2/3 Season 1, Episode 3: If Thoughts Could Kill

We return to this episode with Lee and Amanda walking in the hospital gardens….Lee is using a crutch now instead of the wheelchair.. hmm.. progress!

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0001Love the evil laugh on the nurse playing cards with the catatonic patient
image ! go fish!!”

Cute: Lee tells Amanda horror stories from his childhood about hospitals.(funny this isn’t in the script..). Amanda doesn’t believe it.. (man is he going to have a horror story with hospitals after this episode!)

Lee: no no.. when I was born the nurses almost lost me.

Amanda: oh they did not.

Lee: No they did too!

Amanda: they didn’t!

Lee: I went in to get my tonsils out and they took my appendix out too.

Amanda: now why would they take your appendix out?

Lee: the doctor said he had some time on his hands!

They make their way to a table and chairs and Amanda sets a custard in front of Lee for ‘later, in case you want it.’ – when clearly he doesn’t want it..

: This comb is not a little, tiny detail. This is the correct comb for my hair.

oh man!!! Considering how weird he is being Amanda deals with it pretty well.. she proceeds to silently take HIS custard and start eating it. Winking smile

Amanda’s hem being uneven is sooo obvious- so Lee thinks!

Amanda: Could you relax a little bit? I mean you’re seeming veeery-
Lee: What!
Amanda: tense.
(haaa fabulous delivery here!!)

Lee admits he is tense.. he suggests that someone forced Walt into pulling something- Amanda reaches over and puts her hand over Lee’s for a moment. She tells him he needs to relax… (he doesn’t recoil!.. well that’s SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0003nice)  he then starts to tell her about how he feels more tired when he has awoken than when he went to sleep..(He looks mighty fine for exhausted!!) blue door, noises (squeaks, thumps),  a sinking feeling, hot, steamy, probably a jungle –

says: Probably sexual….


SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0007Amanda: Freud would say…

Lee is absolutely disgusted at her! he then goes to turn away, but glares at her one more time before putting his hand up to his face ( is he blushing???!!!) hehehehee… hey, was she still holding his hand when she said ‘probably sexual?’ I doubt it.. but I wonder that he thought she was coming on to him.. I am curious to hear what you all think. – why does Lee react this way to Amanda saying that? I think Sex was for once the last thing on Lee’s mind.. and it was Amanda that brought it up! I wanted to see Amanda’s reaction to Lee’s reaction.. but alas.. we didn’t get it.. it would have been fabulous to cut back to Amanda to find her stuffing her face with dessert… tee heee..

Ahh that little exchange is for me one of the funniest moments in smk!! hehhehee.. I love it. I wonder if they talked about that discussion once they were married.. hehehe…

Amanda heads to the lunch room to talk to Billy about Lee’s dreams.. hehhee.. well err about more than that I guess! I am guessing they are SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0012at the agency as the voice on the PA we vaguely hear when the door opens sound the same..but who knows! Oh no.. Amanda has on a ‘Visitor’ ID badge.. it’s the agency.. Anyway.. Francine shows Amanda in to talk to Billy, Alec Beaumont and his lapel flower :
Amanda to Billy: Yes, sir. Well, I’d just like to go on the record as saying that I regard Lee as a friend. And as such, I’m a little uncomfortable in snitching and spying on a friend.
Francine responds cheerfully: Oh, don’t be. That is standard operating procedure around here. Isn’t it?imageimage

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0011Billy hears this and just shakes his head.. Alec Beaumont looks at Francine like she is nuts!! and the lapel flower sags a little. Winking smile

Francine is so busy patronising Amanda’s not knowing how things are done- that she totally puts her foot in it… I love it! Amanda gets one up on Francine without even trying! Because Amanda is a nice person.. and Francine.. errrr…isn’t! I’m surprised Francine didn’t say Ohhh I do that to my friends all the time!!

Everyone just pretends they didn’t hear Francine.. Amanda goes on to explain in her rambling, disjointed logic Lee’s behaviour..

Amanda: does he know Lee?

Ok okkkkk how many times do we need to see the film flashing and sweaty Lee in a trance? on with it!  Muahahahaa!!! the Baddie has his this is the evil I am up to speech.. program Lee to shoot Billy and kill him.. ok blah blah blah..

5 minutes of Lee looking like this? Not even the fact he is sweaty is making it interesting to me….I’m done!!  

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0014Anyone for a game of DUCK HUNT??????

Lester: What a guy. Keep up the good work. Details are important. Success comes one step at a time.

Lester: What a guy! Keep up the good work. Follow instructions. Success comes a step at a time.

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0015Lester: Atta boy! I’m proud of you. A real leader follows orders.

Lester: What a guy! You’ve got real potential. Keep up the good work. Atta boy! Success comes one step at a time.

Hello??? you guys reading this ok? not slipping into a trance or anything reading this I hope??!!!

Hey, do you think the ‘What a guy’ line is maybe a reference to hart-to-hart??? it’s a famous line from the intro.. “This is my boss Jonathan Hart.. he’s quite a guy.” probably not.. but… I like to think so.. makes Lester the lame duck more interesting!

Did they choose a Duck to be Lee’s trigger to murder because they are Quacks????

This is one of my absolute favourite scenes in smk!! The ‘get me a woman’ scene!

Lee and Amanda are walking down the corridor.. Lee with his crutch –but he seems to now be bending his knee! It seems Amanda was carrying out a 10minute walk of therapy for Lee.

Lee: now I know why we don’t get along.. ” -err you seemed to get along ok to me.. ?? Eventually I think he loves her goodness! ( how does being a rule breaker fit in with his brainwashing?? i would have thought it would be the opposite.. it would steer him towards being a rule follower – following instructions and all that??  much more systematic and organised! Amanda breaks rules all the time- just not when Lee wants! haaaaaa -oh well.. I’ll go with it.. Maybe it’s Lee’s personality still showing… Whatever.. it makes for a cute moment betweeen them!

Lee: –This hospital experience has isolated the whole reason. Rule-breakers and rule-followers don’t mix.  Amanda, I am a rule-breaker and you are a rule-follower.

Amanda: Oh? Oh ho!!  Then you will be very surprised by the very nice treat that I have brought you contrary to many major hospital rules.  (I love how she says this!! tee heee)

Lee the little boy is excited Amanda has brought him a treat.. but… oh dear.. it turns out lee wasn’t after the kind of treat Little boys go for!!!

Lee: Well, give it to me.
Amanda: Now?
Lee: Yes, now! Come on, come on, I’m in a SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0018rotten mood. I’m still having those dreams, uh, squeaks and squeals, steam, the blue door.
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0019My head hurts, my knee hurts, I want my treat now, come on!

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0020Amanda: All right, gee!

(oh dear Lee.. this is such embarrassing behaviour.. thank goodness Amanda eventually must put it down to the brainwashing..) just don’t mention his car being parked by valets Amanda or you could be in serious trouble!!!!

Amanda cheerfully announces the arrival of Lee’s chewy chubby bar!

SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0024Lee: That’s your idea of breaking the rules?

Amanda: Yes! (pushing the bar down)
Lee: Huh? (lifting it back up)
Amanda: Yes! (pushing the bar down)
Lee: Huh? (lifting the bar back up)
: Put it down!
(finally Lee stops)

Amanda: What did you expect?
(Lee starts walking away.)
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0026Lee: A bottle of scotch, a whole cheesecake, uh, uh, uh — a woman!

Amanda: What?!
Lee: Yeah. Yeah, that’s what I want. I want a woman.
( I tell you what.. the expressions on both their faces in this scene are hilarious!!! It’s so much fun slowing it down and taking them all in – it happens so fast!)
Lee smiles while making his demands and continuing down the corridor.. They pass the same elderly couple that heard them earlier. Lee seems pretty happy with himself getting that reaction from Amanda… !!! I think he was just thinking the most outrageous thing he could think of to get Amanda’s goat… Lee doesn’t need anyone to get him a woman.. I am sure he can do just fine getting one on his own!!!
SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0029Amanda: Well, I think you had better stop this right now because I will not get you a woman!

(to old couple:)


KJ’s delivery here is soooo funny! I love this….

Amanda: Now!… Just think of something else..  

Lee does seem to ease up when he realises the old couple heard what he was saying! don’t you think? he shifts focus onto the next goal.
Lee: okay. I want to go in that room.

Amanda: You’re not allowed in there!! ( She bodily grabs him and pulls him back- haaaa)
Please don’t get me in trouble again!


SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0034Lee: well don’t you think you owe me? (holding up the chewy chubby bar again! Poor Lee.. he was disappointed in his treat.. haaaa) and finally Amanda snatches it from him!

Dean and Amanda go to self defense class??? yep, I’d guess right now Amanda that Lee doesn’t care!

Lee talks to Walt’s wife again to see if Walt was being threatened or anything.. Oh no!!! It must be horrible for Lee to hear that Walt had been having terrible dreams too.. uh oh!!! you’re in big trouble Lee!

Love Amanda talking the ear off the doctor to distract him from discovering Lee in Walt’s room! SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-09_1__0035

Looks like Dr Glaser’s evil plans are complete!!! What the heck are they doing to the back of Lee’s head??!! Whatever it is.. it changed Lee’s outfit.. from this:
To this:

In a second!!! haaaa ( Hey! if you are going to cut in old footage- make sure he’s wearing the same outfit!!) Poor Lee…Dr Glaser is taking over his fashion sense too.. Oh well… at least we don’t have to sit through anymore of Lee being brainwashed!! kinda boring..
Lee is reminded by Lester to call the doctor for instructions..  Whoa.. Dr Glaser pulls Lester’s strings so we can hear him and ta da!!!! Lee’s outfit magically changes again!!!
(Now that has really really got to mess with Lee’s head!)

Wow.. Dr Glaser is having a busy night of Evil! He visits Walt to up his dosage of Windex… Poor Walt.. he didn’t have a chance..  It’s pretty awful he dies.. a shame he had to die..

Well that is it for now.. I will be back in a few days to finish this episode – I would LOVE to hear any of your thoughts you would care to share!! Thanks for reading!!!

13 responses to “2/3 Season 1, Episode 3: If Thoughts Could Kill

  1. The last two times I watched this I noticed that just after Lee says he wants a woman he makes sure he’s past Amanda so she can’t see him and then grins. I’m beginning to think he said that for the sole purpose of shocking her — and it worked!


  2. Lee: I went in to get my tonsils out and they took my appendix out too.
    Amanda: now why would they take your appendix out?
    Lee: the doctor said he had some time on his hands!

    They were just repeating the corny-silly jokes they heard (as did I) growing up during the era of the great stand-up comedians: Lucille Ball, Jack Benny, Milton Berle, George Burns, Bob Hope (USO Christmas shows), Red Skelton, etc

    ScarecrowsAngel already lauded Amanda’s funniest line and it’s hilarious!


  3. ScarecrowsAngel

    “He’s neat, prompt, organized… You can see why I’m worried.” That line still cracks me up!


  4. Melissa Robertson

    I do love Lee’s “horror” stories from his childhood hospital experiences…too funny!!!! One reason I’m not crazy about this episode is that Lee seems like a little boy throwing tantrums…but I love how you say that Amanda is good with little boys 🙂


    • I can’t decide which stories to take seriously as part of his history and which ones he’s totally made up because he’s so aggravated with being in hospital.

      Normally I get more fed up with Lee when he’s grouchy like this, but I kind of let this one go more because of the sleep deprivation/brainwashing and I’m not sure how much of it is really him and how much is those factors.


  5. Hi Iwsod, long time no see, at least here. I’m still very busy with my manuscript and don’t have much time to come here. but I try as often as I can.

    As to your question about the scripts: At the moment I have The original pilot, Magic Bus, Lost and Found, I am not now …and Dead Ringer on my fanpage. But more scripts will follow soon.


  6. Iwsod,

    I would love to read the original scripts and comment. However, the only script I can find for season 1 is the script for the original pilot where Amanda and Dean are married. I looked on Petra’s site, but maybe I am looking in the wrong place. I do see some scripts for season 2, but not season 1.



    • Hi Samantha… oh phoey! I didn’t realise season 1 is so lost 😦 It does look like there are some scripts floating around amongst fans though- who are being very kind and sharing them with the rest of us on Petra’s smk site – so maybe if we keep checking back there eventually we will see more season 1 episodes 🙂

      Oh and Samantha I am thrilled to hear you would like to play script detective 🙂 thank you!

      Petra do you think you could let us know if you load more? Thanks soooo much!!!!


  7. Hi Petra- thanks!! yeah I didn’t follow how the rule breaker/follower thing was suppose to work.. Yeah! Good one!!! She never stays in the car when she is told to! Thanks for commenting!!

    Hiya Samantha! I think SMK is quite infectious… or addictive may be the better word.. anyway I am glad that you enjoyed my post and thanks soooo much for letting me know 🙂 Yes!! do watch Episode 2 and 3 again and come back here and let us know your thoughts on the episodes! the good thing about this blog is you can come back to the episode in a year or two and the episode discussion on that episode will still be open to comment 🙂

    Hello Stacy! haaaa!! Glad you were reminded of the good things to be found in this ep- every episode has it’s gems 🙂 ( Lee in jeans!!! teee heee)

    Samantha and Stacy – you both mentioned where I said they ad libbed – I am guessing you are referring to where I said they were walking on the lawn and Lee was telling Amanda about his childhood hospital experience? When I said in the post this wasn’t in the script – I mean’t I read the script (back when twiz scripts hosted them – but now http://www.smk-land.com also hosts most of the scripts for smk episodes – whooo hoooo!!! thanks Petra!! I love your site!! ) So I was referring to the fact that those lines about Lee’s childhood experience were not in the original script – this doesn’t mean I know it was ad libbed – it just means it wasn’t in the script I looked at, and I would imagine that means it wasn’t in an early version, but could have been in later versions of the script – or it could have been ad-libbed- I don’t know..so I don’t say it was definitely ‘ad libbed’ only it wasn’t in the script I was referring too.. Sorry if that was unclear!

    Are you both into the scripts? It would be lots of fun if someone ( anyone reading??!!) would like to compare the episode to the script and see where it differs as we go through the episodes – I sometimes do this in posts, but sometimes don’t.. It depends on how much time I have – but if there is anyone who would enjoy taking on this role as offical errr script detective or something hey please speak up it would be really wonderful!!! ( but no pressure everyone 🙂 ) or if there are a few people we could all take turns?

    Thanks again for commenting It really is wonderful to know people are reading!! It makes me get onto the next post pronto!!


  8. Iwsod,
    This is actually one of my least favourite episodes, but dang girl! Your commentary makes me want to watch it again tonight, just so I can enjoy the little things you point out!

    I love that this early on, we can see the natural touchy-feely comfortable banter – Amanda holding his hand, the fight over the chocolate bar, the banter – BB and KJ are just magic together.

    How did you know most of those lines were ad-libbed?

    Looking forward to the next instalment!



  9. Iwsod,

    Enjoying reading your posts. Love the comments about where they are ad libbing. Can’t wait until my house guests leave so I can rewatch episodes 2 and 3 for a SMK marathon. I think I will reread your posts, watch the episodes, and then reread the posts again. Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying it.



  10. Iwsod, that was awsome again!

    My favourite scene in this episode is the “rule-breaker vs. rule-follower” scene. It’s hilarious and the delivery of the lines just perfect.

    When you think about it, Lee might be the rule-breaker and Amanda the rule-follower – on the surface. But when you look at them closely, Amanda turns out to be an even greater rule-breaker than Lee is. She almost never does what he tells her. She never stays in the car and she does just fine in playing her cover among her family. If that isn’t a rule-breaker, I don’t know.

    Of course that’s not what Lee meant to say.
    And it’s kind of nice to think about what a lovely and happy couple comes out if a rule breaker and a rule-follower actually mix. Don’t you think so?
    I’m looking forward to part 3 of your recap! 🙂



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