Season 1, Episode 1: The First Time

Well, here we are at the beginning of it all…

WARNING!!This is an extra long episode recap!1redface I have totally gone to town with it!!1BIG GRIN Now that I have my own blog- I don’t have to limit myself !!! ( Not all episodes will be as long as this one though I am sure!)

We start with the famous (or infamous?!) credits. These are different to any other Scarecrow and Mrs King credits.

04 credits mel stewart name mispelt 1ha haaaaaaa

Poor Mel Stewart! on the night Scarecrow and Mrs King premiered- he had no doubt assembled all his family and long lost relatives into the living room and infront of the television to watch Mel’s big role… and ARGHHHH!!! they spell Mel’s name wrong!! 1HaHaHaWhat an insult! I can just imagine the silence that came over the room ( and the kids stifling their giggles).. and then all the members of Mel’s family each took turns using the phone to call the network and complain (anonymously of course..) oops I am off on a tangent already.. focus!!

So.. the credits seem to have a couple of extra bits..

02 extra shot in credits amanda drying crystal

The frame of Amanda ‘hair drying’ the crystal is only on for a second but then we never see it in the credits again… a nice little surprise!

On to the actual episode! The series starts with.. a Toga party! Random!!

05 toga party location

Awh.. not fair! I wanted to see Lee in a Toga1angry (and not cos I like Togas..1acheekywink).. Yep, stand next to the only light in the back yard to pass over the parcel.. good one toga guy.. Also, how nice of Lee to stand at the bottom of the stairs watching what happens long enough for the baddies to know where he was and be able to follow him.1ha haaaa ( well, he wouldn’t want to lose them 😉 )

What an amazing house… pretty amazing for a single mum.. but maybe she lived there with her ex and he just moved out.. anyway, it is the ideal isn’t it.. except there is no white picket fence maybe- but maybe that comes later!

06 amanda home location

Yankee doodle pot pie? sounds terrible!

Is that a scarecrow on Amanda’s wall?1OMG No Way!!
07 amanda and the scarecrow on her wall

Do you think that is the cardboard thing she is putting together in the credits? I think it is!!
01 credits.. amanda puts together scarecrow

Wouldn’t that be funny if all this time she had been putting together a scarecrow in the credits and I didn’t know it.. 1ha haaaa

Jamie is putting white sugar on his white bread? She says no sugar on sandwiches and moves the sugar away and the moment she walks away he just grabs it again.. oh dear..

Amanda is off to take her boyfriend Dean to the train station.. I agree with Jamie- find your own way there! 35% chance of rain? LOL!! That’s ridiculous!!

Dotty: It will be nice when you get married, then you won’t have to keep running across town to see each other.

09 divorced a yearAmanda takes a deep fortifying breath: Mother… we’re not even engaged I’ve only been divorced a year…I need a little time…

08 mother itsDotty: take all the time you need. There’s no pressure here.

Amanda looks at her family in the kitchen bemused by Dotty’s comment.. 1huh

10noooo pressure
Yeah right no pressure here!!
11 no nooo pressure at all!!

Amanda hints to Dean she needs a job and can he help – he jokes he only hires people who will marry him.. 1yuckohhhh dear…. so he is actually wanting to marry Amanda and she is putting the brakes on things..Things aren’t lookin good!

A hug? Dean and Amanda don’t kiss goodbye at the train station?.. uh oh! and when he says ‘be good’?.. 1yuck If you ask me, Amanda looks kinda relieved that Dean is gone!

On to the train station for the big moment.. Why does Lee pick Amanda?? I always wished Lee had answered that question.. ( I guess because she was Kate Jackson Winking smile ) hmm I think it is because he knows he is charming to women.. and he can charm them into doing anything.. or so he thinks..

Amanda’s first words to Lee: Whoooaaaa!! Excuuuuusssee me!

Lee’s first words to Amanda: Just walk with me

 1superhappy![Inspiration for my Blog’s title!] 1superhappy!

Amanda: I certainly will not!

12 pleaseLee: Please!

Amanda: what is it you want me to do13 amanda looks at lee

Lee: just take this and get on the train…. hand it to the man in the red hat..

(I don’t think we hear Lee say please again for a few episodes at least!!)

14amanda agrees to help Lee

Doesn’t Amanda look lovely? Ok, so she gets on the train, with a bunch of other passengers.. Lee doesn’t say which carriage.. so there is going to be only one passenger on the train in a red hat? hmmm as it turns out.. it is the red hat carriage!!! With the red hat convention in progress! 16 uh ohThe guy really is on this carriage- love how he is so immersed in reading the paper he doesn’t notice all the other red hats..way to go observant spy!!          17 red hat oh well.. it is funny when she sees.. and when she tells the guard she doesn’t have a ticket and is wearing a nightgown and all the guys nearly get whiplash looking up.. all at the same time..1HaHaHa !!

19 do you know what I have underAmanda: do you think I expected to be on this train? 1confusion

Conductor quietly: where did you expect to be? ( I think he suspects she expected to be sitting on her fairy mushroom while making daisy chains..)

Interesting, Lee arrives out front of the offices..It looks like a suburban street… certainly doesn’t look like an office.. no sign out the front.. oh and there is a garage on the right side there out front.. hmm…as Lee gets to the door and uses his keys???!!! a guy in a trench coat walks past.. ahhh nice touch.. I guess in 22 lee arrives at workpilots you have the time to create all these little details! ( Hey where is the red handbag lady??!!)

The wardrobe elevator looks different.. bet that would be a right pain everyone moving those clothes all day.. Wait a minute – it looks to me like the wardrobe elevator is full of spy clothes!!! 23 lee in elevator

Why it looks like it’s full of trench coats and spy hats- this surely must be where Lee got this outfit from!:
2.13 SPIDERWEB.avi_002384684

Do you think the person who came up with the idea of a wardrobe elevator had just been reading the lion, the witch and the wardrobe???!!!( there is a lion and witches in the wizard of oz.. and we see scarecrow using the elevator.. hmm.. )

Billy is not happy with Lee for losing the package..

Billy: Straighten your badge.

Ah drat..well I guess it had to happen eventually! Francine makes her first appearance.. and she gets a full head to toe shot – we get it camera man.. the woman is a freakfashion police badge and warningy dresser who thinks she’s all that.. Fashion Police!!! …I’ll try to move on from the prison get up..
24 francine's first appearance

Hey you guys notice over the PA they are paging special agent this and that..This makes it seem like they are FBI.. Are they special agents in any other episode? guess we will see.. At this point we don’t know anything about who these people are..

The Boss gets stuck into Lee for loosing the package.. (It seems Billy is popping antacids?? Glad they don’t stick with that idea in future episodes! Although I think they eventually use it with a baddie!) 26 I went undercover as a waiter!Love how Lee says he went undercover as a waiter – like aren’t I clever!cheerleader I deserves some credit here – I may have lost the package but I went undercover as a waiter 😉 )Whooooooooo..

They’ve lost 4 agents in the last two weeks things are bad eh..

The guy with the red hat is dead.. uh oh..Lee explains how he passed off the package to Amanda..

But Ewhhh I don’t want to see Francine standing up for Lee and Lee being all grateful and saying he owes her dinner- 3_ImNotListeningNoooooooo!!!!! Pha pha!

You just hang in there big fella, you are about to discover what a real women with class is all about!1love eyes Could Francine sound any more snooty when explaining about the same tactics in Munich? (I think she gets Lee into trouble there too since Dirk seemed to know nothing about it..)

Err the big Agency boss Dirk has action figures or war figures behind him? Distracting….
1laugh till cry25 bosses figurines!
Trying to just work out what they are. Made me think of the Darth Vader character (‘Dark Helmet’) in Spaceballs- anyone know it?

Dark Helmet plays with the figurines when no one is looking- and his Princess Leia tells Darth Vader she finds him strangely appealing… 1laugh till cry

27 the weak linkLove when Dirk, the big boss,  is behind Lee, and Lee is not looking at him and Dirk says ” then internal affairs moves in to find the weak link.“(looking at Lee)
Lee says: I wish you wouldn’t look at me when you say weak link.

Amanda is in her kitchen 28 note on amanda's fridgestaring at the package, wondering what her next move should be.. notice the sign behind her on the fridge? Nice touch.. it says “something tells me we’re not in Kansas anymore.”29amanda stares at package

Whose idea was it to eat take away food on your lap in the back seat?1huh sounds like disaster to me. Love the smile Lee gives her when he pops his eye patch! and her wide eyed reaction!! 31 lee reveals himselfLee seems to already know her name too.- before his reveal we hear him tell her ‘ here’s your gangplank burger Mrs King’ ( oh dear.. Lee you trying to frighten her and tell her she’s going to have to walk the plank?!) So Lee knew about her?? He must know where she lives – why try and contact her with a backseat full of hungry rowdy kids? Surely he doesn’t think she is carrying the package with her wherever she goes?? I think it shows he has no idea 32 amanda reactsabout protective mothers and kids.. and.. soooo the education of Lee Stetson begins!1ha haaaa Amanda is NOT doing this now you big dill.. err even if you do look very cute and distracting and bring all sorts of pirate fantasies to mind 1drooling 

Amanda says: Phillip do not hit your brother in the head with Trash! ( with other stuff must be ok! Tee hee)

And I love how she says she’ll send it to him: where does he live?

Lee: I can’t tell you that.

Amanda matter of factly: good. Goodbye.1ha haaaa ( still Nice – always Nice!)

She immediately starts backing out..
33 amanda reverses
2confusedWhen she reverses and there is that groovy camera angle- the kids in the back seat seem to have vanished… probably sucked into the fourth dimension, punishment for Phillip hitting his brother in the head with trash.. ahem..

Love when she asks if he is going to let go of her car and he says “No. ” – in his really gorgeous deep voice..

Whooo hooo! When she drives off and you get to see his whole outfit!! lee the pirate full length!Lee smiles and waves and says “call me”!! ahhh.. that was a nice touch! How can the man still look gorgeous dressed as a ridiculous pirate in socks and knickerbockers!! 1drooling
34 call me!

Call me?? you don’t need to tell me twice Captain Lee Stetson!!err I mean I would if I lived in the USA..

oh oh !! what is Lee’s number? 202 547 9986!!! someone call him!! go on!!! one of you who is in the US!!!! pleeeeeaaase!!!

(What’s in the back of Amanda’s car as she drives off????what is in back of Amanda's car
weird.. not kids that’s for sure..

Check out all the flowers around Amanda’s house..I don’t think there is a wall that isn’t covered with something or a space that doesn’t have a knickknack of somekind.. it is to me a bit of a crazy busy house!! It is trying so hard to be homely.. it is quite over the top!(err maybe this is normal to some of you?? sorry!!! ) So, Amanda calls Lee.. ahhh Lee is still calling her Mrs King.. that is weird.. Lee sounds like he has a cold.. Amanda is curious? At this stage I don’t think she is so curious! She’s scared!!

Lee tells her they must meet that day at 5pm..

35 fridgeWhooo dig the groovy shot of Jamie hunting through the fridge!!

This cooking lady is nuts.. “without the proper stitching everything will just fall right out! as any surgeon ha ha.. will tell you. ” – she is terrible!! She is on twice a day? yuck.. Dotty how can you watch that woman.. then again good thing you do or they never would have solved the case.

Ahh Amanda is getting a bit dolled up for Lee… hmm very telling!! She has to be aware that the guy is gorgeous.. even if she has no idea who he is or who he works for.. so right from the start she must have been aware that Lee is attractive..even if she is scared.. (she isn’t dead!!! 1acheekywink)

Love when Dotty is asking Amanda what she should tell Dean when he calls at six.

36 at my clubAmanda responds: I’ll be at my club! ..

Dotty: oh.. (as in of course..) 37 what club...and Amanda leaves..
Dotty after a moment.. : What club?! 1ha haaaaaaa

Ahh they’re first proper meeting at the Halloween party. Some optimistic folks could say it is their first date! hhehee.. well the scene opens with Amanda having her car valet parked and with trepidation and big smile entering the place – she seems to turn as if to leave again but a lady offers to take her coat for her ( is she agency? Someone thank that woman!!)

Then..a booming “Mrs King!” from the top of the stairs.. and… there he is 1drooling 1confusion 1swoonsalgagazp

38 Mrs King!

Ahhh Lee you are such a show pony!! And.. I love it! Haaaa.. He just stands there with his hand in his pocket posing for a couple of beats just looking at her..(Practicing for his upcoming Estee Lauder campaign no doubt 1acheekywink ). Hmm he could be trying to extinguish the embarrassment of having to wear the kooky pirate uniform and chase after her yelling ‘call me’! Could be that too.. ahem..

I am busting to hear your thoughts here guys..I have to say…. now forgive me if I say something you don’t agree with… as while he is gorgeous and it is their first proper meeting and this is a much loved sequence..for me- it was not a love connection then.. Lee has a one tracked mind here- get the package. Get the job done. Right now, this woman can help him. I believe Lee is setting out here trying to charm Amanda until she can’t see straight (hey, it worked on me!). I don’t doubt that Lee thinks she is attractive, but- this is all about getting the package to me.. Starting with, the long calculated looking down from the staircase to admire her.. then descending the stairs slowly watching her.
39amanda under Lee's gaze Amanda shyly says “Hello Mr Stetson.” And Lee responds: “call me Lee“.. and putting his arm around her and leading her into the room.
It’s interesting that he tells her his full real name.. 42 Lee leads Amanda into the room

Ok what is that on top of the pumpkin as Lee leads Amanda into the room? Ahh I think it is three carrots holding each other up.. funny when you think of all those kooky publicity shots of Lee and Amanda with Carrots.. (I’ll see if I can find one!)

43 scarecrow...

Here’s one!! Tee hee..

44 a safe place to talkLee: “we’re among friends so it is a safe place to talk.” Love Amanda’s response “these people are your friends? ” -she’s thinking you gotta be joking! 2rolling eyes( I love that she is knocking his superficial ways already!) but he doesn’t get it.. 45 what amanda sees

Yeah good one Lee- invite a girl to a costume party and don’t tell her it is a costume party.. these are not her friends, they are your friends( non friends more like it).. typical male!! heheheee.. Poor Amanda..

Hey check out the pig at the buffet table!
47 pig at buffeterr that isn’t an insult.. there really is a pig at the buffet table, ridiculously trying to stuff food into his fake snout!!! 1ha haaaa

Lee is offering Amanda food, and being very attentive..

Then.. oops.. women start making a play for Lee.. I don’t think that was part of his plan..
48 girl interruptsOi girlie!! Can’t you see he’s paying attention to a different woman today? Lee seems to forget this too for a moment! As the girl wordlessly walks away 50 lee watches girlLee turns to watch her and gives her a look up and down – All the while Amanda is watching! When she sees his head turned by this girl this is when Amanda begins to get annoyed at Lee. ( go Amanda!)

I think she can see through him.Annoyed at this 51 amanda's expecting an important phone callobvious display and Amanda says “excuse me. ” to get his attention- her voice is abrupt..but she is still wearing that smile of hers!.. he has a nerve, asking her to take time out of her day to come to a party with his friends and return to him the package and wait idly by while he makes eyes at another woman when he should be talking to Amanda? She has other things going on in her life than you buddy.. shame on you Lee!!!!! (err but I love ya! hehehee)

Amanda: I’m expecting an important phone call Amanda looks at her watch cos, so could you just tell me whatever it is you wanted to tell me.

( Love that Amanda says she is expecting an important phone call – and we know it is Dean at six and she really couldn’t care any less about it!1ha haaaa)
51b yes we do have a lot to talk about
Lee says : yes we do have lots to talk about – his full attention back on her.. giving her the charming eyes..

Another interruption from a woman! ugh.. Amanda 53is really starting to get annoyed and her smile is actually starting to disappear.

55 celesteCeleste: want a dance? 54 celeste asks Lee to dance
*Amanda’s annoyance is growing!!!

57 amanda reacts to came as a housewife
This is their reaction when Celeste the space martian was introduced to Amanda “oh that’s marvelous you came dressed as a housewife.. well that’s nutty!” the look on Lee’s face: uh oh!!! Time to pull out the big guns Lee and win back this situation!!- He asks Amanda to dance quick smart and she says yes.. I wonder if she would have said yes had it not been for wanting an excuse to walk away from Celeste.. hmm ok maybe there was a little desire to dance with a hunky guy- just one dance, even if he was being a superficial jerk!
58 dance

Amanda seems to shyly enjoy it, wondering what the heck she is doing there…

and Lee.. – for a second there he closes his eyes…

I think for a second, he forgets about the package, and enjoys a dance with this lovely women!1BIG GRIN We do see Lee open his eyes and glance at Amanda very very briefly here – I think he is looking to see if Amanda is ready and relaxed enough now for them to talk! 62

Amanda cuts into the dancing atmosphere saying: How did you find me?
63 how did you find me
Lee: we have our ways

Amanda: I thought only nazis and spies say that

Lee: well I’m not a nazi. 1ha haaaaaaa

Now Amanda is freaking out a little. Lee moves the conversation to a table so Amanda can sit down!
65 spyIt’s funny how Lee says: … aaaactually we don’t say spy.

Amanda seems more concerned now she knows he is a spy rather than a gangster as she had originally guessed! Hmm that’s interesting!! Haaaaa..

Hmm smooth Lee.. husband? boyfriend!!

Love the gag about Amanda’s family not being in danger because they don’t know about this conversation! 66 what about me

Amanda: What about me?!

68 champagneLee responds: “Champagne?”

Even though at this point he is still trying to charm her, he is already treating her like she doesn’t have a brain.. (scarecrow is the one without a brain!)

I am surprised Lee seems to have explained the whole ‘why they need the package’.. whatever is in it may stop their leak.. blah blah.. even when she ends up working for them they tell her diddly half the time..

70 one little problemAmanda says: Yes, I understand, now there is one little problem…

and bam!!!! We cut to Lee slaming the door to the garage.. Mr Charm has taken off and been replaced by Mr Petulant Little boy !!!1ha haaaaaaa Man.. has the mask come off.. He can barely contain his temper reasonably enough to talk to her.. Poor Amanda, she does a great job of standing up to herself.. then again, she is use to dealing with Little boys..

Good on Amanda for not bringing the package and taking out some ‘insurance’ by sending it away – there you go Lee – 71 hideously underdressedthe first of many times to come where you underestimate Amanda and she is more clever than you think! Go Amanda!

Lee: that’s how your mind works? ( yep Lee.. watch and learn!!)

Amanda says: most people wouldn’t have taken the damn thing in the first place.. most people wouldn’t have called you up or met you at some dumb party, a party for which I was hideously underdressed so would you mind not yelling at me! ( would you call that Amandaramble number 1? – actually I think number 1 was the part I didn’t transcribe where she tells of why she mailed the package!)

72 fightingYou go Amanda! Lee you have met your match!!!

Lee says: do you really think I would let those valets park my car. A car that happens to be a classic 1963 porsche 9 350 – 73 a porsche.. lee's dummy spit I think suddenly he can see himself.. No thanks to Amanda’s expression responding to him. Lee your being a brat!… he hasn’t gotten his own way and he’s having a temper tantrum…..

74amanda not impressedAmanda’s look says it all: get a grip, I am not interested in your car and don’t have to cop this.. I was doing you a favour taking the stupid package and this is the thanks I get??!!!

Phew.. finally something worth listening to comes out of Lee’s mouth. “I’m sorry” .. oh no.. then he goes and ruins it.. “I’m sorry it’s just that this is very very important to me and I’m getting a lot of pressure. ”

Amanda responds: This hasn’t been my best day either. – great response.. still all Lee cares about is himself, his job and getting the job done.. he is so ungrateful I want to slap him! [can I just add here..-this was one of their best days in the big scheme of things1love eyes– it is the first time they danced, and the first time they met properly.. so funny to see them be so down on the day and what is going on!]

I kinda love that Amanda doesn’t just hand the package over to THIS Lee ohh sooo easy.. he deserves to have to work for it

When Amanda starts laughing in the parking Garage and Lee turns around to ask her why, you can clearly 75 amanda laughing and lee turnssee Lee’s porsche behind him. Why didn’t they get in it and drive off when the bad guys show up? if they could get that little buggy thing out, why not the car… He says the baddies have all the exits covered.. but there are two baddies, and they are standing next to each other..1confusion oh whatever!

So they find the garbage collector’s buggy and Lee 76 get in!tells Amanda to get in.. Love how he speeds off and you can hear Amanda yell ‘ Oh my Gosh’!!!!! ( the first time!). It is pretty funny how Amanda panics so much and practically strangles Lee.. ahh couldn’t happen to a nicer guy! hehehee.. (I mean the Lee in this ep so far, not Lee-  I love Lee really!I just want to throttle him in this ep- something I will probably feel like doing regularly in season 1!!)

How did the baddies know where to find Lee and Amanda? (guess the same way Lee knew to dress up as a pirate at that time of day to see Amanda.. ‘we have ways’..)

Whoa Lee slow down man! He is driving that little buggy so fast Amanda’s hair has suddenly come out of it’s style and is now completely out!
77 stunt amanda
Haaaaa… Ahhh I love smk!!! You can clearly tell when it is Amanda’s stunt double.. Haaaaa… Up down up down.. why her hair just adds to the chaos of the car chase – genius idea.. LOL!

ooooohhh yeah! the first scene out the kitchen window hiding from Dotty..

Amanda is in the ‘save the clams’ club – love it!!

Amanda whispers to Lee ‘ get off the tulips’ ! 1HaHaHatee heeee..
78 where is the package

I love the delivery in this scene in the kitchen, they’re so quick… great acting! I love this fast dialogue of the early smk! (I have no idea if anyone understands what I mean when I say that! The banter.. this time with Amanda and her mother..??)

I love Lee’s face when Dotty says she mailed the 79 lee reactspackage. Suffer Lee.. I don’t mind seeing him suffer a bit here! He goes very quiet.. he is quite stunned! 1OMG

Wow.. what is with Billy’s office. I only know it is his because he is standing in it… Billy the antique car collector.. who knew?
82 car collection

It is amazing to see how different all the sets and things are in this pilot episode.. Lee is on the phone to Billy(crouching in Amanda’s tulips) asking Billy for permission to break into the post office to find the package..

Billy is cross “The joy riding gigilo who totalled his car was one of my men!” – it is funny Billy calls him a gigilo.. ouch!

Love Lee’s response: I was working Billy!

Billy: In a Tuxedo?! 1rofl

yeah Billy… Lee does that a lot.. and .. he does it very well.. ahhhhh… Don’t knock the Tuxedo Billy!!

So Billy tells Lee he is suspended and he won’t open the post office for him.. so it’s break in time! Lee is terrible.. getting the civilian he pushed the package onto to break into the post office with him… he will stop at nothing! then, the moment she has something to say or wants to help he is telling her to go away.. grrrr… Just you wait Lee Stetson! there will come a time when you will slay dragons for his lady! Uh oh.. they are sooo busted!83 busted

Amanda waits outside Internal affairs, while Lee gets a yelling at from Billy…(boy do they change Billy’s personality in future episodes..)

Ahh Amanda’s first meeting with Francine. 2CowFrancine is just horrible here, she really is a cow.. she barely gives Amanda the time of day. then sprouts a whole bunch of feminist stuff about how she believes 85 francinetoday’s woman can do anything she wants to do.. – but all the while she is looking down her nose at Amanda and who she is. and sees her as a nobody.. MOOOOOO!! yeah go the sisterhood.. not! I guess it is only ok for women to do anything if it doesn’t include being a housewife or mother..

I wonder if Francine’s speech was a comment (unintended of course) on where Amanda is at- Francine says it’s never too late for today’s woman to do anything she wants to do. Francine is referring to her cooking classes – but maybe this is a call out to where Amanda is at too.. she’s a mother, a den mother.. and it is never too late for her to do other things with her life too !! Like this whole spy thing maybe!!

84 amanda listens to francineAmanda looks lovely in that pink!

Who is Nancy Arndt? I’m suppose to know that aren’t I?! 1confusion

Amanda says under her breath as she retreats from Francine: Nose job! – love it!!!

Which memorial is this at the Jefferson Memorial? I didn’t see that one when I visited..Well only from across the way..  Oh wow.. Lee finally sees just what he has done to Amanda bringing her into all this, and says sorry.. well too late buddy- Amanda is starting to come alive again.. she isn’t going to just leave this alone!

Lee’s suit looks a bit off the rack for him.. guess he wasn’t such a snappy dresser in the pilot, he looks a bit like a college professor or something…. the audience loved the tux… so his suits got classier maybe!

Interesting, that after the first episode, both of them know the other is definitely not married! heheheee… 86 Amanda!!I think this ‘goodbye’ scene is Lee actually being Lee with no agenda.. the real Lee.. -and that is when she invites him to thanksgiving he heeee…. He smiles genuinely, and even calls her Amanda for the first time! (and how appropriate that it is in a tone of exasperated amusement!)

Amanda: well I hope you don’t go to one of those singles bars, you will never meet a nice girl in one of those.. -!!!! haaa the irony.. ( I hear train stations are a great place to pick up Winking smile )

Lee says: I like being alone, you may have noticed I don’t even have a partner.

Amanda responds: no I hadn’t noticed but that’s 87 i hadn't noticedprobably because we were too busy working together – she says with authority and a smile.. oh go girl!!! great answer I love this line.. I already am your partner!!

Lee accidentally lets down his guard speaking of his former partner ( whom I find it strange that we don’t seem to find out anything else about..ever! but oh well..). Sad, wounded, loner Lee… Amanda is going to fix all that! whether you like it or not!

Lee’s abrupt goodbye:… ahh you can just tell that he doesn’t really want to say goodbye..he is forcing himself to do it. 88 lee half waves goodbye
As Amanda shouldn’t be getting involved (too late for that)- he may actually be starting to think about her- shocking!! Although I am sure alot of it is Lee not wanting Amanda to keep hanging around so he just plain doesn’t have to deal with her! Lee the loner…

Ahh the scene with Amanda and Dean in front of the fireplace.. “thanks I needed new bookends. ” ohhh to this day, that line cracks me up.. 1HaHaHa and the way she says it is just too funny.. yep she isn’t being swept off her feet here that’s for sure! “I missed you Dean. “ – yeah right.. you did not!
89 amanda with deanAwhhhh the boys look soooo little!!!! So the boys had a peek at the package.. thanks boys! Now Amanda has an excuse to see Lee again!!!90 phillip and jamie

Oh man.. when Lee meets Amanda late at night, Amanda is soooo cringeworthy!!! All her psst!!! and isn’t this where spies meet in places all creepy and stuff? Love Lee’s line about the trench coat.. 91 amanda knows all the hot spots
Considering how silly she is being here, Lee is remarkably (and surprisingly) good natured with her. I guess being no longer suspended he thinks he can afford to be magnanimous! It was nice of her to try and help him get his job back.. I suspect that was only part of her motivation though.. I think she wanted to see Lee again, she was excited by all the intrigue.. Hey it’s also funny how Amanda says to Lee: we couldn’t exactly meet in the drug store could we. Lee grunts a laugh in response – in future episodes we see that is quite possible.. you’ll see Amanda!! Why Lee will be hiding behind the milk in the grocery store one day! Haaaaa… looking forward to hearing what you guys all think!

Lee: Amanda I think you ought to stay out of all this, people in my business have years of training, it could get dangerous, even worse: you could screw things up!

Teee heeee… (I find this dialogue ironic.. given how much in the first 2 seasons Amanda is asking for training and no one seems too fussed at giving it to her.. )

Lee says: Billy just called and he wants me back, I’ve got my job. – does Amanda know who Billy is? I didn’t think she had met him yet.. Billy was in the other room when Amanda was at the agency.. Again Lee starts filling in Amanda on all the up to date details of the case! Amanda- who he is not suppose to see again- all weird! He blabs a lot in this episode..and it doesn’t make much sense.. Amanda doesn’t have a need to know! 😉 Love how Lee gets all bashful when Amanda say to him ‘ you’ll be careful won’t you. ‘ teee heee..
92 bashful lee

The next day, Amanda is working out and vaccuming.. go Amanda! Haaa see the cut out of the cow behind her?? It says ‘beware of the cow’ – ROFL!!! Yes beware of Francine!!

Amanda works out the codes Phillip and Jamie found are Mrs Welch’s recipes.. and Dotty happened to tape that morning’s show recorded live from what looks like Tara (gone with the wind!).. the recipe being ‘pilgram’s peach puff’.. she tries to call Lee but he’s not answering.. uh oh..

Lee is Pilgrim’s peach puff? but that sounds sooo girly!! not masculine enough for our Lee!! Ohhh the shame of it.. Love the baddies’ huge walkie talkies!! 93 walkie talkieTee heee.. It is embarassingly easy for these guys to get the better of the cute little peach puff here when they crack him on the back of the head.. ( I can’t watch this moment without thinking of the ‘i’m too sexy’ video- and Lee walking down the catwalk doing his little turns ;)..) Unconscious Peach Puff gets dumped in the basement of Tara.

This Den needs to be caged..wild animals! that poor tv station.. she should have taken the boys to Mrs Welsh’s place…94 killer kitch that would have taught the evil old lady a lesson.. Surely Amanda could have called and asked for those airing dates?? Or Amanda could have tied up ALL the boys, not just two… err to practice her killer kitch!

Dotty shows up to take the boys.. thank goodness!

95 at my clubAmanda: mother I have an emergency!…. At my club…

96 clams again dearDotty: Clams again dear?

Amanda arrives at Tara err Mrs Welsh’s mansion. She sees a way in via a side entrance into the basement.. she picks up the melon and says what I think is THE best line in this episode…

97 I hope I can look back on this someday and laughAmanda: I hope I can look back on this someday and laugh.

Go Amanda!!

The second best line? What about what the guy calls: “Hey! cub scout lady?!” – what a crack up!!! Who talks like that??!!

Operation Pinocchio? oh dear… he must be lying..

Francine is the leak? haaa… I love it..Mooooo!!

Lee sees Amanda hiding behind the car as he is led to the helicopter – he can’t quite believe what he is seeing! Amanda approaches the helicopter and yells “99 freeze!Freeze!” Looks like that Charlie’s Angels training has come in handy!!

I thought the killer kitch was easy to undo if done correctly – soooo did the baddies do it incorrectly too?

Phillip put sugar in the gas tank of Dean’s car?? I wonder if Lee remembered that a few years later, when Phillip had been fiddling around with the vette.. I am surprised Lee let him touch it if he knew that!

Amanda is struggling at the controls of the helicopter, she never seems to get the hang of it.. In my opinion the funniest line in the episode is Lee’s :

100 what are you wearing...Lee: What are you wearing?

101 what do you care...Amanda: what do you care!

1HaHaHaThe delivery is perfect from Lee.. as during this whole sequence they have been screeching at each other.. and then suddenly he quietly and calmly comes out with ‘ what are you wearing?’ teee heee.. Oh well Lee at least it wasn’t a bad tux – now that really would have upset his sensibilities!!

As usual though in smk, I thought the whole action ending went on waaay too long.. 2boring!how many times do we need to see the helicopter swerve erratically and see Lee Yelling ‘more pedal!’ or throttle! arrghhh!!! ( especially when he first says He’ll do the pedals..and then he doesn’t!)

My response? yawn.. I am done with the action.. hurry up and make Amanda your partner!

Ok, Amanda arrives home…Why didn’t Dotty put the chicken on? she prepared it.. Does Amanda have to be the superwoman who does everything? she flew a helicopter with no lessons, and saved Lee…. putting the chicken in is a bit over the top..he heee… ok we get it, she is a domestic goddess who has to juggle the normal family life with being shot at.. I do like how 103 candlesDotty and the boys just get out of the way and watch her go the moment she gets home.. flowers.. of course.. what is with the flowers all the time..

Why rush home, it’s only Dean! Love the note on the blackboard, ‘Dean called to say he would be on time’ – who does that?! A guy who buys his girlfriend bookends that’s who!! Haaa.. the guy sounds like a total control freak… with no spontaneity.. and.. nothing like Lee! Dean arrives, enters the house and yells “Hi hon, it’s Dean!” oh…drat we were expecting another man to walk in at 6 o’clock for dinner..1BIG GRIN

How about the tag huh? what an Amandaramble!!!! This one has to be the biggest surely! I wonder how many times it took KJ to get it right.. Whoo nice cardy Billy.. my his wardrobe changes pretty fast! He dresses more casual in this first episode. He seems to be trying to follow Amanda’s rambling amused by it. 104 billy listens to amandarambleLove Lee pacing in the background waiting for Amanda to finish.. he stops.. think she has finished but noooo she is off again so he keeps pacing!105 listening lee and francine Tee heee.. ( I guess Amanda needs to tell someone about it all!)

106 amandarambleAmanda: noooo it was just like my dishwasher you give it a good kick and it’ll go just fine. ( only thing is.. we see Amanda doing the dishes by hand a lot – so that mysterious dishwasher of hers must have ceased responding to  kicking..)

107 what...

Billy tells her they will probably have need of her in 108 we use civilians from time to timethe future… Lee protests and Billy reminds Lee they use civilians sometimes..

Another great line in the tag from Billy: Scarecrow, I think we may have finally found you a partner.

109 knock it off billyLee: Knock it off Billy!

Francine: oh you two are darling together, I understand she knits or something.

Lee: I’d button it loose lips!

[Isn’t Francine a bit too confident for a drugged up loose lipped pawn who got two of her colleagues killed and this colleague she is teasing nearly killed??!!]

Finally, Amanda says to a shell-shocked Lee as they walk around georgetown : I type, I don’t shoot you know. (!!!)

Amanda’s amandaramble at the end is hilarious too! “ So what I could do is drop the boys at the dentist, drop into spy headquarters and pick up a fresh melon all at the same time!” 1ha haaaaa top line that one!
110 do you have a good vegetable man...

Ahh I feel for Lee at the end, adjusting to good things that come into your life and change it- takes time, and can be a little painful and man does he look like is in pain1eek!!!!

How wonderful to go back to where it all began, to look back on it all and laugh!!

I am looking forward to seeing what adjustments are made for next week, besides Mel Stewart’s credits!!! Will Billy’s office be the same? will they all be special agents? or just plain agents? ( well except Lee he is always special 😉 )

Is anyone else going to start watching from the beginning ?

As usual, I am busting to hear what all of you reading this think.. especially as this is a much loved, extra special episode…

There are great moments a’plenty… so I can’t take pics of them all and include them in my post..(though as you can see- I do try 😉 ) Sooooo if you have a favourite moment or look or anything that you would like a pic of – I would be happy to try and help you out.. Feel free to ask for a request.(just make sure you are specific to make it easier for me!)

If you have read this far- thank you!!!

One thing I generally found interesting about this episode (and wondering what others thought about this) was the handling of the baddies.. for those of you who know season 4 well -did you guys notice? It was very different to season 4.. SMK seemed to get very bogged down with the heirarchy of baddies; diagrams explaining who reports to who, complicated foreign names that were hard to keep track of, different countries, and we had to know the baddies history, why they were doing what they were doing etc… In this episode?? We get Mrs Welch.. and I think she may be the only baddie whose name we find out (other than ‘Olga’ her note taker!).

At the end the episode we hear on Dotty’s tv that the colonial cookery lady was arrested.. and it was part of an espionage ring… and.. that’s it! that is all we really find out..

I realised, this works!! I didn’t even care what country she originated from, what were her cohort’s names, who Mrs Welsh reported her findings to or if she hated her parents or not.. Just interesting to me that they dealt with the baddies very simply, and.. it worked just fine! All we really need to know is how to recognise the baddies, and then sit back and watch our gorgeous team work it all out.. ahhhhh….Anyway, I better stop I can go on forever.. and well it seems I have

I am busting to hear people’s thoughts on this ep!! whoooo hooo!!

141 responses to “Season 1, Episode 1: The First Time

  1. I was hoping you’d be willing to do more photos. Could you please post more of the train station, Lincoln Memorial Steps, Night meeting, and of the shot in the parking garage they use of Lee in the credits? Oh, and Lee going into the meeting where he’s captured?


  2. As I recently began walking through S1 in the “proper order,” it seemed wise to pause and read through iwsod’s three-part collaborative proper order discussion. CBS tv’s total disregard for storytelling was corrected decades later by releasing all four seasons on dvd. Now people, who love this show, were able to watch, discuss and re-order episodes into a coherent story that honors the hard work and dedication of S&MK’s cast, creators and crew.

    It seems fitting to celebrate the 35th anniversary of watching “The First Time” on the night that the funny-sounding “Scarecrow & Mrs. King” TV show aired for the first time on October 3, 1983. Together with you, I will watch it on dvd at 8 pm on Wednesday, October 3, 2018. So, with a tumbler of Single Highland Malt Scotch Whisky or your favorite celebratory beverage in hand, let’s toast the extraordinary talent of cast, creators, crew and the extraordinary loyalty of S&MK fans … past, present and future!


    • Sounds like a plan!


    • It will be 8:00 somewhere when I am able to watch it, but my coffee and I will certainly join this virtual watching par-tay! 🎉

      I didn’t see The First Time for the first time until the Family Channel days. It finally made sense to some of the things referred to in later seasons (Utopia Now, Unfinished Business, Stemwinder, etc.)! 😂 35 years later, Lee Stetson still melts me into a puddle and Amanda King is still one amazing and inspiring lady.

      I love this show, love this blog, and the community that comes with it!


    • I did the same on the 3rd of October! After watching the 1st episode I came back here to check out comments about things I noticed; Like the scarecrow on the fridge for example. I live in Germany so it is nice to know SMK has fans here too. Doch

      I am now continuing my walk as I watch each episode from my DVD collection. Every so often German TV will rerun the series, but I prefer to watch it in the original tone.


      • Hi All! Awh I missed this anniversary! I never really pay attention to it since I was not watching SMK at the time. I’ll probably celebrate a little JWWM anniversary instead.. great to hear how you guys all celebrated TFT!


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  4. Hi all! while I was creating the silly pirate sidebar gif just now, I noticed something for the first time, in the first time (haa!).. and I can’t see it’s been mentioned here so far..
    What’s the first thing that Lee says to Amanda when they meet at moby’s dock, after their moment at the train station?
    well.. the first thing he says, once he is talking to her as himself (going to skip then comment about the gangplank burger when Amanda doesn’t realise it’s Lee yet).
    Ready? The first thing Lee says to her – when they are both talking to each other and aware of who they are is:
    “You didn’t do what I told you to!”
    Oh my gosh.. I laughed and laughed when I realised!!! Ahhh Lee so perfect!! Get use to saying that! 😉


    Liked by 1 person

    • That is so wonderful!


    • The first thing Lee says to her – when they are both talking to each other and aware of who they are is: “You didn’t do what I told you to!”

      Get used to that, Lee! Straight away she set the tone: “begin as you mean to go on.” Time and again, Amanda will confound Lee (because her mind works in a completely different way than his) and irritate him while she thinks things through out loud (aka “The Amanda Ramble”). Lee has never met the likes of her before and that makes for great comedy!

      Thanks for sneaking in that photo of a very confident, stylish Lee masquerading as a defector in “Spiderweb.” What a contrast to his pirate getup and desperate “call me” as she peels out of Moby’s Dock!


  5. ScarecrowsAngel

    What an eppy, and chock full of memories!

    In less than a week (June 23), us German fans have an anniversary all our own. 30 Years ago, this very episode was first broadcast on ZDF television. Thir-ty years… I was 15 back then, now I’m 45 – Older than KJ and BB were when they made SMK. Still, watching SMK and remembering stuff around when I first saw an episode makes me feel so young! And even though our favorite show went on the back burner occasionally, I always come back to it.

    So – Expect the occasional comment from me! And keep up the great work on this blog!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t know if you’ve commented before, ScarecrowsAngel, but welcome and Happy Anniversary. Love your name, by the way.


      • ScarecrowsAngel

        Thanks, valeriejw! It was actually the name of a German SMK fan club. The club itself is no more, but I took over the name as my pen name and wherever I am with SMK as a topic.


    • Herzlich willkommen, ScarecrowsAngel; ach ja, lang lang ist’s her. Ich war damals ‘süße’ 19… seufz

      So, now again for our English speakers:

      Welcome, ScarecrowsAngel; ohh yeah, it’s been a long long time. I’ve been ‘sweet’ 19 when SMK first aired in Germany… sigh


    • I am a little older than you and remember vividly how I felt while watching the episodes in their first run. Were the episodes played in English and subtitled in German, or dubbed in German? I always wonder how close the translations are to the original intention of the show and how much things were censored or changed if it was too controversial or against the sensibilities of the country it was played in.


      • In Germany usually/traditionally all movies and tv-series are dubbed. And I admit, I always liked the voice of Lee’s German speaker – wellll…. until I saw my first episode in English….. BB’s voice is soooooo much better * swoon*

        The translation? Hmmmm – let’s say it doesn’t always fit but at least they mostly tried to give it the most possible sense as they could. It’s sometimes very hard to synchronize the German words to the lip movements of English spoken words. Sometimes they could have tried harder, sometimes it’s quite o.k. I wouldn’t recommend it to learn German. 😉

        Censored? Ohhh YES!! They censored whole episodes. 😦 We never got to see ‘Times they are a Changing’, ‘Our Man in Tegernsee’, ‘DOA…’ – those eps where the baddie was played by a German actor or where we got a Nazi-Theme. We also never got to see both ‘Stemwinder’ eps, ‘Unfinished Business’, ‘Nightcrawler’ or ‘Bad Timing’. So we never saw Lee’s and Amanda’s declaration of love or Lee’s proposal. WHY? I don’t know. Suddenly they were a couple and suddenly they maried out of nowhere. I never understood why until I saw a replay some years later at AFN (I grew up in West-Berlin) and realised there were more eps but German TV just didn’t show them. 😦

        All in all German TV left out nearly a complete season if you count the missing eps from S1 – S4

        If you have any more questions – just ask. I’ll try to answer them.


        • Fascinating getting some insights into the German experience of SMK, L& A. I actually have a “German” copy of the DVDS (with both English and German subtitles) and noticed how some big episodes were labelled as never have been aired and so not having German subtitles.

          Just a quick reminder that this is a post on Ep 1 of S1 so talking about certain events in the future is a huge spoiler!!! So L&A – and all you JWWM’ers – please stick to the events in the episode you’re discussing (and events before that episode – see the side-bar). I know it’s sometimes hard and we’ve all done it, but please try to avoid it 🙂


        • ScarecrowsAngel

          The baddie being a German actor is not the problem here. I know at least one episode where the baddie was played by a German and we got that one. I’ll hop over to TTTAAC right now to post my theory about why we didn’t get that one. Unless someone already beat me to it – I have a whole lot of catch up reading to do on this blog!


    • I am late to the party, but welcome to JWWM, ScarecrowsAngel! I studied German at uni a lang lang time ago and have forgotten too much of it. So I’ll stick to English. Looking forward to hearing from you!


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  7. Hmmm… I’ll take up the foreshadowing challenge! How about this: the quotation over the fireplace (when they’ve moved to the table after Lee’s “well I’m not a nazi” line) is a poem by Max Ehrmann – WHO ENTERETH HERE

    (For the Door of Your Dream House.)

    WHOE’ER thou art that entereth here,
    Forget the struggling world
    And every trembling fear.
    Take from thy heart each evil thought,
    And all that selfishness
    Within thy life hath wrought.
    For once inside this place thou’lt find
    No barter, servant’s fear,
    Nor master’s voice unkind.
    Here all are kin of God above–
    Thou, too, dear heart; and here
    The rule of life is love.

    (Found at the Indiana University Library website, and other places.)

    Makes me think of their later love and respect for each other being a shelter for the two of them who entered here… How awesome is that!?!


    • Swoony!!!

      Good detective work KC 😉 You got a codename yet? 😉 or lol.. I guess KC is your codename..! Good work agent KC! [though lol Nedlindger’s has declared KC is God!!! whahahahahaa]


  8. Hello everyone!
    After receiving some really helpful advice and encouragement from IWSOD, I have taken the plunge and started a blog to house my notes on the relationship progression of L&A through the episodes and series of SMK now that I am back in the land of SMK again. I have been wanting to do something like it for ages and to illustrate it with my graphics and have finally managed to start it. If you fancy taking a peek, here’s the link: The first part for The First Time, based around their meeting at the train station, is up and hopefully Part Two and Three – the meeting at Moby’s Dock and the party will be up in the next week.

    I am also in the process of setting up another one to house my residue graphics and video download links.

    Sarah (Lovesmk) xxx


    • Hiya Sarah! (Lovesmk!)

      Congrats on your new blog!!! whoo hoooo!!!! It’s fun huh!!! great to have an outlet like a blog for all your smk creativity! and lucky us.. we get to reap the rewards!!

      I’ve added your blog to the blogroll with a link.

      Everyone it’s called ‘SMK Relationship Notes by Lovesmk’ .. so be sure to check it out!

      Welcome to the blogosphere Lovesmk!! 🙂


      • Replying to myself here to let everyone know, Lovesmk has decided to name her blog ‘Getting to Know You’ – so you’ll see it under this title in the links on the sidebar – This is the title as it’s all about Lee and Amanda getting to know each other.. their relationship..

        Congrats again Lovesmk!


  9. I just wanted to apologise for just disappearing. Real life has been really awful (my dad has been very sick)these past few months. Anyway I pulled out my notes on the first episode which I did for the yuku board. Is it ok if I post by scene? I have done some graphics to accompany them and was wondering whether it would be best to post those over at Neds rather than here?


    • Hi Lovesmk! great to hear from you! Sorry to hear about your father ((( hugs )))
      Regarding your comments- I’ll send you an email and get more info from you on what you have in mind – and maybe together we can explore the best way for you to share your smk thoughts with us all! will be in touch!


    • I am sending good thoughts your way. It’s stressful when your parents fall ill. Take care of yourself too!


  10. Hi Iwsod….as I await a new blog starting season 3, I decided to go back to the beginning…..Wow…you have come a long way in diseccting and describing the episodes since TFT! I can’t wait for you to eventually come back to the beginning to hear how your thoughts might have changed from your original posts as you’ve walked through all 88 eps…..keep up the great work as we hunger for the next episode, we all appreciate you and your dedication.


    • Hi Gruvy Granny! Oh I know!!! I really didn’t know how to go about doing this blogging a tv show business way back then haaaaa!

      To think I tried to cover one episode in one post! I feel quite sad that I didn’t give season 1 the love and attention I now know I can give the show haaaa.. it’s very tempting to go back now to it- but I better not.. I don’t have time to keep up with season 3 and go back to season 1. I think when we go back to season 1 rude immature Lee will be a bit of a shock! but we will also relish the wonderful humour of season 1! 🙂

      Thanks for the lovely encouragement and kind words Gruvy Granny! – it is very motivating to hear that you are enjoying the show and our journey together!


      • I am indeed enjoying the journey. There are things I’ve learned about these two beloved characters that on my own I may never have explored. I will stay true blue till the end, and then will probably start over again.. I would be happy to pass along some encouragement as often as you need it….i am now hooked….


  11. Just for fun, I decided to start offering “awards” to the characters in each episode. (It’s kind of a joke on a computer game series I’ve been following.) If you’d like to attend the award ceremony, visit


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  14. Hello Everyone! Scotch Thoughts and Windown Reflections Links
    A member of the JustWalkWithMe community, Morley (npieen), has embarked on a fan fic project- to write two vignettes for each SMK episode.
    One from Lee’s point of view, and one from Amanda’s point of view.
    Morley is publishing these stories as a pair, one episode per week.

    If you would like to read them head over to using the following links:
    HERE is the link to Morley’s introduction to the project.
    The links related to ‘The First Time’ are HERE for Lee
    and HERE for Amanda.

    If you’d like to discuss the fan fic – JWWM isn’t the place for this..
    -There is a thread at Nedlindger’s allocated for this type of discussion- HERE

    Morley- we salute you!!! 🙂 You golden circle girl you 😉
    [Feel free to salute Morley yourselves -over at Neds or 🙂 ]

    [iwsod edited link to Neds with thread specific to Morley’s fan fic series.]

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw, thanks, Iwsod. Just don’t make me walk through that golden circle/portal thingy, that gives me the creeps.
      I am looking forward to what happens with the stories.
      I have to thank BJo too, because truly, no one would get what I was trying to write if it wasn’t for her. She keeps my commas down to a minimum as well as other important things.
      There are just too many fun things to do with SMK, endless I think. Good thing there are many of us to shoulder the task, right?


  15. Sorry no problem – Iwsod it is 🙂 :). And thanks for the lovely welcome. I am so happy to be here. Yep I decided to go back to the beginning and work my way through the episodes you’ve done so far. I am aiming for one a day to so I can catch up with you all. I will get out my notes tonight (I did this ep and Weekend as I remember) and get going :). Is it possible to put pics in replies btw?


    • Hi Lovesmk! whoo hooo! I’ll look forward to reading your thoughts on earlier episodes! You’ll notice the coverage of episodes tends to expand – I am learning at this blogging stuff 😉 and have now found a happy level of detail.. I am hoping to go back to season 1 after I’ve walked through all the episodes and blog season 1 in more detail- with more dialogue.. season 1 dialogue is sooooo good!!!

      Anyway, yes wordpress is not the most friendly place for adding pics to comments – alas- but to add this feature with a nice easy button costs me an upgrade I can’t be paying right now 😦 However, all is not lost! There is a way to add images to comments. I’ve written a blog post with instructions on how to do this using code:

      I think it is a wordpress thing, occasionally doesn’t work. but most of the time it does! LOL! Give it a go!

      If you add an image to your comments – it will automatically be moderated – this is to prevent spammers getting on here posting links and spoiling our fun. I’ll approve it asap – and I’ll double check the image has worked. if not, I’ll do my best to fix it for ya!
      I hope that helps!


    • Hi Lovesmk – so glad you’re here – LOVE your SMK photo art and videos!!! and you’re one of my favorite vidders! I think Jealousy and Halo are two of the best out there. Thank you for doing them.


      • Aww BJo thank you for the lovely compliment. Ah yes, Jealousy particularly just seemed so Lee when I heard it lol. I am thinking of doing some graphics for each ep as I work through them if I can get some time to do so, so might post them at Neds if I can. And good news – I still have my notes for The First Time which I found last night. Yay! Just need to transfer a less lengthy version onto here as I think it covers several a4 sheets as it stands – I’ll see when I print it out 😉


        • I just love how you managed to capture Lee in Jealousy – it does seem ‘so Lee’. And the way you change pics in time with the beat is exceptional. I’ve got some songs set aside for videos I’d love to make some day – but that’s far in the future. I don’t even have ripping software yet. But videos like Jealousy are inspirational to me 🙂 I hope someday I’ll be able to do my own – it’s such a fun way to tell their story.


          • OK, I just had to check ‘Jealousy’ so much delicious goodness packed into that little video! I don’t know how I missed it before. A wonderful way to start a chilly morning.:-)


      • Melissa Robertson

        I agree with BJo your video’s rock!!!


    • Welcome, Lovesmk! So glad we have another member of the multifaceted talent of the SMK world with us. I think your videos were some of the first things I found when I went on my nostalgic search for SMK ness a couple of years ago. I was hooked immediately. I really like your Josh Groban videos, especially Hidden Away… although it really is hard to find a favorite.


  16. Yay Iwsod!!! [edited name] I finally made it back here at last!!!! I know I read your review of this episode a long while back but I have just read it again and it still puts a smile on my face :). I am going to root out the notes I made for this episode for the yuku forum and see what I wrote and share some of it here. Gotta go now but I promise I’ll be back soon 🙂 :). And Jule – I love that you blow dried your glasses 🙂 🙂


    • Hoooooo raaaayyyyyy!!!! Lovesmk has made it to JustWalkWithMe?!!!!! welcome welcome!!!

      I will look forward to hearing your thoughts Lovesmk! are you starting at the beginning and working your way through? or just have a particular hankering for The First Time?

      Everyone, Lovesmk is the creator of the lovely banners JustWalkWithMe has on it’s home page!!! A fan of many talents!!! 🙂

      Oh call me Iwsod here please 🙂 I don’t want to be confusing newbies that stop by.. and since I’m webmaster they better not get confused about who I am 😉

      Hope you are well!


    • Ha Hah! I was in a tearing hurry the other day and my hair was still wet, so I finished up breakfast in front of the oven that was on. *huge smile*

      So glad you are here Lovesmk! I love your videos, they were the first SMK videos that I had ever seen and they got me hooked.


      • Lol. And kept warm at the same time too :). I’m glad to have finally got here too although it’s taken me long enough. And thank you so much re your kind words re my vids. I love doing them but it’s the icing on the cake to know people enjoy them 🙂 🙂


  17. Just browsing through TFT, and saw Amanda drying her crystal glass and laughed out loud. I needed extra clean glasses for chocolate mousse at the last minute for Christmas dinner. I was in a tearing hurry so I did the same thing, wielding my hairdryer and giggling like a maniac the whole time. LOL! I was surprised I got through all the glasses without breaking anything. 😉


  18. I need help figuring out what episode something occurred in.
    Lee and Amanda are sitting in her car (I believe) on a stake out. Suddenly they have to appear like they are lovers and we see Amanda very close to Lee with both her hands on his face and she appears to really be into the role…..I have watched every episode more than twice and can’t find that scene.need help pkease


    • Season 1 – Filming Raul – about 31 minutes in… she has one hand on his face as the local patrol car goes past. Is that what you mean?


      • Oops, KC! Didn’t see you beat me to it!


      • Thank you…I just knew it was probably one of the eps that I hadn’t seen 3 or 4 times…I have to go back and watch that one…I am so thrilled to find this blog…people who adore this show as much as I did….


        • Welcome Gruvy Granny!!!! So glad you found us!!! Feel free to indulge your love of all things SMK with us – I agree it’s great to be able to chat with others who love the show too! 🙂


    • Hi Gruvy Granny! The episode you are looking for is Filming Raul, I believe. It is in Season 1. Lee and Amanda are waiting for Francine to show up so she can switch coats with Amanda and drop off the film that the baddies want. The part you’re looking for is about half way through the episode.


    • I believe hat was the stakeout scene in Filming Raul (18th episode aired in season 1) . I am sure the others will correct me if I am wrong. 🙂
      And Welcome Gruvy Granny!


  19. I saw a fan video recently that included the dancing scene from the Halloween party. Usually I’m focused on the part with Lee closing his eyes as they dance. But in this video I actually noticed how Amanda was holding Lee’s hand as they danced. She was actually grasping his thumb while he was cupping the rest of her hand. It seemed like more of an intimate touch. One of the favorite styles of dance around here is called ballroom, but not the Dancing With The Stars version. A couple has to be really in tune with one another and be comfortable with their partner. It’s a very smooth style of dancing. The way of that handhold reminds me of that.


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  21. I have successfully gotten my husband to watch the first episode of SMK, he hasn’t watched since the 80’s if ever. He says he remembered Amanda’s rambles and they used to annoy him.
    He says Amanda pursued Lee because she was looking for the adventure. It was more than just looking for a job. He thought it was clear that Amanda had an aptitude for that kind of work.
    He laughed at all the right places. the party, the red hats, Lee’s sneeze outside the kitchen window.
    He thinks Dotty knows a lot more than she lets on. He also thought that Dirk was the bad guy.
    Those are my husband’s first impressions. I wonder if he will continue to watch with me? 🙂 (It was fun)


    • congrats Morley 🙂 and thanks for sharing yours and your husband’s experience of watching the show together 🙂 a unique view!!! 🙂 haaa that he thought Dirk was in on it.. was It the action figures that led him down that path?! 😉

      I agree Amanda was definitely looking for adventure!!


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  23. Where do I begin? Amanda who later thought she was hideously underdressed at a costume party, just throws a coat on over her NIGHTGOWN?! She’s all about doing things properly…Wow-ok, then there’s Jamie,putting sugar on bread for a sandwich?! No one I knew growing up did that! Dean acting like Amanda was his child-“Be good”-UGH!! anyone with me on these points-love this blog!


    • It’s interesting that in the pilot script, Amanda and Dean are married, she drives him to the train station and insists on seeing him off at the train even though he tells her she didn’t have to. It paints quite the picture of a loving wife who at the last minute feels it more important to give her husband a big smooch when he boards the train than what people might think of her state of (un)dress. When Dean got demoted to temporary boyfriend, Amanda’s decision to leave the house in her nightgown (maybe a little passive aggressiveness here?), not made up gives the impression she is a) ticked she has to drive him because he doesn’t want his car to get wet and b) she doesn’t care about him and he is not going to be along for long.
      Jamie putting sugar on his bread is a way to get all that sweet goodness without having to deal with those nasty jam seeds. :-). LOL!
      And of course, this blog rocks!


      • Whoooo Cindy! Sure you wouldn’t like to put together a post all about the original concept?? I think you’d do an amazing job if you are interested -but thanks for the insights! I didn’t know any of that!!! Thank goodness they changed it!!!

        Welcome welcome Molly!!!
        Wonderful to have you join in our fun!!!! Yeah you are right it is very improper of our very proper Amanda isn’t it! Yeeeeahhh!!! that ‘Be good’ from Dean is brilliantly awful!!! But it really cheesed me off how he brushed off Amanda’s mentioning wanting a job to him.. grrr.. sooo glad to see the back of him! [lol when we never saw the front of him 😉 but.. you know what i mean! ] I hope you will continue to share your thoughts on any of the episodes we’ve looked at so far!


        • I love the way Dean never had a face.


        • Absolutely! Hey, right this minute, on my ITouch, I’m listening to Over The Rainbow! Coincidence? Nah! I’m glad I can join in this fun! Your blog is terrific!


        • Gotta ask- that scene in the opening credits,where Lee is pulling up to Amanda in the taxi? Why wasn’t that in an episode? That looked hilarious!!


      • I just can’t even imagine this show had it started off with Amanda and Dean married. Thank goodness it didn’t!!


        • Hi Bjo! I agree!! I don’t know that I would have watched! how awful!!!

          Do you think maybe the original script was based on that American Dreamer movie or whatever is it – Cindy?? I haven’t finished watching it yet.. but watched the first two vids on you tube – her husband is AWFUL!!! so awful I didn’t want her to be married!!!


          • Where does part 2 leave off? Don’t worry, it gets much better! If I recall, American Dreamer came out a year after SMK. I saw it in the theatre with my girlfriend and we both thought it reminded us of SMK. It sure doesn’t portray accountants in a positive light, does it?
            It didn’t get great reviews and got compared unfavorably (and erroneously!) to Romancing the Stone. It kind of has a “Bringing up Baby” kind of screwball feel to it.


  24. So having missed the start of this blog and since I’ve had a whistle stop tour of my season 4 DVDs I thought it was time to go back to the very beginning. Cos you have to when you’ve got the the end? Right? It’s like the painting of the Forth Road bridge in Scotland. By the time they’ve painted it all they go back to the beginning and start again. Allegedly. Look at me too much SMK and I’ve gone all “Amandaramble” LOL

    So the very start *sighs* where the love affair began. No not Lee and Amanda I mean me and Lee 😉 Actually as a kid I don’t recall a single thing about SMK apart from the music and the titles. And Bruce. Thanks to Bring Em Back Alive and then SMK I had my first foray into childhood crushes 🙂

    The train station. Wow Lee looks pretty good considering he’s been awake and on the run all night. Clearly his playboy antics hold him in good stead in the field too, sleep deprivation as torture? Nah sleep is for wimps 😉
    Oh dear Amanda and Dean……just a hug and no kiss. Dean is stuck in the friends zone and who can blame Amanda……if the man was a colour he would be beige……
    Lee is being beaten up in broad daylight right at the train station. Wow these baddies are hardcore they don’t care who sees……please someone will you help?! No one seems to notice only Amanda.
    Dirk…’re good just not as good as Dr Smyth 😉
    Ah Pirate Lee. It’s criminal that a man can look so good wearing knickerbockers! He’d look good in a bin liner.
    So Amanda goes to meet Lee at the party. Given that Dean was supposed to be ringing at 6 and this costume party is already in full swing… I the only one who thinks they are starting a wee bit early? Celeste…….at the risk of sounding cruel Celeste makes me think of a drag queen. Her voice certainly has a masculine quality to it. Come to think of it none of the women I think Lee has dated seemed as gorgeous as I expected them to be. I expected some stunningly beautiful women. Maybe Kate Jackson cast them specifically so they didnt detract from her 😉 Lee in a tux, boy he’s super confident in his looks isn’t he. Lee you know you’re a hunk but smug and cocky aren’t attractive traits 😦
    Lee well done on correct pronunciation of Porsche 😉 am sure hands will be thrown up in horror but I preferred the Porsche to the Corvette.
    A cookery show that’s on twice a day?! No one thought that was weird? Did Francine actually have a lesson in cookery or does she not notice the huge hole in her memory where her afternoon should have been LOL
    Love the line from Lee about what Amanda was wearing, it’s that sort of humour I miss in S4.
    So that’s my random musings about The First Time. Can’t wait to visit the next episode……Lee in plaid *drools* sorry for the ramble!


    • BB was my first childhood crush too, Jenbo! In face, his face was the only one to ever go up on my walls.

      I agree – Dr. Smyth is the best…love to hate him! Even more than Francine. Ditto on the bin liner 😉

      I must disagree and throw my arms up about the Porsche, though! I love the Corvette. I put one on my Christmas list as a joke when I was a kid and my dad bought me a red corvette model…hardy har har.

      Love the rambles!


      • My dad worked for Porsche garage during 80’s so I guess that sparked my love affair.
        Sadly I don’t recall any posters of BB, not sure how much he featured in UK mags. However given I was of an age when I was still reading comics I guess that point is moot 🙂


        • I get that! If my dad had worked for Porsche I’d prefer that car too! And unfortunately I didn’t have a BB poster, it was a page I’d taken out of the one teen magazine I bought as a teenager.


    • Hi Jenbo! My ex-sis in-law-her favorite color(we think) was beige! No kidding-she wasn’t known for dressing in brighter colors-LOL!! And I love your ramble!


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  28. Hi – I have just recently discovered your website! How fun! I’ve been watching the episodes over and over via Amazon and had no idea there were so many dedicated SMK fans out there….I first found the fanfic which is wonderful, but your blog is by far my favorite site. I’ve read through all the posts of a few episodes, and each time I find myself laughing out loud at so many of your comments. I was very excited to realize this is a current project vs. most, if not all the fanfic, which was written many years ago.

    I know this doesn’t count as foreshadowing, but I noticed a line from season 4’s Suitabe for Framing about halfway through when Billy tells Lee that Dr. Smith has asked for Lee and Francine’s resignation. Right after hearing this, Lee starts to fuss with Billy’s tie (such an Amanda thing to do!) and then tells him to “straighten your badge” before he leaves the office. I notice that Billy tells Lee this very same thing right before they see Dirk. I guess straightening your badge at the agency is what you do or what you tell someone to do when you don’t know what is coming next! I thought it was a nice touch if done on purpose, sort of like bringing things full circle even though it was Lee who was in trouble both times.

    I’m looking forward to walking with you!


    • Hi,BJo! I love this blog too-hey, on the subject of ties, didn’t you find Lee’s tie clips annoying? Like they might be choking him-I personally love the open shirt look on him-i.e.Saved By The Bells!


      • I know the costuming at times could be viewed as random (ie Amanda’s clothes for the latter half of season 2) I wonder if anyone else tries to find reason behind what they are wearing. I try to think that Lee is trying to be super professional after Lost and Found and hence the side part and the piece suits. I wonder if we could find a reason for the anomaly of Amanda’s wardrobe change. Maybe Lee being more comfortable with “normal” may affect his sweaters in season 4?


        • Hi Morley! I like the way you think!!!! Have you ever thought about putting a post together about your costuming theories and the stories it tells? that would be fabulous! Just an pressure- but I think it would be really interesting! It’s a topic which would benefit from pics to share your thoughts too.. it would be fun to come up with reasons together – I agree with you that costuming tells part of the story doesn’t it!! 🙂

          Season 4 sweaters? LOL… they are really bugging people are they? I don’t mind them half as much as the weird Jackets Lee starts wearing that look like they were washed with lots of tissues in the pockets – I think they would give Baron Von Eiger a conniption!Lint! Lint!!!!! 😉


          • I might consider it, I would love to contribute to the community of this site, but time and technological finesse is what I am missing. Our summer break is coming and the time issue may change a bit, but the techy thing is still a mystery to me. How do you all get those great shots? And I am not too sure how my theories may hold up to closer scrutiny, although that isn’t such a huge issue, why not try? huh?


            • hiya Morley! Don’t worry I could help you with the tech! I’m guessing BJo would lend you a hand also?? Sorry Bjo don’t want to speak for you! 🙂

              I hear ya! It can be time consuming when learning new things – If or when you are ready to go for it [summer break sounds ideal!] – the offer will always be open 🙂

              I think Bjo’s shots are much better quality than mine but I don’t have a source other than the dvds.. Bjo what do you use? they are sooo pretty!!! [especially love how yu caught the plaid on Lee’s bandage 😉 tee hee ooops I digress!]

              LOL.. don’t worry Morley – I am sure we are all open to hearing your ideas and having lots of fun along the way – I especially love smk fashions!! 🙂 yeah LOL.. I am pretty sure the fashions are not a ‘hot’ issue! tee hee.. but you know even if you wanted to post about a hot issue – I’d like people to be free to respectfully say what they think: including disagreeing about a ‘hot’ topic! 🙂 At the end of the day, it’s a tv show 😆 and smk fans are real people! 🙂

              Email me if you’d like me to tell you what software etc I use – but there is no pressure at all Morley! That goes for anyone else who’s a regular and considering giving posting a whirl! 😉


              • Yes, Morley – I would be happy to lend a hand. I am not tech savvy at all myself. I could at least tell you how I get my pictures and perhaps it would work for you? It is a lot of fun for me to write the posts even though I do have lots of doubts about my writing abilities. I’m a numbers person, not a words person – fortunately, when writing about Lee in Plaid or his dimples the words become less importan – LOL!! . But, like iwsod says, it is just a tv show, this is for fun, and everyone here on the blog is very kind! And just for the record, I usually think that your thoughts, theories and comments are very insightful and well thought out/supported! I tend to blurt out what I see at first glance and don’t go into too much depth. You seem to do it with ease!


              • Oops! Realized I just missed a couple of things!

                iwsod, thank you for your compliment on the screen shots – that is very kind! I watch the episodes on my computer on Amazon Prime and then capture them with my PrntScr button. I bought no special software, I just use what came with my computer. I’m a PC user, so the photo editing (i.e. Lee’s plaid bandage) is just with the basic MS Paint that came on it.


                • Well, its encouraging that you aren’t tech savvy as well, and you use no special software. And thanks for the encouragement. I may just make a go for it during the latter half of June. Of course now I’ll probably have to start watching all the episodes from the beginning to begin formulating my theories, you know, research….:)


                  • Oh cool! thanks Bjo!!

                    Sounds like Bjo has got it down to a fine art! Amazon prime eh..Aussies aren’t allowed to watch that 😦 Your pics are gorgeous and clear.
                    I’m just sorry I can’t get mine clearer for you guys 😦 ..but then I have to balance out the time I have to do pics with actually getting the posts done .. so I go with the best I can do with the time I have..
                    Because I rely on the dvds my process is just a little more complicated.. I have to save the files to my computer, then take the pics..

                    I am truly not tech savvy either.. blogging has been a learning curve! but wordpress makes things simple!
                    Haaaa I love how you blurt out what you see Bjo! don’t change you are great the way you are!! 🙂

                    Great to hear Bjo has given you some confidence to maybe go for it Morley! 🙂 Let us know how you go or if you need any advice – if or when you decide to construct your post 🙂 haaaa yes from the beginning! teee heee. let the fun begin!!! 🙂 research err yes.. research! let the research begin!! 🙂


      • Yes, I do find the tie clips annoying. I guess that was an 80’s fashion thing. And I love any open shirt look on Lee. I also love his turtlenecks. The one in Savior comes to mind. He pretty much looks good in anything….annoying or not!


        • Now-about Amanda & all those freakin’ sweaters!! I did read somewhere years ago that Kate was not comfortable in dressy attire-probably during her Charlie’s Angels days-maybe she told the wardrobe people she would be dressy once in a while-ok,the “housewife” look doesn’t always include evening gowns, & other fancier items, but how many sweaters did Amanda have? She did make some outfits, I think(Over The Limit).


    • I was watching his last night (more research) I too noticed a line that could be foreshadowing ( that is assuming the writers had a story arch all planned before the pilot even aired, right!). That line Dotty says in the kitchen, “It will be nice when you two get married, then you won’t have to keep running across town to get married.” Ha! secret marriage called for lots of running across town to see each other.


      • In regard to Dotty’s comments about Amanda running across town to see Dean-& then she wound up doing that when she & Lee married-just ironic how that came full circle, right?!



    I love your walk through this episode!! You caught things that I totally missed! Lee on the stairs in his Tux was totally yummy. I agree with you. I think this is really the first time they really “see” each other. I think Lee finds Amanda attractive, but since she represents eveything that he lost as a child and that he has denied wanting as an adult (nurturing mother, dedicated homemaker, staid boring vanilla existance) he automatically rebels against it. My favorite parts are Amanda on her first mission to rescue Lee and of course his “what are you wearing” comment. The snappy fast paced dialog between Lee and Amanda are one of the most attractive qualities of SMk (after Lee of course). I also love Amanda’s wicked sharp brain, hidden behind that wide eyes innocence and nervous rambling. In the original script for the pilot, they have her married to Dean. That kind of threw me!! I am off to watch and walk with you through episode 2!


    • Hi Elissa! Whoo hooo! You found it!! Oh good! 🙂

      Thanks so much for the feedback- it is really wonderful to hear you are enjoying the walk – and which parts in particular you enjoy! 🙂

      Thanks for the excuse to be reminded of the early episodes.. it was a year ago I did that so it is wonderful to revisit it!

      Totally yummy? Agreed!!!
      Have you seen His Girl Friday? or What’s up Doc? they are both great movies with very fast snappy dialogue – I love it too!!

      you will find you are not alone in loving Amanda’s sharp mind: very much on display in the early eps.. it will be interesting to hear what you think happens to it as the episodes progress 😉 It seems to sometimes go on holiday..

      Yes Amanda married to Dean? Yuck! Pha! squash that thought immediately! 🙂


      • I have seen both of those movies. However,my all friends favorites are The Philadelphia Story and Bringing up Baby. chemistry and rapid fire banter. Kathryn Hepburn and Cary Grant!!!


      • Yeah, original script was awkward with Amanda and Dean married especially since Amanda was supposed to be dazzled by Lee and a nosy neighbor always catching them together and looking on disapprovingly. Oh the hilarity!!! *rolls eyes*.
        I would have loved to see the “Eureka!” moment when they were deciding how they were going to explain Amanda sneaking off to go on missions with Lee and eventually get rid of Dean (divorce, his cheating? his death — what great family fun! ) and someone says — how about we make her already divorced? So many problems solved!
        The only line (IMHO) that didn’t work when it transferred from the original pilot is when Dotty tells Amanda she can send Dotty for private lessons with Mrs. Welsh if Amanda was annoyed with the TV show always being on. Very rude if your daughter is looking for work, but works if she is married and financially doing OK.


  30. Hi Everyone! I was just looking at this episode again.. and I found a blooper..
    At Moby’s Dock, as Lee brings Amanda’s car their order, you can see the reflection of the sound guy ( wearing headphones) in the reflection of the back side window!


  31. Melissa Robertson

    Yes, I am from the US (Ohio) and refering to me as Melissa R. is fine 🙂 I love Lee’s line, “Is that how your mind works?!” Yeah, pretty much and he will find out that it will come in handy too!!! And I love the tag too…Amanda is great and Lee is suffering 🙂 We thought that Francine should have been fired (hey, this is tv and not real life).


    • Hiya Melissa R – I agree.. there was zero mention of Francine’s role in it all.. disappointing!!! still I like to think Amanda secretly relished the irony of her rescuing all these highly trained agents.. whwhaahahaahaaa


    • Hello, Melissa R! Glad you joined the party. IWSOD’s blog rocks!

      Totally off subject, but if someone can tell me how to get a hold of those neat smilies, I’d like to use them. Do you download them from a site and save them to your drive? Do they cost you?


      • Hi Paula! Hey I am not sure which smilies you are referring to.. but if they are in my blog post and not standard smilies, then they are smilies I have added to my post which I have saved to my computer. If you like any feel free to copy them and use them. I have found them over the years all over the place and I don’t own them.. and no one else owned them before me either! 🙂

        For a listing of available smilies on wordpress..

        Looks like there are 22 to choose from.. sorry there is no smilies menu in the comments box.. but looks like that would cost me $$.. which I was hoping to avoid 😳


      • That’s all right, IWSOD. No need to break the budget over smilies. I’ll follow your link and play with it. If you see smilies in my future posts, you’ll know I am capable of learning new things.


      • That’s all right, IWSOD. No need to break the budget over smilies. I’m going to make use of your link, play with it a bit, and if you see smilies appear in my posts, you’ll know I can still learn new things.


      • Melissa Robertson

        Thanks, Paula…have really been getting a good laugh out of them 🙂


    • Melissa, this is the other Melissa. I’m from Ohio, too! Columbus, actually. What a small world! Welcome to this blog!

      Paula, I don’t know all of the smilies, but if you type a colon dash close paranthesis, you get a smile face. 🙂 Maybe someone knows all of them and can fill in the other ones.


      • Would you like me to put them in a post? I can do that if you prefer – I’m just discovering the wordpress ones too! 😆 whoooo like this one!!


      • IWSOD, Oh, yes. I just love those little animated guys. I can find them, but then I don’t know how to grab them and make them mine.


      • Melissa Robertson

        Yeah, it is a small world!!!! We live in NW OH…but have family in Columbus and we pass throuth going to VA to visit my parents. Hope your power is on…my parents have been out for almost a week now and we were camping in WV when that storm came through…very scary for us and the kids but Praise the Lord nobody got hurt!!!!


  32. Melissa Robertson

    Well I had not seen an episode of this show since it went off the air in 1987. I was in Jr. High when it was on and absolutely loved it. Then when I got sick this spring and couldn’t do anything for a month so my husband bought season 1 for me and I think that it started the obession all over again!! He has enjoyed it too and we plan on getting season 2 this fall (can’t wait!!!)Well, I found your blog and have read it completely. I love your blog it has been hilarious, your comments, insights and defiantly your smilies 🙂 So, I decided that I would start at the beginning again and work my way through so that I could comment on your blog (if you don’t mind)!

    Great recap on this part. Yeah, like how you said about Amanda protecting her kids (I have 4 so I know how she would feel). I like all their foreshadowing in this episode!!!! How can Dotty be cooking dinner things early in the morning? But, she is always over the top….got to LOVE Dotty 🙂


    • Hi Melissa R! 🙂 Welcome Welcome!! I bet reading about smk took you back to Jr High! It totally take me back to my childhood too!

      You read it all? that would have taken a while! Haa thanks for the kind words about my blog -very glad you have enjoyed reading it and decided to join in the fun and share some comments! 😀 You sound like you are approaching it methodically.. alot like me! I’d love to hear your thought about the progress of the show overall as you work your way through the episodes!

      Yes! Over the top Dotty is awesome! 🙂
      Lovely to have you join us Melissa R ( there is another Melissa who comments so hope you don’t mind if I refer to you as Melissa r ) 🙂
      Are you from the US Melissa R?



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  34. Hi!
    I just finished watching season three and am now going back and re-watching from the beginning and then reading your commentary on each after, along with all the comments. This is my all time favorite show since it was on. I love reading your thoughts, many I have thought of myself and others I never noticed! So much fun to watch it this way.
    My only other mention from this episode is the knot Amanda has trouble with is called the killick hitch. That is one of my favorite scenes when she runs into the same knot she just had trouble with. And I have to agree with Lee’s “What are you wearing?” comment. I laughed so hard the first time I heard that!
    Keep up the awesome job!!


    • wwhooo thanks for the update on the knot.. I thought Killer hitch sounded very deadly 😉 haaaa..

      Did you watch this episode the first time – on the night it premiered? do you remember the first time you saw it?


    • Hey, Naomi! Love Lee’s comment also about what Amanda is wearing! Most guys IMO would usually just think,”that’s cute” or just think about how they look-but since Lee just met her, it’s obvious he’s already thinking,”Why would she wear something like that?” I know-’cause he’s so used to seeing his dates & Francine looking “dolled up”, he can’t look beyond something simple-let’s face it-Amanda looked good in anything-just took Lee FOREVER to realize it!


  35. Why does Lee pick Amanda? Yeah, I wish he’d answered that, too, trying to figure that out is like trying to imagine the 5th and 6th season, lots of possibilities but we’ll never know the SMK truth. She was alone? Looked good in a nightgown? Had a kind, open face? He subconsciously saw his future?

    …on her fairy mushroom making daisy chains… LOL I love your vision and humor, Iwsod.

    All this foreshadowing on the pilot episode; Amanda putting the scarecrow together, the sign on the fridge, the trench-coated figure walking past the Agency entrance as Lee walks in, Stacy’s catch on the flag and the scarecrow… I love how clever the writers and directors were, we see so many instances of thought and intelligence on the writer’s part throughout the series.

    But then we have Moby Dock, lol – I never bought that whole idea, that Lee knew Amanda would be there with the kids so he was ready in his pirate costume. Maybe she had a habit of taking them to Moby’s on a particular day of the week, say after baseball, or something. Of course, since Lee just met her, he wouldn’t know that yet… Well, I guess spies have their ways.

    Don’t producers/writers generally spend more money and or time on pilot episodes because they desperately want their show picked up so pilots are often quite different in many ways from the series, ‘larger than life’?

    Regarding Patty’s comment on Lee’s evolution. I’ve always thought he looked so young in the TFT and it makes sense that the producers would have felt it necessary to make some changes since he is such an experienced operative. But you know, while watching the show I don’t always think about matters such as his sensitivity evolution or similar changes made to his character, which is one reason I love reviews like this, they definitely enrich the experience.

    Iwsod, I totally agree with you about the show pony, this is Scarecrow, Lee isn’t here yet. He’s all business – get the package – and Amanda is basically another ‘assignment‘ to him. Oh! He does tell her his full real name, and not Steadman/Stimpson/etc… Hmmm I like how from the very beginning Amanda seems to make Lee just lose his agent persona, he drops it at times because she reaches past his Scarecrow masquerade and aggravates / engages the man behind the mask. She is a civilian he ‘used’, or tried to use, as a courier in a moment of desperation, and yet he’s basically spilling so much more to her than he should.

    Love your Little Boy analogy.. And the kitchen scene. I like the quick dialogue and humor of season 1. The writers did a good job throughout but season 1 was so fresh and new, everyone was still trying to figure out some of the character’s dynamics. Amanda’s relationship with Dotty, Phillip, and Jamie was so tight and set from the beginning, imo, I love their family scenes. Sugar on bread? Ack.

    Hmm, your comment regarding Francine’s unintended “…it’s not too late for today’s woman to do anything she wants…: – good call at what could be foreshadowing for Amanda’s future. I don’t think Amanda realized at that time that she needed and desired more in her life. Her family is the most important part of her life but she’s an educated, real woman and knows there’s more to life; she just hasn’t figured out what exactly. Finding another man and / or marrying Dean would just be more of the same. Thank Dean for needing a ride to the train station that morning, her destiny was waiting.

    Poor Amanda, I think she’s cute at the night meeting and just a little cringeworthy. I wished she’d taken Lee a little more to task about his “screwing it up” comment, though.

    I love this episode, so many firsts and wonderful moments. The promise of what was to come.


    • Hi Colleen it is wonderful to have you join us and share your thoughts – thank you!!

      Hey maybe we should keep looking out for foreshadowing – I can think of one or two times in future episodes that it is present.. who knows how many more times!!

      When smk makes somewhat silly mistakes by today’s standards we can sometimes write off ( get it!?) the writers as being simplistic.. well I know I am guilty of this at times – and sometimes they surprise me with their cleverness or depth or insight into these characters.. if you or anyone out there reading – sees something in the eps please speak up and share 🙂
      If it’s your particular joy to find foreshadowing – please share this joy with us!! And if you have another joy or particular interest when it comes to smk.. please feel free to share it with us all! ( Colleen were you a deputy in the fashion police?!)

      I know Pallina is great at pointing out patterns.. and I am sure there are others out there who are great at lots of things too!!
      Yeah Colleen I thought both Kate and Bruce both looked young in the pilot.. I was wondering if there was a year or two gap between that and the second episode!

      Thanks Colleen – hope to hear many more thoughts from you in the future.. and maybe – a post or two down the road??!!! 😉


  36. Stacy, that’s half the fun of watching, Lee’s battle and growth, lol and actually Amanda’s growth, too.


  37. re Reagan-era references, I’ll have to keep my eyes open for the random stuff I’ve noticed, but two things that come to mind are the SDI (Star Wars) references (that was Reagan’s baby, big time), and the Sour Grapes tag where the White House staff scorns the thought that the President would ever drink anything but Californian wine. SMK was actually a very timely show, because the Reagan regime was unashamedly patriotic and believed in a strong and assertive America, and SMK rode that wave.


    • I remember reading that there was a change in writers after the first season. They toned down the comedy a bit, but it was still there.

      The whole “Three Sides of Lee” is so interesting! We get to see how he grows as a person. First, we have Lee the Charmer who is used to getting his own way by flirting, being charming, and standing on a staircase in a tux just to make an impression. Next, we have Scarecrow, the explosive, angry, all-business don’t get in my way Agent. And finally we have the “Real Lee”. The one who slips out when he lets his guard down. The one who we see more and more as Amanda chips away at the emotional walls he has constructed. She had him pegged as a big softie from the start. She knew that “Playboy Lee” was just another cover, and “Scarecrow Lee” is the one who gets exasperated, yells, pulls out a gun and saves the day.

      As time goes on, we see less and less of Playboy Lee, and more of “Real Lee” – and he doesn’t like it. Not one bit. But somehow, Amanda has gotten under his skin. It just takes him a while to admit it. 🙂



      • Oh, BTW, this is Stacy – my other monicker is teddycatnc.

        BTW, there was a Lee shot in the opening credits that was never shown again – that of him kicking the guy out of the helicopter as Amanda yelled “Freeze!” 🙂


  38. Hey Stacy, I love that foreshadowing too. There are a lot of special touches in the pilot episode, and that’s definitely one of them!

    And yeah, it does seem strange that an agency that could track down a housewife with no clues at all couldn’t figure out the significance of the recipe names. But some of the fun in the early SMKs had to do with the fact that it refused to take itself too seriously. In fact, Iwsod, you allude to that in your comment about all the banter and the way they handle the baddies in S1 versus, say, S4. S4 is a lot more “real” and “dramatic” (sometimes even a little soap opera-like) and it loses some of the charm of the spontaneity and randomness of S1.

    Iwsod, LOL at your observation about Amanda’s hair during the trolley ride. It did sorta come down all at once, didn’t it?

    Reading about Lee in TFT made me think … I think Bruce had a good handle on the flamboyant, cocky Lee in TFT, but the sensitive Lee (losing the partner, regretting the loss of a ‘nice guy’ agent) was definitely different than later S1 Lee’s. Basically, the writers removed the true sensitivity and replaced it with things like TGTNeighborhood’s hand-shaking scene after the “first fight” and Remembrance’s scene in Amanda’s living room … tending towards humor rather than sentiment. I think this was a smart evolution. (Although speaking of sensitive scenes, is it just me, or does Lee look soooo young and sweet in that good-bye scene at the Jefferson Memorial? Almost too sweet I think. I actually believe the show wrestled with how to make Bruce/Lee look a little older and tougher throughout S1 so that he could have more credibility as a hardened and successful spy.)

    Finally, I’m thinking this original post is from a couple years back and Iwsod, you probably have these answers by now. But Nancy R is Nancy Reagan (lots of nods to that Republican Regime throughout SMK!) and the 3 “carrots” on the pumpkin at the party are actually maize, or Indian corn. Does that translate outside the US? Funny the things you never think about. Indian corn is a dried, often multi-colored corn on the cob used for decoration around “harvest time”.

    Thanks for setting up this blog, Iwsod!



    • Hi Patty! So wonderful to hear from you!! Ahhh right.. you really do need to educate me on the ways of Americans! I miss some of the subtleties that are there – and I love to learn new things! thanks!!

      Maize huh.. Indian Corn.. Cool! I learned something new! Yeah, I thought it sitting on top of that pumpkin was weird!! I didn’t know what it was!

      Yes I did write the post along time ago.. but I went through it again and changed lots.. and I don’t remember everything that has come up in previous discussions between some fans – so it feels pretty new to me actually – and I like it that way – then I can approach the episode with fresh eyes – and that is when I find things I didn’t see before! Then of course I get to learn new things from others too so it is a bonus all around!

      I had completely missed the Nancy Reagan comment.. you see in my post I called her Nancy Arndt? I had nooo idea who Francine was referring too!! Thanks for clearing that up!! There are a few references to the Reagans are there in SMK?? please point them out as they come up – because they would fly right over my head! 🙂

      Oh yes Patty! so true.. SMK made fun of itself 🙂 most of all in season one.. Yeah Season 4 had it’s other errr ‘attractions’ – Nightcrawler!! Stemwinder!! whooooooo… swoon!!!

      It’s interesting what you say about how they changed Lee’s character – I just get so annoyed with him in this episode!! not so much in the following episodes.. You are right, the whole ‘loner’ angle doesn’t get played up so much anymore.. and the show really does the humour of the conflict between Lee and Amanda well as season one continues..[The Weasel Faced Man!!!!]

      Lee shifts from leave me alone I’m a loner to leave me alone you are not a trained spy I don’t need you!! then, I can’t believe you did that!! and back to: no noo leave me alone you’re not one of us! and it makes a difference.. at least this is my opinion – following on from your thoughts Patty.. you’ve made me think on that.. I love that!!:) new insights into Lee.. I agree Patty – going with the humour is best.. Lee sneaks his way into our hearts anyway because of how he ultimately always cares for Amanda and he is an honourable guy – so we don’t need him to wear his heart on his sleeve so much.. and Bruce is such a good actor – he does Lee’s subtle clues that tell us so much!

      How to make Lee look older?? he could get rid of the little boy hair…and… blow dry it.. alot.. ahem..

      Thanks again for sharing your thoughts Patty!!!


  39. Great recap! Did you notice that the very first time we see Amanda (nice screen grab, by the way), she is seen standing between the Scarecrow and the American Flag? How’s that for foreshadowing? A few things that bother me about this episode (but in a loving way, after all, it’s SMK) – why did the baddies not kill Lee immediately, as they had with the other agents? How exactly did Lee manage to track Amanda down…at a Pirate themed restaurant of all places. I mean, he never got her name, just shoved her on a train and that was that. And Francine (cow) looking down her nose at Amanda for being a housewife, and then boasting that she’s learning to cook from none other than Mrs. Welsh. After Amanda gave Lee the names of the recipes and he said they’d run it through crypto…wouldn’t Francine have recognized the recipe names, since she was taking lessons? Just a few observations from my absolute favourite show ever. Hope you keep up with the commentary – your observations are quite fun to read, my little Peach Puff! 🙂


    • Hi Stacy! thanks so much for commenting on this episode! It is lovely to errr…’meet’ you! 😉 I’m glad you found me here!!

      You are so right about the foreshadowing – that particular moment with Amanda between the scarecrow and the US flag is a nice touch- so true!! I wish they had continued that quality in further episodes..but I guess time constraints are such that these little touches are less of a priority.. oh well..

      I get what you mean about things bothering you – but you love the show!! sooo true.. very smk isn’t it!!

      Yes this whole idea of Lee tracking down Amanda at Moby’s Dock had me confused too.. then.. in order to ensure my brain didn’t hurt anymore- I figured hey- we are suppose to wonder! he is afterall a super spy.. and they have their ways.. 😉 then.. Nah! It bugs me too!! haaa.. I didn’t want to let it go.. All my years of watching spooks must be good for something! haaaaa.. Ok.. here is what I came up with.. There were CCTV cameras at the train station.. and Lee tracked Amanda back to her car and got her address – but how he knew she would be at Moby’s Dock that day is beyond me.. ( unless of course he was following her – and just happened to be dressed like a pirate at that moment.. then Amanda pulls up to a pirate restaurant and Lee thinks – Ahoy! now’s the time to make her walk the plank 😉 ) – not buying it?? hmmm… me neither!! teee heee..

      Ok.. what if she got fined by the conductor for not having a ticket? Lee knew she got on that train, and knew she didn’t have a ticket.. could be?? maybe?? All just guesses.. it’s fun to play with ideas!

      Anyone else come up with any?

      I assumed Francine was learning to cook.. but not necessarily learning the recipes that were being broadcast.. like instead of learning how to make Lee’s dish ( haaaa) she had a lesson on how to make souffle or something.. again – I’m guessing!! teee heee..

      If I know people are reading Stacy – I will definitely keep it up! 🙂 It’s lots of fun to revisit this show episode by episode!!!

      Thanks again – and Welcome!!!!


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