3/7 Season Two, Episode 3: Double Agent-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Lee and Amanda arrive at Captain Harriman’s hotel in a very interesting porsche -I’ll deal with that later! – Lee parks out the front of Harriman’s hotel Lee gives Amanda a little pep talk to get to the point with Harriman.. (keep your blackbelt(!) in confusing nicely tucked away Amanda!)
Lee: Alright, now, Amanda–
Amanda: Yeah?
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000533466Lee: Look, Harriman is a bottom-line type of guy, alright? So when you get inside, go straight to the point. Don’t get off on tangents.
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000545478Amanda: No, I won’t. I’ll just tell him what the problem is. Because if you state your problem – you define it – then you can solve it.
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000548481Lee: Just get inside, state your case, and get right out.
  [this dialogue is so weird! more on that at the end of this scene!]
Amanda: Right…  Lee I was thinking..
Lee: now what
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000554487Amanda: well you’re probably in that book too aren’t you.
[the sound for this line is different!]
Lee: yeah I suppose.
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000557490Amanda: If you are then they would probably have to give you a new identity and.. relocate you too wouldn’t they.
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000563496Lee: yeah probably, so?
Amanda: Well, we.. wouldn’t get to see
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000566499each other again I guess.


2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000569235

Lee: Yeah, ha.. I guess not.. why?
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000574040
Amanda: just thinking..
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_0005755082.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000575642

2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_0005757752.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000576042
[Amanda gives Lee a quick up down look here.. smile firmly in place… ] Lee silently nods.. It is 2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000578511interesting to see Lee isn’t calling attention to the ramifications for himself here, and he is trying to fix the problem.. It is Amanda who brings up, (in spite of all her own 2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000578945dramas) that he himself is in a difficult situation.. they’re both actually thinking of the other – which is really lovely.. and then..
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000579612 Oh boy.. Amanda’s licking her lips!!! she’s totally thinking of a goodbye kiss!!! and the sexual tension is sizzling away here!  Lee and Amanda sit silently for a moment.. not sure what to say next..
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000579879
I use to think Lee was blocking the thought of missing Amanda – but I’ve changed my mind… I think he hasn’t thought of it! And while it would be great to see Lee worry about not seeing Amanda again- it’s too soon for this between them! I think at this stage, Lee has no idea how much he would miss Amanda, so it doesn’t occur to him to worry about it. Neither of them know what to do with it.. Amanda perpetually has a big smile on her face, even though her words are saying something else, and Lee seems bewildered.. and quiet.. a heavy silence 2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000580146between them.. Amanda lets out a huge sigh… oh my..1OMG I never noticed so much sexual tension here before.. watch this scene in slow motion if you don’t believe me..1surprise.. what the.... Lee turns to look at Amanda and she is licking her lips 2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000582148again. Lee glances down at her lips for a moment- 2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000582549hooo haaaaa!! 1thuddyAmanda looks ahead unaware of his gaze…[remind anyone of the car scene in filming Raul? only.. more subtle! Smile ]
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000582816Suddenly!1dohslap 1dohslap Lee snaps to and announces ‘ Well! I errr..’ and he starts to exit the car.. Amanda doesn’t finish her sentence either ‘ Probably get it err…’ and she exits the car also.. neither can form a coherent sentence! Smile Me love!!!! [notice, neither can I! Winking smile ] I think with my old blurry copy of this episode I couldn’t tell the temperature was rising!!1confusion1swoon

I think they redid this scene.. The lighting here is all wrong!!! Why are trees behind Amanda and it’s sunny! when they are parked at the entrance to Harriman’s hotel.. and it is dark??

What Amanda says.. and how Lee repeats it just doesn’t sound right! and then when Amanda says you’re probably in that book too – we can’t see her face at all –  I suspect, being such a pivotal moment, they redid it in some way to up the sexual tension, the gravitas.. you know? I am glad they did because, now having seen this moment in slow motion – I can see there’s lots of smk goodness here for us to enjoy! whoo hoo! so.. why complain about poor continuity and weird lighting right? what am I nuts?!crazy lol

2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000611544So on we go to talk some sense into Captain Harriman! Amanda and Lee arrive at Harriman’s door.. and.. uh oh! It’s open.. 2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000614547remember last time that happened Amanda?! Harriman is in room 1674- is that a significant date at all?
SCREEEAAAAMMM!!! Nice touch with Trixie
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000620553Berlinger running out into the hallway in the towelWinking smile ( can you imagine this girl’s casting history? girl in hallway in towel, 2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000628895yelled “oh my god there’s a man in my room and he’s got a gun!” ) I love how she jumps out into the hallway like she 2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000634934is expecting to see good guy Lee there waiting for her to ask for his help 😉 I guess Trixie can smell a good man a mile away!

2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000640674Lee chases after the fleeing baddie.. I think it was smkukfan back in 2007 on yuku who first pointed out Lee runs past down from the stairs of the 15th floor twice.. LOL! I never noticed that! Although, 2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000644577I did notice he is on the 16th floor.. enters the stairwell and it is suddenly the 15th floor -eek!! (I try to give credit where credit is due..but sometimes it gets murky who saw what first! but I distinctly remember being completely unaware of the magical stairwell!)

2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000647580Meanwhile, Amanda knocks on Deadman’s err I mean Harriman’s door ( LOL! ) politely!, even though they just saw a baddie with a ski mask running away! 1HaHaHaI think Amanda is so focused on convincing Harriman that she doesn’t think this one through haaaa! She enters and begins by apologising for barging in.. he is very absorbed in his cowboys and Indians..

We cut back to the baddie in a time warp.. again 2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000664397we see him running down the stairs from the 15th to the 14th floor – LOL! they used the same footage of the baddie twice! The footage of the baddie going down the next flight is the same 2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000666399also-I can tell because the second flight- the baddie is carrying a different colour parcel ( no blue). Am I boring you?blush smiley sorry these small things amuse me!  Then, we see Lee 2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000668601coming along behind him, again moving between the 15th and 14th floors- only this time he gets shot at.. so they didn’t use the same footage – LOL!

2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000692625We cut back to Amanda still talking to the back of Captain Deadman’s head..(not the Deadman’s chest?!) Poor Amanda! That’s quite an epic battle going on there between the cowboys and indians! Amanda tells Harriman she has two little boys. I am probably alone in this, but it bugs me that she always brings them up as reasons for people not to harm her in some way – when she knows the risks of being in this job! It’s like it’s her get out of jail free card – well I’m a mother of two little boys! You can’t hurt me?! hmm!

Well.. to cut a long story short-ish.. stunt Lee does the 2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000704237hurdles over a wrecked breakfast trolley, a stunt old lady with a really bad 2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000708942wig gets knocked to the ground and the baddie gets away. We see the baddie enter the magic stairwell to vanish.. good 2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000722789heavens.. they’ve reused that shot of him entering the stairwell from earlier too! Rofl! I love that when 2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000729963Lee loses the baddie his first thought is Amanda! [Just look at that curl in his hair!! Lee! get a short lovely 2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000731564haircut again!! I miss it already! It grows so fast Winking smile ] we hear him whisper ‘Amanda!’ and he heads fast back to Harriman’s room and hesitates at the door, 2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000738471worried at what he might find.. only.. he finds Amanda is safe, and off on a tangent!
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000739406
– yes Lee she has been talking to the back of his head the whole time(you went into a time warp in that stairwell she’s been begging Harriman for hours!!!] Amanda was filling Harriman in on how she is a fan of his novels when Lee arrives at the door! I love how the moment she sees Lee she cuts to the chase like Lee told her to in the car tee hee.. ‘Well err enough of that, let me just get right to the bottom line.’ lol!
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000745912

Amanda to Lee: He’s not listening to me.
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000749683
Amanda: he’s not listening to a word I say.
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000755689
(Amanda thinks Harriman is being an extra tough negotiator! Winking smile )I love that Lee is quiet here, and doesn’t have  a go at Amanda.. I think he was worried about her being alone and baddies running around, and he is relieved to find her still talking. I love that he doesn’t make her feel dumb for not realising Harriman’s dead.
Lee checks for a pulse.. and Harriman’s head flops.. Amanda knows what that means!
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000773707Lee: he can’t hear you because he’s dead.
(quietly): Oh my gosh.

Back to the agency.. for not much.. a quick gag at 2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000785719Francine’s outfit.. (What was she thinking?that skirt is more tragic than selling state secrets! Can we get an injunction on it?!) it definitely 2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000809743deserves a fashion police citation! Smile  Lee tries to tell Amanda she can’t come with him where he is going next.. and Billy once again steps in to ensure Amanda is along for the ride
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000812746Billy: Don’t be so hard on her, Scarecrow. She has a stake in this, too. – wow.. what’s happened to Billy? so far this week, he’s acting like he is Lee’s boss or something! whoa!!! Winking smile
We are soon to see just why Lee didn’t want Amanda tagging along! Winking smile
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000818752
Lee: Look, where I’m going it’s dirty work. You won’t like it. Believe me.
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_000821755
And cut! Next thing we see….. well.. I shall leave that till next time.. not that you don’t all know the mud slinging that’s coming ( and I’m not talking about Francine insulting Amanda here! ) Smile 

That’s all for now! Hope you have enjoyed this part of the episode.. I must say I am surprised at how much was going on between Lee and Amanda in the car – I always thought it was very underplayed.. I think I remembered wrong! There’s lots going on but it is subtle.. and I love that they played it this way – it makes Murder Between Friends that much more poignant when again, they face being separated, and we can see how much they have grown ( especially Lee!) such Happy thoughts!

Thanks for reading – and please share any comments, feedback, questions, gripes with us… any particular moments that tickled your funny bone? I don’t know why but I loved Amanda politely knocking on Harriman’s door! Byeee for now and back with more soon!


10 responses to “3/7 Season Two, Episode 3: Double Agent-Scarecrow and Mrs King

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  2. The scene in the car makes me think sometimes Lee is sooooo dense. Honestly sometimes he wouldn’t see what was right in front of him if you slapped him round the face with a wet fish. Why indeed. It just hasn’t occurred to him the ramifications of what happens if the book is successfully published. That awkward tension that ensues is brilliant.
    I kinda see you point IWSOD about Amanda bringing up the boys continually. I know it’s done to make a human connection but like you it does grate on me a little :/ let’s be honest we are all someone’s son or daughter.
    I know Amanda is supposed to be a little naive but I find it daft that she didn’t realise Harriman is dead. .
    Loving Lee and his concern about Amanda and the fact that despite having a silly moment doesn’t use it as a chance to have a dig at her.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Well, you know…There are only 2 television shows in SMKland. Dinosaurs or Cowboys and Indians.


  4. I enjoy that scene in the car before they go in to Harriman’s. When I read between the lines, I think Amanda is saying she’d miss Lee quite a lot, and I think Lee is considering for the first time the possibility of being permanently separated from Amanda and it throws him for a loop. Wonderful, awkward silence while he chews on the idea, and surprises himself with how little he likes it.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I never paid much attention to the scene in the car, probably because it’s not as “showy” as some others that convey the bond between Lee and Amanda. Thank you, IWSOD and Paula, for helping me to see its subtleties. I always thought that Lee’s question “why?” is strangely vague–does he mean, “Why wouldn’t we ever see each other again?” “Why is this important?” or “Why are you bringing this up?”–but Amanda knows intuitively what he means. The question he seems to be asking himself during that “wonderful, awkward silence” is, “Why do I suddenly feel so blue?”

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hello! Cindy, I am usually keen to cry – they’re dumbing Amanda down! stop that!! [you’re going to love that gear grinding that’s coming!! ;)] but I didn’t in this instance.. Hmm.. I wonder why?! I guess I didn’t see it as a stretch that her whole family’s life was possibly going to be turned upside down by this man.. so she was determined to talk to him, cry ‘but I have two little boys!’ and solve it.. this tunnel vision meant she went into his room (inspite of the door being already open! eek!! and the baddie running away!) and.. she went in there and started off nervously talking away.. thinking he was being rude, or a tough negotiator and ignoring her! That? I bought that! 🙂 -this time! 🙂
        and Cindy, I love that ( tee hee) you are so shy about sharing your opinions! You might have noticed I am very shy also 😉 Love it! keep on being sooo shy!!! 🙂

        Hiya Paula! Yes!!! You summed up that car scene so beautifully! ( as usual! you have a gift for it! ) – it’s all there on his face isn’t it!! and so clear to see now thanks to the official dvds!! ‘ he surprises himself with how little he likes it’ – Nail! On! Head!! 🙂

        Hi Melissa, yeah smk tv is awful!! 🙂

        Hey Redgold! awh.. you made my day with your comment! I was worried I bored everyone with the stairwell continuity!.. It is very encouraging to hear you got something out of my post.. I agree with you Paula’s summed it up nicely huh! ‘Why do I suddenly feel so blue?’ – perfectly said Redgold! I think between us we have gotten to the heart of that scene.. it’s surprising to me soo how much is in that scene.. this blog.. writing to you guys.. helps me to go through the episode more slowly and carefully.. and find hopefully all the lovely moments together! 🙂

        Hope everyone is well!

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      • Definitely give credit to BB for his terrific, nuanced acting of that sentiment. I like his interpretation of his role…usually. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • I really enjoy that process of finding the “lovely moments” you mention, IWSOD–someone writes about an idea, another person or two adds to it, the first person responds to those ideas, and so on. What a fun and illuminating collaboration. Thanks for getting it all started with your detailed, thoughtful, and humorous posts!

        BB is “der Hammer,” as so many German-speaking fans have noted! (It means just what it sounds like–“brilliant,” “the greatest.”)

        As for Amanda, it doesn’t bother me that she often mentions her two boys when she’s being threatened because she’s trying to be persuasive, and one of the ways to do that is to appeal to people’s emotions and try to establish some connection with them. If Billy had given her proper training and Lee had told her the whole scenario, I bet that she wouldn’t have muffed her role in Operation Sandstorm in the first place! (And if some villains had me captured, I would probably babble, “I have two little cats that depend on me…”)

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  5. Looks like another episode I will have to watch again :-). The scene of Amanda rambling on to dead Harrinman always bugged me because I didn’t like the slide of her character into ‘sillyland’ (and I will have plenty to say about this during ‘Class Act’. I know, it’s a shock because I am usually so shy about sharing my opinions. *SNORT!*).

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