3/4 Season One, Episode 7 Service Above and Beyond

Back to IFF, the agency or whatever it is.. wow… check out Lee’s jacket.. that is kind of weird.. with the dark tie.. hmmm.. Fashion police badgeSorry if you like it… but I think Lee needs to go home and change! Smile

Oh hey, there is one of those little buggies in the back ground.. so they are not completely gone huh.. I always think they are for the elderly or something..

Lee Lee!!! repeat after me: No eyeliner today, thankyou.  Ugh…

Lee wonders how they can get into Delano’s 99party on Saturday night. I love that Billy just gives Lee a look and Lee immediately knows Billy is thinking of Amanda!!!! Lee’s response? very cute ‘ Uh oh!! I know that look!
Billy: All she has to do is open a door for y-
Lee: Billy, she can’t even keep a wire on right.
Billy: She doesn’t need a wire! Didn’t you tell me that Delano was quite taken with her? Well, surely she can use her charm to get herself invited.
Lee: Charm?

Leeeee!!!!! You said Delano is taken with her? Then you question her Charm??? you bad boy.. You’re fighting it bad aren’t you!!! Lee.. your jealous gorgeous self is not making any sense right now!! Err might I add.. she didn’t need a wire the first time either!!image

100I really don’t think Lee is looking forward to having this conversation with Amanda asking her to Charm Delano and giving her some pointers on how to do it!! Do you sense that too? !!!

Oh dear.. Delano getting a manicure?? hmm.. not very masculine of him is it.. (smk likes it’s metrosexuals!) I wonder if he wanders around his mansion on one of those airport buggies!!Winking smile

Hollander’s voice is soooooo annoying!!! Ok.. 101They are actually in a bedroom having this discussion ?? So whose bedroom is it? Delano looks to be in his pj’s.. but Hollander is sitting at the little table having his breakfast…. so whose room is it exactly? Ohhhh I think Hollander is eating Delano’s breakfast and this is Delano’s room.. Hollander tells Delano to:  eat your poached eggs, and not bite his nails.. Aie! He is totally invading Delano’s space here.. I think that is what is suppose to be conveyed.. Hollander is taking over not only Delano’s breakfast (as he just helps himself to it) but also his bedroom.. and he is taking over his morality and his life too! Delano is upset at Hollander killing Singer… He tries to pull out of the whole deal, but Hollander isn’t going to let that happen now. ( You mean it wasn’t some random ice-cream truck?? ahhh the neighbourhood kids are safe again!! Smile )

ROFL!! Hollander is helping 102himself to Delano’s tea??? A tea sipping baddie!!!! whoooooo!!!!! They are smk’s speciality!

103Hollander: Soak your cuticles James. – oh yes.. spoken like a true baddie..very random!! Hollander treats Delano like a child.. and the message is clear – Hollander runs the show!

Lee and Amanda meet in a park… Lee tries to guess what kept her.. hmm.. using your charm to smooth things over there Lee?

Lee and Amanda both go to say sorry about last night at the same time.. awh!!
Although.. I have my suspicions Lee was apologising because he needs Amanda to charm Delano.. sorry and feel free to disagree but I am still a little suspicious of Lee’s motives at this point! I think they are mixed.. Even if he is starting to have feelings for Amanda!

You can just tell that Lee has actually rehearsed this conversation.. what he will say to her about James Delano, and how he will talk to her about charming him…. Lee immediately sets out to deliver his little speech about how James Delano is no one for her to get involved with (you see he pulled her into the spy biz, he feels responsible for her.. yep… that is the only reason why this bugs him.. yeaahhhhh right!)

Amanda admits that it is all just a fantasy and she isn’t taking it seriously.. (much..) Lee looks relieved when Amanda says this!

Lee may have a plan for how this conversation should go- but he can’t help himself. He seems truly concerned for her, and conflicted about all this; happy to hear she is downplaying her stint as Victoria Greenwich but still worried for her. It’s all there in his eyes as he reacts to her..
This is where BB gets my utmost admiration – he manages to portray Lee as ambitious, with an agenda – but at the same time, he can’t help but respond emotionally to Amanda.. with conflicting emotions at that.. ohh I go on sorry but I find this part of the show to be wonderful!

Lee admits more about himself than he realises when he responds that you grow and realise how lousy 112things really are.. ouch Lee.. your not a happy man deep down are ya?

No wonder Amanda pushes his buttons-  hang in there buddy… things will start to get better.. Hey! This next line of Amanda’s is a start:

113Amanda : I use to have fantasies about secret agents!!!!!!!!imageimageimageimage


Oh my!!!! his reaction to that is too funny! He doesn’t say a word.. it’s all in his face.. He has no idea how to respond to this! He is very controlled considering what he just heard. (which leads me to suspect he wasn’t so controlled on the inside!!)

Amanda’s a little embarrassed but still good natured enough to have a little chuckle at what she has put out there! (hey, it could technically be her saying yeah I use to fantasise about secret agents, and that fantasy turned out to be lousy in real life!)

118Yep, deep breath Amanda.. keep it together here! She may say things that are sometimes silly, but she can pull herself together and keep her dignity intact. Good on you girl! She is a courageous woman!

119So Amanda calms herself and puts on her business face  again and whispers “what do you want me to do. “


I think he is wondering how they got into this conversation and what was the next thing he was suppose to say? focus man!  Let’s keep this business…. and man.. does Lee go into Business mode!

Lee looks back at her and begins
121we want you to.. (looking her up and down thoroughly!!! oh my!!) continue your relationship with James 122Delano.” – I don’t think he

enjoyed saying that one bit. His mouth is saying one thing… his eyes

are saying 123something completely different. I almost think Lee could be a tiny bit sad that Amanda is

going to learn life can be 124lousy..

126Amanda: Yeah, all right, well


127— what?

128Lee: Well, we’re convinced that he’s about to be passed some sensitive information.

129Amanda: I have a feeling this is the part where the fantasy gets lousy?

Lee says all will be alright and-bing Smile !
It is sweet that the moment Lee reassures her all will be fine if she does exactly what she is told she immediately and visibly relaxes again- her trust in Lee is strong as ever..even inspite of their blow up last night.. awhhhh..

Lee: Look, it shouldn’t be dangerous if you do exactly what you’re told….Now first, we want you to get yourself invited to a party that he’s giving Saturday night.

Amanda: is that all?

132Lee: It may not be that easy. He may not call you again,….




..though he did seem quite taken with you.

Oh my!!! the way Lee says “although he did seem quite taken with you” while looking her up and down again?  stop that Lee!! Whooo haaaa!!!! (iwsod is fanning herself furiously and opening a window…)imageimageimageimage

Soo.. Lee walks away and starts pacing..(that way he doesn’t have to look at her!)- again he is all business while he has to talk to Amanda about charming Delano.. it is too funny..

138Lee: Now, if he doesn’t call in a day or two, you’ll have to call him. Say something about Saturday, ask



 him if he 139has any plans, sort of put him in a position where he has to invite you because you’ll find out



about the party. So 140then we’ll work out a scenario and –


143…Amanda, this is a very delicate situation!!

I just Love that Amanda lets him go with it for a little while.. (although personally I wish she had also asked Lee for more detailed help i.e. Ok Lee.. what do I say to him when he calls? How can I really make him fall for me Lee???!!! Yeah tell me more about that scenario Lee! and umm. how about a little role play while we’re at it???!! Hmm why don’t we go out to dinner and discuss this further??!!!) hehehee..

144Amanda: No problem, he invited me last night!


145Lee: ????????????????

Oh she is good! Amanda could have really gloated over Lee not knowing Delano had invited her already.. but she didn’t. Classy with a Capital C is our Amanda..

You know, while I love all this Charm talk here.. I kind of agree with Lee.. This is a dangerous situation – not like the first dinner date she had. They are now in a different situation: they know that the baddies know they are on to them, they know the baddies killed Singer, and they know the baddies are now going to be extra extra careful – and things will be extra extra dangerous! To send Amanda in there (with no wire)  is IMHO dangerous!! ( but heck, for the sake of me swooning over Lee’s upcoming freak out I am sooo glad they did!Winking smile )

Still when Logic kicks in- I can’t help but wonder: if Amanda had known Singer was murdered – would she have agreed to do it? (and would she have eaten ice-cream ever again?!)
Also, I can’t believe Lee didn’t fight harder to keep Amanda out of it.. ( I guess with that ridiculous ice cream truck the seriousness of Singer being murdered is downplayed huh!! tee hee)

My posts on this episode seem to be extra long!!! I didn’t think you would mind Winking smile The episode is full to the brim with wonderful Lee and Amanda moments – all dense with meaning… I can’t help but take lots of pics of all the wonderful emotions fleetingly on show!

Will be back with more soon! I’d love to hear your thoughts!! Thanks for reading Smile

10 responses to “3/4 Season One, Episode 7 Service Above and Beyond

  1. I almost think Lee could be a tiny bit sad that Amanda is going to learn life can be lousy. … I just Love that Amanda lets him go with it for a little while.. (although personally I wish she had also asked Lee for more detailed help i.e. Ok Lee.. what do I say to him when he calls? How can I really make him fall for me Lee???!!! Yeah tell me more about that scenario Lee! and umm. How about a little role play while we’re at it???!! Hmm why don’t we go out to dinner and discuss this further??!!!)

    Lee watched and even indulged Amanda as she thoroughly enjoyed playing dress-up with the fancy designer clothes, extravagant jewelry and posh mansion with the prospect of riding in a limousine and dining at an elegant restaurant. Now, the high-stakes espionage game switches to James Delano’s house. As much as I laughed merrily at your plan for Amanda to play “the cat” toying with Lee “the mouse,” he really needs for her to understand that the traitorous transaction will occur that night and this is dead-serious.

    I’m against male eye makeup, too. The way it smudges beneath his lower lashes makes me think Lee hasn’t been sleeping well … or … his makeup person studied at the Raccoon School of Cosmetology!

    PS: My boss gave me Estée Lauder’s Private Collection perfume each Christmas during the early 80’s. I was overjoyed when, a few years later, Estée Lauder chose our handsome spy guy to keep him lookin’ sexy!


  2. This is one of my favourite S1 episodes and not just because of the character/relationship development between Lee and Amanda. Strange though it may seem, I particularly enjoy watching the breakfast scene between Hollander and Delano – it stands out as quite exceptional quality scripting and acting. The actor who plays Hollander, Walter Gotell, is believably mancing and his acting is superb. Delano’s predicament is stark – he’s good looking and sauve but ultimately a shallow and somewhat pathetic individual who, to save his failing business, has made a deal with the devil. Still, he does evoke some symapthy as we see that he has enough sense to now realise he’s way out of his depth but seemingly has no way (and no guts) to retreat from the path he has taken.
    I like it that the bad guys in this episode are more developed, more than just one-dimensional evil-doers.
    This episode stands out as a bit more gritty than average, which appeals to me (may not appeal to everyone). Lee’s ground-out curse to Delano “You son of a-” has a gut-wrenching reality. I bet that wasn’t scripted! Well done BB!


    • Typo alert – line 6 above should be “menacing”.
      The keypad on my ancient Toshiba Laptop has a mind of its own sometimes.


  3. Urgh ditch the white jacket. Its double breasted. And hideous.
    Lee don’t curl your lip when you look at Amanda and say Delano was quite Taken with her. Very rude and quite frankly insulting. Love how Amanda gives Lee enough rope to hang himself and make himself look foolish before sweetly telling him she’s already invited. Serves him right.
    So Amanda had fantasies about secret agents (woo hoo!). I can see the cogs turning in Lees head as he digests that fact and maybe thinking “does this mean Amanda might have fantasised about me” LOL I for one think she mentioned this to show she realises that fantasies do turn lousy, Lee you’re failing to match expectations!


  4. Hi!

    We have a short and rather boring baddie-talk versus a long and rather telling conversation between Lee and Amanda. I love it! 😀 The only problem I have is that Iwsod analysed this part of the episode so well that I really wonder if I can add anything meaningful.

    Lee’s white jacket really looks a little weird. I think I never saw a man going to work in a white jacket… Exept for the famous pianist Alfred Brendel who sometimes wore a dinner jacket on stage…

    Wow, Lee knows Billy really well if one look is enough to tell him that Billy is about to throw Amanda into the game. “Uh oh… I know that look!“ Billy is wonderful as usual, telling Lee Amanda could use her charm to get invited… And Lee is naughty, as usual, when he incredulously repeats Billie’s last word. “Charm…??“ Lee, if I didn’t understand you are a diamond in the raw, I’d say you are really a ruffian. Ah, wait a minute. Lee has a quick mind, so he probably knows it will be his business to talk Amanda into this. Good point, Iwsod! Is it possible that his rude remark only serves to disguise that he does not like this task? And that deep down he is worried for Amanda? What do you think? Maybe he wanted to tell Billy to keep her out of it… but he couldn’t without giving himself away.

    Is Hollander supposed to be East German? He speaks with a strange accent… Aaaaaaand I can see that his love for music and opera builds a strong contrast to his brutality. I wonder if this alludes to the ultimate cliché of the “ugly German” as people remember him from WW II? Refined and brutal at the same time? We even hear classical music in the background in this scene… I hope nobody will take offense that these thoughts have popped into my mind. I do not mean to be touchy on the subject. It doesn’t really make a difference to me wether Hollander is German or Australian or South-African. He is a cold-blooded criminal for all I can tell. And Delano looks like a sissy getting a manicure in his PJs! (LOL) To end this paragraph with something funny I could tell you that my crazy German brain mixed up the word “cuticles” with another word… a very rude word deriving from Spanish… ahem…. cough…. blushes violently I am sorry. How the heck can an innocent word sound so dirty?

    It is about time that I go back to Lee and Amanda. Ah Iwsod, you have analysed this so perfectly that I feel there is not much I might add to your observations. Why does Lee pace up and down on the lawn when there is a broad footpath right behind him? My guess is that the camera needed a good angle to have the beautiful big building in the background. Is it a college? Or a church? Whatever. Amanda always seems the one to show up late in the first episodes, doesn’t she? Is this to underline that she is a housewife and he is a professional? He even guesses the reason for her being late again… Ooops. Wow. Love how Amanda stops in the middle of her Amandaramble gives a little bashful smile… And then both simultaneously start to apologise for last night…. Awwwwwwwww.

    Iwsod, you are sooooo right: It looks like Lee really rehearsed the whole conversation. Awwww, look at Lee’s face and his eyes when he tells Amanda James Delano was noone to get involved with! He really wants to get through to her. I think he is worried for her. Then he silently nods to Amanda’s explanation… He tries to understand. He wants to believe her. Excuse me if I swooooooooooon! =)

    “You know what happens to some of those fantasies, don’t you? You grow up and you find out how lousy things really are.” This is one of the lines that made Lee Stetson dear to me. It is a strange thing how deep down inside I knew he was right, though I was still too young to look behind the façade of certain things. It almost made me feel week in the knees to know that even such a strong and brave man could be emotionally scarred as well… and yet be professional and successful. I had been taught by my family that only weak characters would feel that way. Lee Stetson told me something different. The fact that this scene does not really tell us what exactly darkened his view on the world made him even more mysterious, more exciting.

    And Amanda? She makes a little joke about her fantasies about secret agents! Whooohoooo, what a Lady. Lee really does not know how to react to that. Soooooo cute! Did you see how he is almost taken aback a little? Then he looks sideways and licks his lips… Oh man!

    Iwsod, from here I think all I can do is quote you: “This is where BB gets my utmost admiration – he manages to portray Lee as ambitious, with an agenda – but at the same time, he can’t help but respond emotionally to Amanda.. with conflicting emotions at that.. ohh I go on sorry but I find this part of the show to be wonderful!“

    When Lee looks Amanda up and down when he states that Delano “did seem quite taken with her” I think the jealousy comes back into his eyes. And Amanda is just very classy when she lets him talk on and on about the case and the scenario. She just waits a little and tells him she has already been invited… I love how Lee can only give a little gasp in reply. “What….??” He almost whispers it.

    Ah, isn’t it a wonderful conversation between these two? Now on to the last part. Wheeeeee!
    CU around… if you want to. Bye!


  5. “I used to have fantasies about secret agents” OMH this gets me rolling everytime. I love how Early Season One Amanda kept him off balance. I can almost hear him thinking “What do you mean used to?” Whether he is fighting an attraction towards her or perplexed she is not falling at his feet like the bimbos he’s been dating, I don’t know but way to go Amanda!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Melissa Robertson

      Yeah, I wondered what Lee thought about Amanda’s comment, “I used to have fantasies about secret agents.” too. Was she saying now she’s living out that fantasy of secret agents or that that fantasy is turning lousy? 🙂


      • I always thought she was just teasing Lee by applying his example at his expense. He’s telling her that you grow up and find out how lousy the objects of your fantasies really are, and she says she used to fantasize about spies. It’s saying, in effect, “And according to your reasoning, Lee, I now see how lousy spies really are.”


  6. Hi iwsod ,Thank you for the wonderful comments in “Just walk with me” it is a great fun for me to read it. I am happy every morning if I see your link and I am very eager what you’ve discovered. I’ve seen most episodes several times, I’ve discovered some things after the reading of your text … Many things although very new for me here in Germany because they are not in the translation . looking forward to the end of the episode …. . Greetings Ricky


    • Hi Ricky welcome to the blog!!

      Thanks for your kind words I am really happy to hear you are enjoy SMK here!

      You know what’s funny? I feel the same as you!! I am all excited in the morning when I see people have read my posts and have responded -and very eager to read them 🙂

      There is still more to discover than what I have mentioned..and of course, I share my opinions or thoughts- so it may not be correct! You may want to disagree with me! 🙂 But if you have any insights feel free to share them!

      Of course if you have any questions ask away and hopefully someone here can help you – there are a few german speakers on here who may be able to answer issues with the translation.(not me!!)

      Do you own the DVDs for Season 1? It’s so exciting Season 3 dvds are on their way soon!!! whooo hooo!!

      Byeee Ricky and thanks again for reading!


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