6/6 Season Four: Episode Fifteen- Bad Timing–Scarecrow & Mrs King

Ready to finish up this episode??
Back to the episode!
Inside the tunnel Lee and Billy continue to chip away in the tunnel.
Billy: Katrina’s neutralized the force centers. We’re through and clear. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002145245
[I have no idea what any of this means, except:  it’s time to go in!!!
Amanda navigates for Lee and Billy where to go. lol it’s not that complicated, couldn’t they remember the way? Heck, I guess it’s good to have a navigator in case you need to change your route. ]
There’s reminders of the time, plenty of dramatic music
[did you guys notice how they made the smk theme sound all sneaky?!]
and Lee and Billy sneaking along white empty corridors that are so stark they must be Russian. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002215315
[cough cough. I’m shocked there are no Lenin portraits.]
Anyway, at one point we see the time is 1109pm.
There’s more sneaking around.. and Colonel McJohn shows up in the UPS truck to tell Amanda the antidote (err antidote antibiotic) works immediately. So the only drama will be getting into Lee in time. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002255355
Oh phew. thanks for making that clear! Or ROFL… as Sara commented: {{SARA: Still Colonel McDowner.}
Back inside the embassy, Billy and Lee have a close call with a couple of Russian guards, sneaking into the elevator just in time..
The truck’s digital clock, reads 00:14:02.
Then, Lee punches a Russian dude without a sound. [genius!]
Doneck’s room has a guard on it..
Uh oh..
Lee (to mic): Amanda, get us another way to Doneck’s. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002316416
{Amanda studying the map.}
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002312412
Amanda: There’s no alternative…The last corridor has been blocked with a permanent wall.

{There are two beeps, then sparks and an explosion. All the lights go out in the panel and throughout the embassy.}4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002319419
[You know I love to include pics of smk explosions.. err big bang bangs!]
Lee: That’s it.

They  shoot the guard to Doneck’s suite with a dart and he goes down. Hoorah.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002322422
[whoooo I spotted one picture of an old white dude on the wall!]
They then put another explosive on Doneck’s locked gate.. There’s an explosion.  Lee and Billy approach Doneck’s door again. Two guards run up the stairs toward Doneck’s suite,
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002339439
Lee and Billy aim over the banister, fire and hit both guards. They go tumbling down the stairs.
[Is this the bannister from The first time? Again?
Nooooo not the same… but a good excuse to share a pic of Lee in a tux no?!] SCARECROW_MRS_KING_SEASON1_D1-06.avi_000890090
There’s chaos as Lee and Billy rush into the suite, there are other Russians in there and Billy takes care of them, while Lee takes care of Cardy wearing Doneck. whahahaaha..
Lee: All right now, my friend, I want the antidote.
[I’m really not following why Doneck would be motivated to hand it over. lol. I guess that’s why Lee asked for the chem kit.]
{Billy moves over to join Lee.}
Doneck: (answers in Russian)
{{SARA: Not sure what he said, but I don’t think it was, “of course, Lee, anything for you, good buddy.”}
[Rofl Sara!!!]
Lee: Okay.
{Billy grabs Doneck from behind to restrain him while Lee retrieves a tape recorder from his pocket.} 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002367267
Lee: Amanda, we’ve got Doneck. Tell Francine to stand by.
{A view inside the truck with Francine, Colonel McJohn and Amanda. Then a view of the digital clock which reads 00:10:56}
Francine: We’ve made contact. Med team on alert. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002376776Back inside the embassy, Doneck gets a taste of his own medicine, Lee injects him with something! [Don’t forget to grab his wallet too Lee!]
Doneck starts slipping and Lee guides him toward the floor. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002383983
Aie, this final sequence is typical SMK.. I’m gonna use Sara’s descriptions – Sara you’re an angel!!!
Lee: I’ve got him.
{Billy gets up and closes the door.}
Lee: All right, Doneck. Now… I want the formula. The complete formula for the antidote of PD-2. You got that? The complete formula in English. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002394394
Doneck: The pathogen is a genetically…strain of versimiobestis. It is impervious to all standard antibiotics….
Back inside the truck to a view of the clock, which reads 00:09:20 and counting down.}
(off camera) …to modify tetracycline as follows.
{Back to Amanda in the truck.}
Amanda: Lee, you’ve got nine minutes left. You’ve got to get out of there.
{Return to Lee and Doneck.}
Doneck: At I-1, attach…
Billy: It’s clear. If we’re going to make a move, let’s do it now.

Doneck: …(muffled) 1-3, I-1 attach 1-3 dichlorobenzene…
Lee: All right. (to Amanda): Amanda, I’m attaching the microphone to Doneck. We’re out of here. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002438238
{Billy and Lee leave. Doneck continues mumbling the formula.}
Doneck: At the C-6 position and R-2…administer 750 milligrams IVQ3H for 24 hours.
{Another view of the clock, 00:06:32 and counting down.

Back inside the embassy, Lee and Billy in the corridor. They hear a door open and freeze with their guns drawn.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002462262
There is laughter and a couple staggers out. The man grabs the woman and picks her up, she says something back to him in Russian and they go back inside the suite. }4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002463463
[Oh rofl. they must be so high or toasted they didn’t hear all those explosions!! haaaa. Or they heard them and just though whooo I’m really into this! haaa]

{Lee and Billy leave. Another view of the clock at 00:05:17 and counting down with Doneck still speaking off camera.}
Doneck: …then 500 milligrams Q4H for 48 hours.
{A view of Colonel McJohn, Amanda and Francine, while McJohn scribbles down the formula. He tears the sheet off the pad and gets up.}
Colonel McJohn: That’s it. That’s all I need. As soon as he gets here, bring him to me.
[rofl. He must really know his chemistry, I mean he immediately knew he had everything he needed. I bet Col. (Professor) McJohn is going to make the antidote himself!! haaaa]
{Inside Doneck’s suite, we see the Russian guard rush over to Doneck’s phone. He yells in Russian for the embassy guards. Elsewhere in the Embassy, we see Billy and Lee coming down the stairs and enter a hallway. As they turn the corner, two guards appear. One of them yells in Russian and fires his gun. Lee and Billy fire back. Both guards are hit. One of the guard’s bullets hits Billy, who goes down. Lee goes to help Billy. Billy is groaning.}
[Oh no!!!! ]
Lee: How bad are you hit.
Billy: Huh? You haven’t got time. Get out of here.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002499899
{Back inside the truck, where Francine and Amanda are listening.}
Lee: Why don’t you shut up? I’m going to make time. Here.
{Lee goes to pick up Billy. Quick view of the clock, 00:02:16}4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002506706
Uh oh. Two minutes to gooooooo…
Billy: You’re never going to make it. You’re never going to make it carrying me.
Lee: I’m sure as hell not going to leave you here.

{Billy continues to groan. Close up of the clock reads, 00:02:00 and counting down.}
Lee (off camera): All right, Amanda. Billy’s been hit. Make sure a medevac is in position.
[This whole embassy seemed to only have a few guards. Phew. What luck!]
Amanda: They’re not going to make it out!!
{Amanda gets out of her seat and leaves. Francine jumps up and watches Amanda leave the truck.}
Francine: Amanda, where are you going?
[Francine is pretty hilarious.. Umm Francine she’s going to her man! And what are you doing huh? All Francine has done is breathe on Amanda while she ‘navigates’! rofl. she even has on her super stealth beanie!]

{Back in the embassy, Lee is trying to get Billy up (standing) and out. }
Billy: Lee, you don’t have—
Lee: Just get up!
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002527927{Lee gets Billy standing and helps him back into the storage room. Close up of the watch reads 0:00:41 and counting down. Billy’s limping and Lee gets him seated.}
Lee: Come on.
Billy: We can’t make it.

{{SARA: Hey, what happened to Mr. Mel-rosy? Get your optimism back…stat!}
[But Sara, he’s been trained to say… Leave me!! lol.]
{Lee takes a key to the lock and locks it.}
Lee: You got to, man. Come on. We got to get out of here. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002553153
{View of his watch, 00:00:20 and counting down.} 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002553553
Billy: Leave me, Lee, and save yourself.
[Whahahhahhaaaaaa… see Sara, they tell him to say that! Winking smile ]
Lee: I’m out of time.
Billy: I told you, I told you.

Lee: Amanda. You got to pick up Billy in the aqueduct, you hear me? Pick up Billy in the aqueduct. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002570770
{Lee settles back against the boxes as Amanda climbs up through the aqueduct and into the storage room.}
[Billy settles too. lol at how the boxes behind him wobble. I was ready for that column of boxes to fall on his head!]
Amanda: We’ve got the antidote.
Lee: What?

[You know, the antibiotic antidote thingy]
Amanda: We got to get the watch off of you.
{Close up of the watch. Actual time reads 11:25. Time remaining is 7 seconds.}
Lee: Here.
{Amanda slides two keys into each end twists them and the watch is off and dropped. Close up of the watch lying open. A pin sticks up and green liquid squirts out.}4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002588788
[I cackled with laughter when I saw it actually spurt out like that. Now they are going to have to call in a biohazard team – there’s cyanide everywhere! Oh and it turned out Amanda was not closer to Lee than Billy went things went down after all..
I know sometimes actually thinking while watching smk can get us into trouble.. but… dang! from the looks of that deadman’s watch, all Lee had to do what slide in a metal plate between the watch and his wrist and he would have been fine anyway. Haaaaa… ]

{Outside embassy. We see the truck drive up and stop. Francine gets out and meets Lee, Amanda and Billy coming out of the agency. She goes back into the truck and Lee and Amanda help Billy toward the truck.}4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002608008
[I’m a bit confused about what street that is and why the truck had to drive up to the location, but I actually don’t really care enough to figure it out at this point. lol. There are two trucks? Aie. Whatever. Yeah there are two trucks. Just give Lee the antibiotics antidote-y thingy already or he has germies big time…]
Francine: Come on! McJohn and the med team are on their way. Come on.
{Billy groaning. Then we see another truck pull up behind Francine, Billy, Lee and Amanda. McJohn gets out and runs toward the other truck. }
Lee: Come on, Doc.
{Lee pulls his sleeve up, Amanda takes Lee’s hand and McJohn injects him in the arm with the antidote.}
[I thought Lee’s getting blood taken was the most awkward needed action I’d ever seen. I was wrong. I stand corrected! McJohn seems to be injecting Lee’s elbow. Now them’s the ouchies!!!! This must be the Russain way of giving injections that Doneck said was key to the antidote working!] 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002623223
McJohn: The A.M.A. may not put its seal on this, but it’ll do the trick.
[snigger at how the AMA may not approve haaaa]
{McJohn pulls the needle out. Lee breathes a sigh of relief and Amanda goes to hug him.} 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002633233
[Good Timing!!!]
The scene ends with a close up of Lee and Amanda hugging.. I’m heartened to see Francine watching on with a smile at their hugs!!

It’s tag time!!!!
{We see a limo driving down the street. The driver pulls up beside the curb of Amanda’s house.
[Lol the neighbours are gonna gossip!!] 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002643243
Inside the limo are Lee, Billy and Amanda. Billy has a cane.}
[I hope Billy isn’t going to get a limp!]

Billy: I’ve got a 4:00 conference call with Dr. Smyth. He’s got a few questions. Luckily, I’ve got some pretty good answers. And having the antidote to PD-2 is going to smooth a lot of ruffled feathers. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002653253
[Hey! Billy was thinking ahead way better than I was lol. Kill the Russians with PD2 or heck, just neutralise the threat forever of PD2. Billy’s the king. Actually this explains why the military were involved I guess, they wanted to antidote to combat the biological weapon..
And this is what you were saying Peackcockdancer about how ridiculous that they didn’t have everyone moving heaven and earth to gt that antidote or the whole country could be in danger. Lol. too funny. Good call! ]
Lee: Well, you risked a lot for me, Billy. Everything.
Billy: Just balancing the scales a little. You’re turning into a pretty efficient team, you two. I’m glad I thought of putting you together. [AWH!!!!!!!]4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002669669
Lee: Well, that’s why they pay you the big bucks. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002670870
Billy: Drop you by your place, Scarecrow?
Lee: Uh-no. Uh, Billy, I’ve got to… You know. [what Lee? do tell!!!]
Billy: Yeah, yeah, I know. All right, see you guys later. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002680080
Amanda: All set?
Lee: Yeah.
{Both get out of the limo and go toward the front entrance to Amanda’s house. Amanda opens the gate. Cut to the inside, where they pause by the entrance to the living room. Both fold their arms.}
Amanda: Oh.
Lee: It looks just like we left it.
Amanda: A hundred years ago. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002702102
[Is it covered in Fritz’s maps?]
Lee: Yeah. Come on, I’ll help you clean it up.
Amanda: Oh.
Lee: It’s good practice for the real thing.
{They take their jackets off and they both move toward the sofa.}
Amanda: Well, I’m a firm believer in practice. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002710844
Lee: Me too. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002711344
{They throw their jackets down
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002712145 [errrr Ole!]
and go to sit. Amanda kicks her feet over his legs.}4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002713947
[I thought Lee was gonna help clean up or something?
Iwsod they are having a moment.. and doing cute stuff.. who cares?! lol.]
Amanda: Haven’t we played this scene before? 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002714948
Lee: Yep, and then the doorbell rang, remember? 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002716549
Amanda: No. I tend to block out bad timing. [bom bom what a pun!]4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002720954
Lee: See if this helps. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002723757
{They kiss.}
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002724958
[About Flipping Time!!!! Grr Lee goes for it. ]4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002725959
{Lee moves his head back after a moment.}
[Finally! a Real Kiss!! I guess they can do that now Lee doesn’t have PD2 germies haaaa] 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002727360
Lee: How’s that?
[I give it an A+]4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002728561
It helps.
[Come on!!! Lee set that one up perfectly!!! Amanda you were supposed to say – You need to do much much more practice!!! Or how about… Lee’s gonna clean you up good!!! rofl. ]
Lee: Oh? Want some more? 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002732365
[Yes. Please.] 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002732966
{They resume kissing}4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002733466
[whoa. check out this grab I got! haaaaaa… This had me sniggering away to myself.. what am I 8?! I laugh that I laugh, because it’s so ridiculous!  haaa..
But it’s a funny grab okay! You know it just doesn’t look right in a still! I should probably make their kisses gifs when including them in a blog post. Hmm maybe I can do that the next walk through the episodes!] 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002734968
{They break the kiss when they hear an outside car pull up.}4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002736569
They’re home early. [bad timing!]
{Lee starts to get up.}
Lee: I’m gone. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002738171
Amanda: No, no, no, no!.. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002738872
…No, we need practice in this, too. Come on.
4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002739372
Lee: I guess so. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002742676
Amanda: Ready? 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002745178
Lee: Ready. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002747881
[But am I ready for a big Lee smile.. that is the real question.. ] 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002748381
Dotty (off camera): Amanda, we’re home darling. 4.15 Bad Timing.avi_002749182
{Both smile and turn their heads toward the door.}
Lee and Amanda seem to rise to the occasion, and put on a good party face for Dotty.
The End!!

What do you all make of this tag?
I can’t complain, with all the kisses and cuddles.. but I find the whole plastering  a smile on your face to present to Dotty who has no idea what you both just went through the last 24 hours is really sad! But.. it’s not played that way, it’s played for laughs.

So for me, I don’t really feel the humour here on this watching but heck, maybe the next time I see it I will feel differently huh!!! Do tell – what do you think?

You are likely wondering – what’s next for JWWM? When will we start the walk through Do You Take This Spy? I’ve been trying to get it done so we could walk through it over the holidays, but it’s not going to happen I’m sorry!! Maybe everyone will be too busy over the holidays to be around for the walk anyway.

I’m thinking, let’s aim to start the walk mid/late January 2022- and I’ll try and time it so the wedding (spoiler alert haaaa) is being walked through on Valentine’s day 🙂 Who’s with me???? 

Anyway – still looking forward to hearing what you all think of this episode, and of course the blog is wide open to be added to for any episode at any time.. So if you are craving some smk time, dig into a past episode and share your thoughts if you like. 

Next up I’ll do an update on Operation Sandstorm, then there will likely be a smky christmas post of cheesy memes because well, why not. 
If anyone has any to add to the collection – do please email me your creations! 

21 responses to “6/6 Season Four: Episode Fifteen- Bad Timing–Scarecrow & Mrs King

  1. I was just doing the math and to have it end on Valentine’s Day, you would need to have Do You Take This Spy? only be a few posts if you start it too late in January. Surely such an important ep deserves a more detailed breakdown than that!!


    • Hello!
      Hey all, happy new year! I think I was going to come back here and publish a holiday post but lol that didn’t happen.

      I’m currently away on holidays.. so just popping in to say re DYTTS- don’t worry I won’t skip over the good stuff LeesMolly.
      I’ve almost completed writing up the walk through this episode, and it’s looking like it will be 5 posts in length. Aiming to start the walk again on 15 January…

      There may be a delay after that episode till the next one, will really depend on how 2022 unfolds.. as I’m sure many of you are experiencing, in times like these we’ve just gotta take things a step at a time, and do the best we can.
      Rest assured, the walk will continue in some way shape or form!

      Liked by 2 people

    • I agree, love that episode. Definitely a favorite of mine,


  2. Something I was thinking about the other day…I’m not sure what order you have planned for the last four episodes, but I vote leaving All That Glitters for last. There’s no deep reasoning in terms of character or spoilers or anything like that — it’s just my least favorite and I can stand to wait the longest for it’s walk-through! Whereas I’m much more anxious to see your breakdowns for the others and don’t want to wait as long! LOL (In fact my entire order just on those grounds would be: One Flew East, Suitable For Framing, Matter Of Choice, Khrushchev List, All That Glitters)

    Not sure if that kind of reasoning gets factored in at all, but just in case it does…


  3. Now are both Lee and Amanda genuinely smiling in the last two pictures, or do I detect a hint of anxiety or apprehension on Lee’s part?


    • Oh Lee definitely looks nervous! It’s adorable! The man nearly dies of genetically altered plague and breaks into a Soviet embassy and yet he’s still intimidated by his future mother-in-law! I just love him! LOL


      • Yes, I think it’s so cute he feels a little intimidated. He knows how much she’s a part of Amanda’s life, and he really want her to know just how much Amanda means to him.


  4. The last ten minutes of this episode are fantastic television. For me, they are probably the most exciting final ten minutes of any SMK episode, except maybe Night Crawler. I just love the way the suspense builds and builds as Lee and Billy make their way through that embassy, with the clock counting down relentlessly. No silly chase scene, no arrests—just a life-or-death mission that could go fatally wrong at any moment.

    If I could change just one thing, it would be the point where Lee drags Billy back into the storage room, when Lee realizes there are only 20 seconds left on the clock and is certain he is not going to make it. At this moment, Lee believes that he has only a few moments left to live. What are his final words to the love of his life? “Amanda, you’ve gotta pick up Billy in the aqueduct. You hear me? Pick up Billy in the aqueduct.” And then he just settles back and waits for the watch to inject him.

    Why, why, WHY, after instructing Amanda to pick up Billy, couldn’t he have then said, “I love you, Amanda.” Right in front of Francine, Billy, everyone. Just those four simple words. Why on earth not? It would have been so, so wonderful!

    In fact, neither Lee nor Amanda says “I love you” at any time during this entire episode! For whatever reason, the writers were extremely sparing with those words over the course of the fourth season. I wonder why?

    Among other things, I would love to have seen how Francine would have reacted to hearing him say that. Of course, Francine does see the way that they embrace at the end, and I personally take this as definitive proof that she fully understands they are a committed romantic couple now.


  5. A few more thoughts that have come to mind as we (regretfully) leave this ep behind:
    1) That first photo of Billy and Lee is really a great shot! Can I share it with the SMK group for a Caption Challenge?

    2) Billy’s comment about “I’m glad I thought of putting you together” and Lee’s reaction seem to imply that it’s kind of a joke adn it was moreLee’s idea, but it was Billy that paired them, even though Lee recruited her. What am I missing?

    3) I have to say that for missing two full hours of sleep — not to mention the sheer emotional exhaustion of an experience like this — Lee and Amanda look remarkably well rested!

    4) I actually dreamed about this ep twice recently. In one case the attack with the injection happened just as Lee and Amanda were leaving a chapel after their wedding ceremony and in the other, it took place just before Christmas, so that this scene in the morning was Christmas morning. I can’t imagine how horrible either of those scenarios would have been if the writers had gone there — I’d have totally lost it! This was more than gutwrenching enough!

    5) You have been woefully deficient in your capture of the Lee/Amanda hug in the truck. Only ONE picture? I’m surprised at you! LOL


    • I agree about Lee’s reaction to Billy when he tells them he’s glad he decided to put them together. He did pair the two, he was always telling Lee to get Amanda, especially during seasons one and two, even though Lee was very reluctant. What’s funny, after the end of every case, he always found a way to be in her presence. It was so cute!


  6. I just noticed something — shouldn’t rhis be episode fifteen, not fourteen?


    • haaaaa. you know you are right! LOL out of 88 episodes I figured I would do that one day. I’ll update it, thanks LeesMolly
      Oh and hi everyone! I’ve been working all weekend and life’s not giving me much smk time at the moment – so just taking this chance to say hiya!!!
      hope you are all well!!!! and I’ll get back when I can 🙂


  7. In response to LessMolly, I love this episode too, especially the last scene, when they’re at Amanda’s, I think it’s so cute! Okay, so with explosion, then the lights go off in the Embassy, I guess man and woman coming out of the room was so engaged in their little fun they didn’t notice anything.

    When Lee and Billy get to Doneck, I have no idea what he says. The only thing I make out is “die”. So the truck scene have me a little baffled, we see all three in the truck while Amanda is doing the navigating, when Billy gets shot, Amanda leaves and tells Francine, “they’re never going to make it”. I thought they were already in front of the Embassy, but we see both trucks pull up as Lee and Amanda is carrying Billy.

    In the limousine, (my favorite part) when Billy asks Lee if he want him to drop him by his place, Amanda’s expression is cute, she looking like, Lee and I have to get our alone time.

    I have watched this episode so many times, I still get all warm and fuzzy with this last scene.


  8. That climax is so heartbreaking and beautiful! I love the way Lee says “Hold me” as he pulls Amanda in for a hug. And when it looks like Lee won’t make it I just about want to cry! (In fact I think I did a couple of times)

    You should try for February 13–not 14th for the wedding post since that’s their actual anniversary!

    I don’t want this ep to be over! Can we walk through it qgain in even more detail between now and Christmas? PLEASE?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ohhh, can we talk about this??? It wasn’t until very recently that I learned, from reading another SMK website, that many people hear Lee say “hold me,” as he hugs Amanda. I didn’t remember that at all, so of course I had to go back and check immediately! Because if it were true, it would be amazing!

      He definitely breathes out something as he embraces her. I listened to it over and over. It could be “hold me.” But to me, it sounded more like he is murmuring, “Oh, Amanda…’ (or “Oh, ‘Manda…”), and because he is exhaling when he says it, the “oh” sounds sort of like it starts with an “h.” Or, he could just be sighing, “Amanda,” only in a drawn-out way.

      But today, I am at a computer with better speakers, and now I am thinking it sounds more like “hold me” after all! And I love that. I wonder what others here think/hear?

      In any event, this sweet little element (that I had never noticed before) adds even more poignancy to this beautiful scene.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I had to re-watch that part over and over. I hear him mutter something to Amanda, but still haven’t made it out.

        I will just have to watch this scene again until I can make it out. I think it’s so beautiful!!!


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