2/8 Season One, Episode 20:Weekend-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Lee and Amanda are on the way to the cumberland.. Whoa! Check out the Car- red interior?!!! Ummm why isn’t Lee driving the Porsche? Does anyone know why? The script says Lee is driving the porsche.. This makes me wonder if this episode wasn’t filmed after charity begins at home- but maybe not.. I’ll let those episode order ideas incubate!

So.. Amanda is worried she won’t be dressed right for the cumberland, and she won’t fit in…. man do these two sound like a couple! And there goes Lee again telling Amanda she looks ‘fine’ he loves to tell her that! ugh!! Winking smile 

Amanda: I’m afraid I packed all the wrong things.
Lee: You look fine.
[I love that he sounds grumpy here, but he is smiling!! He can’t help himself!]
Amanda: Oh, yeah, I look fine for Camp 39Anacostia, I look fine for Arlington, but I do not look fine for the Cumberland.
40Lee: How do you know that if you’ve never been
41there? Besides, I told you we were dressing for dinner.
Amanda: Well, sure, we dress for dinner at Camp Anacostia. Sweatsuits and down jackets.
42Lee: Come on, Amanda.
[How happy is Lee here huh?! he is positively glowing at what lies aheadSmile]
Amanda: Look, Lee, I don’t know who I’m 43supposed to be and I don’t know why I’m going there and . . . well, you have to admit, it’s a little confusing.
Lee: Is that it?
Amanda: Unsettling and confusing, I just wanted to clear that up.
Lee: Yeah, you . . . you clarified everything.
45Business mode Lee continues Winking smile : Now, would you like a little clarification from me?
Amanda: Oh, that would be very nice.

Aie  Poor Amanda, I can’t blame her for being confused! I think she copes with it all really well, but then Lee goes and responds like- ohhh well if you would stop talking I would fill you in – when he refused to fill her in earlier! At the same time, I don’t think he is cross with her which is good..If anything he seems in a very good mood!  Hmmm.. maybe Lee was worried if he filled her in too much she might pull out – I don’t think so though, she wouldn’t be so nervous about the cumberland if she had been prepared.. Hmm I am going to guess Lee is worried Amanda is going to ask what is her cover- and that he will have to tell her! Smile [I also suspect that is another reason why Lee chose to tell Amanda it was all Billy’s idea!]

Lee explains a kidnapping will be taking place at the cumberland.. LOVE how Lee says this:

46Lee: Well, not if we can –47(Lee pauses and takes a

calming breath here!) – Not if I can help it. We 48don’t have that much information, just bits and pieces of wire taps and surveillance tapes. We’ve been watching Armin for – [Whooo hooo! Lee is slipping!!! Now he is correcting himself  ] Smile
Amanda: So that’s what we’re supposed to do this weekend. Get hard evidence.
Lee: That’s what
I’m supposed to get. [doh!]
Amanda: What am I supposed to do?
Lee: Just act natural.
[I hear that and my mind immediately goes to the car scene- and Amanda agreeing it was ‘much more natural ‘ Winking smile ]
Amanda: Oh, come on! I don’t know how to act natural at the Cumberland! I know how to act natural at the PTA and the carpool, but —
Lee: Just be yourself, Amanda.
49Amanda: Just be myself.
5051Lee: Only not too much.
53Teee heee! Very cute!! Lee has confidence in her.. well.. most of time!
The script has Amanda asking what she will be doing – and Lee tells her ‘swimming, golf, tennis.. dinner.. maybe dancing’! ( Major sad we don’t get that!!!! Wouldn’t that have been fabulous?!)

Looove how they arrive at the cumberland and Lee tells the Valet that his name is Lee Stetson- Amanda panics! ha! She thinks Lee has made a mistake and used his own name instead of a cover! Smile Lurrrve how she grabs him to set him straight! Smile Lee looks stunned at Amanda suddenly grabbing him! Smile
: Lee!
Lee: What?
Amanda: Should you be using your real name?
56Lee: Why not?
Amanda: I thought in a case like this, you should probably be using a cover. 57Lee: Oh, I am, I am.
Amanda: Oh.
58Lee: This Lee Stetson is the nephew of a Supreme Court justice.
59Amanda: Good. What’s my cover?
60Lee: Ah haaaa.. Yeah. I didn’t mention that, did I?
61[LOL stall some more Lee! Lee’s nervous, he laughs and acts all casual like that when he is nervous!!! don’t you 62think?! Smile] Amanda: No. Lee chuckles less enthusiastically, and says slowly: This weekend, 63you’re Mrs Lee Stetson.
[Is it just me or does Lee’s voice crack when he says ‘weekend’?]
Love the wedding bell chime we hear as Lee puts the ring on! LOL! At the risk of more nitpicking- why would you put the wedding ring on her finger out the front of the place you are staying at as an undercover already married couple?? Anyone could have seen Lee do this! LOL!
67Amanda’s not sure about this… and I think she knows Lee has played her 68by keeping this from her – whoo love the little sax riff we hear as Amanda looks up-conflicted!! Frisky music right there!! Winking smile Amanda tries to smile and put on a 69brave face.. I suspect she is wondering what Lee is up to not telling her about this- Maybe he is looking for ‘that kind of a weekend’ Winking smile after all!

I do think Amanda is looking especially lovely here.. [Don’t you wish you could have seen Lee’s face/ response to Amanda’s reaction? ] I think Lee didn’t tell her to ensure she didn’t get nervous and that she came with him.. but I suspect Amanda thinks Lee didn’t tell her because he is hoping to get more than just a ‘cover’ from her!

I do think it would have been easier on someone to pretend to be his wife if he had used an assumed name- to use his own name, and then give that name to someone is pretty intimate.. I think if Amanda was Mrs someone else she may have been more comfortable.. I can’t blame her, it would be hard to keep your head while being called Mrs Lee Stetson.. [What do you think?] but testing times for Amanda’s resolve lay ahead Smile tee heee..

Ok, I shall leave it there for the moment- as always I would love to hear from you guys what you think of this part of the episode.. or if you have any feedback on what I have written..

17 responses to “2/8 Season One, Episode 20:Weekend-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Amanda never seemed terribly intimidated by other people (Mrs Marston being the exception LOL), all the embassy parties etc she has participated in she seemed at ease with herself. I find her worries about being at the Cumberland a little out of character. Yes she might worry she doesn’t have a dressy enough dress but she seems uncomfortable in her own skin. How much of that is because of spending the weekend in the company of Lee or worrying about not fitting in I can’t say.
    Lee is very bad springing this on her at the last minute but he needed her cornered so she couldn’t say no. I love her reaction is to fiddle with her necklace, much the same way a man might tug at his collar, feeling the heat 😉


  2. I agree – Lee tells her it was Billy’s idea because their cover is a married couple. I think he thinks that Amanda has a crush on him or hero worships him or something so he is doing his part to keep her at arm’s length. He doesn’t want to send the wrong signal to her. Working with her complicates things enough. Throwing in the romantic piece would reeeaaallly complicate things.

    I think his voice does crack when he says weekend to Amanda when telling her what her cover is! And I completely agree with how you described Amanda’s reaction! She is wondering if he really does have ‘that kind’ of a weekend in mind! Hahaha! Love the sax music – it just reinforces that idea. At least that’s what I think it’s supposed to mean.

    And she does look very good in that scene – she is my hero! She can pack for a weekend at the Cumberland and get her hair to look that good after it had been pinned up in just 10 minutes!!!


  3. Maybe the luggage is why he isn’t driving the Porsche. You aren’t putting 3 suitcases in that little car. I just love the scene where he finally tells her their cover. I agree that they are both nervous for different reasons. I have always believed that Amanda knows he feels something for her long before he is willing to admit it to himself, so I wonder if she’s worried that he’s decided to try to take their relationship to the next level (not even necessarily consummate but move it along). She feels it but isn’t ready so she’s in a panic.


  4. LOL, Cindy. Well, maybe playing the role of Amanda’s husband is so unsettling to Lee that he forgets about mundane things like discussing cover stories. Or perhaps the role feels so natural that he doesn’t think that they need to talk about cover stories. I would take either explanation!


  5. (By the way, I assume that this pattern is broken the last time that he asks her if she’ll be his wife.). *GRIN*.
    My tongue is firmly planted in my cheek when I say that I am thrilled that Lee learns the importance of getting their stories straight so next time they are going undercover (like for example, on a honeymoon cruise) there will be no verbal fumbles that almost blow their cover.


  6. Cindy, I think that Amanda may be remembering her earlier words in this episode! And I think that Lee is beginning to learn about Amanda. The fact that she refuses to swoon all over him, yet is amazingly loyal and trusting at the same time must be a puzzling combination for him. He’s realizes that when he asks her to marry him, she turns and walks away, so he waits to spring her marriage on her until they’re actually at the Cumberland and her bags have been taken away by the porter; this limits her chances of escape. (By the way, I assume that this pattern is broken the last time that he asks her if she’ll be his wife.)

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  7. You’re probably right about Amanda being able to pack more economically if she had more time, Cindy. Also, she doesn’t have much of a sense about what kinds of clothes she’ll need since Lee is being so stingy with his information. I also think she’s deeply flustered about spending a weekend with Lee, even if it will be “strictly business.” She has anticipated a quiet weekend alone at home with her typing, and and that’s all flipped when handsome Lee turns up with his invitation to a “dressy resort” and his time lines. Who wouldn’t be a little nervous?

    IWSOD, I thought I had seen Lee without the ring in the car, but you’re right; his left had is never shown in that scene. Still, wouldn’t Amanda notice a shiny wedding band, especially since his hands will be in evidence on the wheel of the car? I think he waited until the last moment to slip it on; this matches his strategy of waiting until the last minute to let her know what their roles will be. (This is another contrast with “TGtN.”)

    IMO, this episode definitely comes after “Filming Raul,’ and the interlude in the car is yet anther reason for Amanda’s nervousness. After all, you never know who’s the type to do what. In “Raul,” she’d in a reckless mood. Here, she’s a lot more cautious. I think that both of these responses are perfectly in line with Amanda’s character, though.


  8. That was pretty impressive, how much luggage she managed to throw together in ten minutes. I wonder why she didn’t just pack that sweet little black number she wore in the beginning of Service Above and Beyond for the resort dinner.
    RedGold, I love your observations about Amanda’s nervousness on this assignment, as opposed to TGtN. I do believe she doesn’t trust herself. Heehee, especially after that bit in the car in Filming Raul. She’s ripe for a passionate assignation now, isn’t she?


    • Please guys where do we see Amanda’s luggage? I want to see !! 🙂

      Ahhh yes Paula.. we are thinking along the same line – as I just responded to RedGold, I’ll be picking up on that idea of TGTN in upcoming posts on this episode ( and I think there will be a few because I am taking lots of pics and just having so much fun with this episode!! ) – I’ll respond to that idea in my posts.. 🙂

      Just throwing this out there… with how nervous Amanda is with Lee in this episdoe – do you think this fits before or after Filming Raul?… Is this episode after Amanda agreed that maybe she is deserving of something ‘passionate, fiery with no future’ ??? Just tossing that idea around in my mind at the moment.. would LOVE to hear others thoughts… How provactive Amanda in the car fits with nervous jittery totally affected Amanda in this episode?? I haven’t decided anything or come to any conclusions.. just pondering.. bye!


  9. I love your observations about Lee’s reactions to Amanda, IWSOD. You notice so much more than I do about those. (That crack in his voice is great.) This episode has a very different vibe than “There Goes the Neighborhood.” In that one, Amanda is confident on her own “turf.” Here, she’s nervous about the high-class Cumberland, nervous about her role, and very nervous about Lee. You’re right; playing the wife of Brad Morton is a lot easier than playing the wife of Lee Stetson. And she hardly knows Lee in “Neighborhood”; here, there’s a lot more at stake and her feelings for him are much stronger. Maybe one of the chief things she’s worried about is her own response to this situation!

    I noticed that Lee isn’t wearing his wedding band in the car, but he has it on by the time he puts her rings on. His ring seems very sparkly throughout this episode. Do you suppose that the costume people or whoever was responsible for choosing jewelry picked a ring that has diamond chips so it would be extra attention-getting? (I’m always focused on the rings in these episodes that involve marriage–I don’t know why!)

    You’re kidding about bringing the Porsche, aren’t you? Did you see how much luggage Amanda has brought? She needs to learn to pack lighter.


    • In Amanda’s defense, she did have only 10 minutes to pack. With her experience hauling gear for bunch of boys for camping trips, I am sure she could have winnowed down her belongings quite a bit if he had given her at least 20 minutes. 🙂


      • True! Good point Cindy! Although I can’t find where you guys can see Amanda’s luggage! help?! How do we know it is Amanda’s and not Lee’s? 😉 after all – he actually packs his ‘Lee’ robe 😉

        HAA! I do like the idea that if Amanda packed too much – then it is totally Lee’s fault – LOL! 🙂 I have a comment coming up in a post about her evening wear.. so I will hold off commenting further on her wardrobe for now 🙂


    • Thanks Red Gold! whooo I have a few thoughts on TGTN coming up in posts that are still coming for this episode so I won’t comment on that connection just yet – but a fabulous observation about Amanda being on her turf back then, and now- she is definitely not comfortable huh..

      I tried to see if Lee had the wedding ring on in the car, but I couldn’t find a moment where we saw his left hand. I must have missed it.. oh well!

      I know what you mean- my eyes are drawn to that ring!!! The one ring to rule them all !!!! 😉 Haaa..

      No noo not kidding about the porsche, the script says they are in the porsche.. I didn’t see how much luggage Amanda brought actually! Help?? where can you guys see that? I haven’t gotten all the way through the episode yet but I think maybe I missed it.. and how do we know the luggage is Amanda’s and not Lee’s???

      Amanda only needs one waterproof match (Utopia Now)- I imagined she would be an absolute pro at packing economically.. so curious to see what you guys have found about her luggage!


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