2/6 Season Four:Episode Twenty One–A Matter of Choice–Scarecrow and Mrs King

On to Amanda’s!!! I’ll include the full transcription from peacockdancer for this scene…
(Lee’s Corvette is parked outside.) 4.21-AMOC.avi_000541641_thumb
Dotty: Lee, let me ask you a question…
[Dotty having a direct conversation with Lee? Asking him a question? Okay okay I’m really glad we got this before the show ended… even if the show is not all so super stellar genius in these final few episodes!]
(We see that Dotty and Lee are in the kitchen. Dotty is folding laundry on the kitchen island. Lee is leaning on one arm against the other side of the island. He is clean-shaven and neat now, and wearing a sport coat and tie.)
[Ohhhhh this scene!!! I remember hearing about this scene for years before I actually got to see it!]
Dotty (continuing to fold): Are you familiar with the, uh, “fourth dimension theory” in laundry?
(Lee pauses to register the question before responding tolerantly.)
Lee: No, I can’t say that I am.4.21-AMOC.avi_000552052_thumb
(He clears his throat, not sure what is coming next.)
[LOL I love how Dotty has the power to make Lee nervous!]
Dotty: Well, you know. You put a pair of socks into the dryer, and when you take the clothes out, one sock is missing?4.21-AMOC.avi_000553253_thumb
Lee (nodding): Hmm.4.21-AMOC.avi_000555655_thumb
Dotty: My theory is, that they disappear into the fourth dimension, and they reappear in somebody else’s dryer… 4.21-AMOC.avi_000557257_thumb …Now you take this sock, for instance… 4.21-AMOC.avi_000562862_thumb(She holds up a man’s dress sock. Lee suddenly looks very uncomfortable.)4.21-AMOC.avi_000567267_thumb

This man’s sock appeared in a load of Amanda’s things, heh.
Lee (smiling uneasily): Huh.
Dotty: Imagine. (She examines the sock.) A beautiful sock … expensive … argyle…4.21-AMOC.avi_000572072_thumb
(She looks knowingly at Lee.)
[haa nice continuity with the socks!]
Lee (innocently, but he knows he isn’t fooling her): What a coincidence.
(Cue the cheerful “twinkly” music.)
Dotty (looking straight at him, knowingly): Isn’t it, though?4.21-AMOC.avi_000575675_thumb
(Lee flashes another embarrassed smile. We hear the a door open.)
Dotty: Oh – there’s Amanda. Okay… (She puts the remaining laundry in the basket and starts leaving the room.) …Well, I’ll leave you two together.
Lee (uncomfortably, raising a finger): Uh…
(Dotty hands him his sock.)
Dotty: You, ah – you three.4.21-AMOC.avi_000583683_thumb
(She departs to go upstairs with the laundry basket.)
[The look on Lee’s face when Dotty pulls out the expensive man’s argyle sock that just happened to be in Amanda’s things is too funny… Dotty is no dummy.. she just has an interesting way of expressing herself and that SHE KNOWS Lee Stetson!!!! Assumed it was his sock!!
At this point, I think she knows pretty much everything.. except about the marriage itself.. Because surely Lee and Amanda wouldn’t be that dumb, right?!
Do you think these days this scene would play differently with a new audience? I mean these days it’s not unusual for a boyfriend’s clothes to end up in the wash no? and in the 80s it was maybe more of a sign of a serious relationship and had different meaning? anyone? ]

(Lee considers the sock uncomfortably for a moment, then quickly shoves it in his pocket as we see Amanda entering the kitchen from the back door, carrying some groceries. 4.21-AMOC.avi_000590090_thumb[Love the big smile Lee gives her!  ahhh…. That never gets old!]
She’s dressed fairly casually in jeans and an oversized white sweater with large shoulder pads (sigh) and big blue patches on the elbows. This is clearly not a work day for her.)
[What is this sweater?! someone please explain this monstrosity!!!
Nothing can diminish the joy at seeing these two together again though! Hoorah… like water in a desert… we have Lee and Amanda both physically present in a scene together!!!!!]
Amanda (calling out): Hello?
Lee (happy to see her): Hi.
(Amanda seems surprised to see him and walks quickly into the kitchen.)
Hello stranger! (She sets the grocery bag on the counter and puts her arms around his neck,
then pulls him close to hug him as his hands circle around her back.)
[Amanda seems to go in for a kiss here but then thinks not?]
My gosh, you really look exhausted. When’s the last time you had some decent sleep?4.21-AMOC.avi_000596896_thumb
Lee (sighing): Oh, I lost track.
(He closes his eyes and buries his face in her shoulder as they hug.)
Amanda (sympathetically): Ohh…4.21-AMOC.avi_000599299_thumb
(They rock gently, [does Lee kiss her shoulder?] then Lee looks up, continuing to hold her close.)
Lee: Amanda, it’s this Brody case. I’m making some headway but I… It’s damn slow work.4.21-AMOC.avi_000605705_thumb
Amanda (playing with his lapels and patting his chest): You know what? If you work twenty-four hours a day, you’re not gonna be able to think straight and you’re not gonna do anybody any good. Now why won’t you let me help you? [Wow this really is The Eyes Have It 2.0!]
Lee: Amanda, I can’t.
Amanda: This thing’s really gotten to you, hasn’t it?
Lee: Yes it has. I feel responsible for what happened to Sally Wong and Peters.

(Amanda rests her hands on his chest and looks in his eyes.)
Amanda: Look. They both knew what kind of a chance they were taking when they agreed to be your contacts. You know that, don’t you? (She says this as a statement rather than a question.)
[Sally Wong and Peters were the contacts who were murdered?? oh noo.. Sally was the nice lady who was Lee’s nurse in “The Eyes Have It” well that is sad.. Do we know who Peters was? Go SMK! Someone is trying to do continuity!!!  hehehee.. well that is good… but err can continuity be on a more happy note?! haaa.
Yes they knew what they were getting into but that doesn’t mean Lee shouldn’t fight for justice.. Not really a fan of this line of Amanda’s… and it doesn’t change the fact Lee needs to have a rest so he can keep fighting…. Go Lee!]
Lee: Brody broke all the rules. Even for this game.
(shaking her head): Promise me you’ll get some rest.
(Lee pauses as the music swells sweetly.)
Lee (feeling a little better now): Yeah. I guess I will.
(He smiles. His hands are still around her back and hers have come back to rest on his shoulders.)4.21-AMOC.avi_000642542_thumb
[It’s so lovely to see Lee welcome some tender loving care.. comparing back to the way Amanda cared for Lee back in The Eyes Have It, you can see he has really opened himself up and become comfortable with being vulnerable and leaning on Amanda for support.]
Amanda (gently teasing): Yeah, I guess you’d better. I’m worried about you.
(leaning in, pulling her closer): How worried?
(They give each other a sweet kiss on the lips.)4.21-AMOC.avi_000647347_thumb
[We get not just a scene together, but a kiss too???? well this is a treat!!!!]
Amanda: Pretty darn worried.
(Lee lets out a small laugh.)4.21-AMOC.avi_000650550_thumb
Amanda: I love you.
(softly, affectionately): I love you.4.21-AMOC.avi_000652952_thumb
(They kiss again. Lee closes his eyes and buries his face in her neck as they hug each other close.)4.21-AMOC.avi_000654554_thumb
[Two kisses?? Someone restart my heart!!!
The end of this scene is so sweet.. after a few little pecks.. Lee goes back for one more hug- and nuzzles into the side of Amanda’s neck for comfort.. it is lovely!
Getting close to the end of Season 4, the show is not as engaging for me, but this aspect? I’m 100% on board with!!!! I’m so glad we got to see it even in tiny amounts, before the show came to an end! I find myself missing much of the charm of earlier smk.. but I know when I go back to earlier seasons I’m going to miss this too!!
Early SMK would have had this whole 4th dimension of Laundry gag eventually relate back to the case in some way.. but here? It’s just a cute inserted side gag that takes up quite a bit of time but is nothing else. Not that I’m complaining I’d rather have it or not, but I think the show is less integrated, the charm of the show was that insertion of Amanda’s domesticity and normality into the spy world.. now, they are just separate and amusing.]

Thoughts anyone??? Do tell!!!!! 

21 responses to “2/6 Season Four:Episode Twenty One–A Matter of Choice–Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Interesting tidbit from the script is that Phillip and Jamie opened up this scene with Lee, which obviously didn’t make the final version. Come to think of it, when did we last saw them in an episode?? I guess it makes sense with so little screen time Kate was able to provide that they gave most of it to Amanda and Lee on screen together. Wonder if her treatment required her to be around as little people as possible because you hardly see her with any other actor besides Bruce in these last episodes.


  2. peacockdancer

    Awww, it is so nice to see how much everyone likes this scene. I will admit, I wasn’t as keen on it as many of you, but reading other people’s reactions makes me appreciate it better. It is nice to see Lee open himself to being cared for by Amanda.

    My nitpick is that I just don’t see the same romance and spark between them that we used to see. Amanda is “mothering” him, and it is sweet, but we aren’t getting the same level of romantic chemistry that used to fly off the screen from these two – including in The Eyes Have It, actually. It’s an interesting comparison. To be honest, I kind of share the sentiment that Lee expressed in TEHI – I don’t really like it when Amanda gets too “motherly” with him. I might be over-sensitive to it, but one of my issues with Season 4 is that Amanda falls into this mode too often, e.g., lecturing Lee on how he is supposed to eat a large breakfast (as a non-breakfast eater myself, this particularly irks me), the proper way to clean out his apartment, the correct way to shop for Christmas, etc., etc. I find all of that stuff very off-putting and definitely non-romantic.

    I’m very glad that Lee shaved and cleaned up before showing up at Amanda’s house! I do wonder if this man EVER just wears a t-shirt and jeans when he is over there, but I guess he has to be properly dressed for his upcoming visit to stalk Francine at the restaurant.


    • Yeah, I don’t think of it as romantic as much as it is relationship. We’re seeing them as a true married couple here: A man coming home from the hardest part of the job and getting love and encouragement from his wife. And a woman who loves him so much that she’s thinking more of his mental and emotional welfare rather than just the chance to sneak a kiss.

      I assume this ep is supposed to be with Amanda still on medical leave because otherwise her lack of any Agency involvement makes no sense (The other final eps at least have mention of her being assigned to stuff). Since she’s not seeing Lee at work, doesn’t have a reason to claim editing sessionnar night,and this case has him busy, they probably aren’t able to get together as much as they’d like. Instead of making it just romance, we see her thinking of him and showing one of the other sides of being a spouse: caring for and being there for each other.

      I love romance, but I also love a couple that’s realistic and shows all sides of marriage and what the relationship means.


      • peacockdancer

        I have no problem with Amanda comforting Lee in this scene. I also stand by my opinion that there is a lack of sexual chemistry in this interaction and much of the rest of Season 4. To me, that lack of sexual chemistry feels quite unrealistic for a newlywed couple – especially a couple that is married in “secret.”

        That is the crux of it: Lee and Amanda are not a “true married couple,” not in the way that any normal person would understand it. They are partners and lovers who have become so deeply important to each other, they felt compelled to exchange marriage vows in secret after having one too many near-death experiences together. A normal, “realistic” marriage would involve developing a meaningful, caring relationship with Amanda’s children before taking such an important, life-altering step. But Lee and Amanda have decided to compartmentalize this part of their life for the time being. I think that would make their romantic relationship more passionate, not less.

        Instead, the writers are treating their post-Night Crawler relationship as if they jumped ahead several years into marriage. They dropped the romance and passion without letting them have any “honeymoon” phase. Here we have Lee acting like he’s coming home to his loving wife after a hard day at the office and yet he does not even live in this house and Amanda is not a “housewife” anymore (nor does she want to be one). Why are the writers pretending this is a normal marriage when it emphatically is not? THAT is what bothers me. I feel like we missed out on so much.

        (And again, I want to stress that I feel terribly sorry about KJ’s illness. It is totally understandable that she and Bruce are not exuding “sexiness” vibes at this point. My criticism is more about the entire Season 4 story arc, not these last few episodes in particular.)


        • Yeah, the pacing of their relationship was all over the place… I’m not sure what happened with the writing this season.

          Liked by 1 person

        • I agree with you about season 4. Granted she became ill, and the writers had to re-write most of season 4. After Bad timing, it went downhill from there. That stupid secret wedding made no sense at all. The only interaction you really saw with Lee and her family (well her boys) was One flew east, and that was Lee on the basketball court with her boys, (Jaime acted like a brat), and when he was explaining to Jaime how the camera worked. Season 4 was my least favorite of all the four seasons. What I didn’t understand was that after they married, her family didn’t question why she didn’t stay home. They didn’t know about the marriage. I could go on and on about how stupid Season 4 was. Lee’s disposition in Mission of Gold seemed very disconnected, especially since they were supposed to be enjoying their honeymoon. Of course, they couldn’t because she got shot and was in the hospital fighting for her life, yet he was more concerned about the gold. In the Night Crawler episode, he was ready to move heaven and earth to save her, and she was just held captive by Barole(don know how to spell his name). Unless the writers didn’t know what to do with the characters at this point. Whatever it was, Season 4 was a big mess.


      • Awe, so sweet and romantic between the two of them. It does make me a little sad though, knowing what KJ was going through. Yet she still made it to the set and was ready to work. Such professionalism. This makes me admire her even more. In my book, she’s a great actress.


  3. I agree, Season 4 was not engaging to me at all. I do love seeing the way they embrace each other, and the love they share. I do wish it were more episodes of them embracing one another. Regarding that hideous sweater, Amanda is wearing. I do notice that at the halfway point of season 4, they had her wearing sweaters with those gigantic shoulder pads. I can just assume the reason for that was due to her being sick. Given KJ was always small, I’m sure she lost weight and the gigantic shoulder pads were to camouflage her size and make her look a bit larger.

    Seeing these last four episodes of the series, and knowing what she went through is incredibly sad, but KJ handled it like the true professional she is. I have a lot of admiration for her.


    • I don’t think was diagnosed till just before filming Mission Of Gold. Those sweaters and shoulder pads were sadly the style back then. My mom LOVED shoulder pads back in the day. I remember borrowing them to use as doll beds for my Strawberry Shortcake dolls. (And I just totally dated myself…)

      Liked by 1 person

      • I remember those shoulder pads too, I thought they were the most hideous looking, made some women look like linebackers. I believe it was Mission of Gold when she became ill, seems as though that’s when she started wearing those oversized sweaters with the extra-large shoulder pads to make her appearance seem not as frail. Looking at these last 3 episodes, she doesn’t look as healthy as she did prior.


  4. The scene between Dotty and Lee is one of the few I remember from this ep. I think it is adorable. Wish we could have gotten more of them. Me too thinks the sock must be one of the set Amanda gifted Lee with inTLCE.


  5. I think those argyle socks are the ones Amanda gave Lee for Christmas on Long Christmas Eve!

    We never met Peters but I was so sad to hear about Sally. (Ironically my roommate has a movie on right now where they’re discussing the strangling of a woman named Sally!)

    I think Amanda’s line is just to keep Lee from blaming himself as much. Yes he needs to get justice but he shouldn’t blame himself. I do wish they’d made this ep and the Francine plot separate episodes. I’d like more focus on what Lee is going through — maybe give us a flashback to when Sally tried to quit and Lee convinced her to stay. (In fact I think Francine should have gotten the earrings instead of Lee’s ex on All That Glitters! They could have made them come from the ex that was on the phone!)

    I love the way Lee leans in twice and seeks comfort. It’s such a beautiful and tender scene. I do think they should have given us a line as to WHY Amanda isn’t on the case — if Brody is back, maybe Lee was afraid for her safety because of adding her to the Barnstorm list and she was there when they took Brody down? Set it after Mission Of Gold and say she’s recovering and still on medical leave?

    Lee didn’t totally resist her efforts on Eyes Have It though, remember? At the park he said “I’m not complaining. I’m just wanted to say thank you for caring enough to come.” And he did take back his mothering comment a second after he said it in his apartment. Plus the adorable way he let her drag him to his room (I feel an Eyes Have It rewatch coming on…)


  6. This scene makes me really miss what Season 4 should have been! We all know why things unfolded the way they did, but my gosh BB and KJ are so good together, and here I feel they genuinely missed one another and were relieved to be together again. That chemistry oozes, and would have easily carried S5 if the gods had allowed. Sigh. I’m just going to bury my head in their embrace and act like the show goes on!


    • You know what makes me really mad? For the past 20 years at least, CBS has been running these stupid PSAs with stars that always end with the line “CBS Cares.” Uh, if that were true, actresses wouldn’t have to hide life-threatening illnesses to keep from being freaking fired and beautiful shows like this would maybe last as long as the garbage they have on today! (Okay, maybe twenty years is pushing it, but at least ten?) Not that I’m bitter or anything…


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