1/5 Season One, Episode 21:Waiting for Godorsky-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Well finally we are waiting for Godot.. oh wait, we are waiting for Godorsky! The final episode of Season One has arrived.. boy season one went fast! I will be sad to move on from season one!

Can I just saysky – I am looking forward to the end of Lee’s sidepartsky!!..not long now.. image

Baddies love to meet in parks in smk don’t they! The episode opens with some baddies meeting up. Seems 02these baddies have an inside man. Mikhail. whoa.. 4 baddies already! the two jogging baddies, newspaper baddie and Mikhail.. Though 01newspaper baddies’ dialogue is a hoot: You were also trained to do as instructed. Your American impudence is a believable affectation. Don’t carry it too far. Remember why you are here and where you came from.
Whooo isn’t that male assassin with the supposedly paunchy tummy the guy who Madonna wanted to marry in ‘Papa don’t preach’??? don’t ask me how I remember that.. but.. I think that is where I have seen him..

Yep! that’s Antov the Assassin!!! (was Madonna his next target???!!! but her father got in the way???!!!!) 😉

Soo..  someone is going to get assassinated..

Dotty and Amanda are off to an Estate sale.. As 03usual, Amanda manages to charm her way into the estate sale ladies’ heart with her caring and non-exploitative ways.. 04Love how Dotty has a little snoop in the next room as Amanda talks to the lady! Love the mix up over the hall table for 35.. 05Love how when both Amanda and Dotty hear 06that the table was 3500 they nod knowingly saying oh yes! 3500 will be ok! like they knew it 07was that the whole time!! heheee.. a $10- cameo though? whoo hooo lucky Amanda.. I wonder if she wears it later in the episode, will have to watch and see.

Uh oh! We see the two assassins watching nearby from their home as Amanda and Dotty leave the estate.. don’t tell me Amanda’s going to get caught up in this assassination business? Nooo!! Winking smile The female baddie has a point. the estate is open to the public, why not just go in there and do the job now? err not that I want them to! Ok.. so Mikhail is the butler.. got it.. the butler really did do it..

Later that night and Amanda and Dotty are doing the dishes. Ahh Amanda has on that lovely pink and white stripe top- she looks very pretty in that! Dotty it seems has already concocted a story for what happened to the estate lady.. she can tell so much from a portrait on a wall! LOL! Dotty has such an imagination! She’s pretty judgemental here of this guy whoever he is..
Amanda: I wonder what happened.
Dotty: Well, I have a pretty good guess. I mean,
09did you see that portrait on the wall? Those eyes and that arrogant expression. A man like that would not stick around if there was any kind of difficulty.
Amanda: Mother, I don’t know why you think her husband left her. He’s probably dead or something.
10Dotty: Well, if that’s the case, he should have spent less money on portraits of himself and more money on life insurance premiums. I mean, there is no reason for 11a lovely lady like that to be left destitute.
Ouch!! Amanda wonders if the lady is eating ok.. and Dotty suggests probably not.

Hmm Amanda has an idea..

12On to IFF and once again, Amanda is struggling with the password and Mrs 13Marsden is looking at Amanda knowingly..  I can’t help but think of the Mad magazine spoof Macgypsy posted way back on yuku when Amanda struggles with the passwords now! image [It makes it bearable!]

Francine suggests to Lee that Amanda could be delayed because she forgot the password again- Lee immediately sees this is the obvious reason ( Why didn’t I think of that? he asks without annoyance!) 14and calls Mrs Marsden and asks if Mrs King is there – love how Amanda doesn’t have to ask Lee what is the password. she just says hello and listens.. and.. gives the 15password to Mrs Marsden.. What is Straplash? what kind of a password is that.. not bad I guess.. it would be hard to guess! (I don’t suppose that is a reference to Godot? we need a Waiting for Godot expert!!! anyone??)

Lee accompanies Amanda into the bullpen while Amanda apologises..
Amanda: I’m sorry, Lee, I just couldn’t remember. I think it’s Mrs Marsden. She’s a very nice lady, but I think she must intimidate me.
Lee: She intimidates everybody, it’s her job.
Good point! Smile

So, looks like Billy has called Amanda in so she can go over her transcripts of phone conversations with a schlurper..(is that the typing she was suppose to do in weekend Winking smile ?) meanwhile at the same time,  someone is on stakeout trying to figure out who is going to be assassinated… Gee here is Billy asking Amanda what a schlurper is- and they are trying to track 16down assassins? Aha smk.. could the two be connected????!!! Man.. we are in stripe city here! that password should have been stripe-lash! Love Amanda’s face 17when she makes the schlurping noise!! Billy should tell Francine to stop interrupting him with stupid information on assassins! The agent reporting in was named Fielding.. hmmm fielder and fielding.. bet there is an agent fields somewhere too!  Seems they don’t know who the assassination target is..

18Love how Lee with a little smile says “pretend you didn’t hear that ok?”..


Amanda responds: “I didn’t hear that.“and Lee gives a satisfied smile.. he has come a way lately!! The old Lee would have been in a huff at Amanda knowing!

Billy wants Amanda to go through the whole transcript with Lee ( who clearly is now Amanda’s 20official interpreter, and not the top agent in the agency – wait!! he is the interpreter of the top agent who isn’t an agent!!).. love how Amanda mentions the 21meatloaf and Francine can barely contain her groan.. ( she’s just jealous because she can’t make one!! hehee) I would be groaning at Francine’s outfit!! I can’t believe she left the house in that more than once!! ( we saw this pink fluffy number in fearless dotty) – Billy says Lee can go with her to drop off the meatloaf and then they can get on with the transcribing….

Is the meatloaf a matter of national security? imageAmanda can’t drop off the meatloaf by herself? hmm.. guess not! Billy values a meatloaf as a work of art- clearly!! (or could it simply be a ploy to get both Amanda and Lee at the princess’ door so they both get an invite? hmmmm..) I guess Billy wants them to multitask..
Amanda: Oh, no, sir, no problem, I was just thinking about my meat loaf. It’s in the car.
The car’s in the sun.
23But that’s all right, I was going to make a delivery to a friend of mine.
Lee: Well, Amanda, those tapes are very important!
Amanda: Yes, I know, I can make another meat loaf.
Billy: That won’t be necessary. Scarecrow, you go with her, let her make her delivery, and then get right back here and finish up on the transcript.
Amanda: Oh, well, thank you, sir.
Billy: You’re welcome.
Billy to Lee:  You’re welcome, too.
Lee: Thanks.
Ha!! Love the little exchange between Lee and Billy.. Who does Billy think he is bossing you around! Your boss or something?! Ohhhh waitsky! Billy is the boss!! Winking smile [I exaggerate! Actually Lee takes it pretty well considering he has just become a meatloaf delivery boy!]

Time for another (Yawn!) baddie meeting.. newspaper baddie is paying off Mikhail for the job of getting in the assassins, while explaining his motivations! ( LOL! why does he need to know? he’s doing it because he’s getting paid!)

Newspaper baddie: Sit down and shut up and look at your paper like I do. I’ll do the talking. The money is in the newspaper. It is the amount we agreed on.  If you take it, understand the 25conditions. She speaks before the Senate committee within two days. The results of that meeting will have an affect on the standing of one Leonid Godorsky.

 26LOL! Such a subtle baddie!!! “Schlurrrrp!!!! I will get the assassination team inside with time to spare! ” Gee.. could this be the schlurper that Amanda was transcribing?? what are the odds? !!! Haa.. maybe with all that money he could get some better dental work done! oh ok.. newspaper guy is General Babak! Whatev! Mikhail says: ‘ I will not fail. I am a man of honour’ oh dear.. no you are a man who is seriously deluded!!
LOL.. General Babak seems to agree: you are a greedy coward. It disgusts me to have to work with you. and he just leaves without saying another word.. Hmm gee well you could have just sent the assassins in to go estate sale shopping! but.. too easy.. Is it just me or did anyone else think when the general gets up to leave- that Mikhail’s side of the table would tip over?you know like a see saw? that would have been fun!! Winking smile 

Ok, byeee for now! I would love to hear your thoughts – on my post, and on the episode or anything else smk you’d like to share!

10 responses to “1/5 Season One, Episode 21:Waiting for Godorsky-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. Ah Dotty I fear you were looking at a picture of Tsar Nicolas II, least that’s who it makes me think of. I wonder if she is secretly Anastasia?!!
    Lee is too cute when he says to Amanda pretend you didn’t hear that. What no strop? No rolling of the eyes? No irritation? Where is Lee and what have you done with him tee hee.
    Billy I would have loved you as a boss, you’re so accommodating. I have no idea what meatloaf actually is. I hear it a lot on TV shows but for some reason the name puts me off LOL I really ought to find out now I know what succotash is 😉


    • My family loves meatloaf! I mix ground beef, breadcrumbs, an egg, onions, tomato sauce, green peppers and some herbs and put it in a bread loaf pan and bake it. Serve it with some mashed potatoes. Comfort food on a cold day. Some like to slice I the next day and make a sandwich with it.


  2. Doesn’t Dotty seem to just”know-it-all ” here? Sometimes it frustrated me that they didn’t show her interacting with a neighbor-giving them advice instead of poor Amanda! They were close, even though you could tell sometimes Amanda just wanted to tell her to leave things alone,hmm?!


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  4. Billy’s sending Lee to help deliver a meatloaf. And expects Lee to thank him for it. Hmm, if I didn’t know better, I’d say Billy’s playing matchmaker with Scarecrow. Kind of makes you wonder how others at the Agency perceive Lee. He comes across as a real-life James Bond sort of guy, fast car, fast women, exotic tastes and travels. Yet, even his superior knows better than to think this is the sum-whole of Lee Stetson. I think Billy might be more intuitive than he’s typically given credit for.


    • Oh definitely, Paula. I don’t know if he was trying to set them up day one — I think Billy thought partnering Lee with Amanda would help make him more careful, but I believe he quickly decided to give them plenty of opportunity to be together and see what develops. Lee may be pretty clueless, but Billy wasn’t made section chief for nothing.


      • I really love Billy. He’s such a humane man. I’ve always thought that the considerate way he generally treats Amanda reassures her that there’s a place for her in the Agency. If everyone there were like early Lee and Francine, I’m not sure that she would’ve stayed.

        Billy recognizes from “The First Time” on that Amanda has a lot of talents and personality traits that could make her a good spy, and that getting her involved in the spy biz would be good for her as well as for the Agency. She needs to develop confidence and experience and Lee needs to rein in his recklessness, so the partnership of of Lee and Amanda would be good for both of them professionally. It’s interesting that Billy seems to think that if Lee cares about a partner and considers her well-being, he will take better care in general. I’ve wondered how much longer Lee would’ve lasted if he had not been partnered with Amanda; IMO, he seems at risk for burn out or death.

        As for Billy’s role in Amanda’s personal relationship with Lee, I think that from the beginning, he recognizes that Amanda is good for Lee. He certainly communicates disappointment with his eyes and facial expression if not with his words when he witnesses Lee being brusque with her. I agree with you both, Cindy and Paula, that he sees something sparky between them from the beginning, and he tries to give them room to see what develops from that.


  5. “Well, I have a pretty good guess. I mean, did you see that portrait on the wall? Those eyes and that arrogant expression. A man like that would not stick around if there was any kind of difficulty.
    Amanda: Mother, I don’t know why you think her husband left her. He’s probably dead or something.
    Dotty: Well, if that’s the case, he should have spent less money on portraits of himself and more money on life insurance premiums.”
    OMG — Dotty’s diatribe gets me howling everytime! I just know there has to be a back story of Dotty being wronged in love by a count or duke in her youth.


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