6/6 Season One, Episode 18:Filming Raul-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Well! After the little car interlude.. I am no longer interested in this episode!  I will finish up here! image)  Nah.. just kidding- There’s a reference to Lee and Amanda dancing coming up (You’ll see!).. so there’s more goodness worth sticking with the boring gun fights for! 😉

Francine makes the drop, risking her curlers for the greater good.. The plan was: put a tracking device in the cassette, follow the guy to his hideout. Lee said the tracking device is in case they loose visual.. Hmm.. the baddie wrapped the cassette in lead, blocking the signal – so Billy orders they take him.. ?? errr call me crazy but the usual tactic here would be to let the baddie pick it up – and follow him back to the hide out no?? why not follow the guy? .. there’s a lot of shooting that does nothing.. blah blah.. image.. Love how the scarecrow gives the baddie a roundhouse kick though.. and the other agent’s swoop in to clean up scarecrow’s the mess!

So, they nab the nameless baddie (Ray Parker Jnr??).. but the whole thing didn’t turn out as they hoped and they’re no closer to finding Raul and Scotty.. Hmm. I guess they didn’t want to take the risk eh.. and thought their interrogation skills would win out in the end.. The baddie explains if he doesn’t return in 1 hour the other baddie will kill Scotty and Raul. Uh oh..

Amanda has stayed in the car throughout the gun fight.. Awh! she opens Lee’s door for him when she sees him coming! .. but Lee is really mad! and seems to get even madder when Amanda points out she stayed in the car! (Not now Amanda!Winking smile) I guess it is kind of nice that he is honest with Amanda and feels free to express his frustration at not being able to help Raul and Scotty.. and Amanda seems to realise he is not angry at her.. He slams the steering wheel.. whoa.. talk him down Amanda!

He goes to drive Amanda back to her car- There goes Lee with his crazy swerving of the steering wheel while going straight again.. Amanda’s brain sets to action.. time for her to solve the case and fix Lee’s boo boo and make it better Winking smile  (err and help Raul and Scotty!) Sure enough.. Amanda manages to think of something no one else thought of.. (In a way no one else would ever think of it too!! haaa..)
Here is a little of Amanda in action!
Amanda: All right. You know . . . if the police were looking for me and I was looking for a place to hide, I would try to find a place that had a secret place. So that when they came to search the place where I was hiding, I could hide in the secret place, and then when they left, I could be pretty sure that they wouldn’t come back. 
Lee: Whoa, whoa. Look, I’m having a hard time trying to follow this. 
(whahaa!! good patient listening Lee!! Smile )
Amanda: Like a subbasement in a warehouse.
Lee: What?
Amanda: See, um . . . well, once I was a tech advisor on a — on a food-growing project.

196Amanda: So unless you knew they were there, you wouldn’t know they were there. And if you searched them, you would never look there.  [Whahaaaa!! ]
197Ahhh and the coincidences just keep on coming.. a tech advisor on Mushrooms!! gee.. does she love mushrooms? Does Lee love mushrooms?? they do now! Lee is suddenly hopeful!! Smile So he calls Billy and he bluffs Ray Parker Jnr with the mushrooms. I ain’t afraid of no mushrooms! But.. he does want to save his butt – so yeah he makes a deal with Billy ( and Mr generic agent!)- and Jackpot! Amanda’s kookie idea hits paydirt..

199Lee looks like a little boy as Billy gives him the good news on the phone, Lee hangs up on Billy, runs to the car all excited and off he rushes to the warehouses!! too cute!

Lee and Amanda head off to the warehouse district.. though it isn’t really explained how they know which warehouse- did they just drive around till they saw one with a bad guy waiting out the front? tee hee.. and if you are wanting to keep your location secret, why would the baddie wait at the front door- it’s like they put a big sign up saying – here we are!! Smile Come get your mushrooms!! Smile 

With back up on the way, Lee tells Amanda to 201stay at the car.. In he goes.. and he finds the baddie literally about to do in both Scotty and Raul- with only seconds to spare he stops the baddie – Hurray! ( and Scotty doesn’t see Lee so IFF’s cover isn’t blown.. way to go!)

Uh oh.. Sooooo we have to sit through another drawn out gun battle.. yawn yawn.. So how do you feel about mushrooms? I looooooove mushrooms… bang bang bang.. yawn… Levic ( I wonder if he loves mushrooms..) runs to his car and turns the key but it won’t start! Lee catches up and holds him at gunpoint.. and the back up conveniently arrives.. oh yawn.. imageimageimageimage

Lee: That’s it! It’s all over, Levick. Looks like you need a tune-up, pal. (who ya gonna call??!!)
202Amanda: Looks like he needs more than that. Looks like I pulled the right wires.
(Ugh!! self -depreciation overload!!!)
Lee laughs when he sees what Amanda has done… ( I guess that is the equivalent of job well done!!)

Now let me get this right.. earlier Amanda stayed in the car for the first shootout- and then Lee was all mad at her when she said she had stayed in the car like he said.. For the second shootout? Amanda didn’t stay in the car like he said- and he is laughing and happy… hmmmm… I am starting to understand why Amanda doesn’t stay in the car!!  Winking smile

Tag Time! Ohh we see the aerial shot of the street infront of IFF- those women from earlier in the episode are still wandering the streets!! Somebody help those women!
: See? After all your worrying, everything turned out just fine. (Yes Amanda, you fixed everything!!!)
205Lee: Yeah.
Amanda: I mean, you got back the report that those two men stole and Scotty’s okay and I even got my station wagon fixed. Boy, that was really nice of Mr Melrose. You know, he didn’t have to do that. It wasn’t the Agency’s fault.
Lee: No, no, no, no, in a roundabout way, it was.

Wait a minute.. there seems to be a bit of confusion over who was responsible for what!!!! Lee got back the report????!!!!! UGH!! Lee and Amanda got back the report!!! Amanda is giving Lee sole credit for work they did together?? and saying Billy didn’t have to get the station wagon fixed? Aie Amanda!!!! grrrrr…

Scotty, all excited comes running over to Lee and Amanda to fill them in on what happened- but first and more importantly he asks Lee what he thought of his film! LOL!!
Amanda: Hi, Scotty. How are you feeling?
Scotty: Well, I’ll tell you as soon as Mr Stetson tells me what he thought of my film.
Lee: Oh, yes, uh, your film. Well, we looked at it — every frame of it — and, uh . . . it’s very good.
206Scotty: It is?
Lee: Yup.
Scotty: Wow! I wish I had gotten a couple reels of what went down the other night. How about that, me in the middle of a
207major shootout with feds running all over the place? It’s a good thing 208you told them what happened to me. I still don’t know how they found us.
Lee: Well, um . . . I guess, um. . . .
[Lee and Amanda share a look as they come up with a response]
: Probably. . . .
Both in unison
: They have their ways.

I LOVE this moment- as they both say together ‘they have they’re ways’!!! Why??? Doesn’t it sound familiar to you??
From The First Time (
https://justwalkwithme.com/2011/11/27/season-1-episode-1-the-first-time/  )
Amanda cuts into the dancing atmosphere saying: How did you find me?
63 how did you find me
222Lee: we have our ways
223Amanda: I thought only nazis and spies say that.
224Lee: well I’m not a nazi.
Open-mouthed smile

By revisiting this moment- and saying it in unison, I think it is a great way to show how far the two of them have come.. and that while Lee doesn’t say the words, or maybe even realise it yet – they are in this caper together now!! Amanda is no longer outside looking in Smile and knows exactly what Lee is now Open-mouthed smile Well done smk writers I love it!! (Plus any reference back to when they are dancing in The First Time- is alright with me!!)
212I also love how as Lee talks to Scotty, he keeps looking to Amanda to back him up.. or give him some help.. pha!!! Scotty needs PR308’s?? you know he will go away and try and find out what they are.. and he will discover Lee is making it up.. that is kinda silly isn’t??!!  But, in the end we see Lee’s soft side..  

213Scotty is so sad when he finds out about the PR308’s he didn’t get!!
I love how Amanda says to Lee: did you see his little face it just crumpled!   -awh..

215Lee offers Scotty a job.. without quite realising he has done it!! He just can’t help but do something to make amends with Scotty for all he went through! (In my view so he should- Scotty got beaten, kidnapped and nearly killed over IFF and he doesn’t even know they exist!! ) 216Scotty is soooo excited to get a job.. and Lee is almost as excited to have made him happy- Amanda too.. she watches all this take place and is so happy too! It isn’t until she points out that he just offered someone a job and he didn’t really mean it when he said he wouldn’t get anyone else a job anymore because he couldn’t stand the guilt!! yeah it lasted about 2 minutes.. and Lee was surprised he did it too!! I don’t think Amanda was surprised, I think that is what she was quietly encouraging Lee towards in her way..
: You see, I knew you didn’t mean it.
Lee: Mean what?
Amanda: Oh, all that stuff about never helping a friend get a job again.

: I — I just did that, didn’t I?image
Lee: Yeah, I. . . .image

image AWHHHH!!!!

This episode has some great moments:
-funny: they have my registration!! I LOVE mushrooms!!
-some very hooo haaa moments: ‘yes this is much more natural’… –
and some sweet moments – ‘come on Amanda your going to be alright, your protected by the best!‘ and ‘your house is surrounded..it was the first call I made‘ )

Though it is not a favourite, top 20 maybe. I found Lee was more reasonable than last week in the artful dodger ( but that is measuring by a pretty low standard!) – but there was lots of blaming Amanda for things that are simply not her fault, and taking his anger out on her when it had zero to do with her and giving her no credit for basically solving the case.. and stopping the bad guy (other than a smile- but ohhh what smile eh?? so how can I complain?!) oh and- Amanda stayed in the car for once – surely that deserves a medal?! Winking smile Oh and the appearance of scatterbrained Amanda a few times and excessive self depreciation brought down the enjoyment factor on this one for me.. not much.. but enough that I wouldn’t say its a favourite.. OH and the mysterious car park that revealed itself from another dimension… was a stretch for me..

I love how the baddies have the Malvern report, and we have no idea what the Malvern report is..  and so what! we don’t care really!!! I like it when they keep the baddies simple.. simply bad! Smile It’s something I think they changed in later smk.. they had to have the head baddie and we had to know what the information is pertaining to. When we just want to see the good guys catch the bad guys and Lee and Amanda-you know?? !!

Any thoughts you’d like to share? What did you think of this episode? favourite moments?? least favourite moments?? things you wished you had seen in this episode?? What did you think of the magical car park?? did it not bug you?! Any questions?? Feel free to share whatever thoughts you like.. if you agree, disagree or don’t care about something, anything! haaaa.. well must go! looking forward to some fearless Dotty!! byeeeeimage

13 responses to “6/6 Season One, Episode 18:Filming Raul-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. The only thing that struck me about the last act of this episode was Amanda standing there with the car parts in her hands – reminded me of the nuns who sabotaged the Nazis’ vehicle at the end of “Sound of Music.” Hmm. How do you solve a problem like Amanda?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I get the Amandarambles can be quite funny. This one about the sub basements wasn’t, it was just plain stupid.
    I’ve also come to the conclusion that Lee shouldn’t wear turtlenecks. They’re just not very flattering (Affair at Broomfield Hall mustard coloured turtleneck I’m looking at you!). Lee isn’t an overweight man by any stretch of the imagination but they tend to make him look a bit thick IYSWIM.
    The catching the and guys is one bit yawn, I guess anything would be a let down after the car scene 😉 The tag is quite cute but then again Lee is in a waistcoat (woo hoo) and Amanda looks cute too. Ah double dimple shot too, what more could a girl ask for 😉 Totally agree with BJo that if Francine was with Lee they would have let Scotty walk away, dejected, dreams crushed. See Lee, Amanda makes you a better person after all.


  3. The ending here is great….I think we are witnessing real change in Lee’s behavior because of Amanda’s “normal” influence. Do you think he would have offered Scotty a job if Francine were standing there? No way! Moo Francine wouldn’t even have noticed Scotty’s slow, head down walk back to the ticket window much less make the remark Amanda made. If she’d have even thought about it at all it would have been something like, “Poor schmuck! You’re not good enough to film for us!”

    I think they knew which warehouse to look at because there was mention of searching a warehouse earlier where the bad guys’ car was parked. I think they go back and search that same warehouse now that Amanda has figured out the part about a possible hidden sub-basement. Go Amanda!

    Did anyone every take you up on the offer to do some stats? I’d be willing if you’re still looking for someone.


    • Hi BJoI am loving all your comments!!! Keep em coming!!!

      Yeah I think if Francine had been there Lee would not have done anything to help Scotty – because she would have teased him about it. Ugh!
      but.. if Lee had been by himself? I think he would have – I don’t think he is just doing that because of Amanda.. but this is just my impression – who knows!

      I think the episode alludes to Lee helping others find jobs – and then feeling responsible for them.. Raul, Amanda (though LOL I sometimes think he didn’t ‘help’ her – she was the case!! and then she helped herself – and Billy helped her! you know?).

      But YES!!!! I would love love love it if you would like to collect stats for the show!! I’m always open to regular visitors contributing in whatever way they would like – the more the merrier!

      Which statistics would you like to collect? [ so I can look forward to them!] How many headbands? rofl!!
      Anyone got ideas?? could be fun!!! how many times Lee saves Amanda and vice versa could be cool- what else? 🙂 FUN!!
      How many Lee winks or tuxedos?
      email me on: iwsod@optusnet.com.au and I can put together a post of statistics if you like..



  4. Melissa Robertson

    I have problems with the mushroom dialogues….for one was she a tech in college (I thought that she went to UVA and that is nowhere near the potomac). I was born and raised in VA so there geological inconstancies bother me 🙂 And boy does she have the memory from things she studies with the kids to what she did 15 years earlier in college 🙂 Amanda’s the Woman!!!! LOL


  5. I don’t still have the stats but I could probably whip something up as long as you don’t need them in a timely manner (I am still trying to finalize how I’m going to compare the scripts to what we see on screen and keep the word count down). Real life keeps getting in the way. 🙂 Now if one were interested in a SMK drinking game for season 3, taking a shot everytime Lee forgot his keys in the ignition and set off the warning chimes would leave you pleasantly buzzed.

    As for fan fiction –season one — I like Road Trip by Ermintrude421 (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3915968/1/Road_Trip). It is set post Magic Bus and I feel she keeps true to the characterizations of Lee and Amanda.


    • Hi Cindy, no pressure.. smk is fun fun fun.. not work work work! 🙂

      I’m not much of a drinker.. but I do love my coffee… and it would still give me a buzz.. 😉 tee hee.. I’m not much of a tea drinker..

      I’m going away for a few days, hopefully I will have done enough posts to schedule their release while I’m gone. I won’t be gone that long anyway- but when I get back- I’ve been meaning to get a post up offering to smk fans if they would like to do a blog post on something to do with smk.. Maybe I could add doing a tally to the post as a suggestion…

      For your word count, I don’t know if this helps, but it doesn’t need to be 100% thorough, you can make it about your hightlights of the differences.. and if you like, why you think it was changed.. that way you can pick and choose what is in the post and it doesn’t become burdensome to you.. we don’t want that!! we want fun!! 🙂 plus.. you can always post in installments if you like..


  6. Oh my heck Paula — my friend and I would write all the episode titles down for SMK and Remington Steele and keep stats (how many killed, how many near kisses/ kisses, tux sightings, etc.) We could both write verbatim (can you actually write something verbatim or is the word reserved for verbal recitation? — guess that is something else to look up.) the opening for first season Remington Steele. Not that we were obsessed or anything like that. 😉 . I’m from Canada, but my relatives are all in your area.
    I also troll the fanfiction site — there are some reallly good ones, but some stinkers too. I have a story half written. We’ll see how it goes.


    • Cindy you should totally do a Remington Steele blog!! 🙂

      Hey do you still have those smk stats? It would be great to post them for the season… Would you be up to the challenge of compiling stats for season one?? Or if anyone else is reading this and would find this a fun thing to do ?? let me know!! I’m not going to take that on, posting on the eps keeps me busy enough.. if a few people wanted to complile a list we could split up the work and put it all together in a post.. oh well just an idea..

      I was also thinking it could be fab is someone would like to compile a list of their favourite fan fictions..? I don’t read fan fiction – not yet- I find it confusing!! so i want to get through going through the episodes and then I’ll read fan fic.. oh except tiff’s tagalogues I’ve read some of them..



  7. Well, hello again and thanks for the gracious welcome. I hail from the Chicago area of the States, and SMK was one of my favorite distractions from high school angst way back. I taped 87 episodes and used to time myself writing the titles in order of air date to pass the time in study hall. For some reason, Playing Possum never aired in syndication and I only saw that one recently on online streaming.

    I found your blog by happy chance. I was trolling Google for some satisfying SMK episode talk and found the SMK forum. From there, I found your site and thought it looked like a comfortable place to land.

    I’m a big fan of fanfic, and I rediscovered SMK mainly through fanfiction.net. I was so impressed with many of the excellent stories there. They served to rekindle my love of the program, and hopefully I’ll have something to contribute of my own over the summer.


  8. So quickly I’ve become addicted to your blog, Iwsod! Your frame-by-frame commentaries are absolutely hilarious. I just landed on SMK on DVD, so I’m currently plowing through season 1 and reliving the joy.

    I have to say, I never before considered the mystery parking lot…er…carpark. I just assumed it was some public lot IFF shared with other area businesses and took it for granted it must have always been there and I just didn’t notice. I think a certain amount of cluelessness really enhances my enjoyment of not just my old fav, SMK, but a lot of 80’s TV.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Paula!!! Well I am really glad you found me! 🙂 Thanks so much for introducing yourself and joining in. It is a wonderful experience rediscovering scarecrow and mrs king isn’t it!!

      I would love to hear how you rediscovered it – and how did you find me? ( really glad you did!) please spread the word and tell your friends with good taste ( who also love smk!) to stop by 🙂

      Where are you from Paula? I get losts of readers popping in from countries all over the world.. it’s amazing this world wide web!

      Ahhh yes.. you are so right- thinking too much in smk can sometimes get in the way of the enjoyment 🙂 this show was not made thinking people would be freeze framing things on their dvd player haaaa..

      At the same time, I find my enjoyment of smk increases the more I think about it though – as often ( at least IMO) the writers are quite thoughtful and give alot of depth to the characters.. it is just these weird huge decisions to include a car park for one episode and then never mention again which makes me go Hmmmmm!
      I actually love smk for it’s quirky continuity – most of the time 🙂

      If this episode had put Lee in a tux – I would have forgiven everything – that is.. if I could still remember it 🙂 haaaa!

      Anyway, do feel free to share your thoughts about episodes or scenes or anything smk in general – it is most welcome 😀


      Liked by 1 person

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