3/3 Season 1, Episode 3: If Thoughts Could Kill

Lee is back at his apartment..in jeans!! I bet they are having a huge party back at his old ward.. Good riddance!! Atta boy Lee!

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0041Lee gives a gorgeous big smile at the steno girls giving him a present.. Marilyn? Jessica? ahhh no Marilyn!! (Lee!!! stop talking about other women already!! I don’t want to hear it!!!!) (did I mention he is wearing Jeans??!!!)

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0042The poor thing.. he pulls the cord on Lester and his smile immediately disappears.. If only we could create a doll to do that to Francine… (It would have to be a Cow plush toy who, when you pull it’s string says ‘ Mooo! what a cow! Keep up the good work!! )

Hey, Lee in jeans! I didn’t remember him wearing them so early on..Butttttt I am happily surprised!.. Errr.. He really has got real potential… What a guy… sdghaoghiagoqaghagsa

Lee calls Dr Glaser as he was brainwashed to for his instructions.. Dr psycho tells Lee he is to kill Billy Melrose today.
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0043Lee: sure. anything else?
whoa… Lee sounds like he was just asked to do something ordinary.. poor Lee! You would think this kind of brain meddling would do permanent brain damage.. ahem.. but then.. Lee is after all code named scarecrow Winking smile [joking!!!! Our Lee is super clever really!!]

Next thing we see Amanda arriving for her shift at the hospital.. A candy striper asks Amanda for help bringing up the Linen. (Amanda is looking around a lot- was she on her way to see Lee? does she know he is not there now?)

I love this line, the way KJ delivers it is just brilliant!

Barbie: What happened to your wrist?
Amanda: Oh, well, I went to my self-defense course last night, and my teacher’s name is Joe,
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0044though they call him Mad Dog Garrity, anyway, he said to come at him with everything that I had, so I swung my purse and I hit him and I forgot that I had this little, tiny doorknob in there.
Barbie: But what happened to your wrist?
Amanda: He bit me.imageimage!!!!!!

This candy striper is a terrible actress.. and just makes KJ look that much better! I have seen her SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0045before.. I know! Yep.. checked the credits.. it’s her- but very young- this girl was in Earth Girls are Easy- anyone seen it?(also one of Jim Carey’s first movies before he hit it big) The movie is very lame! but.. it has a hilarious song in it about being blond – and this candy striper girl: Julie Brown sings it!! funny… she isn’t listed as being on SMK in IMDB.. haaaa with this level of acting quality? I can understand why!! ( and she’s not a blond in SMK!)

Thank goodness they needed Linen.. or Amanda never would have solved the case!Oh and thank goodness the normal elevator doesn’t work so well and they took the freight elevator.. or Amanda never would have solved the case. Winking smile 

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0046Oh.. thank goodness watching all the walls go by on the freight elevator gives Barbie ‘the most incredible sinking feeling’.. or Amanda never would have solved the case…Winking smile 

Soooo.. as Amanda heads down in the elevator to the lower levels where the laundry is- she begins to put the puzzle together.. and whoa! when she finds a room down on that level with a blue door- that Dr Glaser uses for something- She sneaks in to investigate- Go Amanda! ( what a rule follower.. ahem.. )

Amanda finds a file on Walt Kimball and another on Lee..

Wow.. Lee’s medical file photo is HOT!!!  Looks like that was the outfit he was wearing when he came in.. but .. he doesn’t look in pain in that photo!
Subject will strike on command“? – whoops..

Next thing, we see Lee looking very organised ( and hot in that suit!!) and his home has been tidied up..  Lee puts a gun in an ankle holster..

haaa.. Lee’s to do list is a doozie!!! but.. actually for someone brainwashed to be precise, it is not a very precise list. Is it?.. which coffee? where you gonna shoot Billy Lee? in the head? or in the ballroom??!! Winking smile Looks like the next item to tick off is Billy.. uh oh…

Is it just me or is Lee getting into the eyeliner in this episode? At the hospital I thought it was because he lacked sleep.. but .. he still looks dark around the eyes back at the agency.. he’s into the waistcoats this episode.. It is crazy that no one is looking into Walt’s death.. good on you Lee.. I mean- what a guy! I don’t buy that they were great friends, but good on Lee for bothering to think about it..I guess he feels partly responsible because he punched him and thinks he put him in a coma.. it is unbelievable that no one else cares… the agency can be a cruel place..

How long does it take to heal a torn ligament? I thought it was serious? 3 or 4 days and he is back at the agency without even crutches.. or…. a limp???!!! oh well.. this is smk land..

Amanda finds Lee’s room empty and Lee’s nurse passes on that Lee said he would call Amanda? Phoning Amanda wasn’t on Lee’s list! tut.. tut.. Success comes one step at a time Lee!

That Beast Glaser!!!!image comforting Janet Kimball and reassuring her they did everything they could..Gag!!! He is soooo nasty!!!!! He isn’t some baddy with a cause – he isn’t doing it for his country.. just plain old horrible revenge and personal satisfaction… I hate him!

Billy, Lee and Francine huddle around the coffee corner which has suddenly appeared for this episode.. What is Francine wearing??!!! ugh.. SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0049 fashion police badge and warning
Ahh Billy has coffee at 11:15.. Lee solves the case.. sort of..only Lee you are part of the case now..
Man… that is one nice lookin suit.. ao agagdrat.. it’s just so distracting!!! concentrate!!
It’s  kind of ironic what Lee says here:

Billy: Well, why would Walt Kimball possibly want to kill me?
Lee: He probably didn’t want to. Maybe someone was pulling the strings behind him. It’s possible that someone monkeyed with Walt’s IV to keep him from talking.

‘Pulling the strings?’  What a great pun!!! (maybe it is Lee’s subconscious awareness of what has been done to him! )  Good one SMK writers!  Of course at the same time, we also have the irony that Lee is warning Billy someone may try and do it again.. and well.. it’s you pulling Lester’s strings now Lee! (and Dr Glaser pulling Lee’s strings!) nooooooo!!!!

Lee goes on to say:

Lee: You’re still going to make that speech? You’re going to be up there like a sitting duck.
Billy: Yes, and without an opening joke, thanks to you.

Sitting Duck?? !!!BWHAAAAA!! HAAAA!!!! imagewhat can I say??!! (not much.. I can hardly catch breath here!) Well done SMK writers I love that!! too funny… sounds like Lee has too many opening jokes Billy! It’s just that neither of you get it! Ask Lester though, he will tell you about Reality!

Lee: Humour me, Billy, will you? If somebody’s going to take a pot shot at you, I’d like to see who it is.
Francine: You’re really going through with this, aren’t you?
Lee: Success comes a step at a time.
Billy: Hey. I like that. That’s going in my speech. If you insist on going with me, order a car, meet me upstairs, because I go on at twelve o’clock.

Ohhh nooo!!!! Lee is going to protect Billy? and now Billy is quoting Lester in his speech? such irony!!
Success comes one step at a time will be going in your speech alright Billy.. but not in the way you imagined!!! Whoo I wonder if the writers did all this double meaning on purpose, or if they stumbled into it- there’s so much that I think they intend it.. and hats off to you smk writers! 

Marge: Oh, there you are, Mr. Stetson. Uh, Mrs. King is on the phone, line six. She says it’s important. She’s already phoned here twice this morning.
(Marge goes back to her desk. Francine looks at Lee.)
Francine: Doesn’t that woman realize that you are healed? That you no longer require a Bedside Bluebell?
Lee: Francine, if you could pinpoint the single major reason as to why Amanda King gets to you, what would it be?
: Her complete lack of . . . everything.
[Francine saying this in THAT outfit?? that is truly ironic!!! Smile]

Lee: Yeah.
( Lee nods and picks up the phone)
That.. is… hard to watch.. Francine? I couldn’t care less.. but Lee???!!!! don’t agree with her!!! and there is Amanda trying to save him and Billy- ugh!!!

It is comforting to know he will one day regret those words! Also.. it is an interesting question of Lee’s.. and I wonder if he asks that question of Francine –  ie. why does Amanda get to her?? because- Amanda gets to Lee- a lot!!! and he doesn’t understand why or how she does that!!!! ( Hmm.. with this spin on it, I can make it seem almost like an admission of Lee’s! haaaa… but it really bugs me he goes along with Francine here.. deep breath.. deeeeep…. )

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0052Whoa.. wait a minute what just happened? Lee just told Amanda he is busy and he has to go.. he says Billy is giving a SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0053speech over at the Adriana hotel and he is going with him. – He just did an Amanda… telling stuff you would think people don’t need to know.. err but yeah, we know..Amanda does need to know..

Good thing Amanda knew about where the speech was…. or she would never have solved the case.. Winking smile

Oh bummer.. Amanda got busted..right when she was about to tell Lee what she found in the folders! She shouldn’t have used a hospital phone!!! Why you would stay at the hospital to make the call is beyond me.. Ogden takes Amanda down to the blue door room to question her..

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0054Ogden: Oh, as if you didn’t know. Tell me, did you find the data in the files interesting? You know, if the SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0055Agency’s chosen you to spy on us, you must be quite prominent in your field.
Ohhh even more irony.. Aaaactually, the agency thinks she ‘lacks everything’….

Good thing that Ogden explains what they were doing to Lee with the Duck… or Amanda never would have solved the case.. Winking smileSCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0056

Your not mad scientists? you killed Walt! Yer Psycho!!Man this Ogden is only too happy to give away all the info!..I guess he is proud of what he is doing in his own sick way! Got it.. pull string.. hear voice.. Lee obeys.. check..Yawn…

Give Amanda the target.. and the time Ogden?.. good psycho doctor!  Whooo he forces Amanda into a chair and is about to give her some kind of gas.. but Amanda whacks him with a swinging light – way to go Amanda!!! She sends Ogden flying but good.. haaa I only wish Lee and Francine could have seen it.. and she grabs Lester keeping her head as she runs out the door.. the chase is on.. Ogden and Glaser are looking for her..

Amanda steals an Ambulance?? How’s that for a rule follower Lee! Take that back Pal!! Yeee haaaa..

Errr Yeeeee…. whoa… chase goes on a while..  yawn yawn…

Billy is the head of the investigative services department.. hmm..

The suspense in the ballroom is really intense I think they did really well. Even though I knew it was going to be ok.. because the acting was so good maybe..

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0058Firstly, Amanda is thwarted at the door by two men who won’t let her in.. As Lee reaches for his ankle gun… an intense look on his face as he stares at the clock ticking towards 12!

Just to add a bit more suspense.. Amanda forgets that the whole reason she is holding the lame duck is to have Lee hear it’s voice and obey it.. SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0059
Oh Amanda!! you broke the cord!!! argh!!! (nice touch!!! pile that suspense on!!)

You see the little smile he gives her when he comes out from under the trance?? awh…. This is the best part of this whole scene for me- and we see it for what a split second??? argh!!!! Oh well.. thanks to technology I can take a pic of it and look at it all day long now Smile SWOOOOON!

Billy looks confused.. but then happy… but then did he see the gun or what? Just what did he think was going on the whole time he just stood there and watched?? (Interesting to note Lee is holding the gun in his right hand – and he is left handed- ohhh that’s why Billy wasn’t concerned – he knew Lee wouldn’t hit him anyway Winking smile ) -oh who knows! but well Billy you now owe Amanda a big thank you too.. she has saved both Lee’s life, and yours!!image

Amanda: Well, ha ha. Gee, I’m . . . early. I’m supposed to jump out of the cake for another hour. Ha!
Oh Amanda!!!! (If I were Amanda I would have gotten the gun off Lee!)

Oh.. I see the therapy for Lee to cope with his hospital experience was to send him back all over again huh?? poor Lee.. Even I feel sorry for him!  Does Lee or Billy even thank her ?? noooo!!!! (well at least this week Billy calls her Mrs King and not ‘the king woman’!)

Amanda gets the last word:

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0066Billy: Alec just phoned, uh, and now that Glaser’s been arrested and his license pulled, the results of the test that he gave you are invalidated.
(Amanda gasps.)
Lee: Billy, come on, don’t even kid around like that.
Billy: They’re expecting you at the hospital in the morning.
Lee: Billy.
(He looks to Amanda for help. Amanda backs up into the elevator, then looks down at her clothes.)
Amanda: I’ll just get this uniform pressed.

[Didn’t Amanda’s mother ever teach her to never walk backwards into an elevator??? that freaks me out!]

Atta girl Amanda! Success comes one step at a time……

Hope you enjoyed this episode as much as I did!!! Please feel free to share any comments you would like Smile  Was anyone as bugged by Lee and Francine’s insult as I was?? And.. hey what do you think they did with the duck after it was all over? Was Lee de-brain-washed??? weird!!!


22 responses to “3/3 Season 1, Episode 3: If Thoughts Could Kill

  1. Interesting that Lee was in that hige brace for three days and now is walking around with nothing. I’m not sure I believe that’s possible.

    The tag on this one bugs me a little. I would have liked acknowledgment of what Lee nearly did and seeing more of his reaction instead of just going to humor. I feel a little cheated. And Amanda’s line “Now aren’t you glad you were in the hospital” seems insensitive to me. After everything he went through, how can she ask that?


  2. lielalreadysomeone

    I just watched this episode last night for the first time in YEARS… Couple of things that bothered me – when Amanda steps into the elevator (backwards!) in the tag, it’s a regular elevator, not the coat closed elevator – why!? Also, on Lee’s question and reply to Francine about what bothers her about Amanda. I think he’s trying to pinpoint what it is about Amanda that’s so different. Then when Francine says “Her complete lack of… everything” I think Lee’s agreement is for two reasons: 1) he also can’t pin point the Amanda “it-factor” and 2) he’s saying, “Yeah, I didn’t think you could articulate it!”


  3. I don’t know if it’s the same exact artwork but I think the two paintings/drawings outside Lees bedroom door are very similar to the artwork behind his desk in the Q Bureau. Thanks for all the screenshots and your smiley people. They crack me up!


  4. I watched this one last night with many caveats because of Cindy’s husbands reaction. But my husband seemed to like it. I always pay attention to his responses. He really thought Amanda was amazing, especially when she walks with Glazer to distract him while Lee goes into Walt’s room and she goes on an on about her son wanting to be a doctor. He was also impressed by the jumping out of a cake line. When we watch the show together, most of his comments are about how much of a natural Amanda is and quick she can think. He really likes her.

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  5. Is it just me, or does the hand holding the gun under the table in the closeup not look the same as Lee’s hand in the wider shot? The suit and tie appear the same, but the hand in closeup looks older/frecklier, paler and hairier… and the watch is missing… eek! Maybe I’m losing it, or maybe it’s just the lighting they used for the closeup?


    • lielalreadysomeone

      A seven and a half years late response – LOL! I agree about the hand in closeups – I don’t think it’s BB’s. Also pretty sure it’s not BB’s hand in a close up in The Magic Bus. I think sometimes it’s a budget thing – like, hey, we can have this stand in do these hand close ups and don’t have to have the expensive stars on set. Also bugged me that he’s got the pistol in his right hand – but I suppose that was more for the camera angle. While we’re on the topic of hands – I really really really don’t like the hand-stand-in they have for KJ. Her actual hands are very practically manicured (perfect for a busy mom) but the close-up ones just don’t seem “Amanda” to me.


  6. When I watched this last night there were a few things that stuck out. One was the quality of Lee’s voice when he asked Francine the question about Amanda. His voice sounded to me like the one he used when he was responding under hypnosis. I don’t know what the significance of that would be, but last night that was how it sounded. I do think he is trying to figure out his reaction to her and not really thinking very deeply about it. But I wonder if she was the only one who could break him out of the hypnotic responses because she had already somehow gotten inside the Scarecrow’s defenses.

    I love Lee’s facial reaction in that banquet scene. It is an honest glimpse into what is going on inside of him.

    As I re-watch these I am trying to figure out when Amanda’s crush starts. I don’t see it yet. I do see her care and sense of loyalty to Lee developing. But she still doesn’t seem bowled over by him yet, maybe she never does react that way. It is funny because I have always paid attention to Lee’s feelings and development and I see them now being there from the very beginning, he changes in his response to them, but she impacted him so early on. It looks to me as though Amanda was objective about him for longer than he was about her. But I think she is beginning to think that she has a role to play in his life, even if it is only through work related contact.

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  7. Julie (MACHMabel)

    The scene between Lee and Francine— when they’re talking about Amanda: I agree with Petra. Amanda is so different from the type of people both Lee and Francine usually interact with. That bugs Francine, and it bugs Lee too on a superficial level, but on a deeper level he’s drawn to her in ways he can’t explain or articulate. It’s early in their relationship and he’s seeking answers— trying to understand what he’s feeling without even realizing it at the time. I think on the surface he thinks he agrees with Francine’s comment, but underneath there’s really a lot more going on.

    Like everyone else, love love love the get me a woman scene. It makes the episode—- KJ’s “hello” to the old couple is priceless. She’s a great comedic actress. One annoying thing though— look at the way she drives the ambulance. She turns the wheel spastically from side to side— no one drives like that! Lee does it too in other episodes. Wonder if that’s how the director wanted them to play those scenes— to make it look as if they’re doing something?

    The rule breaker/rule follower thing is important and the whole episode goes on to prove Lee wrong, as Amanda breaks rules all over the place. It’s another reminder that they’re just getting to know each other and are already starting to influence one another.

    “Pulling the strings” and “sitting duck”— Ha! I had never noticed those lines before! Brilliant writing:) Thanks for pointing those out. Also Lee’s sudden change of clothes during brainwashing:) Dr. Glaser upped Walt’s dose of Windex— made me laugh so hard my dogs looked at me funny:)))

    This is not one of my favorite episodes, but it’s got some great moments.


  8. I have a love/hate relationship with this episode…love the scene in the hospital about Lee wanting a woman, but hate all the brainwashing scenes and the duck voice is like nails down a chalkboard for me…. I also love the end where Amanda saves the day. The looks on Lee and Amanda’s faces say so much. Shock, thanks, relief, happiness…what the heck just happened?!?!? And I love it for a second or two right after he runs his hand through his hair…he is looking toward the door like he is looking for Amanda and thinking about what she just did and then he almost smiles. She stopped him from shooting Billy!! And then she leaves the scene choosing to embarrass herself instead of Lee. What a gal!

    About the Lee/Francine scene (ugh), I don’t think Lee was agreeing with her at all. He wasn’t sticking up for Amanda either; I just think he was curious as to why Francine can’t stand her. I’ve watched it a few times now and I don’t think the tone of his voice shows agreement with FD. But that’s just my opinion. After all, Amanda has saved his butt and solved his last two cases!
    She can’t be all that bad!

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    • BJo thanks for sharing your thoughts!

      I especially loved this line of yours: She stopped him from shooting Billy!! And then she leaves the scene choosing to embarrass herself instead of Lee. What a gal!

      Sooooo true!!! and what a fabulous insight! I’m so glad you reminded us of that moment now that we are up to Spiderweb, and Lee’s relationship with Amanda is beginning to blossom – In Spiderweb we see Lee truly trusts Amanda- she is above suspicion.. his ‘True North’ as I like to say – and here in this scene.. we see why!! And so early on in their journey too!

      Not only does Amanda save Lee from shooting Billy – she saves his pride 🙂 Lee’s heart, and his ego are truly in safe hands with Amanda – Awhhhhhhh!!

      Genius!!! that’s gotta go in my upcoming post outlining Lee’s journey up to Amanda’s hair don’t.- err that’s what I call the short hairdo…[I’ll credit you for this idea BJO.. and if I don’t- so please remind me!] I’ll post it after I do Car Wars and A Relative Situation – [could be a while though- I’m busy now 😦 ]
      If anyone would like to have a go and post a different perspective I’d be open to posting it -or if someone would like to have a go at doing Amanda’s?? I haven’t started on that yet.. I was thinking I’d wait till the start of season 3 to post that – but if someone wants to have a go at it now – I’d happily post it for you – I am sure everyone would be open to hearing other’s points of view- so go for it if you’d like to!!! [As you can see.. readers are very kind and gracious towards me and my posts – even with bad typos and grammar! 🙂 ] byeee everyone!

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    • And then she leaves the scene choosing to embarrass herself instead of Lee. What a gal!

      It was an incredibly selfless act on Amanda’s part going the extra mile to save face for Lee (and, in my opinion, Billy too). Yes, what a gal … you have real potential … LOL

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  9. Melissa Robertson

    Would love to know if Billy saw Lee with the gun at the banquet!!! If he did too bad we don’t see him thanking Amanda for saving his life. But, hey neither did Lee in “The First Time”…boy these Federal Agents are rude 😉

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  10. Melissa Vivens

    First of all, thanks for writing this blog. It’s very fun revisiting these episodes with all of you. Second, regarding Lee’s “yeah” comment. I didn’t get the impression he was agreeing with Francine; he expected her to say what she did and that’s why he said “yeah”. I don’t think he shares her opinion…

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  11. I don’t like the scene with Lee and Francine either, but I think it is important regarding his whole rude behaviour during the early episodes. It makes his development in character more obvious. He sometimes is very annoyed by Amanda’s rambling and her personality, but at the same time he’s drawn to her right from the beginning. I think that’s what he means with her getting to him. Of course he doesn’t know that at this point. He just thinks she can be unnerving.


  12. Brilliant! It’s a good thing I didn’t decide to do a shot everytime “or Amanda would have never solved the case” came up or I would need a liver transplant. The writers tended to rely heavily on coincidences and random happenings for Amanda to solve the cases, didn’t they?

    Good catch on Barbie and Earth Girls are Easy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Melissa Robertson

      I totally agree that this episode relied heavily on coincidence and randaom happenings for Amanda to solve this one!!!!!


      • Hi Melissa R! it’s true! lots of cases are solved through coincidence and Lee knows everyone LOL! haaaaa.. yeah good point, I wish we had seen Billy say thanks to Amanda too!!

        I have a soft spot for this episode.. if only for the fact that it is one of the only episodes I remember seeing on tv in its first run.. memory is a bizarre thing but it’s burned into my 8 year old brain! 🙂

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      • Remind me when I get back (I’m on a mini road trip) to tell the story how I totally got busted by this episode. Don’t mess with the karma gods!

        Liked by 1 person

        • OK, so I am only 11 months late with the “HOW I GOT BUSTED BY THAT DAMNED DUCK!”. (this is based on a post I did on the YUKU forum about our first encounters with SMK — thanks IWSOD for finding the link for me!)
          My now husband and I were traveling in South America in the mid to late 90s. This was a huge step for us, we had been dating long distance for a little over 2 years, I had just moved back to the city where I was originally from and he lived. We decided to go travelling for a month. I knew this was going to be a make-it or break-it test for us. Nothing like spending a month together , travelling, battling lost reservations, food poisoning, amorous tour guides where neither of you know the local language and have to rely just on each other. Better relationship test than choosing and hanging wallpaper. Or taking ballroom dance lessons together.

          We were wandering around in Buenos Aires, waiting for our hotel room to be ready. We strolled down 9 de Julio Avenue and I saw the Obelisk. I exclaimed “Oh my gosh – that looks just like the Washington Monument”. Future husband (FH) turned to me and asked “Oh – when were you in Washington?”. “Without thinking, I replied “Never been, but it was featured on a show I used to watch called “Scarecrow and Mrs. King” “What was that about?” He wanted to know.

          Now, remember, I really, really, really liked this guy and was still trying to impress him. He didn’t own a TV and we were in Buenos Aires to see important places in the life of his favorite author. So I decided to embellish the show just a little. I mean, we’re from Canada, FH didn’t own a TV and it had never been shown in reruns here. Never. Ever. Ever. I had suspected that Scarecrow and Mrs. King was just a little too ‘light’ for the dramas and documentaries that he would watch if he did have a TV.

          Now, I should have kept my mouth shut in the first place and just said I had seen the Washington monument on TV, but in for a penny in for a pound. So I explained how it was this great show that explored espionage in the cold war era just before the fall of the Berlin wall, the impact of double agents and how sometimes intelligence operative from enemy countries would have to form uneasy alliances work together to defeat a common threat. I was just getting warmed up and sold it big time. Can you feel that karma stick getting warmed up?

          FH replied “Yeah, and I bet there was a hot male lead in it.” Here is where I sealed my fate. I said disinterestedly (sorry Bruce! Please forgive me!) “eh?, I guess,….but I am a huge Kate Jackson fan and she’s in it.”

          So we walk back to the hotel. In Buenos Aires. 11000 km away. Where they speak a dialect of Spanish. Not English. We get up to the room (it 4:15 PM) and FH turns on the TV (just because he didn’t have a tv, doesn’t mean he was averse to watching one). What opening credits are on at that exact moment? Yep. You guessed it.

          FH notices the shot of the Washington monument. All I can think of is “I am so busted. So very busted.” He realizes this is the show I was just talking about so he sits down to watch. I was comforted by the fact that since this was in Buenos Aires, it would be dubbed in Spanish, right? Wrong! It was in all its wonderful English glory. And do you know what episode it was? The one with that damned Lester the Duck. Yep probably the worst episode with huge plot holes in all 88 episodes was on at that moment, in English in Buenos Aires. (Though I am grateful it wasn’t the Artful Dodger. At least Lee acting like an ass could be explained by the brainwashing.)

          So I explained that normally the show was much better and I got a look of disbelief and a ‘yeah, right!’ It’s not that I’m a terrible liar, but the universe conspires to expose me every single time so I try to walk the straight and narrow.

          Fast forward several years later and the DVDs are finally released. I wait for mother’s day to get mine (because I wouldn’t want my dear husband (DH) to think I was obsessed – think he’s fooled?). I explained that not only did I enjoy the show, but it would be one that I could sit down with our daughters to watch. It was light, not violent and gory like all the CSI and other shows on now.

          He came home from work as we were watching “Burnout” during – you guessed it – THAT scene. He shot me a look like ‘And you think this is OK for our daughters to watch?’. He did sit for the rest of the episode and saw the apology. DH looked at me incredulously and said “He actually CAN act!” He should have al ittle more faith in me. 🙂

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