4/4 Season One, Episode 7 Service Above and Beyond

Next thing we see is Amanda all dressed up and being driven to the party.. Lee is her chauffeur 147(Mmmm isn’t that a fantasy for some people??? err or so I hear Winking smile ). -When the party is in full swing go upstairs, flick the lights three times, open the french doors and go downstairs.. and that’s it.. (ok ok.. what’s with flicking the lights three times? parties have lots of people around, someone, anyone would notice that!! That wouldn’t happen by accident..ohhh don’t get me started on that dumb idea… Isn’t it enough to open the french doors?? grrr… )

148Lee looks quite tenderly at Amanda when he responds to her she asking what will happen to him ( Delano) – 149and Lee reminds Amanda to keep your feelings separate from your job and he reminds her of what he said about fantasies.. I think he doesn’t want the 150fantasy to get lousy for Amanda.. but he knows it will.. awwhhh.. The music in the car during this discussion is quite Lovely.. no cheesy smk theme here- A very touching moment..

Did you notice Lee drives past the same building in the distance twice?LOL…

151Lee’s hat looks too small for his head! It just looks weird..

When they arrive and Lee helps Amanda out of the car, she is avoiding his eyes big time.. hmm…. Haaa Lee licks his lips as he helps Amanda with her fur!!

152Amanda goes to leave without saying a word to him- and he stops her… and tells her she looks fabulous! Well Lee.. I must say that is a huge improvement on the ‘fine’ you said at the beginning of the episode!!!! not to mention all that questioning of Amanda’s charms!!! well done!image I think this is suppose to highlight Lee’s development in how he realises Amanda is attractive in this ep – his eyes are opened to her and her beauty… awh.. ( but this is just IMHO you may disagree with this!!)

Hooooo haaaaaa!!!! Watch Amanda.. she is 153visibly shocked that he said this to her.. then smiles a little.. then gets all shy! awhhhh…It is good that she doesn’t 154respond verbally.. just lets it hang .. good on ya Amanda..

Why does Amanda say she is Miss Greenwich? I thought she was a widow and would have been Mrs Greenwich.. ok….  So why doesn’t she call herself Miss King?!

I know one of her ankles must have a cast or a brace on it.. but it does look like she is wearing socks, when she meets Delano and both walk with their back to the camera into the room.. weird camera angle.. watching the two lead actors walk with their back to the camera for so long.. and all so we could see Hollander looking around suspiciously at everyone.. weird…

Amanda is introduced to Hollander by Delano- Delano:Miss Greenwich has a home in Rome and a ski chalet in Gstaad“- Do rich snotty people really introduce people like this? ohhh let me list to you all my property.. blah blah.. what a drag!!

Blast.. he shouldn’t have mentioned Gstaad..doh! that is what did her in.. actually you would think if Delano liked Victoria he would want to keep her away from the murdering Hollander.. their last scene together was very nasty… Delano knows the man is evil..

I’d like to show Miss Greenwich the view from the terrace Delano says.( I thought the line was come look at my etchings?!) hmm… they didn’t look much at the view! This whole full on kissing scene with Delano is the only time I can think of where this happens in the whole show with Amanda.. even with the art restorer guy the kiss is quite chaste ( except when she kisses Lee whooo hoo!!).. I think in this case, the idea of being someone else goes to her head… and that she learns a valuable lesson from it.. (errr the lesson being to only kiss Lee like that ) imageimageimage

Extra Eww?? Hollander has a perve!!!!

At this point, Amanda is still suppose to be dating Dean
but she isn’t really into Dean – I struggle with Amanda kissing Delano and how this behaviour fits in with Amanda’s ultra conservative vibe.. I guess it is explainable because she is so into this fantasy of hers with this man that she forgets who she is for a moment!  It doesn’t sit well with me at all though.. so.. I will move on!

When Amanda is hiding in the office listening in to the baddies’ plans… Delano walks in the get the money and she hides behind the door.. don’t you think he would have been able to smell her perfume.. they were very close.. and for some reason.. I think Victoria Greenwich would reek of it! hehheee..

So the baddies are looking to buy weapons, or information about weapons.. I’m confused.. but then.. I don’t really care Winking smile

Gosh Amanda.. wait a minute before you flash the lights like that. you didn’t even hear the door close.. silly girl!!! Amanda gets busted by Hollander.. ( He only saw the light go off though- why would he be wondering if there was a problem with the lights? oh well..)
159come up stairs” he says as he points a gun at her “please “. Pointing a gun at someone is very bad manners.. forget the please!Winking smile

Lee enters the place via the french doors and immediately gets set upon! Hurry up Lee and get to Amanda!

Hollander leads Amanda upstairs.. only..don’t worry it isn’t really Amanda- it is stunt Amanda! Winking smile 160
(She seems to have a much bigger butt than Amanda! LOL.. and in that dress:noticeable!)

Oh well done Amanda.. she managed to leave a handbag to point the way..

Whoo you see the backwards roll Lee does in the fight right after we see the chess set? that really was Bruce doing that one.. well done BB!image

162Oh no!! Amanda’s lie about Gstaad was caught by Hollander.. doh!  poor Amanda gets a slap in 163the face from Hollander.. (actually don’t worry guys, when you slow it down you can see his back 164hander goes right across the front of her face.. and that’s it!! Smile ) Hollander says “I do dislike hitting women. ” (but killing them with muscarine?  I can do that!) 

A little general observation: following on from last week- it does seem obvious now that Amanda should indeed know how to hit!!!!

Lee makes his way into the main foyer next to the room with the audience watching the opera singer.. Searching for Amanda, hoping that she is safe and hasn’t been discovered.. He can’t see her there and the worry escalates.. then he looks up and sees her handbag hanging from the bannister all on it’s own-oh no!!!!! something is really wrong!!!! The look on his face in the moment is sheer terror!!!!
Quick Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Amanda: would you believe me if I told you that I was just a suburban lady with 2 small boys, a station wagon and a little league team on a bad losing streak?

Just had to include this pic of Amanda.. poor darlin!!!imageimageimage 169

Thank goodness she screamed.. Lee was able to quickly find the right room.. Lee bursts through the door just 2 seconds too late… and Amanda has been given the drug..
If Lee hadn’t paused to say “checkmate” to that guy he just won the fight with, he may have actually managed to get there before the drug was administered.. oh well. ( why is Amanda already unconscious? it didn’t do that to the gardener?? Fan logic????? ummm she fainted with the stress of being given a drug??)

168Hey if you’re going to give someone a drug to kill them, why worry about air bubbles in the syringe? !!!  ROFL!!

Lee should be able to beat the old guy easy.. Hurray! this week we get to see the baddie get the snot beaten out of him! whoo hoo!! very satisfying! ( I’m truly a peace lover at heart Winking smile ) Very obedient of Hollander.. when Lee finally gets a few punches in, Hollander hits the Wardrobe, slouches but doesn’t fall to the ground, and… drops the gun for Lee to pick up.. now.. why couldn’t Hollander have been that generous with Amanda hmmm??

171Lee picks up the gun and points it at Hollander’s head.. the look in Lee’s eyes is so intense Hollander looks terrified 172for a moment of Lee, before he collects himself and puts his baddie mask firmly back in place.. Lee is seriously mad.. Hollander- this is very personal!!!  image
173  174

176Hey, does Hollander just walks around with a syringe of Muscarine does he ? where is the vial? Lee threatens 177Hollander to tell him what was in the injection.. but Hollander has regained his composure.. and Lee 178knows he isn’t going to talk.. oh my.. the look on Lee’s face.. he is soooo intense.. what a great job BB does. I am totally believing this right now!!

179 image 

I’ll bet Lee really really really enjoyed hitting Hollander.. image (I enjoyed watching!!)

Lee carries Amanda down stairs (hey! can you pick up the handbag on the way down??? her fave lippie is in there!)
181Guests gasp as they see Amanda’s state and Lee  searches for Delano..

Oh my gosh.. where are my smelling salts? This scene doesn’t get any less swoony does it?? !!!!
whooo when Lee locks eyes on Delano across the room whooo haaaa…. I can feel his intensity from here.. I love the directing of this scene!! It’s like in slow motion.. all the singing has stopped.. and it is intense to the max!!!!
imageLee shifts the weight of Amanda, and with determination walks down the aisle (oh my.. walking down the aisle with Amanda… shame she won’t remember it..) staring straight at Delano..
I don’t think we see him in close up blink or shift his eyes from Delano for a moment..

187Lee: Alright what did he give her, you tell me cos you know she doesn’t deserve this.

188Delano: I’m sorry. I’m really very sorry.

189Lee: Dammit man! don’t you apologise! I swear if anything happens to her you’ll do your time in a 190wheelchair,

 now you talk to me fast!

(excuse me for a moment… I swooooooon..)
Delano, not in the spy biz, tells Lee what was in the injection.. I like to think optimistically because he was also fond of Victoria.. Lee’s facial expressions shift quickly from hope ( that it is not a fait accompli for Amanda here as muscarine has an antidote) to disgust. He looks Delano up and down and
195then whispers “You… son of a… ” very very quietly.. and Delano looks pretty darn ashamed… good! but 196well at least he said what it was I guess..

Love how Lee nearly takes out one of the guests with stunt Amanda’s feet as he turns around.. well! the man is in a hurry.. you can move lady!

Can I just say.. it is mildly distracting that to start with both Amanda’s arms are hanging down.. but then in her unconscous state she decides to help out Lee a bit and try and hang on to his neck.. wow.. even in unconsciousness..Amanda wants to help Lee! Still BB’s acting is so Amazing and Lee’s rage so incredible I don’t notice these things in the moment.. so.. who cares! Smile

ahhh… Lee sits with Amanda in the ambulance and the ambulance officer tells Lee she will be alright and she is stable.. phew!

imageLee rubs his hands together almost like he wants to reach out and touch her… he gives up 197resisting and he slowly, gently reaches out to unconscious Amanda and strokes her lions mane (careful Lee you could lose a hand in there!) Poor Lee he seems a little traumatised here.. he says sorry and tells her she did a hell of a job.. awhhhhh…. He feels guilty- but he is also proud of her! Awhhhhhhhh

Lee actually says: you just might even make a decent agent someday…

200Then, Amanda opens her eyes..

201Lee looks terrified that she heard him!! hehehee..

Love when Amanda says: oh porter please wake me when we get to Portofino!
Lee’s reaction is really funny too!
A great smk moment.. I wonder if that line was an ad-lib..  I think it is great.. really out there!! Lee’s facial expressions reacting to her are brilliant!

I just love this tag – Lee tapping on Amanda’s window as she does the dishes ( get it.. Victoria Greenwich/ dishes/ fantasy life.. But look at this gorgeous man tapping on her window?? Real life isn’t so shabby!! )

206Oh my!! He actually looks at her and smiles, and looks happy to see her! haaa!! swoon!

Hmm.. we hear in the background the tv show Amanda is watching announces that it is the contestant’s lucky day- just as Amanda opens the door to go out and see Lee.. Yup.. I love how smk puts these little messages in the mix and I agree.. it is Amanda’s lucky day!

Wait a minute.. did Lee just ask if he was interrupting anything? well well well.. that has never stopped him before! this man is a different Lee to the “great you should be able to break your plans by nine o’clock” Lee! I like this Lee!! They seem happy to see each other but a little nervous wouldn’t you say?

Lee: am I interrupting anything?
Amanda: supper dishes
Lee: oh
Amanda: Victoria Greenwich may not do dishes but Amanda King has a sink full.
208Lee: Yeah. Your going to miss her aren’t you? .

209Amanda: oh well… sure.. a bit..

It is kinda nice that Lee smiles quietly here in response, and doesn’t 210tease her or anything..or make some worldy, cynical kind of response.. well done Lee.. He seems very respectful of her in this scene.. thoughtful, a bit nervous, but at the same time he isn’t putting on an act and is just being himself with her.. which is really lovely..

Hmmm maybe this tag is my favourite part of this whole episode!! They both quietly smile and look at the ground.. awhhh they are too cute!

Things are quiet.. Lee isn’t impatient to be anywhere else… and..finally

Amanda asks:
211So, what are you doing in my garden at 730 at night?

212Lee: ohh (trying to look casual) I wanted to see if you were alright.


Amanda: I’m fine… yeah..
Listen you know something been bothering me all day long
and I just now.. I know they give you
sedatives and things in an ambulance and I just wondered ahhh .. did you say something nice to me?


Lee: like what?
Amanda: I was dreaming… sedatives does things to your mind..
Lee: yeah. (check out Lee’s body language.. you liar!!!I guess he is not ready to admit that he said this to her yet.. )

Amanda: I better go back inside and help Jamie with his fractions
Lee: Yeah, right.. ah I’ll just let myself out
(Is it just me or does Lee look a bit sad to have to go? )
Amanda: right..
Lee: I’ll see ya around (wow.. so now he is acknowledging they will see each other again!!)
222Amanda: Oh Lee, how did you get me out of there?

223Lee: I carried you.
224(Lee seems to lift his chin just a little higher when he says this.. awhhh!!)



227Lee leaves and Amanda says to herself:  He carried me. (!!!!!)

I think Amanda is trying to get her head around what a big hunky hero Lee is.. like something out of her dreams.. ( maybe Amanda hasn’t given up on those fantasies after all.. especially the one with the secret agent!!!)

Aha!!! so Lee went to check on Amanda..- if she is ok.. but also to check if she remembered what he said in the Ambulance!!! LOL!!!

wow.. what an awesome episode!!! Thanks for reading Smile Hope you enjoyed this episode as much as I did!!!!

23 responses to “4/4 Season One, Episode 7 Service Above and Beyond

  1. I adored this episode. It had everything that I loved. Lee and Amanda bickering, Lee denying his jealousy even though it was painfully obvious to everyone but him and Lee finally showing how deeply he felt for Amanda while in the ambulance even if she was half conscious. We also got to see Amanda growing her spy skills as well in the office scene.

    I particularly loved this tag. They showed so much intimacy without even touching. Lee knew what kind of effect he would have when he said he carried her out of there. He loved being her romantic hero even though he wasn’t ready to admit his feelings directly to her. He did show it by not approving with just about any man that took an interest in her though!


  2. Lee actually says: you just might even make a decent agent someday… Then Amanda opens her eyes.

    S&MK’s modern version of Sleeping Beauty waking, not with a kiss; no, it’s rare praise from her handsome prince!


  3. I’m all over the place with which episodes I’m watching or re-reading through on the walk! But I watched this episode today…and I pretty much realized once it finished that I had been holding my breath for a lot of the episode and could not form one coherent thought. I do not know how Amanda ever speaks looking at those eyes! “I used to have fantasies about secret agents….” Yeah, me too Amanda. Good grief. Someone get me some salts. There are more swoonworthy moments in this episode than I can count. And I’m not sure how high I can count right now.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good grief. Someone get me some salts. There are more swoonworthy moments in this episode than I can count.

      Oh my … you ARE in dire need of smelling salts! Might you also require Epsom salts in order to drain out stress and soak in relaxation?

      Are you feeling sparks? Lee Stetson frequently has that effect on us so sprinkle sea salt on your vegetables. Since salt is electrically neutral, it will snuff the sparks and help regulate your breathing. Then you’ll be in fine shape to continue the walk with us!


  4. Another true piece of information for us SMK geeks. Muscarine is real, it comes from the Fly Agaric Toadstool (Amanita muscaria) the ‘red cap’. Not sure what the antidote would be as there isn’t one. As it was injected hemodialysis would seem to be the correct treatment, but who knows. This is why I loved SMK, the things I learned!


    • ScarecrowsAngel

      There is an antidote for muscarine, actually. It’s atropine, from the plant Atropa Belladonna, Deadly Nightshade. Would never have read that if not for this episode!


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  6. Am I the only one who thinks that blue dress is just awful?! It’s like a big blue shiny sack. Makes Francine look well dressed!
    Ah Lee looks rather hot as a chauffeur
    Wait. Was that. A compliment?! Without an ulterior motive other than to make Amanda feel more at ease and relaxed? Steady on Lee don’t spoil Amanda too much. I love the way she looks him up an down straight after as though she’s taking his measure, does he really mean this?
    Poor KJ limps into the house, makes me wince just watching her hobble along.
    LOL Delano wants to show Amanda the terrace. Is that what they call canoodling these days 😉 Phew that’s a pretty steamy kiss, pity it wasn’t Lee 😉 Even the kiss at end of ATWAS doesn’t seem as passionate as this!
    I have to laugh at the photographic slides being shown, my dad went through a massive phase in the 80’s where all family photos were put onto slides and we would have viewing nights in front of the projector.
    Love the emotion BB is showing with Hollander, the right balance of anger, frustration and itching to get revenge. Looking at the stills above though……the scenes where Lee is holding Amanda….is she actually standing and faking being draped over him? His hand that would be holding under her knees seems lower in the close shot that in the wide one.
    Ah slightly scruffy Lee in the ambulance hubba hubba 😉 I love his face when he realises she’s awake. Would that be panic Lee?! He looks like a rabbit caught in the headlights.
    And the tag. One of my favourites. Lee tapping at the window and the smile on his face is one of sheer pleasure. As IWSOD says real life ain’t too shabby for Amanda to have him knocking on your kitchen 😉
    And there we have that panic face again when he realises she might remember haaaa! But dare I say Lee leaves with the upper hand as he drops the bombshell on Amanda that he gallantly carried her out of danger. Man who wouldn’t go weak at the knees at the thought of that!


    • LOL–“big blue shiny sack”–I thought the same thing about that dress –> UGH! (But it did a good job of *mostly* hiding the foot brace, so whatever works. LOL.)
      I actually didn’t think the let-me-show-you-my-etchings-on-the-patio kiss was that steamy–but maybe I’ve got blinders on to anyone but Lee and Amanda? My bad. 😀
      The fabulous compliment was nice, but it reminds me of something that bugs me (in an episode we haven’t gotten to yet–my bad, again) where Lee’s told Harry that he thinks she’s pretty. Pretty!?!?! She’s beautiful… gorgeous… exquisite… pick your word. But pretty? Really? No. I guess they were really trying to push the fact that his “type” was blondes–but interestingly both Dorothy and Eva were brunettes. Huh. :p OK–I’ll stop now…


  7. Well it might be a while before anything you can call love, but he definitely sees her in a new light after this ep 🙂


    • Welcome Anne! I agree with you! I wouldn’t call it love either.. I mentioned this idea in one of my posts on weekend asking this question. I find it hard to pin down.. welcome weclome!!! iwsod


    • Hi Anne, welcome! I agree with you. I was just pondering this the other day in one of the posts on weekend.. how to define ‘love’ – I find it hard to pinpoint one moment..


      • Thank you 😀 Well my opinion on that is that he realised he loved her for real once he got home after Burn Out… and Over the Limit is when he stops fighting it. Leslie won’t work as a substitute, it has to be Amanda or nothing. He’s a mixed up boy, isn’t he? 😀


        • Burn out was huge..a big favourite of mine!! I would agree with everything you’ve said Anne! 😀


          • I don’t think it really started to bud into love for Lee until very early in season 3. By then they had developed a strong friendship and he was actually starting to accept her as a partner. Lee was so closed off to love that i don’t think it was until after a lot of the walls were down and he felt close to her already that he could start to love her. I think there was definately an attraction there from the beginning that he denied and fought and I think she got to him in a way most women didn’t but it wasn’t love yet. I agree that they’d definately started getting a lot closer the last episodes of season two but I think that’s what started to open him up to the possibility of loving her that we start to see in season 3. I don’t for me it has always been about season for them. I think that’s when you start to see love and longing and even lust. Something you definately did not see Lee feeling in the prior two seasons for someone I think he thought was attractive but not exciting enough for him.


      • @Anne – yep. I guess being self-aware isn’t high on the qualities needed to be SuperSpy!


      • Oh, I totally agree about Burnout. I think Lee lost his heart with his apology, when she kept telling him “I really do understand.” Check that smile, there. (Swoon).


  8. Melissa Vivens

    Hi! This episode seems to be inspired by “Notorious” Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman, Claude Rains, RKO, 1946. I think Dotty’s line about Cary Grant was a little foreshadowing of what was to come. In the movie, Ingrid is a spy that is assigned to get close to a group of Nazis. Claude Rains discovers her and slowly poisons her almost to death. Cary finds out and rescues her in a very similar manner to how Lee rescues Amanda in this episode. It’s a classic Hitchcock movie and well worth watching (even if you now know the ending, sorry!) 🙂


    • Melissa! Just when I thought it wasn’t possible for this episode to be anymore swoonworthy you bring up a Cary Grant connection????!!!!!

      I love it!! Will definitely be keeping my eye out for Notorious – I’ve never seen it.. it is Alfred Hitchcock isn’t it?? I loved 39 steps..

      wow.. it sounds like it is very similar.. thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us!!
      Anyone else seen Notorious?


  9. Hi again!

    How exciting to finally discuss the last part of this episode!
    Awwwww, the scene in the car is so bitter-sweet. Kinde of gentle as well. Between the lines there seems to be a silent understanding between Lee and Amanda. They know they are in this together. They know they have to rely on each other. And I think they understand each other’s feelings quite well after all that has been said before. They are close to each other, although Lee steers the car and Amanda is in the rear.

    I love how Lee takes a brief look into the back mirror and states matter-of-factly: “Amanda, in this kind of work you have to keep your feelings separate from your job.” Isn’t it obvious he wants to save her from disappointment? And that he does not want her feelings to be hurt? To make things even more delicate, you can tell that he does not want her to suffer what he himself went through. “Remember what I said about fantasies.” Awwww, I think Amanda’s face reflects not only her own sadness but Lee’s as well. There are tragedies in this world that do not scream out loud. They are silent… and for that reason they cut even deeper.

    “Hey. You look fabulous.” I melt down on the floor with that line. I think Amanda is completely surprised and overwhelmed. Look at her wide-eyed stare… She cannot believe what she just heard… She silently looks him up and down… Then gives a shy and nervous little smile and leaves. Oh. My. God. How beautiful.

    I hope you will not hate me when I say this, but these days I think I love this subtle romance even more than the big dramatic scene where Lee carries Amanda down the staircase. As much as this might touch many woman’s dreams fantasies I feel it is a little pompous as well… How shall I express what I feel. Is this scene too histrionical for me? Too stagy? Maybe too close to a sopa opera? I must be something like that, although I am perfectly willing to swoon over this scene as most of you probably do.

    Ewwwwww, Amanda kisses Delano! I don’t want to see this. Blahhhhh. What’s with the subtitels??? I can’t believe it! The subtitles try to tell us the soprano sings “Die Winterreise” by Franz Schubert instead of what she really sings, “the love-death” of Isolde from Richard Wagner’s famous opera “Tristan and Isolde”! Oh dear, how could they possibly confuse that? I think it is also very weird how they change to an aria by Giuseppe Verdi in the middle of the piece and then go back to Wagner again… Totally random. Or would you think they needed a high C to really make us believe nobody hears Amanda’s scream? 😉

    Gosh, the valet showing Amanda to the powder-room looks creepy. Don’t you think? Okay, things are getting tight for poor Amanda. Hollander forces her upstairs, but luckily Lee discovers the handbag she left hanging over the banister. The sweat on Lee’s face! The terror in his eyes! Wow, BB does a hell of a job here. I can almost feel the panic myself. Quick, Lee! Amanda’s in serious trouble!

    You know what I like most about the fight scene between Lee and Hollander? I think it is the desperate expression that comes into Lee’s eyes when Hollander tells him he would never talk to him, no matter what. One moment before Lee’s wrath was so intense that he was ready to shoot Hollander (terrific acting by BB, don’t you think?). Then the truth dawns on him that Hollander is right… And that there are too many Hollanders in this world. No matter how much you fight for a good cause there will always be people who will serve darker purposes. Poor Lee! Can you see how hopelessness creeps into his eyes? How can one so young and brave look so lost… and so unhappy? Poor Lee! How he stands there straight and proud and yet stricken, soon to fall into darkness himself. How it hurts me to see the frost that has touched him. Amanda is not the only one who is in great danger. The man of steel needs salvation himself.

    But of course Lee pulls himself together and does what has to be done. From then on, everything is extremely intense: The determination on Lee’s face, how he locks eyes on Delano across the room… Oh wow… He does not even blink. No matter how often I watch this scene I almost flinch when Lee shouts “Damn it man, don’t you apologise!” Did we ever see him this furious before? Oh my God. Finally he turns away from Delano, almost mouthing a scornful “You.. son of a…” The scorn! The disdain! After that I think Delano should actually crawl under a rock and die.

    Why does the scene in the ambulance give me a “Streets-of-San-Francisco”-feeling? Is it because of the wailing siren? Or because BB suddenly reminds me of young Michael Douglas in the ambulance? Anyway, I love how gentle Lee is to Amanda. You can really tell he has a guilty conscience. Sooooooo funny how his face freezes in terror when Amanda opens her eyes and gives a reply! He is totally taken aback. Luckily for him Amanda is still woozy.

    Ahhhhhh the tag! This is one of my favorite tags… if not my favorite of all favorite tags! It is sooooooo obvious that something is going on between these two. I believe Lee and Amanda feel this too, but they are not yet ready to understand it. Ahhh, the uncertainty! The tension! The little uneasy pauses between their lines! The uncomfortable look on Lee’s face that seems to ask: “What am I doing? Why am I here?” Amanda’s shining eyes, combined with a shy smile! Yeeeeeeeeeees, that’s exactly what falling in love feels like when you are young. *sigh*

    Well, so much for Service above and Beyond. I would love to share thoughts with you.


    • Hi Karen, thanks for sharing with us all your thoughts on this ep… is it over the top romantic the whole carrying Amanda down the stairs? You bet!!! I think that is why Amanda reacts at the end of the episode the way she does – ‘ he carried me’ – it’s like.. whoa! That is soooo swoonworthy!! Even Amanda can’t help but react to that ( and she is pretty good at keeping herself in check when it comes to Lee!)

      Besides.. Lee had to carry her down the stairs, she had a plaster cast- and couldn’t walk down facing the camera 😉 haaaaa

      I loved these comments Karen, so beautifully expressed.. it made me want to swoon over this episode all over again! (what a lovely breakfast that was reading this!! haaa)

      Yes Hollander won’t talk… that is hopeless.. but Lee has a back up plan – make Delano the quickie chickie guy talk! ( he isn’t a pro!!) Thank goodness Delano was there when Hollander killed the gardener so he knew his methods!

      Ahhh thanks for sharing with us about the music! I will go with your superior knowledge there Karen.. your theory sounds good to me! I remembered you sharing once about the story of Tristan and Isolde and it’s significance to this moment – if anyone is interested you could get Karen to tell you the story – I won’t do it justice – and it really adds to the tragedy of the moment.. just beautiful..

      Thanks again Karen!



  10. Where to begin? Absolutely brilliant screen captures (as usual)!.
    Random thoughts:
    It always bothered me that she lip locked with Jim (maybe it was the irresistable smell of Quickie Chickie Chicken sauce.). I will go with you and say she was caught up in her role, but man oh man, it is not a good thing when I start to feel sorry for Dean.
    RE: Stunt double — perhaps KJ couldn’t handle the stairs with her injury. Does anyone know how she injured it IRL?
    “Hey if you’re going to give someone a drug to kill them, why worry about air bubbles in the syringe? !!!” It is obvious Hollander is a very cultured and polite baddie (Miss Manners would approve). (I will give him the benefit of the doubt — maybe he wanted to question Amanda/Victoria and that’s why he wasn’t going to kill her outright. Or I am giving the writers too much credit 🙂 .)
    I write more later, but the comupter is acting wonky so I’ll log off for now. Cheers!


  11. I’m positive this is the episode Amanda knew she had real feelings for Lee and acknowledged it to herself.
    Pity it took another season for Lee to do the same…..

    Love this episode-a real favourite! Thanks!!!


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