1/8 Season One, Episode 20:Weekend-Scarecrow and Mrs King

01Cherry blossomsThe episode opens with cherry blossoms! Yes, cherry blossoms! I guess spring is in the air!! Winking smile Everyone is feeling… frisky!!! Beautiful!!

02My goodness.. episode 20 and the lady with the red handbag ( Ms Walker) is still wandering the streets lost!

We find Lee anxiously awaiting word from Francine.. she’s 45 minutes late.. Billy responds:  I know it’s business. But you’re going to be with the beautiful people and she’ll probably want to look beautiful.

Francine shows up.. not looking so beautiful.. Wow.. her cheek does actual look swollen!
Lee: Oh, great. Great. You have a toothache?
Francine: All night long. Oh, I hope it’s not a root canal. Have you ever had a root canal?
Lee: No, and you can’t, either.
Francine: What?
Lee: How can you have a root canal at a time like this?
03Francine : Oh, I don’t know, I just thought it might be more fun than a weekend in the country.
[Love the look Billy gives Lee here – you shouldn’t have said that!!! ]
04Lee: I’m sorry.  Hey, I’m sorry, okay?

Ouch!! Lee that is awful!! He really does get so caught up in his work sometimes that he doesn’t think before he speaks.. but happy to see he apologises! And even happier that he is not going for a weekend in the country with Francine Smile Don’t worry Lee- you will be very thankful for that toothache!!

So Lee is a bit lost.. what to do? Billy suggests he check the computer to see who else is available – my goodness I would have thought women everywhere would be falling over themselves to have a weekend in the country as Mrs Stetson!

whoo we get to see the computer room two weeks in a row! Seems there are no agents available- anywhere!
Lee: Are you telling me there aren’t any female agents available?
06Billy: I’m not telling you anything, the computer is.
Go Billy!! Good one!!
Ahh Lee redeems himself here a little with his reponse to Francine:
Look, I’m going to have to do it, okay? We can’t afford —
Lee: You can’t spend the weekend walking around Cumberland wearing an ice pack. Why don’t you go home and get some rest, huh?
Francine: I’m sorry.
Lee: No, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s just a lousy time. Go on.
[Well done Lee.. actually by this stage, I’m thinking Lee has someone else in mind Smile ]

BTW- see the last name on the list?

The last name is Adrian Maschio – the producer’s name is Michael Maschio.. I think it’s a nod to him.. I thought there might be a few nods to cast and crew but that was the only one I could figure out- anyone else find any?Smile 

Francine leaves and Lee continues: You know, Billy, I don’t need a special agent for this. I just need somebody with the right security clearance.

Wha??? did I just hear that right!!! why.. if I didn’t 07know better I’d say Lee just suggested Amanda!!!!! Hmm.. I wonder if he will admit that to Amanda or say it was Billy’s idea- we’ll see!  Love the wordless look Lee and Billy share as Lee suggests Amanda- without suggesting Amanda Winking smile tee heee. The script has Billy giving clueless Lee  a big smile and Billy saying he can suggest someone- like we have seen previously-a lot!  I am glad they decided to take that a step forward and have Lee hint at Amanda instead Smile.

Next thing we are at Amanda’s and hear Amanda yell ‘ toothbrushes!!!  Mother we forgot their toothbrushes!’ Seems Dotty and the boys are going away for the weekend.. My goodness.. just like Lee! what a coincidence Winking smile I don’t get the obsession with Vitamins.. they’re going away what 2 or 3 days? will it be a disaster if they don’t take vitamins for a few days? that is a stereotype I see quite a bit for the portrayal of Americans – do Americans think this is accurate? Do tell!

Anyway, Dotty and the boys are off to Anacostia for the weekend on camp- without Amanda- Wahahahaha!!!! Amanda is not happy they will be going without her, but Amanda apparently has some typing of transcripts she needs to do which are due in on Monday.
Dotty: I wish you were going with us.
08Amanda: Oh, so do I, but I’ve got too much work to do.
Dotty: I hope this company you’re working for realizes you’re missing a beautiful weekend in the country. You might mention it.
Amanda: Yes, Mother, I will.
Dotty: All right.

In the script Dotty says she hopes ‘whoever it is Amanda is working for’ appreciates that she is giving up the weekend- So seems Dotty still has no idea who Amanda works for..

They’re a sweet family aren’t they! I don’t know why but they seem to have a really genuinely close feel- even though I know this is a TV show! Guess 09it is great acting and great writing! Poor Amanda! She’s upset to not be going- but trooper that she is, she tries to brush it off and keep going! (Amanda is my hero!)

No rest for the weary though! Amanda isn’t alone for long! 10Lee is all charm- I think because he needs Amanda! Amanda tells Lee it is too early to pick up Mr Melrose’s typing ( when does she start calling him Billy? I’ll have to keep an eye out for that!) but Lee tells Amanda to forget the typing, it’s not important-  Amanda tells Lee yes it is important or she would be on her way to the camp with her children! Awh poor Amanda!! I love how Lee manages to take an interest here and checks with Amanda what her boys are up to – though I suspect Lee is in charm mode and this is about getting Amanda to calm down enough to come with him for his job! –I’m all for Lee being super caring and thoughtful – but Lee is also sometimes (IMO) just focused on his job (like telling Francine she can’t have a toothache now!), and what he needs to do to get Amanda to come along with him as he needs! SmileAmanda: …I mean, if it weren’t important, I would 11be with my mother and the boys on their way to Camp Anacostia right now. You know, this is the first year that I’ve missed. [So Amanda:- she’s smiling as she says this- but she is upset!!]
Lee: Yeah, I saw your mother and the boys get on a bus. Is that where they’re going? Camp Anacostia?
13Amanda: Yep. For the weekend. We go every year. First year I’ve missed.
It’s interesting that Lee see’s Dotty and the boys have gone- but he still knocked on Amanda’s back door and waited for her to come out – I think that is quite respectful! I like it! Smile

14Lee: I got that. How long will it take you to pack?
15Amanda: I’m not going. I promised Mr. Melrose that I would do these
16tapes —
Lee: This was Billy’s idea,
17Amanda. Believe me, it was his idea. You’re spending the weekend with me. Ohhh kay.. we’re still going with the ‘ it was Billy’s idea!’ In reality, I felt like Lee thought of Amanda- Billy was just in agreement! – he did this in the Mole too remember? same thing.. ugh! I thought we might see a little progress! but.. guess Lee is not ready!
18Amanda: I’m spending the weekend with you?
(Lee chuckles bashfully)
19Lee: Not that kind of weekend.
20Amanda: Oh, no, of course not, it wouldn’t be 21that kind of weekend.
22Lee: This is strictly business!
[LOL-suddenly neither of them can look at the other here!]
23Amanda: Business! strictly business! of course it’s strictly — 24stric- what kind of business?
Lee: Agency business.
Amanda: Agency business, what else? It’s got to be —
Lee: Francine’s jaw is way out to here and there 25was no one else available.
27Amanda very quietly: Oooohhhh. Sad smile
Leeeeee!!! you big Dill!!! Poor Amanda! Why did he have to tell her he had no other choice? She’s not happy with that.. kind of deflating huh!
And.. Again! this is exactly what Lee did to her in the Mole!! she was the only person who could help – and her face fell then too..

What kind of weekend did Amanda think Lee was suggesting? or Lee?? I am surprised Amanda would think it is anything else other than business at this stage… but I love that she takes it there Smile I mean Lee won’t even take her out on a date much less a weekend! You know what else is funny… this IS a weekend ‘like that’! Only Amanda doesn’t know it yet!! and it is a cover!! Naughty Lee! but .. I’ll get to that later Smile 

28Lee: So, look, I don’t have time to explain, we have to be there no later than five o’clock, so pack, okay?
29Amanda: Don’t you think you at least ought to tell me. . . .
Lee: It’s a matter of national security, Amanda.
[I don’t know how Amanda doesn’t crack up laughing at Lee when he says that and the way he says it – oh purlease!!]
Amanda: National security.
30Lee: Mm-hmm.
[Call me crazy but now that he knows Amanda is on board, he seems to be playing games with her here- and quite enjoying it!]
Amanda: You know, I’m not complaining or anything, but you know, with you people it’s always need-to-know or national security —
31Lee: Well, that’s what the Agency deals with, Amanda.
  Matters of national security. So pack, come on!
Amanda: I’m packing.
[Amanda shoots off up the stairs ( watch your step! don’t want another bung ankle!! )] Lee calls out to her:
32Lee: Ahhhh It’s a resort, but we’ll dress for dinner.
[Amanda runs back down to look at him]
33Amanda: We’ll dress for dinner.
Lee: That’s right. You have ten minutes.
Amanda: Ten minutes.
Lee: Go, go! Come on!
Amanda: Dressy resort.
Lee: Yeah.
Amanda mutters to herself heading back upstairs: I don’t know if I have anything for a dressy resort.

Why can’t Lee tell her where they are going? Why is it national security where they are going? purlease!!  I mean she needs to know what to pack! and this place they are going to- she is going to find out eventually where she is!! They can’t keep it from her forever!! ugh!! Amanda handles it amazingly well.. I would never have put up with this- I sometimes get the vibe that Lee holds back these little tidbits so that he has some control with Amanda- because she tips him so off balance.. at least that is the psychologist in me theorising! But luckily, it doesn’t faze Amanda too much and she copes well! I think Lee is lucky Amanda doesn’t tell him to stick it and since the typing is not important she is off to Anacostia! Nahh I don’t really mean it! I am glad she doesn’t and we get this episode! Smile 

Whooo it’s baddie time! two baddies are 34discussing their future plans.. Armin owns the cumberland, and the other guy Anatol is a foreign agent working out of an embassy- they don’t say which one –  these guys have a plan, for Armin to nab one man at the cumberland and solve all of Anatol’s problems. 35Whooo seems Anatol has been giving Armin inside information on wheat purchases, and Armin’s money is all thanks to him. Ouch! What a friendship these two have! Armin weekendAnyway.. that’s enough of the baddies.. yawn yawn! Only.. Armin looks famililar! Yep… he is in another episode of smk!! This actor is also the character Karl Eagles Karl eagles the triumviratein the triumvirate-(Season 3) he is one of the triumvirate of baddies who kidnaps Amanda.. Lol.. so he kidnaps her again?! ( hey, who hasn’t?! Winking smile

Anatol warns Armin: When I was younger, I was working as a field operator and I have seen many missions like this one fail because of a single unforeseen event or the action of a single person. Be careful. Watch for that single detail, that unexpected individual.
Duh duh duuuhhhhhhhh!!! I’d say that’s a big clunky bit of foreshadowing right there!! Amanda is da one!!!!! Smile go Amanda!!

Well I will leave it there for now.. Any thoughts or insights? Please share!!! Ahhh.. is there anyone who doesn’t love this episode??? Smile I’m so excited to finally be here doing it- and to have the time at the moment to enjoy it Smile byeee all!


20 responses to “1/8 Season One, Episode 20:Weekend-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I actually liked that Lee made it sound like it was Billy’s idea after seeing it was really Lee’s in the previous scene. I felt bad for Amanda, but from a writing perspective, this says so much more about where Lee is at with his feelings than if he’d simply admitted “Actually, I suggested you this time.”


  2. Secret Agent Giraffe

    You know, I can’t remember Amanda ever calling Billy by his first name, except when she wasn’t herself. It’s always been “Mr. Melrose” from what I remember.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Secret Agent Giraffe [lol great handle!] Welcome to JWWM!
      yeah I can only think of DOA where she calls him Bill and it’s hilarious!


    • It’s pretty much always Mr. Melrose or Sir, but occasionaly later she’ll refer to him as Billy when talking with Lee. To be fair, Billy continues to call her Mrs. King for a long time too.


    • I can’t remember Amanda calling Mr Melrose Billy – she called him Bill in DOA, but other than that, it’s always been Mr Melrose or sir. I LOVE how Amanda always calls him sir – she has so many inflections to three little letters. Lol


  3. “..there was no one else available.” That makes me cringe every time. Nothing like being made to feel like the last kid picked in gym class!!

    But, of course, its most likely a case of ‘protesting too much’ since he was, after all, the one who said, “I just need someone with the right security clearance.” No one else available. Right.


    • Yeah I think Lee was not wanting to give Amanda reason to think he would want her around or want to work with her. ‘Protesting too much’ is well put Xiola! He was rather conflicted about Amanda!


  4. In re: Lee telling Amanda that it was Billy’s idea that they work together on this case when in fact he suggested it to Billy… I think this isn’t so much a backward step for their relationship as it being a necessary illusion for both of them. Lee still doesn’t want to admit – even to himself – that he finds Amanda helpful… and he also knows appealing to her professional pride will succeed – and Amanda doesn’t want to admit – even to herself – that Lee is the primary reason she keeps coming back for more. I think Lee needs to keep up the pretense a lot longer than Amanda does; it’s still all Billy’s idea right up through Brunettes. I think Amanda probably realizes much sooner that Lee plays a big role in why she’s doing what she’s doing – but I also think she’s happy to let him fool himself because its one of her strategies for keeping her feelings for Lee firmly shut in the closet (or whichever metaphor you prefer). Anyway, they enable each other in this regard – what s the word here? They’re codependent?

    Liked by 1 person

    • The idea of a ‘necessary illusion’ sounds good to me Karen!
      I think this came up in DOA eventually.. well.. you’ll see when you get there! but do share your thoughts!

      Co dependent? nah.. well for me that has negative, unhealthy connotations.. so I wouldn’t use that word. Gosh.. what word would I use? umm.. anyone?!


  5. Hm. Wonder if Francine had made the trip if she would have tried to get Lee to play backgammon with her? 😉

    My reading of Amanda’s flustered reaction to Lee’s announcement that she’s spending the weekend with him is that she may have had fantasies about just such a romantic getaway with Lee. She knows this real life situation isn’t going to be anything like her imaginings – but she nevertheless feels awkward and embarrassed because of those fantasies. Not sure if I’m making sense …

    I think Lee doesn’t tell her where she’s going so he can keep her focused on that issue, and not about pesky details like how many rooms there will be and what her relationship is supposed to be to him on this assignment. I also think he gets a kick out of her consternation when he jerks her around a little.

    I also believe Lee is *very* eager to spend time with Amanda, and is delighted when these kinds of “official” opportunities come up. In fact, Lee gets to essentially date Amanda without admitting it to her or himself- it’s all in the line of duty, m’am. On several occasions he’s engineered (or tried to) a reason to spend quality time with Mrs. King – as early as the Quickie Chickie party, taking her to Monks because she’s curious about where spies hang out, the embassy parties in Dead Ringer, the apology dinner at the end of Artful Dodger … Oh, yeah. The boy is on the hook already. And I think at some level he *knows* that – which may also explain his unreasonable crankiness with her at times: “I don’t have a thing for this woman! See how much she irritates me? OBVIOUSLY there’s nothing personal between us.” Just keep tellin’ yourself that, Lee. Heh.

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  6. I love Billy, he has such an understated comical role. The conversation about Francine had me giggling, about being late because she wanted to pack and then about wanting to be beautiful. His deadpan comment about her not looking beautiful cracks me up.
    No Lee don’t get all touchy feely with Francine, I don’t care if she has toothache it looks all wrong!
    Lee totally suggests Amanda for this one, Scarecrow no longer adverse to spending a lot of time with Mrs King eh? 😉 he’s thawing, slowly but surely 🙂
    I don’t know why Amanda would assume it was anything but agency business. Their conversation about it is so awkward and please Lee stop going on about National Security. He’s too sneaky no giving Amanda the full details. He knew if she knew in advance she wouldn’t go or start making an issue, but tell her once they’re there and she’s in an awkward position and would have to go along. It’s easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission 😉
    No need to chivvy her along so much Lee, you have dropped this on her at short notice. Amanda doesn’t think she has suitable clothing? Why only a few weeks ago you were wearing a sparkly dress and a dead polar bear…..sorry stole around you. Perhaps a trait of most women, loads of clothes and we still think we have nothing to wear!


  7. Hello everyone – it’s been a while since anyone commented here, but I couldn’t help but jump in! This episode has generated a ton of comments – especially later on!

    Don’t agree with the vitamin takin’ stereotype of Americans. Although in the 80’s it might have been. My parents went through a vitamin phase right around the time this show started. I remember a shoe box full of vitamin bottles with colored dots on the caps. My siblings and I each had our own colored dot. If the bottle had your color on the cap, then you took one each day. I hated taking the vitamins – and fortunately the phase didn’t last too long! I don’t think it made a difference anyway. All it did was to jade my opinion of all vitamins and supplements to this day.

    Did KJ hurt her ankle rushing on the stairs? I knew she hurt it from reading your blog, but didn’t know how.

    I totally think Lee toys with her when asking her to go but doesn’t tell her where and only gives her the bare minimum information to decide what to pack and then only gives her 10 minutes. I mean come on! She does handle it amazingly well – he is totally taking advantage of her here and taking it for granted that she will just jump when he snaps his fingers! I like it but at the same time don’t like it! When does this behavior end? S3? This part reminds of the Han Solo/C-3PO scene in The Return of the Jedi when Han wants 3PO to tell the ewoks something and he keeps tapping him on the shoulder before 3PO can even say anything to the ewoks and then Han gets a little miffed because he thinks 3PO is taking too long so he gives him one last tap and tells him to hurry up! Deep breath, BJo.


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  9. Oh my gosh! I love this episode! It is one of my favorites from Season 1 because Amanda is shown as intelligent, beautiful and creative. While Lee is in a tux – need I type more. . .

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    • Whooo smkfan! Do share what you think please!! Fabulous to hear of your excitement over this episode.. there are a few views out there on what happens in this episode and what it means.. would love to hear your ideas or feedback! ( I love intelligent, beautiful and creative Amanda too!) byeee

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  10. I think you are spot on with your observations (though I can’t imagine Amanda jumping out of a moving car barrelling down the highway, but Superspy must know her better than me.). Do you think Amanda had packed her ‘special occasion’ nightgown? Or Lee rushed her so much she forgot to pack any jammies at all? Bad Lee!
    I did cringe a bit with Lee and Amanda’s exchange (mostly with Amanda’s part — but I much preferred early season one fiesty Amanda) . I will admit I would have been happier if she had replied something like “DUH! Of course it’s business. You just told me it was Billy’s idea. You must think you are something, Hotstuff!” But that’s just my humble opinion. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hi Cindy, how are the computer issues going?
      I feel the same as you – I love fiesty season 1 Amanda 🙂
      Special occassion nightgown? LoL! I guess sadly, we have no way of knowing!


    • Ha! Cindy, I think Lee wouldn’t put it past her to leap from a moving vehicle to avoid spending the night in the same room as him!

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  11. I have a bunch of comments. In fact, I took notes while reading so I wouldn’t forget them.

    On the computer list of names, there’s one more from the crew: McLean, the one right above Maschio, must be a nod to supervising producer Michael S. McLean. I spent more time than I’d like to admit finding out the other names are probably random.

    Americans and vitamins. As far as I know, some people swear by them and others…don’t. I wasn’t aware it was an American phenomenon. I know prenatals are a pretty big deal.

    You know, Lee could have avoided a lot of trouble with the sleeping arrangements tonight had he been upfront with Amanda right now instead of hoarding that info! For instance, she could have packed some frumpy 2-piece pajamas instead of a nightgown if she had reservations, or maybe a sleeping bag. Alas, he’s chicken.

    As for Lee regressing and making Amanda’s participation Billy’s idea again, Ha! He knows it’s his idea, but he’s not going to tell Amanda that because then she might not go. He’s bracing himself for her refusal, so he needs to convince her Billy wants her to go with Lee more than he wants Monday morning transcripts, and he’s sure as heck not going to volunteer that she’s his wife for the weekend. Same thing with “no one else was available.” There’s a lot of sexual tension going on, so he’s going to downplay any part he has in her role as much as possible. Hurting her feelings was the unintended and typical-male-obliviousness result.

    Boy, he is reeeeealy scared to clue her in on her cover. I think he believes she’ll bolt if she finds out any time before he has her safely at the doors of the place!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Exactly Paula!!! Couldn’t agree more!

      Well spotted with the Mclean connection! 🙂

      I think part of saying it was billy’s idea was to let her know it’s ok Billy doesn’t get his typing.. but he could have dealt with that just by saying I thought of you – and Billy agrees! Oh well.. it makes it all the sweeter when we finally have Lee admit it 🙂

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