5/6 Season One, Episode 18: Filming Raul-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Amanda drives up to her meet with Lee, to drop off the station wagon for curler wearing Francine.. What if the baddies were watching Amanda leave the house? Anyway what do I care- there’s good stuff that’s comin!! Winking smile  Lee gets in the passenger seat of Amanda’s car and explains what will be happening..
: All right, Francine’s taking your place for the film drop.
Amanda: Why? I could do it. I don’t want this to sound like a criticism or anything but..
[insert rant on government spending here!!]
155Well my goodness.. Amanda actually states her case here with Lee.. nice try Amanda [I love that she gives it a go!] – but you will want to stay in that car with Lee: Trust me!!! Winking smile Lee is surprisingly calm and patient 156with her here.. don’t you think.. err I guess he doesn’t want things to get too heated!!!  Lee’s face when she has her rant is a classic.. yep rant away Amanda.. there is no way I am letting you do the drop! I am responsible for you!!! uh oh.. the brow rubbing has kicked in.. time to stop her!
157158Lee: Amanda, please? Hmm?
159Amanda: I bet it adds up to quite a lot.

Lee: Francine is a qualified agent.
Amanda: I know that, Lee. How much qualification does it take to throw
160a cassette out a window? I know that might seem like a dumb question, but I think it deserves an answer.
Lee: It doesn’t take any special qualifications.
(he’s 161just teasing her now!!! cheeky Lee!!! !!!)
Amanda: Then I can do it?
Lee: No.
Amanda: What do I do?
Lee: Well, Billy thinks it’s a terrific idea that you stay with me until we get your car back.
Amanda: It would be a lot simpler the other way.
Lee: And a lot quieter.

(again a hint of a smile from Lee, but Amanda’s not in the joking mood Winking smile) Francine makes the drop.
We see Francine getting ready.. she seems to be taking forever.. the irony!! that it could take so much effort to look like a frumpy housewife..
Francine: Almost ready. You realize I have never done a suburban frump before!
Oh Francine.. that get up you wore at the beginning of the episode was too frumpy for a housewife!  Love  Billy and the nameless agent rolling their eyes at her bragging antics.. ugh.. Love how Francine’s comments about frumpy housewives wearing curlers like they are a club badge is juxtaposed with Amanda’s next sentence!! Smile
You know, my mother thinks I’m involved in some kind of clandestine love affair.image

166Lee: ha ha..Your mother should know you better than that. [ gee Lee.. just maybe Dotty does know Amanda better!!! but I like the idea that Lee thinks he is an expert on what ‘type’ Amanda is Winking smile]
167Amanda: Why? [this wipes the smile right off Amanda’s face! she’s in a fiesty mood!! ]
168Lee: Why? You’re not the type, that’s why.
169170171172Amanda: Well, I don’t know how you can say that my mother should know me better than that. I mean, you never can tell who’s the type for what.
173 I mean, I’m not the type to be a spy, but look at me. I mean, you never.imageimage . .
Amanda pauses here and licks her lips!!! hoo haa!
Lee is staring at her and giving nothing away at all!!! ie- he is being very careful not to!
176imageAmanda: You never really can tell what a person would do under . . . certain. . imageimage
( Lee grabs Amanda,
177pulling her to him)
Lee: There’s a local patrol car passing. This looks much more natural.image image Lee looks panicked here! He is  VERY fast with his explanation.. didn’t want Amanda to jump to the wrong conclusion, and give that speech about how it would change your working relationship again?? tee hehehee.. Maybe what really scares him – is that at this moment- she may not give that speech at all.. in fact.. she may be wanting to do very little talking!!!! imageimageimage
178Amanda: Oh….. yeah, this is much more natural. – whahahaha! what a fab line!!!! how can this be both funny and hot at the same time eh??!! (Amanda’s thinking: I luuuuurve Patrol Cars!!! )image
At this moment, in the complete silence between them, Amanda’s hand starts caressing Lee’s cheek.. and it is hard to see as Amanda’s hand is in the way a bit and I never saw it till just now with this clear copy- but Lee licks his lips here tooooooo!!! whahahaahaa!!!! err hoo haaa!! )
Lee: Yeah. ( Lee’s thinking: hurry up patrol car!!! those blasted patrol cars!! curse Patrol cars!!!) image
That patrol car moves by terribly slowly.. and for Lee and Amanda.. so does time! Smile haaa.. Lee is
180looking straight ahead and surely he would have seen the patrol car had passed.. then.. Amanda shifts in her seat bringing her face more in line with his..
And for just a second longer than he needs to- he lets her stay there Smile 
Then Lee starts in with his gibberish again! Lee: whougasgahgahgagh! imageimageimageimageimageimageimage!!
He releases Amanda and she breathless says:
I think they’re gone now.
Lee: yeah. Yeah! I think they’re gone!!
Amanda: Yeah.
183Amanda straightens up her clothes. Lee runs his hand through his hair uncomfortably. Neither 184can look at the other! Lee takes a huge breath and let’s it out he tries to act casual by laughing.
185Outside, Francine knocks on the car window- I love how she taps on the window and for a second neither of them hear 186her!!! So telling!!!! Francine knocks a second time on the car window and finally Lee notices Francine is there – but Amanda is still facing the front, she looks normal- but she is in fairyland!!! heheee.. and doesn’t see Francine until Lee points her out.. Lee looks very very relieved to see Francine at the window!!! heheee
187Lee: look, uh, trade jackets with Francine.
Amanda: Sure.
image image
Amanda goes to get out of the car, and Lee’s expression is one of… Hmmm… Terror????!!!  at what has just happened!!
Lee’s not feeling as casual about it as he was trying to convey to Amanda!!

Oh Boy.. was there some heat going on in that car!!!! hoooo haaaaa!!!!!imageimageimage The irony?- them having a cuddle IS much more natural Love how Amanda plays along with it ohhh so enthusiastically.. and Lee just sits there struggling to maintain his control.. I swear he was about to turn his head juuuuust a little further for a second there.. he would call it a split second of madness on his part no doubt.. but.. he held her juuust a little longer than he needed to- and didn’t release her the moment the patrol car had passed. He can’t deny that he responds to her – especially when he responded to it by saying what I say when I see Lee in a tux!!! dshgoawehgoghaoghaweghaw! image

I am interested to hear others thoughts here.. Firstly, I think Amanda may have been flirting a bit with Lee here.. testing the waters – err or dropping the bait!! Especially after her little admission that maybe she is entitled to a meaningless affair.. that is passionate and fiery! and then.. she brings up this topic of conversation with Lee?? alone in the car?? and then takes umbrance at his laughing and telling her she’s not the type! Oh boy!! So.. when he took her in his arms she may have thought- whoo hoo!! Let’s see how you cope with this!!  and she found she was thoroughly enjoying herself too!!! She made the most of the opportunity!!! (whether this would have been a subconscious thing on Amanda’s part I don’t know..) but I do think it is clear she was being provocative at the least..

Secondly, I felt that Lee was more affected by it all than Amanda.. but she was certainly affected! hehehee.. ohhh analysing this scene is such hard work.. but.. I will continue on and suffer ROFL! What’s also interesting is – Lee pulled Amanda into an embrace to fool the cops – why didn’t he actually kiss her? Like he did in Sudden Death?? It’s almost like he didn’t trust himself to do that again now that he knew how much she affected him!!! hooo haaaa! image  Happy thoughts!!

Lee gets out of the car- and is back to business aaaalllll business!  Francine drives off with her curlers and Amanda’s station wagon to make the drop of the cassette.. Lee and Amanda follow on at a distance in Lee’s car.. and with that.. I shall sign off..

Have any thoughts or theories on this particularly difficult scene to watch? ( NOT! Winking smile ) What do you think Amanda was up to here?? do tell!!! byeee and thanks for reading!! (Exams are still happening so may be a few days before I get to finish this ep!) but discuss away!! Smile Such a happy topic Winking smile 


33 responses to “5/6 Season One, Episode 18: Filming Raul-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Oh what I would give to be pulled into Lee’s arms like that! I love how Amanda strokes his cheek. I’m glad they don’t kiss here. It makes their sexual tension grow. (Thud!!!)

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    • If he’s that unnerved by her simply breathing on his cheek, a kiss at this point mught have given him a coronary! But yes, it was a fabulous bit of tension tightening. Also, nice to see him to so off his game when he’d been all condescending just moments before. 🙂

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      • Oh I agree! Their closeness definitely unnerved them both – but I think it affected Lee more. Amanda has somewhat of a crush on him, but Lee has never really thought of Amanda as relationship material – because he never really had a relationship.

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  2. I agree at this point Lee was more physically moved than anything( which in itself is more than he expected because he never saw Amanda as his type) but at the same time he cares about Amanda and despite her big talk Lee knows she’s not the kind of woman that a man can treat casually. And at this point in his life he is not ready for a committment so he did the right thing by never trying to really pursue anything with Amanda at this point despite the fact that there are several times I get the feeling he wanted her(though I am sure he would deny it). Actually shows a lot of respect for her that he doesn’t just try to take what he wants like he does with other women.

    And despite all her big talk I don’t think Amanda could have emotionally handled an affair with Lee without a committment. I think she did toy with the idea a little bit and wish she were more like the woman she spoke of in this scene because she wanted him too. So kidding herself if she thinks she could handle it though. I bet it gratified her to see that she had an effect on him too. But I’d like to think if he ever did try to pursue her in season 1 she would’ve turned him down despite the effect he had on her.

    When Lee finally did initiate taking their reletionship to the next level at the end of season 3 Amanda knew that he respected her and cared about her too much to do that unless he had more than a casual affair in mind.

    Neither one was ready in season one and it probably would have ruined the beautiful friendship they came that formed between them as time went and the eventual beautiful romance. Still it sure is fun to watch the sparks fly though.

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  3. Love how Lee gets a taste of his own medicine here. I do think that Amanda is making a genuine come-on here, though for a variety of motivations. For starters, Dotty’s persistent belief she is having an affair could have the effect of making her reckless, why not make it a little true if her denials aren’t believed anyway? Then, Lee’s comment that she’s “not the type” could feel like a dismissal of her attractiveness, and she would like to show him that if she’s not the type it’s because she WON’T, not because she CAN’T. Actually, it was a little un-tactful for him to pull her into an embrace after making that remark. He’s very quick to assert that he doesn’t think of her that way, but just fine with kissing and cuddling her as business?? Or, he gets all the advantages of dating Amanda without any of the commitment. He can take her out, kiss her, etc. and call it “cover”. Amanda might want to make him uncomfortable here, just to teach him that he can’t treat it that casually. I should clarify, that just because it might be genuine doesn’t mean she really intended to do it, or anything — just got swept up in the moment.

    It’s interesting how she is now comfortable enough with Lee to introduce the subject of affairs, when before she couldn’t even say the word. I don’t think Amanda is looking for a full-blown affair here; that would be too great a departure from her character, but I do think she wouldn’t in the least mind a sizzling kiss. She doesn’t really seem disconcerted that he doesn’t take it that far, as she has made her point that she can disconcert him. This is still a bit risky and adventurous for Amanda, usually so conservative, and I think that afterwards she does consider it a moment of temporary insanity (didn’t someone here use that term?) and distances herself from it. That would throw some light on her actions in “Weekend”, where she seems afraid of anything that could kindle a spark in either of them.

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  4. OK–so I still think it was somewhat unintentional on Amanda’s part… but now I’m thinking that Lee’s sort-of-handsiness earlier might’ve played into it too (the arm hold at lunch with Scotty and the awkward sideways embracey-thingie)…???…

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  5. OMG, I am so very far down the rabbit hole w SMK! I will need professional help soon!! “Impure thoughts”, boy that’s one way to put it. “How can this be both funny and hot at the same time eh??!!” I love love love your witty and hysterical take on the show! I have the house to myself for a few hours and am supposed to be finishing up some jewelry or working on my jewelry blog, which I don’t know how to do, by the way having never done one before. And instead I am having a delightful feast made up of S1 episode, this delicious blog, a big bowl of popcorn, and loads of hysterical laughter. Really an Amandaramble there, isn’t it? Oh well, back to those impure thoughts…..hee hee!

    Oh dear, are those the men in white coats at my door?? Nope, just the hubby. Quick, hide the evidence!


    • Hi Jule – rofl!!! sounds like you are having fun 🙂 thanks for sharing the laughs – your comments made my day – I laughed and laughed!!! I could just picture your hubby turning up and you frantically trying to switch screens!


      • Oh yes, hubby mustn’t know what a goner I am! Oh, but he does. I was in bed last night reading the Weekend posts and laughing so hard I was crying! As long as I share the very funny moments with him, he just indulges my obsession. It’s the popcorn that got him, i.e. that’s “our” thing and how dare I have some without him 🙂

        My reason for going through SMK episodes again (supposedly) is to make a mini-SMK series for him to watch (with me of course, drooling, giggling, but I digress). So far, I can only eliminate a few episodes, and even those have some scene gems that I will have to show him. It’s a hard job but ……. haha!


  6. Regarding why Lee suggested that appearing to neck in the car would seem more “natural” to the passing patrol car, I am reminded of something Laura Holt told Remington Steele in a similar situation: people are reluctant to intrude on a couple making out. I’m guessing a phony clinch is standard operating procedures in instances like this. What ISN’T in the handbook is how Amanda uses it to her advantage. I have no doubt that she was trying to turn Lee on, in answer to his remarks about her not being the kind of woman to have a passionate affair. Let him get a taste of what she could be like and chew on THAT for a while! I think Lee was less emotionally affected by that little interlude than … er … physically moved.


  7. And a lot quieter – I love that line from Lee…so true!!! I can totally sympathize with him on that one.

    Obviously Francine is a tad out of touch. Hair curlers went out long before the 80’s…possibly the 60’s? Like Jenbo says, no one cares, Francine.

    I echo that sentiment, Jenbo, great screen cap iwsod! Taken out of context, Lee looks like he’s puttin’ on his bedroom eyes, ahem. I agree, Dotty should know Amanda better than that! But then again, maybe Dotty thinks Amanda is more like her than she really is.

    Okay, I have a question that I’ve been meaning to ask every time I read about lip licking. Just what does it mean? I feel like I should know the answer to that question, but I’ll admit that I don’t. Would someone please enlighten me? I’d google it, but I’m afraid of what might come up in my search results if you know what I mean.

    Here’s a theory, what if Lee is calling Amanda’s bluff here? And then it backfires on him because he’s more affected than she is?? Maybe she could handle a clandestine love affair better than he could! The thought of that make me LOL! I don’t think playboys have clandestine love affair so much as they just play around and have fun.

    You know, reading through this post, I almost feel that this small moment in time could equal a clandestine love affair for Amanda – at least as much of one as she could have at this point…cuz we all know that she’s up for it in a couple of years 😉 Her grin in the screen caps after Lee throws her back to her seat makes me think she is feeling pretty self-satisfied. She’d obviously been giving it a lot of thought since her mother made that comment before she rushed out of the house.


    • Lip licking can indicate desire in terms of body language. It can also indicate stress (dry mouth, lack of saliva) so when they are having a pretty emotional scene the lip licking could suggest subconscious desires despite what the verbal communication might be saying 😉

      Google it (promise you won’t get anything untoward ;)) this body language stuff is really interesting. I confess though I am rubbish at it in real life 😮 I find eye contact with strangers uncomfortable so reading these sorts of signs in real life I am useless LOL


      • Ok, now I get it! Thanks, Jenbo. I will have to look this stuff up. I’m bad at reading people, so not sure if this would work for me or not.


  8. Ok–my two cents worth (though much is more-or-less along the same lines as RedGold and iwsod’s comments)…
    Firstly, I just love the way Lee is totally discombobulated after the patrol car passes by–“whougasgahgahgagh”, indeed! 😀 And I love the way that he freaks out and pushes Amanda away like she’s on fire (which she kinda is–LOL–though I feel bad for Amanda here) and is still stunned when Francine knocks on the window. Mr Smooth Playboy Spy… not!!!
    Amanda’s motivation? I think, like RedGold/iwsod said, she’s a bit fed up. Amanda is the trustworthy, loyal, responsible den mother/charity volunteer/sports coach/…, and all-around reliable mother-of-two. Everybody’s go-to/go-fer: oh, don’t worry, Amanda will take care of it. I think she feels somewhat overlooked in the smarts and resourcefulness department (she doesn’t get anywhere near as many kudos as she should [but, then again, it’s totally not in her nature to want a lot of fanfare–I think she would just like a simple sincere thank you once in a while, which she doesn’t get often enough]). I think that Amanda does have a playful and slightly adventurous side that’s been buried for a long time. I think the marriage to Joe (he seemed very uptight and lacking in humour) and the responsibility of single motherhood–coupled with the regret/guilt/self-doubt stemming from the divorce–buried that side of her. With Lee, she’s starting to feel like it’s OK to be playful again (teasing him, etc–I think she would’ve been a lot more witty in her youth before life dragged her down… not that she’d admit that life dragged her down because she loves her boys so much) and after Dean she wants something more in her life. I don’t think she’s making an overt play for Lee–she knows he’s not relationship material and she’s too Amanda to go there–but I think she just loses herself for a bit and starts the speech because she’s frustrated that everyone thinks she’s somebody… it’s not aimed at Lee so much as at everyone in general… but the ball starts rolling while she’s in the car with Lee and momentum does what momentum does. (swoon)
    Does that make any sense? I think she initiated something almost unintentionally. YMMV. 😀


    • I agree about Amanda and her playfulness. You only have to see it blossom towards the end of season 3 I think 🙂
      Discombobulated. What a fantastic word to describe Lee in the car 😀


    • I have been thinking about Amanda and her reaction to the divorce and how that affected her view of herself and maybe even her decision to pursue work as a spy, and it kind of fits in with what KC is saying here about an adventurous side of Amanda coming out with Lee. I think Amanda is adventurous and fun loving, she must be or she would be suffering from pts syndrome after just a few moments with Lee. But she chose to stay home and raise 2 little boys alone, instead of living in Africa with her husband, and she chose it for the well being of those children. So she chose her domestic side instead of the adventurous one, and her marriage fell apart because of it. That is a lot to carry for a woman who holds marriage and family in such high esteem. I think that might have done something to her view of herself and her sense of well being, even her well being as a woman, as an adventurous woman. She may be beginning to piece that back together here in this scene.
      I do love this scene so very much, I wonder if they spoke of this moment after they began to live in honesty with one another?


  9. As much as I hate to admit it, in some respects Lee is right. Her mother should know Amanda better because like it or not her high moral standards would never have a clandestine affair. I think Amanda takes umbrage to Lee making that assumption though. Maybe there is a side to Amanda who wishes she could just cut loose but her practical, moral side is stronger and therefore wins out. But Amanda the single woman admits maybe she is entitled to a little fun but Amanda the mum would probably never let her follow it through. Still Amanda’s ego could do with a little massage so sure why not mention it to Lee but oops it didn’t have the desired effect as he scoffed at the idea.
    That intense look Lee gives her just before the patrol car turns up makes my toes curl! Great screen shot of it IWSOD 🙂 sends my heart all of a flutter.
    You can just tell the idea of a clandestine affair has popped into his head, might not last long but it’s gotta be there. That would explain why when he grabs Amanda he seems so panicked and a bit flustered.
    Woo hoo she’s caressing his face *more toe curling ensues* and boy oh boy how close are their faces, just a wee turn Lee and you can kiss her!!!! Is it me or is it getting hot in here and in the car 😉
    Car passes and panic overtakes any other urges. I think he tosses Amanda back in her seat! Steady Lee you wouldn’t want to lose your cool 😉 their hearts must be racing and they’re both trying to pull themselves together, almost as if they’ve been caught necking as teenagers.
    I do find it amusing that Lee’s default cover in an emergency is of an intimate nature. Why is sitting cuddling in a car more natural than two people sitting in a car having a conversation? They could have just been saying goodnight. Don’t get me wrong I am not complaining as we would be denied moments like this 🙂
    As for Francine doing suburban frump? Meh………yawn no one cares Francine.


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  13. Your comments made me laugh out loud as I remembered this scene in the car, so I had to re-watch it, along with the preceding scene between Lee and Amanda on the patio and Amanda’s conversation with Dotty. More hearty laughter! This episode is such a delight; the last four of Season One are all great, IMO. Anyway, regarding Amanda’s actions and motivations in the car–I agree with you, IWSOD, that she’s fed up! She wants to do more serious spy work, and I think she’d envious of Francine getting to make the drop because she is a “qualified agent.” Amanda sounds so peeved when she says, “I know that, Leeee!” She’s done important work for the Agency when the bullets are flying, etc., but when the situation seems under control, she gets variations on “wait in the car.” How frustrating! She’s in a reckless mood this evening, and I think that her words and actions before and during her embrace with Lee add up to a genuine, though probably temporary, overture to him. IMO, she has Dotty’s comment about the fiery affair in her mind this evening, but I don’t believe that the idea originated with Dotty. I really love that Amanda has an impetuous, assertive side that definitely comes out in this episode. Lee’s a little scared of her here, I think, as well as of his own strong reaction to her! After all, you never really can tell what a person would do under certain…


    • Redgold!!! hiya!! so great to hear from you 🙂
      Thanks so much for responding regarding ‘the car scene’ – I wasn’t sure if I was reading it right – how is it they manage to write Amanda as being reckless ( great word to describe it Redgold) and provocative, and yet – but still in character, it doesn’t seem like a different person – it still feels like this moment of insanity is a part of her – maybe it is the context of it all, but it is a fantastic moment isn’t it!

      Lee’s a little scared? Redgold – I read it as being: Lee is terrified!!!! Like frozen by fear!! teee heeee.. He had his split second of madness too didn’t he? when he turned his face juuuust ever so slightly as if for a split second he was considering turning the embrace into something even more natural 😉

      Ha haaaaa!! yes .. you never can tell what a person would do under certain… Love it!! Amanda gives Lee a run for his money here doesn’t she! 🙂

      Great to hear from you!! 🙂


      • Yes, IWSOD, Amanda does give Lee something to think about in the episode. In fact, I suspect that they both mentally return to this interlude in the car a time or two. So unsettling, but in an enticing way. (I love Lee’s warm little “Whoo!” after they separate.) You’re right that this whole scene in the car is surprising but not shocking or out of character for either of them. We can see their attraction more clearly than they can, I think. And the idea of an affair with Lee doesn’t originate in this scene; Amanda has asked him if they’re “involved in any way” (such a delicate phrase) during her amnesiac period (“I Am Not Now…”), and I think I detect a tinge of disappointment in her reaction to his answer. Amanda is a risk-taker. If she weren’t, she wouldn’t be champing at the bit to get more involved in the spy biz. And a romance with Lee would definitely be a huge risk at this point in their relationship. Anyway, I’m glad that they keep us in suspense for so long. I’m still waiting for their first non-cover kiss here!

        P.S. I hope that your exams went well, IWSOD.


    • I agree with you RedGold, Amanda seems to be aggravated and, for her, in a reckless mood here. I think a fanfiction along the lines of Lee stopping by Amanda’s one evening. He finds her fed up w everyone telling her what they think she is like and is rapidly walking away from her house . When he asks her where she’s going she replies, “To get drunk and find a man!” LOL! Just saying, it’d be funny to see his reaction. Boy, I do take this show to heart! Got to get back to real life and make some dinner for tonight…..


      • I like your idea for a story a lot, Jule. Be sure to let me know if you write this story because I want to read it!


        • Boy, I wish I had the writing skills to do it, but, alas, my only creativity lies in making things, not using words. I will just put the idea out in the cosmos and hope someone can run with it. Glad to “meet” you redGold!


        • A RedGold sighting????!!!!! Nooo way!!!! RedGold! so lovely to see you stopping by! 🙂 I miss chatting with you regularly.. hope life’s treating you well!!!

          Jule has the idea.. maybe RedGold can take up the challenge??

          [I’m with you Jule, creative writing is not my forte! Thank goodness we all have different talents with which to share our love of SMK!]


  14. Well, I think, getting first grabbed and then tossed is a bit too much. I would be quite annoyed. But pay no heed to me. I actually like Francine 😉


  15. A happy topic indeed, but leaves me at a loss what to add. Although Amanda’s “why” definitely makes me cringe. I guess Amanda was up to everything until she got tossed back into her seat, I feel with her.


    • Poor Lee – he certainly got scalded here. Denial, denial — not just a river in Egypt! I have to watch the scene again (oh-twist-my-arm) because I am waffling whether Amanda decides she is going to make superhot spy uncomfortable to knock him down a peg or two or for a boost to her ego. Or maybe she was making a serious play for him.


      • too right denial is not a river in Egypt! 😉 love it!! hi Cindy! how are you? how is watching season 3 going??

        I wasn’t sure how to express what I thought of Amanda’s motivations for this scene.. just did the best I could..(but I am still stewing over it..) I could see evidence that she was deliberately provocative, and.. took the opportunity to enjoy some physical intimacy with Lee.. 😉 But making a pass at Lee? …Hmm..

        If anyone can come up with a way to express it all I’d be most grateful! What do people think was going on with Amanda exactly?? – I think it could tie in with the idea of Amanda’s conversation with Dotty, but also Amanda’s wanting to make the drop of the cassette and Lee not letting her too (Ie. Lee telling Amanda how it was going to be done – and that was it- no discussion).. it’s like bam! All her restraint was lost in that scene – and not just in flirting with Lee but in arguing her case with him.. assertive Amanda came out to play!! I would love to hear some other ideas on what’s going on.. but..gotta go for now.. back when my exams are done.. can’t wait! byeeee


    • Hi Julia! you have lots to add!! Like.. what you like or don’t like.. any different ideas you have any things you wished they had done.. the possibilities are endless 🙂 Share whatever you like!

      I am up to my neck in exams the next three days.. so no more posts from me for a bit!

      Hey Julia you think she got tossed back in her seat? I guess he did kind of fling her a bit.. err I may need to re-investigate that idea as soon as my exams are done 🙂 You feel for Amanda? why? do tell!! byeeee


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