2/2 SMK Stats: Remembrance of Things Past

Aaaaand we’re back!  Back for the second installment of ROTP stats, complete with more swoony moments – get your helmets out ladies Winking smile.  I find ROTP has a bit of everything in it – ROFL humor, knock you out dimples and of course, the reason for our Lee In Plaid category.  I hope you enjoy this second part of the stats!

Let me know if I’ve missed anything!



We find our favorite duo back at the King Edward hotel looking for clues…

touch 14

Lee is such a gentleman…he just can’t help it.  Right hand on elbow.

touch 15


Uh oh, Amanda’s been hurt!  First Lee touches her left elbow.



touch 16



Now he’s touching her neck looking for a bruise.

touch 17




He’s really looking hard for a bruise…so tender while he touches her neck with his left hand.

touch 18

Now holding hands.  Awwww.  Didn’t we just seen this pose in MBF? Her hair is much better here – despite that Amandaband.

touch 19

Ohhh, they’ve really got each other in a good grip, huh?  13 seconds of virtually constant contact! 8 seconds of which is hand holding.  Open-mouthed smile

touch 20

Hoo haa!  Lee and Amanda in bed!!!!   Love their faces!  It looks like their upper arms touch here, doesn’t it?  I’m counting it.  Anyone got a meme for this?

touch 21

L:  Are you okay?  I’m pretty sure he touches her at least once here while he is untying her left arm.

touch 22




L:  Yeah, I guess we won’t be able to have those burgers and wine at your place?   Again – he’s got to touch her at least once while untying her right arm.

touch 23

He’s sneaking a look here – is she disappointed?  Oh, and he’s touching her arm.

touch 24

They’re still touching – now she steals a look.  Is he disappointed?

touch 25

Sizzle, sizzle, crack, crack! Don’t need no dynamite bundles here!   Laughing out loud  Oh, and they’re still touching.  Winking smile


hands 1

Ahhhh, Lee’s lovely hands.

hands 2

Are these Lee’s hands?  I think they are!  The camera backs off Lee’s hands without cutting and we immediately see Lee’s reflection in the mirror. If it is a hand model, the filming and editing people did a very good job.  Go check it out if you’re not sure – but I think these really are his hands.  It’s right around 9 minutes in.  Please report back if you do!

hands 3

Now there’s a gun in those hot hands!  Love the look of relief and concern on his face.  And that long, straight index finger.

hands 4

Don’t you just love his long, slender fingers?   I wonder why BB never took up piano.  Maybe he did?  Anyone out there know?

hands 5

One last look – those hands in action!  Love this look of anxious concern here too.

Jack Sightings

jack 1

It’s Jack 1!  Wow, Jack 1 and Jill in one episode!  I wonder if we’ll ever see Jack 1, Jack 2 and Jill in the same episode.


lee mug

I want one of these.  I’m not kidding.  Anyone know where I can get one?  Email me if you do.  bjosmk@yahoo.com.  I’m completely serious.

francine 2

F:  Amanda King knew about this??????  Muahahahahaha!  Looooove it!!!!!  Good job Martha Smith!!!  But what are you wearing???  I do like your hair though.  Smile


Knock, knock!!

bad amanda 1

L:  Amanda, get in the bed.  A:  What?  Bad Amanda!

bad amanda 2

L:  Just do it, will ya?  Love the look of horror on Amanda’s face!  Time for a meme game   Open-mouthed smile  Just what is going through her mind here???

A.  She is horrified of getting in the bed for fear of bed bugs – or worse.

B.  She is horrified of getting in the bed with Lee.

C. She is horrified at wondering what Lee wants to do with her in that bed.

D.  Other – but you have to explain in the comments!!!

This pic is BEGGING for a meme!  KC?  iwsod?  Anyone???

bad amanda 3

And she finally does what she’s told…too bad neither of them looks very happy. Sad smile  I think this is the only time in the series they actually share a bed – under the covers.  Yup, it’s my avatar!!  Winking smile

AMAAANDA! (always said with a hint of annoyance)

amaaanda 1

A:  What are you going to do?   L:  Ignore it.   A:  Ignore it?   L:  Amaaanda! Actually, this is about as nice a way to say Amaaanda annoyingly as he ever gets, I think. Boy he must be scared.  Nice dimple too  Winking smile

Lee in plaid

plaid 1

I’m not really sure if this is considered plaid. It might just be a large gingham check pattern.  But just in case it is plaid, I’m including it Winking smile

plaid 2

And here we have the reason for this category.  Say it with me everyone:

 L:  “I hate plaid!”

plaid 3

ROFL!! It doesn’t even look like Lee!  I don’t want one of these hats.  Seriously.

plaid 4

And for all you fans of imperfect hair Lee…this is one of my faves.

plaid 8

Uh oh, Lee just got off the phone with that nutter, Sinclair.  Love the look on his face.  No wonder Dotty said he had a strong profile in VM!  In love  Yep, I’m just posting randoms pics of Lee in Plaid.  Well, cuz that’s the name of the category!  I never said it had to be different plaid, did I?


amandaband 1

Oh goodie, a pink one.  One more down….I think we’re up to 8.


lee saves a 1

Look at that kick!  He’s got to get into that bathroom to save Amanda from being strangled to death!

lee saves a 2

It’s Karate Kid Stetson!!!  This aired about 6 months before the original Karate Kid, I bet Ralph Macchio or Pat Morita stole it from Lee!!! 

lee saves a 3

After getting off the phone with Sinclair, Lee rushes over to his apartment save Amanda.  Lee, you still haven’t put away Sandy Newcombe’s football equipment?   Don’t you think it’s aired out long enough?  

lee saves a 4



Uh oh, he gets caught sneaking in!

lee saves a 5



Now he has to sword fight the guy.  Totally not a fair fight.  I’m thinking Buzz Blade didn’t do much sword fighting on his show.

lee saves a 6



And finally, degenerate lifestyle Lee pulls the fuse out of the dynamite bundle, saving Amanda, himself and Mr. Feller from being blown to smithereens.  Yep, Mr. Feller, it’s none of your business what Lee does inside his own apartment…Nyah-Nyah  I love that Lee totally ignores him!!!  Laughing out loud

Gratuitous Dimple shots

dimple 1

L:  Monk’s is neutral territory. It’s a hangout for reporters, operatives, crooks…anyone who makes a buck off the international power game.

dimple 2

A: Wouldn’t it be safer if I drove you?  L: Safer?  A:  Yes, I mean I know I can’t punch, but look if anybody tried to attack you I could confuse them to death, you know I can do that.   Yep, Lee does know that.  so does Dr. Ted Glaser.  Winking smile   And, yes, there is a dimple in this picture.  It’s just hard to see because it’s in the shadow….

dimple 3

A:  Alright. We know that you’re strong and brave and I’m not. I’m scared and I’m not strong and I’m not brave so, just to humor me, would you please let me drive you home? Pause Please? Pause  L and A together: Okay.   A: Good.

And lest anyone think I am completely shallow and only look to what’s on the surface only, this next series of Dimple Shots when Lee appears in Amanda’s living room will show you that I am capable of seeing more than just the dimple.  When I want to.  Winking smile  


dimple 4

Take Lee here in this photo – we have your plain old, dimple-free Lee in that luscious blue color.  In love  Yep, he’s alive!   Oh, thank God!!

dimple 5

And here in this picture we have your basic dimple-faced Lee, very happy to be alive and standing in Amanda’s living room.


dimple 6

L:  I do care.

Ahh, but this dimple, now this is a special dimple.  It is preceded by the Amandaramble where she tells him that she doesn’t care if he doesn’t care that she cares.  I think we should keep an eye out for future “I do care” dimples – they are special.  I am pretty sure there is at least one in our future – perhaps many more.  In fact, I’m picturing one right now. In love He looks the most genuinely sincere I think I’ve ever seen him with Amanda.

dimple 7

L:  Really.

Now this dimple is called the “Really” dimple.  Notice it is a tad deeper than the “I do care” dimple above.  And his smile is starting to show.  He really is sincere!  But not that kind of sincere.  Winking smile

dimple 8

L:  Thank you.

And here we have the final dimple in this trilogy.  Yup, you guessed it, the “Thank you” dimple.  Notice how the dimple has gotten even deeper than the “Really” dimple and his smile has reached his eyes.  Is this man gorgeous or what?  Breathe people.  Iiin and out.  Iiin and out.  I’ll take these three Lees over Lee in a tux any day.  I think.  Winking smile

dimple 9

A:  You’re welcome. 

Awww, sweet!  Amanda you are one strong woman – how you are able to think and talk and still stand up at this point I’ll never know.


dimple 14

L:  And a small but provocative selection of wines.

What does that even mean?  Lee looks happy here, doesn’t he?  I guess spending a night or two in suburbia isn’t as bad as he thought it would be.  As long as he can have his provocative selection of wines.

dimple 15

A:  Lee? L:  Oh yeah.

  Leeeeee, don’t you know you have to untie her all the way???  

And there we have it!  So what was your favorite Dimple?  Did you go check to see if those are really Lee’s hands holding that “Getting Nervous” note?  What was your choice for what Amanda’s thinking when Lee tells her to get in that bed bug-ridden bed?  And just where, oh where, can I get on of those Lee mugs???

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

Let’s recap…

Tuxedos – 0

Amanda Bands – 1, pink

Lee saves Amanda – 2

Amanda saves Lee – 0

Amanda doesn’t do what Lee tells her – 1

Amaaanda! – 1

Leeeee! – 0

Hits/Punches/Shots to Lee – 6

Amanda “Boo boos” – 4

Lee Winks – 0

Amandarambles – 2

Touches – 25

Lee in Plaid – 2

Who Left their keys this week? – 0, The baddie actually gets into Lee’s car and he didn’t even leave the keys in it!

Jack Sightings – 1

Jill Sightings – 1

77 responses to “2/2 SMK Stats: Remembrance of Things Past

  1. I’m so glad that you commented on this post, Nancy. I’m new to the blog and still swimming through all the content, and hadn’t come across this yet until your comment triggered a look. Great read and it really gave me a good laugh. Long live old English- lettered mugs and SMK stats. If I ever get the time I’m going to write a stats post on a S3 episode and add “Lee and Amanda Get Interrupted” and “Lee and Amanda Make It Painfully Obvious They’re Crazy About Each Other” to the list of tracked metrics. By the way: I’ve been giving it some thought, and I’ve decided that it’s time to make a confession: I actually like Amandabands, and I don’t care who knows it. I’ve searched my soul and that’s how it stands. Ditto for banana clips…does anybody else miss those, or is it just me? I think I had like 32 of them in high school…

    Liked by 1 person

    • So sorry, I just realized that I should have said “thank you Nancy and Esther”! And also thanks (these many years later) to BJo for such a fun post.

      P/S: I thought of two more S3 stats metrics (actually good for any season): “Dottie Threatens to Write a Letter” and “Lee and Amanda Fail To Rehearse Their Cover Story”. 🙂 Maybe one of these days I’ll get the time to sit down and write…

      Liked by 1 person

      • I confess to being a banana clip wearer. It was the cure for my thick hair. I also had a version of an Amandaband. Back then, I envied Amanda’s hair anytime it was longer.

        I am 100% in favor of any stats metrics you want to do! Those topics all sound like fun.


        • Yes! I had a ton of hair, too, and banana clips were so handy and fun. I don’t recall having an Amandaband, but I’m betting I dug on hers at the time; like you, I remember admiring her longer S1 and early S2 hairstyles. I thought she looked especially gorgeous when she wore it up. I would have been about 12 or 13 then…oh my, so long ago, and yet in some ways it seems like yesterday…

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  2. I just happened to land on an episode of Charlie‘s Angels called “Angel Flight”. In the first minute you can see a mug that reminds me a lot of another mug… with „Lee“ on it. Can it be the same mug?
    So, here is a video from the Charlie’s Angels episode:

    You can see the mug right at the beginning and then have a clear shot of it at 4:30!

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    • Great memory! Both Lee and Gene mugs appear to be made by the same manufacturer using the same Old English letter style.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Ester!
      I love that you brought this up because it’s a fabulous excuse to revisit one of BJo’s SMK Stats posts!!
      [sending a big hello your way BJo!]

      Yeah it totally looks like the same type of mug. Must have been.. a thing!

      I want one of these. I’m not kidding. Anyone know where I can get one? Email me if you do. bjosmk@yahoo.com. I’m completely serious.

      did anyone email you BJo?

      Hey Everyone, if you could buy this mug…would you put your name on it? or order it with ‘Lee’ so you can have Lee’s mug?!

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  3. Hey BJo – if you’re up for suggestions regarding other stats, how about: Lee says “Here we go!” I think it’s a BB thing, and it cracks me up every time I hear it, ‘cos he says it relatively frequently…
    (Just a thought.)


    • Hi, KC! Nice to hear from you 🙂 I am open to ideas for other stats, but my writing time for these posts has all but vanished for the time being unfortunately. I’ve started back at school and it’s eating up all my time it seems. They are fun to write, but are time consuming – which I’m sure you know! I may need to revamp how I do write them, otherwise it may be a while before I can get another one written.

      Of course, I don’t have a monopoly on these posts, so if anyone wants to pick up the mantle of do an episode or two, that would be great too!


  4. I’m afraid I have nothing profound to add but want to say how much I enjoy your stats posts. I love how you write and have a good few laughs aloud. Please keep them coming! I’m also becoming alarmingly fond of plaid…


    • Hi Learjet! And what a way to start my day! Thank you for your kind words about my stats posts! 🙂 😎 🙂

      Yes, Lee in plaid is, um, a little addictive. Actually, Lee in anything can be a little addictive…hahaha! Welcome to the blog and I hope you enjoy yourself here! You do not need to be profound – I hardly ever am 😉

      I will keep the stats posts coming, but first I’ve got two on Amanda’s professional growth coming and I don’t have nearly as much SMK time during the day to write my stats posts that frequently. But rest assured, I am still on them!

      Thanks again!


      • Was in the shops this morning and noticed some plaid shirts in the new winter range (in Australia). Think I might dress my husband in plaid and imagine he is a spy.

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        • Bwahahahaha! Love it!


        • Resist Learjet!!!! Go for the plastic vinyl Jacket instead!!! 😉 tee heee..

          Just kidding! Just wanted to say welcome!!! I was very excited to see another Aussie joining us!!! I hope you will continue to join in the fun – and if anyone says anything you are not following the context of, just ask away and I am sure someone will fill you in and help you get up to speed..

          Welcome! Hope you find discussing with everyone here at JWWM a lovely way to supplement and enhance your experience of all the smk goodness!!!

          [I’m in Australia too!!! Did you buy the dvds?]



          • Thanks ISWOD. I thought he’d look very fetching in the grey blue ‘vinyl’ jacket – not!!!
            Yes in a desperate attempt at economy, I bought the German subtitled DVDs, so maybe I’ll learn German by watching SMK once I’ve worn out the English audio ☺!


  5. hi BJo enjoyed your stats post.. just the bit of lighthearted fun I needed!! thanks!!!

    LOL lovin your celebration of swoony Lee!

    Valerie loved your idea about the provocative wine selection – such a great word.. and true descriptor of how Lee and Amanda related at times! 🙂

    Sorry I’m not around much! but loving reading all your comments.. I’ve had a few bus trips reading these comments and giggling away – and my fellow travellers are wondering what I could be reading I think! If only they knew!

    Hopefully I’ll be around more next week, byeee!

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  6. This is so interesting. I looked up the phrase “provocative selection of wine” just to see what would happen. There is a wine company in Napa, CA called Provocative. There is also a book about wines where the authors tell about their most memorable and provocative selection of wines. So then I looked up provocative and it can have a positive or negative connotation, but I think it speaks to Lee and Amanda’s burgeoning friendship and ultimate relationship. To be provocative means to evoke passion, emotion, curiosity, and fascination; to amuse and entertain; to excite, stimulate, irritate, or vex; to provoke a reaction; synonyms could be: annoying, exasperating, infuriating, maddening.

    Lee and Amanda have been provocative of each other and they have definitely provoked reactions in each other. I wonder what Lee’s thoughts were in wanting a provocative selection to share with Amanda. Conscious or unconscious choice of words? We know he liked wine and was probably somewhat of a connoisseur so he had to know what he was talking about. See, this is when the brilliance of the writers and actors of this show come into play. A single phrase can mean so much. This is what makes me ignore, forgive, and move past any plot holes that may occur. Tonight I think I will choose a provocative wine selection to celebrate this newfound knowledge.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Valerie, I am so glad you did that research and shared it with us. That definition of “provocative” is a perfect description of Lee and Amanda. I think I will join you with the glass selected from some provocative wine as well. Perfect!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Good thoughts about Lee and Amanda provoking each other! Good relationships do provoke us to be our best selves, IMO.
      When Lee says this phrase, I think he is looking for something to amuse, entertain or fascinate him. He doesn’t (consciously) think Amanda will do those things, he is stuck playing dead when he’d rather be investigating, and he wants some excitement. Little does he know what the future holds! Amanda turns out to be much more fascinating and passion-evoking than he now realizes.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Here, here, Valerie! Well done! I too will join in a toast of new knowledge with a provocative wine tonight 🙂

      Thinking about Lee and his personality and such, I see Lee as wanting to stir up a little bit of emotion and/or perhaps curiousity? He’s already cooked her squid (I wonder if she’d eaten that before). Maybe he would like to expose her a little more to his cosmopolitan lifestyle like he thinks she is trying to turn him into a “normal person” or expose him to “normal people.” Or maybe he’s just thinking selfishly at this stage of the game and just doesn’t want the half bottle of something or other from Amanda’s fridge!!

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  7. Oh dear it comes to something when Lee/BB has better nails than me!!

    Thanks BJo for the wonderful blog posts. I didn’t realise there was so much touching!!!!

    However I need mind bleach for the pic of Lee in that hat. I just keep seeing Elmer Fudd…….now where’s that wabbit?!

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  8. Hi BJo! Here ist something for a mem: Lee: Hey! We have this room for one hour. She still wears her Headband….
    Bye bye


  9. Dimples, dimples, dimples!!! Okay, now that I have that out of my system ….

    Thanks so much for the fun stats, BJo. Great stats to enjoy in this one. I do wonder why Lee would be cheeky enough to leave her shoulders tied to the chair. On purpose? Hmmmmm. It’s as if he just wants to see what she’d say.


    • Ahhh, you’re welcome, debilyn! Good question…if that is the case, I think she says the right thing. Do you?


      • The fact that he left her half-untied after she echos that she wasn’t disappointed they wouldn’t have that time together gives me the idea that, unconsciously he is punishing her for that. Though, of course, he denied it as well. Then, again, maybe I’m over-thinking that. I do like the look they give each other while he’s untying her shoulders, though. A little too close for comfort??


        • No, no, you aren’t overthinking it. I was thinking the exact same thing. But then of course I am always over thinking it. I guess I just really like your way of thinking! 😉


        • Could be. Maybe Lee isn’t used to being turned down by beautiful women – and this is her second time, I think. She refused his drink offer at the end of TGTN.

          But do you think she said the right thing when she called Lee out on not untying her shoulder strap? Did he want her to ask him to come finish untying her? I take what she says to him to mean that she thinks he needs to finish the job. Maybe she just wanted to see what he would do?


          • Maybe he did want her to say something, but since she just calls his name and shows him the “ties” I think that was typical. When he deflected something at that point in the relationship, she usually didn’t push. Which makes for delicious speculating on our parts, but for them, was their way of coping with what they didn’t want/weren’t ready to admit.

            Personally, it would have been fun to see her trip him to get his attention after he turned away. 🙂 Then she could have said “Excuse me? I’m still a little tied up over here.” He would have groaned, they would chuckle and then he could have said “Yes, ma’am.” Hahaha.

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            • I’ve always thought that too, Debilyn and Morley. His little “punishment” here reminds me of his “pettiness” in Magic Bus. I always got the same feel from these two scenes that he’s playfully teasing/punishing her and she knows it.


  10. What is Francine wearing? It was re-use your old school uniform day! I think Amanda was horrified for reasons A, B, and C. I love how she keeps her purse on her shoulder, and thus between Lee and herself, when she gets into the bed! Why is Lee wearing gloves in the final confrontation with Sinclair? I know people wear gloves for fencing sometimes, but he didn’t know he was going to be fencing. This baddie is named Sinclair just like the creep in Brunettes. How weird is that?


    • Hi happycamper! There’s also another Sinclair in S4, but he’s a victim, or an intended victim I should say. I guess we should steer clear of anyone named Sinclair just in case! Yeah, that is weird about the gloves on Lee, I’m guessing it’s because of the way he has to pull the sparkling fuse out of the dynamite at the end? Maybe the sparkles could damage those lovely hands? I guess he was lucky to have thought of that, huh? 😉

      Good catch on the purse! I was too hung up on the fact that they’re in bed together to even notice that!


  11. Yeah–I think those are his hands! 🙂 The manicure looks right, among other things… 😀

    LOL! I already have the in-the-bed screencaps in my to-be-memed folder… and so far haven’t come up with anything stupendous enought o do them justice! 😦

    And for all you fans of imperfect hair Lee…this is one of my faves.
    But he looks like he just sucked on a lemon and is thinking–trying to figure out what the flavour is… or something a tad less polite.

    LOL. I love the gradations of dimple. 🙂 Thanks for breaking them down for us!

    What? No bloopers?!?!? 😦


    • Yes! I knew I wasn’t totally off-base with those hands being Lee’s. Does anyone out there think they are not Lee’s hands?

      When you publish your meme for these screen caps, let us know please! 🙂

      Oh dear, lemon-faced Lee? We can’t have that! I guess when I see that picture it reminds me of the hilarity of that scene and it makes me smile. I should have included some dialogue. This face he gives to Amanda is in between her and his lines:

      A: Ohh, renting a room with no luggage, can you imagine what that desk clerk must think?”
      L: gives her the look Amanda, did you see that guy? I mean, do you really care what he thinks?”

      Excellent point, Lee!!

      So glad you loved the various dimples. I can clearly see the differences too 😉

      You know, the only blooper I noticed was the bendy knife, but I only knew it was there because of iwsod’s episode post. When I do a blooper, it’s usually one I’ve not ever seen before or read about somewhere else. I know there is a blooper when they get back to Amanda’s and Lee is reading through the report from the Nieman company, but I already knew about that. Did you notice any bloopers anywhere??


      • Did you notice any bloopers anywhere??

        This isn’t a blooper per se, but I always smirk a bit when Doug McClure kind of trips over the area rug as he’s sneaking up on Lee. On Twitter, BB said he and McClure practiced that fight for hours. Okay.


      • The moving dynamite bunches/wires, the already burned carpet (from the fuse, before the lit part even gets there), and–not really so much of a blooper–the Amandaband being retied… 😀 LOL! (Tie Patrol was on it!)


        • Oh gosh, I never noticed the dynamite moves! LOL! I think by the time I got to that point in the episode I was a little tired and just wanting to get through that action scene. Good catch! I don’t call you eagle eyes for nuttin’!

          I can’t place the Amandaband being retied. Where is that one?

          Liked by 1 person

      • Oh, and yeah… I know the dialogue’s funny, but if you just look at that pic he has a sort of sucked in face (like he’d just sucked a lemon) and he looks to be thinking hard, like ‘what is that flavour’… Then again, I live in the Rabbit Hole/Memesville, so my take on pics is… uhhh… different? 😀


        • Here’s something for the walls of your Rabbit Hole/Memesville…

          No lemon face here! 🙂


          • Not enough dimples in that for me 😉


          • Much better!!! Thanks BJo!!! sorry I’m not around much at the moment.. boooo!!! but glad to see everyone is having fun!!!

            Hopefully next week I’ll be around more. I’m moving house- again! Long story.. so while I still monitor things I don’t get the chance to say hi much at the moment and respond – booo!!!

            Hope you are all well!!


        • While I love a good dimple and smile, I think my most favorite shots of Lee are when he’s a little more serious – like he’s thinking or trying to tell Amanda something with his eyes. Maybe once I’ve done stats for all of S1, I’ll recap some of the dimple, tux, hands, plaid shots – you know, sort of like a “Best of Lee” or something. We also should do a “Best of Amanda” at some point too.


        • One more comment and I’ll stop – I promise. I love what I think is going through Lee’s mind here – about not giving one fig about what the desk clerk thinks. I love that he can do that. I think I tend to sometimes think too much about what other people think even when it’s sort of meaningless. It’s good for Amanda that she realize that in the big picture it’s completely irrelevant what that desk clerk thinks of her so she just needs to forget about it and move on the business at hand. It’s good spy training, I guess.


  12. Hands AND dimples in the same post! How much do you think we can humanly stand?! I think I now must know what G-forces feel like for pilots and astronauts! – black out forthcoming! 😉
    Soooo glad I found this site – you have no idea how good it is to know that the overwhelming need to repeatedly pause and just….ahhhhh, cause he is so devastatingly gorgeous is not mine to bear alone!!!!! It’s good to belong to the SMK sisterhood!

    Definitely his hands in that shot too btw!

    Fav dimple: “I do care”

    Amanda’s thoughts when Lee tells her to get into bed? I think she’s confused herself. Her mind is automatically telling her to do the opposite of what Lee is telling her to do of course, but that overwhelming instinct to want to get into that bed when he is telling her too is too much. Also, could be a bit of:
    “Lee wants me to get into bed with him,” looks at said bed “ohhhh, how long has it been since those sheets were changed?! I’ll have to burn all my clothes and bathe in Lysol!” Looks back at Lee “I can do that!” ;D

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hooo haaa!!!! ebineez! Yes, so glad you found the Luscious Lee Sisterhood 😉 No one should have to bear that much gorgeousness alone.

      LOVE Amanda’s internal conversation with herself you’ve written here! “I can do that!” Yup, you betcha! I wonder if she briefly remembers mistaking his gallantry in the woods from TLCE here too!

      Oh, so did you go back and watch the scene to make sure it was his hands??? He DOES have the most gorgeous hands!


      • I absolutely ADORE that scene in TLCE! That’s one I definitely had to rewind about 5 times in a row! Hilarious! She could be having one of those moments for sure – but hopefully she would realise that if the Scarecrow was going to put the moves on her he would do it in a much more fitting environment like the Cumberland hotel from ‘Weekend’

        I only rewatched ROTP episode the other night & found myself wondering the same thing at the time about his hands holding the note, so did the rewind and check thing then to see if they were his hands and I’m completely convinced they were. Plus – why pay someone else to stand in when the hands you’re already working with are so amazing? 😛


        • Yup, yup and yup! Lee could have been a hand model!! I bet he didn’t get paid extra for it on SMK though! Thank you for checking that out – we all appreciate your sacrifice 🙂


    • Welcome to the “sisterhood” ebineez!
      I can just imagine Amanda considering the Lysol! lol


  13. Study hall or not, I have now banned myself from checking this blog while I’m at school. My students think that I have now lost my mind. I really wasn’t prepared for all the goodness and gorgeousness of one Lee Stetson. Is one ever really prepared? What is sort of surprising is how young he looks, especially compared to where we are now. Honestly, I have to admit that my hand is up for liking Lee’s hands. Always a sucker for the dimples. Not too sure about the patch on that sweater, but I love Lee in the jeans, sweater, and gym shoes combo while fencing. I’m going to have to lay in a small but provocative selection of wine myself if I keep being so unprepared for luscious Lee. LASinLA, love your chocolate comment. Right now I’m working on getting rid of the odd selection of chocolates my students gave me for Valentine’s Day. Those were definitely not provocative.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have noticed that too, Valerie. I think we need a post just of Lee to look for changes. Any takers?? 😉 In TFT he looks so young, especially when they say goodbye at the Jefferson Memorial. It’s amazing what a new hair cut, a little hair gel and a few extra pounds can do.

      Odd selection of chocolates from your students?? ROFL!! Actually, it’s probably a good thing they didn’t give you a provocative selection of anything….!

      Liked by 1 person

    • I hear you Valerie! At school, the little darlings would shower the staff with shall we say, an interesting and well meant selection of smushed up goodies for Valentines Day. I’d go home and give it all to my rapacious but undiscerning sweets-of-any-kind fiends, I mean teenagers, while I munched on my hidden stash of a small but provocative selection of fine dark chocolate. 😉


  14. Hi Everyone! BJo I look forward to responding properly tonight. I’m busy all day today 😦 .. Hands category? 🙂
    So who here is a Lee hands fan??
    Byeee for now!


    • Not me! I never ever EVER study or drool over pictures of Lee’s gorgeous hands, think about his wonderful masculine, yet slender fingers, wonder about how strong his hands are. Nope, not me! Not a fan at all. 😉


      • Nope, me neither! I don’t need that drool bucket that happens to be sitting beside me, nor the helmet or the back-up one in case I crack the first one! I’m with you Cindy, not a fan at all! fingers crossed behind her back


      • Hmmm, that’s too bad, Cindy. I wonder just what you would have said about his hands had you been a fan. 😉


    • I can’t say I ever really gave his hands much of a second glance, the close ups don’t really float my boat but he does have nice long fingers.


  15. Oh dear, repeat to oneself, take deep breaths take deep breaths. I’m torn between laughing hysterically and just completely swooning! (What do we call that?!) BJo, you have totally made my day, so thank you! My God, the man is unbelievably gorgeous, I don’t know how Amanda contains herself! BJo, who cares if we are shallow, everybody needs a little bit of swoonworthy eye candy in their lives Giggles as she rummages around for her helmet. Whoops too late!


    • So happy to have made your day, jule! Tip for next time…when you see this: SWOON ALERT get yer helmet out before scrolling any further down… 😉 And thank you for not caring about the whole shallow thing 😆 !!


  16. Not sure what a “small but provocative selection of wines” would entail, but that’s one of the phrases that replays itself in my real life. As in, I have a small but provocative selection of chocolates in the cupboard. Or, go get a small but provocative selection of pencils and do your schoolwork.
    A repeat of the bathroom scene shots (checking Amanda’s neck) would fit nicely in the Hands section, IMHO. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • hahaha! So do you use that phrase because it’s from SMK and it just pops in your head? I find myself quoting Dotty from time to time, “Of course I’m right, I’m your mother!”

      Yes, Lee’s touching of Amanda’s neck would fit nicely in the Hands section – but I try not to be too repetitive 😉 I do like to apply some of the more fun category titles a bit liberally 🙂


      • Yes, it just pops into my head. The other line that does that is Amanda’s “I have NOTHING to WEAR.” That Dotty quote sounds very useful, too!

        Thanks for protecting us from system overload with the hands pictures. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        • Haaa, yes it is my theory that as long as the hands pictures are sprinkled in discretely amongst all the other categories and not just in the Hands category, that we can see much more of them before we reach system overload. 😉

          Someone should start a thread at Ned’s about their favorite or most quoted SMK lines!!


  17. I love these. I almost spit my soup all over my computer screen.

    The “Dimple Trilogy!” Brilliant! I bet we see more of it coming up in season 3!

    All that dynamite, there is a metaphor for that and for some reason I never made the connection until I saw that picture with your “crackle, sizzle” caption, duh!

    Amanda is horrified because; Lee is asking her to get into the bed, there in that seedy hotel, and she still doesn’t know what to make of him and there are bed bugs in that bed, she is sure of it! What a horrific sense of timing and place that man must have! Oh my gosh!!!


    • I’m sure we do see more of these “special” dimples in S3. We have to, right? It just really hit me when I was getting my pics for this episode that this little scene here really stands out. There is no challenge, sarcasm, condescension or any type of negative vibe coming out of Lee at all – unlike a lot of their other scenes. Maybe that’s why these dimples look differently to me? Maybe I just see what I want to see!!

      The dynamite is like that volcano in VM!

      I guess she gets in the bed with him because in TLCE she mistakes his gallantry for something else initially. Maybe here she is only horrified for a minute and then realizes it’s all a cover.


  18. Oh Good Lord – That picture of Lee in Plaid and that goofy hat sure reminds me of Grumpy Cat! And what a blow to the ego — he has to argue and plead with Amanda for her to get in bed with him. LOL!

    Liked by 1 person

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