4/5 Season One, Episode 21: Waiting for Godorsky-Scarerow and Mrs King

Princess Valoska’s gate crasher has made a getaway and her mansion is swarming with activity.. whoo cops.. we don’t see those on smk very often Winking smile Billy rushes over to Lee to find out what happened.. Seems the assassin got away- but Lee doesn’t understand why and is a bit down on himself for letting him..

Antov the assassin has arrived home to cranky Sigrid – She can’t believe he screwed it up.. I’m with you girl! ( err not that I wanted him to succeed!) She  is sure she would have done a better job ( anyone could have! )
108Antov responds: If it was you it wouldn’t have made a difference! There was an agent there! Yep!!! and this agent knew how to close a door!!!

[very special agency training for that Winking smile]  ROFL!!! nothing stopped Antov from opening it again Winking smile I guess if he had, he might have hurt someone Winking smile . And how is it Antov knew Lee was an agent? he could have been a cop?? Maybe Lee’s suit gave him away Winking smile.
Sigrid counters: The agent should have died!!!! [oops.. glad it wasn’t you there after all Sigrid!]

Back to the Princess’ mansion and Amanda is 86comforting Ursula that her bullet wound is only superficial..
Hurray for Lee! The princess acknowledges Lee saved them Smile Love this line of Ursula’s: Political emigres are accustomed to being shot at. It makes us seem important. I — I shall dine out on this for weeks. Love it!! Smile 88Amanda asks to have a quiet word with Lee.. Amanda tells Lee the schlurper was in the room.. though it would not be a huge shock because they now know the target is the princess.. still at least it narrows it down to the people in the room!
I love the look on Amanda’s face when she tries 90and copies the sound the schlurper makes!!! heheheheheeimage

Lee: are you sure?
Amanda: pretty sure. I’m fairly positive. I’m, I would say it sounded like the sound and yes I’m… pretty sure.

I think Lee should have asked her to make the sound again, just to be sure Winking smile
Lee is all happy at Amanda- hurray!
Lee: you make a terrific witness Amanda, really.
That.. sounded like a compliment?? oh my!!!! Smile

Lee thinks checking for bridgework will give away what they have on them.. I say.. What do they have? they don’t really have anything! .. just that the schlurper was in the room.. the least you would do is have Amanda hang out with the princess under some kind of cover, so she can keep a listen out for the sound again.. no?
Oh and call me crazy, but hasn’t Amanda heard the Schlurper’s voice? why can’t she identify the man by his voice? rather than by his bridgework? Oi! image
hoo Lee grabs Amanda’s arm on the way in again.. ahhhh.. Smile hey this is a bit weird.. as they go back inside we see that same portrait of the guy with the arrogant expression Dotty was looking at.. only it seems to have changed location in the room – and is now much closer to the door????

LOL.. the table under it is a bit different too.. maybe the princess sold the first one! Smile 

The princess refuses to believe one of her friends has betrayed her, ( staff????!!!!) and so she refuses protection inside her house. Billy suggests they protect her house from the outside.. good thinking..
95Lee suggests to Billy that they do a local house by house search for the heck of it- because the shooter got away so quickly.. but Billy says most of the houses have diplomatic immunity.

All of Lee’s options have dried up.. and he’s disappointed the assassin got away.. time for an  Amanda pep talk for Lee-she has a sixth sense for when he needs one!
96Amanda: Well, I just want you to know that I know that . . . well, you’ll do everything that you can to protect her and that she’s under the best possible care that she could be.
: Come on, I’ll take you home.
Amanda: Yeah.

I love Lee’s hair in this ep! even if it is a side part.. it moves! Smile (Amanda didn’t drive herself there?? But Dotty knew she was going to the Princess’ for lunch! )

Could Lee smile any bigger???(love how he has a big smile and then looks down a bit bashful to get a hold of himself!!) image  He is enjoying that he has her around now… his own little cheering squad who is a great witness.. yes yes, I am sure that is all it is right? Nooo he couldn’t possibly be attracted to a housewife..right???!!!! Winking smile
100Later that night… Amanda is helping the boys with their homework, and Dotty is wanting to hear all about the lunch – bite by bite! Smile Seems Amanda has been dodging Dotty’s questions and Dotty is 101beginning to get suspicious! Dotty knows herself well doesn’t she!!! Dotty: If I had had lunch with the princess, you wouldn’t be able to get me to shut up! Call me crazy, but Amanda’s hair looks much longer here than it did at the Princess’ lunch.. I guess it was hair- raising stuff after all Winking smile???

LOL- this has got to be the biggest under-exaggeration of the episode: Amanda on the lunch “Well, it wasn’t exactly dull!Smile

Amanda changes the subject by asking how Dotty’s driving lesson went… Oh wait, I take it back.. Dotty does not know herself!
104Dotty: Howard says my problem is that I am nervous, which is very strange because I am the least nervous person around. 1rofl
Uh huh…. good one Dotty.. poor Howard, if I was in a car with Dotty I would be clenching my fists too!!!  No I’ll change that.. I wouldn’t be in the car when Dotty is driving! Not even if you paid me!!

Oops.. Dotty is wondering where the newspaper is.. Amanda has hidden it because it must mention the princess’ assassination attempt.. Dotty wants to watch the news.. but Amanda tries to convince her not to..
105Amanda: I mean, why watch the news? It’s always so depressing. Let’s just go upstairs to Phillip and Jamie’s room 106and I’ll tell you all about the princess and I’ll tell you all about who was there and what they wore and what the room looked like . . . before lunch.  Open-mouthed smile
Love how Amanda grits her teeth as she says ‘ before lunch! ‘ LOL!! clever!

Ok, I shall leave it there for now! Feedback? Thoughts? ideas? or questions?? Please share!!! byeee for now..

17 responses to “4/5 Season One, Episode 21: Waiting for Godorsky-Scarerow and Mrs King

  1. #2019rewatch

    Countess Raminskaya’s sing-song manner of speaking made her seem utterly absurd. However, after the shooting, we saw her in an entirely different light when she stated, “I shall dine out on this for weeks.” Her place in Princess Valoskaya’s inner circle of friends suddenly made perfect sense. They’re both woman of undaunted courage!

    PS: The actress, who played the Countess, was a native Texan!


  2. #2019rewatch

    Happybaby made a comment on an earlier post about how far Lee has come from the beginning of season 1 to now…this is another one of those moments in this episode to me: how he takes Amanda’s observations of the schlurper (though Iwsod, I’m with you – would’ve LOVED to see him just make her shclurp again to get a giggle at her doing it 😁). Also, the way he receives her compliment at the end of the driveway….she can’t support him as a partner with a firearm like Sigrid and Antov, but she uses the weapons in her arsenal to provide encouragement to her partner. And he, receives it without brushing her off rudely or by seeming puffed up by it – he seems….appreciative. I don’t think pre-SMK Lee or early season 1 Lee ever slowed down from a playboy agent lifestyle long enough to breathe in and appreciate much, especially in relationships with people.


    • #2019 rewatch

      Spot on, Amandarambler!

      Lee is appreciative and open minded with regard to Amanda’s insights! Actually listening and taking it all in instead of writing her off as as someone who is clueless. I love seeing him develop into this man who “gets” her and let’s her be herself while encouraging her growth into a “more exciting and beautiful woman”!

      Le sigh!!


  3. #2019 rewatch
    The one plot point that always befuddles me in this episode is Amanda trying to keep the newspapers, etc hidden from Dotty. It’s not like she had any connection to the assassination attempt, Dotty knew she was going to be there and she wouldn’t need to say she knew the guy who saved them when everyone at the party was a stranger. And even more to the point, don’t tell me Dotty didn’t tell Every Single Neighbour about Amanda going to that lunch and now they are all going to come and ask her about Amanda’s version of the shooting!


    • #2019rewatch
      It could be fun, though, to watch Amanda scurry about, intercepting the morning and evening newspaper boys … keeping Dotty distracted during the 6 pm evening news and the 10 pm nightly news on all 3 television networks … discouraging neighbors from stopping by … bribing Phillip and Jamie in case they heard all about it at school. Whew! That’s a full-time job!

      It would be utterly impossible with today’s electronic devices and 24/7 news. Then again, if Dotty wasn’t technologically proficient, it might be much easier!


      • #2019rewatch
        If Dotty knew there was an assasination attempt, she would be a whole other level of unsettled!! And we all know Amanda thinks if Dotty knew what she did, she “wouldn’t approve and…[she’d]worry.”

        (What was that dog’s name and the episode again with that whole line? I just see Amanda saying “Yoo-hoo? ________(dog’s name)) 🤔….


        • #2019rewatch



          • Yes, Pinto … from the Fearless Dotty episode.


            • #2019rewatch

              Oh, thank you Nancy!! That’s funny it’s from Fearless Dotty given our discussion on the last post of this episode!! LOL!


            • #2019rewatch
              Thanks, Nancy! Oh, that’s funny that it’s from Fearless Dotty, given our conversation on the last post of this episode! LOL! (That’s me, trying not to use an emoji….it’s really hard….)


              • #2019rewatch
                No need to suffer from nasty, fun-killing emoji addiction withdrawal symptoms. I’ve never heard of any anti-emoji enforcement officers at JWWM. Are there, iwsod?

                PS: When you first asked that Pinto episode question, I thought you were just being facetious … or since this is about a K9, perhaps yanking my chain is more appropriate!!


                • #2019rewatch

                  Ha!! I actually was legitimately not intending to tie in to Fearless Dotty. That was just funny irony!!

                  And thanks for the emoji green light. 🤗🤗🤗😉

                  Also, sorry for that semi-duplicate post. Also unintentional….🤦‍♀️


                  • #2019rewatch

                    Also, sorry for that semi-duplicate post. Also unintentional….

                    Chalk it up to those withdrawal symptoms that are all gone now. We now resume the episode already in progress!


  4. Can someone tell me what a waistcoat is? I’m a pretty old gal but I have never heard that one.


  5. A-mand-a…….purlease stop fawning over Lee. It’s just getting embarrassing…..even if it does make him slightly bashful and cute and….sorry what was I saying?! Lee in a waistcoat too…..damn I really hate how these were phased out as series went on 😦
    I don’t know why Amanda didn’t tell Dotty about the attempted assassination. It’s not as if Dotty thought she was going with someone. She could have just given her the bare bones of what happened and left it at that. Would have been far easier…..


  6. Ha ha ha! Love it! One of Lee’s SuperSpy Secret Powers is that he remains impeccably dressed. I know I sure couldn’t dive across a table full of the salad course and wine glasses, foil an assassignation attempt and look so spiffy. Nary a hair out of place. I guess that is why he is the best.

    As to the mystery moving picture, I am sure Dotty’s explaination is that a man that arrogant would have multiple portraits hanging all over the estate. That is a much higher priority than paying his life insurance premiums. 😉


    • Cindy I was so overwhelmed by Lee’s heroic antics and the assassin’s very kind hearted shooting I did not notice.. lol!I had another look and it seems superlee landed on the flower arrangement in the middle of the table..

      This is the frame right before Lee jumps! Seems a few of people’s meals have been taken away too.. see now Cindy, that is down to very very special agency training! Although I suspect that the lookin good with no hair out of place is a talent of Lee’s alone 🙂

      LOL! Love your portrait hypothesis!!

      So funny thanks for the laugh! 🙂


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