6/6 Season One, Episode 15: The Mole–Scarecrow and Mrs King

Uh oh.. David Benson knows his ex spoke to a 185female agent about his alimony.. the game is up! He wants Viktor to take care of Lee Stetson, but  Viktor won’t.. and David will have to do the job himself..

Oooohhhhhhh.. its that time of the episode where I get a little bored..David is the Moleimage.. hurry up image

Amanda knows for sure David is the Moleimage.. and is searching for Lee to tell him it has been confirmed. She tries to find him at the agency, but she has missed him – Uh oh!! Amanda actually lies to Billy here when he asks 186for the report.. that would have been hard! (maybe it is easier when you have official identification!) Billy says to Amanda: Is that his report? It’s due at five o’clock.

Didn’t Billy ask Amanda if she was holding Lee’s report Yesterday? He did!! Here look:
187Billy: Good. On my desk, five o’clock.
My goodness Billy has such authority!!! Winking smile Billy thinks its groundhog day.. Anyway Amanda heads down to Ned’s to find Lee.. (guess Lee isn’t going to Monks anymore since he got stabbed outside  with that awfully sharp bendy knife Winking smile )

Lee is sitting at the bar chatting to Francine.. Seems Francine feels she should explain why she has been acting so stressed out –  Lee doesn’t understand!- Here comes that theme of friendship again!

Francine: But I never fall apart like that, I mean, it’s just not like me, and so I thought I’d tell you why.
Lee: Well, how come?
It’s none of my business.
189Francine: How come? Because you’re my friend. I should have
190told you something before, but I was — I was too upset. My mother had surgery.
Lee: Oh, I’m sorry.
Francine: Major surgery.
191Lee: That’s some pretty heavy stuff, huh?
Francine: Heavy? You want to hear heavy? I mean, here I am with a
192gun in my hand, chasing after a Bulgarian spy. And the only mother I have is lying in Intensive Care three thousand miles away. I ask you, is that guilt or is that guilt?
193Lee: Is she all right now?
Francine: Yeah. She’s just great.
Lee: Ah, good.
194Francine: She’s terrific.

As strange as it is to see Francine acting like a real person with feelings Winking smile I think this moment is important-  someone else pointing out to Lee that he is actually friends with some of his colleagues and its ok! When she explains they are friends, he doesn’t rebuff her, he supports her- which is great progress! Now.. if only he could get comfortable with being a friend to Amanda too!

At the same time, I really  don’t know why it was kept secret about her mother.. ( the script had Francine undergoing a biopsy! whoa, now that I can understand being kept a secret.. especially when I consider how back in the 80s this was a bit of a taboo topic – I don’t remember this myself as I was too young early 80s.. but I have heard..and how KJ’s breast cancer was kept a secret ) Anyway, emotional Francine just freaks me out!! .. I have no affection for the woman! image

David turns up and joins Francine and Lee. Francine makes her apologies and David the Mole shows his true identity.(Yes! out come his claws!!image )

When David is asking Lee about Amanda and asking how they are working on the mole thing 195together.. – watch Lee’s reaction here- this is Lee when he is lying! hehehee..  he is all charm.. all smiles and laughing. Also, he waves his arms around a lot (hmm kinda like how he did with Amanda at the museum when he was telling them they weren’t emotionally involved!! Winking smile ) Lee is a very cute Liar!!

Lee knew David could be the mole.. so why does David manage to take him by surprise here? 196hmm.. Poor Lee here.. it must be just terrible to have known someone for 4 years.. ( yes, even  been his friend Sad smile) and 197then have them pull a gun on you like that.. No wonder Lee has a tough persona that he hides behind.. he is in one dangerous and heart hardening business…

Hey why is Lee wearing a different suit than what he wore to the baseball game?? Is this a different day? Ohhh this really is the next day! I wasn’t completely sure.. Billy really does want Lee’s report on his desk by 5 yesterday and today! LOL..

Yep, Lee still hadn’t figured it was Davey – Mr none of these people are my friends.. but Amanda (or as David calls her ‘our little lady 198from the sticks’ ) figured it out – and sees people as friends- Gee maybe not being friends isn’t workin Lee? ( and if he had been a closer friend to Ronnie, he would have either known about him winning the Irish 199sweepstakes or he would have asked him about it!)  Whooo Lee looks gorgeous when David is complimenting him on how cool and calm he is.. (as gorgeous as he is.. It is a little cheesy how people gush over Lee’s mask- when.. it is obvious it’s a mask – and 2 seconds earlier David said he had known Lee for 4 yrs and can tell when he is bluffing.. ugh! still- an excuse for an ultra close up of super tough Lee? ok.. I’ll go with it!!! )

I have to do everything. Leave my coffee, drive the car, get shot.

Whooo David.. you really don’t want to come between Lee and his coffee!!!hmmm..

Well, Amanda sees Lee and David pull away and she knows Lee is in major trouble. She quickly pursues them and finds them on a highway.. what to do now Amanda? Drat the lack of  Mobile phones (cell phones for Americans!) back then!

Amanda chooses to overtake them.. Lee will know it is her car immediately.. only problem is David seeing her.. no wait! Random hat is 202sitting next to Amanda on the passenger seat.. phew for that!! hehehee.. actually to me it looks like it could be Phillip’s (at least it is not Dean’s Smile sooo happy he is gone!!).. a bombers hat would have made more sense. but ok.. I’ll go with it! –Notice in the shots with Amanda putting the hat on and taking it off the background is completely wrong! LOL.. they must have gone to the warners carpark and filmed it as a pick up when someone noticed – oh yeah! Wouldn’t David recognise Amanda as she passed them??!!! haaa
Sooo.. Amanda over takes them.. ( I swear Lee
203has a secret look of admiration in his eyes when he sees Amanda’s car in front of him – he knows she is on it!! )

Amanda has on her Magic Hat!! take it off and you are suddenly somewhere else! LOL!! Anyway, Amanda speeds obviously in an attempt to get pulled over by the cops.

Problem is.. they’re so caught up in helping Barbie with the red sports car (wasn’t her car pink? Winking smile ).. -protect and serve! all the blondes!! Winking smile
[LOL… a Red corvette! I bet they reused David’s Red Corvette from earlier!! How many red corvettes can there be?!] Love how Amanda speeds past the cops, honks her horn at them and they don’t even notice.. so she has to turn around and do a donut in front of them basically
207and this finally gets their attention! Haaaaa.. It’s so funny to see Amanda goody two 208shoes doing donuts in front of the police! haaaa..  Off the cops go in pursuit of Amanda. and we see them pull her over….

Lee and David pass busted Amanda (hope she put her hat back on – ooorrr wouldn’t David see her?!) and they themselves turn into a side road..uh oh it is now time to do the deadly deed… hurry Amanda!

David opens his door and Amanda comes along with her car at that moment and takes out his door.. Poor Station wagon!!

Lee and David start fighting and then David takes off with Lee running after him.. to cut the contractually obligated action ending short.. 209Lee.. err I mean Super Lee the human fly, takes a running dive at David running along the creek.. and they both end up in the water.. with Lee the better man at the end of the day finishing of David with only 1 punch.. whoo hoo !!short and sweet.. goodo! ..

So basically the police arrive just after Lee starts running after David..  they pretty much do nothing! hehehee.. Except take away the bad guy… err I mean take the dirt bag downtown!  oh well.. I’ll go with it!

It is interesting that when he punches David, 210Lee tells him: That was for Ronnie! Your partner, and my friend! Again highlighting the theme of this episode:  friends- I love that Lee makes it clear that David was Ronnie’s partner- but it was Lee who was actually his friend! 

Maybe Lee was denying friendships because of the loss of his own partner just before he met Amanda?? [ Later in we’re off to see the wizard, we learn of his loss of Dorothy too..??]

The guy is growing.. little by little!! image Ha! and to top it all off- as Lee hands David over to the cops he tells them ‘ Take care of my friend here huh!’ 211as he motions to one of them to take David away – LOL.. I think Lee uses ‘friend’ here with irony now.. he is getting use to this word no?! Suddenly using it everywhere Winking smile haaaa

212Awhh Amanda holds out her hands and helps Lee out of the water.. awh.. Whooo Wet Lee!!image


213Amanda: I was real worried about cha!

Lee: Yeah, same with me. Listen, how’d you get them to believe they had to follow you here?
214Amanda: Oh, I just showed them my government identification. imageimage
215Lee: Uh, Amanda, you don’t have any 216government identification.
217Amanda: Oh, sure I do. Of course I do. Don’t you remember? I’ve got
218my badge. Just showed them my badge.

219Another job well done Amanda!! where would Lee be without you!!!! 220Lee can’t quite believe it.. she is a very resourceful person..
221he smiles a little and just shakes his head..
222he doesn’t know what to say!
223224Lee, I can help with that… repeat after me: ‘Wow! That was great thinking Amanda. Job Well Done!!!!’ (and then.. you have the option of adding at the end either: ‘and would you marry me and have my children???!!!’ OR simply: ‘kiss me’ would do nicely also…image )

Tag Time! Lee and Amanda are cruising the streets in his Porsche.. Amanda is worrying about the agency paying for the body work that needs to be done on her car… when she still hasn’t gotten the money back for her blue shoes and they were a lot cheaper! Lee seems to be in a relaxed, good mood – driving around with Amanda Smile 

Scarecrow, this is Blue Leader! 225(Amanda mumbles: where? where is Blue Leader? and Lee just waves a hand to say I don’t know!)It is so funny to see Amanda react to Blue Leader’s surprise appearance.. a lot like Lee did! Viktor was nabbed at the airport- hurray! David sends them both his best huh? 226who cares!Wow… Blue Leader says the agency is proud of them both.. 228well.. that is quite the feather in both of their Bombers caps!! I wonder if Billy ever found out about it..

229I love how Lee admits he aims for the steering wheel when talking to Blue Leader..and then Amanda leans over and talks into it.. heehehe..


230Then.. on she goes with her ramble about the car.. ROFL!!!

Lee: Amanda. (He clears his throat and looks to the mirror. The limo is gone. Lee turns back to Amanda.) He’s gone.
231Amanda: No, no. No, no. I think we’re on hold.

232(She sits silent for a moment. Lee smiles.) Amanda continues: 233Sir?
234Mr. Leader?
Blue Leader, sir?
(Lee bursts out laughing!)image

Again, Lee can’t help but laugh and laugh heartily at Amanda’s antics!! It is a really cute ending.. Isn’t it fantastic that he laughs his head off at her.. he doesn’t get mad, or impatient.. I guess now the pressure is off and he can afford to laugh huh..

Also, by pure coincidence Lee has just discovered the secret to keeping Amanda quiet Winking smile – tell her Blue Leader has her on hold!! image

Love love love to hear the thoughts of you readers out there in the great big cyberspace!!  byeee for now!

10 responses to “6/6 Season One, Episode 15: The Mole–Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. If David and Lee are both agents, why didn’t David try to show his ID to the cops? Wouldn’t it be just he said – he said? WE know that David is a bad guy, but the cops don’t.

    I love Lee and Amanda in the car at the end and how Blue Leader thanked Amanda for a job well done. I love how she calls him “Mr Leader” and “Blue Leader sir” while talking into the steering wheel. lol


  2. My dad and I have said the line, “I have to do everything – leave my coffee, drive the car, get shot… Tsk, tsk, tsk,” to each other for over thirty years now whenever it even comes close to fitting into a conversation. 🤣🤣🤣 It will always be one of my favorite Lee lines and will always make me think of watching and loving this show as a teenager with my dad. (Our other favorite and oft-used line – one of us will say “Danger, excitement, intrigue…” and the other one says, “oh, shut up!” 🤣🤣🤣)

    I love your helpful hints for what Lee should have said to Amanda when she showed him her badge she used to get the cops to follow her! I can’t stop laughing!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m not sure if this has already been brought up, and if it has, my apologies for repeating it. But this scene with Blue Leader has always struck me as a fun play on Charlie’s Angels. They are taking orders from a man they can’t see who talks to them from a radio. It just makes me think that the writers did that as a little reference to Sabrina Duncan. Anyone have any thoughts on that?

    Liked by 1 person

    • You make an excellent observation! Charles Townsend’s speakerphone versus Blue Leader’s car radio, but they’re both wealthy men, who choose to fight the good fight while retaining their anonymity. I agree, Panda, Blue Leader was indeed a playful nod to Kate Jackson. Since Blue Leader appears only twice, in back-to-back episodes, I wonder if someone bet that it wouldn’t happen again?

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m not sure why we think Blue Leader is a wealthy man other than the limo, but in a city full of dignitaries, everyone has one of those.

        I suspect he disappeared quickly because they realized Blue Leader was a bad optic. If they are a government agency, fighting the good fight on behalf of the American people, then there would be a visible chain of command, with no one hidden and thus he couldn’t exist.

        If he did exist, that would suggest the Agency was being commanded by a shadowy figure outside of the law, and 1984 was not far enough past Watergate for the optics of that to be good either.

        I’m sure someone thought it was a fun nod to Charlie’s Angels but it simply didn’t work in the universe they’d created. And since CA had been on a rival network, I;m sure CBS was also quick to nip it in the bud.


  4. Did anybody else notice the motorcycle cops holding back the traffic behind Lee’s car for the filming (after the limo turned off onto the side-street when Blue Leader had finished giving Lee the job of mole hunter)? ROFL!
    I’m not super keen on the ditzy mole Amandaramble either, but I think she can be excused because she’s in the mode of thinking about animals at the time when Lee talks about the mole–she’s not thinking spies or the Agency. Though the excuse doesn’t completely work with Lee going on to explain that it’s a traitor… :p
    Benson’s red car is a Porsche–note the badge on the hood–probably a 924–also note the Special Edition on the door which tags it as the same car they use in another episode (can’t remember which one)… 😀
    Why didn’t the baddie move his briefcase aside when he shot Ronnie? Walking around with a briefcase with a bullet hole in it isn’t at ALL suspicious! Not!
    Re: the Geronimo’s scalps line, I think it’s just a little bit more complicated; Lee’s also feeling insecure knowing that he himself has “more scalps than Geronimo” and thinking that isn’t the type of man a classy wholesome woman like Amanda would ever date… i.e., she would never date a player like himself, or David Benson… and perhaps wishing (for the first time in his life?) that he didn’t have so many scalps… even though he isn’t willing/able to admit yet that he’s more than a little attracted to her–despite her being so completely not his usual type. Does that make any sense?
    I love Amanda doing the doughnut to get the cops’ attention. LOL! (And wonder how she managed to get to Lee and David so far ahead of the cops! I guess she was already in her car, maybe with the enging idling, and the cops had to jump in and start up.)

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  5. Note to self……make sure I play poker with Lee because he’s rubbish at bluffing!! Hand waving is a complete tell 😉
    The police and the blonde and the red flashy corvette made me think of Cannonball Run film, those two women in VERY tight spanx type jumpsuits trying to charm themselves out of a speeding ticket LOL
    Nice donut Amanda, funny how she moans at Lee and his speed in another episode bit clearly is a speed demon when the need strikes 😉
    Ah wet Lee (even with clothes on) is totally dreamy 🙂 love how Amanda snaps her fake ID shut.
    Ah finally, nice to see Lee having a hearty laugh (even if its slightly at Amanda’s expense) in the car. They’re on hold ROFL not sure it works like that Amanda 😉


  6. Melissa Robertson

    The little smirk on Lee’s face when Amanda drives by…but he is probably wondering how she will be able to save him this time 🙂 Makes me wonder how Lee survived working alone all those years…Amanda has saved him quite a few times now LOL 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I’d write more, but I keep getting distracted by the “Super tough Lee” screen shot. Thank goodness he has a shirt on or I would be lost, Lost, LOST I tell ya!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Hello iwsod,

    the thing about the police not noticing Amanda at first totally escaped me, thank you for pointing that out!

    I just loved the badge thing. Also how Lee showed his badge to the police men. Seemed completely logical for me for a secret agent to always carry a badge telling everybody who needs to know who he is. Just wondering why the baddies never check him for his badge to confirm they got the right guy. Hope Amanda keeps the badge for further uses.

    But of course Billy is going to find out, he has to sign her time sheet, doesn’t he 😉 Which makes be wonder how this works out with the concept of the agency not paying overtime. Somehow it is a mystery to me how this part time contract of Amada’s could be possibly specified.

    Thank you for another great post and have a happy easter,



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