4/6 Season One, Episode 18: Filming Raul–Scarecrow and Mrs King

hiya!  I need a break from study.. so here goes!
114Well, back to Amanda’s home that night.. I think this is the first time so far that Amanda’s home has been in any kind of danger isn’t it? whoo we get a scene in that other living room of theirs, not the couch infront of the kitchen.. I can never get straight the layout of this place.. Dotty is going over the car insurance 115policy and Amanda is peeking out windows. That top Amanda is wearing is just really pretty on her.. she is looking so beautiful in this scene! Hmm.. I am sure that is no accident Winking smile Her hair looks extra long too.. or is it just me??..

117Amanda sneaks out the back to chat with Lee.. (Hold me Lee!!) hoo haa!! he has changed into his black suave man about town outfit!!! (Hold me Lee!)  Amanda’s hair seems to have suddenly gotten shorter too. or.. is it just me?! Winking smile 

Lee is all business and snippy.. until Amanda 118shivers and admits she is scared….Then Lee’s rescuing instincts kick in 119and he is suddenly all charm.. Oh Lee!! He even puts his arm around her.. he is quite lovely here and tries to reassure her.. even if his reassuring is.. rather awkward!!! It is really funny how when he puts his arm around her he can’t look at her ;
he is looking off in the distance, and when she realises his arm is around her she looks down at his hand around her on her arm and then looks
back up to him and finally he meets her eyes..  LOL, you can just tell Amanda’s having impure thoughts about now! Winking smile  Hoooo Haaaaa! Lots of sexual tension going on here! errr.. or is it just me? Winking smile ( you even see Amanda look at Lee’s lips.. as she turns to face him, go check it out for yourself! – It’s no hardship let me tell you Winking smile  )

Lee tells her he’s scared too.. Hmm kind of breaks the fantasy Amanda had going on I think Winking smile poor Lee he’s just trying to reassure her! ghaogagh! I love how he responds with gibberish to Amanda telling him that isn’t very reassuring! tee hee.. If I’m not mistaken that is a Lee ‘tell’ that he is having impure thoughts.. tee heee.. I am sure he does that in the car soon too! Winking smile 
: Well, what I mean is, I feel responsible for Scotty and Raul. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to them.
adds blurting out: Or to you! .  (Awh… I think that is possibly the first time we ever hear Lee actually verbalise that he feels responsible for Amanda and her safety)
Amanda: Yeah.

127Lee: Hey, come on, Amanda, look. You’re going to be all right. 128You’re protected by the best there is in the business.
129Amanda: I don’t want the best there is, I want you.
Lee: Oh…..
  Lee seems 130kinda pleased here, till Amanda says: I’m sorry, that didn’t come out the way that I meant it.
131Lee: Oh, thanks a lot.
(now, no longer pleased at all!! Oh how swiftly Lee’s emotions are affected by Amanda!! )

Amanda: It didn’t sound right — Well, I was just. . .
132[Lee seems to realise he is making a big deal out of nothing here..and they are actually arguing over what she said about what she thinks about him??!! tee hee.. LOL.. yes why would you care so much Lee??!!! Oh dear.. our  Lee is so gone and he has absolutely no idea!! – or is it just me?! Winking smile ]
133Lee:  never mind, never mind, huh?
Amanda: I’m sorry.
Lee: Okay.

Lee certainly isn’t very modest when he says Amanda is protected by the best in the business.. but then I guess he was trying to reassure her 🙂

I love how they have this lengthy conversation right in front of the window to the family room- where Dotty could see them were she to come back… and then.. Amanda tells Lee to stay right there!!! right out in the open in front of the window.. eh??? no wonder Lee runs off..

: Don’t go anywhere.
Lee: No.
Amanda: You’re right here.
Lee: I’m right here.
Amanda: Okay.

Sooooo Why does Lee roll his eyes here as she leaves?? Is he annoyed at her nervousness? or was he feeling the tension between them at his needing to comfort her?? or was he rolling his eyes at the way he reacted to her when she said the wrong thing by accident!! or heck, maybe it’s a combination!! Thoughts anyone???? I think he might be kind of relieved the whole emotion filled conversation is over – and this is mirrored by his reaction when Amanda ‘finally’ gets out of the car later..after they’ve ahem.. steamed up the windows a bit.. he is far more emotionally affected than he wishes to be! Smile squee!!

136The phone rings and Amanda answers it – 137Dotty listening in the whole time.. Oh dear!!!

We see Billy, another nameless agent-  hehehee.., 138and Francine in rollers, and you can just make out Lee in the back,it’s very dark.. – they are all listening in on the phone call too.-what a shame it wasn’t some guy asking Amanda out on a date Winking smile Love the look Dotty gives her when Amanda turns to look at her!! imageclassic!!!

We see the baddies put Scotty in a dark basement, where he meets Raul. This Scotty is too funny! No one should sound that chirpy when they are being held captive in a dark hole in the ground with fake water dripping sounds ringing in your ears! I don’t know why but this dialogue cracks me up.. so random!
Scotty: You been here long, Raul?
Raul: No.
Scotty: So, what do you do?
Raul: I’m a hostage.
(LOL!! he says it like he is thinking uh oh.. now I’ve got to talk to this idiot too??!!)
Scotty: Me, too. (Oh really?! tee heee.. so funny!)
. . What’s that smell?
Raul: I think it’s mushrooms.
Poor Raul.. being held captive with Scotty could be more than the mind can take… ROFL!!! image
Scotty: I Luuuurrrve Mushrooms! (ROFLMAO!! of all the moments to be excited by mushrooms!) You like mushrooms Raul?
Raul: not anymore. image

Good answer!!! err is that because you are being held captive? or because slightly strange but sweet Scotty is trying to talk to you about them and you just want him to shut up!!!  Winking smile

Back at Amanda’s house and Dotty is all disapproving of Amanda heading out so late after the phone call!!!
141Dotty: You’re making a mistake, Amanda. A man does not respect a woman that he can call on a whim!
142Amanda: It isn’t what you think, Mother.
Dotty: You are seeing a man, aren’t you?
Dotty: These burning passions, midnight assignations, they don’t work.
Amanda: Mother, it’s only eight-thirty.

(ROFL!!!! so 830pm assignations might work?)image

143Dotty: I cannot manage your life for you. I mean, maybe you’re entitled to a meaningless affair. Something passionate and fiery, with no future.
thinks for a moment and then mutters under her
145breath: Maybe I am. (she thinking of Lee here??!!)
146Amanda: I’ll be back in an hour.
148Dotty: An hour?! … imageimageimage

Amanda’s wordless response is soo funny!!
Dotty: One of those.


I shall leave it there for now.. as Amanda heads off for her 830pm assignation! LOL!! I had forgotten how funny this episode is!!! Not to mention the heat between Lee and Amanda in her backyard there!

Thanks for reading! If you would like to share any comments or anything feel free_ they are very very welcome Smile byeee for now!

17 responses to “4/6 Season One, Episode 18: Filming Raul–Scarecrow and Mrs King

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  2. Hi,
    I love this episode. KJ is so funny. And this sexual tension between Lee and Amanda…
    The smile of Lee when Amanda says ” I want you ! ”
    OMG Lee in turtleneck!
    And Amanda who imagines “something passionate and fiery”, with Lee (Maybe I am)
    I love this episode. They are very cute them two. And Lee in turtleneck…
    Sorry for my bad English 😦
    Thank you for this blog. I’m happy to read to you.


    • Hi Sylvie!

      oh yeah! Lee in the black turtleneck is totally swoony!!!!

      This was a great episode – it was like all the sexual tension between them burst out in this one episode.. and then.. it got stuffed back down again (but not forever!! ) 🙂

      It’s lots of fun to watch them fight what we already know huh! They belong together!!! 🙂

      Your english is great! So glad you are stopping by and that we are all hearing from you! I’m happy to read your comments! 🙂


  3. As sweet as the outside scene is with them, it’s undermined for me by the fact that Lee LIES to Amanda. He assures her he’s going to stay right outside the house, and when she goes in he immediately hustles off to the surveillance van. I do think Amanda is in full-on lusting-after-Lee mode at this point, though I’m not sure what triggered her sudden ardor. Well, Lee does look hot in that turtleneck.


  4. IWSOD Amanda’s hair isn’t getting longer or shorter, it’s just her magic up and down collar on her rugby shirt 😉
    I never understood why Lee is actually so slow to react to Amanda’s faux pas, was he too busy mulling over their sideways hug 😉
    Sorry but I wouldn’t be reassured by a super spy was telling me he was scared too. C’mon I want macho man, protector and all round superhero not some metrosexual bloke who’s in touch with his feelings……I want to be lied to and told its all gonna be OK! Their sideways hug is soooo awkward, I wonder if Amanda is looking at his hand in disbelief thinking is it really real. You wait Amanda, gonna get up close and personal a whole lot more 😉
    Raul is funny, Scotty acts like being kidnapped is one big adventure but Raul is a little more streetwise. I’m a hostage LMAO nothing like stating the obvious to a stupid question 😉 OK am being a little harsh on Scotty but he’s not really sensing the gravity of their situation. Not sure I would have the patience to entertain an overexcited kid 😉
    Ah Dotty, you so didn’t pass on your morals to Amanda 😉 she is a curious mix of conservative and liberal values. She wants Amanda married and settled with a good man but as a woman with a more wanton side she can see the benefits in letting loose a little 😀 I think Dotty is a fabulous mother, she even seems disappointment the assignation isn’t going to last longer than an hour LOL


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  6. Is this the first time we see “this” nameless agent? He is in soo many of the future episodes through season 4 – he even has at least one role where he isn’t even an agency employee – can’t think which ep – but he’s a security guard for a baddie, I think. I think it’s funny that even he chuckles a little bit at Francine wearing the rollers and scarf…remind anyone of nasty Vicky on the camping trip in the original Parent Trap??


  7. Melissa Robertson

    This eposide is great….from Amanda’s slip of the tongue on the patio to poor Lee having to go out of his comfort zone with comforting Amanda IMHO! Dotty is toooo funny….not wanting to pry???? Yes she does ROFL!!!! I think Amanda is thinking about Lee here when she comments, “maybe I am”…but would she have a one night stand if he asked…I don’t think so!!!!


  8. Hello! The backyard-scene is too funny.. I love to here from the 830pm assignation! Thanks sooo much


    • Hi Claudia!! Ahh this is a great episode isn’t it!! Do you particularly enjoy Dotty? Hope you are enjoying Fearless Dotty too!!
      Great to hear from you!!!


  9. Amanda mutters under her breath “Maybe I am.”!?! Holy Hannah! I’ve got to go back and check this out (I’m hoping I can hear this too. Much better than “don’t move!” line in Sudden Death that only half of us can hear.) Oh my — the dialogue here was funny. I’ll have to rewatch the backyard scene — I was so busy laughing at “I don’t want the best — I want you!” line that I thought Lee’s only reaction was he was mildly insulted. Watching this scene again will be such a hardship. *wink*


    • Hi Cindy! I checked last night and the subtitles have also recorded Amanda as saying ‘maybe I am’. 🙂 although they are not 100% accurate I know 😉

      Yeah that don’t move doesn’t even bother me that I can’t hear it to be honest, although I tried honestly, for me it doesn’t add anything to the moment, it’s obvious from the way he is holding on to her that he doesn’t want her to move. – but anything that requires a more thorough investigation of that kissing scene is alright with me! 😉

      Please, let me know your thoughts when you have seen the episode ( even if it is a year from now! it doesn’t matter.. these episodes don’t change.. the show doesn’t add to cannon anymore so time doesn’t matter:) )

      Regarding Lee’s reactiong to Amanda not wanting to best, but wanting him – It wasn’t until I saw the episode in clear quality and was stopping the scene to take pictures that I noticed he wasn’t immediately offended like I had assumed.. I find it exciting!! what other little goodies lay ahead of us all as we slowly but surely make our way through the show??!!! With lovely clear dvds to watch now this is absolutely heavenly!!!

      Must run! but thanks Cindy for sharing your thoughts it is really encouraging to hear from you!! byeee


      • I rewatched it and cannot for the life of me figure out how I missed the “maybe I am.” I think this means I should stop trying to do laundry and other such chores while watching and devote 100% of my attention to the show. 😛

        Liked by 1 person

        • I was just thinking the same thing! I’ve been watching these while I make dinner, since I’ve seen them all before. But reading through all these comments, there’s stuff I’ve missed! Oh, the hardship of having to watch them again….;)

          Liked by 2 people

    • Hello Jane! The feeling is mutual you know- it really makes my day to hear from anyone who is reading out there in the world wide web!! It makes my day to receive an email telling me someone has commented!!! 😀

      Then, it also makes my day to see it is you 🙂 ahhhh my fellow Aussie! I hope life is treating you well! I am really excited to hear you are still reading my blog – thank you!! and thanks for the encouragement!

      byeeee for now!


  10. Hi Iwsod,
    I LOVE your comments-so ROTFFunny-please keep up the great work-it really makes my day to receive this in the (e)mail……..
    Thank you so much


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