5/7 Season One, Episode 16: Savior–Scarecrow and Mrs King

118Back to the tall bad building.. and Lee is being given the sales tour.. and pressure from Ballon to deliver.. then Ballon hits him with the big one Ballon: I made a new recruit today, your friend Mrs King
Lee: Amanda!
119Ballon: I knew you’d like that.
Lee tries to convince him she is only involved in minor stuff.. but Ballon accuses Lee of being Elitist.. ohh the irony.. for a 120liar, Ballon actually speaks quite a bit of truth about Lee and Amanda! LOL..  .. sadly.. Ballon is using Amanda as leverage to get Lee to come up with his end of the bargain.. but… he isn’t saying the words.. Ballon looked positively excited (for 121him!) to see Lee’s reaction when he mentioned recruiting Mrs King.. and Lee blurting out her first name, rather than Mrs King.. pure joy for Ballon.. oh yeah Ballon.. he likes it a lot.. Not!

Next thing we see Lee in his porsche speeding along to meet up with waiting Billy.. Billy has brought his Boss Lee a thermos of coffee..and Lee’s personalised coffee 122cup from the office !! ROFL!! isn’t he a good little private assistant?? Excuse me?? wha??? you mean.. Billy IS the Boss???? Nah!!!!image (Lee ask for a pillow and an in-flight movie!! – anyone guess that smk reference???!!)

Lee wants to pull out of the whole thing now Amanda is involved..
Lee: Ballon has put Amanda into the deal 123Billy: Amanda? our Amanda?
Lee: your Amanda, check. [ Ok ok. this is not a cover here.. Bad Lee.. I sooo don’t like you right now!imageimage!! Still it is so obvious that is not really what he thinks – I mean the guy committed treason to save Amanda, while Billy told him it was too bad she would die.. I think Amanda is Lee’s Amanda.. he just doesn’t see it yet Smile ] It is a nice little touch that later in Season Four, Bad timing.. Lee calls Amanda ‘My Amanda’..  swoon…

Lee: Are you serious? I can’t talk to her, Billy. 125Remember, you’ve got my apartment bugged, Ballon’s got it bugged. Besides, he’s got the major practically planted in my back pocket.

whooo Lee’s apartment IS bugged.. well why can’t Billy call Amanda? He’s not bugged! (he could call her and say he is from the phone company!) and if you have the major planted in your back pocket, how is it you are in the middle of a field talking to Billy? but you can’t manage to ohhhh call Amanda from a public phone? ( This whole scenario’s logic bugs me! Get it?!)

Surprise!! Blue Leader: That’s not acceptable, 126Scarecrow. This mission has been too carefully planned to cancel now.
127Lee: Uh, sir, um . . . Amanda King is a civilian. A civilian with two children, a mother, and a mortgage.
Blue Leader: Quite correct.
[Blue Leader knows everything!! whoooo.. and he did ‘meet’ Amanda last week in the Mole!] And so, she must be protected. Not told, protected. 129Understand?  Scarecrow, the message you left at the drop indicates that Ballon’s target was Savior.

Why isn’t Billy telling Blue Leader who Amanda is and how she is at risk here.. No no.. the Boss Lee has to fill Blue Leader in while Billy stands there and listens, after all.. Amanda is Lee’s Amanda Winking smile  (I think Billy’s probably taking dictation.. )

Whooo ok.. Blue leader is that far away.. 128impressive!! So Amanda is to be protected.. not told.. whooo I am shocked Lee didn’t argue back..Blue leader most helpfully reminds us dummies that Ballon must be found in possession of the bomb.. check..and he signs off (what ? where is crazy larry’s advert???)

Ok.. Lee’s job just got tougher.. Love how both Lee and Billy watch in stunned silence as Blue Leader drives off- no one seeing these three meet up here in these fields would have suspected anything surely?? LOL..
Lee: well, I guess it’s still on
130Billy says: Looks like it, anything else I should know before we get underway? (Boss?!)
131Lee: yeah one thing. I hate sugar.
Lee tips the coffee out in 132front of Billy and thrusts the cup back into his 133hand and walks off.. Lee has the nerve to complain that Billy added sugar to the coffee.. Billy doesn’t even correct him.. Billy’s codename shouldn’t be ‘Lancer’ it should be: Doormat!!!!

Amanda, Dotty and the boys come back from 134grocery shopping… Man.. Phillip is acting like he wants to full on fight his brother.. totally getting in his face.. over nothing! Ugh.. I can do without their fighting..

Amanda pretty quickly has to be on her way.. Dotty guilting her in her passive aggressive way, wanting to know what she is up to and pretending she is fine with not being told! She reminds Amanda of Phillip’s play on that night at school.. Phillip is… Jack and the Bean Stalk!!! Dotty’s hair and make up is all weird!!Is that blue eyeshadow? Is it just me or does Dotty look really weird??

Onto Landover and Lee, with the major is there to pick up the Savior.. no no! not the choirboy (oh dear.. is there a religious theme going on with these weapon names??)

I see Lee’s arrogance enables him to fool a Colonel.. it seems Lee has recruited a new 136personal assistant.. the Colonel! Winking smile Lee tells ‘Ralph’ the Colonel 137to help load it and the Colonel says it will need to be crated.. “so crate it” Lee says.. Oh man Lee!! you are unbelievable!!

The colonel tries to even the balance – “well you’ve got to sign for it Stetson…. In my office! ” – yeah take that Lee! rofl!! (what a wimpy colonel!!) reminds me of Billy and his whooo reports!!!! HaHa.. Ok ok.. the Colonel is in on it and they are playing a role for the Major, but it was kinda embarrassing!!

The Major is left alone with the fake savior ( why?????!!!!!) and he double checks the device is on the up and up. and finds.. it’s on the empty empty! well.. [do they think he is stupid??!!] as easy as can be.. he wanders into the next room –139through a door with a really scary serious sign: Absolutely no admittance!!! LOL!!! He finds the real Savior on the other side of the door…

It doesn’t makes sense the real saviour would be  next to the window of a corridor that lots of people 140can walk up and down..haaa.. The Major takes the nose off to check it- There’s a nice big sign saying detonator pin must be in place at all times to prevent arming. (What’s with having it perched on a little stool like that too?? LOL!!)

Lee and the Major drive the real savior, though Lee thinks it’s the fake savior down the road in the pick up truck to meet Ballon. Lee thinks he’s handing over the weapon to Ballon – but Ballon asks him to drive it to Dulles and meet him there with it.. Drat thinks Lee.. they were suppose to catch Ballon with it red handed… Lee plays 141along, all smiles and agrees to delivery it – Ballon knowing Lee thinks it is the fake one must be confident that Lee is happy to hand it over..so no harm in leaving Lee alone with it ( and there is your big red Flag right there Lee!!! Why would he trust you alone with it?? unless he knew you had planned to bring a fake??!! But there goes Lee thinking the Baddies are dumb again.. man.. Lee has no idea just how dumb they are! LOL.. there all dumb Smile tee heee)

Billy watches on from a hilltop, ( probably right 142next to the Hollywood sign Winking smile ) LOL.. that is NOT Washington DC.. check out all the smog!
Lee: Scarecrow to Lancer.
answers on his walkie talkie: This is Lancer, Scarecrow. What have you got?
Lee: I’ve got your merchandise and the destination. It’s going down at Dulles.
(See the nameless Agent behind Billy? I wonder if he’ll get a line this week! Winking smile )Whooo he does!!
Agent: Scramble Scramble. It’s Dulles. – LOL! the script calls him ‘ first Agent’ man.. I don’t know why but I really want this agent to have a name.. maybe we should just give him one.. Mr Generic or something .. LOL..

Lee enters a tunnel and he finds a truck stopped in the middle.. he gets out his walkie talkie.. Lee: Lancer we might have a problem here! Yeah Lee.. you are in a tunnel and your radio thingy doesn’t work! Why did he even drive into the tunnel, I could see there was a truck stopped in the middle – you could see the brake lights! Oh well.. I guess Lee wasn’t that concerned because he thought the savior was fake.. Anyway, everything is suddenly out of Lee’s hands.. seems Ballon has a whole different plan he didn’t tell 144Lee about.. shocking I know! Winking smile Another truck pulls up behind Lee.. whoa.. how claustrophobic! Random men come along aim a gun at Lee and unload the savior.. The Colonel pulls up next to Lee’s pick up and guards him while the random guys haul the crate onto something – and it comes down with a thud, and we see the pin pop out… it’s armed.. and ticking over..it’s counting down!!! duh duh duhhhhhhh….

I’ll leave it there for now!!… Back with more soon! As always – I’d love to hear your thoughts Smile so feel free to share..

9 responses to “5/7 Season One, Episode 16: Savior–Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Anyone notice that when the Blue Leader was talking to Billy and Lee, they opened the car door to hear him – when the window was already open??? Lol

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  2. Those “Absolutely No Admittance” signs are kinda becoming common in SMK, and make me laugh every time!! I think there was one in Artful Dodger at PWAC and I think one more somewhere else in a different ep…in fact, I laughed today watching Vigilante Mothers because there was a sign to a chemical laboratory that only said something like “No Admittance”. Guess it’s not as serious to break in there. 😂 (I am watching the series in revised order at warp speed – I’m leaving these episodes on JWWM open in my browser and am commenting when I snag a spare moment, so sorry – I am not keeping up with posts as fast I am watching! Sorry all!)


  3. Awwwhhhh… Billy brought Lee coffee and his special coffee mug. Squee… And hah! I love it when Blue Leader butts into their convo. 😀 But… bad Lee for b*tching about the sugar. Don’t be so rude! 😦 (And am I losing it, or doesn’t he steal milk from Amanda’s fridge at some point for his coffee…???…)

    Ummmmmmm… *why* does Lee keep changing his tie? The one he’s wearing here is the one he wore when he met with Amanda and then Ballon in his apartment the first time–but he was wearing a different tie in his apartment the second time!!! (The suit is the same, but the shirt might be different, too–light tan/grey instead of light blue.) And… I think the in-between one is the same as the one Billy wore in the previous ep when Humbug was finishing his sentences. The colour is a bit off, but I put that down to the lighting… Oops! Cleanup in aisle tie!!! I guess he got confused by his snazzy new arms dealer threads… (Yes, there’ll hopefully be a Tie Patrol blog entry at some point…)

    If anyone wants to follow along:

    The Blue tie the first time

    Second blue tie

    First tie back again

    Billy’s blue (?) tie


    • Oh, and… you’d think that the Landover people would know how to spell ordnance, right? (Ord*i*nance, as spelled on the sign = legislation, but ordnance with no i = weapons. ROFL!)

      AND I guess we’re not supposed to realize that Lee drives back out the same gate he drove up through in the park after Ballon and the Major leave in their car? (That is, he drives up the hill through the gate when Ballon and the major leave, then we see Billy and Lee talking on the walkies, then Lee drives back down the hill through the same gate just before going into the tunnel!)

      I’m having too much fun with this… :p


    • Hah! That second blue tie is the one that Lee is wearing when he and Billy are at the Potomac Weapons & Armaments Center near the start of The Artful Dodger… I guess those two scenes were shot together. 😀


  4. Love how Bill brought Lee’s work mug with him……but Lee you didn’t complain about the coffee having no cream?! And that’s black coffee you’re pouring away 😉
    I don’t see the logic in not telling Amanda, so she is to be protected but considering she’s gotten roped into this isn’t it better that she knows what’s going on?!
    I don’t see the point of meeting Lee with the missile only to have him drive a little further with it and steal it off him.
    As for the Major, if Saviour is sooooo top secret how come he knows his way around the missile and knows how to make it live…….find all this a bit lame….


  5. Pillow and an in-flight movie….hmmm….I’m thinking To Catch a Mongoose? When Lee and Amanda are interrogating Connie Barnhill and Amanda is being nicer than Mother Theresa? Maybe I’ll check tomorrow….


  6. I am really bothered by the rude Lee in the exchange with Billy over the coffee. The whole I don’t take sugar line combined with the pouring out of the coffee is sooo immature. He’s so close to Billy he might as well be pouring it on his shoes! I wish they had made Billy say something clever back to him….like how he needs a little sugar (aka Amanda) in his life to fill him out. Something to foreshadow, but I am not clever enough to come up with something!


  7. I ‘facepalmed’ so many times during this episode. These are the numb-numbs that are in charge of national security? I think I will be afraid, very afraid
    . Savior doesn’t seem very secure does it? When I saw the sign on the top secret, extremely high security door (with no locks, retinal scanners, keypads, guards and worked on the honour system) , I kept hearing Jeff Foxworthy’s voice “Are you smarter than a fifth grader?”, because in my mind an average 5th grader would be able to easily waltz in and waltz out with the goods. I guess I didn’t mind Amanda being fooled by Ballon in the last installment (even though this is part of the disturbing ‘dumbing down’ of Amanda — her ‘mole in the garden’ speech, her being fooled by Alan in the next episode, her rambling during “Filming Raoul” and most of season 2), because Lee is such an idiot in this one.. Lee had to have it explained to him why the Colonel was giving him a hard time about releasing Savior (that is a hard time? PUL-LEASE. I’ve had to deal with much tougher welcome wagon ladies than the Major). Very amateurish all around.


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