6/7 Season Four Episode Eight: Photo Finish -Scarecrow & Mrs King

So, the green dragon is dead, their lead for clearing Amanda has come to a literal dead end! this must be the episode low point! Anyway, back to Billy’s office.. 4.08 PH.avi_001837037
[LOL Billy seems to have caught up with the modern 80s era and has a new big computer on his desk! I’ve not seen that before.. wasn’t there in Billy’s Lost weekend!]
Mrs. Frampton: Why are your people, one of whom is on suspension, interfering with my investigation?
Lee: Actually, we weren’t there on your investigation. We have been after Darrell Perry for a long time now.
4.08 PH.avi_001843843
[Oh Lee. who would actually by that?!]
Mrs. Frampton:
Fourteen years. Except – that the Justice Department and the FBI suspended him from their active list in – ’81.
4.08 PH.avi_001855055
[I think she’s having too much fun!]
They did? Let me see that.
[lol Lee plays up to his Scarecrow code name!]4.08 PH.avi_001859259
Amanda: It’s alright, Lee. Mrs. Frampton, I went to talk to Mr. Perry unofficially because I thought he could clear me. I take full responsibility.
4.08 PH.avi_001860860
Lee: More precisely, I ordered Mrs. King to accompany me as a backup. I take responsibility.
4.08 PH.avi_001873473
[Awhhhh these two!! each falling on their sword to protect the other!! They are both gonna get slayed – quick Billy do something!!]
Billy: Hold it, people. I take responsibility around here, remember? Now, what started out to be just an internal Agency review has turned into a murder investigation. That makes it Agency business. We’ll keep you fully informed, Ms Frampton. Fully.
4.08 PH.avi_001886686
Mrs. Frampton: All for one? Well, that’s normal…
4.08 PH.avi_001887687
…I do admit that there’s a hidden agenda behind all this, which makes the case against Mrs. King even more disturbing. 4.08 PH.avi_001898298
…You’re on the spot. I’m not unsympathetic but don’t step on my tail again. Do you understand me?..
4.08 PH.avi_001901301
…I’m trying to help you, Amanda. Just don’t trip me up.
4.08 PH.avi_001908708
[yeahhhh I don’t think the ‘I’m trying to help you’ approach is really going to hold at this point!]
(Frampton makes her exit. Billy really doesn’t pay her much mind lol. He moves right now!)
Billy: All right. What do we have?
4.08 PH.avi_001915115
Lee: That newspaper was no mistake. It was a plant.
[well derr. Ahem. Sorry.]
Billy: Why? [really?! whahahhhaaaaa]
Lee: To suspend her. To distract us. She is onto something and she doesn’t even know it.
[hoorah. Why, Scarecrow has figured it out!]
Billy: That means that someone would have to know that you were up for review. Who might that be?
Statik Aerospace is the only thing I’m working on, sir. It’s a class assignment. 4.08 PF.avi_001928261
[LOL that certainly narrows things down nicely!]
Billy looks up Statik Aerospace on his trusty suddenly up and running computer..
[which lol explains why he suddenly had a computer on his desk!]
(The screen reads:)
4.08 PF.avi_001935669
They have contracts to monitor a number of spy satellites. They’re also building the HK-86.
4.08 PF.avi_001939873[Whoooooaaaa not the HK 86!!!! really??!!]
Amanda: Yes, sir. The first space weapon of the 21st century. It’s a hunter-killer satellite.
[Ummm is this a reference to the Reagan Star Wars project?]
Lee: She has stuck her finger into somebody’s pie over at Statik Aerospace and they have started a smear campaign to get her out of the way.4.08 PF.avi_001949883
[Lee’s excited. too cute]
Billy: Alright. You find out who “they” are. If they’re inside the hunter-killer space project, we’ve got big trouble. Do it.
4.08 PF.avi_001957090
[I so want to hear Billy say – hunt them and kill them!!!! but errr that isn’t really Billy’s style.]
Amanda: Yes, sir.
(Lee and Amanda leave his office.)

Next thing we see is Williamson’s office back at Statik Aerospace. Yep, time for anoooother phone call.
Williamson: This is Jake. It’s set for tonight. I’ll need about four hours of overtime.
4.08 PF.avi_001971705
Janitor No. 1: So what about the woman from the Agency? You should have put her out of her misery.
4.08 PF.avi_001974708[looks like Mr Bored baddie is the one who needs to be put out of his misery]
Williamson: Did you ever hear the expression “setting the cat amidst the pigeons?” Well, you kill an agent, the roof falls in. This way they’re more confused than ever…
[Ugh.. yep we have one of those I’m too clever for my own good baddies happening here.]
…What are they going to do in the next 24 hours?
[lol. way too confident in his smug genius to worry about saying this phrase out loud – totally tempting fate haaaaa.. famous last words!]
Janitor: I’m going to leave the strategy to you. We’re ready at this end.
4.08 PF.avi_001989723
[in other words, spare me the bragging about your awesome plan haa]
Williamson: Well, we’ll wrap it up tomorrow and be on our way. 4.08 PF.avi_001991925
So what do you all think of this baddie? He has a great glare, but I find it pretty boring.. oh wait, no wonder this baddie just keeps looking bored.

Moving on and we see Lee trying to catch up with Beaman.
Lee: Ephraim, I want the Statik Aerospace files. Come on.
Beaman: That’s just busywork for your protégée. Why? 4.08 PF.avi_002009776
[I kind of like the vibe between these two. Others may not see it the way I do (and that’s cool!) but for me, there’s animosity. Beaman doesn’t want to make things easy for Lee. I can’t remember what episode I originally thought this in.. but I have a theory that Beaman wants to be Lee Stetson and thus he finds him irritating! lol.]
Lee: Because that busywork just turned into a full-scale flap.
[I like to complain when characters sit around talking, or talk on the phone a lot.. but this walking and talking makes it tough to get a clear image! I’m so hard to please lol]
Beaman: Fine. I still need an E15 requisition, filled out in triplicate and signed by our superior. She’s suspended, you recall?
4.08 PF.avi_002016383
[Love the body language on Lee. Ahhh you you.. Pencil Pusher!!!
Time for Lee to pull out the big guns! Lee’s done playin!]
Thursday, 10:15 p.m., you and Roxanne from Accounting in the copier room,..
4.08 PF.avi_002020787
the lights off, your tie off, and your shoes off.

[…. and Beaman – getting off! rofl. The delivery here is flippin hilarious!]
4.08 PF.avi_002025592
(Beaman looks around to check no one else is listening.) [Ahem, he probably should have done that last Thursday night ha! Again, smk does the smut in such a cute way! His shoes and tie were off?! ohhhhh wink wink. Lee’s delivery is hilarious!!] 4.08 PF.avi_002030196
Beaman: Tell you what. I’m going down the hall to get a cup of noodle soup out of the vending machine.
Lee: Mm.
4.08 PF.avi_002035802
Beaman: My office is unlocked. 4.08 PF.avi_002038605
[Hmm I think Lee enjoyed this. Don’t mess with him if it’s hurting Amanda!!!!]

Back to Lee’s apartment.
[Well my my my… His tie is off.. his shoes are off.. Ahem.]
Lee’s on the phone with Billy (yep anoooother phone call!) 4.08 PF.avi_002052619
[Look out people. The Work Health & Safety folks are on their way to give Amanda a talking to! I mean.. look at those wrists!!! gah!!! Isn’t it funny to see how big the hard drive is haaaa.. ]
Lee: Okay, Billy. It was worth a try. Yeah, I’ll talk to you later. Bye…
(He hangs up)
 Your security guy Tanner did a top-to-bottom at Statik Aerospace. [‘your security guy Tanner’? I thought he was Lee’s security guy from the first review. lol. I guess Sam is Tanner. He wasn’t actually named in the previous scene. Whatever. The Jerk was the guy who Lee was saying to trust back in the restaurant.]
Amanda: Uh-huh.
Lee: Tight as a drum and nothing missing. (Lee walks over to sit on the couch.)
[okay okay he is still wearing his shoes! I checked haaaa- I check the important stuff okay! I’m silly and I know it. ]
(Lee watches Amanda for a moment.)
4.08 PF.avi_002067434
[Oh my. The way he looks at her is so adoring and lovely!]
(Then he leans behind her to embrace her.
Amanda holds his hand and gives his hand a sweet kiss,
4.08 PF.avi_002071838
So he follows up with a neck kiss and cuddle.)
4.08 PF.avi_002073640
[Still, she keeps her eyes on the computer. My goodness she is a strong woman!]
(Amanda starts to stretch her neck, and Lee gives her shoulder a squeeze)
4.08 PF.avi_002075842
Amanda: Hm. Tsk. Mm.
(Lee starts massaging her shoulders)

Lee: You are tight.
[Told ya the work health and safety people would be interested! lol]
Yeah, I – uh. 4.08 PF.avi_002079245
Lee: You know, in some circles I have what are referred to as “magic fingers.” 4.08 PF.avi_002083850
[Oh. My. Gosh. Did he just say??? Yeah he just said that!!!!! tee hee. Would have been a great code name Lee.]
Lee: In fact, the same neck rub once prompted a member of a particular royal family into making me an indelicate offer.
4.08 PF.avi_002086453
[Oh boy, Leeeeeee!! No wonder Amanda isn’t nosey about your history haaaa. I kinda love that Amanda keeps her eyes on the computer. And this is her light bulb moment. tee hee.. guess those fingers really are magic!]
(We see realization dawn on Amanda’s face)
4.08 PF.avi_002090790
Amanda: Look at this. 4.08 PF.avi_002092192
(Amanda points at the computer screen)4.08 PF.avi_002094194
Lee: What?
Amanda: I think I see a pattern here. Alright. We have a dead security guard, a lot of floor wax and janitors, right?
4.08 PF.avi_002103803
Lee: Uh-huh.
Amanda: Now, the security guard was killed with a piece of equipment that janitors use to wax floors. He was electrocuted, right?
Lee: Mm-hm.
Amanda: Okay. Plant maintenance. You determine your plant maintenance by the number of men who work plus the hours that they work.
Lee: Ah, we’re back to the floor wax.
Amanda: That explains this.
4.08 PF.avi_002124024
Lee: Okay… 4.08 PF.avi_002124624
…Grime Busters is billing Statik Aerospace for 57 janitors. Statik personnel has been carrying 60 for the past 3 months. 4.08 PF.avi_002135835
Amanda: So you’ve got three extra men, and I don’t know what they’re doing, but I don’t think they’re waxing floors. [waxing lyrical perhaps. On the telephone!] 4.08 PF.avi_002140440[I reckon I need someone to explain this to me, I must be missing something here! I get that they are showing the difference between the 60 and the 57. But, isn’t grime busters and janitors the same thing? Why two different entries?
Seems to me billing 60 grime busters and then 57 janitors is doubling up for 57 janitors? Aie..  Plus the table talks about units not people. if this were legit this table is saying grime busters workers were paid $9.50 an hour and in total worked 60 hours. Or is that 60 workers who worked 1 hour? haaaa.. I have no idea.
I’ll do what I always do.Eventually:  Amanda is clever. I’ll go with whatever Amanda said. Three extra men. Got it!

It’s funny, we actually only saw two men working for grime busters who were baddies. Williamson isn’t going to bill for himself too is he?! greedy so and so. He probably is! Aie, my head hurts.

What am I doing worrying about 60 vs. 57. Lee and Amanda are sharing some sweet sweet lovin. Mr Magic Fingers is recounting indelicate offers! Me like. more of that please.]

Well, I better pause here and try to recover.. maths and magic fingers are a lot to take in at once. Clearly I’m not as strong as Amanda! Any thoughts? comments? insights?

18 responses to “6/7 Season Four Episode Eight: Photo Finish -Scarecrow & Mrs King

  1. Re the shoes: Canadian here. This seems to be an American thing where they wear their shoes in their homes pretty much the whole time until they change into pyjamas. I remember noticing it when we had friends from the US and we’d visit them or they’d visit us.


  2. Oh the lovey scene on the couch! From her kissing his hand to him nuzzling and kissing her neck, this scene is just the sweetest!!! They look so comfortable and natural together.


  3. JWWM FRIENDS!!!! I HAVE MISSED YOU!!! Life has been nutso and will continue to be for awhile…guess each of us has had some seasons like this, and especially moreso during a global pandemic. Anyway, I had two minutes this morning and thought I’d say hello! So, hello! 👋

    Also, I love what mommynificent said about scenes like this shaping romance for her – soooooooooo on board with that. Same thing here, mommynificent. And slowing down Lee and Amanda’s journey through the lens of JWWM makes moments like these even more beautiful. And I’m with everyone else- how in the world Amanda stayed focused on that computer is beyond me!!!

    Also, my 12-year old son has started a re-watch of the series with me a few weeks ago, and it has been awesome to experience the series fresh with him. We are watching in revised episode orders, which we all know I love, and are halfway through Season 2. I hope to go back and throw in some comments and observations on previous episodes as we go when I can as life allows.

    Anyhoo, I hope you’re all doing well, and hope to be back more often sooner than later. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Amandarambler!!!! So great to see you could stop by and say hi!
      Here’s hoping SMK can be a soothing balm for you during these challenging times!
      The blog is staying away from specific coronavirus talk, if you wish to talk about coronavirus there is a thread at Nedlindger’s (not open to public): https://justwalkwithme.com/2020/03/14/covid-19/

      Oh my goodness. I would LOVE to hear what a 12 year old boy thinks of early Lee Stetson!!! haaaaa..
      come back when you can- you are always welcome!


    • So wonderful you get to watch this fresh with your son, I started watching with my daughters a few years ago, and they lost interest. 😦


  4. The lightbulbs seem inexpensive – definitely not the fancy chandelier exploding kind, I guess.

    Amateurs … that eyepatch can’t compare to Sallee in lightbulbs and creepiness!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. colorfulangel

    I prefer to mute this romance scene. Trying to whoooo a woman by letting her know that other women have found him appealing is a big turn-off for me. He can take his magic fingers and go bake a cake,

    Liked by 3 people

    • rofl you know, you’re right! haaaaa.. why didn’t it bug me?
      Hmm I guess because I didn’t think he was into it. He got made an offer and likes to know ‘He’s still got it’! haaaa.. but it doesn’t mean he accepted. If he was talking about his ex, that would be another story for me! you know?
      Looking at his lines it’s interesting, there’s nothing to say what gender the member of royalty was that made the offer either! I wonder if that was deliberate… [heck, maybe it was the queen mother who made the offer haaaaa]


    • Vasugi Vasugi



  6. [I kind of like the vibe between these two. Others may not see it the way I do (and that’s cool!) but for me, there’s animosity. Beaman doesn’t want to make things easy for Lee. I can’t remember what episode I originally thought this in.. but I have a theory that Beaman wants to be Lee Stetson and thus he finds him irritating! lol.]

    Beaman’s first of seven appearances was in Tail of the Dancing Weasel. What I suspect you’re thinking of, iwsod, is in The Boy Who Would Be King. Lee was out on a case all night and has makeup on his face, he had broken Beaman’s undercover contraption and Lee told Beaman unbutton his shirt to retrieve it. All in all, Lee was quite dismissive towards Beaman. (Later, Amanda cleaned Lee’s clock for forgetting to drive her somewhere!)


  7. This scene. I love it so much, and it makes no sense whatsoever to me. 🤣🤣 This is one of the few scenes I vividly remember from watching it as a kid, and this scene pretty much is the epitome of a romantic evening that shaped my views on what romance is throughout my teens and twenties. No pressure, smk! 🤣 How she stayed focused on that computer, I’ll never know!

    But seriously, I don’t understand how any of this has to do with them buying too much floor wax, and what kind of criminals work for janitor pay? I really don’t get it, but whatever.

    Liked by 2 people

    • what kind of criminals work for janitor pay?

      As I see it, they’re expecting a big cash payoff for helping Jake steal then sell the top secret Statik Aerospace satellite weapon.

      Liked by 1 person

    • whoa… I can only imagine these scenes would be very special if you watched this as a young woman. I didn’t experience that as I only saw some random season 1 episodes and that fast food one. lol.

      How she stayed focused on that computer, I’ll never know!

      I know right?! She’s sooo professional! tee hee.

      But seriously, I don’t understand how any of this has to do with them buying too much floor wax, and what kind of criminals work for janitor pay? I really don’t get it, but whatever.

      I think maybe just looking at a part of the ep once a week would contribute to this confusion, sorry about that!

      I may be mistaken, but here’s my take on what we know so far- the grimebusters are being given access to a high security area under false pretenses to do excessive cleaning and waxing of the floors…
      In post 4 one baddie said about a top secret part ” We’ll have it photographed and back in a clean bin before they can miss it”
      So we know they are smuggling the parts out, taking pictures and then putting them back. But exactly how – we don’t see till the next post.

      I’m assuming the janitor pay is a bonus – and their real wages will come from that photography they were doing : the selling of top secret information about the HK satellite.
      These baddies are not the I live for clean floors variety, they are the give me loads of cash type! haaaaaaa..


  8. Grimebusters is the subcontra tor who provides the janitors. They bill for 57 employees but Jake/Patch has 60 on his books with Security because that’s how he smuggles the extra three guys into the building to steal stuff. Since he is the guy who is the accounts middleman, no one noticed the discrepancy until Amanda compared the two lists.

    Liked by 3 people

    • I think this happens every time I focus on this part of this episode.
      Thanks for responding clagjanet!
      I get what you are saying, that makes sense, but I can’t see how that display actually demonstrates that.
      [putting aside that there were 2 grimebusters rather than 3]
      I figure we weren’t supposed to really read it – just see the grimebusters 60 and janitors 57 and mentally go – ‘ohhhh difference! yeah that’s dodgy.’

      Ultimately, I tell myself: don’t worry about it… Lee is Mr Magic Fingers and Amanda’s fortitude in being able to crack the case while those magic fingers do their….. Magic! This is gold smk so I’m better off letting it go!

      Liked by 2 people

      • Yeah, the display totally doesn’t say that. Boo to the props guys. Also, I like that their purchasing department had lightbulbs and janitors on the same page. The lightbulbs seem inexpensive – definitely not the fancy chandelier exploding kind, I guess.

        Liked by 2 people

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