1/7 Season Four Episode Eight: Photo Finish -Scarecrow & Mrs King

Hello everyone! Time for a new episode!
thankyou2Huge thanks to RuthP who transcribed this episode for us! Ruth P has done all the descriptions which is a huge effort. I will likely use some of the descriptions, but also edit others, I think it’s clear when I’m the one describing something but if Ruth P has added an additional insight I will use { } these brackets to indicate. Hope that’s okay? Also, thanks to faithful Learjet for the formatting help- your contribution is really valuable!!

On with the show!
The episode opens with a close up on a duck, expanding out to a group of ducks.  Hmm what can it mean?! lol.
4.08 PH.avi_000079479
Well it’s a Washington DC duck so it’s probably an operative. Yeah, I’ll go with that.. 

We cut to a building ‘Statik Research Aerospace Communications’ 4.08 PH.avi_000088888
[Statik huh. now that’s funny. Sounds like it will be very clear, audible communication that comes out of this place! ‘Hello? Hello? Can you hear me?’]

We see three men enter the building. Two seem to be cleaners. The man in the lead approaches the security guard. Who is suuuuuper friendly!
Blake: Here on a Saturday, Mr. Williamson?
Well, that’s the way it goes, Blake.
You really must have put somebody’s nose out of joint upstairs. I thought you guys with the suits played golf all weekend.
4.08 PH.avi_000107907
Williamson: Hey, tell me about it. I’ll sure be glad when they get this bird put together. But you know engineers – one speck of dust and we’ve got to scrub down the whole place again. Oh, well. Will you clear these guys through the assembly area?4.08 PH.avi_000122122
Blake: Uh-huh.4.08 PH.avi_000124324
[LOL at the look of suitable boredom from the first guy. haaaa. He’s thinking: don’t make me smile at the security guard] 4.08 PH.avi_000132732
Blake the suuuuper friendly security guard lets the two cleaners through [they work for Grime busters? oh that’s fantastic!! haaaa!]. Blake gives them the once over with his detector wand thingy. uh oh.  Beep Beepppp!!!4.08 PH.avi_000149549
He finds something in the bored guy’s pocket. 4.08 PH.avi_000150550
[I guess the moment of Uh oh from Williamson is a clue that they are hiding something here..]

Bored guy reveals – he has a pocket knife in his pocket. [LOL where else would it be? it’s a pocket knife Winking smile ] Laughs are shared, though lol bored guy is too bored to be amused.  4.08 PH.avi_000157757
4.08 PH.avi_000159359[I guess SMK is trying to fool us that friendly Blake is about to get killed. Starting off with high suspense. I guess. lol. By the way I remember zero about this episode! You can probably already tell haaaa. Maybe this is the one where there is that thing about minding your manners! Lol! I thought that was going to be in the last one. tee hee.
We’ll get to it eventually I guess! ]
4.08 PH.avi_000169369
Williamson: Ha-ha. Don’t forget to punch out the laser grid in Section Z-12.
The trio wander off, with the okay of suuuuper friendly Blake. Who waves them through, and lol doesn’t seem to look at their cleaning equipment at all. If that door is some kind of metal detection screen it’s doing a lousy job.

{Security camera is shown scanning the hallway. Williamson waits till it scans out of range and quickly punches code into a door with a rag shielding his fingers and gets through the door into the room and shuts the door before camera scans back. 4.08 PH.avi_000198398
The script says the two signs on the door say ‘Alpha Prime Clearance Only’ and ‘Assembly Area’ but it’s not really clear.}
(The two janitors plug in their machines and start waxing the floor out in the hallway.) […They get busy busting grime!]

(Back to the security desk – Dutch Adams security guard enters.)4.08 PH.avi_000211811
[lol how he taps his torch as he enters the building. Clearly: He means serious secure business!]
Mr. Adams?
Spot security check, Blake. You know the procedure.4.08 PH.avi_000217817
Blake: Go right ahead.
Adams: (beginning to look in a logbook, notices the video screen) What the hell are those bozos doing in Z-12?
Blake: One of those bozos is our facility supervisor, sir. He’s cleared.
Adams: Hey, I don’t care if he’s Caspar Weinberger… [huh? someone explain who this is if you like? I can’t be bothered looking it up lol ] …He’s not authorized to bring uncleared personnel down here.
4.08 PH.avi_000239839
Blake: It’s done all the time. Senior officers’ prerogative. I logged them in. 4.08 PH.avi_000242642
[Naughty Naughty!]
(Adams draws his gun and approaches the two grime busters.)
Adams: Nobody moves. This is a top secret satellite project… [lol gee maybe you shouldn’t tell them that? haaaa] …Okay, raise ‘em. I want to see two of each.
4.08 PH.avi_000257657
(Hearing what’s happening out in the hallway, Williamson joins them and tries to charm Adams to go away..)
Williamson: Relax, Dutch. They’re with me.
4.08 PH.avi_000265465
Adams: This is a restricted area, sir. I’m ordering these men out of here and filing a report on this.
4.08 PH.avi_000268868
{One of the janitors flings his waxing machine at Adams and knocks him down while the other janitor flings his mop up over the security camera. Williamson shoves a rolling water bucket over against the floor waxer which Adams has his hands on and the floor waxer violently shorts out and electrocutes Adams, who is screaming and shaking. } 4.08 PH.avi_000278878
[Whoa, pretty gruesome! Poor Adams. I bet friendly Blake saw nothing. and how did they cover this up?? I guess I’ll have to wait and see huh. Williamson is a brutal snake!
4.08 PH.avi_000281081
but hey, he keeps the floors sparkling clean haaaa. ]

Anyway.. ‘Two Months Later.’
We see Billy pulling into the magical garage at IFF.
Billy enters his office with a coffee, paper and sneaky donut. Before Billy can take a bite, his phone rings. [lol I love this running gag of Billy and his donuts!]4.08 PH.avi_000316516
Billy: Melrose here.
Dr. Smyth: Good morning, Billy.
Billy: Yes.
Dr. Smyth: Have you seen the morning news?
Billy: What?
Dr. Smyth: It concerns one of your freshmen.
Billy: Okay. I’ve got last night’s flash data summary.
Dr. Smyth: Forget your donut and read it; ‘kay?
Billy: What line?
Dr. Smyth: The eleventh, on page nine. Looks like our Internal Revenue [sic] committee is doing its job. Found it yet?
Billy: That’s impossible!4.08 PH.avi_000346146

We cut to Lee in the Q bureau reading the sports section. He has his coffee.. and the phone rings.. Lee is not interested enough to put the paper down though..
Lee: Scarecrow.
Billy: Got a problem, Lee.
4.08 PH.avi_000353753
Lee: Yeah, Billy. What is it?
Billy: The review board is getting ready to give Amanda a letter.
(Suddenly Lee is very interested. He puts the newspaper down and leans forward.)
[It’s not often I can say this about BB, but for me, his acting here is well.. not believable! I don’t know what it is.. but it just looks like BB acting to me. weird. don’t mind me. Dare I nark at our lovely BB? Yep I do… maybe the review board needs to give me a letter!]
Billy: You heard me. Amanda’s getting a letter.
[I’m guessing it’s not a good letter? lol]
Lee: What are you talking about? That’s got to be a mistake. I don’t believe it. Why would they give her a letter?
Billy: I don’t know. I want to see her in my office.
Lee: Well, she – she’s out in the field all day. She’s on assignment at, uh, Statik Aerospace.
4.08 PH.avi_000364964
Billy: The review board’s meeting at 10 to discuss this and I want Amanda there to defend herself!
Lee: Billy –
Billy: Don’t argue with me, Scarecrow. Just get a hold of her.
4.08 PH.avi_000375175
[lol it’s funny when Lee does the looking down the telephone thing!]
Lee: Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure – I’ll try to catch her, okay?
Billy: I want you there too. Amanda’s going to need all the support we can give her.
Lee: All right.
(Lee hangs up.)
[Two phone calls in a row where we only see one half of the conversation. Unusual. and lots of talking going on while not much interesting happens.. other than Billy’s donut.
yeah yeah.. the agency is ready to pull the rug out from under Amanda for no reason, and her whole career is on the line! Billy and Lee need to help Amanda now!!!! geee.. why does this sound so familiar?]

{Exterior shot of Amanda’s house, early morning light. Phone rings. Amanda answers the phone.}
[Looks like Amanda was sitting down to some breakfast]
Amanda: Hello.
Lee: Hi.
Amanda: Hi.
Lee: I’m glad I caught you.
Amanda: What’s the matter? You miss me?
4.08 PH.avi_000398798
Lee: Yeah. Sure. I miss you. [awh! Okay now this is a phone call I’m interested in seeing!! Best. Episode. Ever. haaaa] 4.08 PH.avi_000401401
Amanda: What’s up?
Lee: Uh, Amanda, something’s come up. They need to see you down here this morning.
Amanda: Oh, yeah, really? What is it?
They’re giving you a letter.
Amanda: What do you mean, they’re giving me a letter?
4.08 PH.avi_000413613
Lee: Amanda, it’s an expression. They’re – they’re downgrading your security clearance. They’re putting limits on it. [What?! I thought Amanda King was a security clearance all of her own?!] 4.08 PH.avi_000417817
Lee: It’s kind of like putting a condition on your driver’s license, saying you can’t drive your car at night.
Wait a minute, now. It sounds a little more serious than that.
Lee: Okay. It is.
Amanda: Okay. What is it? What did I do?
I don’t know yet. But the security review board wants to see you down here at 10.
Lee: So please get down here as fast as you can, okay, so we can figure this thing out.
Amanda: Eh.
Lee: If they do this to you, they could chain you to a desk in purchasing, make you a gopher –we might not be able to work with each other anymore.4.08 PH.avi_000435835
[Awhhh so that’s what Lee is worried about?! tee hee.. it’s kinda sweet.. Lee’s missing you alright Amanda! Hey come on Lee you could transfer to purchasing too. ahem.
Okay,  this is terrible! a disaster! ]
Okay, okay. 4.08 PH.avi_000449849
[Sweet how Lee is more upset about it than Amanda is! She’s reassuring him!]
I’ll be right there.
(They hang up)
4.08 PH.avi_000453253
Amanda (to herself) : After I eat my pancakes. 4.08 PH.avi_000456056
(Amanda returns to her breakfast to finish eating.) 4.08 PH.avi_000463063
[I’m guessing she doesn’t eat that for breakfast very often!]

{Interior shot of Lee in the Q Bureau}
[He’s on the phone. Offff course he is. Yes- another phone call!!! 8 minutes into this episode and we’ve seen 4 phone calls!]
4.08 PH.avi_000470070
Lee: Call in some favors. Talk to people who owe you money. Make some promises. Something. Just get me something. All right?
(Amanda arrives)
Amanda: Good morning.
(Amanda places fresh flowers in her vase on her desk). [Whooo I see she is wearing flats again]
Lee: Good morning. I thought by the time you got here I’d have the inside track, but, uh, it’s still a deep, dark secret.
Amanda: Well, look. Don’t get aggravated. All right? I haven’t done anything.
[Hey you should know by now that doesn’t mean anything – you can get into a whole lot of trouble at IFF without actually having done anything!!]
Lee: I know. I can’t help it. I hate review boards. They make me nervous. Spies for spies.
4.08 PH.avi_000492859
Amanda: Well, they just have a job to do. 4.08 PH.avi_000495261
[Again, Amanda is keeping calm, and the one reassuring Lee here.]
Yeah, and they’re gonna do it in about five minutes. You’re right. There’s no use in getting nervous. We have to just sit down and think this thing through.
Amanda: Right.
Lee: What could be behind this?
Amanda: I don’t know.
Lee: Where did you cross security?
4.08 PH.avi_000505672
Amanda: Well, all I’ve been doing is the Statik Aerospace review and, um, nothing else….
4.08 PH.avi_000510276[Well, that narrows things down nicely!]
….Now, I know they’re running a background check on me.
Lee: Not just another background check. Now, remember, two weeks ago you were worried about it.

I wasn’t worried about it. I mean you know, you always wonder – 4.08 PH.avi_000515281
(fades away to a flashback scene)
— a little bit about that, but I wasn’t worried.
(We flash back to Amanda walking along an IFF corridor, straight past Lee without even noticing him.)
4.08 PH.avi_000521888
[Haaa bet Lee isn’t use to that!]
Lee: Hey.
Amanda: Hi.
Lee: What’s got you so preoccupied?
4.08 PH.avi_000523890
Amanda: Aw, security’s doing another special background on me. I’ve already passed one of those.
Lee: I know. It’s an albatross hanging around the neck of every full-time agent…
4.08 PH.avi_000532899
…They hit me every three or four years, the same old dirt… (Lee turns to face Amanda and takes her in his arms)…Listen – 4.08 PH.avi_000538104
Amanda: Hm? [Yeah people walking by seeing this wouldn’t have a clue about these two having a relationship. haaa yeah right!]
Lee lowers his voice to a whisper and leans in.. [Oh my!!!]
If you had any deep, dark secrets,…
4.08 PH.avi_000540907
…they’d have found them by now.

Amanda: I don’t have any secrets.
4.08 PH.avi_000542909
(Lee thinks to himself for a beat)
Lee: Oh? 4.08 PH.avi_000545111
Amanda: Nope. 4.08 PH.avi_000545712
Lee: I can think of one or two.
4.08 PH.avi_000547914
Amanda: I’m late for class. 4.08 PH.avi_000548915Amanda doesn’t dignify that one with a response. Because her knees are going all wobbly and her brain has just turned to mush. Class yeah class. I had a class. Gah!
Lee is pretty amused with himself.
4.08 PH.avi_000550116
Love how he watches her walk off. 4.08 PH.avi_000550917
He is so hooked tee hee. 4.08 PH.avi_000551918
This little flirty move/ exchange reminds me of the scene in Fast Food for Thought.. [HERE]
He steps closer with his hands behind his back there too..

Remember? Field Experience!
Anyone else following on with the walk and not knowing what happens next like me??!!
Love to hear what you think all!

6/6 Season Four Episode Seven: Billy’s Lost Weekend-Scarecrow & Mrs King

Well let’s wrap up this episode shall we?
Billy rouses in the back of the white limo of doom. Joined by Rashidi, Turner and Hooch (Kimambo and the doberman).
Rashidi: We can use the needle or you can simply tell us where the Kalahari List is.
[Didn’t they already use the needle?! why was Billy unconscious before? err me confused.. whatev]
Billy : No, I’m not telling you anything!
[Billy makes a break for it.]

Amanda reports to Lee over the radio that Billy’s running, and Lee says he’s going to circle around [Billy running is noteworthy for sure. we rarely see that. haaaa].

Rashidi, Rashidi puppy and Kimambo all get out of the limo and watch Billy flee..
Rashidi : Take care of any obstacles. We’ll bring him to you.
Kimambo : Yes sir.
(Billy makes his way through a rose garden)
[hmm is this the rose garden where Amanda met Allan? I’ll leave it to someone else to look if they wish!]
He’s followed by Rashidi and the perpetually growling puppy.
Amanda gets out of the taxi and starts to follow.
Rashidi is seen to release the  hound!
[rofl. I’ve always wanted to type that!]
The doggie growls a lot while running and looking dangerous. Hey if you are afraid of dogs.. you might want to look away! 4.07BLW.avi_002273707_thumb
[Umm I’m not afraid of doggies.. but.. umm even I’m getting scared. Good doggie. Lovely doggie. ]
Billy is stuck.
Between scary doggie..
And the scary tie/handkerchief combo! gah!!!
What to do??!!!
[When Rashidi pulled his gun and smiled like that? I cracked up laughing. Genius. So camp and over the top I actually love it! Let’s go with ridiculous peeps!!]

Billy runs to the side, up the stairs.. and turns back to look at Rashidi who is following him. 4.07BLW.avi_002305338_thumb
Billy remembers carrying a disk..
it’s all coming back to him..
with Rashidi ready to pluck the info out of his hands. Uh oh! 4.07BLW.avi_002312345_thumb
Rashidi : Yessss.

Billy tries to get in through the main entrance. but nope. it’s closed on Wednesdays.. [is today a Wednesday? who knows..] Anyway, Billy wanders around the side, and finds a staff entrance – door open, ready for him to enter.. and hiding by the door in the bushes is Kimambo. [Hmm he probably unlocked the door to encourage Billy to enter that way. So glad he helped.. because I’m kind of over this episode long chase. Please. wind it up!]

Rashidi and Kimambo enter the staff entrance following Billy.
Lee and Amanda reconnect, and they too enter the staff entrance after Billy.
[Umm where’s the nice puppy dog?!]

Billy enters a room full of skeletons.. he’s remembering, but he continues to keep moving…4.07BLW.avi_002399666_thumb …knowing Rashidi and Kimambo are following him. [And following him.. and following him…]
Lee and Amanda are in the mix following too..
Amanda follows veeeery closely behind Lee. haaaa
[very very closely..]
He gives her a bit of a look. [as if to say ‘back off’ here I think. What did you read his look as?]4.07BLW.avi_002424491_thumb
[LOL she doesn’t really back off.. smart woman. haa]
[But thank goodness for these little character moments or I think I would have been looking up Thornton’s regression technique about now so I could just forget about this episode! 4.07BLW.avi_002465732_thumb
While it’s great fun seeing gun totting Amanda acting like a full on legit agent, I’m kinda over it! I hope my nark isn’t too annoying for readers.. but..
Please. I beg you Billy. Find the Kalamari I mean Kalahari list disk thingy. Please, just find the flippin thing and put me out of my misery! ]

Another minute or two of Billy looking lost, wandering the Smithsonian, followed by Rashidi and Kimambo. 4.07BLW.avi_002474341_thumb

[Whooo hey is that the exhibit where Lee and Amanda bickered over her date with David Benson???!!! no time to check, if someone else would like to go for it and please share with us what you find I could be waaay off track here who knows haaaa.
This has got to be the least guarded museum ever! Even if it is probably not open hours yet and too early.
Why, all the exhibits could come to life each night here and no one would have any idea! haa]

Billy stops at the Bear exhibit. Cue the chimes.. and Billy remembers where he put the disk.

[Oh hoorah… If he remembers where he hid it, why would he then try and actually gather it when Rashidi and Kimambo are being soooo obvious in following him so closely? and he knows they want it? wouldn’t you remember, try and cover up that the Bear exhibit was important and then come back another time or something?? then again, that would make for a rather boring action finale. It would only drag this out even more.. so I’m kinda glad he doesn’t do that lol. haaaa what do I know! ]

Billy’s all happy to have the disk. 4.07BLW.avi_002557157_thumbRashidi and Kimambo waste no time coming forward to take it.
Rashidi : It’s a shame we didn’t catch you last Friday. It would have made our customers much less anxious. 4.07BLW.avi_002561961_thumb

Billy :
You caught me after I hid the disk.

Rashidi : Of course, and then we spent the weekend trying to pump the information out of you. Now, may we have the disk.
(Billy hands it over.)
4.07BLW.avi_002576776_thumb Lee : Now may we have it back. Uh, uh, uh. Both of you, guns on the floor. Now! 4.07BLW.avi_002581181_thumb
[Amanda stays hidden]
…Now you, you keep ‘em over here. Move it over. Billy.
4.07BLW.avi_002602002_thumb Billy : Got it.
Billy reaches out to take the disk from Kimambo, who drops the disk to the ground.. they reach down to get it and Kimambo reaches for a gun hidden at his ankle. [LOL why they let Kimambo bend over like that is beyond me but whatever. Oh please no. Let’s not drag this out even more. this whole sequence goes about 10 minutes! gah!! I guess JWWM makes it last for a week gahhhhh I’m to blame!! gahhh!! ]

Oh well, Billy tackles Kimambo to get at the gun.. action sequence round 2 is underway.. Rashidi takes off with the disk, Lee whacks Kimambo. Amanda intercepts Rashidi.
[Whoooooo go Amanda! love that Charlie’s Angels training 😉 ]
4.07BLW.avi_002616216_thumb Amanda : It’s over. Go ahead.

Lee cuffs Kimambo. Amanda leads Rashidi back to Lee and Billy. 4.07BLW.avi_002628028_thumb
Lee takes Rashidi.
Amanda looks down at her gun and kind of juggles it?!
[weird. don’t do that it might go off! lol. That is not Charlie’s Angles training compliant! ]
4.07BLW.avi_002632032_thumb Amanda approaches Billy with the disk.
Billy : Amanda, did you get it?
Amanda : There you are sir… 4.07BLW.avi_002638038_thumb
(Billy seems to have gotten hurt in the struggle.. his arm? his leg?)
[I don’t know and don’t really care enough to go back and look. I’m sorry!!]
…I’ll call an ambulance.
(Amanda leaves to call an ambulance)
[you’re an ambulance! Sorry couldn’t resist..]
(Keeping an eye on the cuffed baddies, Lee joins Billy where he is sitting.)
[Where’s the doggie?! Someone needs to call a dog catcher!]
Billy : She’s gonna be just fine, Lee, just fine.
[She the list?]
Lee : I know. How do you feel? 4.07BLW.avi_002650050_thumb
Billy : I feel like beer and steaks, at Randy’s.
[Uh oh. Clearly Billy is quite unwell. someone help him!!!]
Lee : That sounds good. [It does? oh noooo Lee seems to be getting unwell too! someone help him too!
okay okay, even in the midst of my over the top snark, it is lovely to see these two celebrating their success – saving the Kalahari list, saving Billy’s career.. Life is good!] 

Hoorah!!! It’s tag time! We see Lee and Amanda’s cars parked out the front of his place..
A fire is roaring in the fireplace.
[Hooo haaaa.. why that’s right up there with candlelight – SMK code for sexy times! The camera pans over to Lee and Amanda on the couch:  Making out!]
Lee : You know what?
Amanda : What?
Lee : Pine Top just received 18 inches of new fresh powder. 4.07BLW.avi_002679679_thumb Amanda : Really?
(Lee answers Amanda punctuating pretty much each word with a kiss.)
[Hmm yes, this is my preferred form of communication with Lee ahem.]
Lee : Yup. I’ve got the skis,…4.07BLW.avi_002684084_thumb
…I’ve got the boots, and I’ve got you. 4.07BLW.avi_002689889_thumb
[Take it in peeps.. –just keep those smelling salts handy- 4.07BLW.avi_002694294_thumb
We got some sweet sweet lovin going on!]
(There’s a knock at the door.
Lee looks so unimpressed haaaa.
They put themselves back together..
Amanda has the cross necklace on still.)
[I haven’t seen the heart necklace since the start of this episode..]
(Lee goes to answer his door. This time he checks the peephole!)
…It’s Billy.
(Lee opens the door and Billy enters.)
[ahh okay so it was the arm that got hurt lol.]
Billy : …Well first, I want to tell you that I put you both on record for helping the Agency recover the Kalahari List. 4.07BLW.avi_002721521_thumb Amanda : Thank you sir.4.07BLW.avi_002723123_thumb
Lee : Yeah, thank you Billy but it, er, it was your collar.
[Speaking of collars.. Lee’s shirt is ugly ugly! but.. hey.. Lee still looks good good!]4.07BLW.avi_002725125_thumb
Billy : Ours. 4.07BLW.avi_002726326_thumb
Amanda : Well, thank you sir. 4.07BLW.avi_002729329_thumb
Lee and Amanda are all smiles.
Billy : And second, I took you off roll call for tomorrow… 4.07BLW.avi_002732932_thumb[Billy has such a cheeky glint in his eyes!]
…Have a nice looong weekend. 4.07BLW.avi_002736136_thumb
[hoooo haaaa.. Billy lays it on thick here – the subtext?
have yourselves some goodlovin!]
[rofl. Lee and Amanda look a little stunned!
I mean, what do you say when your boss gives you the green light for a dirty long weekend?!]
Amanda : Oh, well errrr..
(Billy doesn’t hang around, he knows he has left them both speechless haaaaaa..)
Billy : I’ll see you Monday.
Amanda : Yes sir.
Lee : Thank you, Billy…
(Lee chuckles very heartily as Billy exits out his front door)
…ha haaaa.. thanks a lot!!
(Lee immediately turns to Amanda the moment the front door is closed. 4.07BLW.avi_002747547_thumb
With a big grin!
He claps his hands together with glee.. 4.07BLW.avi_002749349_thumb
Amanda reacts to his excitement.
She seems to brace herself haaaa..4.07BLW.avi_002750550_thumb
as he moves toward her like he’s about to pounce! 4.07BLW.avi_002751151_thumb
[Ha haaaaa.. they totally play it for laughs. 4.07BLW.avi_002751351_thumb
And it’s very cute!
-and no. No I will not comment on those.. trousers.. I drat. I just commented on those trousers.. ]
The episode ends there..
I’m certain the next line was going to be….
‘Indoor Tennis??? Here we come!!!!!’
Yeahhhh those gestures Lee makes at the end scream: ‘Skiing’!! and.. ‘Indoor tennis’!!! haaa not!

Sorry to get all… umm logical.. especially when the tag is so fabulous and full of Lee and Amanda goodness! but…
Hey what happened to Monroe?! is he okay? I can only guess he’s toast if the baddies knew of where and when they were meeting?

Also, I want to know that NotLanni got intercepted at the Estoccian International airport and locked up for life!!! And that pay out she got was donated to a charity or something in honour of the sacrifice of the Real Lanni.. and that outfit NotLanni was wearing got burned!!! lol.

Last but not least. Please smk, what happened to the doggie Hoochie NotZeus? did he go to doggie rehab and learn to not listen to bad guys? and be less scary? and to growl less?
I’m sure this is what happened. Good doggie. I hear they are looking for good dogs at airport security since the doberman there was recently traumatised by an exploding suitcase. This doggie should apply. 

Soooo do tell!! What do you think everyone?!
Can’t wait to hear from you – as always!
Again – a big thank you to Kiwismh for doing the dialogue transcribing, your help makes this walk possible – I salute you!!!
Up next? Photo Finish!!

5/6 Season Four Episode Seven: Billy’s Lost Weekend-Scarecrow & Mrs King

It’s back to the Estoccian embassy to find out –shock- NotLanni isn’t dead (or is that…. NotDead?).
…Why that nasty little trickster…Seems the whole time she was also faking that she had good taste in clothes too from the looks of it!

So Rashidi gives her an envelope stuffed with cash and tells her Kimambo is going to get her out of the country. 4.07BLW.avi_001745045
NotLanni :
And what do you want me to tell your buyers?
Rashidi : The Kalahari List will be on the market in 24 hours.
[So, let’s see if I’ve got this.. Turns out RealLanni was Rashidi’s secretary.. and the Kalahari list is information about the entire American intelligence community in Africa.
Yep, we needed a whole scene to tell us that. Yawn. They should have had the dog deliver the envelope with a cute bow and wuff. would have been much more entertaining..]

Moving on..[ I hope..] and we find Lee, Amanda and Billy back at IFF researching..
Amanda : The Zebra List was an FBI operation during prohibition. [Okay, I can’t let that pass!!!! The Zebra List??!!! whaaaahahahahahahaha!!! Go SMK, I love that they go for it with the cheese! I bet the Zebra list is in black and white. No colour.
I want to see the Giraffe list – you know the list of good agents who have really stuck their necks out!
Come on guys  – you got a list you can come up with?! tee hee ]
Billy : We’ve tried every variation of Kalahari List on the books and still can’t get anywhere.
[Everyone seems tired and a bit down. I know the feeling guys..]
Lee : Well, what about the street?
Billy : No, nothing. No word!
[Billy loses his temper again. Just a little.. ]
Lee : Billy, you need some sleep. You’ve been going at this for 48 hours straight. [Let’s not delay this.. let’s keep going! This whole you are working yourself into exhaustion thing is such an overused trope in smk I just kinda groan at it now – and lament that the trope’s overuse is exhausting me now! Oh the irony.]4.07BLW.avi_001796896
Billy : Well, so have you. Go ahead, knock off. You’ve done everything I could ask. 4.07BLW.avi_001802702
Amanda : No sir, we haven’t. We haven’t found the Kalahari List. 4.07BLW.avi_001811911
Billy : I’ll put on another pot of coffee.
Lee : I’ll second that.
  [I wonder why they are not doing this research in the Q bureau?? seems strange to be doing it in the bullpen even during the night, isn’t Billy on lockout or something?!]
Billy : Oh, before I forget. I want you both to know that your relationship, whatever it is, is fine with me…
[Lee and Amanda ummm don’t react. They are quite stunned!] 4.07BLW.avi_001824724
… We all look for something and when we find it I think we should hang on with everything we’ve got.
[AWH!!! What a big softie!]
(He walks off to make that pot of coffee..
Lee and Amanda share a look.) [thoughts everyone??!!
Sara, was this what you were waiting for before sharing your thoughts about Billy’s quiet little smile earlier? -in post 3?]
(We follow Billy into the room to make a pot of coffee…)
[yes.. it is that riveting…
…let’s watch him make coffee while his memory is triggered… again… but what he remembers who knows.. LOL.]
(The coffee room phone rings… and it’s Monroe, Jack Monroe – he needs Billy’s help!)
Monroe : I had to call you. Meet me at D and 3rd streets in half an hour.
(Billy heads back into the bullpen to update Lee and Amanda.)
Billy : They’re at it again. They just called. They helped me remember a phone call from that agent.
(Billy brings up on the computer Jack Monroe’s details.)
Billy : I talked to him Friday. He was running. He was running and he needed help…. he was working on a blind trust operation. No records, no reports, no questions…
(Lee nods)
(Billy finally remembers)4.07BLW.avi_001912979
…The Kalahari List! Only 3 people know about that. Monroe, Lanni and myself. It’s a list of our African operatives. Lanni tipped Munroe that someone working in the Estoccian Embassy had it on the market.
[I know this is likely nitpicky but I can’t resist… and it hasn’t stopped me before so why would it stop me now? haaaa..
Billy can’t say only 3 people know about the Kalahari list, when Rashidi and his gang are trying to get it…. and probably sell it – and to sell it you need to market it to buyers. Sorry Billy the lion is out of the bag.] 4.07BLW.avi_001925592

Lee : And he couldn’t get it.
Billy : Right. Right! He was made. Which means someone had to go into the Embassy and get it out of the safe. I went in his place. I didn’t make a clean break.
[more standing around talking.]
Amanda : Does that mean that you hid it somewhere before the Police picked you up?
Billy : There were over 100 names on that list. That’s a lot of telegrams to the next of kin. All right, the phone call said to meet on D Street on the corner of 3rd.
Lee : Let’s go.
Billy : Hold it, hold it. It’s 6am. The streets are practically empty at this time of morning. If you try to trail me they’ll spot you like that.
Lee : No, they’re not completely empty.
Lee looks pretty pleased with his idea. Do tell Lee!

(Next thing we see a taxi driving down the road from a distance. The camera pans across to another taxi as we hear Lee speak.)
Lee : Amanda, stand-by. I’m dropping Billy off at the end of the block…
[Amanda’s a taxi driver!! Cool call back!!]4.07BLW.avi_001987253

…Stay in Amanda’s view. I’ll circle around.
(We see a blue and white taxi pull up, and Billy gets out. Lee is his taxi driver. Woot Woot! Billy gets out his wallet to pay)
Billy : Lee, I don’t know what I’m walking into, and I don’t know if I’m walking back out but –
Lee : Hey, save it will ya. You’ll come out of there.
Billy : Yeah, beer and steaks at Randy’s. 4.07BLW.avi_002020720
Lee : You got a deal.

[Oh nooo that sounds like a punishment to me!!!]

It’s show time! Wwe see Amanda taxi driver reading the paper waiting for a customer
Lee: (to Amanda) …I’m coming back your way. Keep your eyes open. I’m going to the end of the block and then turning around.
(we watching a taxi drive down a road. Riveting.
Then, we see a white limo pull up next to where Billy is standing,
this is opposite where Amanda is parked reading the newspaper. She takes note.)
Oh rofl. look who is riding shotgun in the white limo!!!
whahahahaa.. this dog needs a name.
Come on guys – what’s a good name? Bones?]
(Kimambo gets out, and motions to Billy to get in the back. He opens the back door for Billy. Such a polite baddie. haaaa..)

Rashidi : Won’t you join us Mr Melrose.
[Billy is met with a very scary sight indeed…No, not the gun aimed at Billy – that matching tie and handkerchief combo is positively terrifying.
My eyeballs are in agony. Please don’t hurt my eyeballs!!!!]
(Billy gets in the limo, Lee and Amanda monitor his movements.
Lee watches someone approach Amanda’s taxi.)
Lee : Amanda, that’s the shooter from the park. Get out of there!……..4.07BLW.avi_002107207
..Stay with the limo.

[cue the action music!!! drama!!! The guy touched her door handle! gah!! she drives off.. Lee drives up.. Guy pulls a gun but does nothing with it. Honestly. this is kind of hilarious! It’s like a parody or something it’s really bad!
Is it just me or is that jacket the baddie is wearing familiar?]
(The gunman doesn’t even shoot at Lee. he takes off on foot, Lee follows him.. 4.07BLW.avi_002121688
Lee parks the taxi, and gets out.
Gun drawn. wearing jeans. In the great outdoors..)
[Oh my.. Lee is looking good. I love this episode. Best. Episode. Ever! oh wait. what am I saying??!!!]
Lee heads down a driveway…. but we can’t see where he goes. We see this:
and hear bang bang bang. a gun going off…  and then.. we see this man emerge: 4.07BLW.avi_002143576
Uh oh…
We can hear Amanda trying to reach Lee over the radio.
[It’s kinda a relief to see this episode try and do something interesting here with the plot! I should give kudos where kudos are owed!! Kudos I like this little bit of suspense! ]
Amanda (over radio): Lee the limo’s pulling up by the Smithsonian Gardens… 4.07BLW.avi_002147580
(We see the baddie continue to slowly approach the taxi, the radio with Amanda’s voice sitting on the taxi seat)
…Are you there?…
(We see Lee emerge too…)
[well that suspense lasted all of 2 seconds! oh well. cool 2 seconds!]
(Lee approaches the baddie, who seems to be clutching his chest and injured or something but no blood.)
[I’m pretty confused about how the bad guy went from this:
to this: 4.07BLW.avi_002159192
But whatev. Hey, stealthy Lee, stealthy bullet wound.]
Lee, I’m by the Smithsonian Gardens, are you all right?…
…Come in, Lee.
Lee (over radio): Amanda, stick with the limo. Right now you’re all that Billy’s got. 4.07BLW.avi_002172605
Amanda : Will do.
[Love how calm and confident Amanda is here! Go Amanda!]
Back to the white limo of doom…
[Ummm I don’t know why but this looks hilarious!
It’s like Turner and Hooch or something!
Needle phobia alert
If this is you.. you might want to look away!! ]
Billy is unconscious in the back seat. Poor Billy!
Rashidi : This is where we lost Melrose last week.
Kimambo : The streets will be filled within the half hour.
Rashidi : All the pieces are in place. This is the last ride Mr Melrose.

(We see Billy start to rouse)
[Looks like this is where there was a commercial break-
so I’m going to pause here too.]

How are we all doing with this episode so far?? anyone not finding this terribly riveting? Anyone like to share with us what you love??!!!!