1/6 Season One, Episode 15: The Mole- Scarecrow and Mrs King

The episode opens with two guys in a rather refined looking room, surrounded by fresh flowers and artworks playing chess – too refined! that’s SMK 01code for: Baddies!!! LOL. A third baddie runs in and with a strong accent tells the others that people 02are on their way, they must destroy the codes and the cables (His name is Viktor). Someone rushing around with an accent? SMK code for: Baddie!!! Anyway,  while one of them destroys all the evidence, Viktor and the other baddie hot foot it out of there.

We see their car come screaming out of their garage and off.. then..  ta da!!! Around the corner zooms Lee’s Porsche.. to the same property the two baddies just left, followed by two other cars.. LOL..All three cars screeching away- errr this isn’t suppose to be a surprise is it guys?! One car is Francine and the other two agents are Davey, Ronnie, who we’ve never met.

They head inside..  whooo notice the stretch limo that just pulled up outside??!! they don’t seem to…

03Lee and ‘Davey’ ( David Benson) exit the elevator ready to shoot, while the baddie who stayed burns evidence in the next room.. looks like he is taking his sweet time too..  David Benson’s codename is Nightlight.. rofl!!!image makes me think of a little boy who is scared of the dark.. hmm that would have worked for Lee wouldn’t it!! hehehee..

Lee: do you have any idea how to say Freeze in Bulgarian?  (oh yeah now is a great time to ask!)

Right outside the door, Lee speaks on his walkie talkie.. yeah way to go… no one will hear you. and then when it is time to burst through the doors they mouth the numbers counting down to action.. (baddies only hear numbers?? very weird..)

Ronnie’s code name is ‘Go’?? rofl!!! that’s like calling a pilot Roger ( or Victor! or Oscar!! – seen flying high anyone?!!) teee heee.. Go? were they talking to you or just telling you to Go Go??

Bam.. Scarecrow and Nightlight force their way into the room..(anyone got any orange lip gloss? Winking smile )..and David Benson yells out hold it kind of thing and basically shoots the guy for no reason.. Ok.. 04he’s either a baddie.. or an idiot!  (errr and what is the name of this episode? The…. Mole???!!!)
Lee says; that’s the wrong guy Davey that’s not Viktor..  image

Lee is mad as!image Seems Viktor has been tipped off 3 times already. Francine agrees something is up.. Ronnie and David are brushing it off- I guess they think Lee is making a mountain out of a molehill!!!! image 

Lee gets in his car and drives off.. As he is driving.. he is surprised by the voice of Blue Leader interrupting his news broadcast on the radio.. hey come on Blue Leader!!! Lee was trying to catch that weather forecast!! The nerve of the man.. he heee.. Lee’s been around and 05seen a few things but he is taken by surprise at the Blue Leader interrupting him in his car.. imageimageimage– he could have crashed! Winking smile He fiddles with the radio buttons.. looks around.. Blue Leader tells Lee he can respond freely as this is a secure frequency, and asks what happened with Viktor Ignatia – but Lee is silent, still trying to find the voice!

Just how does big bushy brows blue leader  here 07 manage to talk to him through his radio..Lee wonders.. He sees Blue Leader’s black limo is following behind as they drive ( so he was the weird limo that pulled up mysteriously as Lee and the team headed in.) and finally his brain kicks in! He admits the operation was a failure to Blue Leader.. 

Blue Leader: Scarecrow, again for the third time, a man comes in and out of this country illegally. Seemingly at will. The first time we missed him, he was leaving with the Godiva papers, and then last year, he got by us again, it was with the Danzig Formula. The man is a peril to national security. You realise that he gives his best information directly to the Politburo.. Scarecrow what we have here is not a series of accidents. We have a traitor, a mole. Let’s find that person. More specifically you must find that person!

( I looked up Politburo to find out what that is- The chief political and executive committee of a Communist party. )

Oh dear… it looks like Lee has gotten the job no one would want.. and .. a boss he can’t say no to! Although.. he will give it a good try Winking smile
Pardon me, sir, but I think short-circuiting Billy Melrose would be –image
Blue Leader: Let me make it clear. Everyone in field section is
09suspected. Scarecrow, you are the only one who was not a party to the two former attempts to stop Viktor. In the Mid-East in ’81, Norway in ’83.
10Lee: Blue Leader, excuse me, but I don’t think I am your man. Internal investigation’s just not my thing.
Blue Leader: It is precisely “your thing.”
11You’re the leader of a failed mission tonight. I can expect you to redeem yourself. Blue Leader out.
Announcer: It’s Crazy Larry, out here in the Washington, D.C. area —

Whoo Blue Leader did not take kindly to Lee 12pronouncing internal investigation is not his thing.. (hey Lee, this is not Billy you are talking to here.. do what your told!!) Lee is mad!!! This is the worst job ever!!!

I have gotten hold of the script for this episode – thanks to the wonderfully generous and kind drprnces…
Thanks drprnces!!1yourock Apparently soon it will be listed on smk-land for members to read there ( thanks Petra!!).. but for now, I will point out a few little interesting tidbits as I find them! One goodie which I discovered was in this conversation with Blue Leader.. When Blue Leader initially interrupts the radio and tells Lee it is a secure frequency – Blue Leader tells Lee that it is only right he verify he is who he says he is to Lee- I’ll transcribe the juicy bit here!
Blue Leader: Shall we begin with Morocco, 1981?
Lee: Morocco?
Blue Leader: Of course, Scarecrow, Morocco… and that wonderfully attractive young woman agent. British MI-6. Her name, I see, was…. Elspeth.
( Lee was to be shown smiling wanly at this, apparently he does remember Elspeth).
Lee: Oh, right… (lamely)..
Elspeth.. but I didn’t think…
Blue Leader: You didn’t think you were observed? I assure you you were, Scarecrow, and I can provide any details of that liaison you might wish…the maitre’d’s name in that little cafe… the Europa. Or I can provide you with her husband’s name and occupation, or…
cuts in stunned: Husband!! She was married?! ( Lee quickly recovers) Umn, never mind, sir… uh. Blue Leader, what can I do for you?

– and we rejoin what was actually filmed there.. sooooo what do you all think of that? Can you believe they chose to cut that?! I tend to see it as background information, and don’t discount it just because they didn’t film that dialogue- or they cut it out.. I think it is very interesting!!!!

I am happy to hear Lee was not happy to hear she was married.. ahem.. maybe that is why they took it out? too controversial for back then maybe?? anyway.. so Lee was in Morrocco in 1981-

Hey!!!! Is there any reader who would be interested in taking on the task of noting the dates of things and the time lines? I am utterly hopeless at that.. (that and sorting out the lay out of Amanda’s house -it makes my head hurt…Winking smile It would be fabulous if someone would like to do this! I know some enjoy working these things out Smile Let me know if you are interested..

13Back at Nedlindger’s, ( have we seen Nedlinger’s before this episode? ) and Francine is discussing 15with Ronnie and David why she skipped a meeting with ticked off Billy, and what just happened with Viktor..  What do you think about Lee telling the three of them ‘ the next guy who mentions this Viktor or what billy said is going to be wearing this bowl of chili got it?!!! Haaaa.. I think he just called Francine a man! ( well.. she does tend to transform into one for the odd action scene Winking smile )whoooooo… Lee do you have a licence to carry that bowl of chili?!image

I’ll leave it there for now.. weird.. we haven’t seen Amanda yet!!! She is about to pop into Nedlinger’s at any moment.. so I will leave things here with Lee brandishing his bowl of chili and a big scowl.. Any thoughts you would like to share? Please do!!  The first time you saw this episode – do you remember if you guessed straight away who the Mole was?! Byee..

11 responses to “1/6 Season One, Episode 15: The Mole- Scarecrow and Mrs King

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  2. I just rewatched “The Mole”:
    1) Before Lee and Davey enter the baddies room, Lee asks Davey if he knows how to say “freeze” in Bulgarian. Davey answers “no”.

    2) When Lee and Davey enter the baddies room Davey yells something. The subtitles say “speaking Bulgarian” wich doesn’t make any sense when both of them don’t evev know how to say “freeze” in Bulgarian.

    3) I do understand what Davey says – and I do not speak Bulgarian at all… I even asked my daughter to be sure. Davey says something in German: “Das ist gefährlich, mein Herr” ( This is dangerous sir). That sentence doesn’t make much sense IMO. Speaking German to a Bulgarian baddie doesn’t make sense at all, anyway. And speaking German while Lee (who also speaks German) is in the same room makes it really weird.


    • Good catch, L&A! I suspect that in SMK world, any language that is not French and Italian is generic ‘European’ 😀


      • Yeah, you might be right, learjet. Exept Russian – they also know Russian in SMK world… 🙂


        • Hiya! Hey L&A – thanks for sharing your knowledge with us about Bulgarian and Davey.. very weird overall huh!

          Your comments reminded me of a scene in the modern version of the Thomas crown affair, where rene Russo’s character needs to interrogate someone from Romania who doesn’t speak English.
          She goes to interrogate him, and the cop says -don’t tell me you speak Romanian?!!!
          Her reply is something like – who needs to bother with Romanian?!

          Then.. she heads into the interrogation room and asks the suspect in French if he likes America.. he doesn’t answer her. She then asks (I think) if he likes gangster films in german and he sniggers and understands her – sooo she then continues to interrogate him in German.
          The idea being- don’t bother to learn the specific language of a little European country, because most likely they speak one of the ‘big’ languages 😉 Just learn those!
          Maybe this is what these errr highly trained agents were doing?


  3. Hi to all, it might sound a little pretentious, but I really knew who the mole was when Davey shot that Bulgarian guy. Why did he shoot that guy? As you already mentioned, he is either a idiot or a baddie. And I doubt Lee would agree working with an idiot or even call one into his team…
    We also know that Lee’s always the good one 🙂 – so it had to be Davey. I always wondered why Lee never suspected him right from the start – I guess Amanda would have if she’d been with him that evening…


  4. In France David’s code name is “Moonlight”. It is more romantic;-)


  5. Love Lee’s confused expression as Blue Leader talks to him via his radio.
    And he has the audacity to try and turn down the assignment, oh dear Lee this isn’t Billy it’s Blue Leader aka Bushy Eyebrow Man.
    Hmmm not sure I wanted the missing dialogue included, probably too close to the knuckle for a family show and actually I don’t like the idea of Lee being a bit too cavalier with his lovers and their backgrounds.
    Nightlight is such a good code name, I love Scarecrow for some reason it suits Lee but Go? Reminds me of that scene in Airplane where the co pilots are called Roger, Over and Under and it all gets confusing tee hee!


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  7. I’m glad they left out that Blue Leader dialogue too. Apart from it being a bit distracting, I like that the show wasn’t *too* in your face with Lee’s past. A few references here and there are fine, but there’s the whole thing with Eva that we just went through, so yeah, I get it with how hearing more just yet!

    It amazes me how many times I can watch an episode and still be totally clueless about the details. I never noticed the limo pull up outside the baddies. I think I tend to ignore the scenes that Lee is not in and get distracted during the ones that he *is* in! Although I love having the subtitles, I definitely miss less with them.

    I always thought “Go” was a weird nickname. One of those things that makes me think i’m missing an inside joke. I guess the name NightLight is better (yeah, would have been cute for Lee, although Scarecrow has grown on me!) but I still feel like the creative screenwriters could’ve come up with something just a bit more double meaning in true SMK style. I’ll have to think about what a better name might have been, something to better hint that he was the Mole! Anyone have any suggestions? By the way, I did not guess who the Mole was, but that probably ties back to my aforementioned cluelessness. I never guess. I suppose that’s good because the episode stays suspenseful for me right to the end :-/


  8. “Lee: do you have any idea how to say Freeze in Bulgarian?” Gee, that must be the only language Lee DOESN’T know (I guess Bulgarian is much tougher to learn than Urdu.)
    I am glad they took out the dialogue with Blue Leader about Lee inadvertently sleeping with a married woman. Bad enough we had to see him swap spit with one. BLEECH! And was Elspeth before or after Eva? (That encounter was about 1981 also. No?)


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