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2/3 Amanda King: Spy Material???

Although season 2 starts off a little slowly in terms of Amanda’s professional growth IMHO, it ends up being an extremely formative year for her and full of growth by the end.  Her world is expanded to Europe, where she is equally successful at applying her intuitive and every day, “normal” smarts.  And despite suffering some setbacks in OMIT and ACA, she continues to watch and learn from Lee and never totally gives up her desire to work for the Agency and to maybe become a full-fledged agent someday.  Her bravery never falters, and she always manages to help Lee in some crucial way in every case.

Thanks again to iwsod for granting me permission to use her lovely screen caps!!  Smile  I am following the JWWM revised season 2 order, not the original airing order. (See Nedlindger’s for this discussion.. JWWM has discussed the season 2 order throughout the walk, but will eventually publish a post on it and bring it all together! 🙂 )

In the first four episodes of season 2, we see Amanda in some very different assignments than she’s had before.  She even gets to travel to Europe for 3 of them!  By now both Lee and Billy are aware that Amanda does bring value to the Agency and to Lee, and they have begun to have some level of trust in her.  Although she is still part-time, she has definitely become an accepted part of the Agency.

In Mongoose, Billy sends Amanda to Europe on her own to identify an old high school classmate of hers.  And although Connie Barnhill’s crush on Amanda helps loosen his tongue, she shows she knows just the right way to get him to talk when Lee’s good buy/bad guy technique fails.  Even Inspector Keaton thinks she’s pretty good!  And in the end, I think Amanda even earns a bit more of Lee’s respect for her intuition when he admits that she was right about Connie.


Remember that trust capital I talked about in the last post?  Well Amanda gets to spend some of it in the next two episodes.  In TTTAAC, Amanda gets to go back to Europe to be a messenger.  Although the Agency does trust her to deliver the messages, she is not trusted enough to be told that up front.  She is not happy about that, but according to Lee, it is for her own safety.  Amanda is successful at delivering her messages.  Billy rewards her by letting her go to the Baron’s soiree and even makes Francine lend her an outfit. Lee even gives her a little job at the Baron’s party when he asks her to “get rid of the woman” so they can talk to the Good Will Ambassador.  Amanda doesn’t look very comfortable with this, but Lee knows she can do it.

And in the end, Amanda’s every day smarts and bravery are on display as she is the one to figure out the Baron’s target and insists on
going with Lee to the Glockenspiel where the attempted assassination will be because her family is there.  Job well done, Amanda!  And right in front of Billy and Francine, too!

In Double Agent, we are back in D.C. where Amanda shines again.  Although the premise of the episode is that the Agency is using unqualified, civilian employees to do the work of agents, resulting in near catastrophe, it is our favorite unqualified, civilian employee who ends up saving the Agency and Lee.  It is Amanda’s knowledge of Harriman’s books that clues Lee in immediately to the fact that he has the wrong manuscript at first.  And it is Amanda who saves herself and Lee in the burning warehouse when Lee has no plan of his own.  Once again we see how Amanda’s everyday smarts play a big role in a case.


I also think this episode shows that Billy especially sees Amanda’s abilities and her bravery, and so he lets her decide for herself to do the baddies’ bidding instead of using Francine.

In TLODG, we have a new twist.  Amanda is brought onto an assignment by Emily Farnsworth – not Lee or Billy.  Amanda’s keen memory and awareness of boys’ magazine puzzles help point Lee in the right direction.  She doesn’t falter when having to jump in the lake at the Castle on the Lake and she looks pretty fierce with Dr. Hanover, preventing him from even trying to escape.

Amanda also is reminded of just how serious the spy business really is when Marianna breathes her last breath while Amanda is holding her
head.  She learns from Lee that she can’t take to heart what happened to Marianna or blame herself in any way for it.

I know ACA is not high on anyone’s favorite episodes list, but it does reveal two very important things to everyone with regard to Amanda’s career: 1) she is nowhere near ready to be considered for agent training with such things as guns, zip lines, and car chases, and
bean sprouts
2) her most valuable assets to Lee and the Agency are in her intuition, memory, ability to make connections that none of the agents see because she is “normal”, and in her bravery, as we see exhibited once again when she goes back to Dodge City to tell Lee about Peggy despite the danger.

Not withstanding the training fiasco in ACA, Amanda is given two more European jobs.  The first is a big solo opportunity to be a courier in OMIT, and the second is as part of Lee’s cover in AABH.  Although OMIT is arguably one of the best Lee eye-candy episodes, it is another learning opportunity for Amanda.

Disappointingly, she ends up in jail for counterfeiting and Lee is very unhappily sent to bail her out.  We do get to see her use her proven skills though, with her intuition telling her that a milkman just doesn’t
seem like the right person to be running a counterfeiting ring, her noticing the “weird boat” on the lake, and getting Old Gunther to talk.  Bromfield Hall is much the same, where we see more of Amanda’s luck and knack for being in the right place at the right time benefiting Lee and the case.  It is a good thing Lee gave in to Amanda’s insistence to stay on this case instead of getting sent home, otherwise he might never have survived or caught the bad guys. 

Do you remember this scene in TACMK?

This is when Lee tells Amanda that he learned you can’t look back in the spy business.  I think Amanda must have taken that to heart, because despite all the setbacks and Lee continually trying to keep her out of harm’s way or send her back home to her children, she never gives up believing in herself and fighting to be allowed to stay involved in her and Lee’s cases.  I love iwsod’s screen cap below from AABH, which clearly illustrates that she just can’t help but believe she offers something valuable to Lee. 
I think this is also one of her best qualities even though it takes Lee and Billy a while to realize it.  It also helps her impress both Lee and Emily in the next episode.

In TTFOE, Amanda gets involved because the Agency’s safe house burns down.  Her dining room is turned into the Soviet Embassy, and despite not knowing what to think initially, Amanda acts like a pro and goes with it – no whining, no complaining, and no looking back.  We witness her bravery again in meeting the two baddies for a second time, and she even helps Emily with her accurate arm.  It never really comes up again (at least I don’t think it does – and I’m sure someone will point it out if I’m mistaken), but I think Emily must somehow inspire Amanda,
especially after she learns Emily got involved in the spy business similarly to the way she did.

BAI is a huge episode for Amanda professionally.  I think Billy rewards her for a job well done in TTFOE with another solo courier assignment.  Although it is not her fault the microdot gets stolen, she and Lee have a huge fight and she decides to resign from the Agency.  brunettes lampWe see her intentionally take out a baddie (a first?), unlike accidental times in the past (think Peggy in ACA or Inga in TTTAAC), and it even impresses Lee enough to brag to Francine about it.  In the end, Amanda decides that she is proud of her job and wants to stay with the Agency. 
She even earns the title of “partner” from Lee.  Amanda’s proven her loyalty and dedication to him as well as saved his life by watching his back and helped to solve his cases.  Despite her status as a part-time, untrained civilian, even Lee can no longer deny her usefulness.  Or that he likes working with her Winking smile

This is all I can manage to say about CW.

At least Lee lets Amanda know he sees that she saved him once again.  She’s earned that.  I’m sorry CW fans, but other than that one lovely scene at the phone booth and Billy’s face when he tells Scarecrow to “break” Mario, I think this episode is in the running to be #88 out of 88 on my list.

I’m going to end this post here.  There is no way to do justice to the second half of this season and keep this post to a readable length.

I suppose I could have skipped the first part of season 2, but it think it’s important because it shows off Amanda’s persistence and ability to fight through the hard times but still learn and grow from those experiences at the same time.

Well, what do you think about Amanda’s growth so far in season 2???  Am I being too hard on her?  Not hard enough?  Was Billy wrong to send Amanda to Station 1?  Was it just payback to Lee for his attitude about going?  What most impressed you most in season 2 so far?  What do you think are Amanda’s best qualities as it relates to the job?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!!  I’m definitely biased!  Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed some Amanda focus!  Stay tuned for part 2 of season 2!

1/3-Amanda King: Housewife Looking for Work

Amanda King.  Housewife?  Yes.  Den Mother?  Yup.  Agent?  Hardly.  Spunky?  You bet.  From the moment she accepts that package from Lee Stetson at the train station to the moment he comes to offer her a ride in his new Corvette, Amanda morphs into a changed woman.  Let’s take a look at how she grows from your typical suburban mother and housewife who is looking for work in TFT to becoming the Agency’s only hope in CBAH. 

But before we start, I’d like to thank iwsod for the use of her lovely screen caps.  Thank you, iwsod!!  Open-mouthed smile You saved me so much time!  Also, I am using iwsod’s season 1 episode order.

In the tag of TFT, we don’t get to hear Amanda totally explain how she figured out the entire case and helped save amanda tag explainingLee in the process.  Actually, I think Billy must not have heard the whole thing either, or I’d wonder why he didn’t just hire her on the spot as a trainee agent – not as a civilian they rely on from time to time.  All on her own she does this:

  • realizes the words on the paper in the music box are recipe titles  and researches until she finds out they are from Mrs. Welch  amanda boo boo 1
  • uses a cover to get the air dates for each recipe from the TV station
  • links each air date with the dates the agents were murdered
  • tft dates link
  • figures out Lee is missing
  • connects Lee being missing to air date of Pilgrim’s Peach Puff
  • goes out to Mrs. Welch’s mansion only to discover Francine is the tft dumbwaiter

leak and helps save Lee’s life. 

  • Oh, and she flies a helicopter.

Sounds like potential agent material to me!  Right off the bat, we see she is persistent, a critical thinker, able to quickly make connections and is very courageous. I’ll give Billy the benefit of the doubt and consider she maybe had a bit of beginner’s luck with this first case, so let’s look at the rest of season 1 and see what develops.

Initially, Amanda is asked to help the Agency because of who she is, what she does, or where she lives.  From being dimple 5asked to be the “authentic” half of a suburban couple with Lee,parent 3     to babysitting a smug “orphan”, to using her driveway to hide the next best thing in the government’s mobile weaponry arsenal, and touch 4to being a Bedside Bluebell for a crabby Lee, we see that Amanda is being used in ways that take advantage of her expertise. 

But what we see is so much more.  We see her ability to think and make connections to the job with ramble 2 “normal life”, her ability to get people to talk and share information, a saves lee 2her attention to detail and powers of observation, and let’s not forget her driving skills – driving in NYC on a saves lee 1 Thanksgiving for the Macy’s parade is equal to proving your skills at LeMans and Monaco Winking smile.  You go, girl!

Billy must also take in these skills that Amanda is displaying and practicing, because she is rewarded and gets her first “real” spy assignment in SD:  she is to be an undercover operative (messenger) at the Pioneer’s football camp where Lee is already undercover.  After successfully completing her first real assignment, she is used again for her expertise.  In Gift Horse, a “frumpier”- jack 2than-Francine Amanda with her PTA connection gets to show Princess Penelope around an elementary school. 



Lee is in need of a beautiful woman for a date to the Quickie Chickie Snack Shack backer party in SAAB and in SBTB he needs someone who will feed his fish while away meeting women in the Caribbean. 

Amanda clearly displays her people skills when she befriends Penny and gets her to open up.  She also displays her quick thinking skills and comes up with a convincing cover in SAAB.  Even Billy is impressed, “She’s thinking on her feet.  She has instincts.”  In SBTB, her observation skills are tested, but with her excellent memory and eye for detail, she comes through and she and Lee find the house where she was held captive.  We also see a new skill in SBTB: she climbs up to the top of some high shelving and pushes over a tall stack of heavy tires to take out the baddies and free Lee.   Amanda is growing and getting more used to being in the spy business!

After all this, she is rewarded again by Billy in TLCE by being given a short undercover assignment.  Although this operation doesn’t go ramble 3quite as planned, we get to witness Amanda’s bravery and common sense as well as her first aid skills.

In ROTP, Billy gives Amanda another “spy” assignment.  She plaid 2is asked to help Lee investigate his own murder by doing his legwork.  She gets to see the seedier side of life and almost amanda booboo 3gets blown to smithereens by that nutter, Sinclair.  But hey, at least she now knows the going rate for such an establishment, ahem.

By this point, Amanda has certainly proven that she adds value to Lee and the Agency beyond her expertise in being a normal, everyday mother of two housewife.  She’s recognized by Billy for her ability to think on her feet and for having good instincts.   Lee also must see some of this, because in IANNNHIEBAS, for the first time not borne out of desperation, Lee gives her an assignment: she is to pick up a message from the elevator guy and bring it to him at the drop at Milo’s Daffy Dogs.  Unfortunately, all does not go as planned. Lee thinks he’s gotten Amanda killed, and he is significantly impacted.  But Amanda, ever resilient, comes through and continues on with the Agency. 


What pluck!

Amanda next has a series of small assignments in LAF, TAD, DR, and TM.  She is asked to use her life experience plus what she’s learned from working at the Agency so far.  More importantly, she learns a couple of lessons.  In TAD, to her horror, she is personally used and betrayed by the Dodger so he can steal the final MAB sheet.  On the positive side, she learns that she has earned some level of trust with Lee in The Mole.  He trusts her to dig around in everyone’s personal business and actually gives her a badge and sends her out to interview someone on her own to get information.  

Savior is a bit of a different episode, and it is another hard lesson learned for Amanda.  Despite being used personally in TAD, she falls prey again and is tricked in Savior out of her loyalty and dedication to Lee.  But this time it is from a professional standpoint.  I think she learns that Lee is truly the only person she can trust in this business and that she needs to be wary of others who may try to take advantage of her. 


In FR, Amanda is accidentally involved in the case, literally.  And it is her relationship with the parking lot attendant that brings the videotape of people coming and going from the Agency to light.  Once again, Amanda’s people skills are on display: she can befriend a princess or a parking lot attendant.  She continues to offer up suggestions to Lee with the idea of looking for a sub-basement at the warehouse and even finds a way to help stop the baddie by taking a trick from her favorite movie,   The Sound of Music, when she removes a bunch of wires from his car.

In Weekend, we see Amanda get her last assignment of the season.  She gets to be Mrs. Lee Stetson at a posh resort.       She continues to show how she can think on her feet when helping Lee with his “pill”. 
Amanda keeps earning Lee’s trust and she is rewarded with a little freedom when he asks her to trail Valerie Tucker, one of the suspected baddies to be his eyes and ears.  

The last three episodes of the season have Amanda getting involved coincidentally with the Agency (WFG – estate sale/meatloaf for a princess, FD – Dotty/Drought Cycles of Burma, and CBAH – her charity work at the Equidome).  We also learn she’s been transcribing phone conversations and typing reports.  In WFG, Amanda’s logical mind and keen senses help Lee crack another case.  He’s impressed with her ability to glean useful clues from the tapes and even shares details of the assignment with her even though she doesn’t have a need to know. 

In FD, her attention to detail and memory help the sketch artist to come up with a close enough picture to ID Carlos,       and she quickly makes the connection between the book her mother “bought” and the fact that it is her mother the bad guys are after.  She even shows quick thinking and good aim with the hose, which helps stop the bad guy. 

CBAH makes a great season-ending episode, and I think it highlights Amanda’s professional growth. Despite the danger of being discovered as Lee’s “in” to the Equidome, Amanda comes through for Lee just like she did in TFT.  With Lee tied to the bar, Amanda takes the initiative to go search for the secret formula and winds up finding a dead body.      Not long after that, she realizes Lee might be in trouble and goes to find Billy to let him know.  Although Billy tells  her to give Lee more time, her instincts tell her not to listen.  She disobeys Billy, takes out a security guard, and rescues Lee from the freezer.  Wow!  No Lee popsicles this season!

Despite learning a hard lesson or two along the way, Amanda has proven her value to Lee and to the Agency in season 1.  She’s successfully pulled off a cover many times and has used her intuition, common sense, and quick thinking ability to help Lee solve many of his cases.  She’s grown in self-confidence and street smarts and to trust in herself, despite being used and tricked.  She’s shown her loyalty and dedication to Lee and the Agency and we’ve never seen her courageous spirit falter.  As a result, she’s earned some trust capital with Lee and Billy.  And although she still has to wear that damned Guest Pass on her lapel, Amanda King has made her mark.  I think she is ready for bigger and better things in season 2, don’t you?  (Not to mention a ride in Lee’s new Corvette!)

S2E05_Charity.flv_002676680_thumb.jpgSo, what do you think???  How do you see Amanda’s professional growth in season 1?  What do think Lee thinks about her at the end versus the beginning?  What does Amanda think about herself?  We know Amanda’s kidnapping in IANNNHIEBAS impacted Lee.  How does it impact her professional growth?  What about her other “booboos”?  Is there anything that sticks out for you?  Is there anything you can relate to?  Please share!!  Thanks for reading!

2/2 SMK Stats: Remembrance of Things Past

Aaaaand we’re back!  Back for the second installment of ROTP stats, complete with more swoony moments – get your helmets out ladies Winking smile.  I find ROTP has a bit of everything in it – ROFL humor, knock you out dimples and of course, the reason for our Lee In Plaid category.  I hope you enjoy this second part of the stats!

Let me know if I’ve missed anything!



We find our favorite duo back at the King Edward hotel looking for clues…

touch 14

Lee is such a gentleman…he just can’t help it.  Right hand on elbow.

touch 15


Uh oh, Amanda’s been hurt!  First Lee touches her left elbow.



touch 16



Now he’s touching her neck looking for a bruise.

touch 17




He’s really looking hard for a bruise…so tender while he touches her neck with his left hand.

touch 18

Now holding hands.  Awwww.  Didn’t we just seen this pose in MBF? Her hair is much better here – despite that Amandaband.

touch 19

Ohhh, they’ve really got each other in a good grip, huh?  13 seconds of virtually constant contact! 8 seconds of which is hand holding.  Open-mouthed smile

touch 20

Hoo haa!  Lee and Amanda in bed!!!!   Love their faces!  It looks like their upper arms touch here, doesn’t it?  I’m counting it.  Anyone got a meme for this?

touch 21

L:  Are you okay?  I’m pretty sure he touches her at least once here while he is untying her left arm.

touch 22




L:  Yeah, I guess we won’t be able to have those burgers and wine at your place?   Again – he’s got to touch her at least once while untying her right arm.

touch 23

He’s sneaking a look here – is she disappointed?  Oh, and he’s touching her arm.

touch 24

They’re still touching – now she steals a look.  Is he disappointed?

touch 25

Sizzle, sizzle, crack, crack! Don’t need no dynamite bundles here!   Laughing out loud  Oh, and they’re still touching.  Winking smile


hands 1

Ahhhh, Lee’s lovely hands.

hands 2

Are these Lee’s hands?  I think they are!  The camera backs off Lee’s hands without cutting and we immediately see Lee’s reflection in the mirror. If it is a hand model, the filming and editing people did a very good job.  Go check it out if you’re not sure – but I think these really are his hands.  It’s right around 9 minutes in.  Please report back if you do!

hands 3

Now there’s a gun in those hot hands!  Love the look of relief and concern on his face.  And that long, straight index finger.

hands 4

Don’t you just love his long, slender fingers?   I wonder why BB never took up piano.  Maybe he did?  Anyone out there know?

hands 5

One last look – those hands in action!  Love this look of anxious concern here too.

Jack Sightings

jack 1

It’s Jack 1!  Wow, Jack 1 and Jill in one episode!  I wonder if we’ll ever see Jack 1, Jack 2 and Jill in the same episode.


lee mug

I want one of these.  I’m not kidding.  Anyone know where I can get one?  Email me if you do.  I’m completely serious.

francine 2

F:  Amanda King knew about this??????  Muahahahahaha!  Looooove it!!!!!  Good job Martha Smith!!!  But what are you wearing???  I do like your hair though.  Smile


Knock, knock!!

bad amanda 1

L:  Amanda, get in the bed.  A:  What?  Bad Amanda!

bad amanda 2

L:  Just do it, will ya?  Love the look of horror on Amanda’s face!  Time for a meme game   Open-mouthed smile  Just what is going through her mind here???

A.  She is horrified of getting in the bed for fear of bed bugs – or worse.

B.  She is horrified of getting in the bed with Lee.

C. She is horrified at wondering what Lee wants to do with her in that bed.

D.  Other – but you have to explain in the comments!!!

This pic is BEGGING for a meme!  KC?  iwsod?  Anyone???

bad amanda 3

And she finally does what she’s told…too bad neither of them looks very happy. Sad smile  I think this is the only time in the series they actually share a bed – under the covers.  Yup, it’s my avatar!!  Winking smile

AMAAANDA! (always said with a hint of annoyance)

amaaanda 1

A:  What are you going to do?   L:  Ignore it.   A:  Ignore it?   L:  Amaaanda! Actually, this is about as nice a way to say Amaaanda annoyingly as he ever gets, I think. Boy he must be scared.  Nice dimple too  Winking smile

Lee in plaid

plaid 1

I’m not really sure if this is considered plaid. It might just be a large gingham check pattern.  But just in case it is plaid, I’m including it Winking smile

plaid 2

And here we have the reason for this category.  Say it with me everyone:

 L:  “I hate plaid!”

plaid 3

ROFL!! It doesn’t even look like Lee!  I don’t want one of these hats.  Seriously.

plaid 4

And for all you fans of imperfect hair Lee…this is one of my faves.

plaid 8

Uh oh, Lee just got off the phone with that nutter, Sinclair.  Love the look on his face.  No wonder Dotty said he had a strong profile in VM!  In love  Yep, I’m just posting randoms pics of Lee in Plaid.  Well, cuz that’s the name of the category!  I never said it had to be different plaid, did I?


amandaband 1

Oh goodie, a pink one.  One more down….I think we’re up to 8.


lee saves a 1

Look at that kick!  He’s got to get into that bathroom to save Amanda from being strangled to death!

lee saves a 2

It’s Karate Kid Stetson!!!  This aired about 6 months before the original Karate Kid, I bet Ralph Macchio or Pat Morita stole it from Lee!!! 

lee saves a 3

After getting off the phone with Sinclair, Lee rushes over to his apartment save Amanda.  Lee, you still haven’t put away Sandy Newcombe’s football equipment?   Don’t you think it’s aired out long enough?  

lee saves a 4



Uh oh, he gets caught sneaking in!

lee saves a 5



Now he has to sword fight the guy.  Totally not a fair fight.  I’m thinking Buzz Blade didn’t do much sword fighting on his show.

lee saves a 6



And finally, degenerate lifestyle Lee pulls the fuse out of the dynamite bundle, saving Amanda, himself and Mr. Feller from being blown to smithereens.  Yep, Mr. Feller, it’s none of your business what Lee does inside his own apartment…Nyah-Nyah  I love that Lee totally ignores him!!!  Laughing out loud

Gratuitous Dimple shots

dimple 1

L:  Monk’s is neutral territory. It’s a hangout for reporters, operatives, crooks…anyone who makes a buck off the international power game.

dimple 2

A: Wouldn’t it be safer if I drove you?  L: Safer?  A:  Yes, I mean I know I can’t punch, but look if anybody tried to attack you I could confuse them to death, you know I can do that.   Yep, Lee does know that.  so does Dr. Ted Glaser.  Winking smile   And, yes, there is a dimple in this picture.  It’s just hard to see because it’s in the shadow….

dimple 3

A:  Alright. We know that you’re strong and brave and I’m not. I’m scared and I’m not strong and I’m not brave so, just to humor me, would you please let me drive you home? Pause Please? Pause  L and A together: Okay.   A: Good.

And lest anyone think I am completely shallow and only look to what’s on the surface only, this next series of Dimple Shots when Lee appears in Amanda’s living room will show you that I am capable of seeing more than just the dimple.  When I want to.  Winking smile  


dimple 4

Take Lee here in this photo – we have your plain old, dimple-free Lee in that luscious blue color.  In love  Yep, he’s alive!   Oh, thank God!!

dimple 5

And here in this picture we have your basic dimple-faced Lee, very happy to be alive and standing in Amanda’s living room.


dimple 6

L:  I do care.

Ahh, but this dimple, now this is a special dimple.  It is preceded by the Amandaramble where she tells him that she doesn’t care if he doesn’t care that she cares.  I think we should keep an eye out for future “I do care” dimples – they are special.  I am pretty sure there is at least one in our future – perhaps many more.  In fact, I’m picturing one right now. In love He looks the most genuinely sincere I think I’ve ever seen him with Amanda.

dimple 7

L:  Really.

Now this dimple is called the “Really” dimple.  Notice it is a tad deeper than the “I do care” dimple above.  And his smile is starting to show.  He really is sincere!  But not that kind of sincere.  Winking smile

dimple 8

L:  Thank you.

And here we have the final dimple in this trilogy.  Yup, you guessed it, the “Thank you” dimple.  Notice how the dimple has gotten even deeper than the “Really” dimple and his smile has reached his eyes.  Is this man gorgeous or what?  Breathe people.  Iiin and out.  Iiin and out.  I’ll take these three Lees over Lee in a tux any day.  I think.  Winking smile

dimple 9

A:  You’re welcome. 

Awww, sweet!  Amanda you are one strong woman – how you are able to think and talk and still stand up at this point I’ll never know.


dimple 14

L:  And a small but provocative selection of wines.

What does that even mean?  Lee looks happy here, doesn’t he?  I guess spending a night or two in suburbia isn’t as bad as he thought it would be.  As long as he can have his provocative selection of wines.

dimple 15

A:  Lee? L:  Oh yeah.

  Leeeeee, don’t you know you have to untie her all the way???  

And there we have it!  So what was your favorite Dimple?  Did you go check to see if those are really Lee’s hands holding that “Getting Nervous” note?  What was your choice for what Amanda’s thinking when Lee tells her to get in that bed bug-ridden bed?  And just where, oh where, can I get on of those Lee mugs???

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

Let’s recap…

Tuxedos – 0

Amanda Bands – 1, pink

Lee saves Amanda – 2

Amanda saves Lee – 0

Amanda doesn’t do what Lee tells her – 1

Amaaanda! – 1

Leeeee! – 0

Hits/Punches/Shots to Lee – 6

Amanda “Boo boos” – 4

Lee Winks – 0

Amandarambles – 2

Touches – 25

Lee in Plaid – 2

Who Left their keys this week? – 0, The baddie actually gets into Lee’s car and he didn’t even leave the keys in it!

Jack Sightings – 1

Jill Sightings – 1