6/7 Season Four Episode Twelve: Any Number Can Play -Scarecrow & Mrs King

On to Amanda’s house… and we find Harry, Dotty and Amanda are meeting with Billy.
Dotty: Mr Melrose, Harry is not going to agree to anything without a full explanation. Now, if we have to, we will bring in a lawyer. We could bring in Joe.
Amanda: Mother.ANCP.avi_001913380
Dotty: Amanda, we are talking about Harry’s life…

(to Billy) …
All right, now what do you mean you’ll handle things?ANCP.avi_001915181
[Aie. Check out the body language here! I think it’s no accident Dotty’s outfit seems military inspired! Dotty certainly knows how to command a room. She is in total take charge mode here. On the one hand understandable, she’s anxious. But on the other hand. I do wish she’d just shut it!]
Billy: We’ll conduct an investigation. Harry will have to be thoroughly interviewed. It’ll take… some time.
Dotty: How long will it take, and where is he going to stay?
Harry: Dotty.
Dotty (over Harry): –And who is going to be protecting Harry? Hah. (Billy scratches his ear.)ANCP.avi_001925392
[Dotty keeps firing away with the questions without waiting for an answer. Aie!]
(Amanda reacts to Billy)ANCP.avi_001926593
Dotty (to Harry): I’ve had experience with these people. And I, ah-ANCP.avi_001926893
[Aie. talk about a little knowledge being dangerous!]
Harry (over Dotty):
(He looks at her and takes her hand.) …Please, let the man talk.ANCP.avi_001931664
[Oh hallelujah.]
Dotty (smiles at Harry):
Of course, Harry.
[lol Dotty literally melts!]
Harry (to Billy): Now, will I be charged for the gambling?
Billy: Probably not, but at this point I’d say that’s the least of your worries.
Harry: Agreed. And I’ll certainly do everything I can to co-operate.
Billy: Good. We’d like to get this done right away. So I’ve got a car outside waiting…
Harry: Could I just have a minute with Dotty?
Billy: Sure, of course.

(Harry and Dotty walk out, holding hands.)
Amanda (gets up and walks up to Billy and says quietly):
Thank you for helping my mother, sir.ANCP.avi_001959592
(smiling): My pleasure, Amanda.ANCP.avi_001962295
[phew, listen to that super sentimental music kicking in!!! feels are happening peeps!!!]

(Amanda smiles slightly and walks off as Dotty and Harry walk back into the room with their arms around each other.ANCP.avi_001968902
Harry: I’m ready.
(Dotty and Harry kiss briefly as Amanda watches and Billy walks towards the front door. Harry joins him.
Dotty looks up at the ceiling, looking dreamy, then sighs.)ANCP.avi_001974908
Amanda: Mother, you all right?
Dotty (dazedly):
Harry said the sweetest thing to me.ANCP.avi_001980013
Amanda: Aww
(smiles). You gonna tell me what it is?ANCP.avi_001981815
Dotty (looking at her and sounding more like herself): Of course not.ANCP.avi_001985418
[it’s lovely to see Dotty head over heels and all.. though I still don’t get what she sees in him to be honest! lol. but hey, this looks to be true love for Dotty and Harry huh. Guess we’ll be seeing him lots in future episdodes huh?!!!! Ahem. Well. we shall see!
And cheeky Amanda! Too right Dotty shouldn’t kiss and tell! haaa!!!]

Moving on to the Kenley Club. [LOL which is the ‘911 building’?  ANCP.avi_001986319
It’s screaming- hey all here’s the number to call because we are doing super dodgy things in this building?!]
{Inside, people are milling around, talking. Soft music is playing. A red-haired woman carries a phone towards Trent.}
[rofl. check out how long the telephone cord is! someone could trip on that thing!]
Woman: Call for you, Mr Trent.
[aka the squeeze. sorry I just can’t forget that one it’s hilarious!]
Trent: Thanks… (into the phone, with a cigar hanging out of his mouth) Yeah?
Harry: This is Van Hagen.
Trent: So, you’re finally giving up your alter ego, huh?
(who is in a public phone box): Oh, what’s the use? You’ve got me between a rock and a hard place. If word gets out I’m in debt, my business will go belly up faster than you can say Chapter 11… [oh I don’t know, with that jacket nothing will stick, it will all just slide right off!] … Meet me at the bridge in Rock Creek Park in half an hour and you’ll get what you want.
Trent: OK.
(Harry puts the phone down on Trent and exits the phone box. We see Billy standing outside, smiling and nodding.)
Billy: Good work, Harry.
The scene ends.
[So far Harry seems to be able to follow instructions well.]

We move on to a park… Trent shows up, Harry shows up and starts heading toward Trent. But before he gets too close, he’s intercepted by a few car loads full of men in suits.
[According to Sara’s transcript there are agents here named Bieber (!), O’Neil and Anderson. Have we had reference to them before? sorry I digress..]
Looks like neither Harry nor Trent were expecting this.
Trent (aka the squeeze haaaa) tries to rush away as he hears Harry (aka Van Hagen not) being read his rights. whooooooo

Agent 3: Mr Van Hagen, you are under arrest for conspiracy to commit treason.ANCP.avi_002078211

Trent keeps walking further away from them, he makes it behind the trees unseen.. Then, Lee comes running up to him.
Lee (to Trent): Hey. Wait, wait, hold it, hold it. Come on, follow me. I’m with Van Hagen…
[Haaa looks like Lee is trying to point a finger gun at Trent below!] ANCP.avi_002094427 …Come on. I mean, they’ll have your car covered but they haven’t seen you yet. Come on. (Lee starts walking away from the direction of the agents, gesturing to Trent to follow him.)
[-Ah! so this was a set up- cool! What a sucker!!!! Trent bought it! Squeezing the squeeze!!]

As Lee and Trent have run off, Billy makes an appearance to yet again reinforce for Harry that he is a good boy. Yes he is. ANCP.avi_002105538
Billy: You did just fine, Harry.
Harry: I appreciate your help in getting me out of this mess, but I still don’t know what’s going on.
Billy: Sorry. That’s the way it has to be.ANCP.avi_002112912
[Yeah Harry, you really don’t want to know! And.. it’s kinda cool that Lee is of use here as part of the set up, but Harry doesn’t see it and doesn’t know!]

We cut back to Lee leading Trent to a car hidden away- Amanda is there waiting..
Amanda: Did they see you?
Lee: No.
(To Trent)
Come on, let’s get out of here…
[uh oh Trent pulls a gun on them. okay, he’s an armed sucker!]
Fine. She’ll do the driving and you’ll do the talking.. I want some answers. ANCP.avi_002127761(Amanda and Lee exchange rather concerned looks.)ANCP.avi_002129262
[Uh oh. What have Lee and Amanda gotten themselves into?!
okay I think surely they anticipated that he would be armed and push back. Whatev. Let’s see how it plays out! If you had doubts I remember none of this I guess this kinda proves it lol.]

New scene: In the park. Trent, Amanda and Lee are in the car.
Lee: Now, those are federal agents back there.
Trent: I picked up on that. The question is – who are you?
Amanda: We worked for Van Hagen.
Trent: Then why weren’t you helping him back there?
Lee: Because we’re helping ourselves, Mr Trent. Or is it, uh, Trenton Miller today? Or Miles “the Squeeze”?
ANCP.avi_002147614[whoa. Lee is all tough guy here and I just cackle at the nickname! Is that Miles of squeeze?!]
Amanda: Do you still have that extortion charge hanging over your head up in New Jersey?
Lee: Then there’s your latest, Senator Castleton. Huh. I bet he’s a lousy poker player.
Trent: What do you want?
Amanda: We just wanna do business.
Lee: Yeah, for the past couple of years, we’ve been helping Van Hagen sell bits and pieces of information about CIA operations.
Amanda: When we found out about the Berlin Shipment, we decided it was our way to make a killing and take an early retirement.
So – we set him up.ANCP.avi_002175241
[Here Amanda starts with her bad girl persona! I was instantly transported back to odds on a dead pigeon! I thought it was the Karen the assassin speaking.. she talked just like her again – and even more suspicious – she kind of looks like her too!!! rofl. Did anyone else notice that she sounds like her?  hmm maybe Kate only has one ‘bad girl’ in her??!!]

Trent: That was your work?
Lee: Yeah. We figure we got about 12 hours before he starts shooting his mouth off about us, and we intend to be in Brazil by then.
Amanda: So if you wanna know about the Berlin Shipment, you gotta deal with us.
Lee : Mm.
Trent: How much?
Lee: Say – half a mill?
Trent: You’re crazy.
(He laughs) I haven’t got that kind of bread.
Lee and Amanda look at each other.
Lee: So – get it.
Whooooooooooo…the plot thickens!

Moving on and Trent calls Eddinger – the baddie with the big bucks.
Eddinger (into the phone): Just how much more?ANCP.avi_002211578
Trent (over the phone): 200 grand. There was an unexpected development.ANCP.avi_002208875
[Trent just looks…so slimey!!! this actor does a great job!
What’s he up to. Lee said half a mill. Does Trent already have 300 grand? maybe that’s it.. ]
Eddinger: You swore to me I’d have the information by last night. Now, don’t you even think about trying to hold me up.
(He slams the phone down on Trent. Trent stares at the phone and slowly puts the phone down. He is in a public phone box on a street. He crosses the road and we see Amanda and Lee waiting by the car on the other side of the road.)
Trent: I can’t raise any more cash.
[So did you understand that exchange as Eddinger agreeing to supply the 200,000? or no? I’m a little confused as he didn’t say no.. this may be Trent the squeeze trying for an extra 200,000 profit? anyone?]ANCP.avi_002231398
Lee (hits the roof of the car): Tough luck, pal. (Amanda and Lee turn around as if to get into the car)
Trent: No, no, no, no, no. I’ve gotta have that information. There must be some kind of deal we can make. (Lee and Amanda turn back and look at each other)
Lee: All right, what have you got, uh, that’s worth dealing for? (Trent gazes at them. Lee and Amanda exchange glances.)
Amanda: Client list.
Trent: My list?
(he laughs).
I can’t… come on, that’s, that’s my meal ticket.ANCP.avi_002253319
(looking tough, her arms crossed): Hey, client list (Lee grins nastily).ANCP.avi_002256623
[What’s going on with the lighting here? Me thinks Lee and Amanda are standing in front of a projector screen for this two shot. lol.]
Trent: Forget it (they look back at him uncompromisingly).
All right, damn it, my list.
Lee: And the 300 grand cash that you’ve got.
[oh haaa that answers that one. so he did already have 300,000. lol why do I actually expect smk to make sense? then again, sometimes it does! 🙂 ]
ANCP.avi_002264130[AH! haaaaa… Wow. So why is Trent going for this deal? I guess Eddinger is paying him the 200,000 so that makes it worth it?? Hmm..]
Trent: OK, but I pick the place for transfer. For all I know, you’re working with the FBI, and I don’t plan to end up in one of their training films.
(Lee laughs, and Amanda puts up both hands in mock horror.)
Trent: The Kenley Club, 6 o’clock. The action’s light and I can keep an eye on things.
Lee: That’s good. That’s good.
(Pointing a finger at Trent.)
Only, we make the exchange so it looks like a legitimate win. Because for all we know, pal, you’re the FBI.ANCP.avi_002281548
Trent: Can you fix it?ANCP.avi_002286653

Lee (to Amanda, with a smile on his face): Can we fix it? (Lee and Amanda laugh unpleasantly.) Yeah. Craps dealer owes us a favour. I think we can fix it. ANCP.avi_002296863
[lol makes me wonder if Francine is gonna be the craps dealer- and yes I honestly have no idea what’s about to happen!]
(Looks at Trent and waves)
Lee waves farewell to Trent. Lee and Amanda watch after him, both leaning against the car.)
Lee (looking at his watch, and talking to Amanda normally):
We got a lot to do before 6 o’clock…
(the shot switches to a wider aerial shot of a street as Lee continues) … And the first thing to do is take over the Kenley Club.

With that – we’re going to pause.
I take great delight in seeing Amanda play her bad girl cover so professionally here. At the same time, I long for the earlier smk days when we watched her fumble and push through her discomfort. it’s not fair of me toward the character though, she couldn’t stay that way forever I guess! I’m sooo hard to please lol. Is there a way I could have had both?! lol.
Anyone really into this plot? Any thoughts you’d like to share?

4 responses to “6/7 Season Four Episode Twelve: Any Number Can Play -Scarecrow & Mrs King

  1. I don’t like Harry’s “leather” jacket (that looks vinyl). Dotty’s charcoal jumpsuit with black belt is an atrocity on her! And their matchy-matchy metal accents fall flat.

    Trent’s chin gets really weird looking when he laughs. Don’t trust him!


  2. I just have to tell the story about a guy I work with who is named John Bieber and had to change and delist his phone number because young girls from all over the world were finding all the “J. Bieber” phone listings in Canada and clling at all hours of the day. 😆


    • Poor J Biebers around the world! It is a bit of a head spin isn’t it!
      I mean, imagine you grew up with the name Sarah Connor. Then this random movie comes out and all of a sudden your super boring name has been taken over and is no longer your own. I can’t imagine what that would be like!!
      [and a big hello to all the people named Amanda King in the world! haaaaaa]


  3. I totally agree. Professional Amanda lost a lot of warmth for me over trainee Amanda and made this show go for me from a Must See to ok. I don’t know whether it was due to health or writing but the show was not what drew me to it in the first place. The romance was a plus, but trainee Amanda was the warmth. I wonder if they chanelled crazy Dotty more to replace trainee Amanda too?

    Liked by 1 person

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