6/8 Season One, Episode 20: Weekend-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Lee and Amanda have finished their dinner.. and their little ‘performance’ as newlyweds for the likes of the Craddocks and others.. 152They make their way down the hallway to their room. Turning a corner, they see a pair of fellow 153guests approaching- So basically Lee grabs Amanda and pulls her to him as they walk. What a huge day Amanda has had.. and.. it ain’t over yet!
When Lee pulls Amanda close she looks up at him, and then quickly looks away… Yes more lovely dovey stuff Amanda.. Charming and attentive Lee is a force to be reckoned with! Winking smile
156I love how Amanda and Lee are all smiles as they pass the other couple-and Amanda says ‘hello’  and the very second they 157are past them Amanda’s smile disappears instantaneously! Amanda is not impressed at all with this whole situation!!
They turn a corner with Lee still holding his arm 159around Amanda – no one is around, so Amanda shakes off his arm rather abruptly.. She really doesn’t want Lee touching her anymore! (Why? I’ll share my ideas at the end of the scene! Please- share what you think too! Smile )

160Lee is still smiling, and really does seem oblivious to what Amanda is experiencing. Until Amanda seems to throw his arm off her- 161then, stunned Lee just looks confused at her for a second! It starts to dawn on him that things aren’t so rosey in camp undercover! 162Uncomfortable, Amanda’s reflex is to smile.. Lee is confused- what’s with Amanda? but she’s smiling? So she is ok? orrrrr no?? Poor Lee! My feeling is that he has no idea what has been going on in Amanda’s head- ever since he sprung this ‘Mrs Stetson’ cover on her ( and we heard the saxophone riff! Winking smile ) – I think what is really going on and what is going on in Amanda’s head are two completely different things! LOL.. And what’s going on in Amanda’s head would seem like an episode of Pepe Le pew! Winking smile Just to be clear though, I really think Lee was focused on this work-[ I’ll expand on that later]– Though I do at the same time think Lee is using some well known persuasion techniques on Amanda to get her to do what he needs her to do! (I’ll elaborate at the end of this scene on this also!)

Lee shrugs off Amanda’s reaction with a grunt and opens their door. He steps back to allow 163Amanda to enter before he, she hesitates, not wanting to go in.. but she does go in, though only just! Lee enters the room after her and closes the door behind him. Amanda is glued to the one spot.. not entering the room any further.. Wondering what are the accommodations.. she raised her concerns earlier, Lee said ‘later’, well, it’s later! Surely Lee is not going to pretend that conversation never happened? (Yup!) Lee knows she was concerned about it.. so what does he say when they enter the room? He compliments Amanda on how ‘convincing’ she was – uh oh!!! Given what’s going on in Amanda’s mind.. that was a bad idea!!
Lee: Well, I thought we carried that off pretty well.
164Amanda: Oh, yes. Very well.
[Amanda tries to keep things light and downplay her distress here.. IMO.. hoping Lee will address the immediate issue-accommodations!]
Lee: And I also think you were very convincing.
165[Unfortunately for Lee, he happens to say this as he starts to take his jacket off-not reassuring Amanda at all- combine it with what Amanda has been imaging and it only confirms Amanda’s fears. Plus, he is acting like there is no problem here!! When he should know Amanda isn’t happy with this accommodations set up!! Baaad tactic Lee.. ]
166Amanda: Oh, we were very convincing. We convinced Mrs Craddock and she’s been married thirty years.
[Lee chuckles at this- I’d like to point out: Mrs Craddock is blind as a bat without her glasses so it’s not really high praise Winking smile ]
167Lee: hahaa Yeah. [We see Lee take his jacket off and lay it on the side of the bed.]
Amanda: Well, I guess you plan to, um. . . .
168[Amanda points to the bed.. Can she give any more hints here that she wants an answer to her concerns??? ]
169Lee: Ah Yeah, [Lee brushes one of the pillows- looks like he is expecting to sleep on THAT bed!] do you mind? It’s been a long day.
[Lee starts taking off his tie!! whgogaaahg..] 171Amanda: Oh, no, no, I don’t mind. I know you must be tired. [Amanda smile seems to get even bigger as her anxieties increase! Oh she’s happy for you to get your sleep! Only.. where?? and how exactly???!!!]
172Lee: Oh, tired.
Amanda (quietly): Yeah..
Amanda: But you probably do want to keep 173an eye on Mr Bosca’s 174room or if you’d like, I could keep an eye on it.
[Lee must want Amanda to keep an eye out while he has a bit of a sleep riiiight? maybe? because.. surely he doesn’t expect Amanda to just share that bed with him?riiiight??  He knows she is not ok with that! riiiiight??????!!!!! ]
Lee: No, no. No. I’ll keep an eye on him. [Uh oh.. 175unconsciously, Lee pulls up his belt here- a signal guys sometimes display when they are attracted to someone!! You know like how a woman plays with her hair??!! Lee is sounding casual, but his body language is giving off different signals.. Maybe Amanda notices 176this..] They’re not going to make a move on him. There’s still so much activity around here. I just want to grab a couple hours of sleep. [Lee doesn’t see that there is any kind of a problem here..oh boy.. ]
177Amanda: Yeah, well, you have to get your rest to do your job well.

Amanda is still glued to the 178same spot.. not moving.. 179Lee finally realises something’s up.. Ohhhh yeaaaahhhh that little conversation we had before dinner! Hmm..
He gives Amanda a look..
Hmm how could I describe this look.. He has given this look to Amanda once before – In there goes the neighbourhood!!

It’s in that moment where in response to finding out that she and Lee were staying at the house for the night together Amanda says: I would feel guilty.. you know?… and.. Lee gives her this exact same look!  I think this look he gives is a ‘bless her little heart she’s so prim it’s kinda adorable and endearing in a naive kinda way’ look! [Hey plus it is an excuse to include a pic of open shirt Lee Winking smile ]This moment is very reminiscent of that scene in TGTN- but I will finish getting through the scene before I explore that idea further! Sooo much to say isn’t there? I hope you will join me in discussing this! I suspect my views may not be shared by all- and I would love to hear other’s ideas!

Getting back to this scene.. The penny finally drops with Lee..Amanda’s uncomfortable and thinks its a come on (!)
182Lee: Amanda. [Don’t you just love how he says her name here? swoon!!] Immediately he moves over to her 183to reassure her- and Amanda gives him a nervous smile.. this is all so awkward!!

Lee: Amanda. [Lee 184reaches out to hold Amanda’s hand] You know, you’re not being compromised —

[Poor Lee! he is 185trying to be gentle with her here..but  I think it all gets lost in translation!! Given how much this whole situation has escalated in Amanda’s mind- it is now beyond this point , and touching her is a really bad idea! ]

186Amanda slaps his hand with her purse and he lets go. He is stunned!!!!
Amanda: I know 187that. ha haa..[Amanda tries to downplay the intensity of her reaction to him and her not wanting 188him to touch her! Lee raises his hand like- I can’t believe she just did that! And Amanda raises 190her hand as if she is wanting to reach out to him to comfort him- but she stops herself.. awh!! ] Amanda continues: It’s a matter of national security.
191Lee: Yeah hhhhh.
Lee sounds completely bewildered here!  He shakes his head and walks back to the bed. Good idea.. some distance would be good! Finally Lee says what he should have said in the 192first place to Amanda: Look, I . . . you see, there — there weren’t any suites 193available. This was the only room that I could get, okay?
194Lee continues: I mean, if Francine had come along like we’d agreed, then. . . .
[Double Whoa!! what if Francine had come along???!!!!! Well the least we can surmise is Francine would have had no problem sharing the bed! Would more have been involved? who knows.. and don’t want to think about Lee and anyone else! I actually think Lee is trying to say here that he didn’t set up this situation to lure Amanda or trap her or something.. as it wasn’t even suppose to be Amanda on this mission.. but poor Lee flobs it.. ]
196Amanda: Yes? [yes I’m interested in the answer too Amanda Winking smile ]
197Lee (silent for a moment, then choosing his words carefully): It’s 198surveillance. It’s not an assignation.
Amanda: I know that.
[I am not so sure she did.. but.. I guess she knows that now!]
Lee: Good.
Amanda: It’s no problem.
[that doesn’t mean Amanda is happy to share a bed! ]
199Lee: Good! [Oh dear, there goes Lee hiking up his pants belt again Winking smile ]Fine. No problem.
Problem still not dealt with Lee! You’ve explained this isn’t a come on.. but what’s going to happen with the accommodations?!! Lee still expects Amanda to share the bed! Aie!! Lee!! He is so out of his depth here huh! Winking smile Lee fluffs up his pillow which is laying on the bed and Amanda continues: You know, I could call the housekeeper and have them send up a rollaway bed. [Ahh Amanda.. she thinks she has a solution that will make everyone happy!]
Lee: A what?
(less confident now!): I could call the housekeeper and have them send- I do it all the 201time with Phillip and Jamie when we travel together and you know, it’s a little extra expense, but it’s not that much.[you sense that Lee is thinking: why does this have to be sooo complicated! I just want a few hours sleep! ]
202Lee: Amanda.
Amanda: Hm?
203Lee: A rollaway bed on our honeymoon?
[Honeymoon? who said anything about it being their honeymoon? I thought they were newlyweds sure, but that doesn’t mean they are on their honeymoon- at least not to me.. have I got that wrong?]
Amanda: It wouldn’t look right, would it?
Lee: No. No, it would not look right.
[Lee lets out a big sigh..] Look, I will take the couch. [Finally! Lee gets it!! Awh! there’s a gentlemen in there somewhere after all!]
Amanda: You won’t fit on the couch.
Lee: I said I will take the couch.
Lee has a go on the couch.. it’s not going to work!
204 Amanda offers the bed to Lee and she can sit in the chair and… read! LOL!
Lee: Oh! (He stands up and goes over to get his jacket.) Forget it, just forget it, huh? If you need me, I will be in the closet across from Mr Bosca’s 206room.  Lee puts his jacket on and heads for the door.
Amanda: Good night!
Lee: Yeah.


Love the last little look of Amanda’s at the biiiiig empty double bed! tee hee.. Almost like she is thinking- well now what? I’m not going to be able to sleep… will he come in later? who knows.. and she knows Lee is in for a very uncomfortable night in a closet! Ouch!!

This is such a brilliant scene. I love it because for both characters- multiple and contradictory things are going on!! Oh dear.. this post is so long already, but I don’t want to split this up.. and I want to be able to follow through on my thoughts here without losing the thread- so I will try and share as briefly as I can.. All I can say is thank goodness I have gotten to this fabulous episode when I am on break from university and actually have the time to give this episode the time and attention it deserves! Smile 

Ok.. so here are some of my ideas for what is going on here..

This scene is very similar to the ‘who gets the bed’ scene in TGTN ( as I already mentioned) but in what ways? well in TGTN Amanda stands up for what she is or is not comfortable with.. and Lee assumes it is ok to share the bed.. Aie! Deja Vu!

Given this is not the first time this has come up- I don’t cut Lee much slack here- Ok, maybe Amanda is being a bit ridiculous or oversensitive- you may think that- or you may not.. but I think regardless of that, Lee already knew how Amanda felt about these things- so he should have known better. He shouldn’t have tried to get Amanda to agree to something she had already said she was not willing to do – as she says in Ship of Spies:
‘that’s asking too much!!’  Winking smile

So what’s going on with Lee? Lee is focused on the job- and what he and Amanda need to do to get the job done. Lee has no problem being all lovely dovey with someone if the job calls for it. He is comfortable with this and experienced in this – no doubt. Lee sees no problem with playing the cover- and sees it as pretty simple.  At the same time though, I think Lee is attracted to Amanda (I still think after the sudden death kiss he doesn’t want to kiss her again!) and so he sends out unconscious signals to her that he is genuinely interested.. ( contradictory I know!).. I suspect Lee went a little over the top with the lovely dovey stuff because deep down he was enjoying himself, and enjoying Amanda’s company! He seems to notice when Amanda is not having a good time- like he wants her to enjoy his company, not just do the job.. ( I sense a little chink in that Lee armour there!!)

Aside from all this, Lee brought Amanda along because he had no other option- and sprung on her at the last moment their cover ‘ Mrs Lee Stetson’ – whoa! (That’s a persuasive technique right there! He is counting on her! She is the only one who can help! it is for National Security!) Lee doesn’t tell Amanda until she has packed and arrived at their destination – how can Amanda pull out now? He didn’t give her the option. (Interesting that he chose to do it this way huh..because- he knew she wouldn’t like it!!)

In this regard, while I don’t think Lee was trapping Amanda into an assignation, I do believe he was using every trick in the book to get her to go along with whatever he needed for the job- without thought for her wishes. Single-minded Lee.. ( you know, sometimes people get a little lost at the agency.. ) Lee is focused on winning the battle..and to do that, he uses every persuasive trick in the book. (some of them probably unknowingly but some knowing full well. ) He drove Amanda to the cumberland for the weekend.. she had no way of leaving there without him. He reminds her of all the great stuff she is getting out of this- a cordon bleu chef for eg. In psychology this persuasive technique is called ‘ Reciprocity’ – Amanda gets to have a fun time at the cumberland, while Lee does his job.. all Amanda has to do in return is just this teeny tiny thing. Lee doesn’t see it as a big deal. The problem is- Amanda does see it as a big deal!

Amanda tries to address it first thing, but Lee fobs her off with ‘Later’ and annoyance.. He doesn’t listen to her, and downplays her concerns. He should have listened to her, addressed her concerns and reassured her. But he doesn’t. He chooses to run away- and focus on the job.. An unfortunate decision! Because this only amplifies Amanda’s own anxieties!

So, what’s happening with Amanda? ( ohhh I promise I will try to keep this brief!) Her situation and response is also multi-layered. Because Lee springs this cover on her so suddenly- she is completely unprepared for it! She thought she was having a quiet weekend getting her typing done, and then next thing she knows she is off to the cumberland( and that’s about all she knows!). Amanda is (IMO) very good at going with the flow and doing what is needed for the job, with very little preparation – but being Mrs Lee Stetson is a big ask… Amanda knows she is physically attracted to him. She is not unfeeling, and she is no longer seeing Dean like she was in TGTN- she can’t just hide behind that anymore! I think Amanda is afraid of two things: 1) that she may loose control and reveal her attraction to Lee and 2) that Lee may be working things in the hopes that she does. The little saxophone riff we hear as she finds out she is Mrs Lee Stetson says it all!

From then on.. Lee completely unintentionally seems to confirm all of Amanda’s worst fears for what he was expecting from her.

You may have noticed that the intimacy and what is required of Amanda escalates (I wouldn’t say it is Lee that escalates it, but it escalates none the less). The job begins as going away for the weekend.. and turns into going away for the weekend Undercover as a married couple! The cover begins with Amanda being called  ‘Mrs Stetson’ or Darling.. Amanda finds out they only have one room, but it is left up in the air how that will be dealt with. In the foyer waiting for the six o’clock check ins, Amanda reaches for Lee’s hand to hold it. But… she got more than she bargained for when he started stroking it- and then- he kisses her hand and Bing! Amanda is totally hypnotised by it!!

I think Amanda was unprepared for the strength of her response, her inability to hide it.. ( but Lee has no idea what he is doing to her anyway! If he sees her smiling adoring Lee I think he thinks she is just playing the cover!! ).. then, Amanda ‘helps’ Lee with his pills and they eat a candlelit dinner- with Lee once again grabbing her hand and kissing away- only this time- Amanda looks away when she knows what’s coming – because the last time she looked and she was a goner! She asks Lee if this is absolutely necessary – Lee reminds her this is their cover. Argh.. and she turns to look- and again! she is taken in, hypnotised!! Uh oh!! The tension keeps rising.. the demands on her increasing..

Again Amanda looses control and Lee doesn’t notice and by now she is getting more and more anxious about her response and these escalating requirements (and in her mind maybe his escalating requirements)  of the cover.. and what’s going to happen with the sleeping arrangements? By the time they are walking down the hallway and Lee pulls her to him again she has had enough and just wants her own space and for him to stop touching her and leave her alone! She wants to get away from him- but where to? they’re sharing a room! there’s no escape! Argh!! Plus, the whole time Amanda is fighting her response and she wrongly suspects Lee’s building towards suggesting even more!

There’s another form of persuasion psychologists call the ‘ foot in the door’ technique- where if you can get someone to agree to a small request, then they will be more likely to agree to bigger and bigger requests… Whether realising this or not, this is what Lee asked of Amanda.

The final straw though is the scene I have looked at in this post-Lee ignores their earlier conversation, he is expecting Amanda to share the bed! 

Then Lee is even actually really sweet and gentle with her trying to reassure her-  and touching her again- but it is all too much!  Too intense.. Amanda basically smashes Lee’s hand away!! Like – don’t touch me! Enough! The situation was pushing her and pushing her and she wasn’t going to be pushed anymore! So bam! it came out like that.

Regardless of whether we as viewers agree with Amanda or not, Lee should have respected her wishes. I don’t think he wanted to hurt Amanda, but I think he didn’t consider how important it was to Amanda, and what was being asked of her. Lee assumed sharing a bed was ok. When Amanda was trying to tell him it wasn’t.

So with both Lee and Amanda being contradictory with themselves – it was no wonder things wound up so confusing and awkward!! I am glad at the end of the scene, Lee finally got it- he finally heard her ( hurray!) and left Amanda alone! 

I hope I have conveyed my thoughts clearly.. sorry for the long winded post- I find this episode and what is happening in them and between them to be fascinating to unravel! Smile 

As always I would love to hear your thoughts!!

Thanks for readingSmile 

21 responses to “6/8 Season One, Episode 20: Weekend-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. I am loving all your discussions about this scene, love the idea of Amanda needing to marshal her defences.
    What goes through my mind when I think of Lee is him in ITCK whereby he can’t understand that someone might not like him. He doesn’t like the idea that Amanda might not like him and that swat with the purse is a pretty good indicator.
    I confess in the early scenes about the sleeping arrangements I was frustrated with Amanda but I can see how a day of Lee and his semi faux fawning over her that she’s reached her limit. I especially liked the suggestion that in TGTN she had space away from Lee which she doesn’t here. I’ve not really got anything new to add but I’ve enjoyed reading all the psychological tricks and the different points of view 🙂


  2. He sounds like a peach, Julia! Lucky you, lucky me. My husband is enjoying S3 more openly than the episodes from S1 and S2 that I hand-picked for him. He used to get impatient with Lee for being jealous but not asking Amanda out himself. In fact, when I asked him what he thought of S3 so far, he said, “It rocks!”


  3. Well, RedGold, if we needed proof of our being in a loving marriage, SMK provided proof for us.

    And obviously there is something in SMK that makes it ok for them to watch it too. Alltough I have to admit, that he had to watch the BBC Pride and Prejudice too. But for that he asked me to wait until he was sick with at least 38 degrees of fever 😉


    • How about that. My husband gets subjected to SMK and Pride and Prejudice (I have the box set) too. And he’s such a patient man, he’ll sit there even when he’s not ill and find something to like. Maybe we need a Husbands of SMK auxillary.


  4. RedGold — I had the same intention as you, just watch one a week or so, and stretch the episodes out until season 4 was released. Obviously, I have no willpower.


    • Well, Cindy, this way you’ll be able to ramble around in S3 any way you want to, re-watching favorite scenes and episodes at will. And Julia, your husband doesn’t know what a treat he has in store for him! Do you add running commentary the way that I do with my patient husband? “Look at that expression on her face! Look at the way he’s patting her back as she gets out of the car!” Honestly, it’s a wonder he puts up with it. 🙂


  5. Wow, RedGold, you show resolution going through so slowly, I just finished Season 3, I did not know any of those episodes. But I am glad I did, because one of the DVD’s had a fault and I could not possibly have send them in for replacement unwatched 😉 I bet my husband is glad to get me back. He does not know yet, that I kept a list of the episodes I liked most and plan to rewatch them with him 😉


    • Thank-you Julia for giving me a plausible reason for why I watched the whole season much quicker than I had originally planned. I was good until I reached Utopia Now. And that was so close to “Wrong Way Home” and then, well, it just kind of escalated from there. 🙂


      • LOL, Cindy and Julia, about your need to watch S3 quickly for quality control! Here’s my dilemma. I want to watch SMK, needless to say, but I don’t want to finish with the series. (It’s the classic case of wanting to have my SMK and watch it, too.) This means that I’m going through the episodes of S3 very slooowly. By the time I get to S4, I’ll probably be rationing myself to only one a month!


  6. Oooh, what a wonderful set of posts, friends–I got something new from each one. Thank you! Julia, your suggestion about debriefing is a good one, and probably the full-time agents do go through this process, but I doubt that Amanda is included. She’s just swept into these assignments and expected to go along with whatever is presented. When I think about it, she shows a lot of strength when she stops and says, “Wait a minute…” , literally or figuratively, especially in S1 and 2. She’s the “apprentice agent” questioning her very senior and successful partner, or her respected boss, or her condescending and snippy co-worker. Honestly, I can’t imagine that Lee would be able to verbalize all that went on in the assignment with Amanda at the Cumberland to anyone else since he doesn’t understand it fully himself, as you suggested, Cindy. I think your second post, Cindy, offers great insight into both Lee and Amanda. He’s really hurt by that swat and by the implication that he can’t be trusted, but he’s been sending her such mixed signals! I agree that it hasn’t occurred to him that Amanda may be uncomfortable with this situation because of her feelings for him. I love your ideas about Amanda seeing him at his most vulnerable and his need for her! IMO, it’s deeply upsetting to him when Amanda seems to mistrust him or is angry with him because he always wants to be in control of whatever situation they’re in and protecting her, so she’ll look up to him. (And his protectiveness is the main way that he can acceptably demonstrate that he cares about her.) He probably doesn’t fully realize it, but her opinion of him is very, very important to him.

    As for Amanda, your point about her intellect telling her one thing and her heart and body telling her another is terrific, and beautifully put. I really feel for her in this scene. The idea about re-grouping is important, too, I think. In “TGtN,” she had a whole house to play the part of a suburbanite in, it was a regular house similar to hers, and she got to go home at night. Here, she’s trapped in just a hotel room, it’s fancy and beautiful, and she has to stay at the Cumberland in this unfamiliar role night and day! She feels like she’s out of place and under-dressed, and Lee keeps making googly eyes at her when they’re in sight of anyone else! It’s no wonder she seems so nervous!

    To answer your question, Cindy, no, I haven’t gotten to “FFfT” yet. I’ve seen the first eight episodes, with “J. Edgar’s Ghost” up next. (I’m still reeling from “A Lovely Little Affair,” “Over the Limit,” and “Utopia Now”–S3 rocks!)


    • Hi Everyone! Glad to see you are all enjoying discussing this episode.. I had a lot of fun unravelling it.. even if we did come to slightly different conclusions. It is an absolute gold mine of information this episode isn’t it?!

      I think our main difference is I don’t see Lee as recognising Amanda’s response as real, or as consciously trying to generate a real response from her but YMMV 🙂 Sounds like I see Lee as resisting his attraction more than you guys..? But I think it is there, and very strong and real..

      You guys have put your thoughts so beautifully.. It is pretty hard to write about isn’t it and organise the thoughts, when there is so much going on all at once! I agree with you guys that it is important to Lee what Amanda thinks of him, and that she trusts him. My feeling, was that Amanda does deep down trust him, but all her fears ran away with her, thanks to the situation, her overwhelming physical response, and Lee’s ( IMO ) overly enthusiastic role playing!! Her imagination went wild!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts guys,

      I must go.. I will be a bit busy the next week or so.. without much time to respond to comments sorry – but will do my best to keep the posts coming..

      You know, as much as I love how Lee and Amanda heavy this episode is – I appreciate that there is not so much going on in every episode!! I think if it was always like this it would be too much! I love to watch them little by little get to know each other.. and am starting to work on waiting for Godorsky..

      Oh Cindy I responded to your post earlier asking what I planned to do after season one – did you see it? what did you think of my idea? what do you all think? I wrote I was thinking I would do waiting for godorsky, then charity begins at home.. and then continue with season 2 in airing order.. thoughts? I’m open to suggestions or ideas..


      • RE: Season 2. Sounds great. I think I am going to rewatch season 2 in production order unless I can find a more logical viewing order somewhere else. I think I will save “Class Act” for when you get to it so I don’t have to watch it more than I have to.
        I must say that I am enjoying this episode much more now that we have gone over it in great detail. I like having you all to bounce my ideas off of (that can’t be grammatically correct, but whatever). And I agree that if all the episodes were this ‘heavy’, it would be too much.


      • I think proceding in airing order sounds just fine. I have a birthday fast approaching, and I’ve already determined I’m buying myself Season 2 for the occasion. *chortles and rubs hands together*


  7. I hope this post makes some sense. It kind of rambles all over the place.

    You said it better than I could, RedGold. The following is just my opinion, but I think Lee is hurt when Amanda swats him, and is quietly freaking out about the accomodations because he interprets it as she not trusting him not to make a move on her. They’ve been together a better part of a year, risked their lives multiple times for each other, he risked treason for her and she doesn’t trust him to be gentleman enough to share a room with her. He can’t fathom another reason for her being upset because she’s really good at hiding her feelings. And yet, she is acting on self-preservation. She loves him, or is on the verge on falling in love with him and even though she intellectually knows his attentions towards her are part of the cover, her heart and body are telling her differently. Poor Amanda, she doesn’t get a chance to be alone to regroup and marshal her defenses.
    Is there an element of Lee trying to rattle Amanda with his administrations? Mostly definitely (IMHO), but I don’t think he is consciously aware of why. Except for a few momentary lapses, he does not see her as Amanda, the woman (for his self preservation). She’s Amanda, divorced mother of 2 boys, Amanda the civilian who helps him out occasionally, Amanda, the den mother, Amanda, his buddy. I think on some level it bugs him that she doesn’t fawn over him, doesn’t let him get away with the crap he’s used to pulling (except for a few unfortunate episodes that I will pretend do not exist) and she’s seen his at his most vulnerable emotionally and physically. He doesn’t realize it, but I think (again, MHO) he needs her more than she needs him.
    Maybe his “Pepe Le Pew” routine is a subconscious way to check if he is losing his touch (she’s a single, heterosexual woman in her 30s, why is she the only one I can’t charm?) and restore some balance between them. Lee is not good at being vulnerable – and maybe this is a small reason why he doesn’t want to sleep while Amanda is awake in the room.

    Hey RedGold — have you reached “Fast Food for Thought” yet? I love the contrast of their reactions to their covers in both episodes.

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    • Here, here! I agree with your excellent observations, Cindy. Lee isn’t used to having an eligible woman rebuff him, so he probably does want to push her enough to satisfy himself he still has what it takes. At this point in the show, he’s still pretty darned self-centered. I think it’s awesome to compare both of them this episode to FFfT, and it’s equally intriguing to hear Lee reflect back some understanding of Amanda’s point of view in Ship of Spies. But I digress.

      I do believe Amanda knows she loves him, or could very easily fall in love with him. She already cares for him dearly, and I think she feels kind of a maternal protectiveness for him. She knows he needs her, but she doesn’t trust him to consistently put her best interests up front. They both have quite a ways to go. Trust on both sides is what is needed. I enjoy looking for those landmark events in each episode that demonstrate growth in that department.


  8. I agree, it is Lee, who is being unreasonable not her, storming out like that.

    But what troubles me, is that they never dicuss how he flung the cover on her, if he would fill her in earlier, she could plan better and everything would be easier.

    I would certrainly hit Lee with purses or otherwise much earlier than Amanda does.

    I wonder if they ever do any debriefing after the cases, probably part time employees do not have to do any debriefing?

    But now I will have to think about how on earth Lee did come up with the honeymoon theme 😉


    • So true, Julia. She is the camping queen and obviously had camping gear that she wasn’t using and could have easily brought it along (although, with all of her luggage, maybe it would not have fit 🙂 )
      If I remember correctly – her being ticked at Lee in There Goes the Neighborhood was more at him ruining her job interview and just assuming he could barge into her life and steamroll her into doing whatever he wants than the cover of them playing a married couple or even his ridiculous story about being married and the triplets to her creepo potential boss. Once the cover was explained and she confirmed she could call (or see? I can’t quite remember) her boys every night, she was willing to go along.


  9. I found your post very illuminating, IWSOD, especially the discussion of psychological tactics; I recognize those as you describe them, but I hadn’t known about them formally or consciously until I read your post. The one thing that I don’t agree with is that Lee has no idea that his lovely-dovey actions have affected Amanda. I think he does know, but he wants to brush it off with, “Hey, I was just playing, or teasing, or acting my cover. No big deal, right?” But it is a big deal to Amanda because IMO, she loves him by this point. She doesn’t have expectations of a romance between them (for many reasons), but she loves him, nonetheless, against her will, and it’s painful for her to have gone through all of this casual hand-kissing and smiling-adoringly-into-each-other’s-eyes with him. I agree with Paula that it takes a lot of energy to keep her feelings for Lee in check, and she’s absolutely reached her limit here. For her to hit him, even a swat with her purse, she has to be pretty agitated.

    I don’t think she believes that he’s planned this night together as an assignation or even that he’s considering making a move with her. She’s just deeply uncomfortable at the thought a sharing the bed with him. It’s not primness that’s driving this reaction, but self-preservation.

    I think that Amanda is actually pretty reasonable in the bedroom scene. She’s willing to share the room with him, and she comes up with several suggestions for dealing with the limited accommodations: she’ll watch Mr. Bosca’s room (she likes this one the best), she’ll request a rollaway bed from the staff, and she’ll sit up and read. (I admit that the second one would draw suspicion considering their cover, but maybe his apparent heart condition would merit it!) The only thing she won’t do is share the bed with him. And why can’t she read for a few hours while he sleeps? Because that would make Lee uncomfortable. Lee seems “good and steamed” by the end of this scene, partly at Amanda for quietly standing up for herself but mostly at himself for caring. By this point in their relationship, it matters to him what she thinks, and this makes him cranky. The man who blithely claimed the bed as the senior agent in “TGtN” doesn’t feel right about sleeping in that lovely bed while she reads. He would look ungentlemanly doing that, and he’s concerned about her opinion of him. What’s the matter, Lee–feeling a little vulnerable here?

    This situation with Amanda becomes more important to him than the case for a while that evening.

    (It is interesting, as you noted, IWSOD, that Lee says, “A rollaway bed? On our honeymoon?” Who said anything about a honeymoon? What made Lee come up with this idea, I wonder?)


    • I like your points, RedGold, your analysis makes Amanda’s motivations clearer to me; but, when Lee suggests that he sleep on the couch, (trying to be the gentleman), why did Amanda disagree? That wasn’t really a bad suggestion on his part. I don’t understand why that wasn’t an acceptable option. Sure, he wouldn’t have been all that comfortable, but it is better than the storage closet.


      • I think she would let Lee sleep on the couch, but it’s obvious that he physically can’t sleep on that short, stiff piece of furniture. (The script has a different kind of couch that makes it equally impossible for him to sleep on it–also quite funny, in case you’re interested.)


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