3/6 Season One, Episode 14: Dead Ringer- Scarecrow and Mrs King

73Back to the agency and Billy is stressing about the plan with Magda Petrak coming off… seems she wants to defect and they are going to help her. and Francine is bragging she is going to be sensational.. ok Francine.. ugh.. (whoo seems 74Francine has been busy joining paperclips to make a pretty necklace to wear..  after all, she does ‘ love playing dress-ups’ . )

Off to the botanical gardens and Magda Petrak shows up, a security man following her.. Whooo the music playing as she makes her entrance is gorgeous!!! (why can’t Amanda get some music like that sometime eh?!) She asks Lee about her 75family, and he says they are now flying over the atlantic.. and safe. So she goes ahead and asks where the Camptosorus blah blah is.. and heads that way. Billy meets her and ushers her into a building… Check out 76all those trench coats and fedoras.. no nothing suspicious going on here!

Then we see Francine and her groovy eye trick! 77hehehee..
Ok, I get that they wanted to show us Francine putting the lens’ in.. and with one eye Magda and one eye Francine.. but.. the security guy is following Magda, they don’t want him to know there has been a switch and she is only now putting on her contact lens? and she hasn’t even got her wig on yet? and Billy is hurrying her the whole time and stressing the time factor too? ’Get the wig on quickly!!! – aaannnnoooying!!.. This just doesn’t make sense to me that she wasn’t standing there ready to go as Magda, having arrived as soon as the gardens opened.. waiting till noon ready to put on her coat and hat.. but .. ok ok.. this way is more visually interesting..

78BTW- how cute does Lee look today? huh?!! ahem..

79Man, you’d think the agency could cough up for a decent looking wig!! LOL!! So, off Francine as Magda goes walking back to her car, the security guy follows her not noticing she has been switched..

80Did I mention how gorgeous Lee is looking as he takes in the 81subterfuge in super ‘intrigue’ mode?! Whoooo baby! 1thuddy

There is a car from the Hungarian Diplomatic Service waiting for her.. the driver reading the paper or something.. she walks like she is going to get back in… and a black limo screeches to a halt right in front of it.. Francine as Magda runs to the car and gets in.. and the limo takes off.. and so the pursuit begins (yawn..).. 4 limos 82show up and the Hungarians get all confused as they do the old which cup is it under trick.. Gee good thing there are absolutely no other cars on this road at this time of the day- that would have gotten in the way of the agency’s plans…. how convenient! Winking smile 

Eventually the Hungarians choose one of the limos and cut it off from the convoy.. only to find a man in there reading a newspaper..? [so who was this guy?!] Yeah.. if my limo had screeched to a halt and turned to the side I would still be reading the newspaper calmly.. not! It looks 83weird! ( They’re even pointing a gun at him and he is just a bit curious- not afraid at all! haaa)

Ok.. so all the action is over, the defection has taken place.. Can I be a bit cheeky here.. and ask- Why did Francine even need to dress up as Magda in the first place? all she did was walk to the car and then run a few meters to the limo that pulled up in her heels.. what? Magda can’t run in heels? all seems a bit elaborate when it wasn’t even needed.. Ok, Ok, I can see that swapping Magda for Francine works – Francine had to get to the car by walking past the baddie ( but couldn’t she have just gone the back way or something?!) and ok ok.. if the baddies captured the correct limo they got Francine – but the whole dressing up to look like Magda thing just doesn’t work for me! Now.. if Francine as Magda had gone up to one of the men and said something I would get it.. but as it is.. Maybe Lee could have put on the wig, the high heels and.. even the lenses Winking smile -just a bit of a distraction at the right moment- and done! ( I would pay money to see Lee run in heels..)

Back to Amanda’s house.. why does Amanda call her mother mother every sentence she talks to her????? She only does it 4 sentences in a row.. enough already!

Lee is unbelieveable! Amanda opens the front door and Lee and Magda just come in.. too bad!! Lee doesn’t care that Dotty is home.. (why not just hang out in Amanda’s tulips Lee?!) and that 84Amanda doesn’t want him there.. no where else to go Lee?  I thought you said Amanda was ‘ just a messenger!!!’

86Lee: I need a safe house for Magda, the one we had arranged was burned.
87Amanda: somebody find out about it?
88Lee: No, I mean burned.. down!…. faulty wiring or something!
I love Amanda’s reaction here!!

Ok, the Hungarians are searching the streets of downtown Washington huh.. So then Francine must be in hiding also somewhere no?! Afterall, she is sooo super clever!

Glad Lee finally lets Amanda in on what’s happening with Magda, her family and her new life.. about time!

Dotty calls out.. and Amanda tells Lee she isn’t going to lie to her mother anymore.

90Lee: tell her the truth, she won’t believe you.. 91

Dotty: Amanda! Who’s there!
92Amanda: nobody special mother just a defecting hungarian refugee. (did she just say Lee is nobody special?!haaaaa )
Dotty’s response is silence! heheheee… love it! 94

Amanda: “she bought it!”



A while later.. Amanda is bringing down Dotty’s tray from her room.. Dotty’s curiosity is killing her she is busting to know who is downstairs.. Lee tells Amanda to stall her somehow.. and he tells Amanda that they are getting really good
97stuff out of Magda, more than he had hoped for.. and… he kinda sheepishly asks for more coffee. (at least he had the sense to know he is pushing it!) Lee: aaaand we need some more coffee

Amanda: Ooohhh for a communist she certainly is into room service!
99Lee: hey, what’s the matter with you?
(that is the second time in this episode that he has used those exact  words!!)

100Lee:Do you want me to make it?
101Amanda: no no I’ll make it, the coffee’s too weak, the sandwiches are too dry, the house is 102too small, you know she’s different from any communist I’ve ever seen on the news. they all wear boots and drive tractors and work in factories and I bet they wouldn’t dare complain about a thing!
Lee: the information I am getting is invaluable ( Lee doesn’t snap at Amanda.. he knows she’s right.. in fact he doesn’t correct her, he just says it is worth the hassle!)
103Amanda: Oh, can I just ask you one thing?
Lee: what?
Amanda: Are you sure they want her back?

ROFL!!!!! that is a great question Amanda!!

Over to the Hungarian embassy to answer Amanda’s question.. Magda Petrak must be found!! OHHHH My!!!! Why just check out the Red blinds behind the baddie!! They look awful!! 106Could the metal blinds be a reference to the ‘iron curtain’???!!! Red being the soviet colour?? It is amazing to think this episode was shown in the US early 1984, and only 5 years later – Hungary became the Republic of Hungary! ( only 5 years more and Magda would have been free to travel..)

If there are any readers from former eastern block countries – I would love to hear your thoughts on this and how smk portrays the communist culture in this episode with Magda!

Well.. must go – thanks for reading!! Back with more soon Smile

6 responses to “3/6 Season One, Episode 14: Dead Ringer- Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. “Whoo seems Francine has been busy joining paperclips to make a pretty necklace to wear..”


    Anyone find it interesting that Francine takes waaaaaaaaaay more time getting ready for “Suburban Frump” in Filming Raul than she takes to get ready to dress as Magda? She flops that wig on in like half a second but took two hours to adorn herself with curlers and headscarf…
    Also, why is Francine carrying a hat box out of the agency if she uses Magda’s hat??? (Can’t really see it in the screencaps, but I think I noticed when I was watching the episode.)
    But who cares. Lee Stetson is in fact GORGEOUS.


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  3. What I never understood was Magda spent like 2 minutes in the Botanical Gardens before striding out again. And no one thought this was odd?! I guess bodyguards are non too bright huh?
    I can’t imagine if Dotty was that curious why she didn’t just come down the stairs. I love Amanda’s line about whether they want her back!! I have to say I think Amanda’s house it pretty big. If that’s considered modest in US it puts UK sized shoe box houses to shame!!!!


  4. Melissa Robertson

    Really don’t know what to think here…It is Amanda’s home she doesn’t want them there, but Lee just walks over top of her and doesn’t give her choice. She is the woman because I don’t know how she could make coffee and sandwiches for them under those circumstances. Lee is really inconsiderate here…but that is Lee in work mode!!!


  5. “Then we see Francine and her groovy eye trick! hehehee..”

    This part has always bothered me about this episode (as well as the scene near the end … but more on that when your commentary gets posted). I know what they’re trying to do, but couldn’t they have shown Francine’s transformation earlier and not while Magda’s getting hustled through the botanical gardens? It seemed like such a last minute, spur-of-the-moment, thing and was in such contrast to the amount of planning that had to have been required to play the limo shell game!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I totally agree with you, Leanne. If you have to show the transformation, show it before. (Maybe Francine was having problems getting the contacts in and she had actually been there for hours.)

      And ISWOD — “seems Francine has been busy joining paperclips to make a pretty necklace to wear.. ” BWA HA HA HA HA! I love it when you are snarky. Sad thing is, those fashions are coming back.

      “seems Francine has been busy joining paperclips to make a pretty necklace to wear.. ” BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA! I love it when you are snarky!


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