1/3 Season 1, Episode 5: The ACM Kid

This episode opens with Lee conducting surveillance with another agent..

3Lee: “Are we out of bean dip? “ – hehehee.. that is kind of sophisticated stakeout food isn’t it?? I thought stakeout food was donuts, coffee and burgers.. Bean dip seems like a recipe for disaster… Small confined space and toxic, flammable, bad smelling gases = unsuccessful stakeout!

Lee and a fellow agent (we later find out his name is Dane) are on stakeout… watching a guy called Clemens- who has gone into someone’s home… he was busted by a secretary sneaking into the info on the satellite surveillance project at the ACM.(err what the Australian College of Midwives is doing with this info is an episode in and of itself!!)

2Inside the home, we find Clemens dead on the floor and a couple being forced to co-operate with some KGB baddies.. and argh!! Alexi!!! ( subtitles spell it Aleksei?? I’m going with  Alexi) Let’s discuss Alexi.. where is Alexi.. the couple refuse to co-operate…

This baddie makes no sense.. he shoots Clemens to show what happens when you don’t cooperate and then he says let’s talk business.. and then he says let’s discuss it as friends! ROFL I don’t think he understands good cop bad cop Winking smile  at least he seems to understand it about as well as Amanda does.. ( next thing he will be offering to bring them a pillowWinking smile )

Oh no.. seems this Baddie offers to help defectors with work and a place to live.. only to spring on them that he is KGB.. and they must help him or end up like Clemens.. and it seems the baddies want Alexi to do some work… uh oh!!??

As the baddies kidnap the terrified couple (the Kalnikovs) … one of the baddies puts the woman in the back seat and then gets in the front and starts the engine, while the other baddie struggles to get the man in.. Mrs Kalnikov is one very obedient abductee!! She just placidly sits in the back once she was put in there… 

What’s with the red car that shoots out of nowhere onto this road?? as if!! oh yeah.. beep the horn so the baddies know you are after them!  Lee stops the car and gets out to check  the house while the other agent follows the baddies.

5Hmm nice to see Lee’s leg is recovered from last week..aaaand the week before Winking smile  I wonder how much time has passed since the Magic Bus? I guess enough time for Lee to drive to Arizona and drop the thing off and fly back..

These baddies want Alexi so bad? then why don’t they umm.. like you know.. um kinda like search the house to like see if he is like you know- maybe hiding somewhere or somethink? heheheee.. Lame baddies.. “Where is Alexi”!!! “I don’t know…” “Oh ok”! derrr…


Alexi is lucky that it is Lee that finds him.. and … maybe Lee is lucky to find Alexi too Smile now I have seen the whole show- (especially the ep Unfinished business) I can see better how this little guy affects Lee so much.. awh…

Haa!! So … Lee calls Amanda huh? of his own free will..huh? without Billy telling him to??huh? I am shocked! But I just love Amanda’s response.. she isn’t all excited that he called and fawning over him…. She is correcting his manners! ha!! love it.. you go girl! the guy needs a few lessons.. Amanda is going to teach him some really important ones over the next few years!

8Lee: Listen, I’ve got this real problem here and it’s not exactly in my area. So, I thought I’d call you, as it’s something that you probably know all about.
9Amanda: I can only assume this is you. Possibly because you’re the only man I know who doesn’t say hello, doesn’t ask how I am.
10Lee: How are you?
Amanda: Fine, you?

11Lee: Right. I’ve got a real problem here, I’ve got this kid that won’t talk to me.

12Amanda: By “kid”, do you mean one of those girls you date?

13Lee: No, I mean a kid. As in child. As in boy? 14I’ve spent ten dollars on junk food and he won’t open his mouth. (Alexi is gone. Lee hasn’t noticed yet.) Ah, his parents may be in a lot — (He has noticed the missing boy.) Oh, God. Uh, uh, stay right where you are, don’t go anywhere, I’ll call you later.

One of the best exchanges between these two…(but kind of ruined by the weird camera angle on Amanda.. I don’t think she is really saying those words- I think this must be a shot from another episode added to go with the joke at a later time- notice her hair isn’t permed for this phone call!) but- by kid you mean one of those girls you date? !!! rolf!!!! good one Amanda!!!

Love that when she does correct him, he smiles and then actually asks how she is! hehehee.. Still I think the next lesson needs to be how to respond when someone asks you how you are too!!

It’s interesting he calls Amanda first huh.. yeah she knows about children.. But surely there are other agents who have kids??… I like to think it was an excuse to call her.. ahem…

15Lee: You have to tell me about those men that came to your house.

– he is so focused on what he is trying to do.. but the kid reminds him of his own childhood.. and Lee begins to actually want to help the kid, rather than just catch the bad guys.. I think.. Does that make sense?

Alexi plays scared little kid and gains Lee’s trust.. then takes off again on Lee.. sucker.. Lee catches him and scares him but Alexi quickly puts on his super tough guy act… ( make that super tough kid over act.. )

We learn something interesting about Lee here don’t we:

16Lee: a tough guy huh?

17Alexi: Yeah!!!

18Lee: Yeah, well, I was a tough guy too. I had to be tough, so no one would know that I was really scared.
19Alexi: Now you’re gonna tell me about your lousy childhood. Man, you don’t know what a lousy childhood is!
20Lee: Oh? I lost my parents when I was four and got raised in a hundred different army bases by an uncle that didn’t even like me, so you top that, pal.

and Alexi does:

Alexi: Some guy just got shot in my living room, so you top that, pal.

Yep, Lee snaps out of.. this isn’t about your lousy childhood Lee.. it is about this boy and his family.. and you can help him! good on Lee..

Ahhh so Lee brings Alexi into the agency.. he can see Lee has all these resources to help him.. and school teacher Miss Franny.. who happens to be looking a lot like a prim school teacher in her hair bun and big cardy.. oh my.. Francine.. you having a frumpy day hon? poor thing.. 22

I think Lee is enjoying seeing Francine suffer.. heheheee. now that I kinda like to see too: Francine suffering and Lee enjoying seeing Francine suffering!!

Alexi: I never asked you to help me.
24Lee: Actually, that’s true, Francine, he never did.

Francine: Oh, well, I’m glad you find this so amusing.

Hmm maybe Lee is trying to win Alexi’s trust here.. a bit of good cop bad cop…- Lee actually knows how that works Winking smile (and of course.. Francine is bad, very bad!!)

Ahh and then in walks Mr condescending cop Bily.. oh dear.. and why does the agency have a big lollypop sitting around? what else do they have?! Nice try billy..

It’s after midnight and they are offering him a lollypop? come on… the kid needs to get to bed.. yeah trust me.. and I will put you in a boy’s home for the night.. that is lousy.. good on Lee for taking him in.. Francine is shocked Lee is offering this.. he has more heart than you!

Love how Alexi calls Francine “Blondie“… ahhhhh.. now that is satisfying!

Lee is keen to help out Alexi, but he seems a bit nervous at what he has gotten himself into by offering to take Alexi home.. good on you Lee you did good.. 26

Amanda shows up at Lee’s.. and he seems to have not known she was coming..Ohhh I think she arrived earlier than she was expected to..  hmmm.. Well.. reward! Amanda got to see him in his robe!! lucky gal.. (Amanda gets to see Lee’s legs three weeks in a row??!!!) 27

Lee seems to handle her chirpiness pretty well I think.. he has literally just woken up and she won’t shut up… and he offers her coffee.. hmm he does have some manners! (Although offering an already  wound up Amanda coffee is risky business Lee! Make sure she gets de-caf!)

Amanda walks around Lee’s apartment like this is her first time there- ( although we saw her visit it in If thoughts could Kill!- where when she arrived she didn’t look around at all! hmmm I’m going to ponder this one- episode order change alert!!)
Amanda: You know, this reminds me of a place I lived in when I was in college. Mother saw it and she made me move.  -Oh dear!!Haa

28Amanda:  Are you always this punchy in the morning?

29Lee: Are you always this perky?

You think Amanda is perky Lee? hmmm… I could say something here.. about the context that word is usually used in.. err… but I won’t..

They are getting to know each other well aren’t they.. I just love this dialogue here in the kitchen..  

30Amanda: Well, you know, I guess I’m just what you’d call a morning person.

Amanda continues: I guess you’re just not what you’d call a morning person…
Uh, look, are you sure you’re set up to take care of a child? I mean, you know, they need. . . .
Lee: Attention, someone to talk to.
32aAmanda: No, what they need is food, and you haven’t got any.
Lee: Just what the hell do you call that incredibly expensive Camembert?
Amanda: Moldy!

This is interesting.. when discussing what a child needs, Lee immediately thinks “someone to talk to, attention…”  Awh! I think when Lee was growing up.. they were the things he needed- and he didn’t get… which is why it is the first thing he thinks of.. awh….

Lee says ‘what the hell’ -that is kinda strong language for that time wasn’t it?? and over cheese? hmmm he must be passionate about his cheeses!

Love the fast action close up of the moldy cheese coming out of the fridge haaaa.. and how when Amanda says Moldy she just tosses it across the room into his bin- hitting the wall before it falls in and Lee just follows her throw not saying anything because he hasn’t woken up yet.. but.. I wonder was he thinking good shot??!!! hehehee..

So Lee asked Amanda to watch Alexi for a few hours while he was to go in to the agency.. but he didn’t expect Amanda to show up at his home.. then, after Amanda says Alexi needs food- Lee takes him shopping and Amanda goes back to Alexi’s house to pick up some clothes for Alexi.

Lee and Alexi arrive at the store.. Hmmm Alexi can’t get Lee’s door to close properly..

Lee: I’ll shoot ya, I’m telling you kid I’m a killer

Yeah.. good one Lee.. boys lap up that stuff! hehehee..

That’s it for now… more danger, excitement and intrigue in a  few days time Winking smile Would love to hear any thoughts you have!

26 responses to “1/3 Season 1, Episode 5: The ACM Kid

  1. Oh goodness. Normally all I can think about with this ep is how much the kid gets on my nerves. That comment “Attention, someone to talk to…” just went right over my head. But now that I read your comment I just can’t get past the images it brings up.

    I mean, it’s not like I hadn’t thought about and realized what Lee’s childhood was like because of his earlier comment to Alexei, the later comment to Amanda, the conversation on Long Christmas Eve in the car, and then when we actually meant his uncle, but there’s just something about that line “Attention, someone to talk to…” It’s just so heartbreaking.

    My brain will be repeating that line for the rest of the night.


  2. Amandarambler

    Sara, thank you for choosing this episode right after our rewalk through A Relative Situation. It will be really interesting to delve into the dynamic between Lee and Alexi in this episode in light of just finishing ARS.

    But first, it can’t go unpinpointed. I also just walked through the posts for The Eyes Have It in Season 3, and you know in the scene with Amanda trying to get Lee to get some rest, and they are sitting in his room talking, and Amanda looks over at the nightstand and sees that hideously framed picture of his parents (not really), and Lee talks about that they died when he was FIVE. Then in ARS, Col Uncle Bob says that Lee came to him when he was SEVEN. And here in ACM Kid, we get this:
    Lee: Oh? I lost my parents when I was four and got raised in a hundred different army bases by an uncle that didn’t even like me, so you top that, pal.

    Oh, SMK. Your continuity is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get.
    Jamie – always 8
    Lee – always worked for the Agency for 10 years
    Lee & Amanda – evidently always kept track of how they knew each other to the day (WOTSTW; ATWAS)
    Lee – who knows how old he really was when he lost his parents?


    • #2019rewatch

      Lee – who knows how old he really was when he lost his parents?

      You must be THE official JWWM pinpointer, Amandarambler! Here in The ACM Kid, Lee appears to be playing the highly-competitive game of one-upmanship with Alexi; so he exaggerates his young age and he exaggerates the number of military bases, too. Think about it. He was with his uncle roughly 10 years (age 7 to 17 when he graduated high school). Then Lee left his uncle’s military base to begin his collegiate years. There’s no way Colonel Clayton was transferred an average of ten times per year for ten years!

      As for the gap of two years between the death of his parents and going to live with his uncle, any clues to that would be in S4’s Unfinished Business. I need to verify what popped into my mind and just don’t have time right now.


      • In the brief glimpse we get of Matthew Stetson’s file in Unfinished Business, we can see that Matt has a brother in the Air Force stationed in Germant, a deceased father and a retired but alive mother, so I go along with the crowd over in fanfic land that says Lee went to his grandmother first until either she died or until his uncle could get transferred back to the US to deal with him. But that does make Col. Claytin definitely a paternal relative and if Matt’s father is dead, there is a possibility of a second marriage for his mother.


    • Amandarambler, I love that ” L& A evidently always kept track of how they knew each other to the day”. It’s so true!!


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  4. Here is the links to the Scotch Thoughts story for the episode and the Window Reflections story
    I ordered this set of stories as the third one in season 1 in case you are wondering. And if you want to make a comment or discuss the stories please feel free to do that at Ned’s or on fanfic.net.
    I love hearing your responses. Thanks!!!


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  6. I just discovered another blooper… when the random agent is looking through the binoculars at the baddie car parked in Alexi’s driveway (while Lee is munching on Fritos!), we see a dark-coloured sedan parked on the street with Amanda’s license plate — Virginia JR4 502 through the binocular view. OOPS! 😀


  7. You know what struck me most as I watched this episode last night was Lee’s openness. Maybe he wasn’t very open about his past with Amanda here or even too much with Alexi, but we could see that Lee allowed himself to be moved by Alexi and responded with empathy. He often tries to be hidden and distant, but he really isn’t. His heart is right there and easily touched and it showed in this episode. I think the Panda had something to do with that.


  8. Get me to SMK episodes watched in one day! I do have a life. Promise. Just when I am doing the ironing it’s too hard to resist putting it on.
    Confess this isn’t a favourite episode. Mostly because I find Aleksei/Alexi well just plain obnoxious! But it has some redeeming qualities tucked away 😉

    So Lee is on a stakeout. They see a bad guy come out and check no ones watching (clearly he didnt do a good job, sack him bad guy boss) and yet Lee and his companion sit idly by chewing the cud like a cow. Um….suspicious behaviour and you’re still sat there eating?! Shouldn’t you be like preparing to move or something?!

    Tee hee the banter between Lee and Amanda on the phone. Lee: I’ve got a kid who won’t talk to me. Amanda: By kid do you mean those girls you date? Ha ha ha!!!! Nice one Amanda with your not so subtle dig.

    Oh dear Alexi is clearly a young teenage boy but Billy brandishes the most OTT lollipop in history like he’s a 3 year old. Agents are used to profiling people no? And they think that ridiculous bit of teeth breaking candy is going to cut it oh dear. Think Billy needs to refresher course to brush up his skills.
    Redeeming feature no.1. Lee in a rather indecently short robe *drools*
    Lee being Lee isn’t even awkward about being caught in something leaving so little to the imagination.
    Redeeming feature no. 2. Lee in another waistcoat *drools. Again.*
    Some cute teasing of Amanda as he leaves Alexi in her capable hands “Danger, excitement, ingtrigue”……well there will most certainly be the first two 😉
    I have to laugh at the scene where Lee is talking to Billy in his office. IWSOD has a screen shot illustrating the pictures in the wall behind him. My dad had similar pictures at home, happy memories of 80’s decor 🙂

    Oooh Dotty it seems a bit early in the evening to be coming home from a night out with your shoes in your hand (or maybe that’s just me and my nights out LOL). Amanda can’t handle the idea of Dotty being passionate, love her reaction. I have often wondered where Amanda gets her sometimes puritanical attitude from. Dotty from the snippets we see is clearly a woman who embraces life when she wants to, is full of passion and in some ways far more liberal and relaxed than Amanda. I think she’d be a great mother to have 🙂 I like Amanda, I really do but as Lee asks in Dead Men Leave No Trails is she “bucking for sainthood”?! Her whiter than white attitude grates on me sometimes if I am honest!

    It’s funny to see Amanda a little out of her depth with Alexi. Amanda may have boys of her own but she seems a little unprepared with how to deal with him. Love Dotty’s advice which she then proceeds to ignore herself!

    Uh oh, is there trouble in paradise? A serious amount of eye rolling from Amanda after her phone call with Dean and later when she’s giving him a back massage. She says she’s glad but boy she looks anything but! Hurry up and ditch Dean, he’s just not the man for you 😉

    Think Amanda needs to join Over Actors Annoymous after hamming it up with “Ricky Joe” LOL

    Lee is a Rolling Stones fan? Good man 🙂 He’s just gone even higher in my estimation 😉
    Amanda that is some not very subtle hints you’re giving about the Panda. Isn’t Panda Dotty’s nickname for her or have I gleaned that idea from too much fanfic?

    Redeeming feature no. 3. Lee and his poor ribs. Shall I kiss them better 😉

    Ah the infamous closet scene. Bite me, bite me!!!! C’mon Amanda you know you really want him to 😉

    The tag. Easy to read too much into Lee giving her the panda. Sure it could seen as romantic, if it was just an innocent gift why the need to hang around and watch her collect it. A just not sure if its a bit early in their relationship for grand romantic gestures. However it does have a certain tenderness behind it, that hint of closer relationship to come 🙂


    • Hey Jenbo – you’re remembering correcty! Panda was Dotty’s nickname for Amanda when she was a little girl – it comes out in Stemwinder 2. The scene with the only hat I dislike on Lee and those awful sunglasses on Amanda.

      I’m with you on Amanda’s puritanical attitude. Have you heard the saying, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”? I think it’s very true and I’ve often thought Amanda’s father must have been that way. Hey, I guess it keeps us fans debating the whole ‘did they or didn’t they’ before they got married!


      • Sadly given her sense of propriety my gut feeling is no. They didnt before they got married. Which gives her a will of iron in my book 😉


  9. Hey,Karen! Love your insight into Lee’s tastes-I believe in the 3rd season, after A Lovely Little Affair, he invited Amanda(sneakily) to the Kennedy Center-isn’t that where they show operas? Anyway, didn’t Amanda already see Lee’s place in Saved By The Bells, or am I mixing up the order of the shows? Sorry, long day at my job!


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  12. Love this episode…it cracks me up every time I watch it! The banter back and forth throughout is great! And I see you didn’t include it, but I love how Alexi first pulls a fast one on Lee when he says, “Please Mister, you’re scaring me. Please don’t hurt me anymore.” and Lee says, “Anymore?” He’s really feeling bad right about now and then bam! Alexi ditches him again…hahaha! Sucker!

    And speaking of suckers, I think Billy has forgotten what kids are like (he has two grown girls, right?) when he shows up with that big lollipop (aka sucker to Americans in the Midwest and possibly otherparts). I love how he just stops everything and calls it a night after Alexi’s comment. Alexi is one “baddie” these three highly trained agents can’t crack!!! Bring on Amanda! I’m surprised Billy doesn’t suggest bringing Amanda in at this point because he knows the three of them aren’t getting anywhere with Alexi.

    And what the heck is in Lee’s fridge??? I see the nasty cheese and the sleeve of crackers, but what is in that clear jar in the back? Looks like little onions? Weird. I’m not into cheese, but maybe a little onion, a little Camembert and some crackers makes a dynamite snack…yuck!


    • Hiya BJo!

      I’ll reply to all your comments on all three ACM Kid posts here hope that’s okay.
      I’ve really enjoyed hearing from you occasionally about these early episodes! I went back and read a few posts and realised – I don’t go back and read them, not really, so it has been over a year since I have visited again these episodes!! I forget half the stuff I have written! I don’t remember any of the jokes- so now they are new to me! ha! 😉

      I actually think this is a perfect time in Season two ( at spiderweb) to go back and read through the season one threads. I’ve decided I’m going to do that – using the order that I came up with for season one!(see catergory ‘episode order’ and you’ll find it)
      If anyone else is too- feel free to jump in and add comments – I noticed I skipped alot more of the dialogue back then.

      I wonder if you guys think that is good or not.. I’d be interested to hear.. I have found over the years writing recaps, that my style has changed.. and I now go into much more detail than I use to, and take it slower.. 3 posts on ACM KID??? I don’t know how I did that!! I think now I might do at least 6!

      I was also thinking as the show progresses and there is more back story, there is more complexity in the characters- and more to discuss.. (and more continuity errors 😉 ) well.. that’s my excuse for being verbose and I’m sticking to it! 🙂

      So thanks BJo for the encouragement to head back to the beginning and revisit it..
      If one or two of you also decided to do this it would be great – you could have a conversation with each other about it as you head through again..

      I on the other hand will read through them all again, but I (sadly) don’t have time to comment on them all.. but I’ll always do my best to respond to you!

      Bjo, I found Alexi to be extremely annoying (sorry actor playing Alexi!)- he just moved to the USA and he’s got an all american accent?! [and a punky brewster attitude! 😉 tee hee.. can’t resist a dig at his acting family tree) .. so I skipped lots of his dialogue but you pointed out a good one!! Love to see Lee get suckered by a little kid.. Billy too! haaaa yeah the delivery of that line of Billy’s calling it a night is genius! And Francine just looks at Alexi like he’s a bug that should be squashed 😉 tee heee..

      yeah Lee’s diet is err interesting! Bean dip.. Camembert.. pickled onions( I think the jar is pickled onions- I think they are put in cocktails no? or they are served with apperitif.. a cliché bachelor’s diet!).. phew!!! SMELLY!!! How does he get the girls??? 😉

      I love tough (or as I say ‘Fiesty’) Amanda too!! Keep your eyes out for fiesty Amanda Bjo.. she makes more appearances that is immediately obvious IMHO – but yes I agree she is more overtly fiesty early season 1! 🙂 I think her Fiesty moments become less confrontational 🙂 but they are still there! I love life of the party!!! looking forward to getting there!!! 🙂 and to hearing your thoughts on it when we do Bjo!


      • Yeah, now that I’ve discovered your blog, I am thorougly enjoying going through all the episodes, not just the current one you’re working on. And I don’t expect responses to my posts, I just enjoy writing them – although I do love responses! I always try to add to the conversation not just rehash what has already been said. I may in the future just make one commonet on your last posting of an episode instead of commenting on each one like I did here. I’ve got lots of catching up to do and am looking forward to it!


        • Hi Bjo, yeah that’s not a bad idea putting your thoughts in one set of comments for one episode – I do that.. I read comments and write up a notes in a word document and then copy and paste them over.. or I never remember what I wanted to say to people when I’ve read all their comments! 🙂

          I love to hear from you! and.. I love to respond 🙂 but it’s good to know if time doesn’t permit me to respond, that you know I love to hear from you! 🙂

          I hope you have fun catching up 🙂 byeeee!


  13. Melissa Robertson

    Yeah, ROFL with Amanda’s line, “by kid to you mean one of those girls you date?” But, how does she know what kind of girls he dates, we haven’t really seen any. Well maybe at that party in “The First Time”. So maybe the writers assume time between episodes where they get to know each other more? I guess that is what I have always thought. It is insightful to see what Lee and Amanda ideas of what a kid needs are.


  14. Hi there!

    The ACM kid was one of the episodes that were not aired in my country. For whatever reason. Maybe you can imagine how delighted I was to discover this episode much later.

    Reading your comments I must say I am not sure if Alexi as much a nag to me as for you, Iwsod and tddycatnc. I didn’t mind his hair, and although his voice really is a little whiny, he didn’t annoy me very much. Which surprises me in a way, because in real life I’d certainly disapprove when a child behaves badly and respectless. Maybe it is because he speaks English…? If he’d been cheeky or rude in German, I guess I would have taken much more offense. I seem to allow him more liberties this way. Does this sound very weird? I can’t quite explain it myself.

    Of course I understood he was a wild little devil and that his influence didn’t do Amanda’s boys any good. But then again I thought the writers needed a character like him… With Lee defending his way and thus giving us an idea of what little Lee was like as a child. I was grateful for that. Thanks to Alexi we learn quite something about Lee. And yes, Iwsod: It is so lovely to see how this boy affects him so much.

    But let’s get started. Iwsod, that remark of yours about bean-dip and bad-smelling gases in a confined space… Oh my God!!! ROFL

    Why do I love it so when Lee jumps into action? I always enjoy to watch the opening scene from the minute he jumps out of the car and runs over to the house of the Kalnikovs to the moment he founds Alexi croutching in the closet. I like the way he acts and moves: quickly, smoothly, without a sound. Watchful, alert. How can it be this man is even hotter with a gun in his hand? It should be forbidden.

    Love how Amanda corrects Lee’s manners on the phone! She really let’s him have a good look in the mirror. „By kid, do you mean one of those girls you date?“ Bwahaaaa! Good one, Amanda! I also like how Lee does not really seem to take offense. I think he takes it pretty well.

    Alright, Alexi tries to run away… Boy, does he gasp when Lee suddenly grabs him? Then we have this wonderful and very telling exchange about the lousy childhood… And we get an idea of how little Lee Stetson was raised. Explains a lot, doesn’t it?

    Oh my: Francine has perfectly changed into a governess! The hair bun, the cardy, her whole behaviour towards Alexi…. Hilarious. Lee finds this very amusing. I love his line about Alexi not having asked for help: „Actually, that’s true Francine. He never did.“ I think he sympathizes with Alexi and wants to win his trust.

    Ahhh, grumpy Lee in a bathrobe and chirpie Amanda. They are too funny! And, yes: getting to know each other. Iwsod I paused when I read your remark about the word „perky“ and the context it is usually used… I tried to find out about your allusion… And I think I did. 😉

    Boy, the incredibly expensive Camembert looks really rotten. Haha, look how Amanda grimaces in disgust!

    I never gave thought to this when I was younger, but would you say Lee is a sophisticated man with complex tastes? He seems to love wine, french cheese, Japanese food (remember his talk about the Inoki mushrooms that correspond with some other ingrediant of the food?) I think he appeared less swanky to me in Season 3 and 4. Can we tell if he cares for literature, art, theater, opera? I think we don’t get any hints in this direction… do you? I was just wondering.

    Kids need attention and someone to talk to… Yes, it is quite obvious those were the things Lee was missing as a child. Awh…

    By the way I love how casually and even friendly Lee tells Alexi he would shoot him if he’d try to run away again or start any nonsense. He seems to feel relaxed, even in a good mood.

    That’s it for today, byeee!


    • I’m thinking the whole “sophisticated tastes” thing is meant to help sell both the idea that espionage is out most people’s typical sphere of experience and that espionage is a game played on a world stage (I’m reading the blog for FD and thinking of that discussion here)… so Lee’s lifestyle and tastes could be another characterization of the way he inhabits a world that is different than the “norm.” The idea of “refinement” being linked to the culturally global world of espionage is certainly one way to explain the tea-drinking-baddies, no? Well-dressed, polite, tea drinking baddies are generally linked to crimes of treason and espionage, while bad dressers with no refinement (SD, anyone?) are just domestic goons. Am I convincing anyone? No? hmmmm….


      • Plus I think you kind of have to develop more elite tastes to function in the espionage world because of how much of it takes place at embassy parties and eith people like that. You have to be able to blend in and sell your cover.

        This is also a different world than what Lee grew up in around Naval bases so it’s possible he’s found it fascinating and gravitated more to it. I don’t know about the art/opera aspect (unless we count his invitation on A Lovely Little Affair) but I could see him at least gravitating to experiencing the different foods. Especially since meals on a military base are probably pretty boring


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