2/6 Season Four Episode Seven: Billy’s Lost Weekend-Scarecrow & Mrs King

Time for Lee to give Amanda a quick call and check on the clues..
The plates were stolen but the matchbook is gold!

Amanda : Well, there was only one country granted its independence on September 30th – that’s Estoccia. 4.07BLW.avi_000663296
Lee: Estoccia! Well, at least we got something. Okay, we’ll run over to the Embassy and have a look.
[They sure have got something!!! I mean Amanda is close to the Prime Minister’s best pal no?!
Yep… Estoccia was in Wrong Way Home!!!

You would think they would mention it lol. In that episode it was in North Africa. Lets see if this is a different Estoccia. lol.

Come on Lee – surely you’ve got not Shamba’s (aka Prime Minister of Estoccia and buddy of Joe’s) direct number?! Handy no?! ]

Next scene.. seems that mansion at the beginning of the episode was the Estoccia embassy.. Lee and Billy arrive, there’s lots of furniture being moved in and out..
[I can’t be bothered checking if that flag of Estoccia is seen in WWH> anyone curious enough to look?]
Lee : I don’t get it Billy. Why was she driving a car with stolen plates?
[The lion is pretty funny!]
Billy : Why did she give me a phone number for a bar in Fairbanks Alaska?

Lee : Let’s hope this Embassy will shake up some memories.

They enter a foyer with a winding staircase.
4.07BLW.avi_000703336[I’ll bet more than $6- bucks on this being the same location where Lee and Amanda met up to swap the package in ‘the first time’..awwwhhhh.  ]

Lee : That must have been some party.
Billy : I remember being upstairs. I gotta get up there.
Lee : We’re pushing our luck.
(They start climbing the stairs but are interrupted by the good looking dude who had been following them back at Randy’s).
Kimambo : Excuse me gentlemen…
…The upper chambers are off limits.4.07BLW.avi_000720153

[So polite! Totally suspicious lol..]
Lee and Billy exit.. and are watched from an upper balcony. [Uh oh look out.. Doberman!! The chosen dog of baddies!!! What I really want to know is- where is the bear?! I’m sure we’ll find out eventually..
Hey – we’ve had lions, Dobermans and bears! Oh my!!]

[I guess it’s time for the baddie monologue!]
Rashidi : I think Mr Melrose is coming alone rather nicely. He remembered that he was on the second floor – that’s very good, Kimambo.
[interesting camera shots here.. trying to make some dull baddie dialogue interesting me thinks..]
Kimambo : I don’t like this game we’re playing.

Rashidi : Because they’re no needles?
Kimambo : Needles loosen tongues.
Rashidi : The last hours of your interrogating Melrose with your drugs were useless. He didn’t even know where he was.
[Awh Poor Billy! Kimambo should have tried sleep deprivation, would have been a lot simpler. I hear that works – Ask Night Crawler!]
Kimambo : And this game of images will make him remember?
Rashidi : I have played with the mind all my life. Mr Melrose is desperate to remember what happened to him this weekend. We will give him his entire weekend and he will give us the 15 minutes he needed to hide Kalahari.
[Cue the ‘Muahahahaaha’!
Well well well.. seems we have a baddie of the screws with minds variety  – I wonder if this guy’s nickname is ‘puppet master’ too like mind messing Krutiov?! Funny that Rashidi is setting up quite a performance here for Billy to lead them to this thing he hid – when All the World’s a stage was also about performance no? Hmm let’s call this Estoccia Intrigue, a play by Rashidi?! [mon dieu mon dieu- okay I was just looking for an excuse to say that because I love it.

Whooooo okay what’s Kalahari?? other than a desert. Maybe that disc we saw. Honestly guys I do not remember any of this, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen this so don’t mind me if I make bad guesses okay?!]

The scene ends there and it’s back to Amanda’s..
[Uh oh Amanda – someone has moved around your kitchen, your walls.. well… your house? Umm maybe that’s what Billy was up to for the weekend?!

Hey, no heels Amanda? I’m actually kinda happy to see that! Umm the briefcase is a bit weird though no? I mean is it hers? doesn’t go with her outfit at all.. and.. she has no purse?? Hmmm.. anyway.]

Amanda listens to Dotty and a man talking in the other room.. there’s music playing too.. hoooo haaaaa.

Dotty : Watch it Captain. Don’t get too carried-
(sounds of broken glass)
Man : ohhh
Dotty laughs..
Dotty : Don’t worry. Guacamole doesn’t stain. I’ll get something to clean it up with. [yeah she’s use to cleaning up after boy messes when they get carried away. Jamie and Phillip are good training]
…You find a tango – I’m just dying for a tango.
(Dotty dances into the kitchen to make her entrance.)
Dotty: Daaaa da daaaaaaaa!!…
[I’ve missed Dotty! A cute moment!! Love this pic.. it looks like something horrific has just happened to Dotty.. but no no.. she just got sprung trying to dance the tango into the kitchen..]
Amanda : Hello mother. You’re really cookin’.
Dotty : Captain Curt and I were just talk— [Captain Curt?! that’s hilarious!!] 4.07BLW.avi_000801801
[LOL the music cuts out]
Amanda : Oh no, I meant cooking. In the kitchen. Cooking.

Dotty : Of course you meant in the kitchen. It was just an impromptu dinner…4.07BLW.avi_000810043 [A new tune starts up.]
…The Captain bought me this (she flicks the shawl over her shoulder)
, and some records….
(She yells to the captain)…Not a samba – a tango!4.07BLW.avi_000814547
(to Amanda again)… I didn’t think you’d be home because, uh, the boys are with their father. 4.07BLW.avi_000817550

[I am kinda wondering why Amanda went home if the boys weren’t there.. what was she thinking?? why didn’t she just go to Lee’s ??!! oh well.. this way we got to see a cute Dotty moment..
I am also kinda wondering – is she expecting more people to show up??? This is quite the party! and that’s a lot of food for two people haaaaaa]

Amanda : I shouldn’t be. I should be at the office working. I could get a lot more done there. You’re right mother, you’re absolutely right. I shouldn’t be at home. I’m sorry. I don’t –
[LOL Amanda knows when to make an exit. Though Dotty denies it lol.]
Dotty : Amanda, don’t be silly.
Amanda : Mother, I’m not being silly.
Dotty : Of course you’re being silly, and you think I’m being silly too.
Amanda : No I don’t.
Dotty : I cannot believe this is our third bowl of salsa…
4.07BLW.avi_000841574[we hear the tango start.. and Dotty is overcome – rofl! She starts getting lost in the music.. what was she saying again? something about Amanda being silly?! Call me crazy but I’m guessing Dotty and the Captain have been smoking weed!!! err I mean.. cooking! lol.] 4.07BLW.avi_000844077
…Well maybe it would be better, uh, maybe it would be better if you, uh, did your work at the office.
Amanda : Probably so.
Dotty : Amanda, do you think I’m being silly? 4.07BLW.avi_000856589
Amanda : Mother – no! 4.07BLW.avi_000860326
Dotty (whispers) : He’s being a perfect gentleman. 4.07BLW.avi_000863596

Amanda : Now look, uh, I got a lot of work to do so, oh gee, I’ll probably be home real late. You know – I mean – probably not before – you know – I don’t know – maybe 1, may be 2 o’clock…4.07BLW.avi_000873606…Not that it makes any difference.
Amanda leaves Dotty to her… cookin!

Hey one weird thing.. I see in this scene Amanda has on a cross necklace,4.07BLW.avi_000827060
earlier at IFF she was wearing her usual heart necklace.
weird. I’m officially on necklace watch! Who’s with me??!!!

Soooo what you all thinking? do tell!!!
I’m a little surprised Dotty seems to be so defensive – she’s been quite open about her sexuality/sensuality in the past – why is this any different? tee hee.. Anyway, it’s super cute.

Can’t wait to hear what you think! I wonder if we’ll get to meet Captain Kurt the perfect gentleman or if he’ll be like Dean. lol.

11 responses to “2/6 Season Four Episode Seven: Billy’s Lost Weekend-Scarecrow & Mrs King

  1. Amandarambler

    I adore the Dotty/Amanda scene. I did find it interesting that Dotty didn’t offer to let Amanda meet Capt Curt or that he didn’t come to the kitchen when he heard Amanda (but maybe he didn’t). Kinda to me says that both Dotty and Amanda are accepting of each other’s private life until they feel the right time to bring the other into that scene. I love the way Amanda answers Dotty’s question about being silly with this genuinely affirming, “Mother, No!”

    Also, I thought it was an interesting choice that this stemmed around Estocia! Not that I would’ve wanted it, but wouldn’t it have been interesting to have involved Joe?

    Lastly, this line of Lee’s stuck out to me on my latest watch: he says, “Let’s hope this Embassy will shake up some memories…That must have been some party.” He speaks this as he and Billy are about to walk in to the embassy, which as has been noted is the same foyer in TFT. Just a pretty awesome choice of words for our Scarecrow to speak at that place at this point in his life/relationship with Amanda. Probably not intentional by the writers, but a cool connection nonetheless.


    • I thought it was an interesting choice that this stemmed around Estocia! Not that I would’ve wanted it, but wouldn’t it have been interesting to have involved Joe?

      I know!!!!! so true!!!!

      this line of Lee’s stuck out to me on my latest watch: he says, “Let’s hope this Embassy will shake up some memories…That must have been some party.” He speaks this as he and Billy are about to walk in to the embassy, which as has been noted is the same foyer in TFT. Just a pretty awesome choice of words for our Scarecrow to speak at that place at this point in his life/relationship with Amanda. Probably not intentional by the writers, but a cool connection nonetheless.

      Kind of eerie huh!


  2. Love this Dotty scene. I wish we had more of her amazing Dotty’ness in S4. she seems to take over some of the humour which Amanda provided in S1 and S2. Day and night seem to blur in SMK. It seems to be evening for Dotty but day for Amanda or something…a bit confusing.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I’m officially on necklace watch! Who’s with me??!!!

    I am (waving my hand excitedly)! Way back in May 2017, I brought this
    necklace issue to iwsod’s attention in regard to episode order and was asked to wait till we got there. We’re here! Amanda’s open heart diamond necklace was broken in Nightcrawler and Lee tried to fix it. It must have come apart again early in this episode so she switched to a gold cross. In the next aired-order episode (Photo Finish), she wears the open heart diamond necklace; HOWEVER, in the following aired-order episode (The Man Who Died Twice), she wears the gold cross necklace in the beginning and, by the end of that episode, she’s wearing the open heart diamond necklace again. It made me think that, following Billy’s Lost Weekend, it makes sense (to me anyway) that The Man Who Died Twice should air before Photo Finish when her open heart diamond necklace was finally repaired.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Hey Nancy, It must be hard to wait- sorry about that… I’m really glad you brought it up again,, as I don’t remember these things!

      Hmmm maybe once we are at the end of TMWDT we can come back to this one- even get an order of season 4 episodes post up and going for us to add to as we progress?
      If you could remind me I’d be very grateful! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • I suppose you are right abt the necklace..i believe the clasp did actually snap during NIGHTCRAWLER. That necklace is KJ’s personal one(not a prop from SMK)…It does make sense then,to have the order like you mentioned but does the storyline flow well in that order?i must watch the episodes again🤔

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  4. Amanda’s walls havent actually moved. You can see the door they usually use through that archway but for some reason she has a back door that opens into the family room plus one that opens into her laundry/mud room. As well as French doors. So many entrances in such a small speace!

    I’m sure Captain Curt will turn out to be lovely! He dances! He flies! he cooks! But did anyone notice Dotty’s shawl disappeas in the closeup?

    And for the trivia buffs: Kimamabo (Dennis Haysbert) was also the President in the first season of 24 with Keifer Sutherland.

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