee gives up all his assets, sources and classified information that he knows, there is no way Birol is going to be able to read his handwriting? I think Lee just bought them A WHOLE LOT OF TIME while Birol tries to make sense of Lee’s scrawl.

    Liked by 5 people

    • Oh Cindy, you are too funny!

      I adore this scene! One of my all-time favorites. Thanks, Iwsod, for sharing it in such glorious detail!


    • Am I the only one who thinks that even if Lee gives up all his assets, sources and classified information that he knows, there is no way Birol is going to be able to read his handwriting?

      Having seen Lee’s spastic chicken scratch … you might be right!
      On the other hand, Birol must read Farsi (Persian) and Arabic.
      So the jury is out!

      Liked by 1 person

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