5/5 Season One, Episode 13: I am not now, nor have I ever been… a spy–Scarecrow and Mrs King

As Amanda has a rest on Lee’s bed, Lee calls Billy to check in.. The only thing they can connect with Alabam is a company that produces small luxury aircraft.. yes that does sound like something de Gregorio would buy. Since he is keeping his business secret it only makes sense he would buy it under another name.. hello super spies??!! whoa!


Lee: I don’t know what I’m going to do with her.
Billy: Well, we just might have to terminate her.
  -Oh no!! poor Amanda… Terminate her??!!! hehehee..

I love how Lee defends her on the phone.. and advocates for her to be moved to another job or re-trained!!!

Lee: Isn’t firing her a bit extreme?
Billy: Sure, I hate to do it. As you know, I’ve become quite fond of Mrs. King. But if her condition doesn’t clear up, she’s not much use to us.
( Amanda hangs up and takes off,  out Lee’s bedroom window and down the fire escape. Bet Lee has never had a woman do that on him when in his bedroom Winking smile)

Oh Lee! you’ve got it bad! Billy of course sees this change in Lee straight away with his brilliant come back line to Lee:

176Lee: Maybe we could retrain her.
177Billy: Lee, I’m surprised to hear you talk like this. Usually you’re complaining because you have to work with her.
(Good Call!)
Lee: I can adapt to almost anything!

: The agency appreciates your sacrifice!!
(Wha haa!)
181.Lee: Oookkkkaaay!!!

183Lee knows Billy got him good!!image Lee goes in to wake Amanda and finds her gone- whoo he looks really worried! image

Dotty is ranting to Amanda’s doctor because Amanda is gone while compulsively filling her mouth with popcorn! That poor doc, how would he know? Dotty is seriously losing it!! and.. it is very funny!!!! BG is fabulous at Frantic and Funny!
When she sees Amanda out the window “Oh thank God! god bless you!”.. and hangs up on the doc without even telling him she found her 187is hilarious!!! and then.. poor Dotty, Amanda gets nabbed again before she can get to the front door! Oh poor Dotty! now she must be really in misery!

Ok, de Gregorio has arrived at the airport.. hmmm this is the time when I start to doze off intermittently..

Cesar: Excellency, this is madness! There’s no protection here!
Polo: Por favor, Cesar.
Cesar: You need protection! A great many people don’t like you.
188Polo: Cesar, por favor. I suffocate with all those guards hovering about! I cannot think! Besides, my moon is in the sixth house of something-or-other and I simply cannot die.
(oh! well that’s alright then!)
189Polo: don’t treat me like a child (well.. then stop acting like one!)

It’s the time in the episode when the baddies explains the whole evil plan( for the third time for the audience!) to captured
191Amanda….( Captured- again?? Yep.. twice in this episode!! ) and Amanda begins to 192realise what is at stake here-Arlington- her family!!!! (gee thanks writers for telling us Amanda lives in Arlington about 10 times in this episode so I could be suitably worried at this moment in time.. )  Amanda: Gas? What Gas?

Here comes Lee to rescue Amanda.. and getting caught in the process himself.. come on Amanda! That should bring back a few more 194memories!! (Wouldn’t it have been hilarious if she had had a flashback about lovely ladies and moving up to tweezers!! Winking smile  )It’s weird how she says “Mr Stetson“when she sees him it feels so strange now Smile
195 How does Lee manage to stay alive huh? “hey buddy… I’m looking for a woman.. her name is Amanda King.” derrr Lee! 196

Lee doesn’t hesitate and lands a great right hook!!!

Go Amanda!!! Get on that plane!!! Stop pilot de Gregorio from flying nerve gas over – where was it again? errr.. Arlington!!! (Is that where Amanda lives????Winking smile)

Amanda: Sir, excuse me, sir. Señor. Señor, el presidente.
Polo: Ahhh, a stewardess. Wonderful.
Amanda: No, no, sir, you can’t take off right now.
: Don’t be foolish. What do you mean I can’t take off?
Amanda: No, no, sir, you can’t take off now!
: fasten your seat belt or fix me a snack! image

Pilot de Gregorio doesn’t have permission to take off.. well.. too bad!! This child is going!! He lines up the plane, ready to head down the runway.

Amanda: Sir, you don’t understand. If you take off, you’re going to gas my family.

Polo: Now, señorita, you must admit your story is a bit farfetched.
Amanda: It’s true.
Polo: If I don’t take off now, they will never let me pilot my plane out of here.
Polo leans over and whispers to her:
Just between you and me, my license has been revoked.
Amanda: Why?
Polo: Sometimes I get uh, uh, fainting spells when I am excited.

-Eeek!!!! Just what we need.. something else to complicate things here!! Adding to that: Pilot de Gregorio pulls back the throttles and begins to head down the runway!
200Amanda: Don’t get excited. But you must stop this plane right now because it’s loaded with nerve gas. (He
207passes out at hearing this.. and we see a shot of the plane beginning it’s take off..)
201Oh, no! Hello? sir, the plane’s– Too funny! She tries to speak into the radio but it isn’t plugged in ( more suspense!! This is a rather loooonnnng runway.. or a slow plane!! She gives up and goes back to trying to rouse fainting de Gregorio!) Amanda: Sir, wake up, Mr President, wake up, sir, please!
Amanda gets bolder and starts slapping el presidente in the face!! and he wakes saying “I’ll tell you everything!!” ROFL!!!
Well done Amanda..(satisfying too!!)
Amanda quietly: stop the plane.
Finally he stops the plane.. Amanda is so great with Little boys!
( Soooo why do we get to see the smoke coming off the back tyres? they 205never left the ground.. LOL.. we see them at the start of the runway 206again.. it’s true!! they really do warp space and time on smk!! Giving us footage of the plane landing when it is suppose to be just stopping?!oh purlease!!)

Ok spanish speakers… what does de Gregorio say after he has stopped the plane?

Back to the agency and life is back to normal.. The red car and the green car are hogging the two car spaces out the front, and the man with the briefcase is still wandering looking for where he needs to go! yep…. everything is just as it should be!

Hurray! Amanda’s brain has returned!!! Amanda is looking much relieved, and Lee is looking VERY happy and attentive!!! Oh 208Billy.. glad you cleared up what terminate you means!!
Billy says : it was an excellent Job!
Amanda: thank you sir
Billy: Lee… (ie signalling to him ‘you too’.. )

Lee nods to say thanks.. but.. What exactly did Lee do??????????!!!!!! Why is Billy thanking him for a job well done?? Lee hid from the baddies and brought Amanda milk and cookies.. Winking smile  I think Amanda deserves 99.9% of the credit here!

209Oh Lee your such a male model!!! walking down the catwalk err I mean corridor … with that jacket of yours draped over your shoulder and your finger hooked… aren’t you just too sexy..

Love how Lee and Amanda are trying to come up with excuses for Dotty.. Lee is actually helping Amanda with this now!! rofl!!! that’s great!
210Amanda: Ohhh… my mother.. What am I going to tell my mother?
Lee: errr that’s a tough one
Amanda: I just disappeared in the middle of the afternoon, she never got my note.. this is the worst!
Lee: What if you told her you suddenly remembered an appointment?
Amanda: I had amnesia!
Lee: an impromptu college reunion?
211Amanda: I used that one!
Lee: Your club?
Amanda: No no she doesn’t believe that anymore!image
Lee: A sick german shepherd?
Amanda: That was last week!
212Lee: Dan!
Amanda: Dean! and he works weekdays.. Lee: I got it! I got it! Amanda: What?
Lee: your standing in your kitchen, you hear a noise and there is an incredibly handsome
man standing there.. and one thing led to another..

THE END OF THE EPISODE?????? Noooo!! how could you leave it there!!!


I love that last bit of dialogue.. (sometimes I am uncomfortable with the lying to Dotty stuff.. but here they make it funny.. no wonder Dotty thinks she is seeing Bud Marcher! – is that the next episode?!) Love the “she doesn’t believe that anymore!!” Is this the last time we hear about Dean? I think it is.. ?? If it is.. Party time!!

I wonder what excuse Amanda really did use?!!!!

This last bit of dialogue of Lee’s reminds me of a line in Black Adder.. where the Prince Regent says “Oh what a silly incredibly handsome prince regentnincompoop I have been!” or words to that effect.. but anyway…. I think in this episode we got to see a glimpse into how much Lee values Amanda now… and that he is fighting some serious sexual tension there!!!

Generally, in this episode we had an interesting insight into the progress of Lee and Amanda’s relationship in this episode.. It was really clear how much Lee values her now, and he sometimes seems a bit lost that she didn’t remember him.. We also had an insight into what’s happening with Amanda – she can be quite mysterious sometimes.. but from this episode, we see Amanda finds the agency and the whole double life and secrets thing ‘emotionally complicated’ – not just emotionally complicated with Lee!

With Lee it is even more complicated.. he is saying they are not a couple but Amanda senses there is a contradiction between what Lee is saying – and how they are looking at each other.. (and licking their lips!!!) and for that – I love this episode!!! hooo haaaaa!!!! Smile Any other general thoughts on this ep? I am sure you guys could put it better than I.. and see other things too…

Anyone like to share a word or two about this episode? Thanks so much for reading- I would really love to hear from you Open-mouthed smile


19 responses to “5/5 Season One, Episode 13: I am not now, nor have I ever been… a spy–Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I love how we see in this episode that Lee doesn’t want to lose Amanda as part of his life. Despite all the moaning and groaning he does about having to work with her he’d rather retrain her than have her terminated. Why? Because working with her is really the only way he still gets to see her. I know she really does drive him nuts(always rambling, always in trouble) but every time he has a chance to get rid of her he really doesn’t want to.. Doesn’t want her terminated in this episode. Ends up not wanting her to resign in Brunettes are in, though he is a little conflicted in that episode.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Polo totally reminds me of Chevy Chase (mostly the smile and the chin dimple)–too bad he wasn’t wearing a Three Amigos outfit!


  3. So did anyone else smile at the thought of Lee going to bed that night and smelling Amanda’s perfume on the pillow…???… (Stopping there to keep things PG.) 😀

    Ack… not only did the plane not take off, land, and get back to the start of the runway–it morphs itself into a completely different plane. (Stunt Plane–like Stunt Horse in ALAGHITM.) The tailshot–after Polo faints–shows a plane with a red logo on the tail and red stripes on the body, and five sets of wheels, while the plane they’re in has thinner orange and brown lines and three sets of wheels. The “red” plane–or one like it–is the one we see landing, too (note the tail shot and then the extra sets of wheels when they stop). ROFL! 😀


  4. Cracks me up that Billy would refer to terminating Amanda, they’re in the espionage business it’s no wonder she took it the wrong way LOL Lee would adapt? How? By doing his own typing or does he mean learning to adapt to life without Amanda right beside him? 😉
    Funny the way Amanda is slapping the President, did he find the idea of nerve gas a bit too exciting?!
    “…..incredibly handsome man standing there and one thing led to another…..” Damn you SMK for ending it there, I wanna know what he could have said next……. Way to go, treat ’em mean, keep ’em keen.


  5. When Polo is landing the plane he says “A lo mejor es posible que los guerrilleros exiliados…….” (Maybe it’s possible that the exiled Guerrilla men…..). Then, when Amanda cuts him off and says “Very Good, Gracias!” He says “Muchas Gracias, Senorita” (Thank you very much, Miss.)

    He didn’t finish the sentence but it was at that moment he just got to the conclusion that the tear gas on his plane could have been plotted by exiled members of a Guerrilla group.


  6. Melissa Robertson

    Glad that Dotty didn’t choke on her popcorn while talking on the phone (pet pieve of mine…don’t really like hearing people munching in my ear!)
    Amanda slapping Polo de Gregorio is hilarious. I love Lee trying to help Amanda come up with something to tell her mom. Although I don’t know why she couldn’t have remembered an appointment when she was remembering tidbits here and there. Her look to Lee’s suggestion is priceless 🙂


  7. Melissa Vivens

    Just one question…What elevator are they getting into at the end? There aren’t any coats so it isn’t the Georgetown Foyer elevator?


    • Hi Melissa! My understanding is that there are internal elevators and then there are is the external elevator that lead to Mrs Marsden 😉 – if you look at the scene in saved by the bells, when Lee takes Rostov from the two agents and escapes with Rostov – you see the two elevators in that scene.. at least this is my understanding of it…
      If anyone else has a better explanation please share it with us 🙂


      • When you think about the size of the agency and all the people working there, it’s strange that the foyer lift is the only entrance from the outside, isn’t it? There must be one hell of a queue at Mrs Marsten’s desk on a morning


  8. Cindy, those are great pieces of evidence about Lee’s impaired judgment–he must be frantic with worry! He certainly seems relieved and happy to have Amanda safe and back to normal in the tag scene–so happy that he tries to help her think of an excuse for her absence and flirts with her in the final proposed excuse about the “incredibly handsome man.” I really don’t think he would have fondly teased her in any of the earlier episodes about the two of them having a daytime tryst. His sense of loss and concern when she couldn’t remember him (and maybe the conversation on the couch) are having an effect on the way he thinks about her, it seems. Don’t worry, Lee. One thing will lead to another, slowly…


  9. ” Bet Lee has never had a woman do that on him when in his bedroom ” Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Amanda sure keeps him on his toes, doesn’t she?

    And even though Amanda has the head injury, Lee is the one with impaired judgement. He must be so frantic that Amanda is missing, he rushes right over to the Alabam air strip (remember, his informant DIED trying to get this information to him), talks to the first person he sees who may be from the same geographic region as Polo de Gregario — at least we can’t accuse Lee of racial profiling 🙂 and tells him he is looking for Amanda King (who had been recently kidnapped by guys from a similar geographical location.) And, I offer as further proof of his discombobulation, when he describes Amanda’s height, he holds his hand up about his shoulder level.
    BB is 6’2″, KJ is 5’9″ and it looks like he is holding his hand at about 5’5″ or so. Great observational skills Super Spy. She’s only worked with you for how many months now?


    • Honestly Cindy, when I added that line about women generally not escaping Lee’s bedroom secretly – I thought to myself.. Hmm.. Cindy might like that one! 🙂

      Haaa!! Even more evidence for the miracle it is that Lee stay alive!!! I love it!! good point!!


    • And even MORE proof of his discombobluation, he describes her as “fair”. Uhhh… she’s not fair haired (maybe he’s thinking of her in context of one of his blondes?)! Maybe he means fair complexioned (since he’s talking to a Latino), fair natured, or fair looking?!?!?


  10. I don’t have anything deep and meaningful to add here-except to say that you do a fantastic job on these Iwsod-I just love them. I agree with EVERYTHING you say-Well done!!


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