3/3 Season 1, Episode 2: There goes the neighbourhood

The Baddie of the week is still chatting to his mummy’s portrait.. He told the junior baddies to find the people who they saw at the Bodene’s.. find out what they want.. and kill them. Uh oh…

Whoo Harriett is quite the drinker, another vodka straight up! From the looks of her empty glasses on the table this is her third.. yep, get em 75 amanda meets harrietinto her!! Could help you to find out what you want! Sorry, but that is one ugly, shapeless, huge sleeveless cardigan 76 harrietvest thingy Amanda has on.. yuck! hmm I am looking forward to seeing when her fashions start to change, her fashion sense seems to improve with her increased professionalism.. 

Harriet dobbed in Betty when she did something wrong.. no wonder she’s drinking so much! Harriet believes she may have gotten Betty into trouble – and Amanda will benefit from Harriet’s guilt by having Harriet help her with Connie Beth – Hey does Harriet think by ‘trouble’ she contributed to Betty getting killed?? and if that’s the case.. wouldn’t that mean Connie Beth is Connie Death?? and if that’s the case, why would you continue to work for them?? and then help someone new to move up the ranks? It does seem like Harriet thinks she got Betty into trouble.. hmm.. maybe she thinks Betty just happens to have gotten into trouble with Connie Beth and gotten murdered on the same day. Winking smile

Love how Amanda makes the connection with Golden circle girls and hairdyers – and Harriet responds ‘Absolutely! one of our hottest items!’ Ohhh the irony!! Smile

On to chez Lee and Amanda! Love how Lee calls Dean ‘what’s his name!’ haaaa.. Why would Amanda put a picture of Dean up in the pretend kitchen? what does she hope to achieve by that? (The psychologist in me finds this fascinating!! )and.. can you believe she has been away on vacation with him? !! whooaaaa.. I wouldn’t have thought Amanda would want to spend that much time with him..(I guess she could have 77a deanrealised how dull what’s his name is then that makes sense!) Lee is full of questions about Dean isn’t he- interesting! I think Amanda put a picture of Dean on the wall to remind Lee he exists and to keep some boundaries.. wait a minute – whooo maybe Amanda put the picture of Dean on the wall to remind herself! haaaa…

Ahhh the normal people kitchen scene.. Love how Lee says “I’m normal” – a bit like a little boy! Funny Lee seemed to accept at the beginning of the episode he wasn’t authentic suburbia.. now he protests? I guess he believes he is normal, but not suburbia man.. It’s sweet to think eventually Lee does become more like Amanda’s idea of normal.. awh..

Hey- is it bad that I actually kinda like Lee’s way of doing a kitchen???!!!!! that actually sounds kinda nice!

77 you solve it!
Whooaa don’t make Amanda mad with that knife in her hand Lee, you are suppose to be helping each other, not competing (this is not Francine you are talking to Lee!).. men! Winking smile She is right, Lee has been doing nothing to solve this case so far; except criticising her efforts to make the kitchen cosy! (oh yeah.. he did make daiquiris and threaten the baddies with flamingos.. who could forget that?) Aside from a tiny bit of competitiveness, ( because I think Lee is frustrated the case is stalling or not going fast enough) I like that he seems to be collating all they know and running it all by Amanda- Like she could actually help! – whooo hoooo!!  I like that!! Lee seeking Amanda’s insights!!

Wait! Did Lee just say ‘that’s good’???? to her theory of what got Betty killed???!!!! Whoa! this keeps getting better!! .. Amanda solves the case and Lee is suddenly nice to her  Haaa- can he pick up groceries? our first fight as husband and wife….(I don’t say ‘man and wife’ like Lee does here!! ) ahh Lee… If only it would last!!!
78 lee stares
Why does Lee say see you later and then just stare at her? hmmm… he is probably admiring 79 amanda respondsher….and confused by that….. so we then get the awkward hand shake…. Oh Lee… the handshake…. funny… he holds on waaaayyyy toooooo loooong.
80 shake hands
Amanda can’t even look him in the eye.. neither of them has any idea what is going on here between them.. it is way too early and they so aren’t ready to even be friends!!! heheheee… oh and the cherry on top of this scene? “you know I like blue a lot better!” says Lee complimenting her curtains as he leaves.. and she doesn’t quite know what to do with it… and he walks away smiling broadly and waving his notebook.. Thank goodness he didn’t say the blue curtains looked delicious.. we want Lee to be nothing Like Warren Davenport!! Blue seems to be the colour of the week! I am 81 I like blueguessing Lee kept waving the notebook about because he was really happy about solving the case, not the curtains! hehehee..
82 lee leaves
Whoa.. you hear the music as Lee leaves? I expected a waterfall to suddenly appear and Esther Williams to do a swan dive!! A bit OTT for me!!

Lee heads off to follow Mrs Wainwright on her 83 top downdelivery that day.. Whooo Lee driving the porsche with the top down.. I reckon that is why they decided to get rid of it and give him the vette- So that he can’t drive with the top down, but he still gets enough light in the car to see him and he keeps his perfect hair (which tends to get more perfect as the show progresses!) perfect!

Off camera, Lee must perfect his perfect hair again after the hazardous trip with the top 84 lee eavesdropsdown – because suddenly it looks picture perfect again as Lee enters the customs place!

Lee swipes one of Mrs Wainwright’s Connie Beth delivery boxes ( we see written on one of the boxes the name ‘Rhonda Antista’ hmmm.. credited as the props guy on this episode is Gary Antista.. a relative of Gary’s perhaps?!- you think sneaky Gary snuck in his wife’s name on one of the props??? Winking smile  Whooo or maybe it is his mummy! Is she proud of you Gary???!!!) and heads back to the office to check it all out..
Billy: anything look strange to you Francine?
Francine: all of it, I never use domestic creams.
I love Billy’s little reaction here to her: uuugh!! (He’s sooo slouchy and unkept it’s a bit weird!)

Check out Francine’s hair!??? she could travel to South America and hide a machine gun in there.. don’t worry about Connie Beth! Ahhh and she has to ask doesn’t she.. can’t help herself:
86 dinner at six

Francine says: So how is married life treating you? (I am guessing she expected Lee to complain about domestic life.. and making cocktails and wanting a divorce.. but… )

She continues: Dinner at six? Dishes at seven? TV till nine?
Lee: Bed.
Francine: Bed?
Lee: You know, Francine, I’ve gained a lot of respect for the generosity and . . . stamina of the American housewife.
Francine: You’re disgusting.

I am interested to hear what you guys think of this dialogue.. but it is interesting that Lee doesn’t criticise.. Is it just to tease Francine? … I think he doesn’t want to talk about it, and so gives a glib response.. but that really- he has gained some respect for Amanda in her solving this case and so he doesn’t want to run her down to Francine.. (I could be optimistic here but oh well!) I do also think Lee is amazed in general at how much all these Connie Beth housewives get up to.. they have busier lives than he would have thought..

Lee shows Billy and Francine what he has found.. Gun parts hidden in the hairdryers..

Billy says ‘we gotta 88 we gotta get somebody inside connie bethget someone into Connie Beth, and pull the King woman out of there!’ (hmm King woman Billy??!!! sounds like something Dr Smyth would say.. but we’ve gotta wait 3 more seasons for that!) Lee’s face when he realises!! oh yeah, 89 amandaAmanda! ( Love that he is now calling her Amanda!! ) Bad Lee forgot all about Amanda until Billy brought her up.. but.. good Lee now you’re calling her Amanda… oh yeah and you do seem to actually care that she could be in danger Winking smile 

Uh oh.. the baddies spot Amanda heading into the sales meeting..

Whoo our first glimpse of the eternally jogging family in front of Amanda’s house! teehee.. Lee just hangs up on Dotty?? whooops!!!! heheheeee.. he wasn’t even prepared with a story when he called.. naughty Lee!

Ok, on to the Connie Beth freak show.. Brace yourselves!!! (don’t stress: that will cause wrinkles!) What’s with the song? what is this the Stepford wives? ewwwh!!! and.. I hate oysters! I don’t want the world to be my oyster!

I can just imagine Creepy Bobby hiding away watching these meetings as these women sing about his mother.. Ohhhh mummy? are you proud of me now mummy???!!!! Love the look Amanda gives around the room as she watches this ridiculous spectacle take place! Smile
90 amanda thinks what the...

“Guard the new sample packets with your lives Ladies!” – ohhh the irony!!

Lee speeds to Amanda with the top down.. my what a difficult day it’s been for Lee’s hair!

This lady up the front holding the world’s first emoticon is hilarious!!!
91 first emoticon
Woman: And finally, a frowning face to that Connie Beth girl who was heard saying that our competition, Lovely Lady, is “icky.” (All the women gasp in shock.) My friends, Lovely Lady is not icky. They are misguided and deserve our pity. (and then cheerfullySmile) And soon, we will trample them into the dust. (Ladies laugh.)

Icky???!!!!  Their Motto is: Sell Sell Sell!! there’s a shocker..

All the moans of pleasure at the opening of the entrance to the golden circle could be … umm…..climactic almost Winking smile 92 ohhhh!!! It fits right in with the sense that there is something seriously wrong with these women!! And the harp strum as it opens is 93 amanda thinks eh...hilarious!!! (From the look on Amanda’s face I’d say she agrees: umm what alternative universe have I landed in here?image ) – A cult Amanda.. an icky Cult!

Bobby Bouchard is the ‘guide to greatness’? LOL!

The new golden circle girls are announced and asked to walk through the golden circle.. Go 94 marge Clapton!Marge Clapton!! ( hey, wouldn’t it have been great if it was Marge Simpson?!) Love her reaction.. the same reaction Sandra Bullock pays out on in Miss 95 linda babcockCongeniality! Yep… there goes Linda Babcock with the same reaction – very funny!! ROFLMAO there goes Marion Malone too!! 96 marion malone!

So funny!!!
Amanda’s reaction?? well… the complete opposite!! The two bad guys drag her away and point a hairdryer.. err I mean gun at Amanda as she is pulled through the golden circle.. uh oh..

Amanda Morton! – come on everybody!!
Let’s sing! :She’s a Golden Circle Girl, yes she is, yes she is, She’s a Golden Circle Girl yes she is..dum de daaaa… She’s a Golden circle girl, she’s a Veeeeerrry Dead Girl, She’s a Golden Circle Girl yes she is! image!!!

Lee arrives, grunting away at having to get out of that loooooow car in a hurry.. he doesn’t quite manage to close the car door either. haaaa.. well I can put all this down to his worry for Amanda.. how about that?!

Bobby’s interrogation tactics for women are interesting!!

Bobby: Do you know what lying does for your skin? Lying causes stress and stress wrinkles the skin. Capillaries burst, skin flakes. A lying face is not a pretty face. Now tell me what you were doing in the Bodine house and what did Frank say to you?

Can’t say I have heard that approach before!

Ah. The old borrowing a cup of sugar trick! (had to quote Maxwell Smart somewhere here.. )

Bobby: Willfulness is even less attractive than Lying! (whooooo now that is harsh.. hit her where it hurts…. errr Bobby, she doesn’t care if you think she is less attractive!)
98 oh no
Uh oh… Lee is manhandled into the room..
99 what are you doing hereLove the way Lee responds to
Amanda’s question:
“What are you doing here? “

100 rescuing youLee: Rescuing….. You.

Lee seems to be punishing himself with that tie of his! Oh Lee..don’t be too hard on yourself.. you did at least ask for back up- it’s not your fault they are delayed..

Ok, Lee pulls out the spying for the competition story.. good one..cos you did just say you came to rescue her… I guess this is their second fight as a married couple. he heeee… She takes a moment to catch on.. his eyes piercing hers- hoping she 101 I never said that...will realise.. takes her a sec.. but from that moment on, don’t worry Lee she is gonna pick up on your cues super 102quickly! Amanda working her way up to tweezers? who specialises in tweezers? weird! I would have thought lipstick is a step up from tweezers! hehee..

Amanda gets Bobby with the can of hairspray – man that was satisfying!! and very appropriate! 103 amanda gets bobbyThe look on Amanda’s face as she does it..

104 close up on bobby
105 lee reacts to bobby's argh!and the look on Lee’s face as he sees what she has done to Bobby? ROFLMAO!!!! I hadn’t noticed Lee’s reaction to it before.. ( you guys! see the close up on Bobby’s face getting hairsprayed? It’s in a completely different part of the room.. tee heee.. next to a random lampshade? and Amanda’s sleeve seems to miraculously puff up with her rush of adrenaline.. oh my.. Winking smile  I think they may have added that shot later for more comedic effect.. it completely doesn’t match- but who cares it is funny!)

Lee and Amanda run.. I just love the final moment we see Bobby.. huddled next to his desk blinded and screaming ‘ I hate women!’ 106 I hate women!

Soooo funny!! I just love that touch- he is one damaged little man..It explains it all.. I am glad they kept that line in and didn’t find it superfluous.. (unlike all the shots in this episode of Lee in his car following someone… yawn!) …and it just makes it soooo right that Amanda gets him- with hairspray!

Hey, Lee compliments here again.. whooaa???image shocking! He says ” Hairspray, not bad.” ( Do you think that is why Amanda says later in magic bus that Lee’s legs are ‘not bad’??!!)

They’re holding hands as they run??? !!!! awh… does he do that with anyone else? I doubt it…

Lee and Amanda seem stunned when they hit the roof, err what did they expect up there? that some lucky crane arm from nowhere would be ready and waiting for them, to hike them up up and away???!!! Winking smile

How sweet.. they duck down and of course, Lee’s 107 huddled togetherarm finds it’s way around Amanda’s shoulder.. ahhhhhh… these two just can’t help themselves.. even if they have no idea what they are doing!! whoooo aahhh she has her hand on his thigh too…

Oh she is a star getting on that big crane thingy .. and managing to squeezing Lee tight as her life depends on it (that of course is the only reason she would even think about doing it right??!!!) .. weoqgnabnahbaeana/..  Haa hear her scream Ohhhh Myyyy Goooosh when she gets on with Lee? too cute..

Notice when Lee and Amanda walk off, Lee grabs hold of Amanda, with two hands around 108her…… I am gonna have to stop including pics of everytime he touches her, or I could take 500 pics an episode! hehee..

Hey, how do you think Amanda gets her handbag back off Bobby? hope it is returned to her soon!

In front of the capital building…. Lee asks Amanda if she is alright – awhhh…
109 lee invites amanda
Whoo Lee just asked Amanda out to tell her all about the case? well that is promising, doesn’t find her company so tiresome now does he?

109 maybe some other timeAmanda: Ah no, I can’t..maybe some other time. 
Lee seems to accept this well enough.. and silently looks her up and down – he seems to be thinking Amanda did well and was a help on this case.. this woman maybe isn’t who I 110 admirationthought she was.. but more!! Gee how can I get that from silence? well… look at his expressions for yourself..( I looked frame by frame and it’s all there- really!) The admiration is there to see. Smile 

I think at the end of this episode he actually admires her, certainly respects her.. and enjoys her company.. but from memory- I don’t think that lasts for long! Winking smile I haven’t seen the next episodes for quite a while..but will hold off watching them till I am doing my posts.. that way it’s fresher..

You know what I love??? Amanda turns him down! She has a life, and doesn’t just drop everything for him. I love it..

Amanda doesn’t need to be reminded to take the wedding ring off! She very readily hands it back to him… you go girl! good on you Amanda.. Lee 111 honeymoon overmakes a joke as she hands it back about the honeymoon being over.. and Amanda kindly chuckles at his attempt 112 I guess so..at humour Winking smile haaa.. They both look gorgeous here out in the sunshine don’t they? It’s a shame they aren’t outdoors more often in later episodes..

Oh Lee.. you had to crack another one of your lame jokes we love ya for.. “you know what the problem with our marriage was, it just wasn’t very exciting.” – Amanda may find Lee attractive, but she has her limits! haaa.. Love that she doesn’t pretend this  attempted joke was a good one!  heheheee…. It’s bad.. and he knows it!

This episode almost has 3 tags really doesn’t it?! the last scene- of Lee and Amanda finishing up.. This scene with Dotty… and following this a final moment with Lee..

Amanda helps the boys with their homework and then they head up to bed.. Amanda tells Dotty she will call Dean before it gets too late and Dotty explains how 113a strangled qualityDean was worried when she took so long getting home… or at least Dotty could ‘ detect that strained little quiver, that vaguely strangled quality in his voice ‘ that told her he was! haaaa..  Ugh… time for a Dotty wants Amanda to like Dean by listing his qualities moment.. oh yawn.. the sooner he goes the better! 

Dotty: the trouble with some people is, they vanish from your life just as quickly as they came. ( the music kicks in… Amanda’s thinking about Lee…. NOT Dean Smile )
113 amanda thinking about Lee

Dotty continues: with some men you can have an absolutely thrilling evening and there’s no guarantee that you’re ever going to see them again.

responds: yeah! tell me about it!!

From the tag you could surmise.. Amanda thinks Lee is an exciting guy she will probably never see again… little does she know… Dotty spends a lot of time in these first two episodes telling Amanda what a good guy Dean is.. and telling Amanda what she should think and feel about Dean… Dotty doesn’t ask Amanda what she is thinking or feeling! I guess that makes it easy for Amanda to not be upfront about what is going on with her!

Why doesn’t Dotty notice Amanda’s reaction to Dotty’s comment about someone coming into your life and then vanishing.. and her exaggerated “tell me about it! “… I took Dotty to be more of a busy body than that.. hmmm… guess she was distracted by her crossword or whatever.. image

I also think pointing out that Dean is guaranteed to be around A LOT is not a good way to make him sound more attractive Winking smile haaa

On to Lee in his car… whooo ahhh!!

Sing it!!! : Lee’s a Golden Spy yes he is yes he is, he drives groovy car yes he does!
He loves his vintage porsche but he misses Amanda of course..
He is smiling at her ring yes he is!!!!

Ok, Lee is on his way to being GONE!!!!! 115 lee thinks of amandawhoooooo hoooooo!!! Lee’s looking at Amanda’s ring, playing with it with his thumb.(nope not like Frodo!!)… reflecting on his marriage… his wife…. ahhhhhhh….. happy thoughts!

Amanda’s thinking of Lee.. Lee’s thinking of Amanda..  perfect! I wonder if Lee was thinking he would never see Amanda again also.. after all, the next episode – he doesn’t contact Amanda—Billy does!

Well.. must run.. I would LOVE to hear anyone’s thoughts about this ep that you would like to share with us!!! byeeee and thanks for reading!!

(Now quickly!! Go put on some music to cancel out that icky golden circle girl song that is playing over and over and over in your head! Winking smile )

26 responses to “3/3 Season 1, Episode 2: There goes the neighbourhood

  1. #2019 rewatch

    This episode is wonderful for no other reason than introducing the trope of one of them figuring out something about a case and then realizing the other is in danger and running off to save them.

    But that Connie Beth song. That’s some genius songwriting…

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  2. #2019rewatch
    Poor Amanda! Just how much is she expected to endure?

    Exhibit One: Lee stands in front of her; his shirt is unbuttoned with his bare chest exposed and he tells HER to get her mind out of the gutter?
    Uh uh, Lee’s mind IS the gutter!

    Exhibit Two: Racing up stairs to the roof, bullets flying, already experiencing adrenaline overdrive; Lee grabs on to the crane and tells Amanda to hold on tightly … to what?
    To his sexy, toned body! Is it any wonder she’s screaming?


  3. #2019rewatch
    The hilarious Connie Beth song makes me want to flash forward to when Amanda & Lee embrace the Marvelous Marvin’s ridiculous theme song at yet another business group meeting in FFFT. #SMKGreatestHits 😂


  4. #2019rewatch I love this episode, but the whole sales meeting scene gets funnier to me every time I watch it. This watch was the first time I really listened to the lyrics of the Connie Beth song, and I about died when they got to “learning to polish our pearl” – who would sing that?!? No wonder Amanda looks at them like they have all lost their marbles. IWSOD’s recap for this whole episode had me rolling too. I’m glad we revisited this one!


    • It’s funny because I’ve heard rumors since that Wal-Mart has something similar that they make their employees chant every morning. GAG!


  5. Amandarambler

    Iwsod wrote: *wouldn’t that mean Connie Beth is Connie Death?? *

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Iwsod, one of your greatest lines EVER. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Ok, Iwsod, my stomach actually hurts from laughing so hard at this entire post! I’m hysterically laughing and cannot stop!

    Must regain my composure….
    Ok. Their kitchen scene is a really great moment. Especially to me that it seems Lee is really going out of his way to find some words of affirmation to say (like with the curtains) to Amanda. He can’t articulate feelings about her, but he finds that moment to encourage her with an issue that would really touch her. It’s sweet.

    You know, I think some people get a bit sad that Feisty Amanda is toned down some in later episodes. But IMHO, as she and Lee progress in their relationship, her demeanor (and his, too) go along on the journey as well. So what I mean by that is they are in the initial phase of their relationship here: they obviously have such awesome banter, are totally confused by each other and the ways they professionally and personally affect each other, and so I think it’s natural for her to have that little feisty spark as a reaction to him at this beginning. Then as they become a more constant part of each other’s lives and each begin to process their emotional journey with the other, we see different sides to them come out based on their individual point along that journey. I think the feistiness returns in a more confident form as Amanda becomes more confident professionally and as their personal relationship deepens as the series progresses (i.e. the tag of JEG, the entire missed ride/loan exchange at the beginning of TBWWBK, etc).

    That may have made no sense. 😂

    Cindy, you picked one awesome episode. Hope you have your fake surprised face on because you are a Golden Circle Girl in my book!!!!

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    • #2019 LOL, I will practice my fake surprised look in the mirror. This is up there with my favourite episodes (probably my favourite), but I forget how truly funny and fantastic it is when I watch it again. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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  6. Okay, just diving into the season one rabbit hole and discovered my favorite daytime Amanda look. In the scene in the kitchen she is wearing a white shirt and dark pants and she looks very Katherine Hepburn-ish. I absolutely Love it! But then Katherine Hepburn’s style was unusual for her time and she was always a fashion icon. runs back down the season one rabbit hole

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  7. “The world’s first emoticon” Ahahahahahahahaha! I die! LMAO

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  8. Because everyone deserves acknowledgement for all the little things they do, come to the “award” ceremony for this episode at the Nedlindger’s forum. http://nedlindgers.proboards.com/thread/45/character-awards

    It’s just a fun thing to point out some of the cool/funny things the characters do. If you’d like to nominate a character for an award or comment on the awards, feel free to join the discussion at Nedlindger’s too.


  9. My husband’s response:
    He liked the way that Amanda seemed to be interested in Lee and then it would switch to Lee being interested in her.
    He loved the way Lee noticed the blue curtains. He thought that said a lot about him as a man.
    He noticed Bouchard as the baddie immediately and blamed it all on his mother.
    He didn’t even hear the “generosity and stamina of the American housewife” comment…
    Dotty makes him laugh every time, and he really does get all the SMK humor.
    I think he actually may get pulled into the Lee/Amanda relationship story, I wonder if he will get impatient with how long it takes? But he really liked that Amanda was “pure” in her thoughts (his words during the going to bed scene) and the fact that Lee didn’t push her to not be. (Although Lee did tell her to get her mind out of the gutter which is not a very “pure” place)


  10. Watched this one last night, yup going back to the beginning… But I was left thinking about how much it felt to me that Lee was very intrigued by Amanda in this (yes Lee Danger, excitement, intrigue in the form of a suburban housewife) . He even asked her for a drink. She seemed a little reserved about him, skeptical even, but he really seemed warmed to her. And I was wondering why, after their “first fight” in the kitchen that he would stop and remark about having their first fight as a married couple. Why would he bring that up? He brought up their “marriage ” twice during this episode. For a guy who doesn’t like the idea of that kind of normal and likes to keep things detached that is a lot of thought about marriage. I don’t think Amanda was thinking that way, I think she was being professional. She was attracted but I think she would know that was a normal reaction for a woman to have around a man who looked like Lee. Maybe Lee was just flirting with her, but I would think he would have other ways of doing that, like he did with the bed and the open shirt. And in the end he is musing over the ring and she is thinking of him but rather skeptically I think.


  11. Julie (MACHMabel)

    So. . . . the handshake in the kitchen. Very significant moment because (I think) it’s the first time he concsiously thinks about what it would be like to kiss her. The moment comes just after Lee catches himself accidentally being “normal” (asking his pretend wife about groceries for dinner) and that’s weird for him. Then they’re looking at each other and both of them know that if they were really married they’d kiss goodbye just then. So he thinks about what that would be like, and maybe realizes that “normal” has its perks?? Now I think that unconciously he’s already drawn to her long before this– that’s why he dismisses Dean as a non-entity by not remembering his name. But the circumstance in the kitchen scene forces an unconscious desire to surface and become a concrete thought. Super important Lee and Amanda moment, in my opinion.

    I love this episode— two worlds colliding. Lee learns a little about normal people and Amanda is pulled (very willingly) a bit deeper into the spy world. TGTN really forshadows all that is to come— these two people and their realities meshing. Each truly changes the other in many important ways.

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  13. Your recap Rocks, as usual. I have watched all of these episodes 20 times or so over the passed couple of months and you continually make me see things that I missed! I love it. I love to watch the range of emotions that cross Lee’s face while he is dealing with Amanda…BB really does an excellent job…and he look really good doing it! :o)


    • Aha! Soo you got to the episode with the gratuitous Lee with his shirt open scene 😉 and.. Amanda’s mind in the gutter!! 🙂 haaaa! Yes.. as you mentioned in the comments of ‘ About’ the 80s were much more conservative- it is an adjustment isn’t it! there seems to be a few more Lee beefcake moments early in season 1 and then they are sprinkled in smk very rarely: It makes it even better when we get one of those moments 😉 while part of me wishes for more.. I’m glad in long run they were more conservative..

      Lee has never met anyone like Amanda huh! [BB really does do a fantastic job- and not just because Lee is gorgeous 😉 ]
      Isn’t it wonderful to watch Lee come to grips ‘solving a problem like Amanda!! how do you catch a cloud and pin it down??… ‘ oh dear.. I do believe I have just drifted into sound of music.. tee hee 😉

      Do be sure to let us know your thoughts – likes, dislikes.. and I’d be curious to hear what’s new to you – or if you have any alternative interpretations of course! 🙂
      Great to hear from you Elissa! 🙂 byeeeeee


  14. Melissa Robertson

    Amanda is now 2 for 2 in case solving (Lee had better keep her around)!!! Love the look on Amanda’s face as if to say is this Connie Beth thing for real (cult probably is more like it)…the women react to making Golden Circle Girl as if they were just crowned Miss America…LOL!!! Oh man my husband and I laughed so hard at the scene with Bobby…love how Lee and Amanda can play off of each other 🙂 And Bobby what a problemed little man!!!! Yeah love the ending where Lee and Amanda are thinking of each other (probably not sure what to think of the other…but knows that each other is different than any other man or woman they have come in contact with). I can find Dotty a little annoying with her pushing of Dean in the first half the season…but then I can see that as a mother she would want her daugher to find someone to love her and the boys 🙂


  15. I love this episode. The parody of Mary Kay cosmetics is too funny!
    Also, in just re-watching it I noticed at the end when Amanda is helping with the spelling it looks like Dotty is fixing an old radio. The kind from the 1950’s with tubes. She has a screwdriver in her hand. Isn’t that an odd thing for her to be doing before bed in her robe, sitting at the coffee table?


    • Hi Naomi! Are you in America? I vaguely remember a few pink Mary Kay cosmetics cars from my childhood..but I am wondering if they were mainly an American thing ( I’m in Australia)..but then I never saw any when I lived in the US for a year – maybe they don’t sell in NY…
      Anyway- Re the radio – very random!! haaa.. maybe she had trouble with the batteries or something and it turned into a bigger problem.. haaa..
      I just finished looking at a scene with Beverley in it in Savior, where she is furiously making pot roast, chopping carrots and onions while talking to Amanda.. it seems like Beverley decided with Dotty that since she is such a flighty character, full of energy and well..Dotty, she would try to make sure most of Dotty’s scenes had her doing something in it while talking at the same time.. have you noticed that? she rarely just sits and talks…. she is often doing something else at the same time. which I love btw! ( except the sharp knife freaked me out in Savior.. she should have prepared the pot roast with a bendy knife like Lee got stabbed with in Remberance of things past 😉 )
      Great to hear from you Naomi!


  16. I really think that Lee is smiling at his own wedding band at the end rather than Amanda’s–look how big it is. He’s no longer wearing his own ring as he’s driving, either, although he has it on during the chase scene and the one where Amanda gives her ring back. I may be projecting here, but I think Lee looks a little sad or thoughtful as Amanda’s removing her ring. (I love to watch the expressions of BB and KJ while something else is happening that would normally be the focus of attention; they’re always reacting, even when most viewers would be looking elsewhere.)

    By the way, I think it’s odd that Lee doesn’t get a wedding band during the fake wedding in “Ship of Spies” ; he wears one in this episode and in “Weekend,” and it’s highly unusual for men in the US to not receive a wedding ring as part of the ceremony, although not all of them wear it on a daily basis (for various reasons, I suppose.)

    I completely agree with you about Amanda turning down his invitation; she doesn’t even feel the need to explain or give an excuse. She just says, “No, I can’t” and then softens that with, “Maybe some other time, huh?” She’s got her own life, and she doesn’t put herself at his beck and call, especially for a social outing rather than a case.

    This is such a delightful episode!

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Fantastic recap as always. You are so perfect at this!

    BTW…anyone else think the Gilden Circle looks like a diaphragm?


    • Hi Stacy! Thanks soo much for commenting I really appreciate it! It’s very encouraging!! 🙂

      The Golden circle.. hmmmm.. I had a whole bunch of sexual suspicions (!) going on when I watched that part.. especially with all the moaning and groaning going on in all the women! haaaaa.. I am glad to see I am not the only one Stacy -haaaaaa!

      I did think that Freud would have a field day with Bobby.. who seems to be a prime candidate for the Oedipus complex award! ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oedipus_complex ) Given Freud would say he is repressing a sexual desire for his mother and wants to kill his father – it makes sense that the golden circle girls would have sexual connotations!
      All a bit Icky really 😉 haaaaa..

      Hey it’s interesting to ponder.. ( sorry feeling a little pseudo intellectual this morning! ha) Lee ends the episode looking at a golden circle of his own.. Amanda’s wedding ring.. Hmmm could Amanda be Lee’s golden circle girl?! I wonder if that is where they got the ‘golden circle’ idea from.. from a wedding band.. hmm..

      Anyone else have any thoughts to share?? not necessarily about any of this??


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