2/3 Season 1, Episode 5: The ACM Kid

We see Amanda arriving back at Lee’s place with Alexi’s things.. Hmmm Amanda lets herself back into Lee’s apartment.. she has a key! hehheee I wonder if she gives it back…

The look on Lee’s face is too cute when Amanda finds out what they bought at the shop.. he knows he shouldn’t have gotten that rubbish and he is being suckered but he wants to spoil him and be liked.. awh!!! and Amanda can see this..

34Love the little glance Lee gives her just before she says “what are you doing? going for the father of the year? ” – he knows it’s coming.. hehehee.. Doesn’t he look cute here in the scene?? awh…

Then, Lee defends his being a big softie by how hard Alexi has had it… and then 36he launches into what has been going on at ACM plant.. the satellite project.. blah blah.. why does Amanda need to know this? It must be because it is her case too Winking smile ahem…  Actually, I think maybe Lee is trying to change the subject and it seems to work.. for now!

Love how Amanda just takes his money – no problem spending his money with Alexi! heheheee…

Oh !!!

37Amanda: Just in case what?

38Lee: Well, you know, just in case some of our friends would also like to get his hands on Alexi.

39Amanda gasps: Really?

40Lee(sounding serious!): Yes, Amanda.

41danger42 intrigue
Danger, excitement, Intrigue.

43Amanda: Oh, shut up.

I think Lee liked to have a little tease with Amanda here to level out things.. he has just been busted spoiling Alexi and I think he was a little vulnerable about it… so ha haaaa crack a joke and tease Amanda.. I love the laugh he gives as he leaves.. he has a great laugh.. and that smile?…. ooh swoon!!!

On to the agency… The lug wrench bar??? now that sounds like a masculine hang out!! I see Billy is still in the ugly knit cardy.. only this time it is sleeveless.. oh come on Billy.. let Jeanne dress you!
45Lee: But I wonder what all this has to do with Alexi’s folks.
Billy: Tell the King woman to keep her ears open. And by the way, how’s she getting along with Alexi?

Lee: You know Amanda. She’s got motherhood carved on her bones. She’s having the time of her life.


Ok.. ‘the king woman’? Billy!!grrrr shame on you ‘the cardy man’!

Lee says ‘You know Amanda?’ Actually Lee.. Billy doesn’t.. he just knows “the king woman” reow!

Err.. am I hearing this right? Did Lee just say he knows Amanda? and um.. kinda compliment her?? OH MY!!!!! Isn’t it fabulous to see him give a proud smile about Amanda’s mothering skills?? swoon…(err even though it isn’t really true… Alexi is a tough kid to enjoy, he doesn’t want to be enjoyed!) I think Lee is happy to admit Amanda has these skills – as they are nothing to do with usual agency work!

This bow-tie wearing guy at the arcade is the scary Mr Wilson?? That we heard about in the beginning? haa!! He tells Alexi his parents are safe for the moment.. if he sneaks back there later and helps them with the computer or something.. Alexi tries the sad eyes he tricked Lee with- Pleeease don’t hurt my parents! but.. Mr Wilson is unmoved and threatens to do more than just hurt them..

Sooo we get to see the Lug Wrench bar.. notice anything weird about this sign?

Happy hour is 4-6pm!! A 2 hour happy hour??? haa hehehee.. someone can’t count.. that is too funny!

Ricky Joe err I mean Lee drinks a hacksaw.. don’t worry.. it’s the name of a drink Winking smile apparently..errr is that a real drink?








Dotty and her erogenous zones are too funny! Dr Bain was mentioned in If thoughts could kill and now Amanda seems to be figuring out who he is- when she knew who he was 2 episodes ago – ah… episode order change alert!

50Dotty: Fred and I have determined that I carry a lot of passion in my arches.

: Mooother!

Amanda: Hi, boys. You having a good time?
52Jamie: Yeah, Alexi’s teaching us how to roll a drunk.

Love the way Phillip says : Naaaaah, the Feds got him in protective custody.

Like he knows all about that.. Smile

Alexi won Jamie’s bike in a crap game?? lol!!!! Why doesn’t it register that the kid is very clever… and that maybe he is the one they could be after? hmmm..he is probably too annoying for anyone to notice!

The big sister program is a good idea.. good one Amanda.. at least that one kind of made sense.. 

53Lee and Amanda’s phone conversation is really clever and funny with the double meanings..and Dotty listening in the whole time… great writing!!! Love how Amanda manages to get another little 54dig in about his hellhole. err I mean apartment! I think Amanda is stuck- she has to look after Alexi, she can’t tell Lee she wants him to go when Dotty is listening!

Oh dear.. Lee you could have been more subtle with seeing the guy there and then starting in 55with the fighting with your ex-wife!! (Amanda’s face when she hears this is too funny!)




It is great when Amanda finally gets tough with Alexi..

Alexi: You know, you’re tougher than the Fed with the moldy cheese.
Amanda: Really? I want that in writing.

-that is kind of cool!

57It looks like the security guy out the front is doing the banana dance.. check it out.. really!!

Alexi visits the baddies to do a little research on Ricky Joe.. check out the clunky keyboard! ha haaa

Ricky Joe Jackson.. what a name..

Back at Amanda’s.. uh oh.. the headband is back… her phone conversation with Dean is rather unromantic isn’t it.. no I miss you or love you.. just.. “I told you you should have taken your poncho!” oh dear..(she’s telling him to take his rain poncho? He is the weatherman who just won an award and she knows better than he does Haaa.) Amanda does manage to at least sound half interested in hearing him talk about his trophy… an aluminum sun.. yawn! Then again, she is a mum and has lots of practice at listening to stuff and sounding interested… LOL.

Love Dotty’s line: Well, how are you and young Dillinger getting along?

Back at the lug wrench..

59Lee: So she says to me, “Now don’t you bother taking your boots off, ’cause I just love a cowboy.”

oh my.. ummm.. I just have to um get this picture out of my head!!! yeee haaa.. ricky joe, you are being very unhelpful!…. maybe a cup of water in my face will help! no wait.. maybe Amanda’s insult coming up will help! hehehee…

Amanda the monkey wrench arrives at the Lug wrench Winking smile How did Amanda know where to find Lee? Does she know about his cover?? and if she knew where he was- why not just call him!! I know I know.. this way is more fun!Smile

Lee: Now you see why I’m so broke. Most ex-wives just pick up the phone. Not mine. She jumps on a plane.

Good save Lee!

and .. how does she know his name is Ricky Joe? (they must have told her at the agency huh…?)

Lee whispers : Come to my place tonight and we’ll talk. ( I have had dreams about Lee whispering that to me Winking smile )

Lee: Tell me I stink. ( Hmm…no dreams about Lee telling me that though Winking smile )
60Amanda: You stink.


Lee: Throw my drink in my face.62
: And frankly, Ricky Joe, sex with you was always a  major


Lee: Ham.

Ahhh this is another gold humour moment!!!! I just love the delivery here!!!I love how Amanda shoves the drink in his hand and walks off…. sooo funny!!!! Lee got more than he bargained for didn’t he- Amanda!! you don’t have to call into question his leaving his cowboy boots on!!!! ohhh the shame of it!!!

65Ricky Joe is offered $2000- for personnel files by the baddies.. and he comes through for them passing their test.. Their next step is to get Ricky Joe to steal the satellite codes.. only they are going to need to convince him to do it! The baddies say they are keeping Alexi around to verify the codes and once they are in the satellite computers – Alexi and his parents will be ‘blown away’…. uh oh!!

Well that is it for now! I’ll be back soon with Part 3… Hope you are all enjoying the Christmas break!

10 responses to “2/3 Season 1, Episode 5: The ACM Kid

  1. #2019rewatch

    Amanda: And frankly, Ricky Joe, sex with you was always a major disappointment.

    How did Bruce Boxleitner take that zinger standing? IMO, he let it go because his cover was “Ricky Joe” and Lee Stetson wouldn’t want Amanda messing around with that deadbeat dad! Now if Amanda said that (but it’s not her style) to Lee Stetson or “Scarecrow,” she’d get a reaction!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. … crack a joke and tease Amanda.. I love the laugh he gives as he leaves.. he has a great laugh.. and that smile?…. ooh swoon!!!

    Yes! Lee’s laugh is great and his smile is swoon-worthy … don’t forget his mesmerizing dimples! It’s wonderful this comes hot on the heels of his “danger, excitement, intrigue,” to which Amanda responds, “Oh shut up!” This scene is priceless and who can resist laughing right along with him?

    The Ricky Joe and Amanda bar scene, where she gets back at him big time, is pure gold! Also caught the subtle fun that occurs when a petulant Ricky Joe calls beer-annointing Amanda a HAM; earlier, she made derogatory comments about his CHEESE!

    NOTE: With the luxury of going back to the beginning, I decided to use the revised episode order, so this is episode three.


  3. A hacksaw is a real cocktail – apparently it’s made in a mason jar.
    I do.like it when SMK gives us real info.


  4. How much mothering has Lee been around? I think he kind of likes being exposed to it. I sense as I watched this part tonight that Lee has a greater appreciation for Amanda here, especially the part in his kitchen. His face seems o have a lightness about it that we haven’t seen yet. There was a glipmse of it at the end of There Goes the Neighborhood, when Amanda use the hairspray, but here it is stronger and somehow I get the feeling that it has to do with Amanda’s mother instinct. I think Lee is enjoying it a bit too.


  5. Comment on the happy hour at the Lug Wrench Bar. Happy Hours at most bars here are not really an hour. It usually last from the time most people are in transition from work to home or going out. Usually it’s anywhere from about 4:00PM until 6:00 or 7:00PM. Drinks and appetizers are usually discounted, sometimes by 50%.


  6. I love it when Amanda gets tough with Alexi – it is a very different side of Amanda we get to see for about 16 seconds. Other than when the volcano exploded at the end of season 2, we don’t even see her this tough with her own kids. Oh how I wish Billy and Francine could have seen that side of her somehow in connection with the Agency early on! After The First Time where Amanda gets in some good zingers on Lee, she doesn’t really ever act this tough except here, I think. Guess it only comes out when she’s in her comfort zone.


    • After I posted this comment I thought about an episode we have’t gotten to yet, Life of the Party. I think we see some toughness there, but it’s not the same. If I remember I’ll try to make the link when we get to that episode.


  7. Melissa Robertson

    Lee teasing Amanda again…HaHa…he just can’t help it. Enjoy how she gets him with her line in the bar…yep, Lee, she is something else!!!!


  8. Hi all! 😀

    Here we go again: With six frozen pizzas and a pound of brownies, LOL! Love KJ’s delivery of this line and the way she nods her head before she states this. Very funny! Alexi’s quick-witted reply also makes me smile every time: „We must have left the beer in the car. Thanks for reminding me.“ As much as he might be a pain in the neck, I think I find something cute about him as well after all.

    And Lee? He puts up a cute innocent face and gives a huge smile when Alexi gives his cheeky reply. Is he going for „father of the year“? Ohhh Iwsod, how well you captured the little glance he gives Amanda before she says that! He purses his lips as if he was about to start whistling, doesn’t he? Very cute. Then he starts to defend Alexi… He’s been through a bad time… Wow, BB’s voice is super sexy when he starts that speech. Ooooookayyyyy Karen… concentrate…!

    Amanda takes Lee’s money with a quite forthright attitude. Quite the material girl here, haha. Love it. And then of course: „Yes, Amanda! Danger, excitement. Intrigue.“ Look how Lee raises his eyebrows when he talks about intrigue! Hahaha, he cracks me up! About the chuckle and the big smile he gives before he leaves, ohhhhh well… I guess we can swoon collectively. Right?

    Back in Billy’s office. What’s with all the pictures of old cars on his wall? Do we ever see them again – in other episodes, that is? Well, I think I like them better than the merlin that comes up later. 😉 Lee says Amanda has motherhood carved on her bones… And the next thing we see is how Amanda tries to pry Alexi loose from a gambling machine. Shooting Lee’s wad. Theheee.

    On the the Lug Wrench Bar. Lee as Ricky Joe Jackson… He does a pretty good job, doesn’t he? The whole conversation with the Lady at the bar sounds very American in my ears. The way she says „What kinda action?“ or „I cut class“… And Lee answers „Hell, the check’s good!“ Is it just me or do they really speak more slang here than in the rest of the episode? It makes the whole scene more credible to me. Partly I was grateful for the subtitels though.

    Dotty comes back home barefooted… LOL, I love Amanda’s face when Dotty speaks about the passion in her arches! Then the boys come downstairs and talk about the things they… errr… „learned“ from Alexi. I think I need your help there, because I don’t really understand what it means to „roll a drunk“.

    Oh dear, how complicated a simple phonecall gets when both sides are unable to speak openly! Hahaaa! Lee is totally puzzled when Amanda says it was a „splendid idea“ that Alexi should stay with her a little longer. And Amanda states it was much better than sending him back to the „hellhole“ he stayed in before. This time, Lee does not seem to be amused! Love how he jumps back into the role of Ricky Joe Jackson, pretending a quarrel with his ex-wife.

    Awh, Alexi really is sweet in his own way. „You know, you’re tougher than the fed with the moldy cheese…“ Awh, look at his face and his eyes. Maybe the tough guys aren’t as taugh as they want to make us believe? 😉

    Oh my, here comes Dean! I almost forgot he’s still in the game… What? He is tri-city weather forcaster of the year. And he got an aluminum sun as a trophy? Oh wow, I mean… WOW. I am SO impressed. ROFL

    One of the best scenes of this ep: Amanda comes to see Lee the Lug Wrench Bar. But she only finds Ricky Joe Jackson! LOL It is so funny how they manage to exchange the most important bits of information without blowing their cover. Hahaha, how Lee grits his teeth when he talks about screwing up his job totally… And did you realize how Amanda hesitates a split second before she calls Lee, err, Ricky Joe „honey“…? Is it true KJ adlibbed the line about sex with Ricky Joe being a major disappointment? In that case I really wonder how she and BB managed to stay in character…

    Well I think that’s it for now. Bye! 😀


  9. I’ve heard that ” And frankly, Ricky Joe, sex with you was always a major
    disappointment.” was an adlib by Kate Jackson. If that is true, how Bruce could have stayed in character is beyond me. 🙂


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