9/9 Season Four Episode Six: Night Crawler-Scarecrow & Mrs King

Sorry for the delay, that kiss in the previous post had me dizzy and nonsensical. I needed recovery time before I could continue!! Finally, I feel ready and able. Thank you for your understanding Winking smile 

Hope you are recovered enough to join me for this walk through the final section of this episode! Here goes..

Back to Magda’s dress shop.
{Francine dressed as Magda, or Magda (LOL) listens to secretly to a message from Billy.  Aie my head hurts. Behind her, the Habib brothers are waiting.]4.06NC.avi_002466733
Billy [voice-over]: We’re in place. As soon as Birol smells the fish, you do the rest. He’s got to think a big dredge net is about to drop on his head.
[You know, I’ve only really focused on the swoony elements of this episode.. and here I am now needing to actually focus on plot lol. Sooooo have I understood correctly? They want Birol to sense the set up and flee yes? ]
Francine as Magda: There’s Birol’s truck. He’ll have Amanda. Be ready to show the money. [Jerry Maguire stole that line?! What do the Habib brothers want or care about with Amanda? I thought they were after airplane parts and were getting  F-15 fuel pods and a Xerox machine thrown in. Do they think Amanda is what fuel pods are called maybe?! rofl! ]

{Francine and the Habibs watch Birol gets out of the truck. Amanda is sitting in the truck with her eyes closed, drugged.} 4.06NC.avi_002483550
That’s her, that’s Amanda King.4.06NC.avi_002485418
[Habib Brothers thinkin: What’s an Amanda King?!]
Birol approaches the front window..
Birol: Salaam alaikum.
First Habib Brother: Alaikum salaam.
{A blue sedan swerves sharply across the street in the direction of the shop. The second Habib brother opens up a briefcase to show Birol the money and says something in Arabic. (NOTE: One of the words is “massari,” translated money.) The sedan abruptly parks the wrong way at the curb. The doors open.}4.06NC.avi_002499833
Birol: Where’s the rest? The price was five million!
{Magda and two other Libyans get out of the car.}
Magda: Addi, it’s a trick! Run!4.06NC.avi_002506773
{Birol turns to look at her . Francine turns to run, but deliberately trips on a rug on the floor. Her head falls back sharply so Birol can see that a wig falls off. 4.06NC.avi_002513980
The Habib brothers’ attention remains on Birol as they pull out their guns.}
[If I were Francine I’d be worried about those guns… these Libyans don’t muck around – okay what’s an Amanda King and what did you just set us up for?! And.. where’s my Xerox Machine?!]
{Birol and Magda run to his truck and get in and pull away. Amanda is seated between them, her head tipped drowsily towards Magda.}
Magda: Those weren’t the Habib brothers!
Birol: But that was you…except for the hair. Who set me up?!4.06NC.avi_002521454
Magda: The Agency! They found out about the trade. Addi, I don’t know how!  4.06NC.avi_002539072
{“Amanda” peels off her mask to reveal she is actually Mara.}
…I see you were clever enough not to risk your ace.4.06NC.avi_002543610
[we hear Mara moaning, Poor Mara! I hope she gets a bonus or something when this is all done. Oh and how is it Birol had drugs for Mara but none for Amanda? oh whatever, different drugs maybe..]
Birol: It’s off.
Magda: But the-the Libyans will still pay! 4.06NC.avi_002553219Birol: Forget about the Libyans’ money! You and I can make a new Karbala. We’ll even have martyrs.
[what a hero volunteering others to be martyrs… yeah I’m guessing he isn’t volunteering!]

[Street Outside of Madga’s Shop.]
Billy: Well, Birol has bought it all the way. And I’m locked in to Magda’s signal.4.06NC.avi_002558024
[Billy Habib is flippin hilarious!
Oh and.. House of Stewarts? I’m sure they added that Little touch to help Mel’s mother get over the pilot episode’s Stuart/Stewart spelling boo boo!
oh and enough with the cigars! This is so over the top it’s gotta be making fun no?!
Okay.. before we move on.. I gotta get my head around all this. or at least try…
Francine and Habib brothers show up for cover deal with Birol, Birol senses set up, Magda confirms set up – which is all of it, a set up to get Magda and Birol back to where Amanda and Lee are. Still, no idea why Habibs would give a toss what is an Amanda King. lol. I guess that was for the sake of the audience to be fooled in the moment.. not really considering the characters ha!
Okay, moving on for the big action finale!]

Back at Birol’s and he enters Lee and Amanda’s room, tossing Mara like a sack of potatoes. Ouch. He has his gun drawn..
But nothing gets in the way of Lee/Amanda cuddles. Aren’t they lookin adorable?! 4.06NC.avi_002566566
Birol: The list?
Lee: That’s it.
Birol looks it over…
It’s action time!
Lee gives Magda the signal… she nods back..4.06NC.avi_002584451
Birol: I know enough to know you’ve done a surprisingly complete job. You’ll both be remembered as heroes… [Ohhh so Lee and Amanda were the martyrs he had in mind. Sorry I’m a bit slow! ] 4.06NC.avi_002592192
Magda takes a Zap gas canister out of her jacket and activates it. Birol aims his gun at Lee and Amanda}:
…and martyrs of the people.
[Uh oh. Birol aims his gun at Lee and Amanda!!!]
{Magda throws the canister toward them.}
Birol turns toward Magda and the widening fog of gas and Lee seizes the opportunity of jumping Birol from behind..

Cue the action sequence. We have…
punches..(Lee cops one at least, Hey our hero has to be seen to suffer a little no?!)
Grunts.. [whoa. look out stunt guy!]
and Lee wins. Suffer Birol. 4.06NC.avi_002623423
(Yep, this is how I like to cover smk action scenes when there is nothing funny in the happening!)

Billy, Yusef and his cigar come in to take the dirtbag downtown. 4.06NC.avi_002625558
[Yusef wins the prize for biggest gun. I think it’s so it doesn’t look like he’s carrying one of those gun shaped lighters haaaa]
Billy: You got it under control?4.06NC.avi_002627694
Lee: Yeah. Billy, it’s Zap gas, you bet-you better get outta here until it-until it wears off.
Billy: It doesn’t matter, we’ve been neutralized.
Magda shows some actual care for her sister here. Hoorah. she helps her out (and hopefully to some medical care then a holiday!)

This all very conveniently leaves Lee and Amanda to their cuddles..
Lee: Amanda?4.06NC.avi_002634901
Amanda: Yeah, I don’t feel so good.

Lee: I know. Don’t worry.
Amanda: Oh!
Lee: Don’t worry…
…It’s-It’s Zap gas and right now you won’t be able to move, but…4.06NC.avi_002642375 …Let’s just get comfortable,…
…it only lasts a few minutes.4.06NC.avi_002646379
Amanda: Better last longer than that.
Sweet sweet long lasting snuggles!! 4.06NC.avi_002652252
Drug induced but.. sweet haaa.. [get me some of that!]
While the actions sequence is for me, super lame.. to see this little ending makes it worthwhile!

Moving on and it’s tag time.. Is this the first time we have a tag with zero dialogue? I think it might be.. and you can be the judge of if it’s needed! Share your thoughts – all views welcome!!

Amanda enters the Q bureau alone.. puts some milk in the fridge..
and heads over to her desk – she stops suddenly.. there’s something on her desk. A box?! A small box!!!! 4.06NC.avi_002679579
She opens it.. cue the romantic music. There’s another ring box inside.. 4.06NC.avi_002693993
What could it be?! 4.06NC.avi_002695061

Yep!!! Amanda and her shoulder pads react and it’s adorable. 4.06NC.avi_002700133
But.. where’s Lee?! He still stuck on that bed from the zap gas?! 4.06NC.avi_002704137
Amanda just stares at the ring.. hypnotised!! [zapped?!]

Ahhhh here he is.. He quietly enters, enjoying the specialness of this moment..here the love chimes?!
He slowly, wordlessly, he makes his way around to Amanda’s side.
Is that a harp I hear?! swoon emoticon[11]
Lee takes a seat on the edge of Amanda’s desk, and takes the ring from her hand.
He puts it on her finger..
it’s time for Amanda to swoon! swoon emoticon[9]
She takes in the ring on her finger, as Lee takes her hand in both of his.. 4.06NC.avi_002738038
Their eyes meet.. and..
.. Smiles, big smiles all over the place!!!!
Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!! swoon emoticon[3]
okay, more smiles.. then a kiss! swoon emoticon[5]4.06NC.avi_002746046
We end the ep with a close up on the ring. swoon emoticon[7]4.06NC.avi_002748448
He likes it and he put a ring on it!
Time for us to join in and swoon too!!! swoon emoticon
Quick! here you go, breath deep!

 swoon stopper

Certainly a different vibe to this tag than others, but I do love that they’ve gone unapologetically romantic – go big or go home! heart_eyes emoticon

For me I love that there is no dialogue, because this is just a continuation of the proposal scene – the words have been said, and this here is the official sealing of the deal.
Any further dialogue would have been well… redundant. I don’t think I could get any better than what was said before but then I loved it – I know not everyone did… so really curious to hear all the different views of this proposal!

Can’t wait to hear from you guys!!!

So that’s it for Night crawler!!! we did it!!! thanks for your patience, and thanks again to Jaimie for the transcription.

Next up? is Billy’s Lost Weekend. Transcribed by wonderful Kiwismh- hope you are well Kiwismh if you get a chance:  stop by and say hi!!  I’ll try to cover episodes in less detail so we can keep the pace moving forward consistently.. (don’t worry there is no risk here of rushing!). 

35 responses to “9/9 Season Four Episode Six: Night Crawler-Scarecrow & Mrs King

  1. OMG Yusef and that cigar – and that gold gun! I’m in the “Q is the perfect place” camp – it’s “theirs” the way no other place is. So many milestones in their relationship have happened there.

    When Amanda put away the cream and bread then crumpled up the paper bag, I said (out loud), “I hope you’re not throwing that away!!” It’s not very environmentally friendly to just use it once and toss it – and we know Amanda cares about the environment. Plus, I would imagine Amanda to be the type to smooth it out, fold it up, and stash it in a drawer for later use.

    The other thing I noticed is that when Lee puts the ring on her finger – Amanda/KJ’s usual pinkie ring is missing, but you can see a hint of a tan line where it usually is. Speaking of which – I’ve long been curious about that ring – does anyone know the backstory on it?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have lost count the number of times I have watched this episode. But even after all that and reading iwsod’s masterful retelling of it, I still really have no idea what happened here – with Birol, Magda, the Habib brothers, etc. I seem to have a mental block from that zap gas that keeps me from getting it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Amandarambler

    I like to think Lee had made an early trip to the Q Bureau, put the box on her desk, gone and picked Amanda up for work that day (either she brought the groceries from home or they stopped along the way), and then Lee dropped her off at the front door while he went to park to give her time to come in and see the box. Cause otherwise, how long would she have sat there staring at the ring!?!?

    I love this tag, because I am just a sappy romantic. The music pulls at my heartstrings, too. There was a scene in FFFT when Francine and Amanda are in the freezer and Amanda says that when she gets scared, she is a blabbermouth. I think her silence here speaks volumes about how she is feeling the complete opposite of fear, but instead total contentment, overwhelming joy and lots of gleeful flutters. It’s not the first time Lee has put a ring on that finger, but by george, this is for real. What a beautiful moment!!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    • LeeLovesAmanda

      I love what you said here about her rambling out of fear but now being silent because of feeling full of contentment and joy. Rambling can be a way of self-soothing. Now, she has him to comfort her, support her, adore her, and love her.


    • Great insight about Amanda babbling vs her silence!!! Thanks.


  4. I was so focused on Lee and Amanda that I don’t think I ever tried to figure out the convoluted mess of who was getting what from whom. Maybe the real Habib brothers thought that Amanda was part of brokering the deal on Birol’s side. I may have to watch and again and just try to focus on that part of the episode. I will probably lose focus on that and go back to watching Lee and Amanda.

    I like the scene with no words exchanged. Their expressions and actions speak volumes. I like that it was in the Q as the Agency is where this all started for them. In “Thanks for the Memories” Lee was bemoaning the fact that they were able to spend a lot of time together. He was being romantic and Amanda was being practical. When he tried to have a romantic dinner she fell asleep on him. The Q Bureau was the better choice.

    If I had a wish for a different spot, it would have been the train station where they first met. He would have asked her to just walk with him. And when he handed her the package it would have been the ring. I would have swooned for that as well.

    Liked by 2 people

    • There is absolutely nothing wrong with “watching Lee and Amanda.”

      A romantic idea, though the train station did not guarantee much privacy. Totally agree about the Q being “the better choice” … for kissing!!


  5. Awwwwh 🥰, just a lovely feel to the ending (even if it is at work). I’m going to make my mocha coffee (🍫!) and watch the tag again.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. This might be one of my favorite tags. Just simple and romantic. When I mentioned that I thought the proposal could have happened in a later scene, this is obviously that moment. And what if they left it just like this too? Still no words. Just an offering and an acceptance.

    I do understand ‘now’ what some of you have said about Lee needing to get the words out right then. It was not about finding the perfect moment, but more about what he needed to do based on what he felt.

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  7. I know that we have all been waiting for them to get to this point for a while. But for them, this happened really fast – I mean since they finally got it together in the Q at the end of All the World’s a Stage. And there really were only two or three episodes between the “I love you” in Stemwinder. That some fast work for Lee Stetson. And he isn’t the sort of guy to just throw the idea of marriage around. This is why I like the idea of his I have loved you for a long, long time and the slow solid burn and foundation building that has gone on between them for so long.
    I know we have been discussing this for ages – its what we love about this show. I just thought since the last picture is of that engagement ring that one Lee Stetson went out and bought for one Amanda King I thought we should remark on their story arc and how amazing it is that they got here… and how quickly Lee went from that kiss in the Q to this moment in the Q right now.

    Liked by 3 people

    • It makes me sad that all along neither Lee nor Amanda had anyone else with whom they could celebrate their gradually deepening relationship. No first date for Amanda to share with her Mom or Lee telling a friend, “I think she’s the one.” Since it would have to be their own private engagement party, I think Lee wanted to select that ring on his own then surprise Amanda with it. They both need the joy of their love being tangible and real.

      Liked by 4 people

      • Thanks for commenting on that, Nancy. I think you are right, As wonderful sa this relationshiip is – and it is wonderful- the fact that they can’t share it with anyone has got to feel weird. I know we aren’t suppose to go ahead… but I think that may be a small theme for the rest of the season. And I also think this reality is why I want to have a different episode go after this one. I won’t discuss episode order here(if you want to talk about it more, head over to Ned’s. We have a season 4 chat going over there). But I am going to put the Man Who Died Twice after Nightcrawler. I think the essence of your comment kind of works with this order…Ok… I am taking this to Ned’s… who is coming… I’m buying!!!

        Liked by 1 person

    • I have always been intrigued by Lee’s story arc..more him than Amanda and both definitely have totally different arc.😊
      In my opinion,i don’t think the proposal is really fast at all(for them). If we are looking from the point of the KISS in Q in ATWAS till now..i actually believe that Lee knew that he wanted something REAL AND SPECIAL ..a marriage,with Amanda..He knew that he LOVED her and he wanted everything abt her. He was ready to embrace her family and provide her with the LOVE and HOME that she always had wanted. He wanted to be there in her life always…He was only unsure if she wanted all those things. They both knew that they had very strong feelings for each other..they were very comfortable with each other..they could tease and get angry at each other without feeling offended..
      So..when Lee told Amanda that there were a lot of things he didn’t know abt her and would enjoy finding out..he was sure that he wanted her completely.
      And with that passionate kiss,he wanted to be the perfect lover😍
      I believe Lee had always wanted to propose but in a special place where they could take a short holiday..over a romantic candlelight dinner….but when the incident with BIROL happened,he realised he didn’t want to wait for the special place or special moment…SPECIAL is when they are together and that particular moment made it soecial.
      And i don’t think he went out and got the ring for her after they were rescued😂😂😂For a man of Lee’s nature..i believe he got the ring when he was sure that he WANTED Amanda in his life as his patner both at home and at work.
      And i dont know if i should say this😊but in my opinion,after the passionate kiss in the Q..they would have been involved intimately..Not sure how to put it in a more PG way like the show😂😂😂


  8. I’ve always wondered how long Amanda was able to actually keep the ring on after he put it on her. It doesn’t seem like they are ready to tell anyone so they wouldn’t want anyone at work to see it and her mother and the boys certainly can’t see it. Where does she keep it?! Or does he keep it so her mother and the boys can’t stumble on it? Does she only wear it when they are alone together?

    Liked by 1 person

    • yeah I wondered what she did with the ring too. does she just wear it on a long chain?
      Bet there are fan fics about this!
      Here‘s the Nedlindger’s fan fic thread if anyone wants to share and discuss.


  9. Iwsod, so glad you finally recovered from THAT kiss. Totally understand.

    Shorter posts that get done is better than not getting done. Though, no rush. We’ll be here with you. We can add to our comments or there will be more to add in the next go around. Besides, it’s very okay to brush over the bad baddie scenes. I’m looking forward to Billy’s Lost Weekend. I didn’t like it at all the first round, but saw different things the next time, so I’m joyfully waiting to go through it with all y’alls brilliant comments. (I don’t normally say ‘all y’alls’.)

    I hadn’t thought about this being the only silent tag. I love it. Thanks for pointing it out. Cracked up with the line about A and her shoulder pads. Bwahahahaha. I’m distracted by A’s white under eyeliner. You see it, right? I know, you didn’t see the hickey. But, otherwise love this tag. Lee is so proud of himself and so happy. I’m glad they ended on the ring shot, since we’ve been waiting for that FOREVER.

    Liked by 1 person

    • thanks for the feedback colorfulangel! I honestly don’t remember anything about Billy’s Lost weekend. which is kind of ironic. the lost episode of Billy’s lost weekend.. but.. anyway, I’ll soon rectify that! 🙂

      yes!!! that white eyeliner is…weird!

      Liked by 1 person

  10. I will never understand the Francine/Magda deal. I think I gave up trying to understand it so thoroughly that I have a mental block so thick and tall that I have no capacity to allow dendrons to make the connections. But no one really is concerned with that, huh?
    The tag… I do love it.Sometimes I wonder why it took place in the Q. But I suppose this is the one place in the world that is theirs. Was Lee just hovering out there around the corner, waiting for her to come into the office and giving her enough time to find the box and the ring? How long between the end of the case there in the last scene and this moment? Were they able to see each other between these two times. Did Amanda clearly remember what had happened or were her memories hazy with the drugs Birol had used on her? Or maybe she thought that Lee had proposed in the heat of the moment and this moment here in the Q confirmed to her how serious he was and how much forethought he had put into this…
    I do love the glee on Lee’s face. Gosh! He is so happy!!! Can you imagine season 1 Lee being this happy? This happy about becoming engaged to Amanda King??? How I love what has happened to this man!

    Liked by 6 people

    • I will go with your hypothesis that Lee was waiting right around the corner to make sure Amanda was the first in the Q Bureau and no one else came in immediately after to see her looking at the ring. Very risky move, Stetson!

      Liked by 3 people

    • How long between the end of the case there in the last scene and this moment? Were they able to see each other between these two times. Did Amanda clearly remember what had happened or were her memories hazy with the drugs Birol had used on her? Or maybe she thought that Lee had proposed in the heat of the moment and this moment here in the Q confirmed to her how serious he was and how much forethought he had put into this…

      Don’t make us wait too long to find the answers to these and more questions in your S4’s ST & WR!

      How I love what has happened to this man!

      Me, too, morley. The transformation of Lee’s entire life is even more amazing than Amanda becoming a counter-intelligence Agent … and that was remarkable, too!

      Liked by 5 people

    • Love all your fancinating questions🥰..i guess The Q is their very special place😊. But why not at Lee’s Apartment🤔? Hmmm…(i suppose,he just could not wait till he had some alone time with her in his apartment..which actually seems rather impossible for them😊) I suppose,Lee was so certain abt his proposal that he didn’t really want to wait for any RIGHT PLACE OR RIGHT MOMENT. Knowing that she was going to be in the Q at that moment made it the VERY PERFECT moment..
      I have always loved Lee’s character developement from S1 to this very moment🥰🥰

      Liked by 2 people

    • colorfulangel

      Whoa, Morely, your brain. Keep us on our toes.

      I don’t love that it was in the Q, as I think something this personal should have been done in a personal atmosphere. BUT, that could pose a quandry. Do they film in his apt? So romantic, ahhhhh. Do they then….uhm….? A much cleaner cut in the Q. How about a candlelight dinner somewhere? Maybe too typical for Lee? Where would she least expect the ring? He obviously loved the element of surprise. Yeah, bet he was waiting anxioulsy for her to finally get to work. Of all days, why did she stop at the store first? BUT, their relationship remains dominated by their work, so maybe work is the best place for this. Her brain would be clear at work by this point. My brain would not be clear in his apartment, just saying. ;), so all the more praise for Lee solidifying the engagment with clear, level-headed thinking on both parties. The Q it is.

      I have happy thoughts of Lee driving away looking at the prop ring in Neighborhood. He had a sweet smile then. Now he’s beaming.

      Liked by 3 people

      • I am thinking that Lee chose the Q because he wanted continuity between the words spoken while they were imprisoned by Birol and the giving of the ring. So, I am going to go with this moment in the tag being the first time and place that they would be alone together after their release. No words because the words spoken in captivity were the ones that were meant to go with this moment – like others have said. I guess we aren’t – and Amanda isn’t- to think of these tow proposals as two different moments (as far as the proposal element goes – being held captive by Birol and being released and back in daily life is a totally different thing).

        Maybe the groceries are to point out how long they had been out of the office and held by Birol. Amanda would assume that the cream and bread would be off by now for sure – and she would think to replace them ( it was cream and bread that she pulled out of that bag, right?)

        Liked by 2 people

    • Sometimes I wonder why it took place in the Q. But I suppose this is the one place in the world that is theirs. Was Lee just hovering out there around the corner, waiting for her to come into the office and giving her enough time to find the box and the ring? How long between the end of the case there in the last scene and this moment? Were they able to see each other between these two times.

      Yep I like this hovering around idea. I think I assumed that but didn’t even realise it. I also think I was assuming this is the first time they’ve been able to see each other since the zap gas wore off (LOL) because Amanda would have been busy with catching up on sleep and her family. She doesn’t look like she’s sleep deprived anymore [though lol that could explain the white eye liner use haaa]

      Did Amanda clearly remember what had happened or were her memories hazy with the drugs Birol had used on her? Or maybe she thought that Lee had proposed in the heat of the moment and this moment here in the Q confirmed to her how serious he was and how much forethought he had put into this…

      Whoooo you ask great questions!
      Yeah I think Amanda remembers.. otherwise her reaction to the ring would be different no?
      She seemed transfixed by the ring – but she wasn’t looking around for where Lee is either. It’s like she trusted he would be close by to follow up on his little reveal. I mean, you wouldn’t leave a ring like that on the desk all night would you? Even at the agency, I mean Ms stickybeak could come in with new updated tax records or something haaaa.

      While I think it would be reasonable for Amanda to be questioning if Lee were serious, I also think that this question would have very quickly been answered with an emphatic yes. I feel like the time for doubts between these two has past – they have zero doubts about each other, but that doesn’t mean there are no doubts ahead for them to face together if that makes sense. but.. we’ll get to that!

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  11. I love the no dialogue tag here too, but I also, like you, loved the proposal. It will be interesting to hear what others who didn’t like the proposal think.

    As for the Habib brothers, I think their deal with Franicne was that they would make a deal with Addi to buy Amanda for money because of the stereotype that Libyans at the time made use of hostages in their negotiations. Then they would give Amanda to Francine for their Xerox machines and whatnot. Does that help at all? It still doesn’t make a ton of sense since it seems they never intended to let the Habib brothers buy her but whatever.

    I still LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this episode, plot holes notwithstanding. It was very formative in my teenage years as to the lengths one should be willing to go for love and still defines romance to me in so many ways. So fun to walk through this with all of you!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Billy and Francine were being hoodwinked since the Libyans weren’t actually getting Amanda. The devious and ingenious Addi Birol had Mara in his truck wearing the Amanda-mask!

      I was in my late twenties, but mega-loved this episode, too, mommynificent.

      Liked by 1 person

      • So wait… You mean Billy and Francine were hoodwinked while they were trying to hoodwink the hoodwinker and then the hoodwinked the hoodwinker? Ugh… Hey! All I know is that Lee asked Amanda to marry him and then he put a ring on her finger!!! And if season Lee had hearda\ about this he would have thought that someone was hoodwinking him… and don’t even think what Amanda would have thought. Can you imagine someone telling them they would be here back in that kitchen during There Goes the Neighborhood? Ayup! They would have thought they were being hoodwinked alright!

        Liked by 2 people

      • rofl. this is all pretty hilarious isn’t it. Because it’s so convoluted! Pretty ambitious for a 45 minute episode. But.. hey, they chose to spend the running time wisely and not skimp on the proposal(x2) and lovey dovey goodness- so for that I am forever grateful and actually now find I can’t drum up any grumpiness about rushing through the plot haaaaaa..
        By all means SMK- rush! tee hee..

        I am thinking the agency knew Birol wasn’t going to show up with Amanda – they had to set up the set up (lol) so that Birol would panic and lead Magda back to his ‘ace’. They never thought Birol would sell Amanda to the Libyans, which explained why the Habibs were just looking for airplane parts. That all fit for me, but when the Habibs were suddenly having the arrival of Amanda King announced it made my head spin.

        It gets even more convoluted, but secretly brilliant (IMHO) when you look back and think that Lee trying to sneak in and grab Amanda was plan A and at the same time, he already had plan B underway should plan A fall through, and he had set up plan B as much as he could through plan A failing (by being reunited with Amanda, setting up plan B).
        Scarecrow seems to be no longer thinking like a Scarecrow.
        Of course, there were no guarantees that Birol would lead Lee to Amanda once he was captured but I figure Lee read Birol, and predicted he would want to use Amanda’s safety as leverage to get Lee’s information. thus, Lee could demand to see Amanda..

        Liked by 2 people

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