7/8 Season One, Episode 20: Weekend-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Hiya! Well my previous post on this episode was so long, I didn’t even mention what the script said about the ‘accommodations scene!
BTW- A  Huge thankyou to Redgold for the generous decision to share the script of this episode with the rest of us fans!!! Also, thanks to smk-land for hosting it! Apologies for neglecting to thank you earlier RedGold.. I read the alternate dinner scene.. and my responsibilities went right out the window! Winking smile So before moving on I’ll briefly just mention that the script is very different- Amanda is still uncomfortable and nervous – but from the script it is never suggested that Lee ever thought he was going to sleep in the bed with Amanda  – Amanda brings up the subject again as soon as they have finished congratulating themselves on fooling Mrs Craddock – and Lee with no ambiguity says he is going to sleep on the couch! Biiiig difference! The scene is cut much shorter, and while the little exchange where Lee reassures Amanda it is not an assignation is in the script, it is very brief.. Check out the script sometime if you are interested!

Anyway, getting back to where we are up to.. It is the next morning and we see Amanda asleep  – fully clothed! and she isn’t even in the bed- but on top of it with the quilt around her! Interesting.. Amanda didn’t sleep on the left, or the right side.. or right down the middle.. – she slept across the bed! Almost like she didn’t want to give Lee the chance to sneak in and find a side of the bed to sleep on!!! Did anyone else have this thought? sleeping diagonally like that to me screams MY BED!!! No one else’s!! Winking smile 

We heard this same music before- in the morning when Lee and Amanda woke up together (if I finish this sentence there it sounds kinda nice huh! ) -in straight jackets in Sudden Death! [Peer Gynt – Suite No 1, Op 46 : morning !!] So bit of a joke there from smk I think!! [I learned that from Karen Rudolph- thanks Karen!! Smile ] So appropriate too given this episode is set in spring… Anyway, Amanda wakes to hear Lee in the shower.

I always wonder what Lee’s reaction was like when he came back to find Amanda asleep like that..did he watched her for a while?.. we’ll never know- though we did get to see Lee watch Amanda for just a moment in Sudden Death before waking her Winking smile I love 213how Amanda tippy toes over to the bathroom door to listen! yup… it’s him! [we glimpse Lee scrubbing his armpits in silhouette!] Amanda wanders over to the couch and sees that Lee has laid his jacket on the side of the couch.. She folds it for him carefully and 218glances out the window- to find she is looking at a kidnapping in progress!!!! 217Amanda sees a guy wave to a blonde, and he is then grabbed by two men and lead away as the blonde just watches..

Amanda: Leeeeeee! [We see a shot of Lee in the shower- washing his back!]
Lee! Lee!!! would you get out of the shower?
220now Amanda, Lee’s having another go at his armpits! LOL!!] Get out of the shower!

We see Lee poke his head out of the shower – he hears something.. but doesn’t seem to realise it’s time for action Lee! Instead.. he gives us curious playful Lee so it seems!

Lee, get out! [Love here how Amanda goes to open the door – she’s about to grab the handle and 223she stops herself- LOL!
KJ is so brilliant here!! ] Lee, there’s a man being kidnapped!!! [Again, we see Lee still poking his head out of the shower to see what Amanda wants.. but from the looks of his expression he is completely unaware of Amanda’s urgency!]
Love his cheeky little grin as he recedes back into the shower, ignoring Amanda’s mumbled yelling and banging on the door!
[It’s official.. I hate frosted glass!!! ]
Amanda bangs some more but he is no longer paying any attention to her.. Whoa! desperate times call for desperate measures! Amanda
squeezes her eyes tightly shut- and opens the bathroom door to yell : Lee, get out of the shower! There’s a man being kidnapped!
Don’t you just love how her tightly closed eyes aren’t enough- she has to turn her head away too? rofl!! KJ is so funny here.. funny, panicked and embarrassed all at once- Kudos to KJ!
We see Lee’s silhouette turn towards the door in the shower, interrupting his furious dedication to the cleanliness of his armpits ( yet again!) but he seems to be in no hurry at all.. Interesting.. he doesn’t seem to care that Amanda opened the door! haaaa..

Amanda runs back to the window yelling: Hurry!
Amanda gets back to the window in time to see the two baddies putting the kidnappee into the back of a limo..
I love the look on Amanda’s face as she sees the limo drive away – Oh noo! We 228haven’t been able to stop it! In that one moment, we see Amanda really wanted to help, and this job means something to her.. her whole body kind of slumps in sadness.. awh!! poor Amanda!

What do you think Lee was thinking when he poked his head out of the shower like that guys?? do tell! I have had a think about it.. I’ve actually always struggled with that moment. Now that I have had the chance to take a close look at this episode, I’ve settled on an interpretation- yours may differ- and if so- please share!!

I think given the context of everything that went on before, and what I think has been going on with Lee, that is he thinking Amanda is cranky because he snuck back into the room, and he beat her into the bathroom – and she wants him out now! I don’t think there is anything more to it than that.. Lee looks playful.. like he is thinking ha haaa! beat ya!! Bet you don’t want me sharing your bathroom either but it’s too late! haaaa!!! He looks about 10 yrs old to me, and I can’t see there is anything frisky going on here. – What do you think? Of course Lee completely doesn’t hear what Amanda is saying and so he doesn’t respond properly.. but we can rest assured- his armpits are very clean! Winking smile

Well! Here comes Mr clean pits now! Finally!! I can’t believe Lee brought his own robe! that’s a bit weird isn’t it??!! ha! Love how he comes out drying his wet hair with a towel and just dumps the wet towel on top of a dressser!
229Lee: Amanda?
230Amanda: Never mind.[She doesn’t even turn to look at him, she’s fixated on the view.. I think any concerns about modesty are completely forgotten by her – she’s far more concerned about what’s just happened.]
: What?
Amanda: Too late.

232Lee: Too late what? [Lee chuckles I think he is thinking-now what have I done!]
233Amanda: You’re too late. They’re gone. [Amanda’s care of Lee’s jacket is also completely gone..in her distress she sits on it!] Lee looks out the window and sees no-one..
: Who’s gone?
Amanda: Look. There was a man walking toward a lady who was playing tennis. Now, he waved at her, two men jumped out, one of them had
235a gun, they forced him into a limousine, I tried to get you out of the shower, but you took too long.

236Lee: No. I don’t believe it. I don’t believe it. I sat and watched Bosca’s room all 237night and they got him in the morning? six o’clock in the morning? [I love that Lee isn’t mad at Amanda.. just mad that he wasn’t able to stop the kidnapping!]
: Lee, it wasn’t Mr Bosca.
: It wasn’t?
Amanda: No!
Lee: Then who was it? Ballantine?
: I don’t know! I never saw him before in my life!

Lee buries his face in his hands, he can’t believe it, and Amanda looks around as if to say ‘oops’.. duh duh duhhhhh and the episode must have cut to a break here – love KJ’s funny expression here looking around.. good thing she isn’t looking at Lee too as err Lee’s sitting there in his robe, with his legs ummm… NNNNot Closed!! Oh my..

So what does the script add to this scene? well.. in terms of what Lee is thinking when Amanda is banging on the bathroom door? not much Sad smile it just says he is puzzled.. but.. he does cut his shower short and rush out – WITH A TOWEL AROUND HIS WAIST!!.. Amanda isn’t scripted to respond to it. hooo haaaa.. they decided to pull back on the moments in this ep didn’t they!

I may be in the minority here, but if they had gone with it, I would have probably rolled my eyes at the obvious playing up of Lee’s errrr assets! I like that they went with the subtle version in the end. Sad as it is..

Next thing we see the kidnapee being driven around in the back of the limo by the balding guy who had been watching Lee do his ‘my pills! my pills!’ The limo comes to a stop on the road, as there’s a roadblock.. they head back to the Cumberland for Armin to decide what to do next.. 

Later that morning, we see Lee and Amanda are heading out to the tennis court, Amanda is explaining to Lee exactly what she saw and where.. Amanda: See, she was standing right about there when the two men came and took the other man away.
Lee: All right. Give me her description again.
Amanda: She was very tall, very pretty, very blond, very sort of everything.
Lee: Oh, Amanda, that’s a terrible description.
Amanda: I’m sorry.
Lee: She was right here, huh?
Amanda: Yeah. Right about there.
Ahhh and who should make an appearance at that moment? Jessica Rabbi eerrr I mean Valerie! man.. this spy bizz is easy – they just come right up to you!
Winking smile Valerie: Hi!
Love how Lee whispers to Amanda as Valerie
243approaches: I think I know who it is. Then in a normal voice he 244continues: 
Valerie! Valerie Tucker, this is my wife Amanda.
Amanda: Hello.
Lee: Maybe we could get a foursome in later, huh? Unless your husband’s too tired from the drive.
246Valerie: Tuck’s not here yet. Besides, I’m strictly a singles player.
Lee: Well, maybe some dinner later, the four of
us. That is, if he arrives.
Valerie: Well, one thing you learn about geniuses:
248[At this Valerie turns away to pick up her things, while she is looking away – Lee and 249Amanda look at each other, and Amanda silently confirms this is the blonde she saw at the kidnapping!] don’t make plans. Besides, I’m going to have a sauna and a massage and I’m not making any plans after that.
250Lee: Hmm.
Valerie: Unless something . . .
251special comes up.
Valerie leaves.. what a classy lady.. not! Making a play for Lee in front of his wife! Lee watches Valerie walk away.. I think Amanda notices and thinks he
252watches Valerie a tad too long Winking smile a hint of jealousy me thinks! Amanda: That’s her, I’m certain of it.
Lee watches Valerie for so long, because she meets up with some others and he is watching who she is meeting with.. but because Amanda’s back is to her, Amanda doesn’t see this and thinks Lee is just checking her out! More misunderstanding Lee! His mind is on the job- not women!

Lee: Okay. All right. Follow her, and try not to be –253
: Conspicuous.
(he gives her a smile here): Yes. I’ll search for Tucker.
255Amanda: Are you sure you don’t want to follow her?

Lee: Sweetheart, we’re newlyweds.
[Interesting… Sweetheart is usually Amanda’s endearment of choice!]
Amanda (quietly): I know.
Amanda turns to leave and Lee is still smiling.. A lovely little bit of teasing fun between the two of them – breaking IMO the tension that has existed between them since last night- for me this little moment of banter signals they are ok and back to being friends! (There’s no mention of this little exchange between Lee and Amanda in the script!! So happy with how they did this!!)
I think it’s great that Lee’s smile stays after Amanda turns to leave, he can’t help himself- he’s happy things are improved between them again- and no doubt- he is happy they are on the trail of the baddies! All is not lost!

I only wish Amanda had mentioned that she wasn’t going to be looking for evidence.. she was suppose to just be having fun Winking smile but Amanda is much more charitable than I!! Smile 

I’ll leave it there for now! As always I would love to hear your thoughts! Thanks for reading!!

33 responses to “7/8 Season One, Episode 20: Weekend-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I tried to make a comment earlier today, but was having some self-induced technical difficulties…though perhaps I have reached a maximum limit of random comments..😂 I am all over the series right now with comments!!!

    All I was going to say was that Iwsod, your comment: [It’s official.. I hate frosted glass!!! ] had me belly laughing and made my morning a little brighter! Well, cloudy/distorted. But funnier! 😂

    Oh. And I also want to give Lee a shout out for his resilience. I, too, am what you would not call a morning person. And given the fact that he had an awkward evening with Amanda followed by time during the night spent in a closet (btw, how do you spy out of a hotel hallway closet unnoticed!?!?) and probably little to no sleep followed by missing the kidnapping your entire mission was about at 6:00am…he comes back quite nicely with smiles and patience by the time they are out on the lawn. 👏


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  3. Lee how is it possible that you didn’t hear what Amanda was shouting?! No shower is THAT loud 😉
    Reason for his expression? No idea LOL I am gonna enjoy the smile.
    As much as I enjoy a bit of shirtless Lee there is something totally beguiling about Lee with wet hair. I don’t know why but I am drawn to scruffy Lee and wet hair Lee more, I think I prefer him looking a little less than perfect 😉
    I think Amanda sprawled out in bed after maybe tossing and turning a bit before dropping off. I don’t imagine after their little issue she would have been able to switch off that easily. Did Lee pull over the duvet? I like to think so 🙂
    Cravats. Awful. Hideously ugly things. Who in heavens name thought them up. Lee I think we have found your Amandaband……please don’t wear one. Ever. Again.
    Hmmm subtle Lee keep pushing about the foursome doing something together. If you’re not careful someone’s going to think you’re swingers 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lee how is it possible that you didn’t hear what Amanda was shouting?! No shower is THAT loud.

      I believe it’s because Amanda kept turning her head away so her words were garbled since they couldn’t penetrate the bathroom door.

      Totally agree with you and then some. Seeing Lee be extremely beguiling and irresistible even with wet or mussed up hair, just confirms he’s a truly (True-Lee) handsome man with or without a hair stylist!


  4. Yes, I too noticed that Lee and Amanda were holding hands as they were walking out to the tennis courts, so glad they were able to restore their comraderie.

    If you enjoy fanfiction, I love this little filler for “Weekend”


  5. I am sure glad that Lee is wearing his longer robe otherwise. . .


  6. I guess I have always had a different take on why Amanda sleeps in the bed as described. Amanda is feeling conflicting emotions here: she has had a crush on Lee since she first saw him, I mean really saw him (walking down the stairs at the party – The First Time). I mean who wouldn’t right, but she doesn’t let this get to her or try to let it influence her actions. There are a few times where she lets her guard down. On the other hand she is a kind and caring individual. So after she and Lee argue about the sleeping accomodations, she feels a ‘little’ guilty for getting to sleep in a comfortable bed, while he takes the closet watch. So rather than dress for bed and get comfortable, she chooses to sleep in her evening attire on the covers; staying modest in case Lee needs her.

    (I apologize if there are any spelling or grammar errors, the reply/comment window was being weird and I couldn’t see what I was typing.)


    • I agree with your interpretation here, smkfan. I’ve always wondered if Lee covers her up with the edge of the comforter when he come back into the room in the morning. He seems over his huffiness with her by then. The night in the closet must’ve given him some time to think!


      • Aha! sounds like a fanfic challenge there for you Redgold! What was Lee thinking in the closet all night long??!!!

        I also agree with smkfan – yes Amanda’s guilt over the situation makes alot of sense.. it was very awkward all around wasn’t it! 🙂

        Wow smkfan.. comments were playing tricks and you still managed to write all that? well done! yes wordpress has been a bit weird the last day or two.. little niggly things.. oh well!
        Oh and thanks smkfan for the encouragement to keep writing! 🙂 that makes my day! I shall continue on if I know you guys are out there reading!

        Things are on the go slow at the moment though – just two and a half more weeks and I’ll have more time.. have started writing for Das Geisterschloss.. tossing up whether to do a separate post on sound of music/ smk comparing locations.. or whether to just incorporate it into my posts – would it be too annoying if I included a few sound of music observations/comparisons as I went along? would be easier..but I don’t want to do it if too distracting.. let me know! byeeee


      • @iwsodI say roll it all together if that works better for you. Believe it or not, I’ve never seen Sound of Music. Maybe I should try to.


  7. I would also prefer for you to continue with the posts as you did so far, but I would like to have two things, if possible:
    a longer recent comments list (possibly scrollable).
    An easier way to go to posts that are not in the recent post list.

    I know how to adjust the URL and can get anywhere, but clicking instead would be more comfortable.


    • I agree with Julia making the comments list longer if possible (especially now when the comments are coming at a fast and furious pace).


    • Hi Julia, that’s really good for me to know thanks!

      I don’t experience the blog in the same way you do – because as the blog owner I get lots of other extra features.. Can you guys see an option for searching comments?

      I have extended the number of recent comments which are displayed on the homepage to 15 – this is the maximum 😦 sorry it’s not more!

      I’ve altered the comment settings so new posts are displayed first and at the top. Hope that helps!
      Don’t forget wordpress now (by default) subscribes you to email notifications of follow up comments if you comment on a post.

      Not sure if there is a general option to subscribe to comments overall…I imagine it would be easier if you received all the comments by email if you wanted.. Would you like that option? I’ll double check on that, there might be a plug in I can add to the blog to make all this easier – or I’ll investigate what other possibilities there are – I’ll get back to you 🙂

      Thanks Cindy also for letting me know you like Julia’s ideas.. Let me see what I can come up with 🙂

      Hiya Redgold! I’ll reply to your posts soon! Loved to hear your thoughts on Lee and Amanda and love.. swoon!

      I’ve got to head off to catch a flight this morning so I won’t have time to follow it up further today – but I promise I will get back to it 🙂

      Hi Paula, thanks for responding and letting me know what you think also 🙂 Very kind of you!!
      I’ll do a blog post soon about how to add pics I promise! I’ll try and make it as simple a set of instructions as possible.. but I can tell you this- the way I have found to do it, requires the photos are sourced from a photo server – not an individual computer – I use photobucket – so if you don’t have an account you will need to get one ( they are free).

      Must run!


      • No, I do not see anything to search comments or the blog.


        • Ok, thanks Julia! I have a few options currently floating around! I’ll keep working at this 🙂 will let you know when I know more! I’ll try and post later today with instructions for adding pics to comments 🙂


  8. I somehow would have suffered through Lee wearing a towel with water dripping down his chest. (You say playing up his obvious assets like it’s a bad thing :-))
    It took me awhile to figure out what Lee was thinking when Amanda was banging on the bathroom door and I came to a similar conclusion to you. Prabably just a little light hearted passive resistance to deal with any left over irritation he felt about last night.

    I loved Amanda’s description of Valerie — I thought it was pretty descriptive. I guess Lee not clueing in right away (hey – Superspy — didn’t you say that Dr. Tucker would be your first choice for the kidnapping and his hitting-on-every-male-within-a-5-mile-radius wife is blond? Connect the dots, man!) means Valerie held no appeal for him.


    • I read four mental responses of Lee toward Amanda’s pounding on the bathroom door:
      1. What? Amanda? You want in? (first pokes head out)
      2. Sure, you want me now. They always do. (grin)
      3. Hope you can hold it, ‘cuz I’m not coming out. (raised eyebrow, smirk)
      4. I could offer to share. (last grin)


    • Oh dear Cindy! LOL.. it does sound strange doesn’t it? I am probably being a bit contradictory (or crazy take your pick 😉 )! But while I enjoy Lee’s assets, I like for them to rationed.. tee heee.. too much of a good thing and all that 😉

      The shower scene- That was a tricky one ( and it probably shouldn’t be.. I blame the writing for that.. ) – glad to hear someone agrees thanks for letting me know!

      Hey great point about Lee not connecting the dots with Amanda’s description and Valerie- until he saw her again- I like it!!
      I’m very glad I don’t need to reconsider that one! ( I didn’t want Lee to like Valerie!!)

      Gotta run byeee for now,


      • I’m with you on this first point, IWSOD, and I appreciate the restraint that SMK has in its presentation of Lee. (I don’t know who’s responsible for this, maybe BB himself.) His drop-dead handsomeness is part of Lee’s character, but it’s just a part, and the show centers on the relationship between these two people who seem dissimilar yet develop an amazingly resilient bond, beginning with something as simple as a chance meeting at a train station. (I don’t think, for example, that many people would still be watching almost 30 years later if the show had been “Scarecrow.”)

        I also agree that your point, Cindy, about Lee’s failure to make the connection between Valerie and Amanda’s description is terrific. I knew that he wasn’t interested in her–thanks for providing the evidence!


  9. I hadn’t noticed that Amanda sits on his jacket, either–a clear sign of her agitation. KJ is just terrific in this scene. Lee and Amanda are holding hands as they walk out to the tennis court. I wonder who initiated that? Probably Lee, after which he thinks, “At least she’ll let me touch her this morning.” So cute.


    • Hi Redgold.. I wasn’t sure if it was a handhold.. but I’m happy to go with it 🙂 Can others see a hand hold? It makes sense that it could be doesn’t it! Redgold’s instincts zeroed in there!! 🙂

      I will try and post a pic of it here in comments- Hopefully this pic will work.. if so- I may have cracked how to add pics to comments and I will post some instructions for you all soon.

      I have a general question for you guys about my blog.:
      Guys would you prefer it if when I post I don’t say what I think? but maybe the first post can be some questions to get started? and I can share my thoughts in further posts? Or do you need to read the recap first?
      I am open to other ways to do this if you have any suggestions.. When I post, I tend to recount the episode and while I do it, I share my interpretations (and try to give reasons why I have interpreted it that way).. and some overall thoughts on either the episode or the season or the show in general – I just put my opinion out there – would it be better if I waited? I am open to ideas if others would like to make suggestions..
      This is my first blog and I want to be open to refining and improving everyone’s interactions with each other and with smk.. so feel free to offer suggestions. Of course if you are happy with the way things are – dang! feel free to let me know that too! tee hee.. (or you can email me if you like: iwsod@optusnet.com.au)
      Gotta go! Back when I can!


      • Yippeeeeeee I’ve cracked it!! You can see it right? It’s not just me right???!!!
        I don’t have time to do up a post with instructions just now- but will get back to you soon with it..

        Very exciting! Byee for now,


      • I love your posts. Really. I enjoy both the recaps and the interpretations, and they serve to prompt a lot of discussion. As they say, if it’s not broke…

        I do indeed see the pic in the reply. Yea! Now teach me how to do that. I’m dying to know.


      • I totally agree with Paula. It’s great the way it is. It’s why I keep coming back. 🙂


      • I like to hear your ideas and interpretations woven into the re-caps, too, IWSOD. I don’t need re-caps by themselves because I already know these episodes very well, to put it mildly! It’s the exchange of ideas about them that I find so fun, and you get that all started with your great posts, IWSOD. Thanks!

        Congratulations on figuring out how to add photos to these comments! Will you grant me the hand-hold if not the “hold me” line? But don’t do it out of pity! I see Lee and Amanda holding hands (see photo above) as they walk, and then Amanda lets go of his hand to gesture as she’s talking, and he immediately puts it on the small of her back, as usual. I think he wants his relationship with Amanda to be back to normal after the previous night’s drama.


        • Thanks Redgold, Cindy and Paula for getting back to me.. Cool ok I’ll keep doing what I am doing.. but if you have any ideas for how the blog can be improved let me know! Thanks for visiting and joining in the fun! 🙂


      • Final test before publishing instructions..


      • I love your blog! I too am familiar with the episodes, but love to read how other people interpret what is happening. Keep it coming!


  10. Somehow the post appear in the wrong order for me. Weird.

    Love the picture of Amanda with her eyes sqeezed shut und double love to fact she sat on his jacket!

    I think your explation of the grin is pretty good, myself I could not come up with any explanation.


    • Hi Julia, don’t worry your eyes are not playing tricks on you! Thanks for pointing it out, I had input the dates of publishing wrong.. thus the wrong order but all sorted now – I think!
      Must run.. will be back when I can – hope you are well!! 🙂


    • Thanks Julia! I’ve been puzzled about that little moment myself – for years! I’m glad to finally nail down an interpretation!


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