7/7 Season Four: Episode Eleven- Santa’s Got a Brand New Bag–Scarecrow & Mrs King

Time to finish up this episode…
It’s Christmas eve, and we are reminded of all the kids and law abiding chaos happening elsewhere in Titan toys..
Then, we see Falcon approaching his office, gun drawn, ready to kill Lee and Amanda.

{We see Lee and Amanda inside, {{Clagjanet thinks they are trailing a black powder in a line in front of the table,}}SGABNB.avi_002441007
[I’m thinking it’s water being poured, but heck. I don’t know… Either way… ]- they scramble to stand back with the table in between them and door.
Falcon enters carefully as they watch.} SGABNB.avi_002448515
Falcon: Hands please. SGABNB.avi_002453620
[I’m guessing this is not KJ and BB. what do you think?!]
Lee: Well, I guess things are going your way. You deserve a round of applause, huh.
{Amanda nods. They lift their hands and begin clapping. Cut to the toy cat emerging, dragging a wire.
As it crosses the black powder, it explodes with much fire and smoke.SGABNB.avi_002466232 Under cover of the distraction, Lee and Amanda separate and run. Lee does a {{Clagjanet:completely unnecessary}} somersault, [Iwsod thinks it was completely necessary! whoo hoo!!] … then springs up to grab Falcon through the smoke. They wrestle, the gun fires. Lee grabs some of those loose wires from the toys and ties Falcon’s hands behind his back}
[not looking so smug now are ya Falcon! I love that his last line is ‘Owww’! Hey, so did we ever figure out what Lee needed the doll’s dress for?!]

(Next thing, we hear the quirky Christmas music kick in. Time for some less serious Lee and Amanda hijinks! Santa Lee and Amanda Claus bust in on the engineers.) SGABNB.avi_002502268
Lee: (sotto to Amanda) They’re loading all the data- SGABNB.avi_002507073
{He stops as she pulls his beard down so she can hear what he’s saying.}
I love lucy _ smks dedication
[I think it’s an I Love Lucy tribute!]SGABNB.avi_002510377
Lee: They’re loading all the data on the mainframe onto mag cores for the trip East.
Amanda: No prototon?
Lee: Prototype.
Amanda: (wincing) I knew that.
[what do you think of this gag peeps?]

Lee: It’s all electronic. You ready? SGABNB.avi_002518184
{Amanda nods.}
Amanda: Merry Christmas! SGABNB.avi_002522989
{All heads swivel to look at them.}
[Such an image this moment.. bet it was in all the advertising for this ep!]
Lee: Stay in your seats. Federal agents. We’re here to confiscate this materials.
Engineer #1: You two get around. SGABNB.avi_002526593
[Yeah bit weird, one minute they are Titan Security and the next they are Santa /Mrs Claus and federal agents. They sure do get around! this guy really is a genius haaa]
{Behind Lee and Amanda, Ingle has entered and is taking aim with his silenced handgun through the window to the computer room. At this angle, Lee and Amanda have their backs to Ingle, but the Engineer sees him. They react to his look and all three duck for cover as Ingle opens fire, shattering the window glass.

They are crouched behind cabinets. Inge fires again, narrowly missing Lee who fires back as Ingle runs.} SGABNB.avi_002539506
[Santa is packin heat!! I guess that’s Falcon’s gun… it is pretty hilarious to see Santa in a shootout. Only in SMK! ]
Lee: Alright, I’m going to go get him. Call Billy for backup.
Amanda: Yeah.
{She races for phone as Lee runs off.}

(Back to the nativity scene event.. Ingle Kringle bursts in and runs across the room hiding behind the nativity stable.
Santa Lee enters gun drawn and is swamped by kiddies. LOL guess he put the gun away for a bit.. SGABNB.avi_002569235But Ingle Kringle aims at Lee through the stable wall) [with all those people around and in the way? yeah right as if.]  SGABNB.avi_002576142
Lee: (off screen) Ingle! Make it a clean shot. Please, don’t fire into these kids, huh?
[Make it a clean shot??? lol. I mean go martyr Lee with all the not wanting the kids to get hurt but.. I think watching Santa get gunned down is going to be pretty traumatic for the kiddies!] SGABNB.avi_002584851
{As Ingle watches Lee being propelled forward by the kids, a tiny “Mary” walks in front of Ingle and smiles at him. Ingle grimaces and lowers his gun.
SGABNB.avi_002590256[That Mary is a super cutie! Not even Ingle Kringle can resist!]
{Cut to backstage where we see Lee step around a corner, holding a gun on Ingle.}
Lee: Drop it Ingle. (more firmly) Drop it.
{As Ingle drops gun, we hear a woman off screen.}SGABNB.avi_002606172
Woman: Children please. Please take your seat and be quiet.{Lee gestures for Ingle to walk forward, then pushes him ahead of him, still with gun on him off stage.}
Lee: Ho ho ho Merry Christmas, children…do you still believe in Santa Claus?
Kids’ voices: Yeah! SGABNB.avi_002620587
Lee: Tonight… so do I. Let’s go. Raus!
[Ingle Kringle looks so defeated. It’s fabulous. haaaaaa..
Okay I can see Lee knows Ingle Kringle’s name because Falcon said it in front of them before. But… there was no mention of his nationality until he shut the door and mentioned Dresden. Soooo how does Lee know he’s German?!

How did Lee get back his Christmas spirit? He nabbed a bad guy and played the role of BadAss gun toting Santa!!!!!! Oh rofl. So Lee! So SMK! This whole sequence of gun toting Santa made for many a fun SMK Christmas meme!]

Moving on, and… it’s Christmas tag time!!!
{Cut to front doorstep of Amanda’s house. It is snowing and Amanda is carrying an umbrella s they run up to the door.}
: Amanda, I really ought to go see Bernie at the hospital.SGABNB.avi_002638104
Amanda: Are you kidding? It’s freezing out here. Get in the house.

Lee: I can’t.
Amanda: What do you mean you can’t? Yes you can.
Lee: (clearly uncomfortable) Look, after five minutes, they’re all gonna be wondering what I’m doing here.
[Oh my gosh. Lee is so adorable and vulnerable here. I just want to hug him and never let him go!!! his nervous laugh here is so spot on. He’s kinda terrified I think!  Thoughts?]
Amanda: (laughing) They’re not gonna be wondering what you’re doing here! SGABNB.avi_002650550
{Before another protest, Dotty opens the door, wearing an embroidered apron.} SGABNB.avi_002652652
Dotty: Well, it’s about time…
Amanda: Mother, I’m sorry we’re late
Dotty: Oh come on. Come on in.
[Everyone’s talking at the same time.. chaos! too late to escape now Lee!!]
{She pulls them inside.}
Lee: Hi, Mrs. West.
[Mrs West. Hmm do you think this choice of name was a Wizard of Oz reference?]
{Excited chattering, all talking over each other}
Amanda: I have to … (she is closing umbrella)
Dotty: Can you believe this snowstorm? Merry Christmas, Lee.
[yes Dotty. it’s TV, it’s Christmas and there must be snow!]
{Cut to inside the house. Amanda and her mother exchange kisses.} SGABNB.avi_002662162
[Where is Lee’s gorgeous overcoat?! booooo.. and.. he looks in desperate need of a scarf! rofl. I wonder if someone will give him one for Christmas! Haaaaaa!!]
Dotty: Merry Christmas Sweetheart!

Amanda: Merry Christmas! Thanks you Mother. That’s a pretty apron! SGABNB.avi_002665465
Dotty: Aunt Lillian made it, all hand-embroidered. Can you imagine? That’s why she didn’t come down. SGABNB.avi_002667167
Amanda: Really?
[Dotty the tornado, hey we are sticking with the Wizard of Oz references, makes her way into the other room in a flurry of words and activity]
Dotty: Because she was afraid she wouldn’t get it ready for Christmas!!!!
… Lillian, they’re here!!!!! Amanda’s boyfriend is here!!!!!SGABNB.avi_002674174

Amanda: (turns to Lee, quietly). I’m sorry about that.SGABNB.avi_002675175
Lee: (chuckles) Yeah.SGABNB.avi_002676476
[They both look a little shell-shocked. Wha??? why are you sorry for that Amanda?! the yelling? the ‘boyfriend’ thing? Is this maybe because they are not use to their relationship being known by others? I think after Lee giving Dotty flowers the secret is out. tee hee.
I think Lillian lied. rofl. she already had the apron ready to give as a gift, but Dotty was a pain so Lillian needed an excuse to lock herself away! haaaa]SGABNB.avi_002677677

[awh cute, they are holding hands..]
{Cut to Family Room. Dotty heads for the kitchen, Joe is there pouring eggnog.}

Amanda: Hi everybody! Merry Christmas.
Boys: Merry Christmas!
{Boys rush to hug her.}SGABNB.avi_002680480
{Jamie shakes Lee’s hand. While Joe watches on.}SGABNB.avi_002681681
Jamie: Hi Mr. Stetson. Glad you could be here. You should see the gnarly skateboard my grandma got me. SGABNB.avi_002684984
[BB does an amazing job here conveying Lee’s fish out of water feelings, while trying to appear friendly and warm!]
Phillip: Hey Mom, Mom! I made this for you.
{We see a huge wooden shelving unit behind Amanda with a giant festive bow on it.} SGABNB.avi_002687287
[Lee’s jaw gives away his current terror he is feeling at this whoa family thing is finally in the middle of!] SGABNB.avi_002689289
Amanda: Weelll Sweetheart… it’s so… (beat) big.
Phillip: Well, I built the whole thing by myself. Well almost… Dad helped me fix the legs. It kept on falling over. SGABNB.avi_002696496
[so, it’s a mmmm.. a shelving unit for paperwork? a shoe rack maybe?? umm??? whatever it is, it needs to be attached to the wall so it doesn’t topple over!]
Amanda: Awww.
{Joe brings cups of eggnog for Lee and Amanda.}
Joe: Hi Sweetheart. SGABNB.avi_002699799
[Haaaa Clagjanet, I notice your description leaves out how Joe gives Amanda a kiss on the lips here. ugh. quick let’s move on.. someone give me some eggnog!!!]
Amanda: Hi. Merry Christmas.
Joe: (sotto to Amanda) It’s a spice rack… SGABNB.avi_002702302
(Amanda makes a gesture: Ohhhh!!! Like she had no idea. Joe shakes Lee’s hand, and then hands him a drink.)
…Merry Christmas, Lee.
[I guess this is a – you are welcome here dude! even though it’s not Joe’s home, I guess it is welcoming Lee to join his family Christmas celebration. lol I really don’t know what to do this all this tee hee. I keep wondering if Joe spat in the drink. haaa.
But.. then I accept they are actually going for all-round happy vibes, and the look on Amanda’s face here as Lee is welcomed is really lovely! soooo Iwsod is going to try and go with it!
Bah Humbug. Haaaa]
Lee: Thanks Joe. You too.
Joe: Thank you SGABNB.avi_002705805
: Oh Mom, it can hold 213 spices.
Amanda: Well then, we’ll never run out of room for spices! {Lee is distracted by Jamie over by the tree, who we approaching with a present.}
Jamie: Here you go, Mr. Stetson. It’s a scarf. SGABNB.avi_002713213
{Lee’s jaw drops. Amanda is grinning in the background.}
[Oh my gosh! I had forgotten that Jamie gives him a scarf! well Jamie, he was actually needing one! great work haaaa. I love how he doesn’t even let Lee open it before he spills!]
Dotty: No, no, no, Sweetheart we’re not gonna open presents yet. Honey, I kept it warm, I make no promises. (She hands Amanda two heaping plates of food.)SGABNB.avi_002716516 {As she chatters, Jamie takes the present back out of Lee’s hands and puts it back under the tree. SGABNB.avi_002716816
Lee still looks like he doesn’t know what happened.}
[I love how Lee has a little chuckle to himself at what just happened! A scarf!! haaaa!!!
Oh my gosh! this is such a tiny little moment but it really cracks me up!!!!! BB is so funny here!!]
Amanda: Thank you. Oh it looks delicious! Here Lee.
Joe: Jamie! Let’s get some wood for the fire.
Dotty: Now you just sit here and eat. I’m gonna go get Lillian.
Amanda: All right.
{Lee crosses to join Amanda on the sofa, plates of food in front of them on the coffee table. They are alone now.} SGABNB.avi_002727027
[I guess they are late and the others have already eaten and that’s why they are eating on the couch like that?]
Lee: Oh well, look at this.

Amanda: Yeah
[Cue the Christmas-y music, and sentimental chimes!!!!] SGABNB.avi_002731431
Lee: I see what you mean…Christmases here in the King house are pretty special. SGABNB.avi_002736236
[gah!!! it’s dimples time! Merry Christmas everyone!!]
Amanda: (leans in to wrap an arm around him, laughing) Your present’s in the Q Bureau.
Lee: Oh, well… Mine for you is , well, it’s at the apartment… SGABNB.avi_002742542
[hooo haaaa. is that a euphemism?! haaaa. Family show Iwsod! family show!!] SGABNB.avi_002743343
….(beat) But guess what?
Amanda: What?
Lee: (embracing her) I got my present already.SGABNB.avi_002748782
[And he unwrapped it already! Oh bad Iwsod bad bad. Family show!!! FAMILY SHOW!!!!! ]
Amanda: Merry Christmas. SGABNB.avi_002750417
Lee: Yeah. SGABNB.avi_002751184{They kiss and smile at each other.}

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The episode ends here.. I’m gonna leave things on this super romantic feel good note. swoon emoticon

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this ep when you can get here and share- I know holidays are a busy time… No hurry though, as I’ll be taking a break for at least a month. 

I’ll aim to start walking through Promises to Keep at the start of February, but I’ll confirm closer to the date how I go.. maybe a March start! but I’ll try not to leave it for too long – now there is a promise to keep right?!
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year all!!!

13 responses to “7/7 Season Four: Episode Eleven- Santa’s Got a Brand New Bag–Scarecrow & Mrs King

  1. Lee still trying to escape ON THE DOORSTEP is for me the biggest eyeroll of all, but I shall leave that one because hey, it’s Christmas and we should all get along.

    There’s an idea I’ve been waiting to bring up, and sadly only realized it after we had all pitched ideas for episode order, but here goes. What if, along with putting Any number Can Play back before Christmas where it logically belonged with him him meeting the family, what if we moved “The Man Who Died Twice” after this episode? The entire Lee being way over excited to get married and be one big happy family during that episode works so much better if he’s actually MET the family, been welcomed in and acknowledged by everyone (even Joe!) as a part of Amanda’s life, and just generally had a lovely time when he was expecting it to be uncomfortable. Suddenly his enthusiasm (while still wildly over the the top) is at least understandable, and the plummet to realizing the dangers is so much more painful. I’ve always maintained that the sadness in Amanda’s “I know” when he is is telling her “that could be Phillip and Jamie” is there because she has known this for some time and now she is getting to watch his grief at realizing it too.

    Sorry, that turned out to kind of a downer comment so I shall finish up with my glee every time at how Lee and Jamie are in direct competition for who is most uncomfortable and making terrible conversation. Mr. Suave Spy barely says a word for the entire scene and Jamie, who we know is smart and witty from other scenes, is reduced to “here is your present and I am accidentally going to blurt out what it is.” Two peas is a pod. 😆

    Liked by 1 person

    • I do absolutely agree with you regarding episode order.
      The Man Who Died Twice hadn’t been on TV in Germany. I first watched it when I got the all 4 seasons on DVD. To me the airing felt wrong with Lee making all this future plans without having even met Philip/Jamie at that time at all.


    • Definitely agree with you on the episode order. Just like all other seasons,we’d have to reorder the episodes if we want to get a better flow of their relationship.


    • This is a hard one for me to opine on. I don’t like to use the word “hate,” but “The Man Who Died Twice” is easily my least-favorite episode of the whole series. I honestly find it so difficult to watch that I have given myself permission to skip over it from now on. It isn’t just the mystery marriage decision, which I find incomprehensible. The whole episode is just “off.” Even my boys agreed with me that Amanda seemed to have had a “personality transplant” in that episode, to the point where it was jarring. Perhaps it would be less jarring after The Long Christmas Eve. I don’t know. Maybe someday when I am in a dark mood, I will go back and write some comments on that episode to explain my thoughts in more detail. In any event, I am now trying to make peace with Amanda’s changing personality in Season 4 by chalking it up to post-traumatic stress from being kidnapped and tortured in Night Crawler.

      Overall, I think you are probably right that it would better for The Man Who Died Twice to come after The Long Christmas Eve. The main downside I can see is that without the “mystery marriage” decision, there would be no explanation for why Amanda and Lee are keeping their engagement a secret and are moving so slowly with Lee getting to know the family. But this already drives me crazy, because there are two episodes between Night Crawler and The Man Who Died Twice that leave the question open anyway, and the rationale that they settle on makes no sense to me, no matter when it happens. None.

      I guess the only other downside I can think of is that I would think that after getting to know Phillip, Jamie and Dotty, Lee would never have suggested something so asinine as moving this family of life-long Virginians to a distant suburb in Maryland (Rockville). Seriously, as a brand-new stepfather, you want to move the boys out of their school system, far away from all their friends, and away from Dotty’s friends as well (not to mention an hour away from your office during rush hour)? Lee would have to be totally clueless to come up with such a bad idea, IMO. Of course, the whole Rockville suggestion was probably just laziness on the part of the writers, but this kind of inattention to detail really drives me crazy, and is just one more reason I dislike that episode so very much.


  2. The part where Lee and Amanda make the toys into a booby trap is so corny! When Lee and Amanda start applauding and the toy cat moves soooo slowwwwly… I keep thinking, why doesn’t Falcon just shoot them? Well, fortunately he was too stupid to do that.

    But that next scene… The part where Lee realizes that the children won’t move away from him and he implores Ingle to “make it a clean shot” is really quite sobering. When I watched the episode on DVD, it was hard to let the gravity of it sink in because of the silly costumes and cheering children, but reading about it here made me go back to re-watch, and wow.

    Just think, for a good chunk of this episode, people (especially Billy) treated Lee as if he was just using Bernie’s situation as a pretext for getting out of Christmas stuff. While that was certainly a “convenient coincidence” for Lee, I think his concern was genuine from the get-go. By the end of the episode, Lee has come within five seconds of being blown up by dynamite, and now he is offering to give up his life so that no child is killed or maimed by an errant bullet. Can you imagine how terrible everyone would have felt if he was shot here? When you look beyond the Santa costumes, this scene is very chilling!


  3. Lee’s incredible nervousness and vulnerability as they walk up to the house really pulls at my heartstrings. He seems downright terrified to enter Amanda’s family celebration. I love Dotty’s warmly greeting Lee with “Lee, Merry Christmas, darling.” She is so wonderful. I love that no one makes any negative comments about Amanda and Lee’s late arrival. No one seems bothered by it at all, they are just happy they are here now. It is lovely.

    I’m kind of appalled that Lee is still addressing Dotty as “Mrs. West,” and that Jamie called him “Mr. Stetson.” It suggests that the family hasn’t seen much, if any, of Lee since “Any Number Can Play.” And who knows how long ago that was supposed to be (assuming we are correct that ANCP is supposed to occur before this episode). We know it was warm enough during Any Number Can Play to hang out on the patio and be outdoors without coats, and now there is a snowstorm. Maybe ANCP took place during a freak December heat wave. Or maybe Amanda and Lee are moving VERY slowly with the Lee-getting-to-know-the-family project. Or maybe I care way too much about these kinds of details, LOL.

    In any event… I do wish that Amanda and Lee had made an effort to get Lee better-acquainted with the boys BEFORE putting Lee in the middle of a family celebration that includes Joe. The fact that the boys aren’t yet comfortable enough to call Lee by his first name (as they did with Dean) just does more to emphasize that Lee is still very much an outsider in Amanda’s family setting – in contrast to Joe, who certainly seems to have made himself at home here. I hope that after spending some quality Christmas time with Dotty and the boys, Lee will have more of a feeling of “belonging” with Amanda’s family.


  4. That was a really bad Lee double….ewwwww. Maybe they had to reshoot and put in the doubles. Any breathing body would do, but that haircut is wretched.

    I like the porch scene and glad they are saved by Dottie.

    No, Lee hasn’t unwrapped his gift yet. Not in my book.

    IWSOD Thanks for reviving the blog. This is so much fun. Your promise reminds me….

    The wood are lovely, dark, and deep,
    But I have promises to keep,
    And miles to go before I sleep,
    And miles to go before I sleep.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Not really knowing how to jump into all of this but reading this episode seems to be a good time to start .

    I‘ve been reading/following JWWM since somewhere in 2016. There was re-run of SMK on German TV that started in August 2015. It had been a good 15 years since I last watched SMK back than. On the 26.12.2015 there were two Christmas episodes announced in my TV magazine which I found stranged as I didn‘t remember more than one in the first season. The general airing was right for TLCE which was the first broadcasted episode that day. Imagine how strange it was to watch SGABNB directly after this. But it was also kind of amazing to jump from S1 Amanda/Lee to S4‘s.

    Over the following months while keep on watching the show I did some research on the internet learnd that there were so many important episodes never aired on German TV. I also found this amazing blog and have been reading along since than.

    Now for this episode: All this sweetheart-kissing-touching between Amanda and her Ex bothers me. Good thing for the children if their divorved parents get along on a friendly base. But this is just too much and it must be hard for Lee to watch all these exchanges.

    I also think that Amanda might give Philip/Jamie wrong ideas seeing her and their Dad like that. Like if Lee weren‘t in the picture they could all be a family again. Something Amanda shouldn‘t do if she wants Lee to be accepted as a part of her family one day.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Welcome to JWWM mandalee! You’ve made my day, I love to see a reader become a commenter & contribute to our walk together!
      Soooo glad you found us here! I hope when it’s time to start the walk all over again you will join us 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Now for this episode: All this sweetheart-kissing-touching between Amanda and her Ex bothers me. Good thing for the children if their divorved parents get along on a friendly base. But this is just too much and it must be hard for Lee to watch all these exchanges.

      I also think that Amanda might give Philip/Jamie wrong ideas seeing her and their Dad like that. Like if Lee weren‘t in the picture they could all be a family again. Something Amanda shouldn‘t do if she wants Lee to be accepted as a part of her family one day.

      Agree with your assessment 100%, mandalee. Amanda should have turned her head, causing Joe to kiss her cheek (not her lips … those belong to Lee). Welcome and so glad you jumped right in!


  6. Final xmas instalment – a lovely birthday pressie for me, thank you ISWOD!

    When Dotty welcomes them into the house it definitely sounds as if she says “Lee, Merry Christmas, Darling” to which he replies “Merry Christmas”, this is before she turns to Amanda and calls her “Sweetheart”.

    I;ve also wondered what happened to Ingle’s gun at the nativity – it looks as if it’s just dropped there for inquisitive kids (are there any other kind) to pick up and … Bad Lee.

    All in all a fab episode. So glad I found this wonderful blog!

    Liked by 3 people

  7. Sandra Schymocha

    I wish everyone a happy and healthy new year!
    I liked the episode very, very lovingly with a few funny scenes. Also the family scenes except the one with Joe. They were too much.
    Thank you for the effort you put in, I’m always really happy about every new post!
    Lovely Greetings from germany 🤗

    Liked by 2 people

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