11/12 Season Two, Episode 18: Car Wars-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Lee heads over to Amanda’s and rings the doorbell.. uh CarWars.avi_002290957oh.. no one is there and the car is gone! Gee Lee do you think the baddies knew where Amanda lived??!!! Lee is starting to panic!
e heads back to IFF to tell papa bear errr I mean  Billy what he’s been up to– why I don’t know though! LOL.. I guess this episode Billy has been very absent!
Billy: You gave what to who? [whom Billy! Winking smile ]
LOL.. Lee looks a bit bashful here!
Lee mumbles:
I borrowed a car from impound and gave it to Amanda.
Billy: You took a vehicle that was federal evidence and you gave it to a civilian?!  [uh huhhh!!! But Billy!!! the plot called for it!!! Winking smile LOL..Do you think Billy would be calling Amanda a civilian after Brunettes and her courier job? I am not sure..maybe?]
CarWars.avi_002322989Lee: It was business, Billy. [whoooo there is that line again! business!] Listen, her car is in the shop, and CarWars.avi_002325392it was your idea to put her on the courier route. Remember?
‘Cut expenses’?

[Is it just me or does Lee sound about ten years old here?? getting into trouble and countering with: well it was your idea!!!! very cheeky of Lee… and.. I can’t believe Billy lets him get away with that! I was sure Billy was going to say: ‘well I didn’t tell you to give Amanda a baddie’s car!!!’ but no!!]
Billy: And now you can’t find her or the car? [Ah Billy.. so quick on the uptake!]
Lee : All I know is somebody wants that car or what’s in it pretty damn bad.
[I think Lee wants what’s in the car pretty damn bad too! Winking smile  the drugs? nah.. Amanda!] LOL I love the agent in the bullpen checking out the map of Europe.. probably trying to find Cap d’afar… He’ll be looking forever! Winking smile
[Francine knocks on the door to Billy’s office.]
Billy annoyed at the interruption: Yes?!!
It’s Francine here… Brace yourselves! because it’s Francine sure! LOL.. but also because a clunky big smk coincidence coming!
Francine: You were right about that Mario creep, Scarecrow. The computer just tossed out something real good on him.
CarWars.avi_002349783Billy: Whoa!
[ROFL! Love how Billy says that!] Who’s Mario?
Lee: He’s the guy who had the car in the first place.
Francine: Basically he’s a nobody
[Yo! He’s a flunky!],
but he might lead us to some bigger fish.
Lee: What have you got?
Francine: All right, you’re working with the Bolivian terrorist tie-in with Nick Falcone, right?
[Of course he is!!!! it’s connected??? nooooooo!!! really???!!!]
Lee: Mm-hmm, so where does Mario fit in?
Francine: Well, guess who Interpol says Mario is working for now?
[Wait a minute! Interpol knew who Mario was working for?? Sooo why did Lee go and do that lame interrogation and pathetically ask Mario who he was working for??!!!! All he had to do was look it up!  You know, I do love this episode…the Lee and Amanda bits, but IMHO this plot is lame and really doesn’t hold up to any thought at all!]
Lee: Not Falcone? [I hear ya Lee.. It’s incredible!]
Francine: Yeah.
Lee: Billy, I think I know what’s in that car. And if Falcone’s got Amanda, she’s in bad company. [You mean he hadn’t already guessed?!]
Whooo Lee is on the warpath now!!
Billy: Scarecrow, I want you to climb all over this Mario and break him…
 CarWars.avi_002384317Lee is happy to oblige I think Billy! Smile

Billy continues: …Now, Francine…
CarWars.avi_002387320… I want to find that car. Tell everybody. Top priority! [Ahhhh don’t you love how Billy barks out these orders and then nothing really happens with them?!]…
Billy isn’t done yet!: And Scarecrow, you tell that pig Mario he’s going to fry if anything happens to Amanda. [Fried pork swedish meatballs are on the menu.. followed by… Big Fish! I don’t know how Mel Stewart delivers these lines with a straight face- such a pro!!! Smile]
You bet I will!

Back to Amanda, who is experiencing an interrogation of her own at that moment..

Falcone: How is it that a housewife is driving a very expensive car from the government impound lot?
Amanda [takes a breath]: Well, you see, my little boy, Jamie, dropped a little space creature down the window of my car, and I took it to my mechanic to have him fix it–
Falcone: Let’s get to the point, Mrs King!
[oh dear.. you don’t understand who you are talking to Falcone! Winking smile ]
CarWars.avi_002420353I love that she actually tells the baddies about the space creature! rofl!!
Amanda (nervous)
: I-I’m sorry. He thought it would CarWars.avi_002423857only take a few hours, but then he decided that it was going to take longer so, um, a friend of mine arranged for me to borrow…uh, that big car.
CarWars.avi_002431364Falcone: And why did you pick that “big car”?
[lol.. love how Falcone repeats back what Amanda said! He does that a lot- it’s an interesting character quirk!]
CarWars.avi_002434367Amanda: Oh, I didn’t pick it. It was the only one that was available.
Falcone : Okay. And CarWars.avi_002450383when you got the car, did you notice anything unnnnnusual? Anything at all?
CarWars.avi_002451885Amanda is confused… and really doesn’t know what to say, but to the baddies she seems to be playing with
Amanda: Ahhh
……  The computer???
CarWars.avi_002458892All the baddies look at each other- huh???!!!
Too funny!!!
CarWars.avi_002456890CarWars.avi_002461895CarWars.avi_002463897Falcone: The computer?
CarWars.avi_002464898Amanda: Yes. It has a computer in it that tells
CarWars.avi_002468902you how much gas you’re gonna need, how much farther you have to go, what the temperature is outside, the time and day’s date–
  [ROFLMBO!!!!!!! Such a great line of Amanda’s!! My my.. how technologically advanced for a vintage British car! Smile Amanda did it say hello? and call itself ‘Kit’?]
CarWars.avi_002473406Falcone is losing his patience!!!:
Now, listen, Mrs. King, let’s cut the cat and mouse act and get to the point! When that car crossed the border into this country, the stuff was in it. When the feds hauled it CarWars.avi_002480914down here, the stuff was still in it. You take the car for a couple of hours and, abracadabra,  the stuff is gone!
[I still think Amanda should have sent them to Gino- it would have gotten Lee off the hook too! Winking smile ]
Amanda: I don’t know what you’re talking about, what stuff?
(like: deerrr Mrs King!! He looks at his two flunkies incredulous):
Three million dollars worth of uncut noooooose CarWars.avi_002493426powder, that’s ‘what stuff’!
CarWars.avi_002496930Amanda: Nose Powder? [whooo cosmetics?! Let me guess.. Lovely ladies! ]
Falcone: Cocaine, Mrs. King?
Amanda finally gets what this is all about: Ohh!!!!
mocks Amanda: ‘Ohhhhh!!!’….
…Cocaine that we make a nice commission on for smuggling in and selling for some South American friends, ‘ohhh!!!’

It still cracks me up that they think Amanda the suburban mum is selling the drugs on the side… usually when the baddies give Amanda too much credit it’s because they think she is a spy or scarecrow or something! Here they actually think she is who she is- and that she is still playing games with them! I guess the Mob don’t judge people huh! Winking smile Equal opportunity bad guys!
CarWars.avi_002512946Benedict: Those Bolivian guys are gonna be hell if we don’t get that dope back.
CarWars.avi_002514948Falcone: Oh I’ve got a feeling we’ll find it. You know, what I think?
CarWars.avi_002520453Amanda: No.
  [Hilarious.. never a more true statement had been spoken! Amanda has no idea what he is on about!]
CarWars.avi_002520954Falcone: Muahahaha! I think that you and your CarWars.avi_002522956friend who helped you get the car decided to do a little moonlighting. Muahahahaa!
CarWars.avi_002531464Amanda: Oh, no!
CarWars.avi_002533466Falcone: Oh, yeah! Muahahahahaa!!
Amanda: Oh, no.

CarWars.avi_002537470Falcone: A three million dollar rip off. Yeahhhh??!!!
Amanda: No.
Falcone: I think that after we took the tires, you and your friend found my little package.
CarWars.avi_002543476Amanda: No! I swear to you, that car is exactly the way it was when I got it
CarWars.avi_002544978except for the dented hood, CarWars.avi_002551484and the new tires, and of course the new muffler.

CarWars.avi_002554487Falcone: Muffler?
Petronus: That’s right! When we took the car apart it had a new muffler.

Falcone: And what muffler shop did you go to, Mrs. King?
CarWars.avi_002567500Amanda hesitates: Uh…I-I don’t, I–
CarWars.avi_002572005Falcone: You know, we did some checking on you, CarWars.avi_002575008Mrs. King. [ok! no finding you funny anymore Falcone!!]  You got a mother and two nice kids. It’d be a shame if CarWars.avi_002576009something should happen to them. [Amanda nods her head.] Okay? Maybe I send Petronus over to babysit your two sons.
[Kramer?? babysitting?!!]

CarWars.avi_002579512Poor Amanda! she doesn’t want to put McLean’s mufflers in danger… but it’s that or her boys. Evil Falcone!!! You’ll get yours!

I shall leave it there for the moment! Would love to hear from anyone out there reading!!!!! Smile byeee!

14 responses to “11/12 Season Two, Episode 18: Car Wars-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I confess I cringe a little whenever I see shows about the evils of drugs – not because I don’t think it’s true, but because I cynically suspect (especially in L.A. in the 1980s) that everybody on the set probably had their own stash of coke.


  2. Love it when Lee panics – serves him right for his brain being full of swiss cheese holes like this episode. Things are finally starting to click. I can’t believe he tries to blame it on Billy…he does sound like a little kid here. Ugh. But we all know he still has a lot of growing up to do….

    And I never thought about Billy calling Amanda a civilian here and how that might influence my thoughts around episode order. What a catch, iwsod…but I think I agree, it does seem a little too far removed for this far into season 2. Guess my brain has lots of swiss cheese holes in it too… 🙂

    Love what you did with the screen cap!! I only wish the camera had been angled so we could see Jamie’s face too! After all, it was his bike that just got run over!

    Billy’s line here about making Mario bacon is so full of animosity here – I love it! Papa bear is growling!

    Just noticed the Pepe Le Pew stripe on Falcone’s hair…hehehe…reminds me of your post in Weekend where you call Lee PLP! Maybe by the time I get to stats for that episode, my picture editing skills will be good enough to put a streak in Lee’s hair! 🙂

    I love Falcone’s line delievery here – especially where he says, “Cocaine that we make a nice commission on for smuggling in and selling for some SA friends, ohhh!”. Even though this episode would probably never crack my top 44 favorite episodes list, this is another series line where I can clearly hear it in my head and will probably never forget it until I’m old and gray or senile…I don’t know why, I wish I could forget it.


    • I don’t know, the civilian comment doesn’t work for me. I just watched Three Little Spies and in that episode Amanda calls herself “Civilian Auxilary”. She is still considered a civilian even at the end of season three. I have always thought of the partner comments in Brunettes as more of how Lee receives her, but not necessarily her official title, if that makes any sense. She technically doesn’t become a “partner” until after she finishes her training in season four, I think, and actually we never see that do we?

      Liked by 2 people

      • Hiya Morley! Thanks for answering that one – I really had no idea if it was significant or not and if Billy called Amanda that – as I am trying not to watch too far ahead and keep the episodes fresh! 🙂

        Anyone else watched season 4 lately?

        I agree with what you said Morley about Lee acknowledging Amanda as his partner, but it is not officially recognised by the agency 🙂 did I read somewhere you have seven children?? Morley – we salute you!!!!!!

        I’m still travelling 😦 and have gone and damaged one of my nails which means typing this hurts!!! 😉 but hoping to finish up the final post on this ep very soon…

        Bjo thanks so much for your lovely comment on the smk coincidences pic! 🙂 I was trying to find a way to show I love this show – but..let’s face it.. smk coincidences can be big and clunky! and.. I just wanted to have some fun with it.. Hmm can’t see Jamie huh.. Maybe Jamie is hanging his head in shame at the huge smk coincidences! 😉

        Hi Melissa R- lovely to hear from you! Yeah.. I think you are right re the rambles.. I guess it then makes sense that she rambles less in season 4 when she is a more confident, less anxious person!

        Hiya Jenbo! Ohhhh it’s K.I.T.T – does that stand for something?? and more importantly, did KITT have anything hidden in his muffler??!!! 😉
        Hope you are all well!!


        Liked by 1 person

        • Good point, Morley. And I agree that she is officially classified as a civilian through S3. Stemwinder is where she is first called an ‘agent’ – by Dr. Smyth nonetheless. “You’re the housewife turned agent”. And at the end of part 2 is where Lee tells her Dr. Smyth wants to offer her a full time position although he doesn’t say what that position is other than she’ll be working with Lee… 😉 In Photo Finish Billy calls her a ‘top-notch agent candidate’. I’m not sure that she ever does officially complete her training in S4. I love S4 – it is currently my favorite.


        • I only have six children, but thanks for the salute 🙂 I love my kids, five sons and my daughter (who is Chinese) one of the things that I love is that we all dance together as part of an American Ballet Theater dance academy and I often get to perform with my sons (the three teenage ones). Makes for some great relationships. Just had to share mother pride since you brought them up. Thanks again for that:) Have a great day!

          Liked by 1 person

        • K.I.T.T. Stood for Knight Industries Two Thousand, Wilton Knight being the wealthy multimillionaire who could afford to fund the building of such a car gives his surname to K.I.T.T. And it’s rather sad and pathetic that I know this LOL

          Liked by 1 person

          • Nah, Jenbo…it just shows that you have an excellent memory and a love of cars!


            • Oops sorry Morley gave you an extra child 😉 like you weren’t busy enough already! 😉 Sounds wonderful to have a family dance together – awhhh!!

              Jenbo- I like that about you! 😉 that you know all that about KITT! 🙂 Keep those insights coming!!! Hey look at how obsessed with smk I am?! tv trivialities are very welcome 🙂
              BTW I was very cross Michael didn’t end up with Bonnie! 😦 Cindy I don’t know April! I must have stopped watching when Bonnie left.. LOL
              I always thought KITT had a car crush on Michael 😉 he’s very protective.. ahem..
              I completely lost it when in an episode Michael jumped into KITT with just swimming trunks on or something and KITT exclaimed ‘ Michael! where are your pants?!’ I swear.. there was some kind of hilarious subtext going on with KITT’s crush on Michael!!! tee hee..

              awh thanks Cindy! glad you enjoyed the clunky coincidence!

              Hi Bjo, cool! thanks for the info on season four and Amanda’s status- I find it confusing!!! It is a bit vague how the agent/ training stuff works ( which is why I found A class act’s insights interestng) Wasn’t it Wrong Number ( an ep I know you like Bjo! 😉 ) where Amanda was the agent of record or something??? I’m looking forward to continuing our walk together and working all these little things out together!

              Liked by 1 person

              • Melissa Robertson

                Wrong Number is where Billy gave Amanda her first solo assignment and Lee teased her that Billy was just hump ring her, but then Lee gave her credit as Agent of Record when she cracked the case!

                Liked by 1 person

              • Yes, yes! Wrong Number IS an episode I like….can’t wait to get to that one! Moo Goo Gai Pan with or without the MSG anyone?? 😉

                Liked by 1 person

  3. Oooh Knight Rider and K.I.T.T. How I loved that as a child, must price up the entire series, I’ve got Buck Rodgers, hubby has CHiPs so soon we will have the full set 😉

    I think we ought to explain to Lee the theory of six degrees of separation so these little “coincidences” don’t surprise him anymore 😉
    Love the way Amanda starts to “Amandaramble” to the bad guys, nice to see she’s consistent with everyone, regardless of whether they are holding her hostage 🙂


    • Melissa Robertson

      I think Amanda rambles when she is nervous or is trying to be a distraction for Lee.

      Liked by 1 person

    • (ahhhhh Buck Rogers! Somehow, I don’t think the episodes held up as well as I remembered them.
      Knight Rider really lost something for me when Bonnie was replaced by April. Thanks for the sidetrips down memory lane!)
      Yes, this episode is not one of my favourites, but I do like Falcone and his sarcasm (he might rate an honourable mention if not one of the top 5 bad guys of season 2). But at least the ep has given us the perfect screen shot for “Clunky SMK Coincidences”. Brilliant!

      Liked by 1 person

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