5/6 Season One, Episode 15: The Mole–Scarecrow and Mrs King

Amanda meets Lee at the mother’s bake stand and tries to get Lee to wear a bombers hat- 153because ‘Most of the Bomber fathers wear them.’.. Come on Lee! you’ve 154dressed as a kooky pirate.. but you can’t do ‘Bombers dad’? Hmm.. telling!  Funny to think one day he is going to want to have a relationship with the boys.. awh… Lee has some growing to do (which is very evident in this episode!!)..
Lee: Bombers fathers? No! Amanda, I am sorry, I pass. I am not, nor do I ever intend to be a Bomber father.
155Lee doesn’t intend to be a bombers father..Which is even more reason for Amanda to never seriously consider a romance with Lee an option- at least not at this stage! Just love how confused Lee is 156over loosening his tie – 157is it my imagination or has Lee put on some more eyeliner before meeting with Amanda?! LOL… she steamrolls him here!! 157Amanda: I’ll tell you what you really need, you need something to eat. So here, why don’t you try a nice brownie? Mrs Scott makes them.  159Seventy-five cents, please.

Lee: Is this why you brought me out here? huh? To let me chip my tooth on one of Mrs Scott’s brownie?

OHHHH Amanda!!! I LOVE that you made Lee pay for it!!! heheheee.. you go girl!

Amanda: Oh, no. Oh, no, no, no. I don’t want you to think that I don’t trust David.
Lee: Mm.
Amanda: Not for a minute. But, um. . .
.(Amanda is not comfortable with this whole investigating a friend thing..Lee just kinda grunts in response!)

163Amanda  starts to explain what she has 162uncovered about David Benson’s alimony payments.. only to go off on a tangent… Amanda: Now, I assume they have to be alimony checks, because they had no children — 164gee, that’s sad, isn’t it? [you can hear Lee audibly sign here in resignation, he knows what’s coming!]You know, children can really make the difference in a marriage —image
165Lee: Cheques, come on, come on, cheques, you were mentioning cheques.image

Lee is more impatient with Amanda in this scene than I have seen him in a while..  lots of sighs and head scratching going on.. but.. he manages to bring Amanda back down to the conversation at hand! hehehe.. I love how Amanda’s thoughts wanders off to family and children here.. it is rather sweet.. and for Lee infuriating!!

167I also love how Amanda tells Lee about the checks stopping.. and Lee doesn’t get the 168significance.. he has to ask her what it means.. but at that moment.. CRACK!!!! Phillip hits a big one.. and then we hear “AMANDA!!!!!!!!” Crazy excited Dotty comes running over and Lee hot foots it to behind the tent to hide.. Dotty is 169sooo excited she is yelling and doesn’t stop moving as she tells Amanda how well Phillip did and lots of other stuff I can’t make out because she is so crazy!!..and how Amanda should come over and sit with them in the bleachers.. she’ll get there Dotty- she’s just trying to save the country from Bulgarian bad guys right now.. off Dotty goes- I don’t think I have ever seen Dotty that excited.. too many brownies?!! image

170Lee pops up at the back of the tent and surprises Amanda!! He holds up the Brownie like it is emitting radiation
Lee: Does anybody actually eat these things?  [Ahh Lee, why such contempt?? he reacts so emotionally to these family type situations.. ahem..] Amanda doesn’t bite (pun intended!) and tells Lee to get back around the front..

171Amanda slides straight back into explaining what’s weird about the cheques… he thinks she is on to nothing.. until.. the penny drops.. oooohhhh right.. David 172Benson has been paying his alimony by cash.. and claiming it as a tax deduction!! The Moleimage is busted!! (Doesn’t Lee 173look gorgeous when you see the light bulb finally go on???!!!) come on Lee.. a little ‘job well done here Amanda’ wouldn’t have gone 174astray.. Whooo Magic hair! the moment Lee figures it out- his hair is suddenly styled perfectly! Winking smile I prefer confused hair myself.. ahem..

CRACK!!! another big hit!!! Phillip has hit a big one!!! (he hit the last big one.. he has another go so soon?!) “Go Phillip!! Slide Phillip Slide” Amanda yells.. In the excitement Lee knocks his brownie off the counter and it lands on his foot..
He is bending down rubbing his foot and Amanda slaps him on the back a couple of times in the excitement.. ‘arghh!!!’ Lee says nearly toppling over! Lee doesn’t look so stuffy and snobby bent over like that with a brownie in one hand, his shoe in the other.. Amanda slapping him on the back and his groans of pain being audible!! hehehee.. I love that .. great touch!! (yeah and a slap was just the touch Lee deserved – bad Lee for not acknowledging Amanda’s good work here.. suffer Lee!!)image image
176Amanda: Good boy Phillip!
Lee: sure it’s wonderful! I just 177dropped this brownie on my toe I think it’s broken! The brownie is just fine.. image
Lee throws the brownie on the counter hard- and it remains unharmed!!! hehehee..I think that brownie really was hard enough to break his toe! hehee..

Gracious as always, Amanda apologises and asks if there is anything she can do.. and yep! Lee has 178a job for her.. and.. it is going to require some identification- yep a big deal is made out of this.. 179like Amanda doesn’t know what identification is.. just those smk writers making things 180easier for us dumb people watching.. Lee’s hair looking gorgeous again suddenly isn’t helping me concentrate.. that MUST be why they spell it out!!

Well..Lee must have confidence in her now to give her this job.. especially without him! (not that he would actually say it, but we know Lee.. better with actions than words)

Department of Marital Relations?? Oh my!! that sounds terrible! Are they in charge of conjugal visits or something!!! Well this little visit of Amanda’s to Monica Benson has got to be a 181first.. isn’t it?? the first time she is taking on a different persona to get info out of someone (but 182not undercover if that makes sense.. ) she is good at it isn’t she.. love how she gets in the door.. and Monica Benson’s line is a classic:
Come on into the living room. If I’m going to be interrogated, I might as well do it 184under my own lamp.
Amanda: Yes, that’s what I always say.imageimageimage

That is just vintage pure 100% SMK Classic Brilliant stuff!!!! ROFL!!imageimageimage

Hey! another headband!! LOL.. so glad it isn’t on Amanda!!!! Did you guys notice how much make up Monica 183Benson is wearing?? and she just got off the tennis court??!!!! I was only thinking at the baseball game Amanda (and Lee- ugh!) are wearing rather heavy eye liner/ eye make up.. this make up artist must have had a rather heavy hand.. or that was the fashion of the day..I mean they look gorgeous… but just such a shame the eyeliner had to find its way onto Lee too!!!! image

Will leave it there for the moment.. thanks for reading!!!! Life’s busy so I won’t be posting as often- for now.. but hopefully you will join me when I can post and share your thoughts with everyone and chat amongst yourselves in the meantime! byeeee.. ( Why does RL have to get in the way of SMK fun??!!!)

5 responses to “5/6 Season One, Episode 15: The Mole–Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I wonder if Lee can claim back the cost of that brownie on expenses 😉 boy it did look hard enough to be concrete!! Am so glad Amanda made him pay for it, no free rides just because its Amanda Lee 😉
    Pity he wouldn’t wear the baseball cap, he always looks cute in one. Amanda wears it well too, on me they just look stupid!
    Ah I wouldn’t say children make a difference in a marriage Amanda, it didn’t exactly help yours!!!
    Love excited Dotty, she’s such a great grandmother 🙂
    The line about being interrogated under my own lamp is hilarious 🙂


  2. So is Lee more put out by wearing a baseball cap? Or by disguising himself as a Bomber “father”.
    Interesting to note that in the script on Petra’s site, Lee doesn’t make an issue of wearing the hat and puts it on.


  3. As I understand it, the first time Amanda yells for Phillip he is at bat and had a really good hit. That’s when Dotty comes over. The second time, Phillip is running the bases and Amanda wants him to slide into a base to be safe.


  4. Melissa Robertson

    Love the scene of Lee at the ball game the whole thing cracks me up with brownie ROFL!!!! It would have bee funny in season 4 if they showed Lee at one of the bombers games, with maybe a hat on 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. ” is it my imagination or has Lee put on some more eyeliner before meeting with Amanda?! ”
    Ahhhh, he wanted to look extra pretty for his partner. *WINK*
    I love how Amanda made Lee pay for the brownie (Hey, her team and kids come first). She probably didn’t want Mrs. Scott’s feeling to be hurt that no one wanted her brownies so that is why she steered Lee towards them.
    Amanda was brilliant with her badge and played it with enough bureaucratic babble speak to make it believable.
    And at least Monica Benson had just “played” tennis to explain her headband. I think she was either working on her tan or the tennis pro IYKWIM.


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