5/6 Season Four Episode Seven: Billy’s Lost Weekend-Scarecrow & Mrs King

It’s back to the Estoccian embassy to find out –shock- NotLanni isn’t dead (or is that…. NotDead?).
…Why that nasty little trickster…Seems the whole time she was also faking that she had good taste in clothes too from the looks of it!

So Rashidi gives her an envelope stuffed with cash and tells her Kimambo is going to get her out of the country. 4.07BLW.avi_001745045
NotLanni :
And what do you want me to tell your buyers?
Rashidi : The Kalahari List will be on the market in 24 hours.
[So, let’s see if I’ve got this.. Turns out RealLanni was Rashidi’s secretary.. and the Kalahari list is information about the entire American intelligence community in Africa.
Yep, we needed a whole scene to tell us that. Yawn. They should have had the dog deliver the envelope with a cute bow and wuff. would have been much more entertaining..]

Moving on..[ I hope..] and we find Lee, Amanda and Billy back at IFF researching..
Amanda : The Zebra List was an FBI operation during prohibition. [Okay, I can’t let that pass!!!! The Zebra List??!!! whaaaahahahahahahaha!!! Go SMK, I love that they go for it with the cheese! I bet the Zebra list is in black and white. No colour.
I want to see the Giraffe list – you know the list of good agents who have really stuck their necks out!
Come on guys  – you got a list you can come up with?! tee hee ]
Billy : We’ve tried every variation of Kalahari List on the books and still can’t get anywhere.
[Everyone seems tired and a bit down. I know the feeling guys..]
Lee : Well, what about the street?
Billy : No, nothing. No word!
[Billy loses his temper again. Just a little.. ]
Lee : Billy, you need some sleep. You’ve been going at this for 48 hours straight. [Let’s not delay this.. let’s keep going! This whole you are working yourself into exhaustion thing is such an overused trope in smk I just kinda groan at it now – and lament that the trope’s overuse is exhausting me now! Oh the irony.]4.07BLW.avi_001796896
Billy : Well, so have you. Go ahead, knock off. You’ve done everything I could ask. 4.07BLW.avi_001802702
Amanda : No sir, we haven’t. We haven’t found the Kalahari List. 4.07BLW.avi_001811911
Billy : I’ll put on another pot of coffee.
Lee : I’ll second that.
  [I wonder why they are not doing this research in the Q bureau?? seems strange to be doing it in the bullpen even during the night, isn’t Billy on lockout or something?!]
Billy : Oh, before I forget. I want you both to know that your relationship, whatever it is, is fine with me…
[Lee and Amanda ummm don’t react. They are quite stunned!] 4.07BLW.avi_001824724
… We all look for something and when we find it I think we should hang on with everything we’ve got.
[AWH!!! What a big softie!]
(He walks off to make that pot of coffee..
Lee and Amanda share a look.) [thoughts everyone??!!
Sara, was this what you were waiting for before sharing your thoughts about Billy’s quiet little smile earlier? -in post 3?]
(We follow Billy into the room to make a pot of coffee…)
[yes.. it is that riveting…
…let’s watch him make coffee while his memory is triggered… again… but what he remembers who knows.. LOL.]
(The coffee room phone rings… and it’s Monroe, Jack Monroe – he needs Billy’s help!)
Monroe : I had to call you. Meet me at D and 3rd streets in half an hour.
(Billy heads back into the bullpen to update Lee and Amanda.)
Billy : They’re at it again. They just called. They helped me remember a phone call from that agent.
(Billy brings up on the computer Jack Monroe’s details.)
Billy : I talked to him Friday. He was running. He was running and he needed help…. he was working on a blind trust operation. No records, no reports, no questions…
(Lee nods)
(Billy finally remembers)4.07BLW.avi_001912979
…The Kalahari List! Only 3 people know about that. Monroe, Lanni and myself. It’s a list of our African operatives. Lanni tipped Munroe that someone working in the Estoccian Embassy had it on the market.
[I know this is likely nitpicky but I can’t resist… and it hasn’t stopped me before so why would it stop me now? haaaa..
Billy can’t say only 3 people know about the Kalahari list, when Rashidi and his gang are trying to get it…. and probably sell it – and to sell it you need to market it to buyers. Sorry Billy the lion is out of the bag.] 4.07BLW.avi_001925592

Lee : And he couldn’t get it.
Billy : Right. Right! He was made. Which means someone had to go into the Embassy and get it out of the safe. I went in his place. I didn’t make a clean break.
[more standing around talking.]
Amanda : Does that mean that you hid it somewhere before the Police picked you up?
Billy : There were over 100 names on that list. That’s a lot of telegrams to the next of kin. All right, the phone call said to meet on D Street on the corner of 3rd.
Lee : Let’s go.
Billy : Hold it, hold it. It’s 6am. The streets are practically empty at this time of morning. If you try to trail me they’ll spot you like that.
Lee : No, they’re not completely empty.
Lee looks pretty pleased with his idea. Do tell Lee!

(Next thing we see a taxi driving down the road from a distance. The camera pans across to another taxi as we hear Lee speak.)
Lee : Amanda, stand-by. I’m dropping Billy off at the end of the block…
[Amanda’s a taxi driver!! Cool call back!!]4.07BLW.avi_001987253

…Stay in Amanda’s view. I’ll circle around.
(We see a blue and white taxi pull up, and Billy gets out. Lee is his taxi driver. Woot Woot! Billy gets out his wallet to pay)
Billy : Lee, I don’t know what I’m walking into, and I don’t know if I’m walking back out but –
Lee : Hey, save it will ya. You’ll come out of there.
Billy : Yeah, beer and steaks at Randy’s. 4.07BLW.avi_002020720
Lee : You got a deal.

[Oh nooo that sounds like a punishment to me!!!]

It’s show time! Wwe see Amanda taxi driver reading the paper waiting for a customer
Lee: (to Amanda) …I’m coming back your way. Keep your eyes open. I’m going to the end of the block and then turning around.
(we watching a taxi drive down a road. Riveting.
Then, we see a white limo pull up next to where Billy is standing,
this is opposite where Amanda is parked reading the newspaper. She takes note.)
Oh rofl. look who is riding shotgun in the white limo!!!
whahahahaa.. this dog needs a name.
Come on guys – what’s a good name? Bones?]
(Kimambo gets out, and motions to Billy to get in the back. He opens the back door for Billy. Such a polite baddie. haaaa..)

Rashidi : Won’t you join us Mr Melrose.
[Billy is met with a very scary sight indeed…No, not the gun aimed at Billy – that matching tie and handkerchief combo is positively terrifying.
My eyeballs are in agony. Please don’t hurt my eyeballs!!!!]
(Billy gets in the limo, Lee and Amanda monitor his movements.
Lee watches someone approach Amanda’s taxi.)
Lee : Amanda, that’s the shooter from the park. Get out of there!……..4.07BLW.avi_002107207
..Stay with the limo.

[cue the action music!!! drama!!! The guy touched her door handle! gah!! she drives off.. Lee drives up.. Guy pulls a gun but does nothing with it. Honestly. this is kind of hilarious! It’s like a parody or something it’s really bad!
Is it just me or is that jacket the baddie is wearing familiar?]
(The gunman doesn’t even shoot at Lee. he takes off on foot, Lee follows him.. 4.07BLW.avi_002121688
Lee parks the taxi, and gets out.
Gun drawn. wearing jeans. In the great outdoors..)
[Oh my.. Lee is looking good. I love this episode. Best. Episode. Ever! oh wait. what am I saying??!!!]
Lee heads down a driveway…. but we can’t see where he goes. We see this:
and hear bang bang bang. a gun going off…  and then.. we see this man emerge: 4.07BLW.avi_002143576
Uh oh…
We can hear Amanda trying to reach Lee over the radio.
[It’s kinda a relief to see this episode try and do something interesting here with the plot! I should give kudos where kudos are owed!! Kudos I like this little bit of suspense! ]
Amanda (over radio): Lee the limo’s pulling up by the Smithsonian Gardens… 4.07BLW.avi_002147580
(We see the baddie continue to slowly approach the taxi, the radio with Amanda’s voice sitting on the taxi seat)
…Are you there?…
(We see Lee emerge too…)
[well that suspense lasted all of 2 seconds! oh well. cool 2 seconds!]
(Lee approaches the baddie, who seems to be clutching his chest and injured or something but no blood.)
[I’m pretty confused about how the bad guy went from this:
to this: 4.07BLW.avi_002159192
But whatev. Hey, stealthy Lee, stealthy bullet wound.]
Lee, I’m by the Smithsonian Gardens, are you all right?…
…Come in, Lee.
Lee (over radio): Amanda, stick with the limo. Right now you’re all that Billy’s got. 4.07BLW.avi_002172605
Amanda : Will do.
[Love how calm and confident Amanda is here! Go Amanda!]
Back to the white limo of doom…
[Ummm I don’t know why but this looks hilarious!
It’s like Turner and Hooch or something!
Needle phobia alert
If this is you.. you might want to look away!! ]
Billy is unconscious in the back seat. Poor Billy!
Rashidi : This is where we lost Melrose last week.
Kimambo : The streets will be filled within the half hour.
Rashidi : All the pieces are in place. This is the last ride Mr Melrose.

(We see Billy start to rouse)
[Looks like this is where there was a commercial break-
so I’m going to pause here too.]

How are we all doing with this episode so far?? anyone not finding this terribly riveting? Anyone like to share with us what you love??!!!!

33 responses to “5/6 Season Four Episode Seven: Billy’s Lost Weekend-Scarecrow & Mrs King

  1. Amandarambler

    Baddie jacket: Did Joe wear that once? Yeah, sorry, I wrote that first and then read comments. Well, at least the wardrobe folks didn’t cross baddie and good guy wardrobe again like the communal blue sweater.
    Amanda: so stinkin’ cute in this getup with the ball cap
    Lee: he’s always good looking in jeans, but for some reason this outfit always makes me feel like he is channeling his inner Han Solo?
    Iwsod: your commentary = PRICELESS 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    On a more serious note – Billy said, “There were over 100 names on that list. That’s a lot of telegrams to the next of kin.”
    I think that statement being his very first thought about what would happen if the Kalahari (that name makes me want calamari) list fell into the wrong hands I think says much about Billy’s character. He seems to really care about the extent of potential loss to family members. I think family is a very important element of life to Billy, and this is one example of that. Plus I just totally love how he gives his stamp of approval to Lee & Amanda!!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my gosh. you know I actually do not remember writing that?!
      This whole blog is a great big reminder of the limits of my memory haaaaa..

      But hey. a Han Solo reference is always a good thing! [Who’s scruffy looking?!]

      Awhhhh I can see why you started the Billy fan club Amandaramble! he’s a good guy!


  2. I just wanted to say I smile so much when I read these. It’s really terrific what you are doing. I still love the show and that darn handsome Lee Steston! It’s been a while and I can’t remember the last time I posted (or maybe I never did…) I have to go back to the first episode of this season and start from there but I always liked Billy’s Lost Weekend because it showed us a different side of their relationship. Thank you for doing this and bringing such good vibes during the lockdown. Hoping you and all loved ones are healthy and well.

    Liked by 1 person

    • hi Htm1, it’s been a while! I am actually really excited to see that someone who last commented back in 2014 has returned!!
      a- because it’s great to hear from you
      b- because it gives me hope that many of the wonderful people who have stopped by here but dropped off, may one day return!!!
      Awh.. great to hear JWWM, SMK and all of us fans on here help bring some happy vibes your way right now Htm1.


  3. I wonder why they are not doing this research in the Q bureau?? seems strange to be doing it in the bullpen even during the night, isn’t Billy on lockout or something?!]

    My guess would be that these computers have a certain network access that is only here. It’s the 1980s. Today, this system might be accessible from the Q bureau.

    whahahahaa.. this dog needs a name.
    Come on guys – what’s a good name? Bones?]

    lol at the doberman copilot. I recall you mentioning that they looked Higgins’ dogs (Magnum PI). I checked to see if these dogs were mentioned in any credits and it doesn’t look like they were. Magnum PI of course had several dobermans on to play Zeus and Apollo. Since the series were both on around the same time, anything’s possible. Maybe since Zeus and Apollo were good dogs, these are ‘notZeus’ or ‘notApollo’? Or we can call him ‘Tailor’ since he shredded Lee’s coat sleeve a couple scenes ago? 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    • hi Sara, the magnum PI dogs observation was thanks to Kiwismh who transcribed this episode (we salute you!!)

      rofl. I kinda like NotZeus..

      Liked by 1 person

    • I like NotZeus as a name! There’s a first season episode of Remington Steele that features two dobermans (dobermen?) – I always assumed they were Zeus and Apollo (or one of the sets of Zeus and Apollo). But it cracked me up even more when you add that Laura’s mother was played by Beverly Garland. Small world in the 80s!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Back again! Site is smk-land.com

    If you need the fix sooner rather than later! 😘


    • Hi HappyBaby so great to see you stop by!!!
      Thanks for sharing these insights and the links – the link for smkland is always show in the side bar too..
      It is a real treasure trove!


  5. I agree that the only saving grace for this episode is Lee’s yumminess and these hysterical posts!

    I wish they kept to the script in scene where Billy gives Lee and Amanda his blessing.

    They talked about being engaged and in love. So sweet!

    Le sigh! What could’ve been.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ooh, any chance you could put that part of the script in a comment here for us, HappyBaby? Pretty please!


      • Happy to! Link below. If it does not work, I’ll transcribe. This site has all of the scripts and some never produced.

        As for Billy’s Lost Weekend, There’s also a bit about Billy knowing how wonderful Amanda was from the beginning.

        Iwsod (admin) has removed Link


        • Ugh! I see that the script cover sheet went live, not the link!

          I’ll sort it out when I get home. Sorry!

          Liked by 1 person

          • Really wonderful of you to share HappyBaby, I love how generous smk fans are with each other.
            I’ll be honest, I was a bit confused about what to do here and whether the blog should be sharing these scripts freely on the web, especially when that link worked! lol. And it makes it easier for us to share the scripts etc..

            I’ve had a think about it and I’ve decided to remove the direct link to the script.
            Here’s why:
            smkland stores these scripts behind a membership wall where you have to sign in.
            The scripts are purchased, and then donated by fellow smk fans for other smkland.com members to enjoy, they are not shared openly on the web without restriction.

            Therefore, I think it is best not to publicly share the links to scripts here. [that seems to be a security issue with smkland that you were able to share the direct link like that and it worked. eek]
            So from now on – let’s direct people to smkland to view them please.
            Thanks for your understanding!!

            Petralit (who runs smkland.com) is very responsive, and it is very easy to sign up – just a username and password, no private info shared…
            Here’s the page where you need to sign up or log in to view scripts, transcripts etc (in the Steno Pool section): https://www.smk-land.com/steno-pool/steno-pool-security-data-access-area/


    • Whoa I LOVE when anyone who has looked at the script shares these insights with us!
      I just don’t have time to fall down that rabbit hole so I relish these insights being delivered right to my door (so to speak) lol.

      Interesting they cut that out.
      Why do you all think they did that???


  6. It’ one of the nicest thing Billy said to them. He’s ok with it.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hi Nathalie great to see you jump into an episode walk while it’s underway for the first time 🙂
      I love Billy too – he is very very okay with it 🙂


  7. Is it just me or is that jacket the baddie is wearing familiar?

    It’s worn by Sam Melville in S2E22 Murder Between Friends in the 11th of 14 posts.

    Liked by 3 people

  8. How about the elephant list? Agents who really stuck their noses in it?

    The best I can say for this scene is that Lee really is looking good. You made me snort when you said best. episode. ever. 🤣🤣

    Liked by 1 person

    • Vasugi Vasugi

      Oh yes☺️many goood is an under statement. He was totally dreamyyyy🥰🥰🥰For me, Lee’s looks was the only up side to this episode

      Liked by 2 people

  9. I want to see the Giraffe list

    I believe you need to wait until the episode Kruschev’s List for that one. Man, they loved their lists… Kruschev’s List, Barnstormer List. Kalahari List.. the way Lee made the Mata Hari list to port and hit that dock in Flight to Freedom…

    Liked by 3 people

    • Vasugi Vasugi



    • Oh and the list Lee made in the Lester the Duck episode!


    • Ha ha! Very clever, clagjanet. 🙂 BTW: I just re-watched Flight to Freedom for like the third time the other day as part of my pandemic-inspired rediscovery/binge of SMK, and only then did the tongue-in-cheek significance of the Mata Hari (famous spy) boat name hit me…what can I say, I’m slow but I eventually get there…;)


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