1/3 Season 1, Episode 3: If Thoughts Could Kill

I find this episode special- if only for the reason I have vivid memories of watching it back in 1983.. the only episode I have a clear memory of..

Whoo the lady with the red handbag passing the agency! I feel that lady should have a name..we see her so much! Anyone suggest a good one??

P.A:”Special agent Hardina, your driver will meet you at the georgetown portal” ??is that what they just said over the loudspeaker? – why does everyone on that floor need to know what special agent Hardina is doing? wouldn’t you just page special agent Hardina??…What’s next “hey everyone, Special agent Desmond’s salon called to confirm her 3pm lip wax! ” ( I wish!)

Inside the agency we see some guy roaming around looking anxious..

(what’s with the sign sticky taped over the usual sign on the door to the bullpen? can anyone make out what it says? I think it’s not suppose to be there..)


It looks to me like:
(if you slow it down while watching it on tv a frame at a time you can read it)

“Hey Walt! How ya doin? ” ( that’s where Joey on ‘friends’ stole  his pick up line from: Lee Stetson!!) Does Very special agent Lee know SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0003everyone who works at the agency? he is so good with names.. knows all the baddies too…

Finally Lee notices Walt is not ok!  Walt randomly moves to the other side of the bullpen to pull out his gun and wave it and knock a few bits of furniture over ( to show he’s tough??)..

Everyone heads for cover.. everyone but our Lee- nooo – running up to a guy who is shooting and then yelling his name at him at the top of your lungs is an interesting tactic Lee..  you’ve got to go stand in front of him and try and help SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0004him.. awhhh.. “come on Walt, let’s talk about it.” Lee he looks like he wants to let his gun do the talking! whoa.. Lee can dive faster than a bullet.. Haaa I hope this isn’t an indication of where I am headed with this.. but when Lee takes his dive – you can totally see his boxers puffing up over the back of his trousers Winking smile – yes I slowed it down to look..

Hmm interesting.. as Lee dives at Walt and SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0005sends them through the glass and into the hallway- the taped up sign is gone.. Hmm my guess is it warned people about the fake glass in that pane or something.. Lee seems to be in alot of pain here.. Poor Lee!!! That stunt does look pretty real where he wacks the wall I bet it did really hurt!

Off we go in the ambulance.. whoo Blue Boxers.. only 3 episodes in and we know huh???!!! hehehee.. This nurse is a doozie!

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0007Nurse: you don’t want to mask the symptoms do you?

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0006Lee: Yes, Yes! I want to mask them!


Then she picks up his hand and slams it onto the ice pack… poor Lee I know he is probably being difficult, but he is in a lot of pain and it isn’t difficult enough to deserve that! Wait till apprentice spy errr nurse err bluebell Amanda arrives.. She will make it better.. and save your life again no doubt.. My goodness for a man in pain he sure does look mighty fine here!

Whooo what a glare Lee gives her when she leaves! This is the very cool shot of Lee with the thermometer we have seen around. There’s a publicity shot of this moment  isn’t there?

(haaaaaa here t’is!)

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0015Don’t bother to introduce the internal affairs guy Billy, Lee knows everyone! and is on first name basis with everyone!

Walt is a ‘good friend’ Lee? hmm it sounds it.. I think at this point Lee doesn’t really have any ‘good friends’.. not how we would understand them..

Just how does Walt wind up in a coma? Lee punched him a few times but otherwise the guy seemed ok.. 

Lee: Ted Glasers’ in on this ?  (know him too Lee??!! of course you do!!)

Lee: The guy is a research machine he cares about virus’ in a bad mood he doesn’t care about people. Billy you know that!

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0010Billy: Look I am not fond of Glaser either but that doesn’t make him a bad physician. now some people don’t like you, but your still a good agent!

Lee: who doesn’t like me?

Lee has such a sad puppy dog look on his face when Billy tells him this!! Then Alec Beaumont starts talking and Lee is still staring at Billy pleading with him to explain it because he just finds that really weird!!! Haaa it’s very cute! He looks like such a little boy when he realises Billy isn’t telling!

Lee has been avoiding his physical for three years? what a tough guy.  3 days for a physical??? So Lee has to stay and have a physical..Billy says he ‘will forward his mail’!

The IA guy gives Lee a flower and says get well.. the look on Lee’s face here is priceless!

Love Lee’s little run in with the nurse in his SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0016room.. she whips his shredded pants from his lap and shoves the thermometer back into his mouth ( guess that way he can’t complain!)

Billy is visiting Lee who manages to pace the room in his wheelchair.. he is freaking out at having to do tests..

Nurse Chapman: Did the whirlpool help?
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0018Lee: No. My knee still hurts.


Nurse Chapman: Some people don’t have SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0019knees. Count your blessings.

(She leaves. Lee looks at Billy then points to SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0020where Chapman left. He gets out of his wheelchair and hobbles toward the closet.)
Lee: That’s it! That’s it! I’m going! I am history, sayonara, pal.
(Uh oh.. he said ‘Pal!’ that’s serious!! )He opens the closet and takes out his pants. He attempts to put them on over his cast.
Billy: Look, will you please relax?
Lee: You relax, huh?
Billy: You are driving these people crazy!
Lee: Me drive them crazy?!
Billy: They called my office three times about you! You say your TV doesn’t work.
(Lee finally gives up and throws down the pants. Lee runs his hand through his hair, then sits back down in his chair and paces some more.) You say you SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0021don’t like the food. You don’t like the nurse that gives you your bath.
Lee: Ah, she’s a meat bruiser, Billy.
Billy: So what? Y — you won’t take your medicine, and you won’t stay off your leg.
(Lee looks up at him.)
Lee: Whose side are you on, anyway?

Oh boy.. at this outburst Lee seems to finally see himself and get himself back under a little bit more control.. poor Billy! Lee really doesn’t play fair Winking smile This nurse is just horrible to Lee.. but now SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0022I see- he totally deserves it!!! Lee is such a baby!!! Don’t you just love his little tantrum!!!! Whose side are you on??? nah nah nah!!!!image

Hmm interesting.. when Billy says Lee can have an assistant Lee assumes it is a man.. ha!!
Lee: when can he start?
Billy looks at his watch: almost immediately! and quickly heads to the door.. you just know Billy is up to something here! haaaa..
Actually when Amanda walks in Lee doesn’t look as SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0034disappointed as you would imagine..certainly not as mad with Billy as when Billy told Lee he had found him a new partner.. hmmm.. yes he isn’t happy.. but he isn’t terribly unhappy either! I think it is progress! He is sick, in his pyjamas, and not at his best.. but he wasn’t mad at seeing Amanda.. excellent progress!

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0035Love Amanda’s big smile not taking any notice of Lee’s cranky ‘Billy!!


I love how happy Billy looks when he says to Lee: I knew you’d be delighted! haaaaa brilliant!

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0037Lee’s: ‘It sounds very….ohhhhh kaaayyy’ is quite subdued I think!


I think Lee is thrown a little by Amanda’s reappearance – he wasn’t expecting to see her again I think after last week. I wonder how much time has passed between then and this episode.

The next moment you see Lee is being wheeled down the corridor, Lee is asking Amanda about her uniform (boy, is he obsessed with her outfits??!!!) He isn’t smiling ear to ear.. but before she got there he was pacing in his wheelchair, furious at everyone.. I think he looks relaxed now that Amanda is there (although he would never admit it!!)

I can understand why Amanda wants to follow the rules at the hospital.. she has to work there usually..

Walt’s widow knows about the agency? I kinda thought spouses would be kept in the dark? hmmm

Whooo Amanda introduces herself to Walt Kimball’s wife saying she is a friend of Lee’s.. and Lee doesn’t mind a bit… looks fine with it! …


Oh dear. this Dr Glaser is a piece of work.. Hello… within 30 seconds of seeing him, he is saying to Lee:

Glaser: I haven’t really been a research man since my Agency days, Lee. It’s difficult to get new government grants after one has been so nastily . . . terminated. (err red flag! huge red flag!!)
Lee: We reviewed your case thoroughly.
Glaser: At any rate, I’ve been able to piece my life together by joining the staff here at Galilee General. My Agency experience is proving useful in treating cases like Walt’s. Hopefully, I can be helpful to you, too.
Lee: How so?
Glaser: I’m your physician as well, Lee.imageimageimage
– well the man obviously has a personal axe to grind with Lee.. Who made this guy Lee’s doctor?? what are they nuts?? get out of there now Lee!!! I can’t believe Lee doesn’t ask for another doctor!! I think Amanda is wise to not provoke the doctor.. she is a smart woman..

Anyone notice how Amanda introduces herself to Dr Psycho as ‘Amanda King’ but he then proceeds to tell ‘Mrs King’ that she has her hands full with Lee??!! Either it’s a mistake.. or he has been checking up on them!

Lee and Amanda return to Lee’s room. Amanda: I did not kiss up to Dr. Glaser! (haaa Lee’s juvenile comments continue!) I just believe that you should be polite to a man who may some day have to save your life.
Good Thinking! It is clear he already has bad feelings towards Lee, wouldn’t want to inflame that!

Wait.. Lee is rude to Amanda often enough.. and she saves his life?? hmmmm…maybe what Amanda says is applicable to her too! Be polite to her Lee!

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0024Amanda helps Lee back into bed.. cute.. Amanda takes off Lee’s slippers!! hehehee.. No wonder she doesn’t seem to be intimidated by Lee in the future.. I mean who could be intimidated by someone whose slippers you have removed for him? and tucked him in??!! hehehee

Dr Ogden: We call it a pill. It readies the body for the metabolic phase of the test.

The doc screams “I’m Lying” from his body language… but.. oh well..

This whole needles part cracks me up!!!

Amanda: Well, since you’re in such good hands, I guess I’ll leave. (Lee looks at her. She glances at Ogden, then leans over and pats Lee SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0025on the shoulder.) Don’t worry. I’m sure there are no needles involved.

At this, I thought Lee was going to tell her to get out or something for saying it.. as he is a tough guy.. but no.. he doesn’t! He looks intently at Amanda as she says this, and then looks to the doctor for reassurance – she’s right! He is worried about the needles!  hehhehee

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0026Amanda: Are there?
Dr Ogden: Hmm? Oh. It’ll be over before he knows it.

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0027Lee immediately smiles and takes his pills happy with the world again.. well done Amanda! She handles little boys so well!image

Poor Lee, what they do to him is just terrible ! I think after this he wouldn’t want to step foot in a hospital ever again!!!! He was afraid already!! I wonder if he had therapy after to get over this experience of medical malpractice!!

This brainwashing stuff.. I wonder if it is possible.. it all seems rather improbable to me.. (Didn’t the CIA try this and fail?? at least I hope they failed!) Lee is I think a rather sturdy man mentally… I just don’t believe it.. but hey, I’ll go along with it!

What’s with blowing up the volkswagon on the film drugged Lee is watching?got something against beetles? Maybe Dr Glaser bought a dud one once Winking smile  Is that Billy’s car? random..ahh the poor maligned doberman…a cop car gets blown up…weird! It was really interesting watching this brainwashing film frame by frame and seeing exactly what was in there.. the tanks look totally fake..

Ahh the talk around the King breakfast table.. I love this scene.. it is so quick..

Lee calls Amanda and is grumpy again – (because Amanda isn’t there to help him!!!) probably also because he didn’t sleep much the night before thanks to Lester the duck.

(Love that Dotty and the boys are in a huddle strategizing while Amanda talks to Lee!)

Oh dear.. Lee is all weird with the comb.. yep, brainwashing is starting to have an affect..

(seems the brainwashing has made Lee learn some manners… he actually says goodbye;) )

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0030Lee: Oh, Amanda, come on. It’s on the coffee table, underneath the magazines.image

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0031Come on Amanda!!! get with it!! where else could they possibly be???  hehehehee.. the way he says this is sooo funny…image

You know what is even weirder?? Lee doesn’t tell Amanda where he lives!! Amanda has never been to Lee’s house!! sheesh.. I can only guess she calls the agency to find out with Billy’s permission..but pretty weird!

Dotty is a bulldozer.. with this kind of bombardment I’d rather be with grumpy Lee..

Dotty: Oh. I am so glad we’ve talked this out. The problem wasn’t with us at all.
Amanda: Oh, now . . . wait just a minute. I, I —
Dotty: I think enough’s been said, Missy. Don’t you?image

Poor Amanda!!! something tells me anything can be related back to Amanda not being home… it’s all Amanda’s fault.. I say it’s Dean’s fault.. and dump him.. Winking smile

Ah Walt has one of those tent things like Amanda had in mission of gold.. weird.. I still don’t understand how he ended up in a coma in the first place? Ohhh!! I see!! Dr Glaser is saying Walt went into breakdown before he completed his task – so it must be part of the brainwashing that they errr self destruct or something when they are done.. now I get it!! (It looks like Walt has Windex in his IV!)

Ahhh Amanda gets to see Lee’s home eh… (and from the looks of it he is not terribly neat and organised)
Lee’s neighbour is… interesting!!! I bet she loves being Lee’s neighbour.. there must be sooo much for her to gossip about.. As if you would ask a woman you just met if she is only staying over for one night? This woman is awful!! She doesn’t need to know that- just leave the flippin parcel inside the door..

Lydia: Women seem to like Mr Stetson.
: Apparently.
Lydia: They bring him things. Many things. Many, many, many, many things.
Amanda: Gotcha.
(Lydia starts to leave.)
Lydia: I don’t quite see the attraction myself, though . . . I’m sure you girls have your reasons. (Amanda smiles half-heartedly.) Good day.

Love that Amanda can’t resist looking at what the ‘steno girls’ got Lee… and how she plays with the bow on top while trying to resist the temptation- very cute! ( love how on the close up Amanda suddenly has gorgeous long nails and a watch on her right hand..!)

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0033What the….. Duck???!!

Anyway… that’s it for now.. back with more in a few days! Byeee and thanks for reading!!! Please feel free to comment Smile 

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  2. I love the warmth in Lee’s voice when he says “Walt, how ya doing? You guys from munitions never get up this way!” It’s one of my favorite pieces of Lee dialogue in the whole series.

    Hearing Lee cry out in pain when he first hurts his knee and then just lying there gasping breaks my heart. BB is entirely too convincing in scenes like this!

    That nurse should NOT be attending patients.

    Watching Amanda help Lee into bed is adorable.

    And Lee sounds so cute when he’s drugged and being wheeled downstairs and kind of mumbling. I think BB enjoyes hamming up those scenes — and possibly trying to crack up the actor playing “Igor” (can’t recall the character’s real name!)

    I could have done without the guillotine on the brainwashing video. How was it family friendly to use that and not for Lee to shoot bad guys?

    I kind of wish we could have had this one later in the series when Lee and Amanda are closer. The hospital scenes would have been more tender and sweet that way.

    This is one of the first eps I saw of S1 when the DVDs came out. Before that I’d seen half of S4 and 2 S3 eps in syndication so seeing Lee act like this was such a shock! I didn’t feel like it was the same series I remembered!


  3. So why did the nurse give Lee a thermometer? He came in with a knee injury, not some mystery fever/virus!


  4. I can’t remember which brainwashing session, but there is a funny continuity error where Lee goes from wearing pale blue PJs to the yellow hospital gown and back to pale blue again. It cracked me up.


  5. I have just started re-watching SMK in the revised order and was watching Magic bus and ITCK the other day. Watching ITCK immediately after Magic Bus made me wonder if Lee’s reaction to Amanda being his assistant “It sounds very….ohhhhhkaaayyy” wasn’t all that subdued after all but rather a reference to magic bus’ tag about his legs and her work?

    Liked by 1 person

    • 😀 , Christina! Sounds like a good theory to me. Especially as his legs are exposed again.


    • I like the way you are putting these things together. I can’t wait to hear what you think of the show as a whole after watching it in the reordered way. I love playing with the episode order, I think it makes a huge difference to the overall story arc of Lee and Amanda and the development of their characters and relationship so much so that I wrote a series of stories about their thoughts after each episode in the revised order. Someday, when I am done writing them, I want to go back and re watch from the beginning in this new order and read each story and see if that makes an even more complete story.

      I am so glad you are commenting even in the old posts. I love being drawn back into the earlier episodes again. It makes where they have grown to even more clear to me.


      • Even the whole comb-thing makes more sense now while watching it in the revised order as Amanda has been to his place in TACMK.

        I’m afraid I’ll fall even more in love (aka get more obsessed) with the characters and the series after watching it in this order.

        You can’t belive how glad I am to have found this blog and that comments are still open on the older posts. My colleagues (all male) are really indulgent and let me ramble about “that 80s thing she is watching now” but I think that they would draw the line if I started with a discussion as detailed as on this blog.


        • Hi Christina, your comment went into moderation.. looks like it was a different IP address you used.. all approved now so either address, comments should be accepted automatically in future 🙂

          edited to add: [It was a different name too.. before you were Christina, the comment that went into moderation was Christina411]


    • Watching ITCK immediately after Magic Bus made me wonder if Lee’s reaction to Amanda being his assistant “It sounds very….ohhhhhkaaayyy” wasn’t all that subdued after all but rather a reference to magic bus’ tag about his legs and her work? … Even the whole comb-thing makes more sense now watching it in the revised order as Amanda has been to his place in TACMK.

      Two years later, with the S4 slowdown, I decided to “just walk with” the revised episode order. I’m in total agreement with you about Lee’s “Magic Bus” reaction here and that he sent Amanda to his apartment without giving her directions because she already knew where he lived from “The ACM Kid.” It also made me laugh when I realized that Lee had put his apartment back to his own “decor” after Amanda’s cleaning rampage in TACMK.

      I think Lee’s uneasiness with doctors skyrocketed when he learned that Glaser, who Lee was instrumental in getting terminated from The Agency, is now his physician. Five episodes in, Lee is beginning to trust Amanda’s instincts and her “mother’s touch” is his only source of comfort in this stressful situation.

      There’s another inconsistency that disappears with ITCK coming after MB. The bullet wound to Lee’s thigh now happens BEFORE tearing ligaments in his knee. Having knee issues myself, the aired order did not ring true to me that Lee was physically able to golf and run with torn ligaments. They heal, but not that fast! The revised order explains why Lee wasn’t experiencing any knee trouble while golfing and running the obstacle course in Magic Bus.


  6. I was just re-watching this one for a fic I’m writing and wondered if anyone else had ever noticed that the “thermometer” Lee has in his mouth is actually a Bic pen and not a thermometer at all?


  7. Here are the links to the Scotch Thoughts and Window Reflections stories for this episode.

    And the link to Nedlinger’s if you want to comment on them

    According to our revised episode order for season 1 this episode is number 5.


  8. If anyone watched Lois and Clark back in 1995, , they had an episode almost identical to this brainwashing and a maniacal doctor who brainwashed Lois…and she was also trained to be a killer…kind of weird ….this is not my favorite ep is Smk, ..but I love when Amanda announces to the group of people,” oops, I wasn’t suppose to jump out of the cake for another hour”. (Or something like that)…it was so off the cuff it made me laugh.


  9. I just wanted to say that my favorite part of this episode is where Billy’s visiting Lee at the hospital. Lee is doing his pacing thing with the wheelchair, and in the background, Billy is calmly eating Lee’s chocolates. Billy really does have a sweet tooth, doesn’t he?


  10. I was wondering if someone else caught the blooper when Amanda is being confronted by her family in the breakfast nook. Amanda has a black ceiling in the family room. Oops!


  11. This was not a favorite of mine-Lee,albeit his injury,was TOO grumpy, & why was Amanda’s family ganging up on her when they know she has a job?! OK-they don’t know what it involves yet,but sheesh-cut the woman some slack! KJ should have had more say with the writing of the plots on this one-ridiculous! Who’s with me?!


  12. I actually really like this episode. I know some find it creepy (I agree Lester The Duck would give ME nightmares, I’d rather have Howard the Duck ;)) but I do still like it.

    Hate to burst your bubble IWSOD……that is not Lees boxers puffing up from his trousers. That is his shirt puffing up under his waistcoat. If you look the back of waistcoat is blue satin and his shirt is a pale pinky/cream type colour. As an aside I think more men should wear waistcoats with suits. I love ’em, Lee looks especially dapper in them *focus Jennie, focus*
    Ah Lee in his underwear. Thankfully nice blue boxers and not awful “tighty whitey” ones *phew* much more my thing LOL
    The nurse is fabulous, sme great lines. She reminds me of Nurse Rachet from One Flew Over The Cookoos Nest 🙂
    Awww Lee not quite Mr Popular, there are people who don’t like you. I love his reaction to this, like its the most pressing issue at that moment in time, sometimes the truth hurts.
    Never heard the phrase “I clutch” in reference to a test. Poor Lee, afraid of failure. Besides what exactly would be involved in an agency physical? I imagine it would be some blood tests and a fitness test, not much use if you’re got a knackered knee!
    So Dr Glaser was terminated. Does no one at Agency see a conflict of interest here? Surely they wouldn’t use the services of man they deemed worth of sacking?! Dr Glaser introduces himself to Amanda as dealing with Forensic Medicine, cardiology and experiemental psychology. Um…..wouldn’t Walt do better with a Neurologist? He is after all in a coma.
    Lee is a slob. Urgh. What a disappointment. Would have thought a man who prides himself on his appearance would be the same about his home. I love how his neighbour over eggs the pudding about how women give Lee many, many, many things LOL if we didnt think he was a player we sure do now!
    Oh Amanda getting all Freud, Lee gives a double take as though to say I can’t believe she said that. The physical comedy between Lee and Amanda and the chocolate bar is so good. I am with Lee though, a chocolate bar isn’t breaking the rules in my book 😉 I’d rather have the cheesecake.
    Tak tsk Francine did you not consider that yur jacket looks exactly like a picnic blanket? Maybe it’s KJ getting payback for the sniping she does with Lee about Amanda. Perhaps that’s the basis for the entire Francine wardrobe 😉

    Phew hope you’re not bored with my amandarambles!


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  14. Ok, I just rewatched this episode and I have to of course comment some more…only because I finally have people who I can talk to about this! :o)
    About the part where Lee asks Francine what bothers her about Amanda and after she tells him he says “Yeah”. I believe that his response is basically “Yeah, that’s what I thought, your dislike is Baseless”…Also, the entire Deal with She has seen his legs before the next episode where she comments that she hasn’t seen them before….I think that the previous times that she was exposed to them, she was distracted by other things…perhaps a little nervous so that though they were exposed, she just didn’t notice them…and when she comments she is sitting on the ground right next to them…
    Oh…also and this is a little off topic…have you noticed that they reuse bad guys all the time over the seasons as completely different unrelated baddies?…It drives me Nuts! Especially when the actor was front and center in both episodes…( I have cases in point, but I have to look up the episode names and I am in the middle of a rant..or a ramble) What really aggravated me is that they used Sam Melville who is Joe King in what 6 episodes? As a Bad guy in …uggh, the one with the security systems…and the African Official…(I can look that up too, I think it’s Season 3). Why would they do that? Did they think that we would forget what Amanda’s ex looked like if he wasn’t wearing a suit?
    Ok, Rant is over…I don’t think I could have kept that in until the episodes came around…I am off to clean to SMK..I admit, I have an addiction….that’s the first step right? Admitting it? Although I don’t want to be healed…lol


    • Hey Elissa! I think it would certainly be a moment that is easier to watch if it was interpreted the way you do !!! 🙂

      Your rant about Joe King?? I agree! It is not only ridiculous to use the same actor for a MAIN character in one episode.. ie the main baddie- and then in another episode.. but to have him then play the role of a main good character?? MR King?? the man who Amanda was married to and had two children with? Oh yeah! I’m could rant away about that too! Just wait till we get to Murder Between Friends (towards the end of season 2)- where Sam Melville plays a baddie- and I will let it rip! haaaa! 😉
      I love smk.. but I don’t hold back when it comes to things I don’t like – so I think others should have that same freedom 🙂 so I appreciate your rant! 🙂 and I happen to agree with you! 😉

      ROFL.. yes please don’t heal Elissa – we like you just the way you are 😉


  15. So is this the first time Amanda sees Lee’s legs? At least the left one.


  16. Melissa Robertson

    Not one of my favorite episodes…but, then it seem quite as bad as I remembered. Yeah, it does seem funny that Lee knows everyone. LOL!!! Love his sad little looks in the room before surgery too 🙂 Amanda is funny with looking at the present (nosey comes in handy with the spy business).


  17. Ah, Iwsod, you notice everything! That sign must be the “Please Use Other Door” sign. How many times do stores put that sign up rather than unlocking both entry doors? Arghhh.

    Karen, I don’t know if VW Beetles were as popular as in Germany, but they were definitely a big hit in the US before they eventually disappeared. My family had two, a blue one and a green one. Perfect for the young couple who couldn’t afford a big car and who appreciated German engineering. And there was a movie made about a VW Beetle, right? The Love Bug, a VW Beetle named Herbie as I recall. OK, I know I’m showing my age here!

    If Thoughts Could Kill is not one of my favorite episodes either, for the same reason as you indicate, Karen…. it’s a bit creepy. But it’s sort of a shame about the creepiness because it does have some wonderful moments! I’m going to jump between posts 1/3, 2/3, and 3/3 for this episode with my examples, but there’s so much great SMK humor like Lee getting all excited to have an assistant only to discover it’s Amanda, the “evil” nurse, the Chewy Chubby bar (or whatever it was) argument (so well-written and well-acted!), plus the great lines like “someone is pulling the strings” and being a “sitting duck”. (Wonder if those lines were written by the same writer that came up with “you’d better not be lying about Operation Pinocchio” in First Time?!)


  18. Hello IWSOD!

    It comes as a little surprise to myself that out of all the episodes I pick this one to jump into the discussion. As much as I acknowledge and appreciate the writers intention to keep up an element of comedy, the whole brainwash and „Lester duck“ thing was a little too weird to me. I found the brainwash scenes a little too repetitive as well.

    The reason I jump in here is that I really like the opening scene. I love how Lee tries to stop Walt, hoping that he will be unable to shoot a friend. I always wonder if any man could really dive to the ground fast enough to avoid a bullet shot at such a close distance, but ohhhhh well… I go with it. Especially since we see super-resolved Lee flying through the glass pane, wow. He doesn’t care whether he might hurt himself. It looks pretty realistic how both men smash against the wall and Lee hurts his knee badly… He really seems to be in pain. Nonetheless he tries fiercely to scramble on his feet, shouting „Don’t shoot!“ like a madman to the alarmed security staff… All to help a friend who is in serious trouble. What a man! Don’t you think this is very brave and altruistic? I think it is one of my favourite „Lee-Stetson-super-hero“-scenes. Ahem. Alright, I’ll stop raving now.
    I also like the scene in the hospital where our super-hero behaves like a little boy all of a sudden. The quarrel with the nurse is priceless, als well as Lee’s bewildered face when he asks Billy „Who doesn’t like me?“ You gotta love it!!

    I also love the look Lee gives Amanda after he told her about his dreams and she states in a very neutral matter-of-fact-attitude: „Probably sexual.“ LOL, you can really tell what he thinks about that! Bwahahaaaaaaa!
    IWSOD your screen cap of Amanda helping Lee back to bed surprised me. It somehow went past me how sweet that looks. Awwww. I also didn’t realize the baddies blew up a Volkswagen in the movie-sequences they show drugged Lee to manipulate him. Btw: Was the beetle as popular and succesfull in the US as it was in Germany? It really was a cult car in my country.

    Well, this is all for today. Byeeeeee!


    • Hi Karen! Welcome to my blog!!! I am soo excited that you found your way here and that you shared with us some of your thoughts! 🙂 🙂

      Very true Karen! lots to get creeped out over in this episode.. but.. lots of gems too! The baddie was very creepy – were you disappointed that we didn’t get to see him get his comeuppance? i was!!

      I agree.. it is very sweet how Amanda helps Lee into bed.. ( Mmm I like how that sounds 😉 ) Lee sends my mind right to the gutter! I am not usually like this I promise!


  19. Hi Iwsod,
    I love your recaps, as I already told you!
    About your question: “Whoo the lady with the red handbag passing the agency! I feel that lady should have a name..we see her so much! Anyone suggest a good one??”
    How about “Mrs. Walker”?
    Okay, I know, that’s a really lame one. :-))


    • Hi Petra! yipppeee you made it here!!! Very happy to see you here – thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!!!

      Ms Walker it is – I LOVE it!!!! it’s not lame at all!!!!


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