4/6 Season One, Episode 14: Dead Ringer- Scarecrow and Mrs King

Last post, we left the Hungarian Baddie raving about how they must find Magda Petrak.. This guy is a real misogynist! I bet it is the worst of all that it was Magda (a woman!) who fooled them!
The head baddie’s name is ‘Brobich’? .. ohhhh dear!..Surely that name can’t be an accident?? ( just add a t!) Especially because of what he thinks of women! but…this forum is PG.. so I will leave it at that! Winking smile
This made me laugh:
Sandor: Her Party record has always been impeccable, Comrade Brobich.
Brobich: Exactly!

Oh yes how suspicious! she was tooo impeccable haaaaa.. (nah.. it was that she was a she!!)

107Love how one of the baddies can’t grasp why Magda would do such a thing!!! And not two seconds earlier, they said they were with her constantly! Who wouldn’t want that??!!

Brobich is just awful… makes me almost feel sorry for what Magda must have had to put up with from him!  
108Brobich: sometimes it is wiser to keep a few wrinkles in the belly of the people. They hesitate to ask for more. Magda Petrak has enjoyed her stay in this country too much. You haven’t noticed. And now she is asking for even more. There are reasons why a woman has never achieved the inner circle of the Politburo. Do you know what those reasons are? There is an innate softness and corruptibility in women. They’re easily seduced by the decadent luxuries of the west, as Magda Petrak has been seduced.1yuck

So the baddies have headed out to scour Washington,  looking for the easily corruptible Magda.. (why aren’t they heading straight to the Mall? LOL…)

Back to Amanda’s and Lee is still interviewing 109Magda.. Dotty starts making her way downstairs.. Amanda throws out Lee.. love it! hehehe.. she even throws his jacket out the door! Magda stays to be ‘observed’ by Dotty!!! Sick Dotty comes and plonks herself on the sofa.. Oh dear.. you’re sick and in your nighty.. you really want to make a new friend??

Magda looks just like Francine.. Dotty has met Francine! The only explanation for Dotty not making the connection with Amanda’s client who has a chimpanzee  loves strudel and went to Sarah Lawrence (in saved by the bells) is that she is unwell.. and so she doesn’t see that the two women look exactly alike.. She even assumes initially that Magda is a client! A missed opportunity! oh well..
Dotty: Well, aren’t you two having a cozy time. I hope I’m not interrupting anything.  Are 110you plants or animals? (Magda doesn’t answer) 111Plants, I’d say. You don’t look like the animal type.  – Whahaaaa!

And another great line here:
112Dotty: Amanda thinks I may have dingwee fever, but I know it’s just a cold, I was feeling absolutely wonderful yesterday and then it just hit me last night
113Magda: then you are contagious, you should contain yourself for the good of others.

Dingwee fever is sweeping the suburbs!!! heheheheee..

This was a rather rude thing of Magda to say to someone she has never met…. but… I agree with her!!! It may be Dotty’s house, but Magda is their guest… I think she should go back to bed!

The boys come home! Phillip is so proud of his second place ribbon for his science project.. (that Jamie helped him with, and no doubt Amanda did too!)

114Love how Phillip doesn’t even know who this random woman in his family room is, but he holds up his ribbon and tells her he got second prize! Ahhhh kids.. who wouldn’t be interested in that.. right boys??!!

115 Magda: In my country, first place is winning, everything else is loosing.
Ouch!! Magda you
116insensitive cow!! This kind of nastiness must be genetic!!

Whooooo Amanda is absolutely livid with her here.. understandably. This is an interesting 118insight into Amanda’s character.. she is absolutely furious at Magda, but is calm, 117and.. Is still smiling!!!!! oh Amanda.. come on tell her what you think! I think she is so shocked and she can’t find the words.. (Hmm Funny, she has no trouble expressing that anger with Lee!Smile) Amanda: How could you say that to a little boy?
Magda: One has a responsibility to children. They should be realists. You — you don’t want your son to be a winner?

Amanda: My son is a winner.  Please excuse me. 
Amanda goes outside and tells Lee the boys are 120home, that her family is now miserable and up in their rooms and she no longer has a happy home.. -hurry up and get her out!! Lee is trying to appease Amanda.. but she knows it..

121Lee:Look a few more minutes, we’ll wrap it up and she’ll be out of your way.
Amanda: that’s what you said when you first got here! [Good Call!] Now listen, I’m gonna go upstairs and see what 122I can do about Phillip, I will give you 10 minutes…and there can be no more complications right? nothing can go wrong?

Lee: oh Amanda, this whole operation has 123been like a walk in the park, what could possibly go wrong?   [don’t say it Lee!!!]Amanda: get back up against the wall!

Amanda isn’t buying it.. and Lee lets out the breath he has been holding and shakes his head after she leaves.. he knows she has a point..and her patience is being pushed to the limit!

Back at the agency, Billy is looking for Francine but agent Blye tells him she is out to lunch..
Billy: I’m surprised she didn’t eat anything, I mean she must be pretty exhausted from taking all those bows!
125Agent: She did good Billy
Billy: yeah she did very well, unfortunately we’ll never hear the end of it.. LOL …. I love a joke at Francine’s expense as much as the next person.. but come on! ‘She did good Billy.’?? eh?? I mean what did Francine really DO that was so fantastic? She looks like Magda..[what skill does that involve?] Francine stuck in some contact lenses, she wore an ugly wig.. Does that deserve bows? ok ok.. she ran to the limo in heels and got in… whooop de doooo..

Wow.. a magic Hungarian car..when they are talking in the car the windscreen wipers are on.. they turn a corner and …bing! the car is dry – whoooo.. and Bing! they see blonde Magda! Looks like Francine’s car is not magic.. hers gets wet…and stays wet…

Yep, miss super clever spy Francine is going about her daily life without restriction.. even though she looks just like Magda Petrak who 126only defected this morning and who will have baddies hunting about for her! Gee maybe Francine didn’t realise she looks like Magda huh???!!!! Winking smile (Billy should have shipped her off to Alaska to hide out.. permanently.. hey! Any excuse would do!! Winking smile nooo I’m only joking, I would miss Francine and all the snark she brings!! the fashion police moments.. the jewellery made out of stationary supplies.. )

127Francine is in a heap of trouble.. nabbed by a misogynist…



The baddies call the agency and just happen to 128end up speaking to Billy…. Anyway. they want to make a trade… Francine for Magda.. Uh oh!! (If I had to pick which one I wanted.. I would struggle!!)

Ok, I’ll finish up here for now.. Thanks for reading!!!! Do you have any thoughts about this you would like to share? any favourite moments? least favourite? what do you think of Magda? Do tell! Smile byeee!

8 responses to “4/6 Season One, Episode 14: Dead Ringer- Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. What Magda said to Phillip was inexcusable. My grandmother used to be the same way – the only winner was first place and everyone else was a loser. Amanda controlled her anger beautifully here. I would have gone off on her big time.

    I also think Lee is being extremely insensitive to Amanda and her situation here. He’s acting like Amanda’s family are inconveniencing their work by actually being in their own home.


    • LOL. This sounds like every household right now. “I dont understand why are you always mad at me these days just because I took over the home office and keep shushing you all day so that I can have work calls while you’re trying to do laundry and housework and cook dinner and deal with the kids…”

      Liked by 1 person

      • Omg I hadn’t thought of that, but you’re absolutely right! In this episode everyone is kind of on top of each other, so to speak, and poor Amanda is trying to juggle everyone. That’s totally what’s happening today! Good comparison!


  2. Something about the way Amanda reacts to Magda’s oh-so-horrible comment to Phillip reminds me of the tone of voice Karen uses in Odds on a Dead Pigeon. Maybe it’s just me.


  3. I think that Amanda’s pause when Dotty goes upstairs is not just to wait until Dotty is out of the room before saying what she wants to say, but to count to ten (or one hundred!) before saying something she might regret, given that Magda is a defector, etc etc etc.
    Jenbo’s right–really angry Amanda is scary. 🙂
    I like the way this is done–it shows more of Amanda’s character… how she’s not hot-headed (except with Lee–LOL!)… and will defend what she thinks is good and right.


  4. Boy oh boy Amanda is scary when she’s REALLY angry. Oh yeah we see her angry with Lee but I think this is much more terrifying!!
    I can’t believe given all the US is doing to help Magda she can’t be a little bit more gracious to those trying to help. She might come from eastern bloc but manners cost nothing unlike a microwave 😉


  5. Melissa Robertson

    Francine and Madga has more than just looks in common.


  6. You know, normally when a show has a character with a double, they tend to be exact opposites of each other. One rich, one poor, one good, one evil, etc. I guess SMK decided not to go that route. I guess they decided that one nasty, snarky Francine vs. one nasty humorless Magda was enough of a study in contrasts. 😛


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