2/6 Season One, Episode 19:Fearless Dotty-Scarecrow and Mrs King.

On to the agency! Finally.. nearly a quarter of the way into the episode we get to see Lee!! This episode is a bit unusual.. still some things don’t change – LOL! Lee, Billy and Francine are coming out of Billy’s discussing someone – you will never guess who!! Ohhh come on!!! what is the biggest coincidence that could possibly occur right now in the plot??!!!
25_thumbLee’s first line of the episode
: You’re sure it was Hadj that they body-bagged in that bookstore?

Seems Hadj sells intelligence to the Eastern block.
How’s this for hard to pull of dialogue (Lee):
Last 26_thumbmonth, it was array transform processors and binary codes, tomorrow, it’s directed energy weapons, laser mirror processors, jamming devices for phase array radar.
BB manages to do it and look convincing Winking smile In walks Amanda.. just as Lee complains he had been after Hadj for a long time..

Billy says Hi to Amanda ( I love how he calls her Amanda now, not Mrs King or the King woman anymore Smile ) LOL.. Amanda walks up to Lee and Francine – Francine immediately senses fashion distress: and zones in on her torn slacks! tee hee.. Hey- if you look when Francine asks ‘ what happened to you?’ – you can see Billy’s mark ( black tape) there on the carpet tee heeee..

Amanda: I was mugged.
28_thumbLee: You were what?!
(Lee stands up in a hurry!)
30_thumbAmanda: I was mugged. In the middle of the street, broad daylight.
Lee: That’s terrible!
(sadly we don’t see Lee when he says this..)
Francine: That’s funny.
31_thumb[We see Amanda’s reaction to Francine butting in with this line- you can tell Amanda is not impressed that Francine is trying to say it’s funny! no no Francine.. let me explain humour to you.. that outfit you’re wearing?? that’s funny!! ]
Francine continues
: You know, the same thing happened to me just last week. I was outside the airport making a surveillance pass and all of a sudden I felt this big arm lock around my neck from behind.
32_thumbAmanda: What did you do?
Francine: Oh, I spiked his instep with my heel,
33_thumbthumbed his eye-sockets, pressed my forearm against his larynx, and then brought up my knee in a lifting motion.
34_thumbAmanda: I just screamed.
Francine: Hm. So did he.

[love Lee’s reaction to this line- a look that says Ugh Francine! enough!!] Lee feels more and more like his loyalties are beginning to lean towards AmandaSmile Love Lee’s reaction when Amanda says she was mugged! and… in front of Francine no less.. what has gotten into him???!!!! I like it!!! Smile

Francine leaves them, love how when she has left Amanda lets out a huge sigh.. it’s like: you can relax now.. it’s ok I’m with Lee -the vibe once they are alone is more intimate and caring don’t you think? Smile
Lee: Are you sure you’re all right?
36_thumbAmanda: Oh, yeah, I’m all right. I can’t believe — I can’t believe in a city like Washington, there weren’t police all over the place. I thought we had more police here than any place else in the country.
Lee: Yeah, and agents. We’re tripping over each other.
37_thumbAmanda: Foreign agents.
Lee: Foreign, domestic, neutral, committed, uncommitted, freelance.
[Lee’s turn to let out a huge sigh and relax a bit here!] You know
38_thumbwhat we’ve got? We’ve got double agents, counter-agents, we’ve got surveillance and counter-surveillance teams.
39_thumbAmanda: Lots of spies.
Lee: Yeah, lots of spies. I know it’s supposed to be a secret, but you know what
40_thumbI think? I think espionage is the growth industry of the decade. (go the 80s!)

Amanda: Kinda makes my problem seem petty. I mean, I’m worried about Phillip’s birthday and the mugging. I mean, the mugging’s not petty —
41_thumbLee (starting to get good and steamed!): People like Hadj move around Washington conducting their business as if they own a franchise or something!
Amanda: Who’s Hadji? Lee: Hadj.
Amanda: Hadji.
Lee: H-A-D-J. Hadj.
42_thumbAmanda: Haaaadj.
[Tee hee..]
Lee: It doesn’t matter anyway, he’s dead.
Amanda: Oooh.
Lee: He’ll have a replacement very soon and I’ve got to find out who killed him and why.

Lee sounds so battle weary here all of a sudden.. This is quite a scene for Lee.. he’s upset at Amanda getting mugged, then suddenly angry about bad guys.. and suddenly weary.. and suddenly- Lee draws attention back to Amanda’s torn slacks: Oh, my gosh, your pants are all torn up. [Yep!!! You heard right!! Lee just said ‘oh my gosh’!!! tee heee.. so clever!!! Love the subtle ways they show Amanda’s influence on Lee Smile ] What’s with Lee’s sudden urge to have Amanda go home?? he is all over the place here.. I can only guess he is all off balance over everything and wants Amanda home where it is safe, and out of his hair so he can sort out the Hadj situation.. Hmm.. and what’s with his ‘ now please, can we just take it easy?’ – he was the one rushing her out the door and making a fuss over reporting it.. Aie! Amanda wisely just leaves him- he’s all over the place! I do love though how he leave her waiting 43_thumb[2]at the elevator, but before he goes into the bullpen, he turns back to watch her get in the elevator.. hmm.. so he is still thinking about Amanda.. Hmm.. I guess I could suppose he was freaked out over his reaction to Amanda’s mugging.. but it isn’t completely clear to me what’s going on with Lee here – and heck it probably isn’t clear to him either tee hee.
Anyone got any ideas or theories??

Carlo and his partner pay Keene a little visit to give him a dose of intimidation! Carlo is pretty inept.. but I still find that guy menacing!

Keene: What, you think I’d – I’d cross you? Never! Because I – I have too much respect for you.
Carlo: Yes, you respect me, don’t you, because you know I’d kill you without a second thought.
Keene: Right, right. I respect that a lot.
[Aie!! please do us all a favour Carlo.. Keene is soooo annoying!! ] Keene has found Dotty’s cheque – and passes on the information.. The baddies head off to Dotty’s to find the book.. uh oh!

Ok I will leave it there.. Keene is simply awful, handing over an innocent lady’s address to a couple of goons like Carlo and his partner.. shame on you Keene.. you’ll get what’s coming to you!! Back with more soon! Please  feel free to share any of your thoughts on this episode.. even if it’s already been mentioned here, it would be great to hear if you agree about something.. or disagree or if anything you really liked, or loathed! byeee

9 responses to “2/6 Season One, Episode 19:Fearless Dotty-Scarecrow and Mrs King.

  1. Lee’s high-tech dialogue was good practice for Boxleitner’s future sci fi roles. I can just about picture Commander John Sheridan saying “phase array radar.” Whatever burr was under Lee’s saddle the past two episodes seems to have dislodged itself. Yay for caring, considerate Lee!

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  2. Oh Lee jump to attention as soon as you realise Amanda has been mugged 😉 Don’t fight it Lee, you’re showing that you do actually care 😀
    Love that quick look he gives Amanda before he heads back into the bullpen although a part of me wonders if he’s also checking she’s actually going home 😉
    Like others have commented I am curious as to how much these subtle nuances are scripted, directed or coming from the actors themselves. I confess prior to finding this site much of this would have passed me by!
    Keene gives Karlo one of Amanda’s cheques. We don’t have our addresses printed on them here in the UK (not even back in the 80’s) so no wonder its easy to track Amanda and Dotty down. Next time use cash, it’s safer 😉


  3. How could I have watched this episode as many times as I have without noticing Keene giving the baddies Dotty’s address? Sometimes I zone out during the baddie scenes (no Lee and Amanda 😦 ) which explains why I need all your help, Iwsod, in understanding these plots!

    I’ll have to rewatch the Lee-after-the-mugging scene with what you said in mind. But my impression always was that Lee slipped into personal mode momentarily, worried about Amanda being mugged, but then forced himself back into agent mode — worrying about her reporting the crime, then back to worrying about the case he’s on. But yeah, love that peek back towards Amanda while she catches the elevator/lift … isn’t that sweet? I always wonder if moments like that are scripted or not. I like to think it’s the actor putting some additional heart into it.


    • Haaa no worries Patty! I’m here to help!! just be sure to point out to me all the bits I miss too! 🙂

      I hated Keene even more when he sent not just Carlo and his partner after Dotty, but the second set of baddies also – I think Keene gets off lightly in this episode – although Billy’s disgust when dealing with him is very satisfying 🙂 – that bit is coming up!! 🙂

      If you have any thoughts on rewatch Patty please share with us 🙂 Byee


    • RAFFI. I have always wondered if some of the lingering looks and casual touches are the actors really getting into Character. Nov to know that I am not alone.


  4. Yes, I just love Dotty’s cluelessness and ditsy impulsivity! Case in point, just love her reaction to hearing Lee sneeze outside the kitchen window (what was that episode? Remembrance of Things Past?), blesses him, and immediately forgets about it when Amanda re-enters the room. I hate to admit it, but I model Dotty in everyday life at times to give the illusion of harmless, goofball innocence. I like to call this “practical application of SMK.”

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    • So true Paula! My fave Dotty ditsy moment is when in Any number can play- she is talking to her boyfriend on the phone and she tells Harry to stay where he is till she gets there- then she hangs up on him.. waits a beat, then picks up the phone again and deadpan says ‘ but I don’t have a car!’ – but he isn’t on the phone anymore! tee heee.. such brilliant delivery! 🙂


  5. Just a drive by posting because the motherboard on the other computer went up in a blaze of glory (not literally) and I have very little computer access unless I can sneak some time at work. I love how upset Lee was when he found out that Amanda was mugged. Not exactly his poker face, eh? Dotty really shines in her obliviousness. I often wondered, for such a sharp lady, why she never figured out what her daughter was up to and then I remember this episode and realize, yes — despite all the evidence and inconsistencies (and even seeing Lee and Billy in official agent mode several times in future seasons), it is perfectly plausible that she did not realize her daughter was a spy. She is just that awesomely clueless. Anyway, gotta run, this laptop with the supertouchy keyboard which shifts the cursor all over the place is driving me nuts.


  6. I simply adore Francine’s lifting motion scene, so vivid an image. Did I mention, that I really like Francine. I remember the time, when I watched the show on TV and I liked her emancipated ways so very much. Of course today I feel, that her role reveals the ugly truth, that usualy women nearly always pay with their happyness if they dare to be ruthless in the pursuit of their career.


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