3/4 Season Four:Episode Nineteen–All That Glitters –Scarecrow and Mrs King

So, on to the Danton Mansion.. and the big test of Lee’s loyalty to Amanda, not! I’m going to rely on Clagjanet’s trusty transcription for this next sequence..
(Lee is sitting on the sofa, thumbing through Elisa’s social diary. Elisa enters, and passes him a cognac.)
Elisa: Diamond tiara for your thoughts, darling
Lee: You do stay busy, Elisa
Elisa (sitting beside him): Short attention span, boring company.
Lee: Boring? The names on this calendar are right out of the pages of Who’s Who. How can that be boring?
Elisa: Even filet mignon every night gets tiresome. Besides, variety is the spice of life.
(She leans in and drapes herself against him)
At least that’s what you used to whisper in my ear.
She shifts closer and begins nibbling his ear)

Lee (moving away): Hey! Hey, hey, hey.
Elisa: Still ticklish in all the old familiar places?
Lee: We have got a lot of ground to cover tonight.
Elisa: Exactly what I was thinking. [gah!]
Lee: Business.
Elisa (sitting back): Before pleasure? You have changed, haven’t you? I’m not at all sure that I approve.
Lee: I want to talk some more about the names on this list. Now you’ve been seeing a lot of General Garrett lately. He was at your birthday party.
Elisa: You’re barking up the wrong tree, sweetheart. Grumpy Garrett and I are like old hunting buddies. We get together every now and then to scratch and sniff and tell rude jokes. The most romantic thing he ever did was to name his Jeep after me. [oh? He called his Jeep Floozy? How delightful!]

(Lee laughs.)
Elisa (snuggling into Lee again): Did you ever name your Jeep after me, Lee?Lee (after a long pause as he studies her, visibly uncomfortable): No. I never did.
Elisa: I know what you need. You need me to slip into something a little more comfortable.
(She stands and exits while Lee looks thoughtful.

Cut to Elisa’s bedroom.
A masked figure dressed entirely in black is using a knife to cut into the pillows on her bed.)

Elisa (offscreen): I won’t be long, darling Be a dear and open another bottle of champagne.

(The intruder grabs all the torn pillows and darts into the closet to hide. Elisa enters and crosses to the bed, tosses aside the remaining pillows and turns down the bed. [Sooooo it’s not just Amanda who wears Pyjamas as glamour wear?!
It looks terrible on both Amanda and Elisa!]
Cut to Lee still downstairs. He has picked up one of Elisa’s high heeled shoes and is studying it.
Cut to Elisa walking to her dressing table and lighting all the candles on it.
Cut to Lee still staring at shoe. He laughs to himself then shakes his head and drops the shoe.

[What’s Lee thinking????]
Cut to Elisa sitting at dressing table, removing earrings.

Cut to Lee, laughing to himself.
Cut to Elisa, brushing her hair. Her eyes go wide as she sees something behind her in the mirror. She rises to run away but the intruder hits her on the head, sending her to the floor. The intruder runs out the bedroom door and as Elisa falls, she knocks the candles off the dressing table. The lace table cover catches fire as Elisa lies motionless.
Cut to Lee writing a note. He tears it from the diary and leaves it on top of the cognac glasses. We see it says “Call you tomorrow, Lee”

Cut to exterior view of Elisa’s bedroom window where we can see the light and smoke of the fire.

Cut to Lee: walking out of the mansion and coming down the path. When he is almost at the street, we hear an alarm go off and he turns to see what is happening. He sees the light of a fire in the bedroom window and races back inside and up the staircase. Lee runs into Elisa’s bedroom and sees her on the floor. He picks her up and leaves as the maid urges him to hurry.

Lee carries Elisa down the stairs. Maid follows.)

Maid: The fire department’s on an automatic alarm. I’ll get everyone out of the house and direct the firemen.

Lee lays Elisa on the settee in the front hall and watches her, worried.

It cuts to an ad break.. and next we find Elisa with an oxygen mask still laying on the sofa while Lee muses about what’s going on and tries to figure it all out.. the earring was planted by someone other than who was searching for it..

Elisa is taken by ambulance to the hospital, and Lee calls Billy from the vette… Elisa’s going to survive (drat), and Amanda identified Carpenter, who they now know served in Grenada, was the source of the earring. Go Amanda..

Lee heads to Carpenter’s office… to rummage around and wait for him to arrive.. Lee asks questions…

he tells Carpenter about Elisa being hurt and in hospital.. he gives away he cares about her (in his creepy way).  So Carpenter finds out his baddie colleague McGill tried to hurt his object of infatuation…

lol at the Doris Day movie exchange.

The Bachelor officer’s quarters watch Doris Day movies? I’m not touching that..

Next Scene…. time for another baddie meet up..
Carpenter is all mad Elisa got hurt, and unhappy to sell out agents to the Cubans. McGill turns the screws on him.

Okay, I’m finding this McGill is actually a pretty half decent baddie. She’s growing on me in her evilness haaaaaaa… I love the disdain she treats Carpenter with!

Back Billy’s office.. well we first see Francine in the bullpen, before she walks to Billy’s office..

What do you all think of this outfit?! Do you remember these jackets?!!!! Ugh..
Also, another red jacket! this is the episode for red jackets I guess..
ensemble? or nonsemble?

Francine heads into Billy’s office to join Billy, Lee, and Dr Smyth and move the plot forward a bit.. The Francine gag where she takes Dr Smyth literally when he says that’s absurd just makes her look like a dill and falls flat for me.

[What does it say on Billy’s mug?!]

So new info here – they have confirmation Carpenter has an alibi. Smyth then states the obvious like it’s a revelation – Carpenter has a partner who did it..
Dr Smyth assumes the partner is a man… ugh. Well this McGill will show him!
Dr Smyth is still working at getting the Grenada records… and there’s a path to getting them he is continuing to work on.

Back to Garrett on the golf course. McGill finds him, and convinces him the agency is on a witch hunt and has misconstrued his defensiveness as guilt, when really he was only being protective of his turf. She talks him into a strategic withdrawal temporarily and he buys it. lol because she flatters him. the big dill!

Garrett: Could be a strategic withdrawal under fire.
McGill: You wrote the book sir.

Next day, Lee, Billy and Francine are going over the Grenada files.. and Francine finds an order signed by Garrett.
Francine (reacting to something she found): How about the bombing of the Hale estate? Here’s the order for it and he signed it.

Billy: It’s an order for an air strike. Defensive cover for part of a mop up team pinned down by a division of Cubans guarding the airfield.
Lee: Except those Cubans turned out to be laborers and engineers. There’s something wrong here. I know Garrett’s tactics… he used the same style in Korea and Vietnam. He does not believe in close air support in a land action like this. [Glad Lee is using his brain and seeing it doesn’t fit!]

Billy: Fine. Talk to Garrett. See if he can tie Carpenter into it. If so, then like the man says, I think our teeth will be sharp enough and we can bring Carpenter in.

Next thing, we see Lee talking to McGill in Garrett’s office.

She’s playing the I’ll be as helpful to you as I can role while delaying Lee getting answers.

It’s left unclear if Lee is buying it.

The next scene is Carpenter joining McGill in the warehouse the jewels are stored in. He finds her about to double cross him, he then tries to double cross her threatening to kill her.. but she pulls a gun on him herself…

He turns and runs.

She shoots him in the back. [I won’t shed a tear, creep! I do hope his long lost twin brother Fred Fielder never finds out. ]

Next thing, two men are picking up the dead body like it’s a sack of potatoes and dropping it on a gurney. lol.
Francine and Billy discuss..

found (conveniently) under a shelf were a group of battle ribbons that had been torn off a uniform.

They figure out it’s probably General Garrett.
Francine: There must have been a fight.
Billy: That’s what it looks like… but Carpenter was a career military man. He wouldn’t run from a fight. (beat) He was shot in the back.
[oh that’s funny. Yeah he did run from a fight!!]

Next up, Lee is talking on the phone to Billy.Lee’s been trying to find Garrett, his info says he’s stayed local and is playing golf, but Lee thinks he won’t be found on the golf course. Why I don’t know.

As Lee says this, we find he’s tailing McGill, and we see her get in an elevator behind him.
Lee: I have a hunch. You know a general like Garrett doesn’t like to do paperwork. He’d leave that up to his aide de camp. Now I checked out who his aide was in Grenada. It was Major, then Lieutenant Sally McGill. She probably signed most of his orders. A good aide can do her general’s signature almost to perfection. (He sees McGill getting ready to enter the elevator) I gotta go, Billy. 

We see Lee is following McGill’s car from the oh so inconspicuous corvette…

he fiddles around with a radio device of some kind..  Yep. No one will notice that car following them!

Back to IFF and there’s a weird exchange between Billy and Francine making a big deal about how Lee’s receiver isn’t sending a signal. What could Lee be up to?? Billy and Francine try to figure out the mystery whooooo what is Lee up to?? and… why didn’t he just tell Billy on the phone why keep it a secret?!

Seems kind of contrived so the writers can try and insert some tension and drama. When there is zero reason I can see why Lee didn’t tell Billy he was following McGill when he had just been talking about her on the phone to him.

To cut a long story short. They whooooooo figure out Lee is following McGill!

ugh, the writers seem to be struggling for a hook here.. and they fail in my opinion… Has anyone read the script? Is there maybe an explanation for why some of this writing seems so weird at times?

Let’s pause here, I’m really appreciating all the thoughts that have been shared so far!!! thanks guys!!!
Anyone inspired to wear a red jacket this week?!
FYI I will be unable to publish next weekend, so we’ll be wrapping up this episode in two weeks.

2/4 Season Four:Episode Nineteen–All That Glitters –Scarecrow and Mrs King

Hey all! Ready for some more smk??!!!
I’m going to summarise the next scene we see in the depths of the Pentagon… Lee approaches a very young Blaire Underwood (character named ‘Stillman’) to seek a file..

Lee: Yes, I want to see the report on Operation Urgent Fury and anything else you have on Grenada.
[Operation Urgent Fury?! rofl. that is so funny!!!! Or is that just me??? I think it sounds like someone was busting for the toilet.]

Anyway, this Stillman lives up to his name.[Ah smk. You do give great pun names.]
Stillman tells Lee he can’t do anything as the computer is down so Lee has to come back in a few hours. Stillman becomes action man once he leaves and calls a General Garrett to inform him that someone has enquired about Grenada files.

We cut to the other end of the phone line…
and find General Garrett is the officer we saw at the party for Elisa’s birthday.
Next to him, is Major Sally McGill.

Garrett is a ‘I don’t trust the agency and the military doesn’t answer to intelligence types’ kind of guy.

McGill has wormtongue vibes here, basically echoing what he says and feeding what his worst instincts want to hear.

Garrett thinks it’s a fishing expedition, and Grenada was ‘one fine operation’ [with one fine Urgently furious name!]. So he’s on the defensive and trying to stop this digging from the agency. Garrett leaves to go talk with his military buddies about it.

McGill is seen reading Garrett’s handwritten notes about the call he left on his desk.
[Clearly he’s a genius].
(The note reads “Stetson, Agency, Grenada Inquiry.”)
[Actually, looks like he has written: “Stetson Agency Graneda Inquiry” LOL]

On to Elisa Danton and her….. spots and claws.
Of course Lee finds her out the back in a revealing swimsuit.
And heels??!!! Really??!!!
Help me Clagjanet, I find it hard to type while this woman tries to sink her claws in…
Maid: Excuse me, Miss Danton

Elisa: Oh my God, look what the maid dragged in. (She stands up as Lee approaches.)
Lee: Hello Elisa.
Elisa: Hello? I’ve got two of your dress shirts and a pair of socks in my closet. (She wraps her arms around his neck and leans into him). I think I deserve a little more than ‘Hello Elisa’.

[How about Hello and Goodbye Elisa?
After Need to Know, we can with very high confidence say Lee has nothing of Elisa’s in his closet! haaaa. ]
Lee: You look wonderful.
He rests his hands on her waist uncomfortably – sort of hovering around her and not quite touching)

Elisa: You feel better than ever. [Ewwwwww]
Lee: Yeah well, I wish this were just a social call.
He politely grabs her wrists and moves her away from him.)
Elisa: I like to make wishes come true.

Lee: I know you do, but you know why I’m here. Dr. Smyth just didn’t walk off with that earring you got the other night without some explanation.
[Lee Lee Lee she doesn’t care about the earring now you are here… she just wants you and expects to get what she wants!]
They each move to take a seat…

Elisa: Lee, darling, I’ll tell you everything if you tell me who’s got you on a string these days.
Lee: (smiling) I don’t know what you mean.

Elisa: We’re alone at my private pool. The sun’s warm, the tanning oil’s imported and you’re still dressed. Not the Lee I used to know. Who is she?
[I can’t wait to hear what you all think of this scene!!!]
Lee: Listen, I’m the one getting paid to ask the questions, okay?
Elisa: You always were a rotten poker player, Stetson. You’ve got something written all over your face.
Lee: Business. Seriously, I’m here on business, okay? Rather urgent business at that. So could we please just get started?
Elisa: (scowls good naturedly) Can we at least have some champagne before we get bogged down in international intrigue?

Lee (sighs with a smile): Yeah, sure
Elisa: Great. Should I have the butler bring it to the hot tub or the sauna?
Lee laughs.

[The tan lines with that swimsuit would be ridiculous!
What do you make of Elisa? I think everything is a game to her.. yes let’s prioritise getting tipsy over serious business. This is truly fitting the term ‘player’ I guess smk is being equal opportunity here…
How do you think the writers were trying to have the audience view her?
Do you think the audience is supposed to like Elisa Danton? at all?
I’ll come back to this… I’m going to think on it…
What do you make of Lee here? I think he seems to have some fondness for her, she’s not just a notch on his bedpost… I am guessing Lee fell into bed with her after Eva broke his heart or something..
Does anyone think Lee is tempted here? I’ll come back to this…

One final comment from me on this scene, maybe it’s just me, but this scene takes the sexuality rating up a few notches – way beyond some past vague reference to threesomes. SMK seems to be really dialing it up here. Especially with Elisa’s butt hanging out of that swimsuit and giving a full view for the camera –  Operation Urgent Furious escalation of the sexy factor to boost smk ratings.
I bet this little scene featured prominently in the advertising.… SMK what are you doing???]

I could not have gotten through that scene without Clagjanet faithfully transcribing it.
Clagjanet – we salute you!!!!]

Moving on to the next scene, and a lot more clothes are present. haaaa.
McGill and Carpenter meet up.. time for the baddies to in fight.

[Yes peacockdancer I completely forgot Fred Meadows errr I mean Fielder exists!!! lol. So really glad you reminded us!! 🙂 It’s pretty funny how the same actor can play the same character but also at the same time a completely different character. aie. A pic for old times sake!

We all still want to know.. did he leave the philodendron?? Maybe the one Amanda put back in the Q bureau was inherited from Fred!!! haaaaaa.. Poor Fred 😉

Anyway, back to this episode!

Seems Carpenter has ruined McGill’s plans with the earring reveal and she’s none too pleased.

[She’s so displeased, she’s surrounded by weapons, and still felt the need to do a finger gun!]
Seems Carpenter was unaware the list was being put up for sale by McGill. But hey, maybe he can be convinced to get on board with a bit of treason if it means he gets to wooo his dream girl.

We find out Carpenter has left the other earring with a note and his name on it for her to find.
[How romantic.. Hmmmm where? Somewhere non stalker creepy and totally romantic right??]
Carpenter: It’s in a pillow in her bedroom. I can get it back, no sweat.
[WHA?????? Carpenter has snuck his way into her bedroom??????!!!!!!!
What the actual heck is this creep doing???!!!! Ewwwwwwww…
I don’t like Elisa Danton at all. But no one deserves this.
He is 100% Creepy Central and Operation Urgent Fury for all women has kicked in for me!!!!!!
Hope he meets an untimely (and now very timely) end soon!!
Okay okay. sorry I’ll stop ranting now..]

McGill plans to go retrieve the earring from Danton’s bedroom pillow… and we learn the list was in the ‘diplomatic pouch’ that had the agency logo on it.
[Lol that’s super stealthy right here.]
we get an interesting line from McGill in this scene that I thought was worth mentioning..
McGill: A good officer takes advantage of every opportunity. Sand Pebbles is a golden opportunity and I do not intend to let anything or anyone including Elisa Danton keep me from it.
[Another reference to gold – and this golden opportunity. Which will turn out to be anything but golden!]

Back to Sgt Stillman at the Pentagon, and he reports to Lee the Grenada records have been sealed, and he’s received a ‘ Code Vermillion Restriction.’
These apparently overrule an alpha 17 clearance, and are rare. Lee tries to charm just five minutes with the report and gets a gun pointed at his for his stupid attempt. lol.
[So dramatic. lol]

Back to Billy’s office and we get to learn some more about Code Vermillion restrictions. [I like smk’s self awareness with this gem of an exchange here.]
Lee: (to Dr Smyth)  …Someone slapped a Code Vermillion restriction on the Grenada files.
Smyth: Vermillion? Who in the hell comes up with these colors? Someone’s interior decorator?
[Sticking with the theme here – this is gold 🙂 ]

Billy goes on to explain for no other reason than the audience needs to know and the two people he is talking to already know it that…
Billy: There are only four people with the authority to override an Alpha Seventeen: it’s the President, the Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense and the officer with the most seniority of the Joint Chiefs.
Lee: …General Bradford Garrett, senior ranking officer of the Joint Chiefs, coordinated the invasion of Grenada. Spent six months on the island.

Dr Smyth shares that Garrett was at that party… the plot thickens.. Dr Smyth tells Lee to sweat the general, while he heads to the White House to get this code Vermillion restriction lifted.

[I’m thinking the earring caper screams romance as Elisa herself noted. This General Garrett seems to me to have not a single romantic bone in his body. lol. but okay I’m along for the ride here..]

** A sigh of relief, Ahhhhhhhh finally another Lee and Amanda scene!**

In the Q bureau…
(Amanda is working at the computer on Lee’s desk as Lee enters. She barely glances up.)
Amanda: Hello, Stranger.
Lee: That’s too close to the truth to be funny. You miss me?
Amanda: Of course, I missed you.

Lee: Good, good. Any luck authenticating that earring?

Amanda: Well, I started with Caribbean artifacts at the Smithsonian, then I spent half a day at the art history department at Georgetown and I’ve been on the computer with the Louvre for nearly an hour. It’s the real thing. The key is in the cut of the ruby. Now, it’s something called “Louis Soixante Lace” designed by a famous Grenadian named Francois Villard de Beauchamp and the earrings were commissioned in 1839 by Brigadier Hale as a gift for his wife. They’ve been in the family ever since.

Lee: Very impressive.
Amanda: Thank you.

Lee: Yeah, we just found out that Pentagon Central Shipping delivered that earring to Elisa’s. You think you can find out who signed that delivery order?
[If Carpenter signed it, he’s a total dufus!]
Amanda: No problem. I can get a lot done when I don’t have any distractions in here.
Lee (heads to door then turns back): Listen, uh… Amanda, when all this is over, do you mind if I get back to distracting you?
Amanda (staring at computer): I’ll be looking forward to it. (She smiles)

(Lee grins and leaves.)

[Okay! What do you all make of this little exchange?
SMK had to deliver some exposition, so why not add a little Lee and Amanda charm while they do it? It’s understated, and maaaaaaybe a little disappointing in it’s understatment.. but I’m so hungry for these little moments at this point that I’ll take it!!!
Maybe this is them re-establishing work boundaries thanks to being busted by Dr Smyth earlier? Yeah… I’ll go with that!!! ]

Moving on to the golf course, where Garrett is hard at work improving his game, all supported by his trusty aide McGill.

[This all has shades of the episode ‘The Mole’ with Larner and his trusty PA Margaret!]

Lee joins them and tries to engage Garrett in conversation but he’s continuing to be defensive and block Lee’s digging.

[Lee looks so good outdoors!]
Lee: … we’re afraid that the Grenadian invasion involved a very serious breach in our intelligence network. That’s why I’m really here.

Garrett: Damn it, that exercise went smoother than the skin on a baby’s behind and I’m not about to have a bunch of paper-pushing civilians with twenty-twenty hindsight telling me any different.
[Seems Garrett doesn’t know about Nappy / Diaper Rash!]

Garrett drives off with McGill in his golf cart.

[You know, I think early Lee would have found someone like Garrett triggering…(getting all huffy and calling him Pal!),  he was often reactive with military older men with this attitude.. I like to think this is thanks to him having worked through his upbringing, resentments toward his uncle, and that he has healed. Hoorah. Yeah I’m going with that!]

Next scene.. we head to Raymond’s the restaurant.

[I don’t know have we seen this one?]
Elisa enters, and joins Billy.. [I’m confused about how she joins him… was she there to lunch with someone else?]
Elisa: Billy, Billy, Billy! What a surprise.
Billy: Elisa! How are you?
Elisa sits down.
Elisa: Very upset. With you. (off his look) Yes, you. You knew all about that silly earring problem and you didn’t come by once!

[I’m really hoping that Billy doesn’t give two hoots about your feelings Elisa]
Billy: Lee came out the very next day.
Elisa: A lot of help Lee Stetson was. He’s so starry eyed about that woman he’s involved with, he can’t see straight.
(Billy reacts, then covers.)
[Seriously? Is this amateur hour? Elisa isn’t that good. I guess people underestimate her so she sneaks in and finds out whatever she wants to know about the man she currently has her eye on/ claws in.]
Billy: I’ve never known Lee to be anything but professional, especially where there’s a woman concerned.
[Even I don’t buy that haaaaaa]
Elisa: That’s because you haven’t known him like I have, darling. What a loss of good manpower. I was wondering why Lee’s name hadn’t appeared on the social duty roster for a while. (sighs) Humor me, Billy. What’s she like? Young, glamorous, sexy… rich?
Billy (smiles): Not really. She’s just a lovely woman. I don’t think Lee could have done much better than (catches himself) this particular person. [Stop talking Billy]
Elisa: And who is this particular person?
Billy: You’ll have to ask Lee, Elisa. [Perfect answer!] …. I get the feeling that that’s still classified information. [I don’t like this answer! Why did you volunteer this Billy!!!!! Silly Billy!!!!]
Elisa: Classified information, huh? If he’s not going public, then he’s still a free agent.

Billy: I think you’re wrong.

Elisa: Billy, you’re talking to Elisa Danton. I’m never wrong about this sort of thing. In the circles I travel, I can’t afford to be.
[LOL she travels in circles huh. That explains a lot! 😉
Never wrong about this sort of thing? Cos she’s unteachable and thinks she’s always right. Am I supposed to like Elisa?! I’m not seeing how I could!!

You know what, if she wants to have tons of superficial relationships with consenting men that’s up to her and she can do what she likes, but I don’t agree with her setting her sights on Lee and then refusing to accept his no. She seems to me to be dangling this earrings thing in front of him too so he has to play this game with her to get what he wants. Sooooo sorry, I really don’t trust her and I don’t like the games she plays… Also, I’m not buying the threesome – I don’t think Elisa Danton likes to share!!!! haaaa]

(She stands and leaves. Billy watched with her a look of concern.)
[Looks to me like she leaves the restaurant without eating.
Okay, so what do you all make of this scene?
Hmmm I think Elisa found out where Billy was eating lunch and manufactured a serendipitous meet so she could find out about Lee’s love life. She starts off talking about the earring, as she knows Billy is working on it, and leads him straight into mentioning Lee Stetson. Then, she jumps straight to Lee being all starry eyed about the love of his life.
Honestly, she needs to get herself a job. I don’t think Fundraising is interesting enough for her..
She has way too much time on her hands, seems her full time job is chasing men she wants to bed and getting what she wants. Annoyingly, it seems to me she is good at getting information!
I’m starting to wonder if she’s an MI-6 agent! That would be a good job for her.. but then again, I think she is way too superficial and unserious to work for a government, she seems to be only interested in herself. Clearly, I still don’t like her. At. All.
I guess she is free to choose for herself the kind of life she wants to live, but I can’t help but think it’s a real shame she isn’t doing something more meaningful with her life than playing games and chasing men. I’m not even seeing a hint there is more to her than that.. – maybe that’s down to the writers?! lol. I don’t know! This could have been a spin off series – Elisa Danton finds her true purpose, and joins MI-6. Haaaaaa… I could have even been cheering her on!]

Back to the bullpen, and Billy seeks out Lee to warn him about Elisa.. Lee is off to a casual dinner with Elisa… ‘she has a dozen date books that could give us a clue as to who sent her that hot piece of ice. This evening was all the time she had available. [Yeahhhhh Lee because Elisa has such a busy schedule sure sure] (Billy blocks him again. Lee is getting more concerned than confused) What do you know about this?
Billy: Oh, just an educated guess. Elisa slid up next to me at lunch with a trout line in the water. Every hook is baited and waiting for you, Scarecrow. [LOL Elisa seems to inspire metaphors! Now she’s a fisherman huh with a baited hook!]
Lee (annoyed): Look, you are the second person that’s come up to me and warned me to watch my flank. Why is everyone so concerned?
[I can’t wait to hear what you all make of this, I’m trying to remember how I saw this episode the first time… did any of you ever worry Lee was going to errrr take the bait?????]
Billy: This is Elisa Danton, Scarecrow. You two have a pretty steamy history. Elisa has a memory like an elephant.

Lee: Well, thanks for the caution, Billy, okay? But remember one thing – I’m not a freshman agent anymore. I can handle myself.
Billy (blocks him again): Maybe but I’d suggest you just stay away from the oysters. (He saunters back to his office.)

[I find this whole subplot pretty weird at this point.. What do you think???!!!!
All this is overestimating Elisa’s (and Oyster’s) powers of seduction, haaaa way too insulting of Lee’s powers of resistance! Right now, I share Lee’s annoyance that people think he doesn’t see what is obvious, and he can’t handle himself.
What do you think? I’m not sure if the writers intended for the audience to have genuine concern here about whether Lee would be a dufus here and give up on everything he values for a piece of what’s on offer. If that’s what they were going for then they are overestimating their writing skills, and underestimating our love and connection for Lee Stetson the character. Not even a reference to another threesome in his past leads me to even for a moment ponder whether Lee Stetson would have really cheated on Amanda – at all – much less with a floozy like Elisa Danton. For me, this is a fail, and pretty dumb idea.
Lee can eat as many oysters as he wants. He isn’t going to be unfaithful to Amanda!!!]

Do share your own thoughts if you like! I’m really curious about what you all think of this plot!

1/4 Season Four:Episode Nineteen–All That Glitters –Scarecrow and Mrs King

Ready for another episode? Three more episodes after this one, and we will have finished the walk through all episodes!!!!

This wouldn’t have been possible without the transcribers who have supported JWWM and Operation Sandstorm!!!  So special thanks again to all who have contributed!

Thanks to Clagjanet for transcribing this episode for Operatthankyou2ion Sandstorm, and sharing it with us all. I can’t see any comments from Clagjanet in the transcription, so it will just be my comments in this episodes’  posts.. and Clagjanet hope we hear your thoughts as we walk through the episode together (but no pressure!).

A formatting reminder as we get started:
Clagjanet’s descriptions are in this format- (xxx)
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FYI I’ve decided to change how I approach writing up these final four episodes…  I won’t be watching them fresh as I write it up, I’m finding it’s too time consuming and I’m not engaged enough with the full content of these episodes! For the final four, the walks will be briefer, I don’t think there is much to be gained by delving in great detail – other than with Lee and Amanda scenes of course..
Still – if you love this episode, or a particular scene and you would like to discuss it in more detail than what I’ve covered in the walk, go for it and share in comments your thoughts. I recognise I may be missing out on some little gems and it’s a bit of a trade off. But it’s this or I take another year to finish this walk, which is not something I want!
So thanks for your understanding, and who knows maybe one day in the future me or someone else might like to walk through one of the final four episodes in full detail- never say never!

Anyway, let’s get into this!

The episode starts with war in Grenada 1983..
I love how we see this ruined mansion along with the title ‘All That Glitters’. Such irony!

We see a lone soldier with a too big helmet find a safe in the ruins. He seems to have been looking for it and knew where to find it. He blows it open.. and finds the contents:
Some earrings..

and a pouch with the agency logo on it.
Then, he gets out of there!

We move on to a party… seems this is high society..
We hear the blonde, who is centre of attention speaking..
Elisa Danton: Senator you don’t have to hide. It’s a beautiful gift. I take it all back. Your taste isn’t just in your mouth.
[we hear this line before we even see her.. and oh boy look out I seem to be in a mood while walking through this one!!!! Hearing this line I’m thinking- I already can’t stand her! And I haven’t even seen her yet!] The crowd sounds suitably amused by her [attempted] joke.

[I love how straight away they’ve dressed Elisa Danton in a gold gown.. What’s the title of this episode again?!!! Ah yes, All that Glitters (is not gold)- thanks William Shakespeare for that one!]

Ah. Dr Smyth is there next to Elisa, and has presented her with a birthday present..
Clagjanet describes this moment as follows:  
(She opens the jewellery case and looks slightly confused and disappointed before holding up a large military medal-style decoration)
Elisa: That is sweet. [Is it really? This seems to be pretty flat, and she’s pretty quick to hand it over to Dr Smyth rather than admire it lol.]

Doctor Smyth (taking the medal from her): I think the inscription might spark a little flyback. (He reads out loud as the camera does a close up on a man we will later meet as General Garrett) “Your fundraising in support of our men in uniform will always be remembered. Best wishes and Happy Birthday, Ron and Nancy”.
(The crowd applauds.)
Elisa: Thank you Austin. And please tell the President that I shall always have a special place in my heart for the military.
Garrett: You should – we gave your daddy his first billion dollar munitions contract.

[Seems Elisa is from old money, and has loads of ties to the USA military thanks to daddy’s business interests. Is this setting up some kind of theme about profiting off the US military?
This scene does have an ‘elites live in their own little world’ kind of vibe to me. but feel free to share how you see it…]

Elisa moves on to the next gift..
One of the earrings from Grenada.. the soldier, Carpenter, watches on with a super adoring stare.

[which is to me pretty creepy!!!!
I think Elisa seems pretty intrigued and to enjoy this mystery. Why only one earring???!!!!whooooooo]
She reads the card with the earring.

Elisa: ‘Some things are destined to be together. Only tomorrow will tell.’ And it’s unsigned – how romantic. I love it. This is absolutely wonderful! (holding up the earring in one hand and a champagne glass in the other): To my little scamp out there: here’s to tomorrow!

[Seems Carpenter’s romantic gesture is a winner. Something tells me this Elisa likes romantic ‘games’!]

Moving on to the agency.. and hoorah.  A Lee and Amanda scene!!!! so of course I’m going to include all the dialogue! Brought to you by Clagjanet!
(Amanda enters the Q Bureau carrying two large potted plants.)
Amanda: Good morning!
Lee: Hi! How about a little hug? [Awhhhhhh]

Amanda: How about a little philodendron?

(she places the plants around the room)

[I love how it appears Amanda and her plants are taking over the room. I think this is a big improvement haa]
Lee: What are you doing with these? 
Amanda: Well these were looking a little bad so I took them home for a little tender loving care.

Lee: I could use some of that. (He pulls Amanda into his arms)

Amanda: I don’t think you’d like fish emulsion.
[Oh my. deadpan and KJ at her best. I LOVE this line!!!! Okay okay this episode is worth watching for this line alone!!!!!
What do we all think of Lee’s suit/tie combo today? I think he looks good in light gray. No fish emulsion needed here! 😉
And Amanda? what do you make of her? I like her in this red, I mean of course it’s way too 80s massive but the 80s were the 80s so what are we gonna do huh?!]
Lee: Well, I’ll tell you what I would like. [hoooooo haaaaaaaa do tell!]

Amanda: What?
(The door opens and Dr. Smyth walks in. They spring apart as he speaks.)
Smyth: We’re all ears, Scarecrow.

They quickly react..

Pulling apart – nothing suspicious looking in this reaction!

At all! haaaa

Uh help, a little help on the… uh..
(gestures to his desk)
[I love this.. uhhh help??!!..]

Amanda (talking over him): You need me to help you with… I said I would…

[Their hands and arms start flapping everywhere.. as they scramble… Very unconvincingly!

Uugh these two! If they were in a job that involved lying to save their lives they’d be dead already! haaaaaaa…. oh wait.. no that doesn’t work does it!

I do no like Smyth knowing about their relationship. Do you think he cares?]
Smyth: Boffo. Tune in. I’m already late. (He holds up the file he’s carrying) Visual aids, kids.

(He walks to Lee’s desk and they follow. )

[they share a look between them as Smyth isn’t looking at them. Uh oh!]
Smyth: Up to date on the Hale Collection?

[I love that zebra on Lee’s desk!!]
Lee: The Grenada Hales?
Smyth: Bonus points, Stetson. Go for the big spin.
Lee: Prominent Caribbean family. Lost everything when Grenada fell, including their priceless jewellery collection.

Smyth: Of which this was one piece. (He takes the file from Amanda’s hands and shows them the earring Elisa received last night.) We’d figured the family jewels had disappeared with some sticky-fingered Cubans until this sprinky-dink showed up as a birthday trinket for one of Washington’s top clique dwellers. Loop the circuit on this, King. I want verification of its authenticity muy pronto.

Amanda: Yes sir, I’ll get right on it. (She gathers up all the paperwork Smyth had dropped on the desk.) (to Lee) See you later.
(to Smyth) bye Sir. 
(She leaves and Lee and Smyth sit down on opposite sides of the desk.)

Smyth: Need I tell you that that jewel pries the lid off an old and very sensitive can of worms?
[uh oh. we have a spy! the Zebra has turned itself to look at Lee since Dr Smyth arrived! lol Or maybe it’s wanting to put his butt in Dr Smyth’s face to tell him to leave. haaaa.] 

Lee: Project ‘Sand Pebbles’. [Iwsod spits out their drink.. say what? Project Sand Pebbles???!!!! ohhhh my gosh that is sooooo flippin hilarious!!!!!
Operation Sandstorm outguns Project Sand Pebbles any day!!!! haaaaaa]
Smyth: What do you know about it?
[Lee knows everything and everyone!]
Lee: I mingled with Hale while he was peeling grapes with the Caribbean mainstream. The next wave of agents groomed him and suggested he start an ‘eyes and ears’ network throughout the basin.
Smyth: Indeedy do. Did a damn good job, too. Sand Pebbles was the cornerstone of our intelligence activities down there until Hale’s file disappeared with the jewels.

To summarise.. Sand Pebbles was a list of contacts in the Carribbean, and Smyth has intelligence that this list is now up for sale with it’s price being negotiated.. Whoever has the other earring probably knows where the list is.
Smyth: … I’ve activated an Alpha Seventeen Clearance. Anything and everything you wanted to know about the Grenada operation is waiting for you in a morgue file at the Pentagon. Get to it, then pop over to the Danton Estate. (Off Lee’s look) The clique dweller. Well, I understand you’ve danced cheek-to-cheek with her at more than one Presidential gala.

(Lee nods and gives a wry smile – he suddenly understands where this is going)
[Dr Smyth says something about a gala. I don’t know, I’m too distracted by the magical zebra that can move without these two spies noticing. He’s sideways again! This zebra needs a name… suggestions anyone?
Coming back to does Dr Smyth care about Lee & Amanda? I think the message here is, no he doesn’t care, so long as Lee can continue to use his contacts, sex appeal and errr ‘people skills’ to get the job done!]
Lee: I suppose you could say that.

Smyth: (laughs knowingly) Sprinkle on some cologne, get next to her, but walk the velvet tightrope. [Please, no flirting tips from Dr Smyth. gag] We don’t want anyone thinking she’s mixed up in an Agency investigation. (He stands to leave.)

[ZeesideZeebra is now the butt Zeebra again!]
…Oh, the fewer people who about this, the better chance we have of getting to that list and whole new bunch of chums in Cuba Libre land. Give my best to Elisa – and behave yourself.
Lee (sighs): I’ll give her my very best.

Smyth: Toodles.
[I usually find Dr Smyth’s turn of phrase entertaining and quirky. Today? I’m finding it annoying! it’s overkill! Maybe I like it better in small amounts… but he can’t say something simply, everything is an idiom or figurative..aie. Maybe he speaks in riddles to confuse the Zebra. Yes, that must be it!]

Moving on to Lee and Francine having a really cringe conversation in the bullpen as Lee heads for the elevator.

Francine is way too interested in Lee’s sex life…. sounds like DC cocktail parties are too. She sometimes seems so gleeful at this stuff that I worry for her wellbeing mentally haaaaa.

Lee (looking annoyed): And a job is all it is, Francine. Purely professional, okay?

[Lee don’t bother responding you only encourage her!]
Francine: Oh, how times have changed. I seem to remember lots of stories about you and Elisa that kept many a boring DC cocktail party going!
Lee chuckles though he is clearly not amused.

Francine:Oh my favorite one: you, Elisa and that little French ballerina…
…How did you ever manage all of that in the back of an Italian sportscar?

[Lee and a threesome. errrrrrrr.. is this family friendly smk?! I know we previously had the twins episode but somehow it was funnier when it was a once off for me.]

(pretends to laugh along with her but is obviously aggravated by the topic): Ahhhhhhh, she was a violinist,…

…it was a limo and it wasn’t easy…

[Guess it wasn’t a stretch Limo! I like how this alludes to the fact that all these stories about Lee are ummm maybe somewhat of an exaggeration lol. but the truth was racy enough!]
(Francine is looking disappointed at not getting more of a rise out of him)
[I think Francine is making a mental note for next time she tells the story – ahhh limo! riiight!]
…I was in traction for a week…
[Lee looks a little traumatised!]

…But that was then, and this is now, and like you’ve just said, things have changed.
Francine: You know what they say about leopards and their spots.
Lee: I’m not a leopard.

Francine: Well, maybe not, but I hear Elisa has a pretty mean set of claws…
…I’d be careful.
(Francine leaves)
[So what do you make of this exchange all??
I’m thinking Francine’s point was to warn Lee that while he might have changed – Elisa Danton has not… all while having some fun at Lee’s expense and bringing up titillating history she loves to rub in his face, teasing Lee that she loves to amuse people with stories about this at DC parties. I’ve gotta assume she isn’t really and she’s just teasing him, or I don’t see how Lee could even remotely consider her a friend.

I took a look at notes I made back in 2008 about this episode on the old yuku forum, seems one thing hasn’t changed: I don’t like hearing about Lee and other women!!!!!!!!!

A couple of memorable moments in this post – so far this episode has a few surprises!]

Okay, I’m going to pause here-  I cannot wait to hear what you all make of this!!!!

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