4/7 Season One, Episode 16: Savior–Scarecrow and Mrs King

Back to Amanda’s.. and Amanda is busy inhaling cleaning productsimage Amanda! don’t 94take Lee’s rejection so hard! Ohh.. she is actually cleaning the bookshelves too! 😉  hey I wonder if she still has Dean’s book ends!).. Actually she may have already started the inhaling before getting dressed that morning. because the darn headband is back again!!! This is practically the same outfit she wore in saved by the bells when she got nabbed- what is this her cleaning (and confronting bad guys ) outfit?

Ballon turns up on her doorstep.. and inserts 95that he knows her mother and boys won’t 96be home they have baseball practice.. yes 97Amanda.. Bad man! bad man! and now he is complimenting your home.. and book collection? yuck! this man is very sneaky indeed.. Oh dear.. one mention of Blue Leader.. and .. oh no.. she is starting to believe again.. and of 99course.. she wanted to believe that what Lee was doing he was doing because he is a good man doing a good job..

Sooo Amanda falls for Ballon’s line.. the best lie is the one that has an element of the truth in it- Ballon saying Lee hasn’t left the agency but has to have all the appearance of it – well.. it is 100% true .. just not for the reasons that Ballon is convincing Amanda of. Poor Amanda.. she is soo 100happy Lee is still working for the agency and he is not making a big mistake.. Ballon 101knew this was what she wanted to hear.. knew she would be ready to believe it.. and now.. comes the part where he really pulls out the big charmer: (notice the music here when he asks her to sit down changes dramatically to quite sinister stuff)
102Ballon: Please, Amanda, sit down. Sit down.  Blue Leader, myself, Lee, and now you are the only people who know about this. This is a matter of 103extreme secrecy, Mrs King. Even Billy hasn’t been told.
Amanda: Mr Melrose doesn’t know?

Ballon really turns on the charm now..

104Ballon: Nope, we all know what a terrific contribution you have made to the success of scarecrow.image
[Creepy creepy music going on now!! ]
105Amanda: you do?

106Did Lee say that? 107Ballon: he sees it a little differently to me 108Amanda: Oh I know I know,
109he thinks he doesn’t need me.

Ballon: this is not some 110ordinary operation here Mrs King we’re talking National Defence here, personalities can’t be 111allowed to get in the way. We need you. Your country needs you.

Uh oh.. Ballon has hit on Amanda’s weakness here- the contribution she brings.. and Lee’s lack of acknowledgment of it.. poor Amanda.. she was so ripe for the picking here.. I hate to watch this!

This is a very rare moment in Scarecrow and Mrs King – it is very rare that Amanda is fooled by someone ( hmm I can only think of the Artful dodger.. any other times anyone? ) not many..  Amanda is usually so great a judge of character.. but this guy knows far too much about her, and Lee has left Amanda vulnerable to this approach with his weird ‘let’s pretend Lee is dirty and has left the agency without telling Amanda’. Ballon has her.. Hook Line and Sinker..
112Ballon: But remember. One thing: Not a word to anybody.
113Amanda: Not a word to anybody.
Ballon: Good-bye, Mrs King.
It’s painful to watch! Ballon leaves and Amanda says to herself “I’m on the team!”

Next thing we see Billy get into a car and drive closely followed by a fancy black stretch limo.. could it be.. * gulp* Blue Leader?? Yep!

Lancer! this is Blue Leader!  (So, what do you think of Billy’s codename??)

Billy seems well-versed with the speaking into the steering wheel routine.. He tells Blue Leader they have booked out every room in Lee’s apartment – oh well that is good.. Yes all you need is for Lee to go ahead and sub-let his apartment.. that could really get awkward! image

Man this footage while they do their little 116conversation is a big yawn isn’t it! I can see why they didn’t stick with the Blue Leader concept.. a phone call is much more convenient! Winking smile 117Blue Leader explains, Ballon needs to be nabbed with the classified hardware.. or he won’t be guilty of anything.. got it.. Lee has got to go the whole way, steal Savior and hand it on to Ballon..

Haaa!!! Blue Leader ends his radio talk to Billy. Normal radio kicks back in saying “just call up crazy Larry and I’d be glad to ignore  you” ???!! I think it’s funny that Blue Leader always ends with an advert from crazy Larry – Is crazy Larry his sponsor???!!!!  image

I’ll leave it there for now! Thanks for reading!! If you have any thoughts I’d love to hear them – Back with more when I can Smile

10 responses to “4/7 Season One, Episode 16: Savior–Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I do think we hear Lancer as Billy’s codename again, but can’t place where. You know, with Dirk in TFT, the dude in The Long Christmas Eve that wants Francine to come to their department Christmas party (what is his name?), Blue Leader, Larner in Spiderweb, and eventually Dr. Smyth (with a “y” but no “e”, Amanda, sorry)…I would be so curious to see a hierarchy of the agency diagram sometime. 🤔


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  4. If Lee had trusted Amanda (like he does in Burn Out) and told her that if anyone came to the door saying that they were from the Agency and knew Scarecrow, she wouldn’t have been taken in, methinks. But then if they’d given her training courses (don’t get me started….)


  5. Ah nice to see when Lee and Amanda are stressed they turn to cleaning (Lee in Lost and Found). Perhaps they are both responsible for the hole in the Ozone Layer with all those aerosols 😉
    It’s terrible how Ballon plays Amanda. Given her great intuition I think she would have seen right through Ballon in other episodes. But I will put it down to her faith in Lee being shaken and she’s desperate to believe he’s a good guy despite what she’s seen.


  6. How *does* Ballon know Amanda so well??? I guess before he got canned from the agency? He is a smooth bad guy…seems to know all the right buttons to push.

    And I totally agree with all the headband comments!!! Do you notice that Amanda is the only character to ever wear one? None of the other female characters – even the ones in the background ever wear them that I’ve noticed. I haven’t read any of the posts for Dead Ringer with Magda, but doesn’t she even have a headband that goes with her evening gown? Aaaaaaaargh! I’m so glad these eventually disappear.


  7. “Amanda is busy inhaling cleaning products” … LOL, Iwsod! It’s true. She seems to go into these manic cleaning modes when she’s upset. I really dislike this part in the episode where Ballon just completely puts one over on her. It makes her seem so simple-minded, and we know that isn’t the case. I guess most of the blame can be placed at Lee’s feet for not having the decency to let her know what was really going on, particularly because she’s always expressed concern about him, even back to The First Time.

    “Lancer! this is Blue Leader! (So, what do you think of Billy’s codename??)” Strangely enough, I don’t think we get to hear anyone referring to Billy as Lancer in any other episode, do we …? In Playing Possum, Billy’s codename was Leader One.

    Cindy, your comment about the good guys being such bumblers … so bang on for this episode!


    • Hi Leanne 🙂 Great as always to hear from you!! I’ve been immersed in some major assessments I have happening.. not enough time for smk 😦

      I like it.. yes most of the blame is Lee’s!! 🙂

      I am not sure which episodes Billy is called Lancer, but I have heard it before – am pretty sure he is called Lancer in the Artful Dodger – at the end when they are looking for the creep! I have a vague idea that he is called that in a season 3 or 4 episode.. but nahh got nothing.. can’t remember which one! Let’s keep an eye out for that together as we keep working our way through the show!

      Yeah he is called leader one in Playing possum.. I figured that was more his err ranking in that episode, rather than his codename.. but I am really not sure- it’s going to be interesting to figure this out!! Please remind me about it if it comes up 🙂


  8. Whoa– Amanda sure changes her clothes a lot, doesn’t she?
    I just love this exchange because I love Ballon as a bad guy — He is so good!
    “Ballon: Nope, we all know what a terrific contribution you have made to the success of scarecrow.
    Amanda: you do? Did Lee say that? Ballon: he sees it a little differently to me
    Amanda: Oh I know I know, he thinks he doesn’t need me.
    Ballon: this is not some ordinary operation here Mrs King we’re talking National Defence here, personalities can’t be allowed to get in the way. We need you. Your country needs you.

    Uh oh.. Ballon has hit on Amanda’s weakness here- the contribution she brings.. and Lee’s lack of acknowledgment of it.. poor Amanda.. she was so ripe for the picking here.. ”

    This whole episode is hilarious –the good guys are such bumbling incompetents–no wonder they need a housewife with no training to save their butts time and time again.


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