4/6 Season One, Episode 15: The Mole–Scarecrow and Mrs King

Amanda and David  head out for their date, David has picked up Amanda from her home – In a Red Corvette! LOL!! It is so funny to hear Amanda comment that the car is ‘gorgeous’  – when Lee will have one in a few seasons Winking smile

I thought it was a simple lunch date!! It’s night?!

David is putting on the charm! Ugh.. As he walks around the other side of the car to get in, 136don’t you think Amanda looks at David, like she sees right through him? She isn’t that thrilled to be going on this date! Whoo and she really isn’t impressed that David hasn’t picked out a place to go to! David even boasts “the truly creative don’t worry about expenses“.. well that is one way of looking at a traitor’s actions.. image

David and Amanda are at a swish Party.. mingling with high society.. ohhh I miss Leeimage.. it isn’t the same without Lee in a tux.. Whoo we see Amanda in this dress again in Affair at Bromfield Hall! (seems Amanda took her fancy dress with her to London..)

David tells Amanda her warnings about being a PTA type were too late, he ‘was already zapped’  by her…  right…..
138Amanda: Zapped??? I don’t think Amanda is really interested.. She steers him on to talk about himself some 139more.. and not about what he thinks about her! (She seems a little embarrassed by his forwardness on their first date.. probably because it sounds like a line- Even more so after what Lee said to her..)

Amanda looks lovely though doesn’t she..(No headband! whoo hoo!) of course he is zapped.. what am I thinking??!!

Billy is on a rather loud rant..and wanting 140people to take him really really seriously.. only.. he can’t finish his own sentences and Humbug has to fill in the blanks!!! Twice!!!! rofl!!! Billy looks like a 5 year old having a tantrum.. image

After his rant he asks Amanda if she is holding Lee’s report.. she umms and ahhhs and he says good get it to me to by 5 o’clock and he leaves.. Then Lee shows up- Avoiding Billy Lee? Lee escorts Amanda away putting his arm around her. Too funny! He tells her to stop acting so mysterious!!! hehehee.. (Amanda.. mysterious.. exotic.. ).. and 141then.. he says rather loudly ‘$40’000 dollars!‘ and isn’t exactly acting above suspicion either!! heehee..

Armed with this new info, Lee goes to talk to Ronnie (Go) – yeah.. go talk to Go Winking smile (Heaven help anyone at the agency who happens to gain a tidy some of money – win lotto? get an insurance payment because your kitchen got burned out?? You are sooo suspicious!!)

Did you notice Lee didn’t ask Amanda how her ‘fact finding’ date with David went???!!! At all!!!!

Next scene.. Ronnie is sitting on a bench waiting and watching a horse rider jump the course.. Viktor approaches him and Ronnie asks what 142the tip is on the bulgarian thing.. and.. poor Ronnie.. he gets shot and dies.. well, that’s one less person for Lee to suspect..

Back at the Agency that night and everyone is sitting around talking about Ronnie.. David is so upset he hasn’t shaved.. Humbug has the booze out and comfy cardy.. Francine is so distressed she wears a dress that she has actually worn before on the show!! She wore that striped prison get up in the First time!!! imageimage

Everyone is accusing the other of being the mole.. David is accusing everyone, Francine is lying about what she was up to ( she really was busy when Billy had those meetings- she got loaded with a bunch of cables from Rio station she says.. –at Nedlinger’s earlier she said it was Cuba) .. and Humbug is a charming grumpy old man….

Lee ends up having a private talk with Humbug. The agency has compulsory retirement eh? that’s a bit rough.. I think we are suppose to be thinking Lee suspects Humbug by this stage, but by the end of this scene, Humbug becomes Humdrum! 😉 

I guess Francine must have told the whole agency why she was not at Billy’s meeting.. because Humbug was not at Nedlinger’s when she said it.. Hmm.. well,  turns out Humbug helped train Lee..(Hey? who didn’t?!) and Lee knows he is too much of a 144patriot to be the mole.. Lee tells him his code name is Humbug and he has lived up to it.. Well.. Lee, I can only hope for your sake that you don’t repeat this pattern and live up to yours: imageScarecrow.. who lamented: If I only had a brain!!! image I love how After Lee gets in the elevator and the doors close we see Humbug yell at it ‘ think you’re pretty smart don’t you scarecrow!’ – LOL! i was wanting to yell the same thing.. Lee was too darn smug and he deserved that there! haaa good one Humbug! ( A Humdinger!)  and then he adds with a 146tinge of ironic pride ‘ I taught him too damn well!’ Winking smile It would have been nice to catch up with Humbug in later seasons..

So why did Ronnie die? Only answer I can come up with is it shifts the focus off David- as he would be least likely to kill his partner.. other than that? I got nothing!!

Amanda, Dotty and the boys are off to play baseball with the boys team, the bombers.. Love how Dotty is trying to be helpful and give advice 147and Amanda thinks she is talking about Golf! thank goodness the boys have a coach!

Amanda says she will go help out at the mother’s bake stand. I think Amanda wants to use that very randomly located 151public phone (LOL!) to call Lee and tell him to come down to the park.

152Jamie responds: Hurry up, Phillip bats clean-up.
148Dotty: Clean-up. They have you batting according to cleanliness and neatness. It’s nice.  Open-mouthed smile

Clean up!!!  love how Dotty totally doesn’t get the game.. bless her!

Back at the agency, Lee is questioning Billy on his use of a pay phone.. and Francine comes over 149and thinks they are talking about her.. and she looses it and starts acting all emotional and teary.. I have no sympathy for her at all! nope.. can’t drum it up.. I tried!! Love Billy’s reaction after she has 150walked off.. “That’s weird. And it’s getting weirder, and weirder. Go take your phone call! ”  This emotionally unstable Francine is terrifying!!! come back ice queen Francine!! your freaking me out!!image  At least we find out soon why Francine is acting so out of character!

I will leave it there for now.. Hope you are all enjoying revisiting the episodes in airing order- don’t forget you are welcome to comment on any post ( ie episode) whenever you like – there is no time limit at all..

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11 responses to “4/6 Season One, Episode 15: The Mole–Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Oh Dotty! You are priceless in this scene! “They have them bat according to cleanliness- that’s nice.” I’m rolling… I totally did not appreciate Dotty enough when I was a teen!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. David reminds me of a sleazy con-artist….what a line….from the look on Amanda’s face once she got in the car, she pretty much had him figured out….I don’t know what kind of a car if was, but if wasn’t a corvette. Can’t you just imagine where Amanda’s mind went when she found out they had crashed a party….(cheap a$$ jerk, better not let Lee get wind of this,I’ll never hear the end of it)


  3. For a housewife in Arlington Amanda sure does own some fancy clothing. That stole is so totally OTT. Looks like a baby polar bear crawled on her shoulders!
    Tacky David, very tacky. Gate crashing a party on a date is not classy at all. It’s cheap 😦
    From the looks of it Amanda has the actual bank statements complete in their envelopes! What has she been doing to get those? Stealing people’s mail?!
    Emotional Francine?! This is a hardened spy, training to withstand torture and all manner of manipulation?! Jeez thank goodness I have Lee in a waistcoat to take the edge off 🙂


    • I was reading an excerpt from Beverly Garland’s memoirs, and she brought up the issue of Amanda’s clothes. The family could barely buy milk for the kids, and Amanda goes swanning out the door in a $3,000 dress? Beverly was disgusted!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I believe that a lot of Lee’s training with Paul and Emily at least was informal on the job training. The sort you get with hands on experience working with someone with years of experience. With the disrespect Lee seems to have for some of the class room type training Amanda does manage to get, I get the feeling he didn’t get much from it.


    • Someone (I think on this blog) said that Lee is a man of action. In that vein, he definitely would learn more by doing the job than sitting in a classroom,


  5. I am pretty sure David Benson is driving a red DeLorean. And I agree, Amanda does not want to be there with David.


  6. *Smacks head* I am sure Harry can be added to the list (it’s been awhile since I have seen season 3 and 4)


  7. I can’t imagine what would be even remotely attractive about a man who crashes embassy parties on a regular basis. Amanda’s probably thinking “Why, oh why, did I let Lee’s temper goad me into going out with David? Leeeeee … where are you?!”

    I’m not so sure that Ronnie’s death did shift the focus off David. With Ronnie dead, wouldn’t the number of suspects narrow down even more and we’re left with David as the prime suspect? Maybe that’s what we’re supposed to think.

    And an emotionally vulnerable Francine is hard to believe, when she can be such a witch!

    As far as the number of people who trained Lee … was Harry V. Thornton among that number? Or did he just hire Lee?


  8. ” Francine is so distressed she wears a dress that she has actually worn before on the show!! ” Tee hee!

    And how many people actually trained Lee? (top of my head I say 3 — Paul, Emily and Humbug). Maybe that is why poor Amanda can’t get any formal training — Lee blew that budget line for a decade
    Great recap as usual and bonus — no headbands!


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