7/7 Season Two, Episode 3: Double Agent-Scarecrow and Mrs King

Fasten your seatbelts! It’s belt time!! Smile The baddie meets Amanda at the warehouse, collects 2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002281147the money and handcuffs one of her hands to some machine. I guess he figures someone will come along and help her eventually and he’ll have enough time to get away..
Glad he didn’t belt Amanda. Winking smile
Lee and his belt turn up at the warehouse.. alone.. he confronts one of the guys, telling him to remove Amanda’s cuffs “ before your buddy decides to comes back. “.. well Lee.. if you knew 2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002329262there were two why didn’t you find out where the other one was?  he took a chance going in there alone.. not good Lee!!!!
Now Lee gets handcuffed to the same thing Amanda is already cuffed to..
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002356289
One of the baddies betrays the other, knocking him out as he cheers it’s time to start the retirement party. no no.. apparently there’s only room for one at that party.. whatever! Moustache baddie takes off with all the booty.. yeah yeah.. come on .. show us the belt scene! hehehee.. The 2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002377577baddie sets on fire all the fuel that is conveniently sitting around.. and Lee 2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002378144and Amanda exchange worried looks.. awh..
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002383249off the baddie goes and the rush to escape begins for Lee and Amanda!

2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002394294Amanda:
Lee, I want you to know that I’m not at all worried because I know that your a 2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002398565highly trained and professional agent and I’m sure that you have some kind 2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002400266of a plan to get us out of this
(Lee shakes his head here speechless!) don’t you.
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002401401Lee: Not at the moment
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002401968Amanda: no plan?
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002403036Lee: No
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002405939Amanda: I’m very sorry to hear that..
       [yep.. Amanda is still! smiling!]1BIG GRIN

Next thing we see the baddie arrive in a back office to empty the safe.. LOL it’s all smoky in there, and it isn’t even that big a fire yet! He took a big chance lighting that fire with all the fuel around so soon..
Lee frantically looks around for a solution: Brooks isn’t as smart as he thinks he is ( oh so now we find out the baddie’s name?! – and how does Lee know it?! ) come on, maybe we can get close to that fire extinguisher ( Aie! that was never going to work.. and then what was he going to do drag everything over to the fire? Lol!)
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002422555
Amanda: Pull this? [I agree Amanda- huh?]
Lee: yeah! – they give it a go.. but it doesn’t move 2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002426960an inch.. Amanda: It’s not going to work.
Lee: Ok now look.. Amanda, see if you can slip your arm out.

2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002429796Amanda: that’s as far as it’ll go my wrist and then my hand is bigger – she shrugs.. I love how she doesn’t quite form a correct sentence.. very appropriate!
Lee: Maybe.. we could….
Amanda: Whoop! Give me your belt! 1ha haaaa
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002432932Lee: What?  1huh
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002433767Amanda: Take your belt off.
[oh my gosh!! the look on her face when she says this!!!! slap happy]
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002434668Lee: wha..1surprise.. what the.... (he looks down at his belt!)
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002435468Amanda: take your belt off, take off your belt, take.. your. .. belt .. off!slap happy  [Soooo funny how Amanda has to close her eyes to tell him this!! ]
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002436603
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002437404Lee:
I’m not sure I want to hear this.. wha..??

2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002439439
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002441708Amanda:  please don’t make me ask you again.
[maybe he’d like to hear you ask that one more time! Winking smile ] Just take your belt off.
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002443977
Lee gives Amanda a ‘what are you on’ look!  😆
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002444544
Amanda: I can use the little metal prong in your belt, maybe we can use it to undo the handcuffs….
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002449082
look it worked on Jamie’s bike.
[hooray for Jamie’s bike!! Smile but err.. what was it doing with handcuffs on?! Winking smile ]
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002450784

[Oh alright! …Ok.. let’s do this!! ]
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002451918
Lee grits his teeth (LOL!) in preparation so Amanda can do what she needs to do!
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002452385
man.. I’d love to see the outtakes to this scene!!! tee heee..
He  thrusts (yes – thrusts! ) out his hips making room for Amanda to take his belt..1OMG
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002453053
Lee: alright here [oh my!! What an offer Winking smile ]1more drooling
Amanda’s first superfast reaction is to recoil- and to lick her lips!!! slap happy this stuff is gold! tee heee..This is a PG site.. aaaaaand I’m going to keep it that way! Smile this is pretty racy for family tv in the 1980s huh?! Do you remember what your teenage or child brain was thinking watching this scene for the first time? I didn’t see it till I was an adult..  roflmao!! this pic below 1more drooling is sooo funny!! 😆
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002454287
Amanda: I have to take i….??? (lucky gal..) Love Amanda’s look of panic! 1eek
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002455889
Lee still talking through his grit teeth : Yeeees!
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002457023
You have to…
[It’s getting hotter!! And I don’t mean the fire!!! ]1drooling1dohslap1surprise.. what the....
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002458158
( Lee can’t make eye contact with her!! I love how neither of them can say the words!drooly smiles )
Amanda: I’ll take it off.. … [Amanda’s expressions here flicker from fear, surprise to happiness and determination all in seconds.. I recommend watching this scene frame by frame – yeah to see Amanda’s facial expressions.. uh huh.. that’s why! Why else? Winking smile ] 2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002459492
Ohhh this scene alone makes this episode worthwhile!!! Did you notice how for a split second they both nervously smile at each other when she is trying to take off his belt!!! Lee mumbles a few times ‘ hurry.. hurry!’ .. (oh dear there is a very naughty fan vid there.. 1dohslaperr Mind out of gutter! mind out of gutter! I can do this!! )
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002460427
Amanda does something she is umm ‘really sorry’ for.. and it makes Lee jerk away-oh dear.. You don’t mind if I include all these pics do you?drooly smiles hmm didn’t think so!! Winking smile ]
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002462696
(Talk about HEAT!!!!!! HOOOHAAAA!!!!!!!) 1HaHaHa
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002464964
The glare that Lee gives Amanda after whatever she did??!!! hooooo haaaaaa!!! 1HaHaHa
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002467400
[Another pic?!! Of course!! How could I not!! 1more drooling]
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002468368
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002470837Lee: dammit come on! the fire’s getting closer! [ Don’t rush her Lee, she appears to be having fun 2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002474040Winking smile and the fire isn’t getting closer.. it’s just getting hotter! Winking smile ] I swear BB is trying not to laugh here – and I can’t 2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002474607blame him!!!
Amanda: I’m trying!! [but taking a long time. :lol:] Amanda manages to get the belt off. Love how she holds up the little metal prong for Lee to see! 2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002479145 tee hee.. ‘Oh my gosh!’ Amanda.. gets off the belt and somehow uses it to get out of her cuffs.. she can’t pick cuffs can she? ( it’s not like it’s a fluke either.. she picks both hers and Lee’s!) errr… I am so distracted at this point wondering exactly what went on with Lee’s belt that I have never stopped to wonder!!!
boaguaksgabnwegahgbalgbaj….1confusion 1dohslap 1thuddy
I don’t care if it doesn’t make sense! it was an excuse for Amanda to take off handcuffed Lee’s belt- and I liked it! 1HaHaHa

Amanda is such a cheeky minx 1Emoticon cheekywink– she could have 2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002479412used her own belt.. or Lee’s tie pin.. or.. something in her handbag that’s still hanging over her shoulder, surely she would have had something else in there that could have been used instead of Lee’s belt prong? Hmm… Amanda I’m with you, way to make the most of opportunities that come your way! Smile tee hee..

So, Amanda frees them both.. Lee and Amanda get the double crossed bad guy and they all manage to escape the fire.. At the door a policeman meets Amanda and Lee to take the bad guy away (So did Lee notify the authorities after all? and if so, why didn’t he wait for them before going in?.. )
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002546446

Don’t you love how that woman he calls Amanda and steers her to go off with the policeman is not Amanda? but some second unit stand in with a bad wig? ugh! do we look stupid!!! (why couldn’t that have been me? I could wear a bad wig.. no problem)
So.. Lee has ‘unfinished business’ .. uh oh.. code for: compulsory 10 minutes of action and Lee nabbing the baddie single handedly.. yawn!!! Only, Wait!!!! I should stay alert for this action wind up.. Lee isn’t wearing a belt! His pants could accidently come down!!!! haaa haaaa..
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002593526
Whoo boxes fall on Lee while he and the baddie are wrestling.. ( and err no not in muuud) .. phew! They all happen to be empty! What Luck!! This factory sells flammable liquids, paper products and..boxes of air! – yes a perfect combination for starting a fire! Oh I see this is a fire warehouse! It sells fire ingredients! Winking smile

The baddie manages to get out of the warehouse..but Lee commandeers the fire hose (there’s a fire inside? who cares!  Fuel that can explode? who cares! nothing gets in the way of Lee getting his man! ) Love how Lee shoves the fireman yelling at him ‘ get out of the way!’ like the fireman should know who he is.. ( well come on! I am sure Lee knows this fireman! Lee knows everyone Winking smile )
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002620320

Ouch! that must have hurt to get blasted with that firehose..
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002619786
Love how when Lee pulls the baddie up against the wall, the bad guy has a really dopey look on his face like he has no idea what just happened. he can’t even put his hands up properly.. he heee.. Lousy acting.. and hilarious! hehehee..
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002639239
Lee: Looks like your retirement plans are all washed up.
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002642075
Oh Lee.. !! (that’s more painful that the firehose! )- Baddie is thinking: please! give me back the firehose! Winking smile  The cops are taking the bad guy away? where’s Billy? He’s slacking off as Lee’s back up! Winking smile

2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002658725
Amanda crouches to look at the money and says to Lee: Lucky it’s not real, it’s ruined
Lee chuckles: Oh Amanda! haaaa….
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002661528He offers his hand to help her back up again.. and they finish in shared laughter.. [The way he holds his hand out to her deliberately to help her up – has a ‘we are a team!’ kind of vibe to me!! I like it!! ] Yep, happy days.. all is well.. but um can someone explain to me why what Amanda said was funny? I reckon I must be being really dumb here but I don’t get it! help!!! still I like that Lee laughs at her like he is happy she is there!
Tag time.. Hmm.. this tag.. I could skip it and be happy.. so I’ll keep it as brief as possible so as not to spoil the warm glow of ‘take off your belt! take your belt off!’
Lee and Amanda are on the set of the Arlene Francis show ( yes plug.. plug Sad smile ugh..) yawn! Seems Lee is going to introduce Arlene to Amanda..  I will say this: it seems Arlene has a policy on her set that all men must wear Captain Sparrow’s makeup..
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002692625
Nooooo!!!! get that off Lee this minute! (has Lee just come off a shift as his undercover pirate again?!)  ewwww.. The makeup artist that day must have had a bad hangover.. it does look like he or she has given both Lee and Amanda the same makeup. 2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002710643.

What I really want to know is.. what happened to Lee’s belt? do you think Amanda souvenired it? !!!!! ( I would..)
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002725658Lee introduces Amanda to Arlene.. and Amanda can’t speak.. oh ha haa.. yes doesn’t Amanda look silly ( gagI hate this! – skipping!!)  I will say KJ does an amazing job delivering that Amandaramble- kudos KJ!
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002755689
And.. I see Arlene has on a heart shaped diamond necklace.. similar to Amanda’s which is coming up on the show- don’t you think? oh and Amanda has on for once a butterfly.. It must have been jewellery and pirate makeup day!
2.03 DOUBLE AGENT.avi_002756823
This episode was not bad – had some great ‘romantic’ moments with Lee and Amanda which make it all worthwhile! But holes in the overall plot make it a bit meh for me.. the belt moment and Lee’s moment of realisation in the magic porsche as Amanda joins the dots for him ( we might not see each other anymore!) make this an episode to watch again and again though! Smile What rating would you give the episode??

Thanks for reading!! Looking forward to hearing from you.. byeee!

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  2. “…..can someone explain to me why what Amanda said was funny?”

    Just wanted to give you my thought on that- I think its just Lee thinking its such an Amanda thing to say that he laughs. They just escaped a burning warehouse after she picks the handcuffs with his belt, he gets the bad guy with a fire hose and the first thing she comments on is the fake money is ruined?! Its such a typical Amanda statement & I think Lee is charmed by it.

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  3. I just had to share what the script has to say about the belt! the belt!!
    Because .. it’s not much!!
    check it out:
    ‘Lee shrugs and reaches for his belt- but the handcuffs hold him tight. He looks at Amanda; this is starting to get embarrassing.
    The fire however is roaring closer. So, fumbling with her free hand, Amanda removes Lee’s belt, hands it to him — and in a few moments she’s free.’

    Looks like BB and KJ polished this one into a diamond!!! 🙂 because what we got was sooooo much better than what the script said! 🙂

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  4. Maybe he winced because as Paula pointed out, she was awfully close to the nether regions and maybe he was afraid she would guess how much he really liked her..????????????


    • *Iwsod furiously fans herself*
      It was a great gag.. whether it made sense or not.. I mean come on.. using the belt to pick handcuffs? Amanda?? She doesn’t learn how to do that until the end of Season 3! and.. do I care??? Nope!!! we got this scene- so who cares! haaaaa

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  5. Well. The belt scene. Possibly the only reason to watch this episode over. Ad nauseum 😉
    I love Lees rather semi panicked face when he admits he doesn’t have a plan and Amanda does her usual plaster a smile on your face routine. Very sorry to hear it? Understatement of the year!
    Why does he wince, I suspect she accidentally pinched his stomach grappling with the belt. You know it’s easy done when your mind is preoccupied on your proximity to wedding tackl….sorry to a raging inferno 😉 Oh KJ what a dirty job for you to do 😉 I’d happily be the second unit stand in to do that job 🙂
    The tag is lame. More so because I have no idea who Arlene Francis is. Oh well there are better ones to come.


  6. Wasn’t it so considerate of the baddie to only handcuff one of Amanda’s hands to the machinery–but both of Lee’s?
    I mean, if they’d handcuffed both of her hands, what on earth would she have used to get Lee’s belt off…???… (Not saying any more, in order to keep it PG, but I think you get where I’m going with that?)
    Sorry. 😀


  7. Hi folks – I posted this partial comment on a thread for ALSALS – and am posting it here also as it relates to Arlene Francis.

    I need to go OT again. I just looked up the episode Double Agent to see how to spell Augie’s Swann’s name for my comment on ALSALS post 4. I saw that Arlene Francis was in that episode. I always wondered who she was, so I looked her up on IMDB. In reading her full bio, I saw that her trademark was a diamond heart-shaped necklace! OMG!! Is it just another weird SMK coincidence that Amanda wore an extremely similar necklace? I wonder if KJ had some sort of friendship or connection with AF in real life and wore the necklace because of that. Or did Amanda start wearing the necklace after that episode meaning there was some sort of AF/Amanda connection after meeting? I don’t remember when Amanda started wearing that necklace. Here is a picture of AF when she was much younger.

    You can see that the pendant in this picture is also very similar to the pendant in the picture above from the episode.

    Here is Iwsod’s partial comment from that same post – don’t want it to get lost!
    Bjo loved your Arlene Francis (AF) discovery! yes – I agree with Jenbo it does seem to be too much of a coincidence!!! I am pretty sure I noticed at the end of Double Agent that AF was wearing a heart necklace – but I thought it was just a coincidence and hadn’t realised it was an AF trademark look or anything.. it does seem like a ‘passing of the guard’ between AF and KJ.. I wonder what they were guarding? – Bjo you should post that discovery in a Double Agent thread so anyone walking through that episode finds this little discovery! It would be a shame to loose it in the vastness that this blog is fast becoming! [vast smk goodness!! ]

    [edited by iwsod.. to insert a pic into comments see this post for instructions 🙂
    https://justwalkwithme.com/2012/06/25/how-to-add-images-to-comments/ ]


    • Thanks Bjo! It would be wonderful to find out what’s the story behind it.. oh wait I know! Ummm Arlene Francis was actually an agent..and when she retired she contacted Amanda and gave her the necklace.. encouraging Amanda to keep her warm heart, her open nature and her hair long as she fights the baddies and makes the world a better place!
      Yep.. that’s all I’ve got! 🙂
      Anyone else??

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  8. Here’s another oops: In the fight scene, stunt Lee is wearing a belt and of course our Lee isn’t. You can see it in IWSODs snapshot of the fight scene with the empty boxes and barrels that say ” paper prod”. I think we see those empty boxes and barrels again. . . Mmmm, I think in Dodge City of ” A Class Act.”


    • Nice to know they are the ultimate recyclers.


    • HAAA!! so funny smkfan! I thought I saw a belt but didn’t chase it up I figured I had nitpicked enough in my post 🙂 – tee heee.. I think you are right 🙂

      The empty boxes are not empty smk fan – they are full of AIR!!!! 😉

      Yeah that dodge city finale was a doozie! Won’t be long and we’ll be up to that!! and the magically appearing arm!! rofl!!
      Great to hear from you smkfan! byee!

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  9. This is the same warehouse interior SMK used in The Artful Dodger.


  10. I am in the “I hate this tag” club. Why include this?

    Also I never knew who Arlene Francis was. I assumed she was a fictional talk show host until I just looked her up on the Internet. http://Www.imdb.com never knew she played herself. . .amazing what you can learn from the Internet.


  11. Melissa Robertson

    Interesting that it bothers Lee for Amanda to have to take his belt off, because how many women have done just that very thing. It probably bothers him because this is Amanda and Amanda is different and special even though he can’t express that out loud yet 🙂

    My husband asked what the purpose of the tag was…then he said just to make Amanda look silly!!! He also said that he didn’t get the title ‘Double Agent’ because there wasn’t one. Then I reminded him that we read a book entitled ‘Mermaid in the Basement’ and there was never one in the basement in the book. So go figure?


  12. Complete agreement about the tag, I rewatched the episode to enhance my enjoyment of your comments but I could not stand watching the tag.

    Overall not the greatest episode but two so very memorable scenes (belt and Amanda with her mom in front of the TV). But why does Lee have no hand cuff opening equipment on his person, he does later on, but I guess, he is still learning too, and we should be grateful for the fact.

    No discussion/theories about what made him wince???


    • Oh, I have been trying to come up with an explanation on why he winced, believe me. And count me in the “I hate the tag” group. I am amazed how many fan fiction stories use variations of the line “I am amazed you could get that all in one breath”.
      I am still trying to figure out why they took her character down that path.


      • Yes one does wonder, what the writers were thinking.
        But I also wonder about the short memory of the actors when it comes to continuity. But I guess since problably nothing is filmed in the order of the final episode, this is not that big a surprise?
        I will try a guess: she punched him in the stomach with her thumb, because she had only one hand free.
        Maybe we should try it out on our husbands 🙂


      • Ha ha ha — I’ll have to try it and let you know. Do we also have to use handcuffs? *SMIRK!*

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      • All right, I made my husband read along with the blog here so he can appreciate the experiment, and I filled him in on the specs (put on a belt so I can remove it from you with one hand and we’ll see if anything makes you wince and glare at me). By golly, just can’t get the guy to cooperate! Maybe if he hadn’t just assembled a set of bunk beds for me…

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      • I asked my husband, who’s a tremendous good sport about SMK, if he would participate in this experiment, and he readily agreed. I was able to get the belt off with one hand pretty quickly with no wincing or glaring from him, but then I was looking at what I was doing, and Amanda wasn’t. Husband said that there was no physiological reason for wincing unless the man was ticklish. Then I asked him, “What if the man were wildly attracted to the woman but would’t admit it?” “Ah,” he replied, “that would be a different story!”

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        • I cannot stop laughing, RedGold, at the mental image of you and your husband testing this out! I love it so much! And your “what if he were wildly attracted?” question and your hubby’s response made me need to fan my face a bit! Lol – your comment made my day today!


      • RedGold: Amanda had to take off Lee’s belt with her non-dominant left hand. That might make a difference. AND the fact she wasn’t looking at what she was doing. Try that!

        Julia: I’m thinking (wishing/hoping) the transgression was lower than the stomach.


        • Ahh guys you crack me up!! All this Lee and Amanda with the belt role playing that is going on 😉 so funny!

          Yes I think the unresolved sexual tension was the key factor in:
          a) Amanda’s difficulties getting off the belt and
          b) Lee’s reaction to what Amanda did!

          Redgold your story made me LOL! your husband is benefiting from your smk obsession 😉 Did he have any other thoughts about the episode? please say hello from iwsod!! 🙂

          I was thinking we all know that nothing really could have gone on- practically speaking- but hey this is smk .. It was just for the sake of a joke..
          [If you disagree and feel differently- please share!] and Amanda didn’t really touch anywhere near his ‘Nether Regions’ (-Paula!: sooo funny!) – but.. it is ‘suggested’ and left to our own imaginations.. so take it anyway you like IMO.. it is certainly a fun question to ponder.. tee hee.. and yes Melissa.. that darn Jacket is in the way – well.. I am pretty sure that is no accident – all part of the mystery and Innnnntrigue 😉 haaa!

          I wonder what they wrote up in the paperwork for this case?! 😉 rofl!!!

          Julia wrote ‘ no discussion/ theories about what made him wince?’
          I don’t think there is much else I can say which would be PG rated!!;) ( other than he was ticklish..) LOL! I think we all know where our collective minds are at -as Lee would say: In the Gutter!! haaaa!! and I am sure that is exactly where they wanted it to be with this scenario! 🙂

          Oh guys thanks so much for sharing your dislike of this tag – I was wondering if it was just me.. I loath it!! stupid stupid stupid!!! They should have ended it with the bad joke about the retirement plans being all washed up.

          Yeah I think the tag was added much later ( only a hunch have no proof!) – it really was ‘ tagged on’ – maybe to fulfill a contractual obligation to Arlene Francis?!! tee heee..



      • Well, Melissa, I did use my left (non-domianant) hand, but I can try again using my left hand AND not looking at what I’m doing–assuming my husband is willing. : )

        IWSOD, I think you’re right about the reasons for Amanda’s difficulties and Lee’s reactions. Those two are just touchy with each other, in both senses of the word.

        By the way, my husband has not seen this episode, but he’s watched a lot of SMK (in order to humor me, I suspect), and it’s so interesting to get the rare male perspective on the show from him. I’ll pass on your greeting, IWSOD. : )


        • Redgold I think to truly test these theories.. you would also need to stack up a bunch of flammable liquids, and paper products behind you… and then handcuff yourselves to something immovable with no escape – unless you get that belt off – tee hee.. oh yeah and you would need to actually light the fire and tick tick tick!!!.. work against the clock and all the unresolved sexual tension to get out with your lives! 😉 I appreciate your dedication and all but..please don’t risk yourselves for the sake of our active imaginations!! 🙂

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    • Lee should have a lock pick on him at all times, but maybe he forgot to put it in his pants pocket – wouldn’t that have been a hoot!


  13. Amanda cracks me up! She’s so prim and proper and it kills her to have to ask for Lee’s belt. “Don’t make me ask you again.” 🙂 Then, she has to actually take it off of him. “I have to take it?” Of course you do. BOTH of his hands are handcuffed! Fantastic scene.

    Darn Lee for always wearing suit jackets. If he wasn’t, we would actually be able to see what was going on!


  14. It’s so hard not to venture into at least PG-13 territory when discussing this scene. A Freudian could have a field day with the ending of the episode. You showed admirable restraint, IWSOD! It’s so funny that Amanda can’t bring herself to look at Lee as she begins the belt-removal process–or maybe that’s KJ trying to keep herself and BB from laughing. (They both seem on the verge of laughing at different times.) Well, perhaps this is a bonding experience for Lee and Amanda. I wonder if they ever talk about it at a later date. : )


    • You know, I think it’s pretty remarkable that the sexual tension between these two has reached such a pitch they’re more preoccupied with the proximity of her hands to his nether regions than that growing fire and impending peril going on behind them!


      • This made me laugh out loud, Paula, but it’s so true! There’s more than one kind of fire in this scene, obviously, and Lee and Amanda are, once again, focused on each other to the exclusion of everything else. (By the way, my father is the only other person I’ve ever heard use the expression “nether regions”–such a great expression, too!)


        • Hello!
          Ugh I just re-read my post and ugh.. sooo many spelling and grammar mistakes! I really was gahg;agh;ga’eahyirgueoe8g7uz ! I am surprised you could read it 🙂 I have hopefully fixed it up now.. but thanks for kindly not pointing it out!

          Thanks Cindy, Paula and Redgold for responding.. you guys are awesome!

          Yes Redgold PG was a challenge 🙂
          Yeah when Amanda was asking (well actually technically she never asks.. she just keeps repeating take off your belt! ) Lee for his belt she couldn’t look at him.. but once she started taking it off – she was looking at him and I thought – look at what you’re doing down there! tee hee.. in the Nether regions right Paula? ( that is too funny – yes I don’t think I’ve heard that one in years! We’ll be giving all the non-native english speakers reading a new phrase!)

          Do they talk about it later Redgold? sounds like a fan fic there to me!! 🙂

          So true Paula.. they turned the sexual tension up so high.. good observation- the fire behind them was forgotten!

          I was laughing out loud when I read all your posts you guys!

          This is one episode where I would be busting to read the script.. especially early versions – but we don’t have any! 😦 I think there was a huge amount of re writes etc. and I am sure that tag was ‘tagged’ on at a later time… (Amanda’s hair is different I am sure they filmed it at a different time) – I think they could have ended the episode with Lee helping Amanda up from the soggy money and I would have been happy..

          Guess the meet Arlene thing is ending once again with Lee doing something nice for Amanda to wordlessly say thank you huh..
          Oh dear.. you’ve already read a whole post of what I think and here I go again.. enough! I must go and get on with RL here! tee heee.. byeee for now!

          Liked by 1 person

      • IWSOD — I am sure if I was staring at screen caps of Lee’s belt removal all day my grammar and spelling would suffer. Since I was staring at your screen caps, I didn’t notice any boo boos of yours. boaguaksgabnwegahgbalgbaj, indeed. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    • No worries, IWSOD. At least you can go back and edit if you want to. I wish there were an “edit reply” option for us!

      It seems to me that as Amanda starts the belt-removal process, she’s looking off to the side rather than at Lee’s face, but once she does whatever it is that she has to apologize for, he glares at her and they exchange that intense look that seems to have nothing to do with the fire raging behind them.

      Well, hmmm, moving on… I never noticed, IWSOD, that Amanda is actually wearing a belt herself in this scene. Well, maybe it slipped her mind, with the fire and all. : )

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hey Redgold, I wish there was an edit option for you too! so sorry! ( If I got that option I would have to upgrade to a blog that costs more money.. )

        but.. everyone knows there’s no edit for comments so everyone will be very understanding I am sure.

        At the same time, if you have done something in a comment that makes you absolutely cringe and hang your head in embarrassment – send me an email and I can fix your comment for you – I’m sure everyone understands I can’t be doing this for every little mistake though.. but if you are embarassed we can’t have that!! 🙂 – so send me an email and I’ll fix it asap for you! 🙂

        Seriously, Thanks for putting up with this blogs limitations though!! 🙂

        Yes redgold, heaven knows Amanda had alot of other things on her mind 😉 tee hee..

        I can’t wait to get back to Europe!!! Das Geisterschloss is next!!! squeeeee!!!! [ you can tell I love it – after all it is the header picture of my entire blog!]


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      • Amanda was wearing a belt as well? Somehow, that slipped my attention. *GRIN*. It could have slipped her mind, or perhaps she thought men’s belt buckle prongs are longer and more suited to lockpicking or she subconsciously wanted to get his pants off 🙂 One of my favourite scenes of the series!

        Liked by 1 person

      • The commentary you all provided about this scene made me laugh nearly hard as the scene itself–thank you for the entertainment and insights!

        “Don’t make me ask you again”–poor Amanda sounds so sad and serious when she says this, and Lee can hardly believe he’s heard her right. (Did you ever consider that he might want to hear you ask him again, honey?)

        IWSOD, thanks for be willing to correct serious mistakes in posts–I promise not to abuse your kind offer!

        Liked by 1 person

      • I make regular use of Amanda’s “Don’t make me ask you again,” with the same awesome inflections KJ employs, at home with the children. It’s a terrific Mom line. Great she used it on Lee, and with such authority.

        Liked by 1 person

  15. ” boaguaksgabnwegahgbalgbaj….” You summed up my thoughts on
    “Take off you belt!” scene perfectly 😉


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