2/5 Season Four:Episode Sixteen- Do You Take this Spy?–Scarecrow and Mrs King

So, Lee’s all stressed about having to deal with Nick Grant.. right before his.. ‘vacation’ !

Lee and Amanda drive to a hotel to start work on figuring out what Nick is up to. Lee flags that they need to figure out the alias he’s using.
They arrive at a fancy hotel..
[Ah this is the smk fancy hotel of choice! Where the elder berry pies were being baked no?!
Peacockdancer your reference to smk bingo in the previous post’s comments was awesome! Thanks for the reminder of the flying squirrel. Such a gem!!! haaaaaa]
Amanda approaches the front desk and asks if there’s a Mr Nicholas Grayson staying there.
[How does she know to use that name? I thought they didn’t know his alias? My head hurts.. ]
The front desk receptionist answers: Ohh, Lord Nicholas. Yes, of course.
(Lee and Amanda share a look.)
[Eye roll!!! Ugh…. Good lord!]
Lee: (Chuckles) Heh. Lord Nicholas, of course.
The hotel can’t disclose his room number, but they direct Lee and Amanda to the gold room, where the good lord is attending a trade symposium.

We cut to Lord Nick looking and sounding impressive!
Nick: So the economic future is like a beautiful woman – exciting, challenging, and ultimately beyond our control. (The men laugh.)
{LLA: I roll my eyes.}
[I’m finding myself doing lots of eye rolling when it comes to this Nick too.. except, now I’m gagging!!!]
….Still, it’s my professional opinion, that these turbulent times can be conquered.
[Did he just say he’s a professional when it comes to women? haaaaa]
{Amanda and Lee approach this group and can hear Nick.}
Now, I’ve been considering conducting a private seminar for those of you with sufficient motivation, interest-
Lee: -And money, Lord Nicholas. Right?
[Lee looks positively gleeful. Me thinks he likes to troll the bad guys]
Nick: (looks over at Lee and Amanda) Ahhh……Von Stetson. (He pronounces it “Schte-chtson”)
[Is it just me or is this hilarious??!! Okay at this I laughed out loud! That’s too funny!!! Nick doesn’t really miss a beat, he recovers very quickly! An old cover Lee used I figure?? I do worry that will play right into what ever this Nick is up to.]
…Oh, yes! Right there, old chap….
[Lee seems to enjoy this little dig a little too much. Is it just me or is Amanda kind of holding back a little here?]
….Yes. Baron Von Stetson, Dusseldorf Steel. Very humorous… {He turns back to the men.} …So, so, if any of you are interested, leave your name at the desk. Thank you very much. Wonderful. {He shakes hands with some of the men. The group breaks up. Nick walks towards Lee and Amanda.}
Nick: So, the gremlins are on my tail already. Hey, I was wondering who they’d sic on me.
[Quite the strange interaction here between Lee and Nick. Given he’s a con artist I’m not sure whether this is him or him playing a role/trying to play Lee. But for a second there almost seems to be some warmth there. Genuine warmth? I have no idea.]
(Nick introduces himself to Amanda. Using his real name.
He leans forward like he’s extending his hand towards Amanda.)
Nick: Miss – Amanda: (Corrects him) Mrs. King.
{LLA:She can ALMOST say “Mrs. Stetson”!!!!}
[Ahhhh but can she? really??? ever????
I think one of the things I like least no hang on, one of the things I loathe -better!- about the secret marriage thing is that Amanda publicly continues to go by her name to her FIRST husband when she has actually remarried. If I were Lee I think I would grind my teeth whenever she’s introduced! And.. stick to cover names! lol.
Hey, I have no idea if this Nick figures out their relationship, but a part of me thinks it would better for him not to know!]

{Nick leans over to kiss her hand. Lee and Amanda exchange an amused look.}
{LLA:I think they are both thinking that she can ALMOST say “Mrs. Stetson” soon, too!!!!}
[Lee needs to practice not looking at Amanda like he adores her in front of con artists you can’t trust! whahahaaaa]

Lee: (a little impatient) Nicky we have to talk. Now. People are asking questions. [Nicky??? My goodness.. so unguarded in front of Nick, and so familiar here in how he addresses him! Is this Lee trying to play the meet as casual? or does he actually view Nick with some warmth and familiarity?
I find with both Lee and Nick – I’m unsure if they are playing a role, and what’s real here and what’s not! They both in their own ways play roles and portray themselves as something they are not in their… work! Anyone else??? ]
Nick: (innocently) Well, I’ve got the answers, Lee. There’s nothing to hide.
[Again, no hesitation.. nothing to hide? You’re calling yourself Lord Nicholas!!]
Nick suggests they get a bit together and a bottle of ‘Cristal ‘77’ so they can talk. [Aha! Champagne was on my bingo card!!]
Lee and Amanda um and ahhhh about it..

Lee gives in and says yes. Nick is pleased with this, says he just has to check messages then they can go..
Nick walks off to check messages..
Lee and Amanda watch him across the way, while Lee regales Amanda with how Nick use to tell people he was De Gaulle’s nephew, they take their eyes off him for just a second and – he’s given them the slip.

They try to take off in pursuit but are interrupted by ‘internal security’ they show their ID, and Lee takes off after Nick while Amanda heads to Nick’s room.
[how does she know his room number?!]

Lee spies the front reception lady, LLA identifies as Caroline. She’s talking to a rich lady in a black limo..
Then she heads back to the hotel while the limo drives off.
Lee runs to the corvette and follows the limo. Follow the women is what Lee said to do after all! [Why not share a gratuitous picture of the vette! On a suddenly wet road. lol.]
..So Lee follows the limo, and a pale Mercedes follows Lee.. No idea what this is all about!{LLA:If you are going to get a Mercedes, WHY would you ever choose it in banana? It totally devalues the Mercedes to the level of a Ford Pinto, IMHO}
[Lol, I’ll go all meta and suggest that the colour was chosen so we would notice it and not get confused!]

{Lee pulls his car into a parking space directly behind the limo. He gets out and walks into a restaurant. He does not put any money into the parking meter. The Banana Mercedes approaches the restaurant, does a U-turn, and then parks across the street.}

(Inside the restaurant Lee spots Nick making out with the rich limo lady.)
[Gosh – wouldn’t the back seat have been a better place to do that? haaaaa. It almost seems so in people’s face it comes across as showy like they want people to see them.
LOL Lee doesn’t hesitate to interrupt them. He’s had a gutful Nick!]
Lee: Ok, you two wanna come up for air now?
{Nick and the woman break apart and turn towards Lee, annoyed.}
Nick: You’re taking your job too seriously, Lee.
[You know, I can honestly say I have no memory of what the actual case is in this episode! No clue what this Nick is up to! Or this lady.. ]
Lee: I don’t respond too well to being stood up, Nicky.
[Lee doesn’t like being promised Cristal 77′ and then it not being delivered, that really ticks him off!!]
Nick: Uh, sorry. Yes, uh… Previous engagement. {He and the woman share a look.} Um… Felicia Ambruster , Lee Stetson, the bloodhound I mentioned.
Lee: {Reaches for Felicia’s hand and smiles.} How do you do? That’s a very lovely wedding ring, Mrs. Ambruster.Felicia: Yes, I’m married…
…And no, Ambruster isn’t my real name. But then that’s really none of your business, is it? {Lee sits in their booth with them} Or the government’s.
[What’s your first impression of Not Mrs Ambruster?! I think she’s way too cool for school.]
Lee: I hope not. Ha… {He gets chummy with Nick, putting his arm around his shoulders.} ..Well Nicky, did you bring her up to date on everything, including Turkey? Felicia: Everything. Including Turkey…
{Lee nods and removes his arm from Nick’s shoulders.}
[Love how Lee accidentally gives Nicky’s hair a whack.]
…But that’s all over. I love Nicky for what he is now.
[Ughhhhhhhh…Gag!!!! that’s Lord Nicky to you lady! haaaaa.. Which version of Nick is he now?!
I am really struggling to remember anything about this!!! Maybe it’s my subconscious here but I don’t buy this woman has real feelings for Nicky at all! sorry if I’m way off track/or spoiling!! I guess it might be really obvious I don’t remember anything! lol.
I just don’t buy her I love Nicky in spite of his past and this is the real deal story.]
Lee: (Nodding) Well, that’s very lovely too. But some people remember who he used to be… …You know, Nicky, there is still that pesky extradition treaty with Turkey. I think it would be a lot easier if we talked about it here.
{Nick kisses Felicia’s hand.} Felicia: I think I’ll go powder my nose. {Both men start to slide out of the booth. Lee stands while she exits. Nick tries to stand, but Lee pushes him back into the booth.} Excuse me, gentlemen. (She leaves.)
[Everyone has such delightful manners!]
{Lee smacks Nick’s shoulder with the back of his hand. Nick slides back to where he was and Lee sits.}
Lee:Well, well, well. Nicky, I don’t have the time or the interest to be sweet or delicate. Who are you planning to rip off here in DC?Nick: (protesting) No, no, no one. I-I-I- I’m retired. Permanently.
[That’s why he is passing himself off as Lord Nicholas??? Is it just me or is smk hoping he will also be seen as a Remington Steele look-a-like?]Lee: Nick. Who’s the woman? More importantly, who’s her husband?
Nick: Felicia’s different, Lee. I-I- I don’t want to embarrass her. Let’s go for a walk. {Lee and Nick exit the booth.} I’ll have the Maître d’ entertain her.
[Anytime this Nicky tries to sound sincere I think he’s definitely lying! Like she’s three years old and needs to be entertained Nick?! ]
Nick: {They begin to walk out.} Ah, very nice, that uh, Mrs. King of yours.
Lee: Don’t start. She’s divorced.
[Lee!!!! why would you tell this guy anything??!!!]
Nick: Ah. { They both leave the restaurant.}
Lee: All right, Nick. Let’s make this quick and easy.
Nick: Yeah, I’m all for that, really.
{They walk down the sidewalk.}
(Close-up on the guy in the Mercedes watching them.)
{ He hangs up and drives away.}
Nick: Felicia’s husband doesn’t know about us. I don’t think. [then why the kissing like that in a public place?!] Look, if I tell the Agency, some gorilla in a suit is going to blow the lid on the whole thing before we even have a chance to talk to the poor guy. 
Lee: Ah-ha, and I bet you’ve been staying up late worrying your little head about it. Right? 
[Good one Lee!]
Nick: (laughs) yeah.
Lee: Unfortunately, Nicky, you no longer have the luxury anymore. You are going to go back to Turkey.

{Gunshots pierce the air and Lee and Nick react, with Lee pulling out his gun. Lee is hit in his right abdomen. Nick pulls Lee to safety between two dumpsters, but then he escapes from behind one of the dumpsters and runs off. Lee lies between the dumpsters, in pain from being shot.}
[I couldn’t tell Lee got shot! I was too distracted by Nicky waving his arms around the moment the shots started rofl.
Like do I put my hands up? or run for my life??!!
Hmmm I’ll do both!!!! haaaaaa..
I guess he pulled Lee to safety.. soooo he’s either not all bad, or he’s set up this moment and is playing Lee!
Now Lee really has the ouchies!!!] The scene ends here.

Back to IFF, Lee and Billy are walking into Billy’s office..
Lee: Just an afternoon’s work, huh? I warned you about Nick Grant, didn’t I, Billy?
[cha! famous last words!]
Billy: Calm down, Scarecrow. Dr. McJohn told you to go easy.
[McJohn? Any relation to Colonel McJohn?! Someone made a mistake and put that last name back in the lucky draw barrel!]
Lee: Yes. Yes, he did, but nothing has cracked, so don’t worry about it – it’s only a scratch.
[Then what are you complaining about? lol. I guess any excuse to try and get out of this job!]
Billy: You’re sure he didn’t set you up?
Lee: Ehh, that’s not his style. He dragged me out of the line of fire. [okay okay I’ll take Lee’s word for it.. ]
Billy: Then what the hell is going on? Was the shooter after you or Nick?
[I’m with Billy here! What the hell is going on?! haaa]
Lee: Nick. He’s on the hit list of at least a hundred husbands. [lol I’m not sure how that clears Lee as the target he has thousands of spies, bad guys, and husbands who have him on their hit list!]
Billy: Then the woman must be the key.
Lee: Yeah. Billy, he seems to be falling for this one. I don’t think he’s using her.
[How could Lee tell?! This Nicky is very slippery. I guess I’m to conclude Lee knows Nicky well enough to be able to see he has real feelings for her?]

{Francine enters. She’s holding a folder and carrying a board, which she puts on a chair.)
Billy: Some habits are hard to break, Scarecrow.
[Do you think this whole plot is in some way related to Lee’s past and committing to his future with Amanda? thoughts?]
Francine:  Well, how’s this for an interesting little habit? A Van Gogh, Cezanne, Monet, Rembrandt, Brueghel, and Titian. At last appraisal, valued at over 16 million dollars. Lee: What are you talking about?
Francine: Jason McMasters’ art collection.
Billy: The President’s golf partner? The First Lady’s best friend?!! What’s the connection with Grant?
Francine: His girlfriend. I chased down the plates on her limo. She’s Mrs. Jason McMasters, Junior. Ever since Junior lost his cushy foreign services assignment for mixing cocktails and foreign policy, they have been staying here {she turns over the board to reveal an overhead photo of an estate} – the old man’s place. [Whooooo visual aids! the massive photo is hilarious!!]
Lee:  Let me guess. This is where the McMasters’ art collection is.
Billy: A beautiful woman, expensive art, and Nick Grant. Sound familiar?
Lee: (nodding) Yeah. You better get the FBI on it before something happens.
[But what about trade in Europe?? I though Lord Nicholas was trying to get some very important financial backing!!]
Billy: We will. But I want you and Amanda out there also. To hold McMasters’ hand – [huh?! Why is this Lee’s job?!]
Lee: -Billy, I have to –
Billy: – And to make them know that we care. The President will appreciate it.
(Lee looks annoyed.)
[Ohhhh I see… because the first lady’s friend is involved it has to get special attention!]I am fixated on Francine reacting here as this little heated exchange happens. Why is she so animated?! lol.. ]
Francine: Oh, boy, that’s tough luck, huh?.. You got your vacation all set and then here you are up to your hind end in big-time crime…..I suppose Amanda could go out there first and you could, you could go later. I mean, you’re not inseparable, are you?
(Lee turns back and gives Francine the filthiest look he can.
We can hear her kinda gasp, let out a breath. He continues to silently glare at her, until she nods.
Then, and only then, he opens the door and leaves.
Francine turns to look at Billy – like: ouch feel the burn, that was pretty intense!!! Francine seems to wonder – Err maybe I crossed a line there.. But.. Oh well.. moving on.. Francine isn’t one to dwell! )

[Haaaa I loved to see Lee put Francine in her place. Especially when I think back to the early days when Francine would diss Amanda in front of Lee and get away with it.
Pay attention Francine. No more!!! Things have changed, and again we see Francine struggling to make sense of this new reality that she really hasn’t caught up to yet.. confusing.. especially when she would have thought Lee and Amanda had a thing but Amanda broke it off but they don’t act like she did soooo.. why not just tease Lee to get a reaction out of him! but.. I don’t think she was counting on a reaction like that! Back off!!!!!

Last thought from me – I love how Lee’s so dirty with Francine, he forgets his ribs hurt haaaaa.. ]

Can’t wait to hear what you all think!!!!

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  1. Oh dear, I have gotten so behind in commenting on the blog – my last week and a half has been crazy-busy! I did have a couple of thoughts on this post that I’d like to throw into the mix before commenting on the next one.

    Hotel: I should have put that on my SMK bingo list, because it is definitely something that my family always points out to each other and it is in SO many episodes! I have noted before that this is the St. Regis (formerly the Carlton – thus the letter “C” on the awnings), and I used to work a block away from there.

    “Mrs. King” – I do find it jarring when Amanda emphasizes to Nick that she is “Mrs. King,” because the way she says it makes it sound like she’s still married to “Mr. King.” I assume the message she is trying to get across is that she is not “available,” so to speak (and the fact that she has to do this at all in a professional setting is icky), but it is sort of unsettling. And I agree with iwsod, it is even more of a bummer for her to continue to go by that moniker after the wedding.

    The farther we get from the 80s, the more that Amanda calling herself “Mrs.” at all sounds odd to me, especially in the workplace, where “Ms.” has been the appropriate form of address for my entire professional life. It is amazing how things have changed since the 1980s in that regard. I remember having a teacher in 1990 who insisted on being addressed as “Ms.” and a lot of people rolled their eyes at that (how ridiculous). As for social settings, I do not personally know any divorced women who call themselves “Mrs.” nowadays.

    The screenshots of Lee looking at Amanda so adoringly when she corrects Nick are wonderful. I love his dimple.

    I’m not crazy about Amanda’s haircut. It is too short and I miss the curls.

    Felicia: My initial reaction to her is positive. I love her cool and collected attitude toward Lee when he – inappropriately, in my opinion – tries to shame her by pointing out her wedding ring. I get the feeling that Nick and Felicia were a couple before he landed in the Turkish prison.

    Extradition treaty with Turkey: Uh, YEAH. A gaping plot issue for me. Why on earth is Nicky hanging around D.C. in public when he could so easily be discovered by law enforcement? If Turkey finds out he is there, they can request extradition and the U.S. would have to send him back. I would think he would want to do everything possible to avoid that.

    Lee getting shot: I always forget about this and it is sort of shocking when it happens! I mean, it is kind of a big deal, and yet they cram it into this condensed-plot episode. Have we even seen Lee bleeding since Long Christmas Eve? I kind of wish they saved that for a later episode so Amanda could make a big deal out of nursing him back to health. 🙂

    Francine: I actually LOVE the Kelly green color of her dress, but once again, the shoulder pads are kind of ruining it for me. I think her hair looks beautiful. Her blow-up photo of the McMasters property is hilarious. It’s even in color! Someone must have had some time on their hands in the Agency’s graphics department.

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    • We had Lee pretty badly hurt on Eyes Have It and there was a little bit of nlood then. But yeah, I wish we had had more tender moments between him and Amanda regarding his injury on this one too. I’m a sucker for those scenes.

      I’ve never been comfortable with Ms. but that’s because it’s just such an awkward sounding word. I stick with Miss if I have to use a title, but I prefer just having people call me by my given name.

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      • I loved those tender moments between Lee and Amanda. It really showed how deeply she cared for him. In both “The Long Christmas Eve” when she was rubbing his head and feeding him the beans. In “The Eyes have it” holding his hand, caressing it. She was taking care of her man. Loved it!!!!

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  2. This scene was all over the place. At the hotel, how did Amanda know which suite? Her look when he bends down to kiss her hand, then she corrects him in a disgusted way. “Mrs”. So, I’m a bit confused why she looks disgusted with him, she doesn’t know him, and what she does is what Lee told her. At the table when Nicky and his the women are sucking face, the whole thing seems very secretive as if Nick is hiding something. I must say, when I first saw this episode I too thought of Remington Steele look a like (yummy😊 ).

    The shooting, so her husband is in that banana colored Mercedes, which looks as if he’s just across the street. No one seems to notice him with a gun? interesting.

    Back at the office, and Lee walks in throwing a tantrum (as usual) his feelings about Nick changes, He tells Billy how he is wanted by every husband, then he defends him, saying “that’s not his style”.

    Getting to Francine, after she walks in and does her little instigating smirk, if expressions could talk. The look on Lee’s face, let’s just say I wouldn’t want to be in his path. (I do love the look he gave her.)

    That’s all for now!


  3. The massive photo of the old man’s place is a bit perplexing, and, yes, hilarious. Who would have requested this wall hanging? Some department had to pay for this. And what is it’s purpose? They didn’t scrutinize the photo and even if they did—what for?

    This is also NO where close to DC!

    Maybe someone in the prop department had a special message for a loved one, like, “Hey, Dad, your home was on the episode last night.”

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  4. Billy: Calm down, Scarecrow. Dr. McJohn told you to go easy.
    [McJohn? Any relation to Colonel McJohn?! Someone made a mistake and put that last name back in the lucky draw barrel!]

    Yeah, I thought it was Dr. Kelford? Colonel McJohn (i.e., Colonel McDowner) might be away at a motivational conference, seeing how Lee was able to pull through the PD2 recovery so miraculously.


    • I think they say Dr. McJohn on Bad Timing as well and I also want to say they mention him on Rumors Of My Death too? I think he’s military but also can use doctor, just like everyone on MASH. I just found it more surprising that he’d be the one to treat an ordinary, minor GSW. I would have expected he’d mostly just be there for bio & chemical injuries and illnesses.

      Of course, I’m also still trying to figure out the Agency medical protocol in general that dictates when you go to the hospital versus the Agency Medical Section the way Lee does on Man Who Died Twice…

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      • re Dr McJohn- Oh okay, I can go with that!! 🙂

        Agency medical protocol? Ummmmm… I do wonder if they changed things thanks to the whole Lester the duck situation!


  5. Francine’s back to being smug. The dress is cute, but it’s a tad too close to Gumby-green. Maybe that’s the look she was going for? Fashion police, your thoughts?

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    • Maybe her attitude is stemming from being mad at Lee and Amanda after figuring out their “breakup” on Promises To Keep was a lie.

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    • Sorry I have to disagree about Francine’s dress being cute. That color green on Francine is terrible! It makes her face wash out and the bulky style of the 2-piece outfit makes her belly and thighs look bigger than she is. IMO the fashion police need to incinerate that outfit … pronto!

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      • Oh no… I may have given it too much credit by calling it “Gumby-Green” and suggesting that it might be better (i.e., cute) in a more Francine-appropriate color, but it was meant to be an insult. All she needs is a matching green hat or hood and she’d be ready for Halloween. It should really be burned.

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      • lol I don’t think Sara thought it was cute, but – I actually like this green haaaaa… even if the fashion police want to come arrest me for crimes against fashion. Me like. haaaaaa..
        The style is awful, but for me – I like the colour just fine, even if it is Gumby inspired haaaa

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        • It might be cute as a sweater or something, but just not that particular, hideous dress. I wonder if the green could be symbolizing something like…”green with envy,” even if she doesn’t know all the details of their upcoming “trips.” I love to pick out the symbolism in movies and TV shows, even though I doubt that the writers would really be thinking along those lines here.


    • lol smug is a good word!

      Hey who is the fashion police? I forget!! I remember Kiwismh was a gem when it came to the fashion police, but sadly RL has kept them from joining in (we miss ya Kiwismh!)

      Gumby green haaaa..


  6. Glad you’re doing okay IWSOD. I was a little concerned given you usually post sooner in the day:)

    I LOVE that moment where you just know Amanda wants to say “Mrs. Stetson”. And you can see her and Lee so thrilled to think about it.

    I think Lee emphasizes Amanda is divorced because it seems like Nick is most interested in married women for some reason. (Especially given Lee’s comment about Nick being on the hit list of that many husbands!) I think he’s trying to turn Nick off and keep him from going after Amanda.

    I couldn’t tell Lee had been shot at first either. But then there are several other times (Double Agent stairwell, Spiderweb car, DOA car outside theater, Tegernsee milkman’s yard…) where I’ve thought it looked like Lee HAD been hit and he was okay, so I guess it all evens out! LOL The original script also says he starts to go after Nick but is in too much pain to get up. I just feel cheated out of seeing Amanda’s usual concern for Lee at a moment like that.

    LOVE the glare Lee shot Francine. She totally asked for that one!

    Nick definitely reminds me of Remington Steele, and also the soap opera star Thaao Penghlis.

    This does feel like a weird Agency case. I’m surprised but grateful they didn’t do something like having Lee working a case and Amanda working it Stateside and worrying he wouldn’t make it back. Or sending him undercover. In fact in hindsight, a case like Night Crawler or Photo Finish/Spiderweb would have made a good “Will they make it to the altar” ep too. Or can you imagine if Bad Timing had been the case they had to solve in time for the wedding?! (I actually dreamed that happened!)


    • Yep! I’m okay 🙂 still here!!! 🙂

      I think Lee emphasizes Amanda is divorced because it seems like Nick is most interested in married women for some reason…. I think he’s trying to turn Nick off and keep him from going after Amanda.

      I saw this too, I just still didn’t like Lee disclosing any information about Amanda for Nick to use. He makes me uneasy!

      I couldn’t tell Lee had been shot at first either. But then there are several other times (Double Agent stairwell, Spiderweb car, DOA car outside theater, Tegernsee milkman’s yard…) where I’ve thought it looked like Lee HAD been hit and he was okay, so I guess it all evens out! LOL The original script also says he starts to go after Nick but is in too much pain to get up. I just feel cheated out of seeing Amanda’s usual concern for Lee at a moment like that.

      yeah I’d forgotten Lee actually got shot in this episode! Phew!!
      we need to start keeping track of all these things we want to list when we re-start the walk back in season 1 again!
      I guess Lee gets shot could be on the bingo card!
      Thanks for the insight from the script, love to hear those!!

      LOVE the glare Lee shot Francine. She totally asked for that one!

      Agree!!!! Hey I guess Francine got shot in this episode too – with Lee’s glare!!! ouchie!!!!

      Nick definitely reminds me of Remington Steele, and also the soap opera star Thaao Penghlis.

      Thaao is Australian! (I would know 🙂 ) so the accent is not the same at all..

      This does feel like a weird Agency case. I’m surprised but grateful they didn’t do something like having Lee working a case and Amanda working it Stateside and worrying he wouldn’t make it back. Or sending him undercover. In fact in hindsight, a case like Night Crawler or Photo Finish/Spiderweb would have made a good “Will they make it to the altar” ep too. Or can you imagine if Bad Timing had been the case they had to solve in time for the wedding?! (I actually dreamed that happened!)

      yeah a weird Agency case! I figure they pulled Lee into it because of his history with Nick. Whether it was a typical case or not, then when the senator was involved it because one of those VIP cases..

      Whoa. I’m actually really glad we didn’t get a load of heavy angst on top of the build up to the wedding.. I think a race against the clock to save Lee’s life was enough – a wedding to get to would be overkill (haaa yes pun intended!)
      really interesting ideas to explore LeesMolly! Thanks for sharing 🙂


      • True, but his accent is really unique for an Australian. I forget how he described it once but it has something to do with his family being Greek immigrants — he kind of absorbed part of their accents too or something like that. But it’s also Nick’s voice and delivery style that make me think of Thaao as well.


  7. Nick turns out to be my favorite baddie—because of his relationship with Lee. It is mysterious at this point, but I love seeing Lee treat Nick like a big brother who desperately wants to put Dennis the Menace in his place.

    My big question so far is about the timing, again. If Nick was buried in a prison in Turkey, landed in Dulles on Saturday, and today is Monday, just WHEN did he meet and truly, ever-so-passionately fall in love with Mrs Felicia Who Has A Rich Father in Law? When did he have time to tell her all about Turkey? And how fickle is she to love him for who he is now and not what he was in Turkey, a whopping 48 hours ago?

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    • Two things I wanted to add:

      1) How many episodes has this same hotel been used in? It feels like it pops up a lot!

      2) Not only does Francine’s comment tick me off just for the ordinary context of needling Lee about their vacation, but saying “Oh what a tough break” when the man has been shot and is still wincing quite a bit? Talk about insensitive!


      • how many times? great question! gah. so much to keep track of.. so little time.. I put locations in the posts like this so we can refer back to them easily if we wish to..

        Insensitive? Yeah, that sounds like Francine! 🙂 The guy nearly died the previous episode and she knows it – but she will always give him a tough time.. unless something is really really wrong I figure!


    • I will look to you to help me build a tiny bit of affection for this Lord Nick. lol.
      i agree there is a brotherly, complicated affection between them. Not sure I understand it though. lol.

      Timing? I was thinking Nick had a length of time between escaping Turkey and arriving in Dulles – and probably met Felicia in London or in between.. and it was his relationship with her that then led him to return to the USA. Whether it is a true romance or she’s a mark..
      I can see Nick wanting to steer clear of the USA now he was out of prison, but he seems to have done it for love – or the big paycheck. Whatever it is that’s going on here.

      I haven’t reviewed the dialogue to see any references to time.. so if my time gap theory is all wrong, I’m just going to put it down to Felicia being an enthusiastic pen-pal to Nick in his Turkish prison 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • Brilliant! I don’t think anything was mentioned about a possible time gap between Nick escaping prison and arriving in the U.S. Your plan pans out. I’m going with it!

        I think the enjoyable part of watching Nick is seeing Lee posturing him throughout the show. The play between Gregory and Billy is also good. The look on Gregory’s defeated face is very satisfying, as opposed to most baddies who are cringe-worthy and we are just glad to see them get caught. It’s really not about Nick, but the satisfaction of seeing that Nick can’t fool everyone all the time. I can’t remember what happens to Nick, so we will soon find out how satisfying this is. Thanks for the walk!

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