2/5 Season One, Episode 21:Waiting for Godorsky-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Before I get on with this episode I had to ask.. Is it my imagination or was the female assassin in the beginning wearing Leg warmers?! Ahhh the 80s!
On with the episode.. Amanda and Lee in the car on the way to deliver meatloaf are very cute! Meatloaf security guard Lee, seems more than willing to hear Amanda’s explanations for why she included certain information in her transcripts. Hmm maybe Amanda should include her reasoning for her interpretations in the transcripts in future! ( hey it’s a bit like writing a recap! haaa) .. This nice Lee is a lovely surprise! Love how Lee even includes a little teasing of Amanda!
1.21 WAITING FOR GODORSKY_0001Lee: It makes sense.
Amanda: Well, I have a pretty logical mind.
28Lee: Yeah, you do.
31Amanda: Yeah.

Lee: At one time or another.
 Love the look Amanda gives him! Smile I think she knows Lee is teasing here.. and so she doesn’t respond! I love how one moment, the road they 32are driving on is virtually deserted and the next 33second it is swarming with cars LOL and in the 34next second- they are gone again! whoooo! And then they are back again!! tee heee…Amanda has worked out they have a guy with bridgework,and an exercise freak: two people and one gun so far!
Lee answers her questions patiently explaining the wave scanner, Lee even tells Amanda about ‘Babak the spymaster’! (the way Lee says it it sounds like Babick.. weird..whatever!) whoooo.. apparently they used the wave scanner to eavesdrop on his conversations after receiving a tip Babak had imported some home grown assassins to do a job.. and Lee even tells Amanda she ‘may as well know what you is working on’!! (Even if it is National Security??!!! ) Oh my gosh!!! who is this Lee? I’m loving this Lee!! Such an improvement on Artful Dodger Lee.. Lee and Amanda seem closer in this ep would you say? Closer than in Charity Begins at home? Hmm.. I will keep that thought in the back of my mind while looking at these two episodes.

So Lee explains the current dilemma – they don’t know who the assassination target is!! Oh nooo!!! Now wait Lee! Why don’t you find out who Amanda is delivering her meatloaf to hmm?? Amanda is usually connected one way or another in smk land! Winking smile Nah that would be too easy.. better Lee stay clueless about this huge ongoing coincidence!
Amanda: Well, I hope my clues can be some help. I know they’re not really much.
: No! No, no, no. They’re pretty good.
37Amanda: Thank you.
38Lee: They are. And they’re all we’ve got.
Lee and Amanda arrive at the mansion.. and Lee is shocked at where Amanda’s ‘friend in need’ lives.. he seems more than happy to come along as meatloaf sherpa- I can’t get over how nice this 39Lee is!! hehe- Oh I love that Amanda has also made a poppyseed cake- fab continuity!!
Amanda explains she can’t introduce Lee to this lady they are visiting as she doesn’t know her name.
Too funny! the butler answers the door and 41asks who they are.. then closes it to ask after them, and Amanda turns to Lee and says ‘Isn’t it 43nice she has a boarder, I was afraid she lived all alone. “..[What does that say about Lee? he lives all alone! but then I guess he is not ‘in need’…. much!] I think Lee is humouring her there with his “yeah..”image

Just think, if the two assassins had turned up with a poppyseed cake and meatloaf? they would have had no trouble getting in touch with their target Winking smile She’s so accessible, it’s a little ridiculous that they have to rely on their inside man!

Can I just say.. What a cute couple these two 42make??!!! hehehee.. Amanda is being her usual lovely self, and Lee seems to be enjoying Amanda’s company .. sorry I can’t get use to this!!! well, not yet!

Valoska: How nice to see you again, my dear.
Lee seems to recognise her with shock – he just knows everybody doesn’ t he!! Winking smile
45Amanda: Hello.
Valoska: And you’ve brought a friend.

Lee: Your Highness.
47Amanda: Your Highness?
Why should it be awkward if you didn’t know she is a princess? who cares I say.. it’ s not like they are attending an official function, and Amanda did pay her $10 bucks for a cameo Winking smile tee hee.. Love the look the princess gives her – like – yep! It’s true! Love the regal little tune we hear  -Ahh smk loves to add these little extra touches!! So charmingSmile and cheesy. HA! but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

[What’s going on with the princess’ necklace here? it’s down her back here suddenly?! HA!] OhWait.. they are taking teasky with Princess Valoska? I thought only baddies drank tea in smksky! Uh oh.. there’s the bad guy Mikhail.. So arggghhhh that means that .. the princess is the assassination target?? but noooooo!!!! what are the odds huh? Winking smile 

50The princess compliments Amanda on the aroma of her poppyseed cake.. and I swear, Lee looks at Amanda as she says ‘you’re welcome’  and he looks proud of her!!! AWH!!
Why would Amanda recognise her, she’s not princess Diana! Winking smile but the princess is very gracious towards Amanda..
Valoska: Is something wrong?
Amanda: Well, I should have recognized you. I feel a little foolish bringing poppyseed cake and meat loaf to your house.
Valoska: An act of kindness is never foolish, 51Amanda.
[too right!] I may call you Amanda, right?
Amanda: Oh, yes, please do.
Valoska: And why should you recognize me?
[Awesome!! I like this woman!! Smile I love how both Lee and Amanda seem a little 52afraid of this question! I guess they figured they couldn’t turn around and say – yeah true! you are a nobody! Winking smile ]
Amanda: Um. . . .
Lee: Well, your Highness, you do have a rather high profile in Washington.
[yes, Lee recognises Everyone!!  Hey if she is so high profile, why didn’t Dotty recognise her? I would have thought she would be up on all the local royalty Winking smile]
53Valoska: You mean I talk too much? ha..  You are wrong, young man. No. One can not talk too much when the subject is tyranny. The tyrants have taken my family, they have taken my home. They have not taken my voice. Never. They will never take my voice until I die. But who . . . who will fight after I’m gone? [considering what has happened to her, I think she’s quite restrained..]
54Amanda: You have no other family?
Valoska: No. You know, I was never political until they were killed. Until I 55was the last Valoska. Leonid Godorsky has a voice.
Lee: Yes, I understand he’s under house arrest.
Ok.. call me crazy but Lee is letting the princess know that he knows alot.. umm isn’t he kind of outing himself as being in the spy bizz by ‘knowing’ so much?

Valoska: He is too brave to silence and too well-56liked by the people to impress. Can you imagine what he could do here? Here in this country with freedom! With the help of my friends, he would be a force to reckon with!
Lee: Yes, but what chance would he have of getting 57to the United States?
[Lee borders on rude here IMO- couldn’t he have played dumb?! sometimes the ‘cool spy’ persona is a bit heavy handed..] He was the Nobel laureate for literature. His own government wouldn’t grant him a visa to accept the award.
Valoska: Money speaks all languages. It unlocks doors, it opens borders.
58Amanda: So that’s the reason for the garage sale, to raise money for Mr Godorsky.
Valoska: Yes.
Amanda: Yeah.
59Valoska: Oh, by the way, you were right, Amanda. The entry table was under priced. It went for four thousand.
60Amanda: Good.
The Princess tells Lee and Amanda she will see them at 611pm for a special lunch.. the lady doesn’t ask! and.. she leaves a stunned Amanda, and what seems to be an amused Lee behind.. Lee and Amanda exchange a look- Lee seems to give a ‘why not? let’s go!’ kind of look – 62and then touches her arm to encourage her to leave.. I love it when he touches her!!!image They’re very comfortable and friendly with each other this episode….
Amanda: She didn’t even wait for an answer. That was more like a royal command than an invitation. What should we do?
63Lee: Show up for lunch. I want to know what that important announcement is all about. I’ve got the feeling it’s trouble.

Ahh Lee and those ‘feelings’.. So they will be showing up for lunch.. lol.. I loved how the princess commanded them to be there and then just walked off- didn’t even see them to the door! Mind you, I thought she was pretty restrained considering Lee’s scepticism about something which clearly was something the was very passionate about.. then again, without challenging her- she may not have invited them I guess..but still a bit weird when she can see Lee is in the business, but has no idea who he is..  Not that it was wrong of Lee to enquire..but it could have been done with more finesse!

I’ll stop there.. more to come soon byeeeeeeeee! Feel free to share with us any feedback thoughts or insights! Smile 

26 responses to “2/5 Season One, Episode 21:Waiting for Godorsky-Scarecrow and Mrs King

  1. #2019 rewatch

    Do you think that at the start of the season Lee would have believed that he would be carrying a poppyseed cake to someone’s door?

    The “normalization” of our big guy continues!

    Such fun!

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    • #2019rewatch

      I love your thinking here, Happybaby! There actually several moments during this episode worth pointing out Lee’s growth, I think, and this meatloaf/poppy seed cake moment is certainly one of them. How far he has come.

      And also Amanda – she is getting pretty good at the whole spy biz/housewife life. And also, she is getting really good at responding to the huge twists in her life, like bringing a meatloaf to someone only to discover they are a princess who may be in jeopardy. But, I suppose after the jolt Lee throws her in Weekend about being Mrs. Stetson for a weekend two feet from the door of the resort…well, this shocking revelation is a piece of [poppy seed] cake? 😂


  2. #2019 If I ever get around to posting the drinking game rules, this section has 3 shots – Amanda and her very logical mind and of course Lee knows who the Princess is. The lemon poppy seed cake deserves a shot of it’s own. 4 shots if you count badly dressed bad guys, but (hangs head in shame) I have owned a track suit and legwarmers like these – though I have never worn them at the same time. Oh no! Maybe I am a bad guy!


    • #2019rewatch
      In order to be a bona fide Soviet bad guy, you must heat your water for tea in a Russian samovar. Do you? Or don’t you?


      • #2019 Phew! Regular kettle for me.


        • Regular kettle for me too, that is when I do drink tea. Sort of off topic; I have been offline for a while so is there where the ‘Re-Walk’ of SMK Episodes is at? Or, is there a specific starting spot?
          Oh yeah, Happy New Year everybody.


          • #2019rewatch

            I have been offline for a while so is there where the ‘Re-Walk’ of SMK Episodes is at? Or, is there a specific starting spot?

            A relatively new walker, Amandarambler, came up with the idea since iswod’s real life doesn’t leave time to continue the S4 walk for awhile. Amandarambler suggested we begin November with the Thanksgiving-themed “Always Look A Gift Horse in the Mouth.” Our December episode was iwsod’s selection of “The Long Christmas Eve.” I was asked to choose an episode for January. Someone else will select one for February and so on until iwsod’s schedule allows her to resume the original walk.

            When you post a comment, we’re trying to remember to begin it with: #2019rewatch to distinguish this from previous reviews. Welcome back, Gilby57!


            • hi Nancy, thanks for looking out for people 🙂

              I’ve been enjoying reading your comments.. even though.. yep.. I still don’t have much time in Real life for SMK right now..
              But I’m hopeful I’ll have room in my life for smk again sometime!

              Happy New Year Everyone!!!


          • Hiya Gilby – you’ve inspired me.. I’ll add a post to the top of the home page providing a link to the episode currently being walked through again so anyone can find it when they jump in.
            Happy New Year to you too!! [And to everyone!!]


            • #2019rewatch Hi iwsod, Thanks!
              The casting of Hildergard Knef(German Singer/Actress) as the Princess was good. Ms. Knef gave the role a bit of European flair without a cheesy accent.


              • #2019rewatch

                Ms. Knef gave the role a bit of European flair without a cheesy accent.

                Totally agree with you! She is one of the reasons I chose this episode. As Gilby57 said, the actress, who played Princess Sophia Valosky, was Hildegard Knef (1925-2002). She led an extremely difficult yet incredibly interesting life, which she detailed in her 1970 autobiography titled, “The Gift Horse.” Harkens back to our first rewatch, doesn’t it? This and more is in her biography on IMDb or listen to the podcast for this episode at Mrs. King’s Chronicles because they shared some solid research about her.

                When Amanda asked, “You have no other family?”
                The Princess says, “No. You know, I was never political until they were killed. Until I was the last Valosky.”

                Look at Lee’s expression of empathy … just breaks my heart! He and the Princess share a sorrowful tragedy. He, too, is the last of his family after his parents were killed. Yet, they are both engaged in righting wrongs for others. I found that admirable and hopeful.


              • #2019rewatch

                Hey Gilby57! Glad you have resumed the rewalk! And Nancy, thanks so much for keeping Gilby57 up to date!

                I totally agree about this actress – she is really lovely and intriguing – very believable in this character. It would have been quite interesting to see her again in the series.


    • #2019rewatch I have a low tolerance and I am not sure I could play this game without passing out before an episode was finished. I’d be telling everyone I loved them and only Dotty would believe me.

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  4. Would love to know if that shluuurp Amanda does was actually KJ or whether it was dubbed.
    Lee continues to be nice?! What’s the world coming too 😉 and Amanda’s clues are “pretty good”……steady now Lee you wouldn’t want to go overboard in one episode with the compliments 😉
    It struck me that Amanda met Valo-isky (or whatever her name is) and after one meeting refers to her as a friend. She has such a sweet nature and openness to people. It’s a refreshing change to the more guarded behaviour we see these days (well least in my neck of the woods).
    “She has a boarder” LOL very funny. Lee giving a little bow…..cute.
    I agree that Lee doesn’t give away that he’s necessarily a spy but that he’s at least involved in Government affairs on some level.
    Boy I will remember in future if I ever have tea with a member of Russian monarchy to drink my tea quick because Lee and Amanda don’t have much time before they’re kicked out the door and ordered back at 1pm!


  5. I have 2 sweater dresses from the 80’s (minus the power pads!) I couldn’t bear to part with, and now that they’re reasonably stylish again, I’m too old for them. Kind of looks silly on a lady pushing 40, IMO. Any of Francine’s stuff coming back, do ya think?


    • Hi Paula! drat.. I just typed out a reply and it all got deleted! hate that!

      Was any of Francine’s stuff in fashion? ever? 😉 No no.. I am sure there were a few little additions to her wardrobe which us ‘normal people’ may also wear – we’ll have to keep an eye out for them 🙂 I looooove to hate Francine and her fashions! 🙂

      ‘Power pads?’ Oh yeah!! I remember watching the movies baby boom and working girl and thinking – if I become a corporate type, I want to wear sneakers with my power suit! ROFL! thank goodness that trend vanished before I got old enough to try it 🙂


  6. Lee and Amanda do seem closer in this episode. They are very comfortable with each other. Actually, everyone seems to be in a good mood. Dotty is being hopelessly overdramatic over the princess’ financial situation, Billy was chuckling over sending Lee with Amanda to deliver the meatloaf… Since this is the last episode of the season, do you think everyone was happy and looking forward to hiatus, perhaps?


    • Hi Melissa good theory there! maybe it was because spring was in the air and things were warming up ( the episode before, weekend had the cherry blossoms blooming) – but getting closer to hiatus could be it too!

      Dotty has an interesting reaction to the princess and her situation doesn’t she!! 🙂

      Hope you are well!



  7. I don’t think the Princess actually thought Lee was in the spy business. She probably felt he was in politics. I think that none of what he mentioned here would be “in the know” stuff – more like what would have been mentioned in newspapers – especially in a place so full of political people.

    I also think as soon as Gordorsky was mentioned, Lee’s attention was caught. Here was a story that could very well be interesting, and Lee wanted to know what that story was.


    • Hi Debilyn! how are you? you are right the princess may not think he is in the spy bizz..
      I wrote: “isn’t he kind of outing himself as being in the spy bizz by ‘knowing’ so much?” –

      You are right, Lee could be in politics.. but my idea was that he told her enough that she could suspect he is in the intelligence world- as we heard in fearless dotty there are alot of people in intelligence in DC. Also given the princess’ history with corrupt government I wanted to say that knowing so much could arouse the princess’ suspicions. but you are right, there is no evidence that the princess actually thought Lee was in the spy business. It was just my thoughts at that point in the episode, as I comment throughout the episode.. Hope that makes my thoughts clearer sorry if I was confusing 🙂

      It’s just my opinion, but I figured there was no harm in Lee playing it a bit more carefully – instead Lee said what he thought, didn’t identify himself and (I agree with you) once Godorsky was mentioned, he showed extra extra interest! This could have set off alarm bells.. he left open that risk (when he didn’t need to).. but in the end the princess doesn’t react that way which is great.

      I suspect Amanda being his friend gave him a pass from the princess! (that and the poppyseed cake 😉 ) because Amanda was very kind to the princess, and gave off no vibes of wanting to bring her any harm or criticising her.. oh and of course once the shooting started and Lee did his hero dive – any concerns the princess would have had about Lee would have been put to rest 🙂 haa! ( ahh that’s the next post- post 3.. which was published this morning – my time)
      byeee for now!

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  8. I had leg warmers too, knitted them myself. In fact, I still have one pair in my drawer, must be decades now, since I last used them.

    I remember the day, when I got rid of all those shoulder pads in all my pullovers. And I am not interested in fashion and never was. But you could not buy anything without shoulder pads in those days.

    But I quite liked the oversized sweaters. Was not that fond of the neon stuff, but had a neon pink skying outfit. How colourless life has become…


    • Fear not, Julia — neon is coming back in (as well as coloured jeans, coloured tights and even track suits). I will keep my eyes out for the dreaded shoulder pads.


      • Hi Julia and Cindy – ohhh yeah!! love those 80s fashions!! Neon is coming back? really? I had the shoulder pads and the oversized jumpers worn with leggings were a favourite.. don’t forget what Lee said: if you hang on to something long enough, it comes back into fashion! whahahahahaahaaa!! ( and Lee knows about fashion!! 😉 )

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