1/6 Season One, Episode 14: Dead Ringer- Scarecrow and Mrs King


The episode starts with Lee and Amanda at a fancy party.. Amanda tells Lee this is her first real embassy party.. and Lee immediately explain why she is there, yes says Lee that is Why Billy had Lee ‘use’ Amanda in this operation.. uh oh.. don’t tell me Lee is back to his old tricks of blaming Billy for Amanda being around..

( I love how they have this conversation about Billy suggesting Amanda because she is not known around the Embassy circuit as they make their way past all the guests saying hi to people.. where anyone they walk past could hear them- LOL!)
What does Amanda have on her
fashion police badge and warningforehead?????!!!!! I am sorry if anyone loves this look.. but I can’t stand it.. and I hope we don’t see it again! I remember seeing princess Diana wear one of these, a green one..


Love how Amanda says she should have borrowed a better dress.
02Lee responds: Amanda, you’re just a messenger..
03Amanda responds: well that isn’t exactly the good housekeeping seal of approval. – yeah!! you go girl!!

Lee: what’s the matter with you?
Amanda: Nothing’s the matter with me.
04Lee: You look fine!

Leeeeeee!!! you never tell a woman she looks ‘fine’that is just horrible!! At least he is saying it with a smile and humouring her at this point rather than being disinterested or bad humoured like he use to be! I don’t think Amanda is terribly hurt, as she wouldn’t expect gushing from Lee! She is just looking for reassurance here is all..Do you agree? or see this differently? feel free to share!! I only give my opinion.. it’s not fact Smile

So, they are looking for someone..
06Amanda: Look, you know, if you would tell me what she looks like, I could help you look for her. I mean, all I know is that she’s Hungarian. LOL.. if that isn’t stating the obvious I don’t know what is!!

This woman they are looking for is 5 foot 7″ , has 07dark brown hair and is wearing a black dress.. – as Lee says this, he looks at Amanda and seems to realise- whoa! well that 08could fit Amanda’s description! The penny drops with Lee.. that is half the women at the party!!09Love how Lee turns to Amanda here and has a nervous chuckle – cute! Lee says ‘ Excuse me’ and goes off – to check if that girl that just walked past is the one they are waiting for-I think… I’m not sure but it looks that way.

Ahh this gives Amanda the chance to be complimented!

Ludvichio Lupo: (something in italian..) Bella donna!
Amanda: Huh?
Ludvichio Lupo: I saw you across the room, I can’t believe it! Do you know Il Vecchio’s Contessa di Cesare?
(Any italian speakers reading this? Who would like to have a go at translating exactly what he says to her as he approaches her? and.. do you know the painting ‘contessa di cesare’?? I googled it.. but had no luck- I was keen to see what she actually looks like!  )
: ah no, I don’t believe we’ve met.
Ludvichio Lupo: Ah! The same, uh curve of the cheek. The same
11aristocratic bearing. A 14th century masterpiece come to magnificent life. 12

Amanda: Oh
Ludvichio Lupo: I must know you.
13Amanda: hmm..
He kisses her hand and
Amanda just smiles

Ludvichio Lupo: I see this uh, vision. My name is Ludvichio Lupo. And you are? ( he starts kissing the palm of her hand now.. )

Amanda: ahhh… ( she looks to Lee who is returning..) I’m ahhh..
14Lee: engaged for the evening.
  (Lee comes back and puts a possessive arm around her back.. whooo)
Amanda: yes I am.
At this, Ludvichio Lupo immediately drops Amanda’s hand and smiles at Lee – he seems to realise encroaching on another man’s territory is not the done thing! (Lee gives him a smile too!) Can’t blame a man for trying eh..
Ludvichio Lupo: Scusa ( and he leaves them)
Amanda responds: You’re scuse!  as Lee steers Amanda away.. LOL! What a cute line of Amanda’s!

: Amanda this isn’t a social occasion!

Amanda: I didn’t do anything!
18Lee: ahh.. alright alright! (Jealous Lee?!)


* Here, I think Lee didn’t like it.. and doesn’t know why he didn’t like it! My theory is-  I think Lee is frustrated by Amanda’s attractiveness – Men hit on her during a job! ugh…. worse? – Lee is attracted to her and distracted by her too- (All these annoying feelings about random men approaching Amanda..) and he really doesn’t want to be!!! (I think this is why he needs Billy to tell him to use Amanda – rather than him volunteering to use her! ) thoughts anyone?

‘this isn’t a social occasion’  Lee?? haaa!! It is a party! (No cha cha?) Interesting that Lee thinks Amanda could be trying to pick up.. a few episodes ago he never would have thought that…(before Delano maybe – you would think her meeting him would be on his mind..  eek!!  I think this could also mean that he sees that she is a woman with desires of her own.. ( who has had fantasies about secret agents Winking smile ) wouldn’t you say???!!!!

19Then..suddenly he spots the woman they are meeting ( How did he know it was her.. ??? I thought he only had a vague description.. does he know what she looks like? I guess the plan was she would go to the ladies at 9 o’clock – but she hadn’t made it to the ladies yet when he says that’s her! I have no idea.. )

Whooo action time! Lee tells Amanda she must move fast, head to the ladies room and say- but .. he gets cut off by a little social occasion of his own Winking smile a blonde approaches errrrrrrrr I mean hunts down Lee.(He looks 20very annoyed for a split second here but covers it!)
Phyllis: I thought I’d find you here. ( ugh)
21Lee:Ahhh..Phyllis!” he seems to be surprised
22and impressed with himself that he remembered her name..Smooth.. Haaa!!

23Phyllis: Mmm hmm! that’s right. Phyllis.
24Phyllis: I’m back from Gstaad, you usually 25send flowers. Yuck! If you have to remind him to send flowers, he doesn’t want to send them.. and sooo you don’t want them!! Amanda seems completely non threatened by her don’t you think? she just wants her to go!! I bet she is thinking Lee’s women are ridiculous!!! I know I would be.. Don’t the writers know of anywhere else in Europe to go skiing?? !!! Amanda could have said, nooo you aren’t back from Gstaad I know for a fact the skiing there has been lousy this year!!! and that little bit of weather nearly got me killed!! Get away with yer Phyllis!

Ohhh I just love how when Lee is responding to this saying “first thing in the morning. ” –26
– Amanda is very obviously rolling her eyes at this woman reminding him for flowers- ugh!!!. you go girl! 27Finally Lee finds his manners .. and introduces Amanda to Phyllis.. Lee tells her Amanda has just 28recovered from a bad bout of Dengue Fever! talk about Random Lee!! (Amanda reacts as if to say – HUH??!!) Phyllis doesn’t look like she buys it either.. and just smiles half heartedly, finally gets a clue and says 29Excuse me’ and wanders off.. man.. these women that Lee knows are doozies!

Phyllis goes up to a man who is already with someone else and ask why he didn’t send flowers?? not classy!!!

At least Amanda’s Lupo guy had the grace to bow out when he realised Amanda was ‘ engaged’. Winking smile 

I do like that this makes Lee look like not quite the smooth operator he would like to appear to be..(lost and found showed us that too!)
This reminds me of the scene in the First Time when Lee is trying to charm Amanda.. and the women come up to him and at that stage we don’t know much about Lee.. he seems to be quite smooth with the ladies and takes it all in his stride.. but here- he flobs it! He doesn’t seem to be as polished as we would have initially thought socially – which I think is great! Too smooth is too false and creepy… and totally unlikeable.. and Lee is likeable!

I love that as soon as Phyllis leaves Amanda says incredulously: Why did you tell her I have dengue fever?!’ – I love that she doesn’t comment on Phyllis… she comments on Lee! and how he didn’t make any sense!

Lee quickly changes the subject and focuses on the business at hand.. Wait!!! No I can’t focus yet!!!! I just realised-  Lee is in a tux??? !!!! Oh 30my… how did I not realise this earlier!!! Business can wait.. It’s  Tux time!! whooo hooo!!!  I guess because there hadn’t been a close up on Lee yet..

I’m going to leave it there and ponder Lee in a tux further.. this really does require some deep contemplation.. ahem..

We will leave Lee and Amanda at the embassy party and re-join them soon! byeee for now and please as always – I am thrilled to hear any thoughts you would like to share Open-mouthed smile 

23 responses to “1/6 Season One, Episode 14: Dead Ringer- Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I actually wondered from Lee’s reaction if Phyllis was an assigmnent girlfriend rather than the real thing. He honestly seems caught off guard and I don’t see him as being the kind of guy who would forget flowers. Maybe it’s wishful thinking though.


  2. OMG. How tacky is Phyllis, not only approaching a man who is clearly with a woman, but hitting on him too? And insisting he send her flowers??? Blech!!! What does this say about the kinds of women he dated in his past? Even though he’s not romantically attached to Amanda, I think he’s beginning to see that Amanda is much better than those other women.

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  4. Lee in a tux 🙂
    Lee acting like a prize tool 😦 I love how Phyllis doesn’t buy his line about dengue fever but agree its not classy to be hitting on a man who’s in the company of what is clearly a date. Even if she’s wearing a hideous headband!


  5. “Get away with yer Phyllis!” Brilliant comment – that one had me laughing out loud, startling my 2 cats somewhat I might add.

    Hi, I’ve been lurking around your site for a little while now, getting as much enjoyment from reading your posts as from re-watching SMK. I followed the show religiously when it first aired here in New Zealand in the mid-80’s and continued to watch the few episodes I had taped to VCR for a year or so, then got on with life and forgot about it completely for, ohhh, about 22 years. I rediscovered some episodes on You Tube 3 years ago when I was going through a tough time and needed “a happy place” to take my mind. The DVD releases have been like mana from heaven.

    My other fave show from the 80’s Remlington Steele now just leaves me cold. I got the first season DVD and haven’t bothered with any more. There’s just no magic there. But revisiting SMK all these years later with a more critical, mature eye has been like rediscovering a lost and forgotten treasure. It is so much more witty and clever than I would have remembered it, and the relationship development is beautiful to watch. These two characters and these two actors really have the most exquisite chemistry. And a great supporting cast too. Even at its silliest SMK can lift my spirits (althought the second half of season 4 is a challenge but let’s not talk about that now. I am sure you will make it seem so much better when we get there Iwsod!)

    Compare BB and KJ with Stephanie Zimbalist and Pierce Brosnan who are both good actors and very attractive to look at – yet it is hard to believe their characters even want to be in the same room together, let alone fall in love. You really do get the feeling they are acting as though they like each other. With BB and KJ, I get a sense that they really DO like and respect each other.

    Ughh, dont think about RS. It’s harshing my SMK mellow.Going back to my happy place now – ahhhhhhh SMK-land. There’s nothin’ like it.

    Keep up the good work Iwsod!

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    • Hi Shona! Wonderful to hear from you!! So glad you found this blog and can join in the fun for the very first time!!!

      tee hee.. I don’t remember writing that of Phyllis..but I am guessing she deserved it 😉 hitting on Lee in front of Amanda wasn’t she? 😉 tee hee.. well your cats will just have to get use to it! We have a ‘repeat’ of sorts of that moment coming up in Life of the Party! I’m looking forward to getting to it!!

      I’m so glad you decided to ‘de-lurk’!!!! 🙂
      I hope you will jump on in and continue to share your thoughts – all opinions are very welcome!

      I know there are a few RS fans who visit here.. so I will be interested to hear their reply – if they too have had the same experience when comparing RS to SMK or what they think!

      My experience of RS is that I watched it a bit in the 80s ( same as smk) and then lost track of it.. I also bought season 1 and umm.. didn’t finish it!! eek!!! I figured I was just way more into smk and that was why.. I hadn’t really stopped to ask myself why! So I’m really glad you mentioned this!

      My impression of RS is that I enjoyed it [ahem Pierce Bronson..hoo haaa!] – and I have been thinking I’d like to rediscover it after I’m finished this walk through of SMK – if someone did a blog on the episodes I would enjoy it and join in with rediscovering it.. but I have to say Shona, your comments resonate with me!
      Especially after the SMK scene we just covered for the first time (post 10 of A relative situation) – which really highlighted for me why I love smk so much – there isn’t the high drama between Lee and Amanda – not as much as I remember there being between the two leads in RS.. They are both on the surface quite similar shows.. but when you dig deeper, the dynamic/ tone is quite different. I prefer SMK.. but.. I am hopeful that after I’ve finished walking through SMK I can rediscover RS for it’s own sake ( not comparing to SMK will probably help me!).

      I agree! It is different to experience a show as an adult.. we see things very differently!!! Yes I thought Stephanie Zimbalist was fabulous.. and I did love that she is not portrayed as a ditzy woman – that irks me!!! Yes! My impression of RS is that it is not mellow.. it’s drama and adventure between the two leads as they face drama and adventure – whereas maybe smk is a more subtle love story between the two leads as they face drama and adventure?

      I’m really interested to hear what the RS fans here think- do tell!!! and feel free to disagree.. it is afterall only opinions and we can happily disagree!!!! 🙂

      You know.. I’m going to pull those RS season 1 dvds out and watch an ep tonight.. gosh but which one??It will be interesting! If anyone reads this in the next hour or two- I’d love a tip!!

      Thanks for the Encouragement Shona! you made my day!!! Oh and you are in NZ?? how brilliant!!!! someone else on the blog is heading into winter like I am???!!!! everyone is mentioning their summer holidays. eek and here the days are getting shorter!! 😦 Where in NZ are you? (roughly if you like.. no need for specifics on the www – or email me if you like!)

      Do you have the dvds? hope you can follow with us as we head into the back end of Season 2!

      Byeeee for now!

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    • Gotta step in and defend Remington Steele here. As much as I enjoy SMK, RS remains my first love. Despite both being centered on couples, they are very different in style and tone, IMO. Laura and Remington’s relationship is more complex than Lee and Amanda’s, largely because they are each have more issues/baggage to work through than the spy and the housewife. Lee’s got some residual angst from his childhood, but it doesn’t seem to be a big deal. And Amanda is astonishingly well adjusted – even her divorce is friendly. Also, to be honest, the writing is a good deal sharper on RS – the plot holes and continuity errors in SMK are slightly appalling (though they make for great fun on this blog!).

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      • LOL Kgmohror.. don’t worry there are many on this blog who love Remington Steele! 🙂 I don’t dislike it at all.. but it is not familiar to me – I’ve forgotten it.. and this one time I tried to watch it Beverly was on screen and I just couldn’t deal with it! haaa!! too weird given I am so wrapped up in smk right now – I reckon once I’m finished walking through SMK I’ll turn my hand to rediscovering (or more accurately discovering) Remington Steele.. but I won’t be blogging it – LOL! And.. I don’t think I’d be wanting to compare with smk.. I think it’s more enjoyable to not pit them against each other – each has something to offer I’m sure 🙂
        Do you have a Remington Steele Blog Kgmohror? There are a few people on this blog who have tossed around the idea.. it would be fab if someone did a walk through of it.. I’d be on board ( though alas I couldn’t start on that till I’m done with smk.. no time!)

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        • Couldn’t agree with you more😊SMK and RS were 2 very similar themed show but had its very own separate identities. Teenagers just loved KJ and BB. Their screen presence is/was just amazing. Their chemistry was awesome too.At that time,i never really thought abt the story..just wanted to see their romance🥰. My mom,however,did not like it at all. She felt AMANDA’S character was not written well as it made the housewives look very silly😥. We used to argue abt it..that of course was in 85…Nevertheless,i suppose,in real,BB and KJ did like each other alot and were good friends. That,sort of made them look really adorable. However,SMK did not go past S2,even after getting pushed to a 5pm slot on saturday😥unlike RS which completed its run. I am a fan of RS too.
          I have rewatched SMK since JAN 2020..completed all 4 seasons..discovred your blog😊👍Now,rewatching it as as adult,I tend to feel a little uneasy abt certain scenes of Amanda..like when she appears at the window of BILLY’S office in MAGIC BUS and The christmas episode of S1..and many other times. I did not think the writers justified her character when she was put down so much by Francine . I still get hurt to see those scenes. I dont think it is norm to do that…And other times,the writers made her too clingy😥..And i do feel sad that it just ended without a proper closure..i know KJ was going thru alot during the 4th season with her battle with cancer and i think BB too was going thru some issues of his own with his divorce abt the same time..so,i guess it had to end.
          RS was totally different coz they never really had to explore much abt their relationship..It was always a mystery and they never really hid their feelings..there was already kissing from the begining😊And LAURA was a very very strong self made character.
          And it is odd to see some of the characters from SMK RS. Beverly was LAURA’S mom..FRANCINE’S fiance was in an episode of S1 RS too..so,now when i rewatch both these series…it seems really really odd..

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  7. Melissa Robertson

    Yucky Phyillis, love Amanda rolling her eyes…this isn’t a social occasion Lee~ HaH!!!!.


  8. Hi Iwsod, hi all!!! I really needed to read one of your wonderful recaps to feel better today :-). I’ll try to post something these days…


    • Pallina!!! Yippppeeeeeee!!! I am so excited to see you have joined us 🙂 Welcome Welcome!! I hope you will feel at home here 🙂

      ahhh yes, smk is a wonderful panacea for the stresses and sadness we face in life sometimes.. a world where the bad guys get caught.. and everything works out in the end..and Lee in a tux 😉

      Hugs to you!! If you are able to find comfort in smk and even in this blog – well I am really glad to hear that – I’ve missed being in touch with you!! Would love to hear your thoughts – but no pressure.. ciao!


    And now I am having flashbacks to a horrible bridesmaid outfit I had to wear (it was several years after this) which were in coral and had matching headbands made out of beads. *SHUDDER*. The problem was that headbands had to be on so tight, you couldn’t take them off during the evening because you had a massive dent in your forehead. DARN! I thought I had successfully blocked that memory.

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  10. Hi, everyone. Cindy, that photo of Princess Di was taken during their royal visit to Australia in 1985. So, Amanda’s headband must have preceded that since this is season 1 (was this episode aired in fall 1983 or spring 1984?). Not that I’ve ever been a fan of the headbands Amanda wears but does this mean our Amanda inspired Princess Di? LOL!


    • well spotted Leanne! yeah.. I am sure she got the idea off Amanda haaaa..

      But I am pretty sure Amanda got the idea off Olivia newton john’s let’s get physical in 1982 – they were all the rage for a while then.. although I don’t remember the evening version!

      Stay tuned! there is another Princess Diana reference coming!!! 🙂
      Thanks for reading and sharing and welcome!!!!


      • Thanks, Iwsod.

        I’ve been lurking for some time and always find your commentary hilarious and insightful! I’ve not made many comments, since your observations always seemed to mirror mine … only your way with words is so much better! Thanks for doing this. You make my day brighter when you post. 🙂

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        • Yippppeeeee So glad you came out of Lurkdom Leanne!! Welcome Welcome!

          I decided to call this blog ‘ walk with me’ because – I hope it is a walk we take together… I would love to hear any thoughts you would like to share!:)

          It is really encouraging to hear from you!
          Not long now till the season 3 dvds are out there and a reality!! 🙂

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  11. Cindy, I’m almost positive you are right about Princess Di and the necklace / headband thing. Wow you guys are bringing back some memories! I agree with IWSOD though, definitely a fashion police moment for Amanda!


  12. *Head smack!* I had totally blocked out Princess Di wearing that headband (actually, if I recall, she caused quite a stir because I think it was a necklace she put around her noggin. But, it could be part of a bad dream on my part) When was that photo taken? Totally not a fan of the headband look.


    • And Amanda’s headband must be pretty ‘orrible. Iwsod was so distracted by it she didn’t realize Lee was wearing a tux!
      I must admit, this episode hadn’t been a favourite of mine, but I’ll watch it again for the sake of solidarity.


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