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Lee’s Apartments Season 2 Part 3 by SilverCorvette

Welcome back to the third and final part of Lee’s apartments. SilverCorvette is back….!
Burn Out – Episode 21

Establishing Shot – the same building as always

With some changes (a plant instead a vase of stick things)
this looks the same as DOA – lots of oriental art.
Umm, Lee’s security must be pretty minimal, Bracken just
used his lockpicks and walked right in ? clip_image006
Those plants beside the bar (I think we call them Drucena
here in Australia) are looking a bit poorly. Hasn’t Amanda
been around to water them since DOA ?
That gold antelope ? is still on the narrow table, but that
plate/dish thing was not over there under the picture before.

And this is all we see.

So this pretty much looks like the DOA apartment.

I hope you have enjoyed looking through Lee’s apartments
in Season 2. I will be back with Season 3.


Thanks to SilverCorvette for updating Lee’s Season 2 apartments. Any differences between this apartment and the DOA apartment?
Bye from the JWWM team wave



SMK food part three: Food in the Family

Welcome back to our journey through Season 1 and 2 SMK food moments. We continue our exploration of SMK food with some “character-specific” food moments.

Jamie and Phillip
We don’t get to see enough of Jamie. And we don’t see much of Phillip either, although that doesn’t really bother me cow . But when we do see Amanda’s boys, they are frequently eating or hunting for food (which makes them remarkably normal!) S2E22_Jamie_banana

As I scoured the first two seasons of SMK, I could only find one instance of Jamie eating something I’d actively encourage the Minijets to consume: a banana thumbsup  (Murder Between Friends), that staple of babies and toddlers (I don’t miss those mushed banana stains!)

I’m ok with the scrambled eggs (Murder Between Friends) S2E22_Dotty_scrambledeggs
but….Jamie’s first breakfast (or lunch?) of SMK remains a mystery – it looks suspiciously like a pile of sugar on bread 15_weeping  (the First Time)
Cracklin’ Critters, while they do have the benefit of continuity through the first two seasons, do not get the Learjet Stamp of (Healthy Eating) Approval: 0 star rating0-Star
Oh look shocked  : the boys are helping with the shopping (Saviour), except Phillip is being nasty at the same time sigh. S1E16_shopping_boys_help
And when they’re out shopping with their mother and grandma, they just want to buy…more cookies, which I guess would make them normal in my family (Just say NO, Amanda! – Ship of spies)
and don’t take those Cracklin’ Critters, Dotty shudder
Anyone care to guess what the boys are eating here? I’m thinking hot dogs and iceberg lettuce? Or maybe macaroni cheese? Potato salad? Help me out here, JWWM’ers crazy  (Service Above and Beyond).

As a Dotty fan, I felt it was my duty to examine Dotty’s relationship with food in more detail. Dotty seems to help Amanda out a lot with meals – while Amanda is looking after those clams in tuxes, Dotty is busy with the more mundane tasks of keeping the family feed and watered, for example making a roast chicken (The First Time).
We are able to examine Dotty’s preparation technique when she prepares a casserole (Saviour): S1E16_meat_for_stew_Dotty
She favours chunky-cut carrots for a casserole

Her onion cutting technique makes me fear for those beautifully manicured hands.



But there it goes, safely into the oven with all of Dotty’s fingers intact:


Dotty is sophisticated (evidence: those beautifully kept nails)… so much so that she wears unsuitably high heels to go grocery shopping…and then drops the shopping. And she buys bean sprouts yes.
Dotty (to Amanda): Yes I know you love them. They’re so Californian! (A Class Act)
She’s a gracious hostess, making egg cress sandwiches for Dean’s mother (I Am Not, Nor Will I Ever Be A Spy)
nd offering chimpanzee owner Francine strudel, reminding Francine of what her cook Moline used to say “A strudel is an act of love. To not eat it is to reject a gift” (Saved by the Bells).
But Dotty is human too – who could forget her stress-eating popcorn while on the call to Amanda’s doctor during her amnesia episode laughing  (I Am Now Nor Have I Ever Been a Spy)

Lee has a strange relationship with food his fridge is a disgrace; the smelly cheese from the fridge horrified suburban housewife Amanda gross (The ACM kid)
He’s prepared to eat some less than appetising fare while on surveillance: Exhibit 1: snack – The ACM Kid
And Exhibit 2: sandwich – Service Above and Beyond
He doesn’t look too happy about eating chilli on the job (Always Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth).
and considers a Chewy Chunky Bar no replacement for a woman (If Thoughts Could Kill).

Am I right in thinking that many women would have a hard time choosing between a man and a chocolate bar crazy ? You can rely on chocolate in a way than you can’t always rely on a mere man…

Lee turns up his nose at jelly but Bedside Bluebell Amanda is happy to wolf it down (If Thoughts Could Kill)
(Comfort eating from to deal with Cranky Lee – I know exactly how she feels; I’ve often felt a strong craving for sugar after the Minijets have pushed me a little too far!)

Lee eats his beans under sufferance when wounded on the job and Amanda “persuades” him yuck  (The Long Christmas Eve).
As mentioned in the previous post, being an intelligence operative is a dangerous job…especially when Amanda gets a steak while Lee struggles to eat his soup after taking a punch in the jaw (The Artful Dodger).
Ultimately, metrosexual Scarecrow is most comfortable with more sophisticated (and exotic wink) dining and even cooks Amanda a Japanese meal at Maplewood drive (Remembrance of Things Past).
He prefers smelly cheese from Harrods so maybe he had stinky cheese in his fridge on purpose crazy ? (To Catch a Mongoose)
And to finish off with my two favourite (and most uncomfortable) Lee’s dinners out: that terribly awkward one (for Amanda) with his “wife” at the Cumberland (Weekend)
And then dinner with Amanda (downgraded to mere “girlfriend”) and the Colonel (A Relative Situation)
And a cute moment between Lee and Amanda, after Lee takes a “dead” Amanda grocery shopping (You Only Die Twice) and they share a packet of popcorn.

So has anyone got any observation about the food choices of the family at Maplewood Drive? Where did Lee get his eating habits from? Was it from the Colonel? Any other food moments to share from seasons 1 and 2?
That concludes this trilogy on food and drink. wave from Learjet!


Food in SMK part two: Let Them Eat Cake

IMHO, drinks are a necessary evil. Why drink when you can eat more?? Following on from the first post on SMK drinks in Season 1 and 2, we’ll get to the good stuff:  with an exploration of SMK food thumbsup .

Dangerous food
Food can be dangerous if you’re an intelligence agent (or civilian auxillary shudder  ) It can also be  a very helpful tool, as rookie Amanda found out The First Time. She made quick use of a melon and a box of oranges to divert attention and save the Agency from Mrs Welch and blabbermouth Francine.


Then Amanda stopped the baddies in their tracks by sneaking some sugar in the car engine (who said sugar was poison? This must have been what they meant). Hard as it is for me to admit it sigh , we have Phillip to thank for this idea.

Amanda is meeting Lee at Milo’s Daffy Dog stand (I am not Now, Nor Have I Ever Been A Spy) and gets kidnapped by a baddie while Lee is on the phone (still relaxed from the eucalyptus steam) and she’s awaiting their chilli dogs.


When Amanda misses breakfast and brings an orange to eat at the office, Lee eats the orange

which results in Amanda eating Lee’s “chicken on white extra mayo” (Delirious on Arrival) – here is irrefutable evidence that fructose is bad for you (or at least your partner) crazy !

Is the prospect of Francine preparing food dangerous? (or at the very least scary!) After her cooking lessons with Mrs Welch in the First Time and her loose-lips…

…maybe we should be a bit careful of food that Francine comes in contact with.
What else did Mrs Welch teach Francine in her private “cooking” classes? What really went into the sandwich which she makes Amanda while babysitting Amanda following the poisoning by chicken-with-extra-mayo incident (Delirious on Arrival)
Billy’s sneaky doughnut. Dangerous to his reputation shocked ? Dangerous to his health? Raul has it all captured on film in Filming Raul:
Baked goods not only cause long-term health damage but acute musculoskeletal injuries – as Lee and his toe found out when he had a close encounter with a the Bombers’ fundraising brownie made by Mrs Scott (The Mole).


As Jestress pointed out in her Improvised Weapons post, Amanda found a new use for canned cream in distracting and blinding baddies (You only die twice).

Lee has got into some rather icy spots (or should I say “jams” wink ); first when he was left among the meat in the Freezer (but at least he was wearing a tux at the time – Charity Begins At Home).
And then a baddie mistook him for a piece of meat which needed to mature a bit longer (Life of the Party) – many of us would argue that this was an accurate portrayal of early SMK Lee wink !

Finally, baddies have a nasty habit of destroying perfectly good food.
Gunshot wreaked lunch at the Princess’s (Waiting for Godorsky)

And Lee contributed to the destruction!
And a delicious breakfast (with beautiful scenery and even better hair faint ) exploded at Tegernsee (Our Man in Tegernsee).


Make sure you avoid “filler” because who knows what that might do to you..
Finally, any houseproud woman (ie not Learjet) would feel appalled at what happened when evil twin Karen got into Amanda’s kitchen (Odds on a Dead Pigeon).

Cake has an important part to play in Season 1 and 2 SMK. Amanda seems to spend a lot of time in the Maplewood drive kitchen during her early period of employment for IFF. We spot her baking a cake (Saved by the Bells).S1E8_baking_cake_Amanda
To the surprise of Awful Eva, Lee (I-only-drink-coffee-in-the-morning) picks at Amanda’s cake for breakfast (Lost and Found).
Ever the attentive mother (well, until Season 3), Amanda produces Phillip’s birthday cake (Fearless Dotty) S1E19_Phillip_cake
Did she bake this herself?? Any thoughts? It’s quite a work of art and beyond Learjet’s abilities.

She’s happy to share, giving Billy an apple pie which she’s baked.
(I wonder how it compares to Jeannie’s Christmas cakes? wink )

She even gives a cake to the Princess to follow her meatloaf, because she seems lonely and struggling financially smile  (Waiting for Godorsky).
When she’s competing for Mother of the Year, she has to produce a cake to prove herself worth the title, but it all goes horribly wrong, thanks to “Officer” Tuggy (A Little Sex, a Little Scandal).

(Just wondering why being able to produce a good cake makes you an amazing mother? )

She even shares one of her Mother of the Year cakes with Lee (I’m assuming it’s not the one containing Tuggy’s cigar ash), thereby saving Randy from a ghastly fate: partly frozen cake (A Little Sex, a Little Scandal)
Sadly (or not so sadly, depending on your point of view), Randy doesn’t trust a man that receives cakes from other women.

Finally, Fake Joe survived long enough to appear in Season 3 when a cake cushions his fall from upstairs (although Learjet laments the waste of perfectly good cake – Murder between Friends).

So what’s the verdict? Is it safe to eat cake? Can you trust food around spies and baddies? What do you think about food in SMK? Next up: SMK characters and food! bye