3/6 Season One, Episode 18: Filming Raul-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Lee and Amanda take Scotty out for a meal- at what looks like a nice place huh… Amanda is sooooo funny in this scene..I love it!! Oh and the baddies are lurking around somewhere nearby waiting for their moment to pounce! 

60Scotty: Oh, yeah, I knew they were phonies when they took Mrs King’s registration from her wagon.
61 Amanda: They took my registration? image
63Amanda: They took my registration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!image
64Lee: I ahh….image
Don’t you think they look and act like a couple here at this restaurant.. I think so- very much ‘together’ if I was Scotty I would think they were a couple.. All those knowing looks between them, and Lee holding Amanda’s arm to comfort(which reminds me of a 176scene in saved by the bells where they are sitting exactly the same way and I think both Amanda even has on the same jacket!) and putting his arm around her to stop her! (Heck, I’d keep repeating ‘they have my registration’ all the time too Amanda! great tactic to get Lee’s arm around you!! Way to go Amanda!! ) They have my registration!!!! Hold me!!

Interesting when Scotty mentions Truffaut… Truffant died later the same year this episode was first shown..
65Scotty: Why would they want my film?

I mean . . . I feel like I’m a character in a Truffaut movie.
67Lee: Except that they never asked that question in a Truffaut film.
68In Bergman’s, that’s all they ever do. Why do we live, why do we die, why —
69Amanda: Why did they take my registration?
70Watch this scene through one time just watching Amanda- even when Lee is talking.KJ is so funny!!
ROFL! Lee looks like he is trying not to laughimage

72Scotty: Mr Stetson, I think I know what you do at IFF.
Lee: You do?
73Scotty: You’re a director, aren’t you?

74Lee: Ah. Well, it shows. Well, uh, Bunuel told me 7576that after so many years, a man should expect to look like what he is. [insert filmmaking name dropping here Winking smile ]

: I should call home
: You know, Luis knew 78so much about the tricks of the medium. But I’ve always declined awards of 79any kind. But then he told me one day, “Awards are for the people who give them.”

80And you know, he’s right? I mean, you accept the award and after a few moments, it’s barely a memory.
82Scotty: Wow!
(Love how Amanda seems to be just looking at Lee working his cover and her expression is: whoa! look at him go!! tee heee..)

83Lee: Yeah, well, enough about me. I understand you’re working on a film of your own. Tell me about it.
84Amanda: They have my registration.
Amanda here is itching to get out of her seat and call home..sooo funny!!
Scottie explains his film.. parking quirks.. Yawn! ‘It’s not intrusive’– oh the irony! Lee and Amanda share a look Smile  Lee 86manages to look enthralled.. while keeping one eye on  Amanda to stop her bolting!
Lee leaves the table.. Scotty’s such a little boy ‘He’s going to look at my film!!!’’ Amanda brings him back to earth
and tells him to order something little! She’s such a mum!! Smile

Lee goes to call Billy..
87Lee: Yeah, Billy. This is Scarecrow. Everybody in place?
(We see Billy working in his office.)
88Billy: Since when do you double-check on me?image  I can answer that question- all the time!!!! hadn’t you noticed???!!!!Whahahahahaaaa!!
Lee: Billy, those two guys got Amanda’s registration.  (Go Lee! Good Lee!!Smile)
Billy: The house is surrounded, okay? Nobody’s going to get hurt.
Ahhh Levic (one of the bad guys) sells information.. Ohhh Kaaaay… and that report Raul had is worth $$.. yawn.. but.. got it… Ha!
See in this picture? as Lee re-joins Amanda and Scotty and sits back in his seat we can just see Amanda drinking coffee.. well! that’s Lee’s coffee! 90because in the next shot, there’s only one coffee on the table and Lee’s got it!! ( don’t mind swapping spit huh! Winking smile )

91Scotty: I’m really too nervous to eat.
92Amanda: Well, you’ve been through a terrible experience and I think it would probably be better if 93we all just went home.
9495Scotty: Oh, it’s not that. It’s being here with a director like Mr Stetson.
(someone else fawning over Lee.. only Scotty is so clueless and young and enthusiastic it works! Smile ) Scotty goes to ‘wash up’. Good boy.. (How old do you think the character Scotty is suppose to be? )
96Levic: I’ll get the kid, you get the car.
The moment Scotty is away from view Amanda pounces on Lee! He let her stress for a while there.. almost like she should assume he has taken care of it! Smile Is that what you want Lee? I think he kinda likes it!! Smile Smile
97Amanda: Look, Lee, I 98know that film is very important to you and you are playing a wonderful 99directorimage, ….
100but Phillip and Jamie and my mother are home and 101those men have my registration with my address on it. I —

102Lee: Amanda. (She stops. Lee faces her.) Your 103home is surrounded.
Amanda: My home is surrounded? Lee: Mm-hmm.
Amanda: Who is surrounding it?
Lee: The good guys, that’s the first phone call I made.

106Amanda: It was?
Lee: Yes. So relax, huh? 107Billy’s got an APB out on the car and you really didn’t want this salad, did you?
108(He helps himself to it.)
Amanda: No, I — I don’t like salad. (eh? then why order it?!)
Lee: I didn’t think so.
(He picks up the fork and digs in. Amanda sighs with relief.)
Amanda: I feel better now.
Lee: Good.

They’re very very cute here!! I love how Lee can’t help himself and smiles kind of bashfully when Amanda says he is playing a wonderful director.. but while he is smiling away at Amanda’s compliment her panic is rising!! Finally, Lee is able to refocus Winking smile   he puts her mind at ease about the house being surrounded… she certainly is appreciative.. and.. so Lee is very happy too…(what a change in mood from when they went looking for scotty eh?!)  Lee steals Amanda’s salad and she can’t stop grinning from ear to ear..  image drinking the other’s coffee, eating the other’s food.. they are so couple-y!  life is good, they are both relaxed..but not for long!

109Uh oh.. the baddies nab Scotty.. Lee isn’t going to get to eat Amanda’s salad after all. Ohhh poor Amanda.. she tried to drive Lee’s car and help Lee.. PTSB again?? why would you keep trying when you know you can’t do it.. eek.. and Lee gets in the passenger seat and 110expects her to drive off? LOL.. she had him fooled for a second there! – At 112least she stood up for herself here and told him he wouldn’t have caught them on foot! Go Amanda!!

imageBad Lee.. he says to Amanda: you lost them! When he gets in the car.. not her fault Mister!!!! 113He looks and sounds about 10 years old when he says “noooo!” in response to her question of did he expect to catch them on foot.. booo hooo Lee.. stop taking things out on Amanda.. she liked your director act.. cut her some slack!

Amanda: (They’ve got) Scotty?????!!!

Why is Amanda surprised the baddies took Scotty? eh?? PTSB again?! wasn’t she sitting next to Lee and saw the baddies take him? why did she think Lee was running?? [I’m just going to forget about the Oh my gosh that ends this scene.. PTSB.. PTSB… ]

  I’ll leave it there for now. Car scene’s coming!!!!! whoo hooo!! Smile I’ll get to it as soon as I can.. I’m sitting exams in a week so less smk time at the moment –but please share any thoughts!! byee for now..

10 responses to “3/6 Season One, Episode 18: Filming Raul-Scarecrow and Mrs King

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  3. This was a good scene. It gives us some insight into Lee’s outside interests (cinema) and shows how naturally touchy-feely he already is with Amanda, without realizing it. I do think it was a little mean to let Amanda stew about her family for a while until he finally reveals they’ve got protection; I wonder if he realized that the more anxious she was about her loved ones, the more grateful and admiring of him she would be when she found out he was taking care of them. I’d hate to think Lee was that manipulative, though. I’ll forgive him his testiness when Amanda is stripping the gears of his Porsche; we all know how he loves that car.


  4. I am such a philistine. The only time I’ve seen Truffaut was in Close Encounters of the Third Kind!!! And Bunel? Nope not a clue, empty bubble over my head here! Good job I am not into high brow directors and art films or I may have never given SMK a second look 😉
    Amanda is funny with her stress over her registration. She does a good job of keeping it semi contained. Her and Lee do like to sit close together don’t they. Of course that could just be for the benefit of the camera but we shall overlook that and assume its their subconscious need to be close. Considering Lee was so upset about Raul moments earlier he sure seems relaxed now……wouldn’t have anything to do with the teenager fawning all over him. The spiel about awards made me laugh.
    Now I am curious about American cars. Are they all generally like automatics? No clutches? In films it looks like the gear lever is part of the steering wheel. Most cars in UK are “stick shifts” and the sound of grinding gears is just awful. Lee you have my sympathy about Amanda and the gears! But just imagine if she had actually made it into first gear she probably would have blown the engine overdoing the revs without changing into second (sorry you can tell I am the daughter of a mechanic and all round car enthusiast LOL).


  5. Melissa Robertson

    This scene is very cute and Lee and Amanda act like a cute little couple…David Benson might would challenge Lee on his comment that there was nothing personal between him and Amanda if he could see them now 🙂


  6. “why did they take my registration?” LOL — what a great scene! I love all the touchy feely stuff. Such a difference from the last episode. I am curious to see where you are going to place the Artful Dodger in the grand scheme of things.


  7. Amanda is very funny in this scene. Every time Lee touches her, she calms down. Every time he stops touching her, she gets riled up again. It is fantastic.

    Amanda grinding the Porsche’s gears makes me wince every time I see that scene. She must be ruining Lee’s car!

    Good luck on your exams!


    • Hi Melissa – thanks for the exam well wishes.. one week and I am done – (for now!) can’t wait!! yeah, everytime Lee touches Amanda she calms down.. haaaa.. good one ( I think he might have the opposite effect on me 😉 )

      byeeee!! It’s fab to hear from you!!


  8. “The house is surrounded, okay? Nobody’s going to get hurt.”
    Probably by the best? Why wouldn’t this reasure me at all?
    I would never have noticed the coffee thing, but really love it.
    Thank you and good luck for your exams (I myself am determined, never ever to take any exams ever again, so I am impressed, but of course this way, I will never get a bigger brain).


    • Hi Julia! thanks for the well wishes with my exams… They will be over in a week’s time.. and I can’t wait.. At the same time I am actually enjoying the learning, and don’t regret the decision to pack up my ‘grown-up’ job and start again at university 🙂 It is alot easier when you enjoy the content!

      Ah thanks! I don’t know if the coffee cup was deliberate or just a mistake, but I like it too! and I chose to see it as Amanda stealing a taste of Lee’s coffee 😉 haaa.. That scene is one of my favourites – KJ is sooooo funny!!! and the way the dialogue ties in with the philosophical questioning of life – and Amanda interjecting with: why did they take my registration? genius!! Season One writing of dialogue is full of such gems!!

      Thanks for commenting it is really wonderful to hear from you!! It makes my day to hear from you!!! 😀


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